charlie-tcaGood morning13:05
charlie-tcaFresh Natty install on hardware; all drive partitions are now listed as removable devices and will be on the desktop17:35
ochosicharlie-tca: that's the expected behaviour17:43
charlie-tcasure wasn't expected by me17:43
charlie-tcaI really can't remove them 17:43
ochosiyeah, i don't think there's a way you can17:43
charlie-tcaand I don't really like them on the desktop full time17:43
charlie-tcaWhen I insert a cd or usb drive, yes, I want to see it, but I don't need to see my 10 partitions on my hard drive full time17:44
charlie-tcaochosi: panel fonts in natty are really tiny17:45
charlie-tca(top panel)17:45
charlie-tcaI know the panel size requires small fonts, but, are those smaller than 10pt?17:46
ochosiabout thunar: i'd suggest filing a bug upstream17:46
charlie-tcayeah, I have to think about it17:46
ochosiabout fonts: at least not intentionally17:46
ochosiwould you mind up-ing a quick screenshot?17:46
charlie-tcaLet me check them on a bigger monitor, maybe this laptoip17:47
ochosiin fact the font-sizes are determined by the dpi ubuntu sets17:47
charlie-tcalaptop screen might be too small17:47
ochosiand dpi depends on your screen-resolution17:47
charlie-tca1280 X 800 on a 15" lcd?17:48
charlie-tcaNo wonder they look tiny to me17:48
charlie-tcaI think there was a bug about the drives and partitions not showing on the desktop, so maybe this is a fix for that.17:52
ochosiwith the same res on my 13'' screen the fonts look totally fine17:52
charlie-tca(but I still won't like it)17:52
charlie-tcaYou got good eyes17:52
ochosinot sure, the thing is that the local partitions are all handled by gio, so i'm not sure how easy it would even be to fix it in thunar17:53
charlie-tcasnapshotting the screen17:53
ochosie.g. you see the same behavior wrt partitions already in maverick in the "open file" dialog17:53
ochosithat one is gtk-builtin and uses gio17:54
charlie-tcabut these aren't in "open file". They are on the desktop at all times17:54
ochosiare you sure?17:55
ochosiat iirc it's the same behavior17:55
ochosiok, then maybe not, i'd have to check to be sure17:55
charlie-tcaI am sure I am looking at the desktop, and I am sure I see all the partitions17:55
ochosi(and i'm @work so i can't)17:55
charlie-tcaand I am sure they take a whole column on my de417:55
ochositry "open file" in some app17:55
ochosie.g. when setting a new desktop-wallpaper17:56
charlie-tcawill that make them go away from the desktop?17:56
ochosiafter hitting the "+" the open file dialog should show all your local partitions on the left17:56
ochosijust as in thunar17:56
charlie-tcaI don't want them on my desktop. I don't care if they are in thunar17:57
ochosiyou can only make all "removable" devices disappear from the desktop, so as i said before, it's not fixable in the way you want to fix them17:57
ochosi(meaning: all your other removable devices, like usb-sticks etc. would also not show on the desktop)17:57
charlie-tcaThat's my point. They should show in thunar. But why do I have a whole column of drives on the desktop now?17:58
ochosiah right, so you'd prefer differing behavior in thunar and xfdesktop?17:59
ochosibut really, i think you should file a bug upstream17:59
ochosii vaguely remember this issue being discussed before in #xfce-dev, but i think no-one really cared enough about it in the end18:00
ochosik, g2g now, have a nice evening/day/morning everyone18:00
ochosiright, that's totally the normal/expected font-size18:01
ochosisame font-size as on desktop-icons18:01
charlie-tcaThey look smaller on the screen18:01
charlie-tcabut it is probably my eyes with that screen18:02
ochosizooming in on 100% here it really looks ok18:02
ochosigood to see that the slideshow is there :)18:02
charlie-tcaThat's why I asked. You know me and seeing things 18:02
ochosisure, thanks for asking though. could've just as well been a bug18:03
charlie-tcabetter that *I* ask first on that kind of thing18:03
ochosiyep :)18:04
ochosianyhow, really gotta run now18:04
ochosino problemo18:04
ochosisee you around18:04
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