alecunessita, rye: found an explanation for the bug #759197; I've added it to the bug comments.00:06
ubot4Launchpad bug 759197 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "[natty] Ubuntu One Folder bookmark is not created (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75919700:06
alecuI'm working on a branch now.00:06
nessitaalecu: a little00:14
nessitaalecu: currently beaten by a chicken00:14
alecuwow, that's quite a picture!00:14
alecunessita, well, it looks like gsd is listening to the old CredentialsFound signal00:15
nessitaalecu: WOW00:15
alecunessita, and that one is not being thrown by sso, because SD uses the methods in the new interface, so it throws the new signals.00:15
nessitaalecu: good catch, I will never guess00:16
alecunessita, the effect of this is that we don't have the bookmark that gsd creates on first run.00:16
nessitaalecu: really good catch00:16
alecunessita, so, the solution looks like making libsyncdaemon use the new interface00:16
alecuyeah, it was quite difficult to find :/00:17
nessitamakes sense. make it the ubuntone.credentials iface00:17
nessitaalecu: that way you don't need to filter by app_name00:17
nessitaoki, I'll keep cooking, this chicken will not win the battle00:17
alecunessita, right, but I'd like to take a better look before changing this, because I don't know what else is using it00:17
alecunessita, didn't understand the bit about the "ubuntuone.credentials" iface...00:18
mattgriffinnessita: ping00:44
nessitaalecu: pong00:54
nessitamattgriffin: pong00:54
alecunessita, branch almost ready for review00:55
nessitaalecu: the ubuntuone.credentials is a module that performs U1 specific dbus auth using ussoc behind00:55
alecunessita, right, but this is libsyncdaemon, that's C00:55
nessitaalecu: so? ubunutone.credentials is a dbus service, just like ussoc00:56
alecuah, ok.00:56
alecuanyway: I'm proposing the branch that just changes the DBUS interface names00:56
nessitaalecu: makes sense to be cautious00:57
nessitaI gotta sign off, kitchen is getting worse by the minute00:57
nessitaalecu: I'll review tomorrow00:57
mattgriffinnessita: sorry. i thought i broke something with the launcher icon progress indicator... but it's probably my fault from killing unity01:00
nessitamattgriffin: if it happens again, let us know01:00
mattgriffinnessita: the progress bar seems to have disappeared and i though it happened when i unchecked "Limit file sync bandwidth usage" ... i'll test again later and let you know01:01
nessitamattgriffin: sure! thanks01:03
nessitaok, I'm off01:03
nessitabye all!01:03
alecuI'm gone as well.... bye all!01:06
cachedSo, uh... do files ever get off the queue?02:43
cachedI kind of want the item I bought at some point...02:45
cachedI wanted this song for my work session tonight02:49
cachedIt's been queued for over 20 minutes now02:49
mandelralsina: ping06:36
duanedesignmorning all08:49
ryeping desktop+ https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/735464 - we break in Kubuntu08:55
ubot4Launchpad bug 735464 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed trying to start missing ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [Undecided,New]08:55
duanedesignhello rye09:13
ryeduanedesign, hello!09:13
duanedesignrye: trying to understand how thiis happened. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=172764109:14
duanedesignI might just not be awake yet :)09:14
ralsinagood morning people!09:15
ryeUnity is completely confused with Xephyr window now :(09:20
ryeduanedesign, hmmm, i wonder whether metadata is still kept09:21
ryeduanedesign, I can write a script to rename all this mess though09:22
ryeduanedesign, hm09:23
ryeduanedesign, I guess we need the client version to start investigating, It is really hard to imagine this scenario on natty client, but additional investigation is required for past client09:24
duanedesignrye: that is about as fae as i got for a script to rename http://paste.ubuntu.com/593477/09:27
duanedesignthough i am worried about spaces in file names09:28
faganduanedesign: i could do it in C so it removes the smaller files no matter what they call the files?09:32
* fagan has some code that it wouldnt take much to add that functionality already 09:33
ryeduanedesign, yes, spaces and directory traversal, let me try to write something...09:33
faganIll go back to the bug list09:34
duanedesignhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/593481/ <--i need to test it. Never used bash's Internal Field Separator09:36
duanedesignahhh, directory traversal, d'oh09:38
JamesTaitGood morning all!09:44
faganmorning JamesTait09:44
faganralsina: link to the review :)09:44
ralsinafagan: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/choose_correct_ui_module/+merge/5632109:45
faganralsina: ok give me 10 and ill have a check09:46
ralsinafagan: cool09:46
ryeduanedesign, http://paste.ubuntu.com/593490/09:50
ryeduanedesign, it will operate on current directory or the argument specified, will rename the files/folder to somehting.N if they exist and will write the log to make sure we know what went where09:52
ryeduanedesign, hm, your way of using bash substring instead of basename is more awesome... fixing...09:54
ryeduanedesign, http://paste.ubuntu.com/593493/09:58
duanedesignawesome, thanks10:02
fagancan I have someone for 5 mins to test something10:09
fagan(in natty)10:09
faganBug #75959510:10
ubot4Launchpad bug 759595 in banshee (Ubuntu) "u1ms links dont work if banshee isnt running (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75959510:10
faganI said in the bug how to reproduce it10:10
duanedesignrye: that script worked awesome10:14
duanedesignrye: I made a couple test files 'touch test1.u1conflict' Ran the script. It fixed those and even found some other cnflict files I did not even know about and fixed them :)10:15
duanedesignadd that one to the U1 scripts bundle10:16
faganduanedesign: want to help me with a confirm on that bug above?10:17
duanedesignfagan: i can10:21
faganduanedesign: thanks seems pretty easy to test anyway10:21
duanedesignok testing now10:24
duanedesignfagan: gone and confirmed10:32
faganduanedesign: cool10:35
* fagan will chase up dobey about it later 10:35
duanedesignnp, anytime10:36
faganduanedesign: thanks10:36
ryeduanedesign, :)10:45
ryeduanedesign, adding the script10:45
Chipacarye: if you run that script as «script.sh "Some Directory"», it'll break11:05
ryeChipaca, argh, yes, initial escape is not there11:05
ryeChipaca, heh, which is "Ubuntu One", yes, true11:06
Chipacamandel: ralsina: I think you guys are playing Conflict Squash. It's like Conflict Ping Pong, but more physical.11:08
ryeduanedesign, http://people.canonical.com/~roman.yepishev/us/rename-u1conflict-files.sh11:08
ralsinafagan: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/correct_windows_exe/+merge/56328 plz11:13
faganralsina: 10 mins ill sort it11:14
ryeChipaca, i just realised that syncdaemon will always be started11:18
ryeChipaca, evenif user does not have Ubuntu One directory... or Ubuntu One launcher11:18
Chipacarye: porquoi, monsieur?11:18
Chipacarye: why?11:18
ryeChipaca, gsd plugin queries SD11:19
ryeChipaca, testing this now on a new account11:20
ryeChipaca, however, stop, this cannot be happening that easily so plz wait11:20
ryenessita, ping11:27
mandelralsina, fagan: please take a look at : https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/success_message/+merge/5654011:52
faganrunning the tests for the sso is funny on my computer12:29
faganit crashes gconf and hangs in like 3 places12:29
=== teknico is now known as teknico_away
faganI found a great way to crash unity :D13:29
faganHmmmmm did they remove wishlist as a bug status?13:33
CardinalFangfagan, "wishlist" is severity.13:34
faganCardinalFang: ohhhhhh13:35
CardinalFangNatty reboot.  BRB13:36
alecuhello all14:04
alecuno rye today?14:05
CardinalFanghey hey, a14:08
faganCardinalFang: a<tab> :)14:08
karnifagan: Eclipse made me quite often try tab-autocomplete regular words when I e-mail people or chat on IM14:13
fagankarni: Eclipse is the devil14:13
karnifagan: and you code in Java how often.. ;)?14:14
fagankarni: I did for 3 years14:14
karnifagan: well, you can autocomplete in vim as well14:15
karninot sure if Java, though. but I believe there's some lib/resourse for that14:15
alecukarni, in vim, Ctrl-P autocompletes from all the words in the current file, so simple autocompletion should work with any language14:18
karnialecu: neat!14:18
fagankarni: I only started using vim recently14:18
* fagan has to try emacs soon too 14:18
karnifagan: vim ftw, I use it for anything else than Java (GEdit occasionally)14:19
fagankarni: well you must be using eclipse for the android sandbox14:19
fagankarni: and netbeans is the one I used for java14:20
karnifagan: not really, CardinalFang is more hardcore and he's using ant, but I definitely like the Android ADT plugin for Eclipse14:20
karnifagan: ack. it didn't work for me well back then [non Android Java project]14:20
Chipacafagan: M-/ autocompletes from all open buffers in emacs14:20
karniemacs vs vim, GO! ;D14:20
karniThis is Spartaaaaaaaaa14:21
fagankarni: hehe14:21
dobeyalecu: seen bug #745540 ?14:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 745540 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 4 other projects) "Method "CreateItem" with signature "a{sv}(oayay)b" on interface "org.freedesktop.Secret.Collection" doesn't exist (affects: 3) (heat: 18)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74554014:29
alecuugh, no14:30
=== teknico_away is now known as teknico
alecudobey, so, it's the same issue as yesterday. The dbus struct named "Secret" has been added a field, and now all the dbus signatures that use it are broken.14:39
alecuthis all seems only to be happening to gnome 3 ppa users.14:39
dobeyalecu: no this is different. it seems CreateItem doesn't exist on the interface either, and we're using it14:39
alecudobey, no. CreateItem has a Secret as part of its signature: http://people.collabora.co.uk/~stefw/secret-service/re02.html14:40
dobeyalecu: so if you've already got a token you probably got the ValueError, but if we have to create one, you hit this bug14:40
dobeyalecu: i think the signature changed maybe?14:42
dobeyalecu: anyway, i don't think it's urgent, we can fix it in trunk and not stable-1-214:42
alecuthe signature changed because the Secret struct changed.14:42
=== zyga is now known as zyga-afk
alecudobey, I'm not sure yet what's the cleanest way to fix this. There's no spec version to be gotten from the secret service, so we'll have to try and fail to identify the version.14:44
alecuI'll try mailing the devels14:44
dobeyalecu: problem is the spec is a draft14:44
dobeyalecu: and we have to support both versions :(14:45
alecuwell, they might as well increase the version number of the draft.14:45
alecuand add some property to the root object with the draft version14:46
dobeywell in python it's probably easier to just try new signature, catch the error and fall back to the old signature, than it is to check the version and then do if new_version: everywhere14:47
alecudobey, yeah, but it will quickly be a mess if they keep changing the spec14:48
dobeyalecu: right, but that's true no matter what we do14:48
alecuhey all, can I have a review on this branch? https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntuone-client/restore-u1-bookmark/+merge/5741614:53
beunoalecu, +114:55
dobeyalecu: it won't land right now14:55
alecubeuno, thanks!14:55
dobeyalecu: please don't set it to approved14:56
dobeyalecu: there are some broken tests in trunk that landed last week it seems :-/14:56
mandelralsina: you forgot to review this: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/success_message/+merge/5654015:14
mandelralsina: is ready for your review ^15:22
mandelfagan: can you review it too asap ^15:22
ralsinamandel: yipee!15:22
mandelralsina, fagan: sorry it was meant to be https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/error_message_style_and_image/+merge/5671215:25
mandelmea culpa15:25
karniCardinalFang: got a minute? need an opinion15:36
CardinalFangkarni, go!15:36
karniCardinalFang: we might have what we need from REST some time soon. question is, should we leave the connection oriented sync daemon parts. I'm thinking, whether split this into to (REST client, 'connected' client), where the connected one would be, for instance, more suitable for tablets or other bigger devices based on Android. _or_ keep it in once piece, and give user the choice. I'm thinking about this now, because it's good time to make s15:39
CardinalFangkarni, so, the problem with REST is that it requires polling?15:41
karniCardinalFang: best(?) scenario would be to make this pluggable (i.e. based on user choice, REST vs connected), but this is certainly not the time for me to play with adapters and such before the initial, first release.15:41
karniCardinalFang: yes and no - if we use REST, we can't poll. we decided to drop sync feature for initial release.15:41
karniCardinalFang: and I'm not saying about picture sync - you're only uploading stuff.15:41
ralsinakarni: I heard you have a nice u1 .apk and are willing to share ;-)15:41
CardinalFangralsina, files? music?15:42
karniralsina: sure, as soon as I'm done listening to Chad, okey?15:42
ralsinaCardinalFang: I got an android phone, so...15:42
karniralsina: we have music streaming, and we have files sync15:42
ralsinakarni: cool :-)15:42
karniralsina: Chad takes care of music app ATM, and I'm more into the files one15:43
karnibut we're working on it together15:43
karnianyway, back to the question15:43
ralsinaMore the sync one, because music streaming is prohibitibe on argentina15:43
beunoralsina, what?  it's not15:43
beunoit works everywhere15:43
ralsinabeuno: on movistar, with a corporate plan, you get 700MB a month.15:44
CardinalFangLegally or in code or billing.  Ah.15:44
beunoralsina, right, you can use wifi and pre-cache songs15:44
ralsinabeuno: yeah, that would work.15:44
karniCardinalFang: the problem, or rather, the issue with REST - once we have it, it won't be until next cycle [at least] if we decide to include real sync, as the current app. the problem was that initial meta sync takes too long for some people - that's why we move to REST.15:44
beunoralsina, there's an option to download to your phone15:44
ralsinabeuno: cool15:45
karniCardinalFang: not to mention that using REST, there's no such thing as "managing the connection to U1", which I had to put much thought, but is not what we need to release now. we need a polished, working, client. that's what has been decided.15:46
karni*thought into15:46
hynsomac/ubuntu dual booter here. is there an ubuntuone client for mac under way?15:47
CardinalFangralsina, I have a file-sync testing APK that is about two weeks old.  I don't know if karni has anything.15:48
karnihynso: I think one of us wants to take it on in their free time, but nothing official IIRC15:48
karniCardinalFang: yes, I'll send him a new build15:48
karniCardinalFang: I'd like to hear your thoughts on the REST/non-REST code15:49
CardinalFangkarni, I'm trying to remember the benefits of REST and how likely it will be that it's stable enough to use soon.  When's the deadline?15:49
karniCardinalFang: the dead line was 11.04 release date, but it's been already shifted. I'll tell you what's the deal with REST in 2 sentences.15:50
hynsokarni: many thx. i'll doggedly check launchpad :)15:51
karniCardinalFang: 1) initial meta sync might take long enough (1-2 minutes) for users with much data, and the app can receive bad feedback 2) REST is lightweight, less impact on battery that beuno has noticed in case of ~frequent sync15:51
CardinalFanghynso, look in about 2 months.15:51
karniCardinalFang: actually, the most imporant reason is speed, see 1)15:52
hynsoCardinalFang perfect. thx15:54
CardinalFangkarni, right.  Okay, I think we shouldn't give users a choice, when they're almost always not fit to make a choice.  Let's be opinionated and pick one and make it best and add features.15:56
CardinalFangkarni, newer Android has a way for servers to send a signal back to the client to say there's something it should go check on.15:57
karniCardinalFang: we could have the connection client in the experimental branch. question is, should we keep those pieces in trunk as well15:57
CardinalFangWe should use REST, I think and try to support that signal when we need it.15:57
karniCardinalFang: C2DM, and we're talked about it with beun-o and aquariu-s15:57
karniCardinalFang: this will need infrastructure and finance, though, when we roll out for bigger number of users.15:58
karniCardinalFang: until then, it will work like that:15:58
karniCardinalFang: if will refresh content on navigation and upon request [refresh button]. once you enter a folder, it will refresh contents. when you view volumes list, it will refresh. etc.15:59
karniCardinalFang: this is how things worked before I used generations, but [again] together with aquariu-s and beun-o we decided to go for it.15:59
karniCardinalFang: keeping the connection client for get_delta only would be a pain16:00
karnifacundobatista: oh crap! did you notice the black background when scrolling?!16:01
CardinalFangkarni, Okay,  I think we should toss out or disable connection client.16:01
CardinalFangkarni, Ah, of black background, I promised you a fix.  ....16:01
karniCardinalFang: did you? I'm pretty sure I fscked something up16:02
facundobatistakarni, nop16:02
karnifacundobatista: you do have enough files to scroll the files list down, right?16:02
facundobatistakarni, yes I have, let me see16:02
karniI just noticed [again?] it turns black, and this hasn't been a problem before.16:02
karniyuck! looks aweful16:03
CardinalFangkarni, it's a UI optimization problem.  You need an attribute to disable that. ...16:03
karniralsina: I'll send you the apk after I fix one color16:03
facundobatistakarni, ah, the background turns black a moment while the screen is being scrolled16:03
karniCardinalFang: yes I know, but this worked before, so I must have cleaned-up one thing too much16:03
karnifacundobatista: hahahh, now that's a bug :) should be pleasant white as it is! ;)16:04
karnifacundobatista: thanks16:04
facundobatistakarni, np16:04
mattgriffinChipaca: ping16:04
CardinalFangListView  android:cacheColorHint16:04
CardinalFangkarni, http://developer.android.com/resources/articles/listview-backgrounds.html16:04
Chipacamattgriffin: pong16:04
karniCardinalFang: relax, I'm on it16:05
CardinalFangkarni, not upset.  I've seen it a dozen times.  :)16:06
karniCardinalFang: I'm upset, I broke it ;)16:06
CardinalFangkarni, it's a common enough problem that there's a dedicated page about it.  Not many "bugs" get that.  :)16:06
karniCardinalFang: yup, I know :)16:07
karniCardinalFang: it's just that it was working before, that's why I was surprized ;)16:07
CardinalFangkarni, I saw it two weeks ago.16:08
karniCardinalFang: I've been working since THU on REST, haven't noticed this before. easy fix :)16:09
CardinalFangI wish all were this easy.16:09
dobeycan i get a couple of urgent reviews for https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-dev-tools/home-is-trial-temp/+merge/57507 ?16:11
=== zyga-afk is now known as zyga
alecudobey, sure16:15
karniCardinalFang: I might surprize you, but it wasn't _the_ bug that dedicated page was about. The thing is, we use _different_ solid colors on list items to indicate file status. Thus, we use view.setBackgroundColor(android.R.color.transparent); to make it transparent. *plus*16:17
karniCardinalFang: GreenDroid is now pulled by ant, and I did change it's parent theme from @android:style/Theme to style/Theme.Light16:17
karniCardinalFang: I should have mentioned that in the readme, otherwise people might think it's a bug.16:18
karni*developers might think16:18
CardinalFangkarni, Ah.  Huh.16:18
karniso, now that GD pulls from Theme.Light, transparent items are white on scroll as well16:18
dobeymandel: your sso branches are broken somewhere it seems :(16:46
faganclarita: I have it done but im going to make it easy to install16:48
faganso you gals can try out the styles when ever you want16:48
claritafagan: super duper16:48
faganclarita: the even better thing is I more or less gave you every bit of useful css be default so you just have to change the values and remove un-needed stuff16:50
=== clarita_ is now known as clarita
faganand if you have any questions im very good at it16:51
faganclarita: did you get that?16:51
claritafagan: yes thanks v much16:52
faganclarita: nice16:52
dobeymandel: it seems like fagan's e-mail address in one of the commits has a &gt; in it16:55
fagandobey: ?16:55
mandeldobey: oh my!16:55
mandelis that blocking a commit?16:56
dobeymandel: but i can't tell which one from lp16:56
dobeymandel: yes, and it's killing tarmac, so i set the branch back to needs review for now16:56
mandeldobey: "cute", I'll fix a bug I have atm and will take a look with ralsina...16:57
dobeymandel: yeah, launchpad does not like broken e-mail addresses :)16:58
=== beuno is now known as beuno-lunch
fagandobey: it wasnt the greater than it was a weird # afterwards that I cant really explain16:59
faganits fixed now though16:59
mandeldobey: his whoami is returning a strange char at the end of the email address, we will try to improve our bzr foo to change that in the history or something….17:00
dobeywell bzr has the uncommit command. but i suspect it will take more magic than that17:03
CardinalFangMaybe it's only the tip that matters.  Add a empty commit to trunk, merge that on, and commit the merge with an address that's valid.  Push.17:09
CardinalFang^merge that^merge the problem branch17:09
faganmandel: ^17:11
mandelCardinalFang: oh, I'll take a look to see if it works17:37
* fagan broke lp (a bad thing in terms of workflow but a good thing as it exposed a huge bug)17:38
nessitahello everyone!17:41
fagannessita: I broke lp17:41
nessitafagan: finally! (?)17:41
nessitafagan: how come?17:41
karnihi nessita17:42
fagannessita: there was a # in my whoami17:42
nessitahi karni, how are you?17:42
nessitafagan: oh, nice :-)17:42
nessitaalecu: you still need that review?17:42
ryenessita, poke17:42
alecunessita, no, thanks.17:42
nessitarye: shoot17:43
ryenessita, bug #74473117:43
ubot4Launchpad bug 744731 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "ubuntuone-syncdaemon running although I have no account (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74473117:43
mandelCardinalFang: it doe snot look like doing that would work… ideally we would like to remove those commits from the email address...17:43
karninessita: thank you. I'm testdriving new REST API and reporting bugs ;) But I like it, though!17:43
karninessita: I hope you're good as well!17:43
ryenessita, it turned out it is indeed starting syncdaemon17:43
nessitakarni: I'm, thanks :-)17:44
nessitarye: looking17:44
ryenessita, I remember we had a tiny "that's not true" discussion about this a week ago, today I confirmed it on a fresh account17:45
ryeok, /me reboots again, something is not drawing menus right17:45
nessitarye: right, I committed to testing tat17:46
karniCardinalFang: The PITA review is waiting for whenever you have time to ACK on it. I can walk you through anything you had problems with understanding. https://code.launchpad.net/~karni/ubuntuone-android-files/unified-list/+merge/5649217:49
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=== beuno-lunch is now known as beuno
ryenessita, it took a while until I understood that I can use multi-user nature of the system to test these things :)18:00
nessitarye: hi back!18:01
ryesince Xephyr in unity is behind the launcher18:01
ryenessita, well, my bip session is alive and I have all the scrollback18:01
nessitarye: so, yes, I committed to try it myself and I haven't done it yet. I'm still catching up with email, as soon as I eat something I will try to find the problem in the code18:02
ryekarni, ok, u1f...18:07
karnirye: what was that? need a link :)?18:08
ryekarni, 20:08 - getting list of files and folders...18:08
ryekarni, it is me testing this18:09
karnirye: good! latest link fromu1-internal?18:09
ryekarni, uh-huh18:09
karnirye: cool18:10
karnirye: you see at least 1 volume already? you must have a beefy storage in U1 ;)!18:10
ryekarni, still Please waiting...18:10
ryekarni, 20Gb, thousands of files18:10
karnirye: this is why we're moving to REST18:10
karnirye: what phone model? (you're on Wi-Fi right?)18:10
ryekarni, 12674 in Pictures UDF :-P18:10
karnirye: good testing site!!18:11
ryekarni, Acer Liquid E, 800 Mhz, 512MB RAM18:11
ryekarni, 12Mbit wifi18:11
karnirye: very good testing site. let me know how long it took ;)18:11
karnirye: just for connection-oriented sync daemon research ;)18:12
ryekarni, D/UbuntuOneFiles( 6982): RequestQueue: waiting in queue: 17 is it good or bad? :)18:12
ryeooh, SQLs flying by18:12
ryekarni, ok, 4 minutes18:12
karnirye: now it's getting deltas18:12
ryebut still getting the list of files18:13
karnirye: 17? good. 2 per each volume at least18:13
ryekarni, Getting list of files and folders obscures the top entry18:13
karnirye: do you see anything in the first screen on the list?18:13
ryekarni, ies18:13
ryekarni, ddms died :)18:15
* karni bitchslaps himself18:15
karnirye: how's that sync going? :)18:15
ryekarni, getting list of files :)18:16
ryekarni, but i see the toplevel folders18:16
karnirye: you can start browsing them if you want18:17
karnirye: but it might be that snappy, if it's so hardcore on the backend18:17
ryeIncoming changes...18:17
ryekarni, ok, done18:18
karnirye: whoa!18:18
karnirye: 10 minutes?18:18
ryekarni, but still the throbber is throbbing18:18
karnirye: it means there's still something on the request queue (not necessarily still pulling meta, just processing)18:19
karnirye: it should be gone soon, though.18:19
karnirye: like, now ;P18:19
faganlater all18:20
ryekarni, nope18:21
karnirye: you could go to Menu->Settings->Debug settings->Send logs18:22
karnirye: if the app is still running and the spinner spinning - I can say one thing - we've leaving the connection-oriented client (managing it's lifecycle on a mobile Android environment was a great challenge and PITA at the same time), and moving to REST. this means, almost immediate file listings.18:35
ryekarni, well, there is currently a db update, which could cause such behavior, not the best time to test the application :)18:35
karnirye: decision has been made last Wednesday, been working on the Java REST api for a while (filing bugs against the API), and today we confirmed we're moving so I'll be starting tomorrow.18:35
karnirye: yea, I saw the heat. that's possible.18:36
karnirye: it should timeout, though, and notify the user, so it's not a good excuse for me, though.18:36
karniEOD for me now, but available online. I'm EODing only because I have an assigment due in 4 days :P18:37
karnirye: do you ever EOD, you machine18:37
ryekarni, usually i don't EOD, i just shutdown :)18:45
ryenessita, re: controlpanel showing up the initial page first... can we show the actual window only after we find out whether we have credentials/Ubuntu One keyring entry etc?18:47
nessitarye: is not straightforward, I should re-check (I did it long time ago)18:48
ryenessita, once I was even able to click join before controlpanel realized I have already joined18:48
nessitarye: yes, I've done that as well, specially since now DBUS is much slower than before18:49
ryenessita, /me adds dbus project to the bug report :)18:49
nessitarye: I'll look into that *along* with the other bug18:49
ryenessita, dbus becomes a central hub...18:50
ryenessita, dbus needs to be a switch18:50
ryenessita, thanks, that was just my 5 cents :)18:51
nessitarye: thanks! :-)18:51
karnirye: yeah, sometimes my EOD=shutdown=to little sleep left anyway ;d18:51
nessitarye: are you aware of any musci streaming app for the desktop?18:51
dobeynessita: ubuntuone-music18:51
ryenessita, you mean Chipaca's one that once broke ubuntuone-client?18:51
nessitadobey: hi there! that is Chipaca's, right?18:52
nessitabut, is it working?18:52
ryenessita, with overriden .pth file? Yes, I know about that :)18:52
nessitarye: but, is it working now?18:52
dobeynessita: if chipaca fixed it, it should work18:52
ryenessita, well, i need to test, got a link?18:53
nessitarye: https://code.launchpad.net/~chipaca/ubuntuone-music/trunk18:53
* alecu is giving a talk on dbus on 2' in #ubuntuone-classroom18:58
ryealecu, has dbus slowed down?19:00
alecurye, what?19:00
ryealecu, "<nessita> rye: yes, I've done that as well, specially since now DBUS is much slower than before"19:00
alecurye, let's discuss this later, I'm giving a session right now.19:01
nessitaalecu: I've noticed dbus being slower than before19:01
ryehm, i can't find ubuntuone-classroom19:01
ryeah, it is in #ubuntu-classroom19:01
* rye goes there19:01
ryei need to set reminders for these sessions, I keep missing them19:03
ryenessita, dobey, basically Chipaca's ubuntuone-music is all I need on my netbook.... and even laptop too, it plays, it streams, it awesomes19:04
=== clarita_ is now known as clarita
nessitarye: but is it still breaking the ubuntuone namespace?19:05
ryenessita, build deb, testing this19:05
ryenessita,  ImportError: No module named platform.linux.credentials19:06
ryenessita, looks like yes19:06
dobeyChipaca: fix your code! :)19:07
ryenessita, yes, the deb package breaks ubuntuone19:07
ryenessita, either you sync files or stream musics :)19:07
dobeyfor now anyway19:08
dobeynessita: hrmm, for the "splash page" maybe we set the buttons insensitive until the sso reply comes in on dbus19:14
nessitarye: bug #744731 is confirmed19:14
ubot4Launchpad bug 744731 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "ubuntuone-syncdaemon running although I have no account (affects: 2) (heat: 12)" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/74473119:14
nessitadobey: yeah, that's another option19:14
ryenessita, thanks!19:15
nessitarye: working on both19:15
ryenessita, ubuntuone-music has just popped up a window with the first frame of the video... videostreaming ftw!19:15
ryenessita, it does not play though, only sound19:16
nessitarye: wow!19:16
ryewill list this as a feature19:16
karnifacundobatista: isn't this "bug" actually a feature that you [or somebody] was taking about on the mailing list? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+bug/53879219:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 538792 in ubuntuone-client "file publishing based on file name, non file "ID" (affects: 1)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]19:23
karnifacundobatista: someone published a file to PyCon with a schedule. when he (you?) changed it, it wasn't pubilshed any more, becase it was a new file, but with same filename19:24
facundobatistakarni, probably19:24
karnifacundobatista: is it the case that the user has *renamed* the file, and not editted with external software (delete/rename pattern) ?19:25
facundobatistait's the inverse problem, maybe19:25
facundobatistahe renamed it, the file is still shared (because it's the same node)19:25
faganis dobey around?19:25
karnifacundobatista: right19:25
karnifacundobatista: no, not that way. he renamed the file, and *another* file with same name is published (that's what he describes)19:26
facundobatistait's strange19:26
facundobatistadon't know19:26
karnifacundobatista: I mean..  I know we base on nodes, so wft o_O19:26
karnifacundobatista: I'd actually would *like* that described behaviour19:27
facundobatistakarni, which one?19:27
dobeyfagan: no19:27
* fagan has a bug he should look at19:27
fagandobey: so thats a yes then?19:27
karnifacundobatista: if I edit a file, and the app decides to remove the original one, and recreates with the same filename - and it would still be published under the same link19:27
karnifacundobatista: so it's not same thing as renaming it - it's a delicate difference. anyway, that report is strange.. I'll reproduce.19:28
facundobatistakarni, ok19:28
fagandobey: you probably got mail about it anyway its the u1ms links not working19:28
dobeyfagan: yes i know they don't work right if banshee isn't already running.19:29
fagandobey: but that is a bit of a bug since people would probably expect that it would19:30
fagansmall but still could be annoying if the user just think the link doesnt work at all19:31
dobeyyes it is a bug. but there probably isn't anything i can do about it for 11.04 :(19:32
fagananyway its cool though if it doesnt get fixed but would be nice if it was19:32
fagandobey: If the fix could get in for natty past the freezes I could do it over the weekend19:33
* fagan doesnt mind going at it 19:33
dobeyit's not a trivial fix19:33
fagandobey: its getting the argv when the app starts and checking if there is a u1ms link in there right?19:34
fagan(or whatever that translates to in C#)19:34
dobeyafaict, it is an architectural bug in banshee itself, and has nothing to do with the music store19:35
fagandobey: yeah ill have a look anyway and give a debug a try19:36
dobeyfagan: do you have a lastfm account?19:37
LhademmorHi all. I'm trying to log in to Ubuntu One (apparently I have an account because it says my email is in use). I can't remember my password so I've asked it to mail me a reset password, but I haven't received any mails. I've tried three times now, with hours apart, to request a reset password and still no mail19:37
fagandobey: yep19:37
LhademmorAnd yes, I have checked my spam folder19:37
dobeyfagan: enable the lastfm extensions in banshee, quit banshee, and go to last.fm and find some lastfm: link to click on19:38
dobeyfagan: and tell me if banshee opens and the lastfm stream starts playing19:38
fagandobey: kk sec19:39
fagandobey: banshee froze at startup19:40
faganand crashed19:41
dobeyfroze, or is just a little slow?19:41
fagandobey: was that what you were expecting?19:41
dobeyno, i was expecting banshee to start and do nothing19:41
LhademmorANyone here with access to the mailserver or something. Is it even working?19:42
faganLhademmor: have you checked your spam folder?19:42
dobey14:36 < Lhademmor> And yes, I have checked my spam folder19:42
Lhademmorfagan, yes. Nothing there19:42
* fagan didnt see that :/19:43
faganLhademmor: give me a sec ill test it out to see if its working19:43
dobeyLhademmor: you requested the password from http://login.ubuntu.com/ ?19:43
Lhademmordobey, no I did it from "Ubuntu-sso-login" when trying to log onto Ubuntu One from my natty beta19:44
dobeynessita: ^^19:44
* fagan tests both login.ubuntu.com and the client19:45
nessitadobey: reading backlog now19:45
faganLhademmor: login.ubuntu.com is working you can do it from there19:47
nessitaLhademmor: SSO will email your password to your preferred email address, which may not be the one you entered in the email text entry. What does this mean? the following: SSO allows you to configure several email accounts with the same SSO account, being one of the emails the preferred one. YOu can log in with any of the emails, but the communications will be sent to the preferred one19:47
nessitaLhademmor: so, if you can't confirm your preferred email, go to the website that fagan is linking and retrieve password from there19:48
=== AJenbo_ is now known as AJenbo_away
pmatulis_i just installed ubuntuone-client from nightlies ppa.  do i need to reboot?19:48
nessitapmatulis_: yes (or restart the syncdaemon, but is better to reboot)19:49
dobeyyou don't need to reboot19:49
dobeylogging out, waiting a minute, and then logging back in is the easiset way to restart everything though19:49
pmatulis_strange, dpkg is still showing 1.4.619:49
dobeyare you sure you installed the new version?19:50
pmatulis_i enabled ubuntuone-nightlies-maverick.list19:51
pmatulis_and then did a full package upgrade19:51
pmatulis_deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntuone/nightlies/ubuntu maverick main19:51
dobeydid you do an update of the apt cache first, or just enable then upgrade?19:51
dobeywhat does apt-cache policy ubuntuone-client say?19:52
LhademmorI'll try, thank you both!19:52
pmatulis_dobey: interesting19:53
pmatulis_dobey: it's there but it's not a candidate19:53
dobeyit was probably held back for some reason then19:54
dobeyrun apt-get upgrade again and see19:54
pmatulis_dobey: i have a preferences file used to hold back proposed19:54
pmatulis_dobey: do i need to add something there for ppas?19:54
pmatulis_The following packages have been kept back:19:55
pmatulis_  upstart19:55
dobeyi don't know19:56
Lhademmornessita, hmm... doesn't work. I've checked all of my email accounts that I know of, but haven't received mail on either of them :(19:56
pmatulis_dobey: yes, that's the issue.  i moved the file away and disabled proposed.  now it's a candidate19:57
nessitaLhademmor: was that asking for the password reset from the sso web site?19:58
nessitaLhademmor: or from the desktop app?19:58
Lhademmornessita from the website fagan linked19:59
dobey<- not fagan20:00
nessitaLhademmor: please paste in private your email address, I will try to ping or sysadmins to ask for more info20:00
dobey"in private"20:02
Lhademmorthat... may have been the wrong window20:02
LhademmorBut hey, I've got spam a-plenty20:03
dobeybad nessita20:03
dobeybut it's public on launchpad anyway20:03
dobeyand on wiki20:03
Lhademmoryeah I know20:03
nessitadobey: oh sorry, I pasted in teh wrong channel20:03
nessitaLhademmor: sorry :-(20:03
dobeyjust blame pidgin :)20:04
nessitano, this time it was me20:04
* nessita slaps herself20:04
=== AJenbo_away is now known as AJenbo
nessitaok, so the user had an old filter for all incoming email from ubuntu.com. Is fixed now :-)20:23
alecu"<nessita> alecu: I've noticed dbus being slower than before"20:36
alecunessita, want to tell me about it?20:36
nessitaalecu: I have no info other than seeing how the control panel takes between 1 and 2 seconds to receive an answer for u1 credentials20:36
dobeyit's probably slower because there's a lot more stuff going over dbus these days20:43
dobeyit's sort of like the roads around buenos aires :)20:43
dobeycan i get a second review for https://code.launchpad.net/~dobey/ubuntuone-client/no-bzr-test/+merge/57571 please? :)20:44
dobeynessita: we need to bump the version in lp:ubuntu-sso-client to 1.2.99 or 1.3 or something20:46
nessitadobey: you're right, I can do it20:47
dobeynessita: thanks20:47
* nessita reviews as well20:47
nessitadobey: approved20:48
nessitadobey: but we should not make a release, right? otherwise it will show up to build a new package and we don't want that20:49
nessitarelease for ussoc 1.3.0, I mean20:49
dobeynessita: we don't need a release of sso trunk right now no20:49
dobeynessita: if you make it just "1.3" we can release "1.3.0" later20:49
nessitadobey: is that common practice? (I would not know)20:50
dobeyX.Y.99 is probably more common20:50
dobeyit doesn't really matter i guess20:51
nessitaI prefer 1.3.0, to not get confused about the 1.2 series20:51
dobeywhich is why i suggested 1.3; if we go with 1.3.0, we should not make a tarball that is 1.3.0 when we make a release to upload to Oroborus20:52
nessitadobey: I bumed it to 1.3.0, next release will be 1.3.1 then. All done.20:53
dobeyok, thanks20:54
ryealecu, ping21:03
ryealecu, i forgot to ping you earlier, bug #73546421:03
ubot4Launchpad bug 735464 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed trying to start missing ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73546421:03
alecurye, looking21:05
alecurye, hmmm... ugly bug that will affect all ubuntu one users on kubuntu.21:12
ryealecu, yes21:13
nessitaalecu: and users that uninstall u1cp21:13
alecunessita, I think we should up the priority21:13
ryealecu, ... and what nessita said :)21:13
nessitaalecu: agreed, High would be good21:13
nessitaalecu: can I assign you?21:13
alecuI've already assigned myself21:14
alecunessita, you should take a look at the session on #ubuntu-classroom on libunity, it looks interesting.21:15
nessitaalecu: I'm kinda drown in a bug fix, but I will stop by21:16
alecunessita, don't worry, the session logs will be published.21:17
alecurye, I've just noticed that this bug was reported a month ago. Have you tried it recently?21:22
ryealecu, there has been a report (duplicate) bug #759333, recent enough21:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 759333 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) "ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed with OSError in _execute_child(): [Errno 2] No such file or directory (dup-of: 735464)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75933321:23
ubot4Launchpad bug 735464 in ubuntuone-client (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "ubuntuone-syncdaemon crashed trying to start missing ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/73546421:23
* rye meets testdrive, i think firing up vm for every test is an overkill21:29
* fagan checks irc every 15 minutes so mandel and ralsina can have merges approved post haste21:33
dobeyrye: well 1 vm isn't so bad. when you start doing 10, it gets a bit out of hand21:36
ryedobey, yes, i have karmic, 2 maverick, natty and 2 lucid vms running on the server, that's ok for long running tasks... But running a kubuntu install just to see whether ubuntuone-client is working there is a bit of an overkill... going through all the configuration21:38
dobeyrye: don't forget xubuntu, and windows :)21:38
ryedobey, max - winxp sp321:38
ryewhich reminds me....21:39
faganrye: well when I get back from london im going to setup a VM for lucid -> natty xp -> 721:39
ryeI was not able to install ubuntuone on win xp sp321:39
mandelwhat, are you fixing windows :)21:39
fagan(for testing and merge proposals)21:39
faganmandel: ill be hanging out while watching true blood so ping away and ill get back to the merges when they happen21:40
* fagan is hoping to help out with moving the sprint along 21:41
fagan(rather than break tarmac like today)21:42
mandelfagan: well, I already have a branch merge I need you for, give me a second so that I do the proposal?21:42
faganmandel: googo21:42
mandelfagan: and dont feel bad for the branches name ;)21:42
faganmandel: I have a feeling I know what it is :/21:43
* mandel thinks that the otels network is major crap!21:44
faganmandel: yeah its terrible21:44
dobeymandel: what hotel are you in?21:44
dobeycity inn?21:44
* fagan has barely enough bandwidth for gmail 21:44
fagandobey: its the river bank or something21:45
faganthe one across the river from millbank21:45
mandeldobey: the park place one, where we had the meetings in the last team sprint21:45
faganor park place21:45
mandeldobey: good thing is that I found a french waitresses whose phone number I've planned to get :D21:45
mandelcan I say things things on a public irc?21:45
faganmandel: yep21:45
mandelI forgot to mentions, she will remember my meat balls for the rest of the week :P21:46
dobeymandel: get it for me, and i'll be there in 2 months :)21:46
mandelfagan: please can you reviwe the following: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/correct_windows_exe_minus_shane/+merge/5758821:46
faganmandel: well she may like some meat balls but I have a better accent21:46
faganhehe love the branch name21:47
mandelralsina: same for you ^21:47
mandeldobey: well, I think you will be able to take more advantage of it, so I will share it with you :)21:47
faganmandel: ill run the tests just to make sure but its more or less the same branch21:48
faganso it should be an easy +121:48
mandelfagan: cool, you dont have a problem with the branch name, do you?21:48
faganas long as the spelling mistakes are still fixed yeah?21:48
faganmandel: its cool21:49
faganas long as the spelling mistakes aren't back again21:49
faganbrb just running tests21:50
faganbranching takes ages on the hotel's internet21:51
dobeydear weather.com; your BS magical weather forecast feature is totally broken.21:52
dobeywhy did they have to take the maps off of google maps. such bollocks21:54
fagandobey: because they wanted the worst maps possable id say21:54
dobeymicrosoft probably paid them to move to bing21:55
dobeystupid ominous sky21:57
fagandobey: well open street maps is the best maps but the sat photos are missing21:58
dobeyi don't care about sat photos usually21:59
dobeyand the osm UI sucks21:59
dobeybut weather.com used to have an overlay for google maps that showed global weather radar and clouds on top of the map. it was pretty awesome for seeing when storms were coming22:00
dobeybut it sucks how they do it on bing22:00
dobeyguess i'll have to write one on top of OSM using data from NOAA or something22:00
* fagan doesnt even know what osm or noaa are22:01
faganin ireland we have met22:02
faganits easy enough to know what they are since meteorological crap22:02
dobeyosm would be open street maps22:03
faganmandel: passed and approved22:03
faganah ok22:03
dobeyand noaa is noaa.org22:03
dobeywhich really needs to become ioaa, but whatever22:04
faganah ok :)22:05
mandelfagan: cool :)22:05
nessitarye: you still aroung and eager?22:06
nessitarye: if you can, https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntuone-control-panel/dont-start-syncdaemon/+merge/5759522:07
fagannessita: im around if you need a +122:07
dobeyhave a good evening all, i'm off22:07
fagandobey: have a good night22:07
mandelralsina: take a look at this: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-client/add_tcp_port_namedpipe/+merge/5094822:07
fagannessita: (if you want)22:08
nessitafagan: you can, for sure. I was asking rye since he reported the bug22:08
ryenessita, preparing account to test22:09
fagannessita: well you need 2 anyway I suppose22:09
ryetestdrive failed with kubuntu22:09
nessitarye: you can just test by removing your credentials22:09
ryenessita, nope, that would be too easy22:09
ryebrb, switching to rtg3 :)22:09
ryenessita, looks ok...22:13
nessitaof course! :-P22:13
fagannessita: it doesnt pass pep822:13
nessitafagan: how come? have an errro handy?22:13
fagannessita: line 311 in the diff no space on the =22:14
nessitafagan: do you have a pep8 error message in your console?22:14
ryenessita, ... and mandatory "There is no ubuntuone pairing record"22:14
nessitarye: yeah, chad is working on that22:14
ryenessita, ok, fieldtest passes22:14
faganand 32422:15
fagan323 sorry22:15
faganI was about to run it but I know it should fail22:15
fagannessita: I was just doing the code review first looking for spelling mistakes and the like22:15
nessitafagan: pep8 requires *not* to put an space when passing named arguments22:15
fagannessita: ah ok then its good22:15
* fagan forgot 22:15
nessitafagan: when calling functions, always do "f(something=test, foo=bar)"22:16
nessitano space there22:16
nessitabut, when assigning, soemthing = 322:16
nessitawith spaces22:16
faganill just run the tests and then be able to +122:16
fagannessita: cool I dont think I passed while doing assignments due to my own style ocd so I didnt know that22:17
faganso its good to know22:17
ryefagan, beware of the tests 'cause they open windows :)22:19
ryenessita, right ^ ?22:19
nessitarye: they shouldn't, we use xfvb22:19
fagan(and I know that just running the tests is not the only criteria for approving a branch but ive looked down the code and did a quick test in my vm that crashed after :)22:19
nessitarye: do you have it installed?22:20
ryenessita, nope22:20
ryenessita,  so it was great fun for me22:20
ryeand then gconf died :(22:20
fagannessita: xfvb on my machine crashes the tests bcause of randr22:20
faganrye: yeah I know about the gconf thing and the spawning windows22:20
ryefagan, but at least one may expect that tests show something22:21
ryeubuntuone-music opened a video window in front of me... it was not playing but it was scary22:21
ryeand the title was... main.py22:21
ryemwa ha ha22:21
ryei guess kubuntu will need to be installed on a vm server too22:21
faganrye: ive been doing a crap load of tests recently so I have a system and know whats going to break now22:22
faganat least the cp doesnt break as much as the sso when running the tests22:22
ryeok, i am eoding and will test ubuntuone installation from scratch to see how well we behave in fresh natty install22:23
ryelike... absolutely fresh22:23
ryewith existing data22:23
faganthe sso passes but breaks in a few places and you can be waiting for a while a realise you have to quit out of a window for it not to just stay there or ctrl+c22:23
ryewith live data22:23
fagannessita: passes code review and run-tests so +122:24
fagani did a quick field test and it seemed to work but it was just a quick one22:25
nessitagreat! thank you both22:25
fagannessita: your lucky I didnt break tarmac on you too :)22:26
nessitafagan: :-)22:26
* fagan now knows how to make all work on branches stop so has an overwhelming sense of power22:33
fagan(for an intern)22:34
mandelfagan, ralsina: I need a review on the following please: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-sso-client/success_message/+merge/5759922:42
faganmandel: on it22:42
mandelI had to resubmit due to the error with the history + weird email address :(22:42
faganmandel: since its the same branch ill just do a code review and make sure but wont run the tests since its the same22:44
mandelfagan: yep :)22:44
faganmandel: I noticed this last time but forgot to ask what the hell is with line 53 on that diff22:45
fagan<<<<<<<<< TREE22:45
mandelfagan: let me look22:45
mandelthat is a merge conflict...22:45
mandelfagan: let me fix it22:45
* fagan thought he seen it last time but maybe not22:46
faganmandel: there are a few22:46
mandelfagan: yeah I'll fix all of them in a second22:47
faganok cool take your time22:47
faganill be up till 122:47
faganeverything is good other than the tree bits22:47
mandelok, give me some minutes (vm staring) and I'l take care of it22:48
fagan(when the tree thing is fixed ill run the tests to be sure)22:58
mandelfagan: we are going to call it a night because the wireless is crap and ralsina cant work on it22:59
faganmandel: ok np22:59
faganwe can always sort it when we are fresh in the morning22:59
faganby we I ean you23:00
faganso night night23:01
mwhudsonso, will u1 in natty cope with my ~/Ubuntu One having 100k+ files in it? :)23:54

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