mcdasuMy CD/DVD drive is not automatically loading any discs. I am new to Linux and the answers I have found are confusing me. I have found one answer to disable SMART fan in BIOS, but that leaves the fan running loudly and constantly. It seems dangerous as the person that posted it said they had fried their motherboard before. I re-enabled SMART fan and I am not able to use my CD/DVD drive. This is on Kubuntu 10.10. Is there any other options to00:41
mcdasuget this working?00:41
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mcdasuThis is the drive info from lsscsi: [1:0:0:0]    cd/dvd  TSSTcorp CDW/DVD TS-H492C GA01  /dev/sr000:45
mcdasu(Added more info) My CD/DVD drive is not automatically loading any discs. I do not get notifed of a new disk being inserted nor can I open the disk using Amarok or Dragon Player. I am new to Linux (just installed Kubuntu 10.10 a few days ago) and the answers I have found are confusing me. I have found one answer to disable SMART fan in BIOS which did result in the CD/DVD drive working as normal, but that leaves the fan running loudly and01:09
mcdasuconstantly. It seems dangerous as the person that posted it said they had fried their motherboard before. I re-enabled SMART fan and I am not able to use my CD/DVD drive. Is there any other options to get this working? This is the drive info from command lsscsi: [1:0:0:0]    cd/dvd  TSSTcorp CDW/DVD TS-H492C GA01  /dev/sr001:09
mcdasu(Repost still no answer) (Added more info) My CD/DVD drive is not automatically loading any discs. I do not get notifed of a new disk being inserted nor can I open the disk using Amarok or Dragon Player. I am new to Linux (just installed Kubuntu 10.10 a few days ago) and the answers I have found are confusing me. I have found one answer to disable SMART fan in BIOS which did result in the CD/DVD drive working as normal, but that leaves the01:37
mcdasufan running loudly and constantly. It seems dangerous as the person that posted it said they had fried their motherboard before. I re-enabled SMART fan and I am not able to use my CD/DVD drive. Is there any other options to get this working? This is the drive info from command lsscsi: [1:0:0:0]    cd/dvd  TSSTcorp CDW/DVD TS-H492C GA01  /dev/sr001:37
James147mcdasu: weird :S very very weird01:39
James147mcdasu: is there a /dev/cdrom  ^^ or similar device node?01:39
grusummcdasu: can u temporarily swap the cd drive out and try a different unit?01:40
mcdasuthere is the /dev/sr001:42
* James147 notes that if you disable the smart fan control and the fans are running at full speed it is quite safe ^^ just anoying01:42
mcdasuand a /cdrom01:43
mcdasui have no other drive to test it with01:43
James147mcdasu: try mounting the cdrom manually ^^ "sudo mount -t iso9660 -o ro /dev/cdrom /mnt"01:43
James147(with a dick in the drive that is)01:43
James147disk ^^01:43
mcdasuoh ok thank you James01:44
mcdasubut it is extremely loud when it runs01:44
mcdasui should also note the drive worked fine when I first installed Dapper before realizing it was way out of date01:46
James147mcdasu: can you manualy mount th drive?01:47
mcdasugives this error: mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sr0,01:48
mcdasumissing codepage or helper program, or other error01:48
mcdasuIn some cases useful info is found in syslog - try01:48
mcdasudmesg | tail or so01:48
FloodBotK1mcdasu: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:48
James147^^ that was run with a disk in the drive right?01:48
mcdasuhow do i use that site to paste?01:49
James147mcdasu:  paste the text in the box on that site ^^ click submit ^^ paste the link you are taken to here01:49
mcdasuhere is what i get with dmesg \ grep sr0 -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/594685/01:55
James147mcdasu: afraid I dont have a clue what could be wrong :S01:57
mcdasumy second problem is my connection comes and goes i don't know why it keeps kicking me offline02:04
mcdasuit will also sometimes slow to a crawl for downloads at speeds less than 1KB/sec02:07
mcdasuon dapper I was getting 600KB/sec and I get that on Maverick sometimes too02:07
mcdasuon Mavrick it seems like when I keep my mouse moving I get faster speeds, but if I walk away and wait for it to load. It never will until I come back and move the mouse a little. Then suddenly once I move the mouse, the page/download is finished.02:09
asobimcdasu, try uninstalling 10.10 and install 10.04 LTS?02:12
* asobi found 10.04 to be very solid and stable02:12
mcdasuhmm i was reluctant to do so because it took me several days to get this far02:17
mcdasui thought 10.10 was the most current02:17
mcdasuand stable release02:17
mcdasuasobi: is 10.04 more stable than 10.10 then?02:19
* asobi is still on 10.04 so can't say which is more stable02:20
asobi10.04 is LTS... long term support02:20
asobibut yea, 10.10 should be stable as well :/02:21
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b2thec_hi, i have a problem with my kpackagekit. it stops while preparing and won't do anything. if i terminate it i can't start it again, and if i restart kubuntu won't boot. please help someone02:58
frogonwheelsb2thec_: you tried with aptitude ?03:05
BluesKajb2thec_, run sudo dpkg --configure -a , then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade03:07
b2thec_no, but it claims it "can't get exclusive lock". after it happened the first time, i restarted kubuntu and it wasn't able to mount the partition while booting. it's a fresh natty install, if that helps. aptitude seems not to be installed, and dpkg says it's locked "by another process", but i can't figure out which one03:09
yofel!aplock | b2thec_03:13
yofel!aptlock | b2thec_03:13
ubottub2thec_: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »03:13
BluesKajusually  dpkg --configure -a , will fix a dependency lockup03:16
danubio_need help03:19
danubio_need compile and install a tar file03:19
danubio_I put ./configure03:20
danubio_Now i see a generated install-sh file on directory03:20
danubio_how to install it?03:20
frogonwheelsdanubio_: did it make a makefile?03:20
frogonwheelsdanubio_: usually you  make all     and then   sudo make install03:21
frogonwheelsdanubio_:  or just    make03:21
frogonwheelsdanubio_: then sudo make install     to install it03:21
danubio_I see a message03:21
danubio_no are any rules ........... there is the message03:21
frogonwheelsdanubio_: then  just type make03:22
danubio_no work too03:22
frogonwheelsdanubio_: url for tarball?03:22
BluesKajdanubio_, install unp then , unp nameoftarball , then follow the readme textfile in he folder created in your /home/user03:23
danubio_here download this gngeo-0.7.tar.gz03:24
danubio_need install these tar file03:24
b2thec_ubottu: thanks, seems to have helped. did that command also automatically install all the other updates, because they're no longer shown in kpackagekit, although i got no confirmation.03:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:24
yofelb2thec_: no, run apt-get as BluesKaj said03:24
frogonwheelsdanubio_: did ./configure succeed, or were there error messages?03:25
danubio_need see03:25
danubio_I See an error03:26
danubio_configure: error: can't find zlib on your system03:26
b2thec_yofel: sorry, i didn't no that was a bot. i did that, it didn't help before when dpkg claimed to be locked, and now it does nothing, at least nothing noticeable.03:27
danubio_how to get zlib?03:27
* BluesKaj thinks package mangers should be banned, except as reference for available and installed apps03:27
yofelb2thec_: then all updates should be installed03:27
b2thec_k thx03:27
yofeldanubio_: should be zlib1g-dev03:28
frogonwheelsdanubio_:  install the -dev package for it with your favourite package manager03:28
frogonwheels.. and keep doing that till all the ./configure issues are resolved.03:29
BluesKajsometimes checkinstall can help find required depends03:30
danubio_configure: error: can't find sdl-config on your system03:31
danubio_I see a new message configure: error: can't find sdl-config on your system03:31
yofelapt-file is useful to find things that aren't installed03:31
xieyiI am using kubuntu 11.04 firefox 4.0 with flashplugin version 10.3 d180. Everytime I close a page with flash content, the whole desktop stuck for a long time and the shutting down process takes longer time. Is it a prevalent symptom?03:50
xieyiThe problem has been existed since flashplugin version 10.2 on my system.03:51
valorienot here, but then I'm not using natty03:51
valoriefor 11.04 questions, try #ubuntu+103:51
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash03:51
xieyioh, thanks03:51
wn2zideveryone, all at once04:26
wn2zidbe quiet.04:26
ubottuTo add new users to your Ubuntu system, follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AddUsersHowto - For administrative privileges, users need to be made members of the group "admin" - See !sudo04:44
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga05:13
valorie!info wicd05:36
ubottuwicd (source: wicd): wired and wireless network manager - metapackage. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7.0+ds1-5 (maverick), package size 40 kB, installed size 88 kB05:37
mr-richAnybody else having dbus-daemon problems?05:50
sar_Hi everyone !06:22
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sar_I wanna install a new kernel without compilation, what should i do? :-)06:26
frogonwheelssar_: There's a ppa for newer kernels.06:28
sar_Yeah, ~~ aptitude search linux-image,   thank you06:30
mr0wlWhere can one get Kubuntu stickers?06:54
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surunverihi I recently tried installing a game.. It was called "ufo: alien invasion" or something like that07:04
surunveriin anycase it didn't start and I don't know how to remove it now07:04
tsimpsonmr0wl: http://shop.canonical.com/product_info.php?products_id=41807:05
tsimpsonsurunveri: how did you install it?07:06
mr0wltsimpson: thanks07:07
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surunverithere was an installer file, running it with sh unpacked an install wizard which ran normally, which asked where to install the game and I think it went in /usr/ somewhere but I think files were placed elsewhere too07:08
tsimpsonmr0wl: http://shop.canonical.com/images/s/KUB40000.jpg <- that's an image, as the larger images seem to be broken atm07:08
tsimpsonsurunveri: check if it has an uninstaller somewhere, if not you'll just have to go find the files and delete them manually07:09
mr0wltsimpson: great just what I was looking for :)07:09
surunverii couldn't find one im afraid07:10
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ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash08:51
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planrichdoes someone also has some issues using amarok? it crashes very often now although i removed the config files...09:40
marxjohnsonplanrich: My girlfriend said she had a problem with it getting halfway through the first song then crashing, does that sound like what you're talking about?09:47
marxjohnsonIm just trying it out now to see if it happens with my profile09:48
planrichwell sometimes is play song x and it crashes, sometimes i play song x and it crashes after the playback finished and sometimes is just crashes random09:49
planrichquite weird09:49
marxjohnsonhmm odd09:49
marxjohnsonyou searched for bug reports?09:49
marxjohnsonalso, which version are you using?09:50
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marxjohnsonHmm I dont appear to have the problem on the same machine09:53
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marxjohnsonso I'm afraid I cant be much help09:53
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planrichim using 2.4.009:55
planrichi think im going to install the debug libraries and send in a bug report09:55
valorie2.4.1 is out10:01
valorieand try changing your phonon-backend10:01
c2taruncan anyone please tell me how can I mount a partition automatically10:26
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puneetany boedy using reliance netconnect on kubuntu??10:32
kps_foopuneet: Hello10:32
puneetcan you tell me how yo installed it?10:32
kps_foopuneet: no, I use Tata Docomo 3g10:32
puneeti think driver must be the same for both of them10:33
puneetwhich driver have you installed?10:33
kps_foopuneet: there is no need to install driver10:33
kps_foopuneet: just go to KnetworkManager in the bottom right side of the panel and click on show more10:34
puneetin mine its not detecting the mobile broadband10:34
kps_foopuneet: ok10:34
kps_foopuneet: do you know the APN and the dialup number of your reliance card ?10:35
puneetwhen i used ubuntu 10.1010:35
kps_fooAPN == Access Point Name10:35
puneeti know the username pswd dial up no.10:36
kps_fooAPN is unique for each mobile broadband provider10:36
kps_foofor example, for tata docomo 3g APN = tatadocomo3g10:36
kps_foopuneet: click on Manage Connections10:37
kps_fooin KnetworkManager10:37
kps_foopuneet: then click on the Mobile Broadband tab10:37
quupwhat tool is used in kubuntu to create USB startup discs?10:37
puneetbut thats not activated10:37
kps_foopuneet: is it greyed out ?10:37
puneetthe mobile broadband tab is inactive10:37
kps_fooquup: it is called startup disk creator10:38
kps_foopuneet: that is strange...have you connect your reliance data card10:38
kps_foopuneet: ?10:38
puneeti think there is a driver problem10:38
kps_foopuneet: ok10:38
puneetbcoz even if u remove the device10:39
puneetit must be active10:39
quupkps_foo: will that only work for ubuntu based distributions or should it work for all debian based?10:39
puneeti have only three of tem active10:39
kps_fooquup: only for ubuntu based distros10:39
kps_foopuneet: that is weird indeed!10:39
quupkps_foo: oh10:40
kps_fooquup: you can use unetbootin10:40
kps_fooquup: it is a nice utility...10:40
quupkps_foo: I'll try that, thanks10:40
kps_foopuneet: did you face this problem always ? or only recently ?10:40
kps_fooquup: best of luck10:41
puneetactually i just onstalled it today10:41
puneetand before that i was using ubuntu 10.1010:41
kps_foopuneet: did the data card work on ubuntu 10.10 ?10:41
kps_foopuneet: is your kubuntu system updated ?10:42
puneeti just instaled it10:42
puneetand cant update till i have an internet connection10:43
kps_foopuneet: ok10:43
kps_foopuneet: lemme think....will be back with a idea...10:43
kps_foopuneet: try this10:46
kps_foopuneet: http://tinyurl.com/4xex6h910:46
court_jesterI'm using kubuntu 11.04 and when I click to shutdown the system I'm just back to the shell login. So I need to login and type sudo halt for shutdown my system. Reboot and Sleep is fine.11:04
court_jesterHow to fix it?11:04
court_jesterI'll be online for the next 24h. If someone get a fix for my issue, I'll be here trying too.11:13
ShishKababI'm using a laptop connected with a VGA cable to my LCD monitor. It works fine on a 1024x768 resolution, but when I try to switch to 1280x1024 through System Settings, the image is crooked, duplicated and flickers. Do I have to change some other setting?11:36
kevin__I have a log in problem with Kubuntu 10.0411:58
kevin__currently i am in Live session 10.1011:58
kevin__pls help11:58
gigasofthow to set opacity on all windows to 90 %12:50
WalzmynMy panel on Desktop 1 is floating an inch off the bottom of the screen. On Desktop 2-4 it is against the top edge like I have it set12:58
WalzmynKubuntu 10.10 with KDE 4.6.212:58
marxjohnsongigasoft: System Settings->Workspace Appearance and Behaviour->Desktop Effects->All Effects->Translucency, click configuration icon13:17
gigasoftmarxjohnson, thank you wery much13:17
shadeslayerWalzmyn: try : Alt+F2 > kquitapp plasma-desktop > Alt+F2 > plasma-desktop13:25
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BluesKajHowdy folks14:28
shadeslayerhey BluesKaj14:32
BluesKajhi shadeslayer14:32
androidepouriez vous m'indiquez le raccourcis clavier attribué à konsole ?14:33
BluesKaj!fr | androide14:35
ubottuandroide: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr, ou #ubuntu-qc. Merci.14:35
androidethank you14:35
Feldegastor try english14:35
Feldegastmy french is bad :(14:36
BluesKajI would have replied but my francais is a bit rusty14:36
BluesKajdunno what raccourcis clavier means14:37
BluesKajncurses ?14:38
mr-richWas anybody else having dbus-deamon problems?14:48
xuiloпривет есть русскоязычные???14:51
BluesKaj!ru |xuilo14:56
ubottuxuilo: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke14:56
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lovrehi all15:52
lovrei cant seem to make Amarok open up on the same place. I have set the application behavior for it on Remeber Position, but it doesnt work. Every time i start it its on 0,0. How can i fix this?15:53
Peace-lovre: maybe settings it's config file15:54
James147lovre: or you could create an application rule ^^15:55
lovreJames147: i said i allready did that15:55
lovreJames147: it doesnt work15:55
James147lovre: and what settings did you set?15:55
Peace-lovre: ls ~/.kde/share/config | grep amarok15:55
lovreJames147: i set Position: Remeber15:55
Peace-lovre: ls ~/.kde/share/apps | grep -i  amarok15:55
James147Peace-: ^^ or ls ~/.kde/share/config/amarok*  :)15:56
James147lovre: what happens if you set it to applit intally and give it a value?15:57
lovreJames147: second, let me see15:58
lovreJames147: same, starts at 0,0 again16:00
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James147^^ then try another field to make sure the its catching the window16:00
James147(something like no border )16:00
lovreJames147: ok, sec16:01
lovreJames147: it doesnt seem to work. Doesnt detect the windows16:02
James147lovre: go to the "window" tab, click "detect window propertities" click amaroks window16:03
James147lovre: and make sure you are restarting amarok rather then minimising it to the systray :)16:03
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Peace-James147: bough a hp officejet 450016:04
Peace-James147: works out of the box16:04
Peace-less the scanner ==> hp-setup = fixed16:04
James147I think most of hps stuff tends to jsut work16:04
ade__some italian?16:36
ade_gimshop amd6416:37
glyphriderOK... can anyone tell me how to turn off "Search and Launch" (I feel like a huge idiot because I managed to start it and don't know how to get back to my "normal" desktop)16:37
glyphriderDoh! Got it...16:39
BluesKajwhat search and launch ?16:40
glyphriderDesktop Settings | Activity | Type = Desktop or Search and Launch Containment16:41
BluesKajah ok16:42
glyphriderI was playing around with widgets and desktop settings and all of a sudden.... "how'd I get here?!?" ;-)16:46
dequireglyphrider: it happens :)16:49
glyphriderHa! :)16:49
dequireThat's the best part of KDE, so much to do and tweak and play around with16:49
dequireSpeaking of which, does anyone here know of a tutorial on setting up OwnCloud after it is installed from the Natty repos? I'm afraid I'm rather stuck, and the instructions on the OwnCloud website are rather vague...16:51
dequireI'd write a tutorial, but first I need to get OwnCloud running myself =)16:51
shadeslayerdequire: #myowncloud i believe17:01
shadeslayeruhm no17:01
reagleI'm using natty's 4.6.2 kde, and have some kdeinit4 kded4 processing running amok... what to do or how to kill them?17:02
shadeslayerreagle: you don't want to do that17:03
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reagleshadeslayer: why?17:03
shadeslayerthat's the main KDE Thread17:03
shadeslayeror as it's called .. the KDE Daemon17:03
reaglehow to i figure out who's hogging the cpu?17:04
reaglei recently upgraded from kde 4.5 in the move to natty, perhaps something arising there?17:05
dequirethanks shadeslayer - it made sense to ask here first, however, since there is a package specifically for Natty, which is probably installed slightly diferent than, say, for SUSE. I will ask there though as well.17:11
shadeslayerdequire: probably17:11
shadeslayerdequire: Riddell packaged it and ran it successfully on a EC2 machine, but he is away for the weekend, that's why i pointed you towards their channel :)17:12
dequireshadeslayer: That was my next ? lol. Seems you beat me to it.17:12
shadeslayerdequire: for a complete listing of what is installed where, just : dpkg -L packagename ... that probably will give you a better idea17:14
dequireI got the listing already from Launchpad. And Apache is up and running. I just can't seem to get ownCloud to initialize, nor can I find a script to do so, nor am I sure exactly what part(s) go into the /var/www folder, . I'll just wait and ask Jonathan =)17:19
lovreJames147: I have used auto dete+17:19
shadeslayerone sec17:20
James147lovre:  it work?17:20
lovreJames147: sorry, second.  i need to fix something. brb17:21
shadeslayerhmm.. nothing17:21
dequireshadeslayer: What were you looking for?17:21
shadeslayerdequire: was looking at Jonathan's blog17:22
shadeslayerif he posted steps and stuff17:22
dequireshadeslayer: Ahhh. Yea I didn't thnk so. I'll volunteer to write a how-to, as soon as I get my server up and runing.17:22
dequireshadeslayer: In my perfect Kubuntu world, I'll have many devices running plasma-mediacenter hooked anywhere to my media and files through ownCloud. That makes me smile :)17:24
shadeslayerPMC is quite unfinished17:24
lovreJames147: when i do Force position, it works, but Remeber doesnt work. Even when i quit amarok intead min to tray17:25
dequireshadeslayer: I'm aware, but at least it still active17:25
dequireshadeslayer: and needed, imho17:25
James147dequire: as fara s i know you have to install the owncloud files and then visit the site for initalisation17:26
dequireJames147: That I did17:26
James147^^ though from what I remember of when i tried it dident really do anything after I set it up :(17:26
James147and coulnt find anyinfo on how to actually use it17:26
dequireJames147: lol. same here. hence my asking =)17:27
dequireJames147: The default install puts nothing in /var/www and the ownCloud website is a bit "vague" on what all exactly goes there17:27
James147dequire: its vagure because not all distros use /var/www as the base for webpages17:28
dequireJames147: and there is no .sh script or anything to "initialize" the server - though I'm sure it's rather simple and I just didn't see it. Not to mention I'm no PHP expert.17:29
James147dequire: and as I said, once the website file are in palce the setup is done by connecting to the site and running through the setup sets there17:29
James147dequire: as with more web apps the setps are: install the sites files, configure apache/php with the features needed then connect to the site through a browser17:30
dequireJames147: Shouldn't there be a default .html file placed in the WWW folder after install, though?17:31
James147^^ though after doing that I manage to seemingly gothough the setup of the site without error but afterthat it didnt really do much ^^17:31
James147dequire: a index.php or index.html ^^ the first is more likly17:31
dequirehmmm. when I point Firefox to it, it opens the page as text opposed to running the php script17:33
James147dequire: that indicates that php or apache isnt configed correctly17:33
dequireOk I'll play around some more17:34
James147dequire: make sure the open_basedir line in your php.ini file inclues the /var/www directory (assuming that the base of where the files are ^^ if not then make sure it includes the base of where the files are)17:35
* James147 notes that he would like to know if you gett it working at all :) he is very intrested in getting it to work properly17:36
dequireJames147: Well not that's interesting. It appears I do not have that file.17:42
James147dequire: the package? or the source ?17:42
dequireJames147: I installed from the Natty package17:43
James147this one https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/natty/+source/owncloud/1.1+git20110209-0ubuntu1 ?17:44
dequireYes. Installed from the CL within Natty beta, so I assume that's the right link.17:46
annmahi, is there any people here building KDE trunk on KUbuntu?17:49
annmaI miss Java and have no idea what to install17:50
James147dequire: /usr/share/owncloud  looks like the path to the sites files17:50
dequireJames147: My assumption was that everthing goes there, but that the "Index.php" file needed placed into /var/www (which it wasn't by default). Still, I'm missing something :/17:51
James147dequire: no, looking at the package the entire site is in /usr/share/owncloud17:52
James147dequire: as one of the files is a apache config file for setting up an alias of "/owncloud" that leads to "/usr/share/owncloud/17:53
dequireok. I'll play some more and let you know.17:53
James147dequire: look at /etc/apache2/conf.d/...something.../owncloud.conf  (sorry, not on a ubuntu baised system so the paths are slightly different)17:54
dequireJames147: Will do, thank you17:58
dequireJames147: What's throwing me off are the debian instructions from ownClod's website: Install ownCloud17:59
dequire    copy ownCloud to apache server directory (/var/www in most cases)17:59
dequire    sudo cp -r owncloud /var/www17:59
dequire    make ownCloud directory accessable to apache17:59
dequire    cd /var/www17:59
FloodBotK1dequire: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:59
dequireJames147: As per here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/594899/18:00
James147dequire: they are suggestions, not strict rules... if you follow them then remove the package, if you use the package then you need to make adjustments to them ^^ though the package should handle most of them by its self18:00
James147dequire: ^^ for your informations it dosnt matter where on the system a web site is located, by convention debian places them in /var/www but they can actually be anywhere on the system, the package seems to have placed them in /usr/....18:01
dequireJames147: Okay good to know! Thanks for all the help :)18:02
dequirealways learining...18:02
James147dequire: not sure why they are there ^^ I sould have expected to find them in /var/www   ... but it dosent really matter18:02
James147dequire: what is important is the apache config files ^^ on debian they are in /etc/apache2/config.d   ^^ there should be one called owncloud.conf (possibally in a sub directory) that tell apache where to look when an alias is called18:03
James147^^ it should look something like this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/594900/18:05
draikHas anyone successfully installed Adobe Air on 64-bit Kubuntu? I get this error when trying to install the deb package: package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)18:06
James147draik: use the 64bit package if there is one18:07
draikJames147: It doesn't specify :(18:08
James147draik:  ^^18:09
draikInteresting. Thanks, James14718:09
littlegirlHey there, I use Kubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx. Whenever a browse window is opened by any program that lets me shop through the directories on my computer, it starts in the Home directory. Where can I change that setting so that it always starts in the Desktop directory?18:13
littlegirlIn KDE 3 you could define a default directory. Is that possible in KDE 4?18:16
dequireJames147: Ok I got it now :)18:18
dequireWas trrying to open the file via the Open File dialouge box in Firefox as opposed to pointing to (DOH!)18:18
littlegirlIn KDE 3 you could define a default directory. Is that possible in KDE 4?18:19
James147dequire: :) yeah, you need to go though the web server18:19
mrenlittlegirl: maybe in ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs ?18:19
dequireJames147: lol. I knew it was something insanely simple18:19
littlegirlmren: Thanks!18:20
James147dequire: just so you know why: the file manager will just open the file directly, not caring for its contents (this will work fine for html documents) however, php scripts need to be interperted by the php interperter and this is what the web server does ^^ it then send the result to the browser18:21
littlegirlmren: Perfect! (:18:21
dequireJames147: Makes all the sence in the world :)18:23
James147dequire: ooo, seems to be working better this time :)18:27
dequireJames147: Are there defaults for the passwords for the root user and the MySQL databases?18:29
James147dequire: umm, no, I thnk you have to type in the password for root when it is installed18:30
dequireJames147: Well, I left them blank and now the page will no longer load >.<18:31
James147dequire: that was not a good idea18:31
dequireJames147: haha. Obviously.18:31
annmahey people18:51
annmanobody with Kubuntu who builds KDE trunk?18:52
annmaI just switched to Kubuntu natty, love it18:52
annmabut I need to build KDE trunk/master and I am a bit lost about packages to install18:52
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dequireJames147: Well that isn't going so well. Reset the PW for root user in mysql, but can not get to the ownCloud settings page anymore19:52
James147dequire: then reset ownclouds configs19:59
James147^^ though I dont know how to do that :)20:00
dequireJames147: heh. Well, the obvious "uninstall - reinstall" failed. Hmmm. Back to hacking :)20:01
James147dequire: did you purge?20:01
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damianosI have an issue with virtualbox in ububtu/kubuntu all the time20:31
damianosfor last two years20:31
damianosI hope that you can help me20:31
damianosI can install virtualbox I can use it20:31
=== nitr0 is now known as NiTr0
damianosbut that if i change kernel no matter which one and I do ./vboxdrv setup I am not able to comile new modules anymore20:32
damianosI have been using linux since 2000/2001 so I can use google to resove each problem with linux but not this time20:33
damianosis any specific step which I need to use to resolve an issue with new modules for virtualbox for new kernel??20:34
damianos*is there any ....20:34
shadeslayerdamianos: this is natty?20:34
James147damianos: what error do you get?20:35
James147when you try to recompile the modules20:35
jordan_i cant get any music players to sycn my iphone20:38
SMG1hello, how can I watch quicktime apple trailers in Firefox-4 (linux)?20:46
damianosshadeslayer: yes is natty but accually I have that issue all the time starting from 9.0420:49
damianosJames147: error is connected with the linux headers20:49
damianosJames147: I always have info that modules cannot be builed because of ...and a lot of info that headers are not in the system infact they are20:50
James147damianos: do you have the linux headders installed for your kernel version?20:51
damianosYes I pretty sure that I have it20:51
damianosthat is why I am here, I always try to resolve my problems by myself20:51
damianosthis time I can not do it - I belve that there is some trick which I don't know20:52
damianosthis is mak make.log20:53
damianosfrom /var/log/dkms/virtualbox-ose/4.0.4/build20:53
James147damianos: can you check to see if the package linux-headers-2.6.XX-XX is installed (there XX-XX is the exact version of your kernel)20:54
damianosbut I noticed that if I use virtualbox-4.0 form virtualbox repository error is different20:54
damianosI use kernel 2.6.38-8-generic20:55
damianosand I have linux-headers-2.6.38-8-generic also20:55
James147damianos: what what is the command you use to execute the script?20:55
damianoscan it be that this "generic" will be different for kernel and for headers20:55
damianoscd /etc/init.d/20:56
damianosand then20:56
damianos./vboxdrv setup20:56
James147damianos: as root?20:56
damianosof course :)20:56
James147just making sure :)20:56
damianosI also notice that in debian unstable I had the same issue20:57
damianosI saw in inet that people reported similar issue with 4.0.420:57
damianoseven in lunchpad it's reported and then is reported as fixed20:57
damianosbut not fixed for me20:57
damianosis it possible to use kubuntu 10.04 lts with new kernel and kde 4.6.2?21:52
damianosnew kernel > 2.6.38?21:52
James147 damianosnot easly21:52
James147damianos: you will motly have to compile things your self21:52
LogicallyDashingI think you'd pretty much have to compile the lot from source21:52
James147LogicallyDashing: :)21:53
damianosok, not worth for me21:53
LogicallyDashingIt would make more sense to wait till the end of the month and get 11.04 which is also lts21:53
damianos11.04 will be lts ???21:53
LogicallyDashing...wait, will it?21:54
LogicallyDashingI forget21:54
damianosnow i have 11.04 and vbox is gone21:54
damianosI need to have stabe system + new kernel (because of nouveau) + kde 4.6.221:55
LogicallyDashingvirtualbox? I don't think that's a standard package...21:55
damianosvbox is in repository21:55
James147damianos: 10.10 is stable ^^21:58
James147damianos: at least as stable as your doing to get if you want 4.6 and a newer kernel :)21:58
damianosAcutally till today morning I had 10.1021:59
damianosI was stupid and on production machine I installed beta 11.0421:59
damianosmy wife is going to kill me :)21:59
James147damianos: you can always reintall 10.1021:59
damianosreally ???21:59
damianosyou mean reinstall from scratch?21:59
James147damianos: -- mostly -- from scratch22:00
James147damianos: but yes :)22:00
* James147 notes that if you dont formate the partition nwith /home on, the installer will not delete your user settings/data ^^ though its ebst to backup anything importany anyway22:01
sudiptajust installed kde 4.6 in ubuntu 10.10....but unable to connect to internet via a usb modem ....any help??22:37
sudiptajust installed kde 4.6 in ubuntu 10.10....but unable to connect to internet via a usb modem ....any help??22:40
sudiptajust installed kde 4.6 in ubuntu 10.10....but unable to connect to internet via a usb modem ....any help??22:42
jozefkwhich kde is coming with 11.04 beta ?22:43
jozefkbeta2 I mean22:43
James147jozefk: 4.6 I would beleave22:44
James147!wait | sudipta22:44
ubottusudipta: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org/ or http://www.kubuntuforums.net/ while you wait.22:44
jozefkcool. I think I'll try that one22:45
jozefkI didn't like unity22:45
jozefkhope kubunu with 4.6.2 works better than some other distros with same version of kde22:47
goodtimekde needs alot of ram22:48
jozefkI have 2GB DDR2 is that enough?22:49
goodtimenope get  4 gig22:49
goodtimeis it 168622:49
goodtimeI686 i meen22:49
goodtimeshould run ok as 138622:50
jozefkPIV 3.2GHz HT with intel graphic on MoBo22:50
* yofel has kubuntu running on his eeePC with 2G, so that's more than enough22:50
goodtimewell that should work just a little slow22:50
yofelKDE does like to have plenty of memory to work with though22:50
jozefkif 2GB is not enough I'll go for xubuntu22:50
yofeljozefk: should work fine, try it22:51
iZeke_mines 1.6 on a netbook, works well for me.22:51
yofeldo use the 32bit verision with 2GiB I would say, 64bit uses a bit more memory22:52
goodtimelinux is kinda funny if you have a motherboard it doesnt like it wont perform22:52
jozefkis there some way to disable some effects or anything in KDE so that eats less RAM>22:52
goodtimeyes compize config22:52
iZeke_yes, you can disable desktop effects completely22:53
yofelyou can configure and disable the effects in system settings -> desktop effects22:53
yofelgoodtime: we don't use compiz by default though22:53
James147jozefk: 2gigs should be plenty of ram and you shouldnt need to worry22:53
James147jozefk: ^^ i have been running a netbook with 2gigs of ram without issue, and without swap space22:54
jozefki'll try to disable. by the way, pulseaudio is there by default or not?22:54
James147and never has an issue22:54
yofeljozefk: pulseaudio is there22:54
iZeke_pulseaudio is yes22:54
jozefkok good22:54
* yofel has swap on his eeePC, but with swappiness 0 it's pretty much never used22:55
yofelI do have the effects disabled though, too slow on the intel 945GME22:55
James147yofel: I use to, but never ever saw it beeing used so I disabled it to see, and have never seen a problem22:55
jozefkhope it will work. if it will work can I continue using beta2 and get regular updates just like with final release?22:55
James147yofel: really? I have them enabled... though most the time I just have a konsole window open and a browser22:56
James147jozefk: yes22:56
James147jozefk: if you keep upgrading then you will effectivy be inline with the relased vesion when it is released22:56
yofelfor that they're ok, but most effects just feel sluggish here and give me a headache so I turned them off. Don't need them anyway22:56
yofelsaves battery too22:57
James147yofel: I keep them on for the persent windows ^^ find it far to useful to not have it :)22:57
yofelah, I never use that, not used to it. Handy though indeed22:57
James147yofel: though I should turn off the ones I dint use :) and my battery last about 6-10 hours so I dont really ahve much to worry about22:58
yofelheh, I've one of the earlier ones so 4h is pretty much what I get. 5 if I tweak the session a bit22:58
jozefkI think many people will switch to kde or xfce. coz of gnome3 and unity :)22:59
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James147yofel: :) yeah, i have up tweaking mine... since I tend to do some compiling on it any advantage i gain is usually lost :D22:59
James147gave up ^^22:59
James147jozefk: I doupt it... some will, as some switch from kde to gnome when kde 4 came out since they dont like change being forced on them...23:00
yofelI usually only spend a minute with powertop23:00
yofelmore isn't worth it indeed23:00
James147jozefk: though most people dont care as long as they can do what they want to do and will use whatever is there23:01
jozefkI switch to gnome by that time. but not because I was forced to use kde 4 but because kde 4 kept crashing so I was not able to use it23:01
yofelI used gnome for a while too, went back with kde 4.3, that was ok by then23:02
jozefkI never went back. I like gnome much more than KDE. frankly :023:02
yofelalthough you might still want to consider disabling nepomuk or at least strigi, uses too much resources here23:03
jozefknepomuk? what is that for?23:03
jozefkand how to disable strigi?23:03
James147I stayed with kde ^^ though i switch between kde 4 and 3 for a while... although I dont tend to mind running slightly unstable software ;)23:03
James147yofel: is there much point in disabling nepomuk.... its strigi that takes up the resources23:04
James147though its gotten better with 4.623:04
jozefkyeah strigi is overkill :)23:04
yofelwell, I do have nepomuk enabled here, though nepomukfilewatch does take a bit of disk I/O after login here which is slightly annoying.23:05
yofelwell, that's only for a couple of minutes, then it's silent23:05
jozefkbut kde is powerful23:05
jozefkif you compare it with xfce for example23:06
JuJuBeeNeed help with audio.  I hear the startup chimes but can't hear audio from youtube or amarok... what can I do?23:06
jozefkrigk click kmix > settings > Audio Setup . I believe23:07
JuJuBeeDont see that...  WHen I click speaker in sys tray I get mute, select master channel or show mixer window23:09
jozefkyes show mixer window23:09
jozefkthen settings..23:09
JuJuBeeok looking at mixer window23:09
JuJuBeenothing muted23:10
jozefksettings in menu and then audio setup23:10
JuJuBeeall volumes at full23:10
JuJuBeeconfigure channels? or configure kmix?23:10
jozefkno audio setup?23:11
JuJuBeeHow about system settings-> multimendia?23:11
jozefkmaybe configure kmix then23:11
jozefkyou can try there also. try both23:11
JuJuBeeWhat are you looking for?23:12
jozefkaudio setup23:12
JuJuBeewhat specifically?23:12
JuJuBeeoutput device preference?23:12
jozefkeverything there. try different settings and see what works23:13
JuJuBeeI have my SoundBlaster card as #1 output for all output types.  I test and hear the sound, but nothing when try Youtube or Pandora or Amarok...23:14
yofelyou don't have an 'internal audio' or something like that?23:15
JuJuBeeyofel: where?23:15
JuJuBeeI don't see one...23:15
JuJuBeeOh, onboard you mean23:15
jozefkyes you must to disable intel audio in BIOS and23:15
yofelin the phonon settings23:16
JuJuBeeI do, but it was not working a while back so I installed an old SB Live card.23:16
jozefkuse pulseaudio23:16
yofelah, 2nd card, hm...23:16
JuJuBeejozefk: where do I set to pulse?23:16
yofel*if* pulse is installed you might need to install pavucontrol and tell that to use the other card23:16
yofeland pulseaudio is what's called "Internal Audio Analog Stereo" here, but that's pretty much what my notebook has23:17
jozefki think in audio setup23:17
JuJuBeeagain with the audio setup.... dont see that anywhere...23:17
jozefkI have creative PCI soundblaster 5.1 that's why I know23:17
yofelJuJuBee: install 'pavucontrol' and check what's set there23:17
jozefkpavucontrol is gtk app23:18
yofeljozefk: you mean 'speaker setup' ?23:18
jozefkkmix can do it also23:18
yofeljozefk: kmix configures almost nothing of pulse here23:18
jozefkthen kubuntu is different23:18
jozefkmaybe it's ubuntu + kde23:19
yofelmaybe arch uses a different audio mixer23:19
yofelwe use whatever KDE ships as kmix23:19
yofelah wait, *now* I found what you called audio setup23:20
JuJuBeeOK installed pavucontrol.  SHows 2 outputs via8237 and my sb live23:20
yofelwhich are the phonon settings23:20
JuJuBeewhere do I find phonon settings?23:21
yofelsystemsettings -> multimedia -> phonon23:21
jozefkacoording to me you didn't really need pavucontrol23:21
JuJuBeeso all I have there is device preference and backend23:22
yofelwell, I suggested it out of habit, it seems kmix became a bit more useful by now, a while ago I only had one master channel control there23:22
JuJuBeeIm using 9.04 if that makes a diff23:22
jozefkOK I burned 11.04 beta2 kubuntu so I want to see how it works :)23:22
yofelJuJuBee: *really* 9.04?23:22
JuJuBeeyes, old computer23:22
JuJuBeeAMD Sempron 2400 or so23:23
yofelsorry, I have no idea how the controls look like in KDE 4.2 / 4.3 whater 9.04 has, but try what we suggested anyway23:24
James147JuJuBee: using an older version dosnt mean it runs better on an older computer ^^23:24
ChardotHi o/ Question: I just installed Kubuntu Maverick from a LiveCD, everything went just great, rebooted, and I can't log in to kdm, it doesn't seem to recognize my password. But if I open a tty, I can login without problems.. what could be wrong?23:24
JuJuBeeJames147: 10.x was super slow23:24
yofelaaand 9.04 isn't supported anymore (at least when it comes to security updates)23:24
JuJuBeeNot worth the delay....23:24
Chardot(btw, I had to install irssi to enter IRC, from where I'm connected now..)23:25
JuJuBeeyofel: what should I try?  I can't find phonon23:25
ChardotI already tried restarting kdm from the tty... but it's the same when trying to logging in..23:25
yofelJuJuBee: hm, that was the layout in 4.6, but it should still be in the multimedia settings, maybe those are only the phonon settings back there23:25
yofelChardot: can you check /var/log/Xorg.0.log for the xkb settings to make sure your keyboard layout is right?23:26
yofelI haven't heard of that issue though until now..23:27
Chardotyofel: sure, give me a sec23:27
=== mren is now known as mren|off
Chardotyofel: it's ok. currently using us alt-intl (which is correct for me)23:30
yofelI'm clueless there I fear, there's a /var/log/kdm.log too if it says anything23:31
Chardotyofel: hint: after clicking "log in", the screen does something weird, something like it has a problem with video drivers..  and then it throws me back to kdm login...23:32
ChardotIdk.. maybe it has something to do with that.23:33
yofelhm, then check /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old too and ~/.xsession-errors23:33
Chardotok, let me see..23:33
Chardotyofel: haha, it says something about errors, but Idk how to copy and paste text from a tty to paste it here :D23:36
yofeluse pastebinit23:36
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com23:36
jozefkit looks good. it was simple to disable desktop effects23:38
jozefkbut stingi I didn't find in settings how to disable. only nepomuk is there23:38
Chardotyofel: ---^23:40
jozefkit's strigi not stingi lol23:40
jozefkI found it. it's disabled by default23:41
Chardot(this thing comes with lynx or something?)23:41
jozefkwhat is the application manager in kubuntu? synaptic? apt-get? or something different?23:43
Chardotyofel: I could try creating a new user (but I don't remember how to do that..)23:43
Chardothowever, it would be the ugliest solution. I prefer to reinstall the whole system.23:44
yofeljozefk: kpackagekit by default, if you need something more advanced install muon23:44
jozefkhow about cli?23:44
jozefknot available?23:45
jozefkonly gui app manager?23:45
yofelsure, apt-get23:45
Chardot(it would be great to know how to install the propietary video drivers from a tty :|23:45
jozefkok that's fine :)23:45
Chardotok, guys.. I'm going to re-install it. Thanks for your help, yofel!23:48
yofelmeh, he's gone...23:48
jozefkwhat's the command to run kate as root from terminal?23:50
James147jozefk: kdesudo kate [path/to/file]23:50
James147(the path is optional)23:51
jozefkthanks. it works23:51
jozefkfonts in terminal looks a little bit ugly23:53
jozefkdtrange resolution23:53
jozefkanyway at least it workd23:55

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