pooliekirkland: did you get an oops?00:26
poolieare you using lpnet or edge?00:26
pooliehi btw00:26
kirklandpoolie: howdy00:28
kirklandpoolie: lp.net00:28
kirklandpoolie: i did get an oops, i lost the page already00:28
kirklandpoolie: sorry00:28
pooliegenerally speaking filing a bug or pasting the oops here is good if it's hurting you00:28
poolieotherwise, all the oopses are collected and eventually looked into00:29
kirklandpoolie: cool, thanks a lot00:29
kirklandpoolie: i'll do that next time00:29
ajmitchis there a way I can search across all LP bugs via the API?00:44
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jcsackettajmitch: you can search across all bugtasks for a project by using searchTasks on the project in question.01:05
ajmitchjcsackett: right, I'd seen that, but was wanting to search across all projects as the form on bugs.launchpad.net does01:11
jcsackettajmitch: ah. i don't off the top of my head know of any way to do that.01:12
Pengergh, sorry01:14
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ub3rst4rhi, for some reason when i try to push to a new branch i get this: bzr: ERROR: At lp:lilregdefrag/1.0 you have a valid .bzr control directory, but not a branch or repository. This is an unsupported configuration. Please move the target directory out of the way and try again. Any Ideas?05:35
wgrantub3rst4r: It sounds like you terminated the first push.05:46
wgrantub3rst4r: Perhaps delete the branch and try again.05:47
ub3rst4rwhat branch? mine or launchpads?05:49
wgrantThe one on Launchpad.05:49
ub3rst4rok will do thx05:49
ub3rst4rnow it says different rich-root support05:52
wgrantSo, it sounds like your local branch is in the 2a format (default in bzr 2.0 and later), while lp:lilregdefrag is still the old 0.92 format. You should upgrade lp:lilregdefrag to 2a (there should be a link on https://code.launchpad.net/~lrc-team/lilregdefrag/main)05:53
ub3rst4rk i got it05:54
ub3rst4rthanks :)05:56
eagles0513875hey guys07:28
eagles0513875for some reason im not finding the report bug on launchpad07:28
eagles0513875has it been moved or is it missing?07:28
tsimpsoneagles0513875: where are you looking?07:33
eagles0513875home page07:34
tsimpsonwell, you need a project to report a bug against07:34
eagles0513875ahh ok07:35
eagles0513875let me take a look here07:35
eagles0513875ok tsimpson im looking here https://launchpad.net/ubuntu07:35
eagles0513875when i click on report a bug07:35
eagles0513875it takes me to the wiki O_007:35
tsimpsonit's supposed to07:36
tsimpsonthe ubuntu project wants you to use apport, so they default to redirecting you to instructions for that07:36
eagles0513875ahh ok07:37
eagles0513875tsimpson: does this apply to kubuntu as well07:38
tsimpsonkubuntu is part of ubuntu, same project07:38
tsimpsonthere are instructions on the wiki page describing how to manually report a bug though07:39
daeavelwyn1hi here09:56
daeavelwyn1i'm using firefox to post bug report for ubuntu natty09:56
daeavelwyn1and I just want to say I'm a bit fade up with a recurrent problem09:57
daeavelwyn1Every time I try to post a bug report09:57
daeavelwyn1I have the No REFERER Header09:57
daeavelwyn1i've already set my browser to accept this09:57
daeavelwyn1but it doesn't work09:57
daeavelwyn1why the hell is there this f... refered header ?09:58
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pat79hi, how do request a renaming of a project?13:05
pat79other question how do I request project deletion?13:09
wgrantpat79: In both cases you should ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion13:14
pat79wgrant: thanks!13:48
avarHi, I've just created a new project and can't find out from the UI how to upload a POT file so translators can start translating things.17:45
avarI'm sure I'm an idiot and missing something obvious.17:45
avarah, there it is17:45
avarI am an idiot.17:45
* avar created https://translations.launchpad.net/git-i18n17:56
avarstill pending review of the POT file upload17:56
sebrockwill someone help me package netatalk 2.2?19:03
TheEvilPhoenixsebrock:  uh... why?19:14
TheEvilPhoenixsebrock:  why not just build from source?19:15
TheEvilPhoenixsebrock:  i say that because it comes with its own ./configure scripts :/19:22
maxbsebrock: Asking for help to package a specific package is seldom fruitful. This is because to offer effective help, someone must first go and study the project named in detail. Effectively they must nearly go and package it themselves.20:56
maxbInstead, you should aim to attempt to package the software yourself, and ask specific questions about any elements you are unsure of.20:57
maxbthis enables people to offer you help much more easily20:57
sebrockok guys, been afk for some time22:04
sebrockI will check it out tomorrow22:04
thomiHi - I'm getting errors when LP tries to upload my recipe-built src package because the file already exists with the same version.23:12
thomiI'm trying to tweak the package dependencies, nothing more. Is there a way around this?23:12
thomiThe help on lp (https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/UploadErrors) doesn't help much since I'm using a recipe rather than a manual build.23:15
maxbthomi: Version numbers must change if packages change in any way.23:21
thomimaxb: so I have to touch trunk in some way to force a new version?23:22
maxbNot necessarily23:22
thomi..or I guess I could delete the old package from the PPA and then re-generate it? (no one's using it yet)23:22
maxbYou still can't reassign versions to different content, even if you delete the old ones23:22
maxbThe PPA still tracks history to that extent23:23
thomioh ok23:23
maxbYou do need to use a different version number - you don't need to touch trunk to achieve that23:23
maxbIf a recipe involves multiple branches, it may be appropriate to include the revno of each branch in the overall PPA version string23:23
thomiahhh, ok23:24
maxbOr, you can tweak the recipe definition to change the version as required23:24
maxbOr, as a bit of a blunt solution, you can use the {date} and {time} substitutions in the version definition23:24
thomiso, is there a way in the recipe definition to include the version of the 'debian/' nested branch?23:25
thomiseems to me like the trunk revno + debian revno should give a unique version number...23:25
thomiahhh, cool - thanks23:29
thomiis it a bug that the recipe contents is wrapped at a very narrow width when viewing it, but not when editing it? e.g. here: https://code.launchpad.net/~sloecode/+recipe/sloecode-daily23:31
maxbHmm, that wrapping seems  a bit unnecessary23:40

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