drcOK, I do have one <small> complaint about 11.04b1...The notification plugin appears to take up much more space than the number of icons present would warrant.  This does not appear to be icon set dependent.  http://img832.imageshack.us/i/screenshot0412201106255.png/00:27
charlie-tcait is about 3 icons big at its smallest?00:29
drclooks like 3 or 4, when only 2 are present.  At least it looks larger than if should, based on previous plugins.  I could be wrong.00:30
charlie-tcaNot sure it is not a fixed size, all the time, so it can not grow too big, but can not grow too small, either.00:30
charlie-tcaThis is the first release we are using it in, so it might be a matter of experimenting for a while00:31
drcIt could be...the plugin (in other DE's) has always been a little bigger than the number of icons, but not this big.  IIRC, of course.00:32
drcBut it is a really small complaint...not a deal breaker.00:33
charlie-tcawe are still learning how to make this thing work00:33
drcAnd doing a good job of it too.  Just think what will happen when you do learn all the ins and outs of the new stuff :)00:34
drcMaybe you should change your nick to scary-charlie00:35
drcI especially like what you all have dome with the menu...very little that I would want to delete from there, as opposed to 4.600:36
drcDo I need to file a bug on the Indicator Plugin?00:42
charlie-tcamark it for xfce-indicator, please00:45
drcok, will do sometime tonight...promise (but dinner calls now :)00:46
charlie-tcaubuntu-bug xfce4-indicator-plugin00:47
drcThat wasn't dinner, it was the dog's dinner :(00:54
drccharlie-tca: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-indicator-plugin/+bug/759312  Anything more needed?00:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 759312 in xfce4-indicator-plugin (Ubuntu) "xfce-indicator-plugin requires more space on panel than necessary" [Undecided,New]00:58
charlie-tcai went to dinner02:09
charlie-tcadrc: looks good02:12
drcOK...then I'll go have <my> dinner...if the dog didn't get it.02:16
quupI got xubuntu 11.04 beta yesterday, by default it tries to use a bunch of nonexisting screensavers07:33
quup(like glsnake or something, it just gives an exit code in yellow )07:34
bazhangquup, #ubuntu+1 for beta07:35
quupoh I don't even want a screensaver, just figured someone liked to know07:36
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots07:37
quupis there some xfce way to make capslock act like control or should I use xmodmap?08:01
TheSheepquup: no need to use xmodmap, you can just run dpkg-reconfigure console08:05
TheSheepsorry, that's console-setup08:05
Sysi(hey that way i'd get left control to this netbook)08:08
quupTheSheep: it didn't ask about that stuff08:12
quupTheSheep: did find /etc/defalut/keyboard though08:14
quupI put ctrl:nocaps there08:16
TheSheepquup: I think there is some option to make it ask all the questions08:17
uqbar_Any idea when/whether XFCE 4.8 will make its way to xubuntu?10:31
Sysiin 11.0410:31
Sysiso, at the end of this month10:31
psaldenhey folks... I'd like to use gnome3, and since installing it seems to break ubuntu/unity, I was thinking about running xubuntu and install it on top of that. However, won't it break that too?10:32
uqbar_Thanks, these are great news to me.10:33
uqbar_I'd like to know how to check the amount of RAM in use with XFCE. I've just switched to it from GNOME and would like to know how "light" it is. Any hint?10:35
psaldenI guess 'top' in terminal10:36
Sysipsalden: gnome3 breaks unity yeah, shouldn't break xfce10:37
Sysixfce uses maybe like 300MB10:37
Sysiunused memory is wasted mamory, unix-like systems should use everything available for cache10:38
psaldenSysi: cool, so then my solution should work... thanks :)10:42
uqbar_I would use ps, but am not really shure which processes should I loot at. Which processes make XFCE up?10:43
quupcan I have xfce terminal open links by just clicking (or ctrl clicking) so I don't have to right click -> open link ?12:02
Sysimiddle click12:02
quupany other way?12:03
quup(tricky to middle click with the trackpad)12:03
Sysinot afaik, if you find out how to change it, tell me12:03
quupwill do :)12:03
TheSheeptwo-finger tap works as middle click afair12:03
* quup plugs in mouse12:03
quupTheSheep: I dont have such a fancy trackpad :)12:04
TheSheepI think you can enable that with synaptics12:07
TheSheep!info gsynaptics12:08
ubottugsynaptics (source: gpointing-device-settings): configuration tool for pointing devices (transitional package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.1-2 (maverick), package size 3 kB, installed size 36 kB12:08
quupis there some list of known gtk issues in xfce?12:18
quupseems buttons don't get keybord typing events12:23
quupor maybe it's taht it now throws error instead of warning for integer argument instead of float12:27
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quupwhen launching a .desktop thing13:56
quupwhat PATH is used to find executables?13:57
charlie-tcaThe path in the .desktop file, if there is one. Otherwise, the system defined PATH,13:57
quupok, I want to ensure that it can acces ~/bin13:58
charlie-tcausually it includes /bin, /sbin, /usr/bin, /usr/sbin13:58
quupguess I should just change system path then13:58
charlie-tca~/bin is not normally in the path, unless added by you13:58
quupI have added it but only for bash13:59
Lord_Rahl? for someone. I just install xubuntu 11.04, everything seem except I have no icon for a network widget in the notification area in menu bar14:07
quupcharlie-tca: seems it found stuff in ~/bin without me having to do anything special :)14:08
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jpichedoes anyone know how to get NetworkManager working without indicator-applet in 11.04?14:35
charlie-tcaThese installs without network-manager applet, I can't seem to reproduce.14:45
charlie-tcaI get an applet everytime14:45
charlie-tcaYou do have indicator-plugin in the panel, right?14:46
jpicheoh I have network manager, but it's stolen from the notification area by indicator-plugin, and when I remove indicator-plugin, nm-applet doesn't reappear14:47
charlie-tcano indicator plugin, no applet14:48
charlie-tcaThat is a change we could not control14:48
jpichethere is no way to get nm out of indicator-plugin?14:48
jpichewow, that's terrible14:48
charlie-tcaWhat was wrong with indicator plugin being there?14:49
jpicheI don't need it; it doesn't give me any useful information that other things don't give14:50
jpicheand when I have indicator-plugin in the panel, the volume control is still in the notification area--thus duplicated14:51
Lord_RahlI have a differnt problem mine is there but I have no icon it box witha red X14:52
charlie-tcajpiche: Maybe someone in #ubuntu+1 will have a way to make it work without indicator plugin14:52
charlie-tcaLord_Rahl: but networking works, right?14:53
drcjpiche: I solved the double volume control by turning off the Volume Control in Session and Startup...not elegant, but it worked14:53
Lord_Rahlcharlie-tca, yup14:53
drcjpiche: I solved the double volume control by turning off the Volume Control in Session and Startup...not elegant, but it worked14:53
jpicheLord_Rahl, I had that until I added indicator-plugin to the panel14:53
charlie-tcaLord_Rahl: can you file a bug for that?14:53
Lord_Rahljpiche, your right that worked15:06
charlie-tcajpiche: is the applet missing or is there a blank instead of an icon?15:09
charlie-tcaI did have one release, it never showed the icon, but the applet was there if I clicked the space in the panel15:09
jpicheif i remove indicator-plugin, nm-applet is just missing15:10
Lord_Rahldid they a menu editor in 11.0415:26
Lord_Rahlif so what the program name15:26
charlie-tcaYou can use alacarte15:27
charlie-tcaany freedestko15:27
Lord_Rahlok that what install then15:27
charlie-tcaany freedesktop compliant menu editor should work15:27
charlie-tcainstall     alacarte15:27
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charlie-tcait is a menu editor15:27
Lord_Rahlit states that this is install  (gnome-menus)15:28
Lord_Rahlbut i can not find it15:28
charlie-tcawhat says what is installed?15:29
Lord_Rahlubuntu software center states it a menu editor. I do it by hand now but it be nice not to have to15:29
Lord_RahlNM I read it wrong.15:32
Lord_Rahlit is a "implementation of the draft "Desktop Menu Specification" from freedesktop.org:"15:32
Lord_RahlGuess I keep doing them by hand. If I install alacarte it bring a whole lot of stuff along15:34
drcLord_Rahl, charlie-tca : I seem to remember seeing this menu editor installed in other xfce distros as well (and 4.6 to boot) and often wondered why a gnome editor was in xfce, especially when one could never find/use it.15:39
charlie-tcabecause it works?15:39
drccharlie-tca: in xfce 4.6?15:40
charlie-tcaThere are very few menu editors available.15:40
charlie-tcano, Not in 4.615:40
charlie-tcaI know xubuntu did not install it for that.15:40
drccharlie-tca: I could be misremembering...but I <think> that I saw it in xubuntu 10.10 and definately LMDE-XFCE, both 4.615:41
charlie-tca10.10 did not have a menu editor unless it was installed along with Ubuntu 10.1015:42
charlie-tcaWe haven't been able to edit menus since Xfce 4.4, and so we did not install any editor15:42
drcok, I bow to your obviouslysuperior knowledge.  Maybe it comes from checking too many distros recently searching for an alternative to gnome3/shell/unity  :)15:43
charlie-tcaThat will confuse anyone!15:43
Lord_Rahlin reading the limited description I guessing it used to create *.desktop files and the menu core xml files15:46
Lord_RahlI am suprised somehas not created a simple app to edit xfce menus15:49
TheSheepLord_Rahl: it's on the todo15:49
Lord_Rahllol k15:49
TheSheepLord_Rahl: the work continues since a couple of years actually15:49
TheSheepLord_Rahl: turns out that "simple" is an overstatement15:49
Lord_Rahlthere a beta I can try15:49
TheSheepno idea, you'd have to look at the xfce web page/mailing list15:50
TheSheepor ask on their channel15:50
Lord_Rahlok will do15:50
djkcaDoes anyone have time for a newbie question?16:42
ubottuHi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!16:42
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.16:42
djkcathanks.  i have installed xubuntu for the first time in a vm.  trying to find the file with the static network settings.  expecting to find it in /etc/net/interfaces but not finding my eth interface there16:43
djkcasorry /etc/network/interfaces16:43
djkcaall i find in there are the lo settings16:43
TheSheepthe rest is autodetected and configured by network manager16:44
charlie-tcaSince networking is now controlled by network manager, unless you manually add the settings to /etc/network/interfaces, it is not there16:44
TheSheepbut you can add to that file your own stuff if you want16:44
djkcaso it does not put the settings into a file somewhere?  are the settings from network manager persistent?16:44
charlie-tcayes, very persistent16:45
Sysiit saves them to home folder16:45
djkcaahhh.  ok i will look in there.  thanks everyone16:46
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drcIs there any way in Thunar to get the file names (in icon view) to be center, rather than right, oriented?17:16
TheSheepdrc: you might try asking at #thunar or #xfce17:18
drcer...the <other> right (i.e., left oriented)17:18
drcTheSheep: Thanks I will17:18
TheSheepyou might be able to do that with a gtk theme, for example17:19
TheSheepbut you would need to know the name of that control17:19
drcTheSheep: I'm just looking for a simple way...doesn't bother me <that> much.17:21
Lord_Rahlwhat is the default theme in xubuntu 11.0418:09
drcInteresting...while one can put an app on the panel now, the same appears not to be true for a file.20:02
drcdesign or feature?20:03
Sysithat would need to be like launcher for application to open specific file, nobody thought it was needed or just didn't do it20:04
drc<whine>But GNOME has it....</whine>20:04
charlie-tcawhy would you put a file on a panel?20:05
charlie-tcaIsn't that what the desktop is for?20:05
drcI like to put whatever e-book I'm reading at the time on the panel...that way I don't have to go looking for it nested in Calibre's in-depth file system20:05
drccharlie-tca: the are <no> icons on my desktop....that's for windows20:06
charlie-tcaPut the ebook on the desktop, it will be fully visible20:06
charlie-tcaYou can even use Applications -> Workspaces to tell maximized applications not to cover the entire desktop20:07
Sysidesktop icons are somewhat ugly and unhandy, but fit some purposes20:07
Sysii have everything in panel on windows too20:07
drcI never could understand the logic oh ahving the icons on the desktop and then covering them up with windows.20:07
charlie-tcaWell, I guess to each his own20:07
charlie-tcaYou don't have to cover them in Xubuntu. You can actually tell it not to cover all the desktop20:08
drctrue dat20:08
charlie-tcaMy workspace margins are set such that I can always see the first column of icons on the desktop20:09
charlie-tcaNo window is allowed to cover them20:09
drcok, that's two.... :)20:10
drcCan one file a "wish for" instead of a bug in launchpad?20:13
drcHe asks, knowing there are much more important things to fix first20:14
charlie-tcaWe got one wishlist bug fixed for this release, it was filed in 200620:14
charlie-tcaanything is possible!20:15
drcMisquote from somewhere: "In an infinite universe, all things are possible, some are just more possible that others."20:19
drcIs there any difference in filing a bug report and a wish-for report?20:24
* drc has more hope than sense20:24
charlie-tcafile both the same way, but put in the comments that the bug is a wishlist bug20:27
drcdone...now, if only I'll be still alive when this gets to the top of the queue...20:29
drcthank you charlie-tca20:30
charlie-tcajSome happen fast, some take longer...20:30
charlie-tcaYou are welcome20:30
drcIs there a difference between the Xubuntu and the XFCE session at the login screen?21:20
charlie-tcaxfce session looks bad, and uses different menus21:21
charlie-tcawell, puts more in the menu, I guess21:21
drcNow I <gotta> just look...brb :)21:21
* charlie-tca thinks that is not the right description of the session, though21:21
Unit193That's the only session that works with FreeNX21:22
charlie-tcaHow would you describe it?21:22
Unit193No bar on top21:23
Unit193XFCE icon on application menu21:23
drccharlie-tca: You are totally correct (again)...the menu(s) are somewhat different, especially in the Settings menu.  Booting into XFCE also reset my Workspace Switcher back to the default 4 (even when I booted back into the Xubuntu session.)21:28
quupwhen I go fullscreen in mplayer that dock thing is still visible, can I either make it completely unseen when autohidden or a layer below mplayers fullscren layer?21:45
charlie-tcaWhat dock thing?21:51
charlie-tcaxubuntu shouldn't have a dock21:51
drcMaybe he means the bottom panel in 4.8 that can <look> like a dock?21:58
charlie-tcabut that is a hidden panel, it should not appear21:59
drcShoulda Woulda Coulda :)21:59
Sysiif autohiding panel is always visible, it's stucked22:04
Sysirelogin usually helps22:04
charlie-tcait would be nice if quup would respond. It makes it much easier when the person wanting answers is around after asking the question.22:05
knomei think supporting people is more exciting when you don't know if the answer helped or not22:09
charlie-tcaI hadn't thought of it that way.22:09
charlie-tcaI did get one right the other day, when the question was "Can anyone help me? I don't know if it should do this?"22:10
drcI think figuring out the <real> question is the most exciting part...once that's done the answer is often trivial in comparison.22:11
charlie-tcaYou just have to learn to answer before it get asks :-)22:12
Sysii'm nowdays pretty good at guessing what people actually want22:12
drcBut when I do that, usually I have the wrong <real> question.22:12
knomewhat you actually need to learn is how to answer the real question and then come up with a reason why you need to go now so you don't need to answer the boring questions ;)22:13
drcAnd I look even more like an idiot than I really am (I hope).22:13
drc"Play with puppy" is my favoritie...and true too22:14
Sysii wonder if i'll some day dare to ask for ubuntu membership for my helping here22:14
knomebecause when people notice you know things, they start to ask stupid questions, like "wait, if i move the mouse right, will the cursor also move towards the right end of the monitor"22:14
drcor PM you....22:15
knomeSysi, don't you remember you have also given valuable feedback for the artwork created for xubuntu22:15
Sysistill most i've done is in irc22:16
knomeimo that's not a reason not to give you the membership22:16
knomethings you can do in irc are undervalued in the ubuntu community22:17
Sysipeople have gotten memberships from irc job still22:17
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Sysibut it easily feels like you aren't actually doing something22:17
Sysi(not exactly xubuntu discussion)22:18
Sysii'd need xfce 4.8 for creating vertical-panel setup :/22:20
knome14 days...22:20
Sysion 16:9 monitor seems just stupid to have panel at the bottom22:21
charlie-tcachoices! I really like that panel, myself22:21
Sysiit's always the decision about testing or keeping the working one22:21
knomei have two panels on the other monitor, and none on the other22:22
charlie-tcaOf course, I enjoy my 22" monitor, too. I suppose that matters when it comes to screens22:22

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