aranddelac: Ah, true, oops, saw tha you'd already mentioned that...00:00
nOStahlim on intel drivers as well00:01
aranddelac: I don't know I'm afraid, it may be specific to drivers, if not, creating a new user and testing there would make sure it has naught to do with settings00:02
BajK*putting notebook to standby, let's see if it wakes up again*00:02
bastayahijo1how do I verify I have beta2 and not beta100:02
charlie-tca!final | bastayahijo100:03
ubottubastayahijo1: If you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Natty Narwhal and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Natty. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.00:03
BajKnope, all i get is a black screen -.-00:03
delacarand: well, it does work correctly on classic. maybe I should try another user.00:03
bastayahijo1ubottu: it's up to date, so I guess I have it00:03
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:03
arandWhy is ubottu suggesting a dist-upgrade? >_<00:04
bastayahijo1arand: from 10.10 to 11.04 right00:04
BajKand kernel panic xD00:04
yofelarand: you do realise you need dist-upgrade to get the deps right?00:05
yofelblame the devs for the naming :S00:05
charlie-tcaIf you don't use dist-upgrade, you wind up not upgrading the kernel00:05
yofelaptitude FTW! :P00:05
delacarand: nope, doesn't work there either00:06
charlie-tcadist-upgrade in ubuntu only installs updates, it will not upgrade to the next release00:06
arandHmm, I thought dist-upgrde only did allow additional removals as it's "thing"00:06
BajK*hoping that suspend to disk works*00:07
arandcharlie-tca: Well if you edit sources.list it will, though the only time you'd want to do that is pre-alpha when it hasn't been enable d yet...00:07
BajKlol, the power lamp on the notebook is blinking yellow (i.e. standby) but the screen still shows a blinking cursor :D00:08
charlie-tcaI have never had to edit sources.list to get all the updates installed.00:09
arandcharlie-tca: To go from release to release it is needed if do-release-upgrade isn't enabled.00:10
BajKok, suspend to disk doesnt work either -.-00:10
BajKso I have to disable all this00:10
BajKmaaan is it really so hard implementing standardized acpi features?00:11
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arandcharlie-tca: There's usually a period where there is no liveCDs nor d-r-u is enabled, if you want +1 at that point, that's the only way to go ;)00:11
charlie-tcaAnd that has nothing to do with doing your udates to keep the system current.00:12
yofelarand: the problem is that 'upgrade' does not add/remove and packages to resolve dependencies, unlike aptitude safe-upgrade. So you need to regularily use dist-upgrade to get all updates with apt-get00:13
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arandI had the impression that those cases were'nt actually very common, past beta or so, I guess I'm mistaken... safe-upgrade acts the same way right?00:14
yofelI think safe-upgrade will add packages but refuse to remove any, which is enough to get kernel updates in. apt-get upgrade won't install any added packages00:16
arandHeh, I didn't think it was that long ago I used apt-get, guess it must be :/00:17
KM0201well, my computer didn't melt00:18
KM0201i'm not to fond of Quassel just yet.. but that's easily remedied00:19
yofelthe only thing quassel is missing is DCC support, which I almost never use. But it's the only GUI client I know that can mimick irssi+screen+ssh behaviour00:20
KM0201i don't particularly like it... but like i said, easily remedied.00:20
KM0201how do i add widgets to the panel... everytime i try, it never adds.00:21
yofelKM0201: Klick on that "cashew" in the panel -> add widgets00:21
KM0201hmm, isn't working for some reason.00:22
KM0201(i tried that).... i add it, but it doesn't show up.00:22
yofelo.O works here00:23
KM0201ok, once i choose the widget to add, what do i do, just double click it, or drag/drop, or what?00:23
yofelboth should work00:23
KM0201ok, i think i got adding widgets down00:26
KM0201now, how can i put them where i want them... as opposed to them just getting put somewhere.00:26
yofelclick on add widgets, then you can select them in the panel and move them around while the menu is open00:27
yofelah no, just click on the cashew00:27
yofelnot on add widgets00:27
KM0201what i'm finding, is i don't like the default panel, so I'm setting up my own (or attempting to..lol)00:27
yofelI doubt anyone is using the default panel..00:28
KM0201hmm, the panel is a little weird to work w/(the spacing, etc..) but i think i can get the hang of it.00:29
KM0201man this panel is frustrating.00:32
KM0201shouldn't be this difficult00:32
KM0201everytime i set something, it moves all the way back to the left.00:33
ceed^Does anyone know if there's going be more configuration options for Unity?00:35
yofelKM0201: my current desktop http://yofel.dyndns.org/pics/ext/plasma1.png00:35
delachmm, it seems they forgot to provide new 32px icons for workspace switcher and trash, so if you resize the launcher to 32px, it will revert back to the old icons. however this wont happend straight away after the resize. the new icons will resiz to 32px as they are svg, but when the launcher decises to check the icons for some reason, it will revert to more appropriately sized icons (the old ones) which might confuse the hell out of 00:37
KM0201yofel: looks pretty good.00:38
delacalso, it seems that the launcher icons are not referenced from the user selectable icon set, but are (maybe) hard linked from unity, so you wont be able to change unitys icon set from appearances...00:38
KM0201yofel: no offense, but this sucks.00:38
yofel:S what's now?00:39
KM0201organizing the panel is an exercise in frustration00:39
KM0201everytime i move something onto the panel, it just moves all the way to the left.00:39
KM0201rather than where i want it.00:39
yofelwhen you move it between 2 other widgets on the panel they should make space by themselves00:40
KM0201hmm, lemme try again.00:40
KM0201it seems everything moves to the left, no matter what i do.00:40
yofelhm, here the panel becomes highlighted at the place the widget will be placed when I move it00:41
KM0201yofel: i add the icons i want.. then i click the cashew to move them.00:42
KM0201and then drag them where i want them.00:42
KM0201then it just moves them back00:42
KM0201yofel_: i add the icons i want.. then i click the cashew to move them.00:43
KM0201then i drop them where i want them, then it just moves them back.00:43
yofel_geh, can you repeat that? got disconnected00:44
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
KM0201i add the widget that i want.. and it moves it all the way to the left00:45
KM0201i click the cashew, i get the little "4 arrows" i move the widget where i want it, and drop it.00:45
KM0201then it gets moved back to the left.00:45
yofeldo the other widgets move when you drag it?00:45
yofelwhile you drag it00:45
KM0201um, hold on00:45
yofelthey should, as the panel shows the new widget location in real time00:46
KM0201right.. they move in place wherever i have the one i'm actually moving00:46
KM0201but when i drop the one i'm moving, it immediately moves back to the "left"..00:46
* yofel boots the live disk in a VM00:47
KM0201sorry, dog went nanners so i went to see what she was barking at00:48
dougalbquick question about gnome keyring: i am unable to select unlock this keyring automatically when i log in. is this a known issue/easy fix?00:48
yofelKM0201: can't reproduce this here, when I add a widget by double click it adds it to the default panel at the right, when I click on the cashew I can move it and place it where I want and it stays there00:50
KM0201and your'e on the live cd, right?00:50
yofelyes, no compositing though in KVM, but plasma shouldn't care about that00:51
KM0201sorry about that00:52
KM0201i don't understand this.00:52
KM0201hold on yofel, i'll show you00:53
yofelKM0201: just to make sure: you're clicking on the cashew on the panel? not the one in the top right corner of the screen?00:58
KM0201pretty sure00:58
delacKM0201: have you tried the spacers?00:59
KM0201i think i just found the problem00:59
KM0201yes, i tried the spacers00:59
delacKM0201: didnt work?01:00
KM0201well, maybe not01:00
KM0201hold on01:00
KM0201no, it dind't work01:00
delacKM0201: can't resize the spacer?01:00
KM0201delac: i tried, if i wanted to move something all the way to the right, i had to make the spacer the entire size of the panel01:00
MK``What are the system requirements for Natty/compared to Maverick01:00
delacKM0201: well, that is one way01:01
KM0201then i couldn't add anything else to the panel.. if i resized the spacer, to be "small" to the right.. it moved the icon back to the left.01:01
delacKM0201: use more spacers :)01:01
KM0201you can't01:01
delacKM0201: ?01:02
delacKM0201: just add them from the Add Spacers01:02
KM0201i like the interface, but this is ridiculous01:06
delacKM0201: you got more spacers?01:06
KM0201delac: you're not getting what i'm saying01:06
KM0201i've used spacers01:07
KM0201when i make the spacer big enough to move the icons to the right (or whrever i want them) i can't add anymore icons to the pane.01:07
KM0201so i make the spacer smaller, and it moves the icons back tot he left01:07
delacKM0201: can you get more than one spacer?01:07
* KM0201 sighs.01:07
delacKM0201: if you want to align widget to middle, put spacer on both sides01:08
delacKM0201: then you can also have widgets on left and right side01:09
KM0201delac: no offense, you're just repeating yourself, and you're not hearing what i'm saying01:09
* yofel only has one panel where the task manager acts as a spacer and the widets are left and right of that01:09
delacKM0201: yes01:09
yofelwhich is how the default panel behaves too01:10
KM0201how do you install recordmydesktop on kubuntu?01:10
yofelsystem settings -> software management01:11
yofelor alt+f2 kpackagekit01:11
Olsonhello, please. I upgraded to 11.04 earlier and now I log in to old account and just get my old wallpaper with no desktop icons or toolbars, alt + f2 or nothing works, so I create new account to use this which is fine. I feel it might be settings or theme related so can I maybe remove or rename folder like ~/.gnome or so to get back original theme? Is there someway to reset defaults but keep my home directories and such intact, and ho01:11
Olsonw to do?01:11
KM0201ok, hold on01:11
yofelrecordmydesktop only segfaults here for some reason though...01:12
KM0201lol, go figure01:13
delacOlson: if you changed your compiz settings beforehand, then you might one to trash ~/.compiz to try to solve the problem. But do make backup from it before.01:13
KM0201if i can't make this work, i'll freaking install just to make my point..lol01:14
Olsondelac, I wasn't using compiz previously, however I will try what you say thank you01:14
delacKM0201: make your panel like this:      WIDGET| spacer| WIDGET| spacer| WIDGET         and then try to resize either of the spacers01:15
KM0201ok, hang ona sec..01:15
delacOlson: if you didnt use compiz before, I dont think you have ~/.compiz at all01:16
Olsondelac, indeed, .compiz doesn't exist in old home directory. I'm happy to lose all settings, just really dont want hassle to transfer everything over to new account, can we do this?01:18
KM0201boy no offense01:18
KM0201but i have no iea how you guys use that01:18
KM0201i can't believe people claim thats faster than Gnome/Unity.01:18
KM0201my lapto locked up so i said screw it, i'm now happily back on Unity now..lol01:19
KM0201i like the interface, but organizing a panel, should not be that difficult.01:19
KM0201yofel, and also, i did your spacer, widget, spacer, widget.. before you suggested it, and it did the same thing.. when i tried to resize the spacer, it just moved everything to the left.01:19
delacKM0201: well yes, the spacers are pretty idiotic01:20
KM0201.. the spacers were my whole problem01:20
KM0201if they would work, i could ahve put stuff where i wanted it.01:20
KM0201as it stood, everything kept getting moved to the left, with or w/o the spacers01:20
Olsondelac, what happens if I remove .gnome or so? it will be recreated when I try to log in again? I really just want old log in back, happy to configure tool bars or so again01:21
yofeland I don't have any of the issues you are describing...01:21
KM0201yofel, i think KDE was just revolting against me because of all the bad things i've said about it over the years..lol01:21
KM0201if i could ahve gotten record my desktop to work, i'd ahve showed you.01:22
yofelI filed bug 762336 about my crash, let's hope apport doesn't need 2 weeks to retrace that... *sigh*01:22
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 762336 could not be found01:22
delacOlson: yes, it will be recreated, but you will lose settings for many programs. Might also lose your keyrings. I strongly suggest taking backup from it before. Or just rename it to something else. That works too.01:23
OlsonI will do that, thank you delac. Are there any other folders I should know of to rename before attempting log in to reset gnome defaults01:24
Olsoneverything can be recovered really, settings or otherwise, I just want to log in01:24
OlsonAlso.. sorry to be pain, before I go and do this, I can run 11.04 without compiz right?01:25
yofelsure either use ubuntu classic (gnome2) or install unity-2d01:26
delacOlson: on log on screen, select Ubuntu Classic NoEffects01:26
Olsonohh right, from log in.. perhaps I'll try that before removing things01:26
delacOlson: might be good idea01:27
OlsonI didnt know about this.01:27
delacOlson: do you even have 3d capable graphics card?01:27
Olsonyes.. nvidia GTX series01:27
OlsonI 3d artist :)01:27
delacOlson: well, then it might be some configuration mismatch01:27
OlsonI figure because I had MaxOsX theme or so, something happened, it was quite custom set up before01:28
Olsonsurprisingly, it worked first time, then I opened firefox and everything went weird, then reboot, nothing shows on desktop.. I panic a little01:28
delacOlson: there are some more settings in .config .local and .gconf01:29
delacOlson: so it has worked?01:29
OlsonI dont know yet.. this is my only machine, i gather information then try.. I will go now01:30
delacKM0201: by the way, the spacers have right click property to expand themselves. that might have been usefull for you :)01:33
KM0201delac, i know that01:33
KM0201i tried that.01:33
KM0201it was the same problem.01:33
delacKM0201: yes, it is pretty complicated. I admit that. But at least it is possible to make the panel any way you like.01:34
KM0201yeah, thats the one thing i don't particularly like about Unity.01:34
KM0201maybe that will get resolved01:34
KM0201but i tell you what, I'll use Windows before I use KDE again.. that was ridiculous01:35
delacKM0201: can windows panels be customized?01:35
KM0201no, but at least it doesnt claim it can be..lol01:35
Olsonhi.. i was here before? I dig old laptop out with 8.10 on it :)01:36
KM0201Olson, lol, time to upgrae01:36
Olsonthis laptop wont take the strain :)01:37
KM0201ah, sure it will.01:37
Olsonanyway is so I can be IRC.. problem is with main box01:37
KM0201probably won't take KDE (consider that a blessing) or Gnome/Unity.. .but you could probably get Lubuntu running on it.. whats the specs?01:37
Olsoni try Classic settings, no effect but still blank screen01:37
Olsonnot care about laptop.. main computer i;d really like help with01:38
Olsonand yes I'm not big fan of KDE :)01:38
Olsonit running XFCE01:38
KM0201i forgot your problem to be honest, i was busy fussing w/ KDE while you were talking... was it something upgrading, and now you can't log in or something?01:39
delacOlson: well, then. Time to rename the .compiz, .gnome-2, .local, .config and .gconf01:39
OlsonI log in, and just get old desktop wallpaper, no icons, no toolbars, nothing01:39
OlsonI will do that now01:39
OlsonI forget terminal command to rename01:40
delacOlson: put something like _old after their names01:40
delacOlson: i think you need to use move or something...01:41
Olsonarf I suppose I chmod 777 old home from new account to make easier01:41
Olsoni do that01:41
delacOlson: i suggest you dont chmod01:42
delacOlson: you might chmod something you dont want01:42
delacOlson: but use sudo from the other account01:42
Olsonother account doesn't have sudo access01:43
delacOlson: sudo nautilus01:43
Olsoni did this on purpose..01:43
delacgive it sudo01:43
Olsoni'm sorry to be noobish, I dont know how to do that easily from terninal01:44
Olsonaddgrp +sudo or something01:44
delacnot sure myself either...01:44
Olsonim on verge of being a pain so.. if it's not the end of the world to just 777 the account and fix later I go that01:44
yofeladduser <newuser> admin01:45
yofelthen log out01:45
MK``What are the system requirements for Natty/compared to Maverick?01:45
yofel*as* root01:45
yofelMK``: should be pretty much the same, except that unity requires compiz running01:45
KM0201whats that gnome tetris game?.. not bastard tetris, the "normal" tetris game01:45
Olsonsudo adduser fix admin      user fix does not exist01:46
KM0201MK``, isn't that KDE?01:46
MK``nope, it's gnome01:46
MK``background is a giant foot X)01:46
OlsonI 777 the account.. it be fine I fix later01:47
KM0201MK``, yeah, i think thats it, hang on01:47
delacOlson: this fix is going to make so much changes to your account, that it might be easier to just trash the whole thing and start a new one01:48
Olsondelac, yeah..I was kind of resigned to that fact earlier.. i just wanted to try, and thank you for taking time to attempt a help01:49
OlsonI can move configuration directories over to new account for programs I use and stuff, sure, it's just "work" and i have enough of that :)01:51
delacOlson: yes, it's about which approach is easier. you are going to lose much of your settings this way, so it might be good idea to start from clean slate anyway. at least there wouldn't be any possible conflicting settings hiding then01:51
delacOlson: yes, for Blender and such. But I dont recommend that for any desktop settings.01:52
Olsondelac, indeed you're right, not worry about blender, build from source that everyday, i'm kinda 'involved' in that project01:53
Olsoneverything is different! gnome 301:53
Olsonshow hidden files and folders.. where that go?01:54
delacIn nautilus? Should be there.01:54
Olsonno menu bar01:55
delacOlson: menu bar is in top panel01:55
delacOlson: yes, not everyone likes that01:55
Olsonlike OSX01:55
Olsonmm i try it01:56
OlsonI has some action01:58
OlsonI renamed what you said and now can get in.. I see how we go with that01:59
Olsondesktop icons are massive02:01
delacOlson: you mean the ones in Dash? yes they are and unfortunately unresizable02:02
Olsondesktop ones02:02
delacOlson: oh, they shouldn't be larger than normal02:02
Olsonmm.. i had them small somehow last time02:03
Olsonanyway.. lots of errors.. this and that closing unexpedetly,. i think new account must be way forward02:03
* KM0201 <3's Quadrapassel02:04
delacOlson: in that case it might be02:04
Olsonof course you were right though I wanted to see :) hope that's ok02:04
Olsonyah.. millions of closing unexpetedly :P02:04
KM0201the ops lurk among us.02:07
KM0201!isitoutyet > KM020102:10
ubottuKM0201, please see my private message02:10
KM0201the next time i say i want to try KDE, i want someone here to promise to send me a virus that melts my computer02:11
Olsoncan I ask if you're getting on with new gnome3 thing, or rather using the classic version02:11
delacKM0201: maybe next time dont touch the panel :)02:11
arandOlson: natty uses unity/gnome2, not gnome302:12
KM0201i still feel like i need an alcoholic drink an hour after i stopped using it..lol02:12
KM0201delac, well, that removes any advantage it would have had over a normal Ubuntu..02:12
Olsonarand, ohhh02:12
Olsonso is this unity a good thing?02:12
KM0201the *ONLY* thing i dislike about Unity, is that I can't customize the icons on my top panel... and really it's only missing 2 that I really want... Force Quit, and System Monitor.02:12
KM0201Olson, ask that question to 10 people, and you'll get 12 different answers02:13
delacKM0201: it does have many more odd customization possibilities02:13
Olsonsure.. i just wondered what you 4 or 5 thought02:13
KM0201Olson, personally, i like it... but I don't think its as good as it could be... yet.02:13
KM0201i look for Unity to really be good around 11.10, or 12.0402:13
KM0201it's a little laggy at times02:14
KM0201not horrible, and not that frequent, but you'll see it on occasion02:14
Olsonso.. maybe I keep it "classic" and live like before02:14
KM0201Olson, thats certainly an option...02:14
Olsonwell,. i need to reconfigure whole experience now anyway.. so,,,02:14
yofelunity is usable IMHO, but the almost complete lack of any settings for unity doesn't really make me want to use it. As I'm not too happy with the default02:14
KM0201Olson, i'm a full blown Gnome whore... so i can totally appreciate wanting to stay w/ Classic... but give unity a try(a real chance, not use 10min, and say no way and let it go)... you might find yourself warming up to it.02:15
Olsoni dont like change :P02:15
KM0201me either02:15
KM0201like i said.. it's been a 4 day process me getting used to Unity, but it's growing on me.. the first time I tried it I said.. No way, and went to Classic... then i decided to give it a chance for at least a day, and like i said, its slowly growing on me.02:16
Olsoni made it work for me before.. just got excited about new ubuntu :) it;s never been easy upgrading02:16
Olsonoky. i will try it then02:16
Olsonthough.. one thing... I dont want compiz02:16
KM0201i'm not a fan of compiz either.02:17
KM0201compiz does make some of the settings for Unity a little easier to set up though.02:17
KM0201oh oh oh.. i finally found i have a question02:17
Olsonsame as I wont use pulseaudio, I do not want compiz02:17
KM0201in the applications button.. how can i change the Icons for an application.02:17
Olsonso perhaps unity is not for me02:17
KM0201pulseaudio isn't bad... that's another example of Ubuntu releasing something that was crap, knowing it was crap, with the intent of fixing it as time went along.02:18
KM0201by 10.04.. Pulse was pretty good... and it's still great in 11.0402:18
Olsonwell i dont want it or need it, i want my ALSA, and I have various reasons for it02:19
rwwand it still doesn't do anything I want to do that ALSA doesn't02:19
KM0201rww, i didn't really get that... maybe i'm still in a KDE haze02:19
KM0201you're saying Pulse audio doesn't really do anything Alsa doesn't... right?02:19
rwwKM0201: Pulseaudio does things that ALSA doesn't do. I don't care because I don't use any of those things.02:20
Olsonno he says pulse doesnt do anything he NEEDS that alsa doesn't02:20
KM0201rww, oh ok.. that makes sense.02:20
* KM0201 goes back to sucking his thumb in the corner while trying to get over the nightmare that is KDE02:20
rwwI like KDE more than you don't like KDE.02:21
KM0201lol.. rww, i don't think thats possible02:21
Olsonso hang on.. I confused now.. perhaps beer or the late hour, but..02:21
rwwI think it is <302:21
Olsonarf nvm02:21
Olsoni want try unity without compiz.. is ok?02:22
Olsonno effect nothing02:22
KM0201for some reason i'm reminded of that quote from ghostbusters, Ray Stantz: "What he means, sir, is Old Testament situations. Real Wrath-of-God-type stuff! Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies... Rivers and seas boiling..."02:22
KM0201Egon Spengler: "Forty years of darkness, earthquakes, volcanoes..."02:22
KM0201Winston Zeddemore: "The dead rising from the grave!"Peter Venkman: "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!"02:22
Olsonwasted processing power I need for rendering02:23
rwwOlson: Unity is (at least partially) a Compiz plugin, so no. Look into Unity 2D, which is a different, somewhat similar thing.02:23
KM0201thats how i felt using KDE02:23
KM0201i didn't know Unity had a 2D version...02:23
Olsonrww, oky I think i'll just use classic though, thank you02:23
pelmenHello, just installed Gnome3, gnome-shell on 11.04, and it keeps crashing on me on startup. Sysmes says gnome-shell segfault at c ip bla bla address error 4 in libGl.. anyone familiart ?02:25
KM0201pelmen, oh man, good luck... Gnome 3 pushed me to reinstall... it was awful02:25
KM0201kept locking up, etc.02:25
rwwKM0201: it uses Qt, so you're probably allergic to it.02:25
KM0201rww, lol, good possibility.. i did feel hives coming up on my back02:26
rwwand yes, the GNOME3 PPA for natty isn't very stable I hear02:26
KM0201rww, yeah, it was a mess fo rme.. it lasted all of about 15min, i tried to get in Gnome-Classic... no joy.. ended up just reinstalling02:26
Olsonarrgh,,, where is make desktop icons smaller02:29
delacOlson: they do have some resize thing on the right click menu02:30
KM0201Olson, make smaller?02:30
delacOlson: althoug I wonder if that is what you need...02:30
Olsonbefore I had nice small desktop icons.. i did it somehow02:31
KM0201not sure thats an option w/ desktop icons.. you just resize them.02:31
Olsonnow they're just massive and silly looking02:31
KM0201Olson, http://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/how-to-resize-desktop-icons-in-ubuntu-linux/02:32
KM0201looks like you want #202:32
* KM0201 uses his Google foo to karate chop Ubuntu02:32
delacI was just going to suggest that :(02:33
KM0201i knew it was in nautilus, just wasn't exactly sure where02:33
delacyou ubuntufu is faster than mine02:33
KM0201years of practice delac-son..... now Paint the fence02:34
Olsonahh yes of course it's a nautilus thing02:34
Olsonthanks KM020102:34
KM0201Olson, np02:34
KM0201i just realized you can add icons to the sidebar02:38
rwwnatty is very user-friendly.02:39
delacKM0201: you really haven't been using it much, have you?02:39
KM0201well, i think Ubuntu is in general to be truthful.02:39
KM0201delac, i told you i just started using it a couple days ago.02:40
delacas we all02:40
KM0201(unity that is).. i was using Gnome Classic.. which.. well, was Gnome.. so i had it all pretty well figured ot.02:40
Olsonit will take me many days to recover from the upgrade02:40
delacOlson: upgrades tend to be like that02:41
delacalthough they really shouldnt02:41
* KM0201 hates upgrading...02:41
KM0201I always clean install.02:41
delacwell that really isn't less work...02:42
KM0201i think so.02:42
KM0201a lot less actually02:42
KM0201and way faster02:42
KM0201i took a text file, and any change i make to a program, etc.. i log it in that text file, under the proram name.02:42
delacKM0201: how do you migrate all the settings?02:42
HTCPXIm installing natty and currently on the screen that asks if you want to download updates while installing. do you guys recommend ticking or not?02:43
delacby hand?02:43
KM0201i nuke the /   reinstall, update, immediately uninstall all software i don't like, install software i like, then roll throught hat text file and set my settings up.02:43
delacHTCPX: yes02:43
KM0201usually.. to go from nuking an install, to reinstalling, and having everything back how i want it, takes me about 75min... not long at all.02:43
HTCPXdelay thanks02:43
HTCPXdelac thanks02:44
KM0201the one time i upgraded, it took way longer than that.. so i never upgraded again02:44
KM0201not to mention the inherent problems i ran into.02:44
delacKM0201: well, I have so many settings and installed packages that it would taka couple of days to make all changes again02:45
HTCPXhas the problem with desktop resolutions been fixed in this version? the one where resolutions under 1920x1080 (16:9) only show 16:10th resolutions?02:45
KM0201delac, oh, probably not... you've just convinced yourself it would... you could also simply just put /home on a separate partition, which should backup all your settings.02:45
delacKM0201: and I can't even remember all the configurations I have. I do have most important ones in text file, but there are tons of little things02:46
KM0201delac, thats the thing, i record every single setting.02:46
KM0201even the little things02:46
KM0201i can burn through them in about 15-20min, start to finish.02:47
delacand using separate home is pretty much same as doing upgrade. in both cases there are going to be conflicting settings02:47
KM0201true.. i don't keep a separate home either02:47
iszakIs it just me or is desktop effects (wobbly windows, compiz in general) a bit more sluggish in 11.04 on gnome?02:48
BUGabundonity nite tin men02:48
KM0201later BUGabundo02:48
delacah, I think I should be going too02:49
Olsonthanks for your help delac02:49
delacOlson: np, nice to be of any help02:49
* KM0201 has to get his body clock righted again... I'm gonna stay up till 6am(its 10pm now), sleep 4hrs, then stay up all day tomorrow, till at least midnight.02:50
mahfrkhi folks, in unity, i want to chnage the order of the icons in launcher. that is i want the s/w center icon before libreoffice icon02:52
KM0201mahfrk, drag the icon to the desktop(but don't drop it) then drag it back onto the sidebar, and put it where you want it.02:53
mahfrkKM0201: it is not working for 'Applications' icon02:54
KM0201mahfrk, it won't work for that one02:54
KM0201nor the search files... why i don't know02:54
mahfrkKM0201: okay.thanks02:54
HTCPXhow do I change network settings to support 100mbit internet?02:56
HTCPXin Windows I changed the tcp window size02:57
* KM0201 just realized he forgot to install Easytag.. :)02:59
ubuntuguyBecause of ubuntu's new scroll feature, I can't use my vertical sliding or two finger slide on trackpad03:00
ubuntuguyWhen will they fix this?03:00
KM0201ubuntuguy, hang on, lemme skype shuttleworth and ask hm.03:01
KM0201is there a bug report on it?.. if not, file one03:01
ubuntuguyHM, there's no bug report, nope03:02
ubuntuguyA lot of other people complaint03:02
ubuntuguyTheremay be03:02
KM0201well, then i'd say thats the first step to gettin it fixed03:02
Olson_cannot drag CPU freq scaling monitor on panel03:09
Olson_others ok03:10
ubuntuguyYou can't edit panel03:10
ubuntuguyCan you?03:10
KM0201Olson_, in classic you can't?.. hmm.03:10
Olson_only one so far cannot move03:10
Olson_temp monitor is ok03:10
kaushalwhats the default desktop in Ubuntu 11.04 ?03:13
kaushalHow is it different from Gnome ?03:13
KM0201assuming your graphics process supports 3D, if it doesn't, you'll default to Gnome.03:13
KM0201kaushal, it basically just looks different03:13
kaushalso does it mean Unity and gnome are desktop ?03:14
KM0201ubuntu classic (the gnome you're used to) and unity, are both on the live cd/usb...03:14
KM0201yes.. more or les03:14
kaushalso what makes unity better over gnome ?03:15
kaushalI mean pros and cons03:15
KM0201kaushal, you need to use it and figure that out for yourself.. some don't like it some do.03:15
KM0201brb, gotta restart x03:15
ubuntuguyUnity is easier to use03:15
ubuntuguymore attractive03:15
kaushalso the Video Card should have 3D ?03:15
sylonwhats unity03:16
ubuntuguyIt should03:16
ubuntuguyTo get all the full effects03:16
yofel!unity | sylon03:17
ubottusylon: Unity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity03:17
madsailorI had heard there were bug issues with Unity (specific to Unity).  Now that Natty is in beta how is it performing stability wise?03:17
KM0201i love ubottu03:17
sylonoh i thought your talking about the DI framework03:17
yofelsylon: that is the DI framework03:17
KM0201madsailor, it's been very stable for me.. but it is a beta...03:17
ub20unity is good for my tinylaptop, not that nice to work with as desktop.. so I use the classic mode... to bad compiz dont work optimal in classic mode03:17
yofelmadsailor: I only tried it in a VM yesterday, but worked mostly fine there03:18
ubuntuguyBEta 2 is super stable03:18
ubuntuguybeta 1 wasn't03:18
yofelI did get a compiz crash when messing with the compiz settings though03:18
madsailoryeah, I'd love to give it a try...but kinda need my system to function ;)03:18
kaushalDoes Dell Vostro 3500 supports 3D video Card ?03:18
madsailorahhh...vm...excellent I dea03:18
kaushalwhere can i get that information ?03:18
KM0201yofel, lol, even my weak little Intel GPU handles compiz OK.. what are you running,a  commodore 65?03:18
rwwmadsailor: if you need your system to function, you should not put development versions of Ubuntu on it.03:18
KM0201typo killed the joke.03:19
MK``Is it possible to switch between gnome-shell and unity without logging out?03:19
madsailorexactly rww03:19
ub20ubuntuguy, agree, beta2 is stable so far03:19
yofelKM0201: no, that was in virtualbox, which ran fine until I enabled some Qt plugin in ccsm03:19
ubuntuguyYes, it's very stable03:19
rwwmadsailor: I use LiveUSBs for hardware testing in that case :)03:19
ubuntuguyI suggest you upgrade03:19
sylonyofel: eh03:19
yofeloddly enough aft er a restart the plugin was on and it worked fine03:19
ubuntuguyJust a few bugs03:19
yofelsylon: or define "DI" - they both manage the desktop03:20
syloni doubt we are talking about the same DI03:20
KM0201sound stopped working in xchat gnome03:20
sylondependency injection03:20
KM0201think it might be time to apt-get xchat.. xchat-gnome is getting on my nerves03:20
yofelsylon: k, I misunderstood then03:20
ub20ubuntuguy, I use beta2 as my workstation, am not worried at all : )03:21
ubuntuguyI love ubuntu and where they're going with it03:21
KM0201does anyone know where the xchat-gnome tone is stored?03:21
ubuntuguyBest linux distro03:21
KM0201ub20, i hope your gamble doesn't cost you... not very bright in my opinion.03:21
yofelI don't like that they're making it virtually impossible to configure, but at least there are other desktop envs03:22
KM0201yofel, yeah...03:22
ubuntuguyThere's no risk KM03:22
ubuntuguyIt's stable enough03:23
ub20got some problem with the graphicdrivers, reinstalled them and everything was nice (ati)03:23
ubuntuguyalpha is risky03:23
Olson_KM0201, i appreciate your help and advice, I guess i'm going to have a mare over the next few days but it'll work out fine, I have what I need working so far03:23
ubuntuguyDamn small linux is so cool03:23
KM0201Olson_, hope you get everything worked out.03:23
ubuntuguyAll  that for so little03:23
yofelalpha is for systems that you don't need as it may break at any time, but the beta2 now is reasonably stable03:23
ub20KM0201, gambling is fun, it confirms again, ubuntu create stable betas03:24
Olson_KM0201, i will :)03:25
ubuntuguyubuntu ftw!03:25
ubuntuguyI feel like a mac osx fan03:25
KM0201does anyone know where xchat-gnome stores its alert tone03:27
ahmedhelalhello i tried installing natty from a daily built that i have downloaded today, but it see my hdd as all freespace while it has a windows partition on it03:29
ahmedhelalany idea ?03:29
jhouse5266534I can't seem to configuration options in 11.04.  Things like compiz or its replacement, auto-hiding the left bar.03:33
jhouse5266534I found something to configure what shows up in menus, but can't find those menus, etc...03:33
jhouse5266534For example System Settings > Personal > Main Menu.  What does that effect?03:34
Olson_this update has basically shat in my face and laughed afterwards03:35
KM0201jhouse5266534, under unity, nothing03:35
Olson_I shall soldier on :)03:35
KM0201i'm going crazy here guys03:36
KM0201surely someone has the answer to my querie03:36
jhouse5266534KM0201, is that an intentional thing?  Or is it just temporary?  I could have expect the main menu to show up in the top bar when just the desktop is selected or something03:36
KM0201its intentional.. unity is designed to be completely separate from Gnome... what you're using is actually a Gnome menu configuration tool.03:36
KM0201you just opened it under unity03:37
buffhave others found the screen flickers black about every 30 seconds in beta2?03:37
jhouse5266534I could have sworn there were some kind of windowing effects in unity such as compiz.  I can't find those settings.  Am I just imagining things?03:37
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz03:37
KM0201jhouse5266534, there are03:38
jhouse5266534KM0201, did ubottu give the right answer?03:38
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz03:40
KM0201jhouse5266534, what do you mean?... i didn't need the answer03:40
KM0201brb, switching to xchat.03:41
jhouse5266534right, but I do :)  Just tried what it said to install compizconfig-settings-manager.  Definitely wasn't a recognized package name03:41
ub20jhouse5266534, I do have compizconfig-settings-manager in 11.0403:43
scottyanyone do the update tonight and mess up their theme???03:44
jhouse5266534ub20, as a package installable as sudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager?03:44
jhouse5266534ub20, never mind, I left out "install" when typing it :-P03:44
ub20jhouse5266534, yes03:44
ub20i have enabled 3d part repocitorys etc... maybe its that03:45
jhouse5266534how do I do the 3d part?03:45
ub20jhouse5266534, lol03:45
dylan-mHey, does anyone here have the compose key enabled? Can you check if it's working right now? Seems to not be kicking in for me until I change the setting mid-session…03:45
ub20jhouse5266534, sudo software-properties-gtk03:46
ubuntuguyI hate how I can't install virtualbox 4 on 11.0403:48
jhouse5266534ub20, what do I add once I run that?  Also, how do I find the compiz configuration settings?03:48
ub20jhouse5266534, i have enablet everything inside there :D03:49
ub20ubuntuguy, I do run virtualbox-ose right now03:50
ubuntuguyI think it has something to do with 3.603:50
ubuntuguyBut if I uninstall it I'll lose my windows xp03:50
ub20jhouse5266534, I dont use ubuntus software center, i use synaptic as usual :P03:51
ub20ubuntuguy, oh..03:52
xieyiI am using kubuntu 11.04 firefox 4.0 with flashplugin version 10.3 d180. Everytime I close a page with flash content, the whole desktop stuck for a long time and the shutting down process takes longer time. Is it a prevalent symptom?03:54
MK``dylan-m: my compose key works on 10.1003:54
MK``¿, ß, etc.03:54
dylan-mMK``: I'm wondering about 11.04 in particular ;)03:56
izinucsI just booted the live cd beta2 and still no unity interface.. what do I have to do to get the unity interface to show on the live cd?  nvidia 8400 graphics card, plenty of ram and a dual core03:57
roccity_izinucs, have you tried to install the drivers through additional hardware?03:58
izinucsroccity_: Can you do that on a live cd?  I thought that nuvou or whatever the opensource nvidia drivers are called, should be loaded as default03:59
bjsnideryou need the libgl1-mesa-dri-experminental package to do compositing with nouveau04:00
izinucsroccity_: actually since it's a live cd you can't load from the repos where the nvidia current drivers are located unless you change the sources04:00
roccity_izinucs, I think so I have a broadcom card and when I was running the live it gave me the option to install the driver for that04:00
izinucsbjsnider: would that be on the live cd?04:00
roccity_izinucs, and it activated it too04:01
bjsnideri doubt it04:01
KM0201think i got it set up now.04:01
KM0201xchat-gnome was getting on my nerves04:01
izinucsroccity_: not on this one04:01
roccity_izinucs, was worth a shot :)04:02
izinucsbjsnider: yea.. not on the cd04:02
izinucsSo I guess the live cd is only for the fallback 2d environment04:03
ub20KM0201, I guess the logfiles is in ¨/.xchat2/scrollback04:05
KM0201izinucs, unity worked fine for me on the live cd/usb04:05
KM0201ub20, huh?04:05
KM0201i didn't need te logfiles04:05
ub20KM0201, ahaaa sorry04:05
izinucsKM0201: It boots but no new interface.. same with beta104:05
KM0201i wanted to knwo where the 'alert tone' for xchat-gnome was stored.04:05
KM0201izinucs, then its likely your graphics device does notsupport 3D out fo the box.. what is your graphics device?04:06
KM0201izinucs, if your device doesn';t support 3D, it defaults to Gnome Classic (which is what is happening to you)04:06
izinucsKM0201: nvidia  gforce 840004:06
KM0201izinucs, there you go.. you need to install the Nvidia driver to use 3D04:07
KM0201or restricted driver, or whatever04:07
KM0201but Nvidia doesn't support 3D out of the box.04:07
izinucsKM0201: gotcha.. what does support it out of the box?04:07
KM0201um.. I know some Intel chipsets do... mine is a GM965 i think, on my laptop.. it supported it out of the box.04:08
KM0201ATI.. highly unlikely... Nvidia.. if its' an "OLD" nvidia.. it would probably be OK.. but honestly, i doubt it.04:08
ub20KM0201, maybe in .xchat2/sounds ?04:08
KM0201ub20, lol, i appreciate your looking at it.. but i eventualy found it, corrected the problem, and all is righ twith the world again.. :)... i even had time to convert the ogg to .wav so normal xchat could use it..lol04:08
izinucsinteresting.. so with this release a lot of people won't be able to preview unity.. doesn't run in a vm either.. just 2d.. well. I guess I'll install then over my Lucid install04:09
izinucsKM0201: xchat wouldn't use an ogg file?04:09
KM0201izinucs, it seems to be that way.... i couldn't get unity going in vbox either.. but i didn;'t work on it very long04:09
trismizinucs: it will probably work if you install the package bjsnider suggested while in the live session and log out/back in04:09
KM0201izinucs, negative.. just a ton of static.04:09
KM0201trism, maybe.. since he has nvidia, there's a chance.. i never tried tat.04:10
trismKM0201: I have, it works with my nvidia card, just depends on if it works with his04:10
KM0201izinucs, but its ok now... converted the ogg to .wav, tones are playing, and all is good w/ the worlld.04:11
KM0201trism, on the live cd.. or on an install?  i think thats the thing, is izinucs wants to do this on a live cd.04:11
trismKM0201: live cd04:11
izinucstrism: what card do you have?04:11
KM0201trism, ah ok04:11
trismizinucs: 6800 (so old)04:12
* KM0201 has a 7xx on his desktop, but I've not tried 11.04 on it yet.04:12
Breetai"Additional Drivers" is crashing. How can I fix that OR manually install the nvidia drivers?04:12
izinucstrism: I still have an AGP 6600 :) .. weird that my 8400 isn't working04:12
KM0201izinucs, it'll work, its just not likely to work on the live CD...04:13
bjsniderBreetai, sudo kockey-text -e xorg:nvidia_current04:13
bjsniderjockey-text should be04:13
trismizinucs: it might, but you need libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental which isn't on the cd, so you need to get it somewhere else04:13
KM0201if you install, and install the restricted driver for Nvidia, enabling 3D support, unity should work just fine04:13
BreetaiI am getting all kinds of python errors with jockey-text04:14
izinucstrism: I can go to packages.ubuntu.com and grab it but is it a .deb?04:14
Breetaidbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Spawn.ExecFailed: Failed to execute program /lib/dbus-1.0/dbus-daemon-launch-helper: Success04:14
trismizinucs: yes, all the deps are there too, just need that package04:14
izinucstrism: directory for natty is empty.. is there another for the dev channel?04:16
SMG1hello, can anyone help me, "My Computer" does not open when clicked and no drives show up on the left pane of windows, but they show up in gparted and disk utility.04:16
trismizinucs: http://packages.ubuntu.com/natty/libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental04:17
izinucstrism: now it opens :/04:17
izinucstrism: once loaded how do I activte it?  cli and type unity?04:19
trismizinucs: I just log out then back in...may need to give the ubuntu user a password first so you can get back in...I think it is supposed to be ubuntu but never seems to work for me04:19
izinucstrism: ok.. installed.. brb04:21
pelmenGuys, anyone has an idea on how to change gnome-shell or mutter themes ?04:21
izinucstrism: there's no logout option on the menu of the live cd.. do you kow what the command is for cli?04:22
rokniri want to try out unity and ubuntu 11.04 in virtualbox, but i'm not having much luck.  i have 3d acceleration turned on for the VM and i have all of the virtualbox-guest packages installed, but when i log into ubuntu, i just see the wallpaper and nothing more.  any ideas?04:22
izinucsroknir: won't work there.04:22
roknirizinucs: why not?04:22
KM0201roknir, my idea... goat blood, a 4 leaf clover, 2 cloves of garlic, bring to a boil, and pour it on your PC.. then try again04:23
trismizinucs: there isn't? was there before: gnome-session-save --logout; I think04:23
KM0201roknir, in other words.. not gonna happen.. :)04:23
izinucstrism: ok04:24
izinucsroknir: not sure.. I'm even having issues getting it to work on a live cd.. but at the final stages of testing a fix.04:24
slyAnyone know what would cause USB ports to not work on Natty? Inspiron 154604:26
izinucsMission control we have launch!  ... except compiz crashed while loading irssi04:27
izinucstrism: thanks.. working.. now, how about "spaces"? How do I find that and use?04:29
trismizinucs: spaces?04:29
izinucstrism: I guess it's the new implementation of workspaces04:30
izinucsKM0201: yea.. little different than previous releases I understand04:30
KM0201izinucs, not really, just click the workspaces, and choose one... i don't know how to have more than 4 at this point.04:30
trismthe option for the number of workspaces is in ccsm in the general options04:31
KM0201trism, oh ok.04:31
izinucsKM0201: where do I find them? I don't see the typical 4 boxes anywhere04:31
KM0201izinucs, they're usually in the panel on the left....04:31
KM0201izinucs, are you in normal gnome, or under unity?04:32
=== cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk
izinucsKM0201: ah ok.. just not use to the icons yet.. I found that ctrl+alt+arrows still works04:32
izinucsKM0201: unity04:32
izinucsAny way to make the icons smaller?04:33
rwwizinucs: same place as the workspace number change in CCSM04:33
KM0201izinucs, dunno, i've not really messed w/ tweaking itto much04:33
KM0201rww, i can't find that option under ccsm04:33
izinucsrww: thanks..04:34
rww"launcher icon size"...?04:35
rwwunless you mean different icons04:35
izinucsanyone remember the track pad issue/fix so that when typing you can't accidently touch the pad and change something?  there was something in the past that would "sense" that and disable or delay the touch pad04:35
elb0w_So I installed 11.04 beta 2 and after it loads all I get is a black screen with a X crosshair04:36
izinucsrww: no just the ones on the left of the unity screen04:36
elb0w_any ideas?04:36
KM0201rww, where did you say to adjust the number of workspaces?04:36
rwwoh, I'm silly, they're different places.04:36
rwwLauncher icon size is in CCSM -> Ubuntu Unity Plugin -> Experimental04:37
reivanenKM0201, ccsm / general04:38
KM0201reivanen, i looked there, but i don't see an option for more workspaces04:40
seminattyhey you guys04:40
reivanenthird tab04:40
reivanenor is workspaces different from desktops?04:40
seminattydid the dude who wanted to install to his usb end up successful?04:40
izinucsrww: was lucid 10.04? I've forgotten.. I went to install and it's offering me the option of upgrading from 10.04 to 11.0404:40
rwwizinucs: lucid was 10.04, yes04:40
seminattywhat kind of animal was lucid?04:41
izinucsrww: does that mean 11.04 is lts?04:41
rwwseminatty: lynx04:41
izinucsseminatty: lynx04:41
rwwizinucs: 11.04 isn't an LTS.04:41
KM0201reivanen, different... that doesn't work04:41
rwwyou shouldn't be able to upgrade straight from 10.04 to 11.04 :\04:41
seminattyIf you installed 11.04 overtop of 10.04, would it detect your home drive and keep your documents and settings04:41
izinucsrww: didn't think so.. but this seems to be the first time you're able to upgrade direct from lts to another non-lts04:41
rwwseminatty: theoretically, though I'd make backups personally04:43
Logan_always back up before major upgrades04:43
seminattyyeah that sounds like a good idea04:43
rwwizinucs: as far as I'm aware, upgrading 10.04 directly to 11.04 isn't a supported action, regardless of whether it's claiming to be able to for some reason o.O04:43
rwwmaybe I'm wrong. it's happened before ;)04:44
izinucsrww: I've never had much upgrade success anyway.. that's why I have a separate /home for fresh installs.04:44
seminattybecause my desktop computer at my parents house has had ubuntu since dapper... and I think some of my, er, more unorthodox tinkerings around have made it more unstable than necessary. So I'm thinking of just straight up reinstalling.04:44
knightautwellhey is anyone here?04:47
knightautwellanyone here?04:47
pace_t_zulu_how do i get the 2d implementation of unity rather than gnome classic?04:47
izinucsknightautwell: yes04:47
* seminatty tumbleweeds04:47
pace_t_zulu_sup knightautwell04:48
pace_t_zulu_anyone know how to get 2d unity?04:48
izinucspace_t_zulu_: gnome classic is 2d.. unity is 3d04:48
KM0201pace_t_zulu_, i don't think its available yet.04:48
pace_t_zulu_there is a version that puts the menubar on the top panel for terminal04:48
seminattywhere are unity's real settings located?04:49
seminattyand what can you change in them04:49
KM0201seminatty, you probably need to install ccsm to really change anything04:49
knightautwellok lol i have a question i installed Slim to change the ubuntu natty login screen and i didnt like it so i deleted it from the folder instead of uninstalling it by accident and now i cant boot to my desktop04:49
KM0201but i still can't change the number of workspaces04:49
KM0201knightautwell, lol04:49
knightautwellhow do i fix it? i can boot to the desktop using the live cd i have04:49
rwwpace_t_zulu_: investigate the unity-2d packages in natty's repositories04:50
KM0201knightautwell, u see the "Install" icon on the desktop?  Rename it "Reinstall" and click it.. :)04:50
knightautwellim not sure how to fix it lol04:50
rwwI haven't myself, but presumably they have something to do with it ;)04:50
pace_t_zulu_i see how its done... it's a panel applet now04:50
knightautwellbut would i lose all the things i have installed tho?04:50
SuperstarHas anyone experienced problems openning the date/time after an installation?04:51
pace_t_zulu_or objects rather04:51
knightautwellthat it no longer has04:52
knightautwellhow do i reset the theme settings in ubuntu? thats my problem it tries to load the theme from slim04:52
KM0201Superstar, negative04:52
elb0w_Anyone had the issue of a black screen after a install?04:52
elb0w_I just have a mouse cursor that looks like an X and a black screen04:52
SuperstarAny recommendations on getting back date/time?04:52
KM0201knightautwell, well of course you would lose all the things you already had... you installed a 3rd party app that borked your system... use more caution in selecting 3rd party apps next time04:52
seminattyKM0201: thanks for the tip04:53
knightautwellis there a way to fix the theme problem? like a way to reset it?04:53
KM0201not that i know of.04:53
SuperstarAnd how do I turn off all this animation crap? There's no options in "Appearance" like there was in Maverick04:54
knightautwellwhere it doesnt look for the theme in the slim folder?04:54
knightautwellso there isnt?04:55
KM0201knightautwell, again, you installed a 3rd party app.. that bricked your system.. this is similar to everyone who hosed their system downloading that Mac OSX theme script back in the day.. it sucks, but thats the way it is.. unless there were uninstall instructions that came with it, that you can run from a shell.. you're likely hosed04:56
KM0201where did you download it from?04:57
SuperstarYou know the menu bar in applications such as "File", "Edit" etc.. is there any way to get it to show without using the keyboard or maximizing the window?04:57
seminattySuperstar: move your mouse to it04:57
KM0201Superstar, click on a window  then move your cursor tot he top "panel".. and you'll see the menu there04:57
rwwStevethepirate: hover over the window title04:57
SuperstarKM0201 ahh yes thanks love04:57
KM0201uh... lol, i hope you're a chick04:58
rwwStevethepirate: sorry, I fail at tabcomplete.04:58
StravHi. Anyone here have tried emacs23 on ubuntu natty?04:58
SuperstarGwibber is useless, it never shows Facebook inbox messages04:58
Strav(or gnome 3 for that matter)04:58
SuperstarKM0201 I am indeed04:58
KM0201ok, good..lol04:58
knightautwellthere is an uninstall instructions but how would i run it if i am not actually in my system just in the live cd environment. would it work the same?04:58
Strav... natty beta 2 must I say.04:58
seminattyif you are what they say you are, a Superstar, then have no feeaar04:59
KM0201knightautwell, you could probably run it by booting safe mode.. but that is strictly a guess.... cd to wherever the removal tool is, run it, then reboot back to normal mode, and see if that fixes it04:59
KM0201knightautwell, or, if you can get to a login window04:59
KM0201just logout to a shell... and run the uninstall script from there05:00
elb0w_One last time, has anyone had this issue with 11.04 where after you install its just a black screen?05:00
seminattyelb0w_: afaik, that usually means X can't detect your video hardware for some reason05:01
KM0201elb0w_, not that i've heard....05:01
seminattyelb0w_: especially that part with the X cursor05:01
seminattydid you do anything to change with your xorg.conf?05:01
elb0w_default everything05:01
elb0w_install updates and 3rd party software05:02
knightautwelli cant get to a log in thats the problem05:02
elb0w_when i did it05:02
KM0201knightautwell, you don't need to log in05:02
elb0w_maybe i should go to root shell and try to install the driver manually?05:02
KM0201do you have another computer?05:02
KM0201or something you can come here on?05:02
izinucsanyone test eee1394 firewire interfaces?  for 2 releases I haven't been able to grab video from my cam05:03
knightautwelli cant even get to  the log in screen05:04
KM0201knightautwell, oh i thought you were getting tot he log in screen05:05
KM0201knightautwell, well, maybe try to boot recovery mode, and go to the user prompt, log in there, and then run the uninstall script.05:06
KM0201but you're going to have to know the scripts location, etc.05:06
seminattyelb0w_: it might be worth it to wait for natty's release, in case it's a temporary bug05:06
* KM0201 thinks knightautwell is gonna learn his lesson about downloading these 3rd party apps05:06
seminattyelb0w_: does your hardware work in 10.04 or 10.10?05:07
knightautwellno when i try recovery mode it says the same thing it cant load the theme. is there a conf file i can edit so that it doesnt look for that theme?05:07
KM0201knightautwell, recovery mode is CLI.. it shouldn't need a theme05:07
elb0w_I did not try it05:08
knightautwelli know lol05:08
KM0201knightautwell, then how is a theme effecting it?05:08
elb0w_Yeah, I ran in failsafe X05:08
elb0w_says could not detect gfx05:08
knightautwellit will take me to the screen where i can choose like from a list of things and when i press the down key it goes wack05:09
knightautwelland it says something about the theme05:09
elb0w_what is the nvidia driver name?05:10
elb0w_is there a standard?05:10
KM0201knightautwell, well, that makes no sense at all.05:10
elb0w_well thats lame, why wouldnt it detect my nvidia card05:12
elb0w_it has nvidia-current installed too05:12
KM0201knightautwell, are you there05:13
seminattyelb0w_: check the supported hardware list to double check your card is on there05:15
elb0w_I think im getting somewhere05:15
elb0w_I have a wallpaper05:16
elb0w_and a normal mouse05:16
seminattyare you using VESA?05:16
seminatty!nvidia | elb0w_ you can always look here for your card05:17
ubottuelb0w_ you can always look here for your card: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto | The ATI and nVidia binary drivers may not currently be installable.05:17
elb0w_I installed a package05:17
elb0w_how do I stop x?05:17
elb0w_I thought it was just xstop05:17
seminattywas that other guy here a few days ago ever successful in installing natty to his usb drive?05:18
c2tarunI am facing a very serious problem with natty. anyone here.05:21
c2tarunPrevious releases like lucid and maverick never detected my wifi driver. Natty detected, but when it starts it tries to connect to the wifi connection available and then I get a black screen with many things written on it.( Can't understand them ) and then screen freezes :/05:21
c2tarunNow I switched of my wifi and using the same connection with wire and installing the broadcom driver. Lets see if this works or not. I am facing this problem with Beta1 as well as Beta2 64-bit05:21
elb0w_hmm, so if I go into a root shell. I can type startx and get a desktop05:21
elb0w_but if I boot normal it just black screens05:21
c2tarunit didnt work :(05:21
izinucsinstalled... rebooting.. if it works I'll be back05:22
c2tarunelb0w_: ping can you please help me with my problem?05:23
cryptkok... I always forget this one...05:23
elb0w_im having issues of my own05:23
ubottuIt's way too early for it to be out; check back on the 28th.05:23
cryptkthat's not it...05:23
seminatty!wifi | c2tarun05:24
ubottuc2tarun: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:24
cryptknot that one... the one that has the link to the schedule05:24
seminatty!release ?05:24
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:24
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 18 months to 5 years. More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases05:24
seminattyalso /topic05:24
ubottuA schedule of Natty Narwhal (11.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule05:25
c2tarunseminatty: that doc is for maverick, wifi was working fine with maverick its freezing with natty05:25
seminattyoh, thought you said it wasn't even detected in the other two05:25
cryptkrww, that's the one! thanks man!05:25
elb0w_is there no hotkeys to go into different sessions anymore?05:26
elb0w_didnt it used to be like f1-6?05:26
c2tarunseminatty: in the other two on going into additional driver I was getting Broadcom Driver and I used that. Natty detected my wifi but network manager is freezing while conection :/05:26
cryptkel2ro, ctrl + F1-F605:27
c2tarunseminatty: is it possible that I disable my kde network manager for a while and use some other network manager?05:27
izinucseverything looks good.. but I got a message saying my system wouldn't work right without installing the restricted video drivers (nvidia).. strange message05:29
seminattyc2tarun: you could try using wicd. I'm by no means an expert :p05:29
seminattyMy Question: is there any particular things to watchout for when installing natty to a USB Drive instead of a hard disk partition?05:31
KM0201seminatty, well that depends, where do you want grub installed?05:32
seminattyelb0w_: ctrl-alt-f1 through f605:32
KM0201if you want grub installed to the USB also, then you need to pay attention to that05:32
seminattyKM0201: on the usb probably05:32
elb0w_didnt go05:32
KM0201seminatty, then thats something you need to pay attention to.05:32
seminattyelb0w_: works for me unless the computer is crashed05:32
seminattyKM0201: the installer asks about that right?05:33
KM0201seminatty, if you use the "advanced" partition tool, and manually partition your thumb driev for the install, you can set the thumb drive as your target for grub (i believe its an option at the bottom)05:33
KM0201i'm not sure if you can do that w/ the "guided" tool05:33
seminattyKM0201: gotcha05:34
seminattywhat fs is best for installing natty on a usb -- ext3, 4, fat32?05:34
seminattyno one seems to use reiserfs much these days05:35
KM0201seminatty, i'd just use ext4, and be done w/ it.05:36
* seminatty reports bug with touchpad scrolling not working correctly05:38
rayautwellhey how do you delete a file from a specific directory using the terminal?05:38
* KM0201 deletes seminatty 's bug report05:38
* seminatty retaliates by deleting KM020105:39
roknirrayautwell: rm /path/to/file05:39
seminattyrayautwell: the command is "rm"05:39
seminattyrayautwell: try "man rm" to learn how to use it05:39
izinucsKM0201: were did you say the location of the icon size adjustment was?  I've installed ccsm but didn't see anything there05:39
KM0201oh izi... hang on..lol05:39
KM0201izinucs, open compiz config manager05:40
KM0201click on the "unity plugin"05:40
izinucsah.. ok05:40
KM0201on the "Experimental" tab..05:40
KM0201"Launcher Icon size" adjust as needed05:40
seminattyi sleep now05:42
izinucsKM0201: got it.. to bad it only goes to 32 and not smaller05:43
KM0201izinucs, well, i can't change that.. :)05:43
izinucsKM0201: LOL.. someone will figure a tweek :)05:44
KM0201izinucs, probably..lol05:45
KM0201izinucs, it'll be a new feature in the next version of ubuntu-twak05:47
izinucsKM0201: ok.. 'nother question.. is there an option to take two windows and have them automically fill the screen evenly side to side?05:48
KM0201izinucs, no that i don't know.. i don't mess w/ compiz that much..05:48
bullgard4At boot time my Natty writes: "Stopping save kernel messages." Where did it save the kernel messages before?06:02
SwedeMike /var/log/dmesg ?06:04
bullgard4SwedeMike: /var/log/dmesg is filled independently of this message. There must be some other mechanism this message is referring to.06:15
buzzomatic_Hi, I'm getting really poor network performance out of my gigabit network. It was working really well last night, but this morning it's 2MB/s transfers when it doesn't just stall completely06:18
buzzomatic_Can anyone help find the problem?06:18
buzzomatic_Both machines are synced at 1000Mb/s06:19
buzzomatic_If I ping the ubuntu box, then I get at least one message per 20 successful pings: Request timeout for icmp_seq 2506:21
buzzomatic_About 6% packet loss06:22
buzzomatic_Actually, more like 1006:22
bullgard4 buzzomatic_ May be iotop will help you.06:24
KM0201knightautwell, did you get it fixed?06:26
knightautwellnot yet i think i might have an idea how to tho06:28
KM0201and that is?06:29
KM0201cuz i got one to06:29
knightautwellgot what too06:30
KM0201an idea06:30
bullgard4Zur Bootzeit schreibt mein Natty: "Stopping save kernel messages." Wo hat Natty davor die kernel messages geschrieben?06:31
knightautwellif this works it will kinda make me mad cuz it was so easy lol06:31
knightautwelllol whats your idea06:32
KM0201chroot your install (from the live CD) and run the uninstall instructions06:32
KM0201was that your idea?06:34
knightautwellchroot? how?06:34
buzzomatic_bullgard4: when all else fails pull all the cables out and start again... I now have 50MB/s+ again06:34
KM0201follow the instructions to chroot the drive (not the grub rescue, etc..)06:35
KM0201just chroot the drive, then run whatever the uninstall command for that program you installed is.06:35
buzzomatic_It's just a huge pain to get the ethernet cable out of the back of this iMac.06:35
buzzomatic_It's just a huge pain .... this iMac.06:35
knightautwellok ill try it06:35
=== jackneill is now known as Jackneill
pooltablebeta 2 out what the difference from the finnel if there is one ?07:01
KM0201pooltable, as long as you keep your system up to date, when the final is released, your system will be just like the final release07:02
pooltablekm0201 thanks07:02
litropyDuring safe-upgrade, how are packages chosen to be /recommended/ as opposed to /safe to install/? This time around my recommended pckgs are: lintian ubuntuone-control-panel-gtk unity-place-applications unity-place-files.07:22
bhaveshWill upgrading to 11.04 create a new partition or replace the current ubutnu?07:24
StravHi. Any emacs users around?07:27
metroid1is anyone trying out xubuntu with a nvidia card?  can't seem to open nvidia-settings to set up twinview.07:27
pooltablestrav use emacs a long time ago but might help07:28
slyAnyone here?07:29
slyKnow any fix to that?07:30
slyNone of my USB ports are working.07:30
StravI just upgraded from ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 beta 2. In emacs23, some part of the menu that are dynamically created by a mode hook either don't show or are empty. I tested this behavior in both unity enabled and in plain gnome. So this makes me wonder if it's either an emacs or gnome bug. (atm, no one in the emacs channel seems to care).07:30
pooltablesly  i  see is the a usb hub or the usb on the montherboard?07:31
slyIt's the USB ports on the motherboard.07:31
slyThere's only 3, but none of them do anything.07:31
slyWhich is a pain, since my mouse is USB.07:31
slyHaving to use my touchpad.07:32
bhaveshI am going to replace my ubuntu 10.10 with 11.04 will this delete other partitions?07:32
bhaveshlike windows 7?07:32
pooltablesly a laptop?07:32
bhaveshI read something here : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1730186 and I am too scared to do so07:32
Stravbhavesh: it depends on how you wish to "replace" it.07:32
pooltablesly how old?07:32
Stravbhavesh: a normal upgrade shouldn't affect your partition of course.07:33
slyIt's not that old.07:33
bhaveshStrav: ok07:33
KM0201bhavesh, you can set it up to do whatever you want07:33
KM0201bhavesh, are you "wanting" to delete 10.10, and install 11.04 over it?07:33
pooltablestarv 11.4 is beta is might be a bug not yet work out07:33
StravBefore submitting this emacs bug, if someone could reproduce it, it'll be appreciated.07:33
bhaveshKM0201: yes07:33
KM0201bhavesh, ok, start the installer, and when you get to the partition stage, lemme know (but dont choose anything)07:34
pooltablesly how long has it not work?07:34
Stravpooltable: yes I've assumed so and I'm actually enquiring about it to help out if it hasn't been reported yet.07:34
slyThey haven't worked since using 11.04.07:34
knight_hey kmo201 i finally got it fixed07:34
bullgard4buzzomatic_: That's a solution one should consider now and then. But an engineer usually looks for a systmatic approach. --  Glad that you made it.07:34
slyIt's not a port issue, as they work perfectly in Fedora 14.07:35
KM0201knight_, did you?.. what did you do? (sorry, was playign tetris and lost track of the chat)07:35
pooltablesly did you have 10.10 and did it work ?07:35
knight_ya not really sure how tho lol i kept installing and reinstalling slim and i moved over a few folders from my live disc and it worked lol07:35
slyI didn't try it on 10.10.07:36
KM0201knight_, well, take it as a lesson..07:36
pooltablesly i see might be a usb driver update you need from a third party07:36
knight_lol no kiddind07:36
bhaveshKM0201: ok I am still downloading07:36
KM0201gotta be cautious about that stuff you download.07:36
KM0201bhavesh, ok.07:36
KM0201bhavesh, are yo on ubuntu right now?07:36
knight_lol well i read it was a good one07:36
slyWhere would I find such a driver for Linux?07:36
pooltablesly 11.4 is still new07:36
bhaveshKMo201: yes07:36
KM0201bhavesh, do you know your current partition set up?07:37
knight_so is the final going to be realesed this month or next?07:37
bhaveshKM0201: not really letme see whats there in gparted07:37
Stravargh. I'll just write the bug and let'em deduplicate it.07:37
slypooltable: As knight_ just said, it's supposed to be released on the 28th (if I'm not mistaken).07:37
KM0201!isitoutyet | knight_07:37
ubottuknight_: It's way too early for it to be out; check back on the 28th.07:37
slySo it's not _that_ new.07:37
knight_i know lol i was wandering if it was going to be out this month like i ehard gnomefreak say07:38
KM0201knight_, yes... "11.04" (11th year, 4th month)07:38
KM0201you can always tell when an ubuntu release was released, by the version #07:38
knight_lol ok07:38
bhaveshWOW I cannot find gparted07:38
KM0201knight_, so pop quiz, when will 11.10 be released07:39
knight_you running a live cd?07:39
KM0201when was 8.04 released?07:39
knight_october lol07:39
bhaveshright I dont have gparted07:39
KM0201bhavesh, you're on a live CD? why are you downloading another one?07:40
bhaveshKM0201: No I am not on live CD07:40
KM0201oh ok07:40
KM0201wel,l sudo apt-get install gparted07:40
bhaveshKM0201: I am on an installed ubutnu 10.10 with no gparted07:40
knight_so your using ubuntu?07:40
KM0201knight_, gparted wasn't on 10.10 by default07:40
KM0201had to be installed afterwords07:40
bhaveshKM0201: it tells cannot install becoz of that upgrade already downloading stuff07:40
knight_oh lol that doesnt have gpated you have to install it07:40
KM0201bhavesh, oh ok.07:41
wrefdsfdsi have a question07:41
bhaveshKM0201: so what about my partitions...?07:41
KM0201bhavesh, so why are you upgrading, if you're going to do a clean install?07:41
bhaveshKM0201: I still want windows 7 but not ubuntu 10.1007:41
bhaveshKM0201: replacing ubutnu 10.10 with 11.04 keeping windows 707:42
pooltablesly yes 28 apr07:42
KM0201bhavesh, ok.. why are yo upgrading 10.10( presumably to 11.04) if you're asking how to clean install 11.0407:42
knight_wrefdsfds, whats your question07:42
piccaanyone find that autofs doesn't work in ubuntu 11.04 unless you restart it07:42
slyYes, I know.07:42
wrefdsfdsknight_ my quesiton is i need helpp07:42
pooltablelike to see 11.10 at 11.11.1107:42
slyI still need to find a solution to my problem, though.07:42
KM0201bhavesh, you might not be able to run this w/ update manager running, but try this in a terminal   "sudo fdisk -l" (lowercase L)07:42
knight_with what?07:42
KM0201wrefdsfds, well, this isn't the mind readers channel, you have to ask questinos07:43
pooltable8.04= 2008 apr07:43
KM0201sabrina's psychic network is the next room over07:43
KM0201pooltable, boy you're a sharp one.. :)07:43
KM0201pooltable, 4.1007:43
bhaveshKM0201: ok so I got all my partition info07:43
KM0201whast it say07:43
wrefdsfdswell i wanted to ask if you, as far as seen, like the NEW ubuntu 11.04 ?? or not quite07:43
pooltable2004 oct07:43
KM0201pooltable, you're an animal07:44
bhaveshKM0201: sda2 **07:44
bhaveshKM0201: boot is on sda107:44
knight_i like it but when i run it my wine acts up bad and my graphics card wiggs out07:44
KM0201bhavesh, just pastebin the output...07:44
KM0201!pastebin | bhavesh07:44
ubottubhavesh: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:44
knight_so i have to use classic with no effects07:44
bhaveshKM0201: ok07:44
KM0201i'm actually really digging 11.0407:45
bhaveshKM0201: here http://paste.ubuntu.com/594737/07:45
wrefdsfdswell i wanted to ask if you, as far as seen, like the ubuntu11.04? or not quite07:45
KM0201what the.07:45
knight_i like it its just my graphics card must not lol07:45
KM0201dude, no offense, that is one of the most jacked up partition setups i'vce ever saw07:45
KM0201you have 4 swap partitions07:45
knight_how big of a hdd does he have lol07:46
bhaveshjacked up?07:46
KM0201bhavesh, yeah, its a little jacked up07:46
KM0201lol, thats a first i've saw of that.. how on earth did you manage that?07:46
bhaveshlol so is it something wrong?07:46
wrefdsfdswell i wanted to ask if you, as far as seen, like the ubuntu11.04? or not quite07:46
KM0201bhavesh, well... i wouldn't say "wrong" but totally unfreaking necessary...lol07:46
bhaveshlol.... what am I supposed to do?07:47
KM0201wrefdsfds, your question doesn't make sense07:47
KM0201bhavesh, just finish the download, download the 11.04 ISO, and then we'll fix it.07:47
KM0201wrefdsfds, not quite what?07:47
wrefdsfdsoh i meant07:47
bhaveshok I am doing that through update-manager -d btw07:47
wrefdsfdsdo you like ubuntu 11.04 or do you think is more shit07:47
knight_wrefdsfds_ i like it but it makes wine and my graphics card flicker when i use win or try to play the tetris like games07:47
KM0201wrefdsfds, i like it.07:47
wrefdsfdsme 207:47
piccawrefdsfds, more shit than what/07:48
wrefdsfdsthan Ubuntu 10.1007:48
KM0201if you want crap, try PCLinuxOS07:48
wrefdsfdsor 10 0407:48
bazhangwatch the language wrefdsfds picca07:48
wrefdsfdsyes this is crap i tested it07:48
piccawrefdsfds, you think ubuntu 10.10 is shit?07:48
KM0201ah, 10.04 was good, so was 10.10 for that matter07:48
bhaveshKM0201: it would directly install it (im not downloading the .iso)07:48
wrefdsfdsUbuntu 10.10 is very very veryyy  good07:48
KM0201bhavesh, i have no idea what on earth your'e doing...07:48
KM0201all i knhow, is you ahve an amazing partition set up.07:49
piccawrefdsfds, just that you said the word "more"07:49
wrefdsfdsand i wanted to ask if you find that ubuntu is more bad or more good than ubuntu 10.1007:49
KM0201i've never saw someone w/ 4 wap partitions before07:49
bhaveshKM0201: lol I am just upgrading to 11.04 from my 10.10 through update-manager -d07:49
wrefdsfdsbut couldnt express because i have bad enlgish :D07:49
KM0201bhavesh, ok.. so why are you concerned about reinstall 11.04?07:49
KM0201which is what you asked earlier.07:49
KM0201of course w/ that partition set up, you might be reinstalling07:49
bhaveshKM0201: I am not reinstalling 11.04.... I am just replacing 10.1007:50
bhaveshok let me download first07:50
* KM0201 sighs...07:50
KM0201does anyone ever feel like they are talking, just to hear themselves?07:50
pooltablesly are you still here?07:50
elricLcan anyone help me http://askubuntu.com/questions/34997/disk-drive-not-ready-yet-or-not-available07:50
pooltablesly look at this i think this is the problem http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/catalog/component/pci:4397:1002-USB07:51
* KM0201 has to go tinkle.. brb07:51
* KM0201 back07:53
pooltableis there a way to installed 11.4 then go back to 10.10 ?07:53
KM0201my eyes were turning yellow07:53
slyI don't want to go back to 10.10.07:53
KM0201pooltable, not that i know of...07:53
SwedeMikepooltable: no, you have to re-install.07:53
KM0201pooltable, why would you want to do that.07:53
pooltablekm0201 are you getting tires ?07:54
KM0201pooltable, no, not at all.07:54
elricLcan anyone help me http://askubuntu.com/questions/34997/disk-drive-not-ready-yet-or-not-available07:54
cryptkpooltable, downgrades have never been supported... it is possible, but only if you have in depth knowledge of a linux OS07:54
pooltablekm0201 so if i like to try 10.4 now use a VW?07:54
KM0201pooltable, yeah, you could use a VM if you wanted to do that.07:54
bhaveshKM0201: In short this is what I am doing : http://imagebin.org/148506 (I just want to keep my windows 7 safe) pic is worth a 1000 words <<07:55
KM0201pooltable, 11.04 doesn't work well in VM,07:55
pooltablekn0201 i sure07:55
pooltablei am sure07:55
KM0201bhavesh, image doesn't work07:55
bhaveshKM0201: ill reupload it to imgur.....07:55
KM0201pooltable, well, 11.04 doesn't work in a virtual manager... or at least thast what i've read, i've not tried it07:56
pooltablenot to go off topic what about windows 8 ?"07:56
KM0201Windows 8 is approved for use by Japans Nuclear Power plants07:56
pooltablekn0201 i wait to 28 apr 2011 then07:56
KM0201pooltable, you could do that.07:56
bhaveshKM0201: http://i.imgur.com/FxZ8w.jpg07:57
KM0201bhavesh, ok, so you're running a distribution upgrade07:57
bhaveshKM0201: yes..07:57
KM0201... when you're done, you should have 11.0407:57
KM0201assuming all goes well07:58
bhaveshKM0201: all I want to care about is, keeping windows 7 safe07:58
pooltablebhavesh how you get the temp on your top bar ?07:58
KM0201bhavesh, well you should have asked your questions before upgrading then... but most likely, windows will be fine..07:58
bhaveshKM0201: ok07:58
bhaveshpooltable: add to panel...07:58
bhaveshpooltable: its in there07:59
bhaveshpooltable: weather report07:59
KM0201i kept mine really basic08:00
elricLcan anyone help me http://askubuntu.com/questions/34997/disk-drive-not-ready-yet-or-not-available08:00
pooltablebhavesh not working i will try again08:00
bullgard4~/.config/autostart with me includes only  .desktop files. Is this normal?08:00
bullgard4~/.config/autostart with me includes only 7 .desktop files. Is this normal?08:01
cryptkno need to repeat yourself08:01
bhaveshlooks great KM020108:01
cryptkand yes08:01
bhaveshdid u like 10.10 ? or 11.04 is better?08:01
KM0201i still miss some of my panel applets though... mainly, force quit and system monitor.. gotta do something about that eventually08:01
pooltablebhavesh  got it thanks08:01
bhaveshand it looks like u are running a netbook?08:02
KM0201bhavesh, i liked 10.10, but i also like 11.04.. i'm getting used to Unity.. which i didn't like at all at first, but i decided to at least try it.. now i like it.08:02
KM0201bhavesh, no, running a normal laptop (17in screen)08:02
KM0201just running unity08:02
bhaveshKM0201: err 11.10 will have gnome 308:02
pooltablewhat about gnome 3 what it be the main one ?08:02
KM0201bhavesh, well, if ubuntu has a gnome 3, that is anything like the gnome 3 that bricked my setup yesterday, then me and ubuntu will part ways in october08:03
bhaveshin 11.10 GNOME3 will be the desktop environment08:03
anthony_2409whats the gnome 3 channel?08:03
bhaveshu can keep unity if u want KM020108:03
KM0201bhavesh, well, then i'll be saying goodbye to Ubuntu, unless there is dramatic improvement08:03
pooltableto test it out now in 10.1008:03
KM0201pooltable, seriously, i would not do that08:04
bhaveshlol is it soo bad?08:04
KM0201i installed Gnome 3 this morning, and it trashed my OS... i ended up reinstalling08:04
pooltablekm0201 what ?08:04
KM0201pooltable, yes siree08:04
bhaveshpooltable, installing gnome 3 is not advisible now08:04
anthony_2409has anyone used the 64bit gnome3 iso on the GNOME website?08:04
bhaveshgnome 3 is still in the making I think08:04
KM0201kept freezing up, so i tried to revert back to ubuntu classic (which was still an option, cuz i never removed it)... and bam.. error.. couldn't get into unity, nothing08:05
KM0201so i reinstalled08:05
KM0201then i let some clown in here talk me into trying kubuntu 11.0408:05
KM0201all i'll say, is there's not enough alcohol in the world to make me use KDE..08:05
pooltablekm0201 i try it but did not know hoe to set it up to look like now08:05
bullgard4bhavesh: Very much so.08:06
KM0201pooltable, well, if Gnome 3 stays as crappy as it is, i'll either part ways w/ Ubuntu, or start using Xubuntu or Lubuntu08:06
pooltablebhavesh amybe not for 11.4 buy i have it in 10.1008:06
pooltablekn0201 i see08:06
bhaveshbullgard: ?08:06
KM0201bullgard4, actually, gnome 3 is final release... (which is sad)08:07
KM0201but.. kde 4 was a mess when it came out to.08:07
KM0201and it seems to have finally come around (even though i still hate it)08:07
pooltablekn0201 i miss some thing in windows 7 i can not d well with my current computer08:07
KM0201pooltable, and that is?08:07
bhaveshubutnu is not at all for games..08:07
KM0201Stable release 3.0  (6 April 2011; 9 days ago)08:08
kaushalis gnome3 available in 11.04 ?08:08
KM0201kaushal, if you want to poke your eyes out, yes08:08
bullgard4KM0201: I attended a high-ranking GNOME 3 conference in Berlin last week. The develpers unisono said that GNOME is a project in progress.08:08
bhaveshkaushal: You can externally install it but in 11.10 it would be default environment08:08
KM0201bhavesh, well, thats not ubntu's fault.. blame software developers who don't make their games for linux08:08
bullgard4KM0201: I attended a high-ranking GNOME 3 conference in Berlin last week. The develpers unisono said that GNOME 3 is a project in progress.08:08
pooltablekm0201 one  well good gui working turgrafix emu08:08
KM0201bullgard4, i dunno.08:08
bhaveshKM0201: Yes even I read it somewhere GNOME3 is in progress08:09
KM0201bhavesh, i'm not doubting you, just telling you what the wiki says.08:09
KM0201i could care less, i won't be using it.08:09
bhavesharound 10 minutes left08:09
pooltablebhavesh send a pic of it after it is  all done08:10
bhaveshpooltable: k08:12
kaushalbhavesh: ok08:12
kaushalDoes this Video Card http://www.dell.com/in/business/p/vostro-3500/pd will enable Unity ?08:13
pooltablewhen 11.4 is release when is the beta alfa for the 11.10  start ?08:13
elricLcan anyone help me http://askubuntu.com/questions/34997/disk-drive-not-ready-yet-or-not-available08:13
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=64608:13
KM0201oh my.. they really stretched it w/ that name08:14
KM0201i was hoping for Ornery Ostrage08:14
pooltableubottu only 15 wow08:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:14
KM0201only 15..lol08:14
KM0201how the heck do you even pronounce that?08:15
pooltableso like red hat that at 14 now08:15
KM0201is RH at 14 now?08:15
KM0201i knew Fedora was.. but i thought RH was still around like version 708:15
pooltablethe fedora i mean08:15
KM0201yeah, fedora is kinda the "Ubuntu" of the RPM distros... releases every 6mo whether you like it or not, etc08:16
KM0201i like fedora though08:16
KM0201i'm a total debian tramp.. but if i was gonna use a RH distro, it would be fedora08:16
pooltableover ubuntu08:16
KM0201no, not over ubuntu.08:16
KM0201i prefer debian releases over RH releases08:16
KM0201but.. if for some reason, i was gonna use a RH release, or if someone asks me to recommend a RH release, I always recommend fedora08:17
bullgard4~/.config/autostart with me includes only 7 .desktop files. Is this normal?08:17
KM0201why do i prefer Debian releases?.. honestly, i'm just used to them...08:17
pooltablei see08:17
KM0201i know how they work, i'm familiar w/ the package manager (not that RH's is difficult to use)...08:17
KM0201i know generally what i'm looking for whenj i want to do something08:17
pooltablei just like hw easy ubuntu is to update08:18
KM0201yeah, believe it or not, the first Linux distro i got to work completely, 100% (after numerous tries w/ other distros) was Fedora 408:18
pooltablei have use puppy linux to fix my hard drive i like puppy08:18
KM0201ubuntu had failed to install for me several times, but fedora 4 worked flawlessly, then fedora 5, then for whatever reason, ubuntu 6.06 came out, and i thought "well i'll try it".. and it worked, so i installed it, and used it for a bit, and i was hooked, i liked it a lot better08:19
pooltablemy friend like gentoo i like it untill i saw ubuntu08:19
KM0201Gentoo is not for the novice.. very solid distro though08:19
pooltablei now that why i did not like it08:20
KM0201gentoo has a very powerful package manager, once yo figure out how to use it.. the problem (for me) was figuring out how to use it.08:21
KM0201that ws years ago though.. i coudl probably use it now if i really anted to08:21
pooltablei am thiss now at like i download a s zip file how to installed it08:21
KM0201is it a zip file, or a .tar.gz file?08:21
pooltablesorry still new at this08:22
KM0201no prob.. if its a .tar.gz   that is the source code of a program, and it has to be compiled from source... if you're new.. it's best to avoid this.. as it can be quite daunting.08:22
KM0201what program did you download  a.tar file for?08:22
pooltableideas1035.tar.bz2 like this how do iinstall it i know how to u zip it08:23
KM0201well, installing it, can be quite comples08:23
KM0201!compile | pooltable08:23
ubottupooltable: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)08:23
KM0201read it and weep08:23
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)08:24
pooltablelot of thing t do to try to get some things t work08:26
pooltablelikw i know blender 2.7.2 is out but not for ubuntu08:27
KM0201pooltable, you sure about that?08:28
KM0201i don't use blender, but i think it has an ubuntu version08:28
KM0201pooltable, not sure about 10.10(as i don't have it running at the moment) but on 11.04, blender is in the repositories08:29
pooltablesorry it is out08:29
KM0201but it looks like its version 2.49.2  ... i imagine you could find a 2.7.2 package for ubuntu if you look around.. probably in a PPA somewhere08:30
pooltablebut some time programs like it i want the new version have and have to wait for it08:30
KM0201pooltable, i could be wrong, but i think me and you are the only ones still awake08:30
pooltableor like sims 3 i can never get it to rum08:30
pooltablei see08:31
KM0201my opinion, if you want to game... your best bet is to dual boot, unless you want to play games that have linux versions08:31
KM0201(which aren't very many)08:31
pooltablethat why i am not even type ing your name08:31
pooltablei know that now08:31
KM0201i do it by habit, cuz i IRC a lot08:31
pooltablei kinda lazy if i do not have to i do not do it fater to just type08:32
elricLcan anyone help me http://askubuntu.com/questions/34997/disk-drive-not-ready-yet-or-not-available08:34
KM0201pooltable, well, like i said, i IRC so much, usually in very busy channels, i just do it instinctively08:34
pooltablekm0201 i see i will try harder to do it what is the faster why to see if i have vlc at the 1.9 version ?08:35
KM0201pooltable, in a terminal    "vlc --ver" don't for get the space, and thats two -08:36
pooltablekm0201 ok is it at 1.1.7 what is the best way to upgrade08:37
KM0201i usually just wait for update manager to update it...08:38
KM0201otherwise, you'll have to go to vlc's website, download the source code and compile it.08:38
KM0201you *might* be able to find an ubuntu package out there for it somewhere08:38
bullgard4System > Preferences > Startup zApplications shows 20 applications asserted. Why does ~/.config/autostart list only 7?08:39
bullgard4System > Preferences > Startup Applications shows 20 applications asserted. Why does ~/.config/autostart list only 7?08:39
pooltablekm0201 how do i skip this : Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-desktop/gnome3-builds/ubuntu/dists/maverick/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz  404  Not Found08:40
KM0201what do you mean how do you skip it?08:41
KM0201i wouldn't skip that, if you're trying to install gnome 308:41
KM0201unless you're just dying to reinstall08:41
pooltablekm0201 i trying to just get update and once it get there is stop08:42
KM0201i have no idea on that one.08:42
pooltablekm0201 on other program like vlc08:42
pooltablekm0201 how about uninstall it  remove it ?08:43
KM0201well fi you're already in the middle of upgrading08:43
KM0201it might be to late.08:43
KM0201weren't you upgrading to 11.0408:43
pooltablekn0201 i am on 10.10 what about this Duplicate sources.list entry http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ maverick/partner i386 Packages (/var/lib/apt/lists/archive.canonical.com_ubuntu_dists_maverick_partner_binary-i386_Packages)08:44
KM0201hang on just a sec pooltable08:44
mns`if you want unity to work well, please don't install the oficial nvidia driver from ubuntu. doing that here made unity run really slow. it was a bad experience. i only could solve that when i installed the 3D support for nouveau in the restricted drivers08:46
mns`now everything is fast here in unity08:47
bullgard4mns`: Did you report this to Launchpad?08:47
mns`not yet, but i will08:48
bullgard4mns`: Great. Thank you.08:48
mns`i'm using the amd64 version of ubuntu here08:48
mns`i'm asleep08:50
mns`tomorrow i'll report08:50
skwashdI'm trying to upgrade from lucid to natty08:50
skwashdit has mostly gone well except the python stuff08:50
skwashdpycompile seems to be broken08:51
bullgard4skwashd: Do not do it in one step. Take the intermediate Maverick step.08:51
skwashdbullgard4, bit late for that now08:51
skwashdit has installed more than half of the packages from natty already08:52
skwashdthis is the output i'm getting http://pastebin.com/JUytRwMU08:52
pooltablehelp update or installed vlc 1.1.9?08:54
KM0201pooltable, are yo using 10.10?08:55
pooltablekm0201 yes \08:55
KM0201scroll down to where it says "install vlc from ppa"08:56
KM0201follow the 3 steps08:56
KM0201i would uninstall vlc first though08:56
KM0201only cuz i'm crazy like that08:56
pooltablekm0201 this one ?08:56
pooltablekm0201 this one ? At your OWN risks, install VLC from PPA08:57
KM0201pooltable, yes08:57
KM0201uninstall vlc.. then follow those 3 steps08:57
KM0201you want the bleeding edge vlc... you'll get it.. problems at and all..lol08:57
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.08:57
KM0201pooltable, unless there's a specific reason you need 1.9, (a 1.6 is not working, and a fix in 1.9 fixes the problem, or something like that) it's really best to just keep the stasble version in Ubuntu08:59
KM0201upgrading "just to upgrade" is a recipe for disaster09:00
pooltablekm0201 keep getting 1.1.7 o well good for me then09:01
KM0201pooltable, why ar eyou so intent on getting 1.9?09:02
KM0201or 1.1.9.. sorry09:02
pooltablejust like to see the difference09:02
KM0201pooltable, no offense, but thats pretty foolish09:03
KM0201thats a good way to brick an install, getting crazy w/ PPAs, etc09:03
pooltablekn0201 i see now i will pass on it09:03
_|pegasus|_i would be glad if i find a difference between 0.9. and 1.1.x ;)09:03
KM0201little late09:03
KM0201_|pegasus|_, lol.. i've not really saw much of a difference in VLC, since I started using it about 4-5yrs ago09:04
pooltablekm0201  same here just some new skins09:04
KM0201barely that09:05
_|pegasus|_KM0201: Try, but i don't really remember 0.7 and later. But in the interface there changed nothing and with deeper config (expert mode on) i were too lazy. It played - that's it.09:05
pooltableok km0201 hadr ware question i looking fo a god under 200 viedo card 2.0 with a pvr and suggestion ?09:06
_|pegasus|_pooltable: The skins are not released with the version. To it: VLC got a security problem. It should be fixed now.09:06
KM0201pooltable, no clue at all.09:06
skwashdbullgard4, fixed it ... installed python2.6-minimal and python-minimal from maverick09:06
pooltablekm0201 ok09:06
bullgard4skwashd: I am glad that you made it.09:06
pooltablekm0201 do you like amd or intell i like amd for the cost09:07
aHardyXHi! Is this the right place to discuss about problems with Unity in beta2?09:07
KM0201pooltable, every PC I've built since an AMD K5, has been AMD09:08
aHardyXThere are no icons in the side toolbar09:08
skwashdbullgard4, not the first time i've killed a box doing a dist-upgrade09:08
KM0201my laptop however, is a Celeron, and thats only because i couldn't build it, and i got a really good deal on it.09:08
KM0201aHardyX, none at all09:11
aHardyXKM0201, nope its blank09:11
aHardyXKM0201, want a screenshot?09:12
pooltablekm0201 i want to get the new one net year the BD i like the 100 3.3 GHZ 6X09:12
KM0201sure, why not09:12
_|pegasus|_aHardyX: I had the same problem but the latest updates fixed it. Ary you up-to-date?09:12
aHardyX_|pegasus|_ yes I am up to date09:13
aHardyXhere is the pic: http://i56.tinypic.com/kal1kw.png09:13
_|pegasus|_aHardyX: File a bug ;)09:13
KM0201aHardyX, yeah, that is a little weird09:14
_|pegasus|_aHardyX: Well, i know rthat. Even there was nothing in the Apps too.09:14
pooltableahardy blank desk top ?09:14
aHardyXpooltable, yeah I don't have anything on it09:15
pooltableahardyx is that the why you want it ?09:15
aHardyXpooltable, what r u talking abt? The desktop or the sidebar?09:16
pooltableahardyx desk top09:16
aHardyXpooltable, yeah its blank because there is nothing in the Desktop folder. This is a fresh installation09:17
pooltableahardyx i see09:18
twagerThe apps icons no now not appear in my sidebar..Tha app shows when I run the mouse over it though...Could it be a  graphics card fault?09:18
aHardyXso How do I file a bug when aport crashes everytime !\09:19
_|pegasus|_aHardyX In terminal: ubuntu-bug <packagename> or if iut has a window: ubuntu-bug -w and point to it09:20
aHardyX_|pegasus|_ and how do i know whether I am using ubity 2d or 3d?09:22
aHardyX_|pegasus|_ unity*09:22
_|pegasus|_aHardyX Unity complains if your graphic accelerator doen't support 3D... Tray it in failsafeX.09:23
aHardyX_|pegasus|_ failsafex brings me back to the old Gnome desktop09:23
aHardyX_|pegasus|_ and I am using Nvidia Geforce FX 5500 AGP card09:24
_|pegasus|_aHardyX: What does Unity tell you if you start up in failsafeX?09:24
aHardyX_|pegasus|_ nothing......it just loads to the old Gnome desktop09:24
_|pegasus|_aHardyX: Okay, then wwe have two much different Natty Beta 2.09:25
aHardyX_|pegasus|_  How is that possible? I downloaded it yesterday and updated it today09:25
aHardyX_|pegasus|_  wait 'll try doing it again! brb09:26
_|pegasus|_aHardyX: Me too. I don't know. My Unity tells me that my graphics hardware doesn't support unity and so on and so on. I get a lot info about that from unity and why it doesn't and why it won't.09:26
quupdoes the kubuntu beta2  64bit mac iso work on non-mac systems as well?09:27
aHardyX_|pegasus|_ ok It gave me an error after loading in failsafeX09:29
_|pegasus|_aHaryX: I looked in ccms - there WAS a plugin with something about 3D in beta 1. But now it is gone...09:30
_|pegasus|_aHardyX: But that all doesn't bring the icons back, right ;)09:31
pooltablewell getting tired here have a nice day to all09:31
aHardyX_|pegasus|_  yeah09:31
pooltablethanks for all the help09:31
_|pegasus|_aHardyX: Files a bug?09:31
aHardyX_|pegasus|_  ok lemme restart into unity again....brb09:32
_|pegasus|_pooltable goes testing vlc ;)09:32
somethingintereshow can I replace the flash player installed through 11.04's software centre with the 10.3 beta "libflashplayer.so"? I run both Chromium and Firefox and only see the file located in the following areas, not in any browser specific location in Chromium's case: http://paste.ubuntu.com/594760/09:33
bhaevshInstalling : http://i.imgur.com/WBGTs.png :)09:35
mongyI know fglrx is unsupported but I just wanna ask if there is anything I can, other than use the 'radeon' driver to fix the tearing.  I can see a new option in ati ccc called tear free, but the downside of it is stuff is quite choppy when its enabled.  Before, in 10.10 all I needed was to enable vsync always on in ccc but I cant get the same effect in 11.04, its either choppy and flicker free or smooth but tearing.09:38
bullgard4System > Preferences > Startup Applications shows 20 applications asserted. Why does ~/.config/autostart list only 7?09:45
=== _human_blip_ is now known as human_blip
incorrectcan you change the size of the icons on unity?09:58
somethinginteresincorrect: you can if you install "Compiz Settings Manager". It is not available off the bat b/c such features are considered beta09:59
incorrectsomethinginteres, ah cool, i think they are a little too big for my netbook and pointlessly huge for when i upgrade my desktop10:01
somethinginteresincorrect: I agree. I changed it myself on installing beta 1. Just search for "ccsm" and look for the Unity section10:01
incorrecti will10:02
incorrecti like my desktops being a one dimensional array not a 2x2 grid, i guess this can be changed too10:03
somethinginteresincorrect: a one dimensional array?10:08
somethinginteresincorrect: ah I see10:08
somethinginteresany way to automount my drives without extra software?10:09
incorrectthat would require something in the kernel i guess10:11
KM0201something there should be, hangon10:15
bhaveshKM0201: omg wow I am installing now and I can see changes happening on my desktop10:16
bhaveshKM0201: things are changes10:16
KM0201somethinginteres, i know there's a way to do it, i'm just not sure how.. i think it involves adding some entries to Fstab10:18
somethinginteresKM0201: I see10:19
KM0201somethinginteres, are they ntfs partitions?10:19
somethinginteresKM0201: one is the other is ext410:19
KM0201i thought disk utility could do it.. but apparently not10:20
somethinginteresKM0201: I'm not even sure about how to easily find the drives through Unity to just get them to mount whenever I opened them10:22
=== Lorthirk is now known as Lorthirk`ZNC
somethinginteresthe other thing I don't know is how to get the "File" etc menu of applications to appear other than mousing over the maximised windows title bar10:23
KM0201somethinginteres, honestly, easiest way... is open your home folder, and you'll see them in the window on the left... just click them, and they'll auto mount10:23
somethinginteresKM0201: thanks10:23
KM0201somethinginteres, this *might* work.. that package is in the repos.. so i'm guessing those instructions should work well.10:23
KM0201i imagine you'd just do the same for your ext4 partition10:24
somethinginteresKM0201: OK thanks10:24
somethinginteresKM0201: any hints on how to get the "file" etc menu to appear without having to mouse over the maximised window's title bar?10:25
KM0201somethinginteres, not a clue.. that's a "feature".. :)10:25
somethinginteresKM0201: brilliant :)10:26
gordonjcpsomethinginteres: you can put it back on the window *where it should be*10:27
gordonjcpsomethinginteres: think you remove/disable indicator-appmenu10:27
KM0201ah, that would make sense10:28
somethinginteresgordonjcp: will look into it10:28
* KM0201 misses the system monitor and force quit panel applets10:28
KM0201why they couldn't add those to indicator applet, i don't know10:28
gordonjcpI miss the weather applet10:29
KM0201gordonjcp, weather applet is easy to reinstall.10:29
gordonjcpKM0201: yeah, but I *shouldn't have to*10:29
KM0201well, now i won't argue w/ that10:29
KM0201gordonjcp, but the new indicator, is way better than the old one.10:30
KM0201gordonjcp, http://www.webupd8.org/2011/01/weather-indicator-lives-on-gets-new-ppa.html10:31
KM0201it'll even do "notifications" of severe weather10:32
somethinginteresI tend to try to get used to any new environment more than I would be happy to make custom changes e.g. removing indicator-appmenu but it just doesn't seem to be conducive to good workflow. Based on the "Default Desktop Experience for 11.04 - User testing results" found at: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-April/032988.html there seems to be a number of user experience issues.10:32
KM0201somethinginteres, i could tell you about my "user experience" w/ kubuntu 11.04 earlier10:33
KM0201now i know why i never use that dreadful OS.10:33
somethinginteresKM0201: I think I might just need to understand the interface more10:35
=== jackneill is now known as Jackneill
KM0201somethinginteres, that could be.. it takes a little gettin used to.10:36
gordonjcpKM0201: can you customise what it thinks is "severe"?10:37
gordonjcpKM0201: if it's anything like the US "Skywarn" types, they reckon a bit of rain and 70mph wind is "severe weather"10:38
KM0201gordonjcp, not sure.. i've not really looked at that, but i donj't think so.10:38
KM0201gordonjcp, we had some pretty serious thunderstorms here tonight, and it didn't alert me.10:38
KM0201allr ight, 6am.. gonna sleep for 4hrs.. then try to stay up till midnight.10:46
KM0201hopefully that will fix my sleep pattern10:46
KM0201later all.10:46
bhaveshKM0201: Installed it :D10:52
bhaveshKM0201: But my docky bar is dead and I dont know where to go to all those System > Preferences stuff10:52
bhaveshhow can I reduce the sidebar size?10:55
bhaveshand where is that setting where I could change my display effects to medium high and very high?10:57
bhaveshok right so I installed ubuntu 11.04 and I messed up with compiz fusion manager11:06
bhaveshI enabled desktop cube11:06
bhaveshand it asked to disable some plugins when I did11:06
bhaveshand now I dont have any bar11:06
bhaveshnot even the window top bar11:06
bhaveshnor the side bar11:06
bhaveshwhat am I supposed to do?11:07
bhaveshhow can I reset unity?11:15
bhaveshI dont have top windo bars....11:15
alpha_unity --replace11:17
alpha_from a terminal11:17
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Tux91hey all11:28
=== Lorthirk is now known as Lorthirk`ZNC
clmnt-jrGood morning, someone can help me to use mobile broadband on  the ubuntu natty beta 2?12:33
ki9aSince updating my beta 1 install to the latest packages X freezes up on boot: http://pastebin.com/9RDJDjND says "NVidia(GPU-0) Failed detecting connected display devices"12:51
ki9ahow do I get it working again?12:51
ki9ait was working fine in b1; and obviously, my screen is attached12:51
ki9a(however both keyboard and mouse do not respond, I see the output from an ssh terminal)12:52
ki9ahow do I get it working again?12:57
=== mwg is now known as kopfkrank
ki9a_hrm. now getting: http://pastebin.com/LXb8diBM13:11
bhaveshanyone here?13:15
bhaveshI still could not bring my window top bar13:15
bhaveshany window I open is without any border and top bar...13:15
mahfrkfolks, how to take the screenshot of Unity dash?13:16
bhaveshI guess there is no application assiged to do that..13:16
bhaveshIm too unhappy with unity13:17
ki9a_you can easily change to gnome-desktop13:17
ki9a_it's an option at login13:17
mongybhavesh, are they opening maximised?13:17
bhavesherr I dont have any login screen13:17
bhaveshthey arent13:17
bhaveshjust they have no borders or top bar13:17
bhaveshI messed up with something in compiz13:18
mongymahfrk, gnome-screenshot and set a delay13:18
bhaveshcan I restore unity somehow?13:18
mongybhavesh, window decoration plugin  in compiz maybe?13:18
bhaveshhmm i'll have to search it now..13:18
bhavesh1 sec13:18
bhaveshmongy, ok I think I got those things back.. still something seems like missing13:20
bhaveshmahfrk, U can get the screenshot thingy by going in compiz manager and enabling screenshot13:20
bhaveshmongy, but still I cant move any window13:21
bhaveshall windows are stuck at their place13:21
mongydoes alt (click and move) work ?13:21
bhaveshno it does not13:22
bhaveshalso my docky bar hangs sometimes :(13:22
mongyidk then13:23
mongyworks (mostly) ok here.13:23
bhaveshany way to restore compiz settings?13:23
mongyprefs in ccsm13:23
mongyrestore defaukt13:23
mahfrkmongy: thanks. it works13:24
timhi all, since both nouveau and nvidia-current are broken for me on 11.04, what is there preferred way to install the nvidia-260 driver?13:26
ki9a_tim: how is nivdia-current broken for you?13:26
Necrosporusnouveau is better, you may want to fix13:27
timki9a_: nvidia-current freezes the whole machine, when launching gdb/kdb13:27
ki9a_tim: curious. I have the exact same here since upgrading 1 or 2 days ago13:27
timNecrosporus: nouveau crashes when i start tk applications13:27
yofeltim: nvidia 260 does not work with X-Server 1.1013:27
yofelonly 27013:27
ki9a_apparently, the latest driver or kernel or X server is convinced I have no screen; [    47.540] (EE) NVIDIA(GPU-0): Failed detecting connected display devices13:28
yofeltim: if it crashes you should add a report on http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/forumdisplay.php?f=1413:28
vegahttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2011-April/032988.html "5/11 participants (P2, P3, P5, P9, P10, P11) crashed Unity during their hour of testing."13:28
vegasounds promising..13:28
yofelNecrosporus: nouveau is at least as ba13:29
bhaevshAlright now the windows move and I got top bar13:29
yofelfor me - worse13:29
bhaevshbut all other things are missing13:29
Necrosporustim, have you filled a bug report?13:29
bhaevshthe side bar and top bar of unity13:29
NecrosporusNouveau is _much_ better, because it doesn't break the entire security of the System13:29
NecrosporusIt's free software13:30
yofelNecrosporus: then get someone to fix freedesktop bug 26980 so I can actually *use* it13:30
timNecrosporus:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/65947313:30
ki9a_Necrosporus: that'd be fun if it actually worked.13:30
ubottuFreedesktop bug 26980 in Driver/nouveau "NVA3 / NVA5 / NVA8 / NVAF (GT2xx/GT3xx) with nouveau: random GPU lockups" [Major,New] http://bugzilla.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2698013:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 659473 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "gitk crashes entire X session" [Undecided,New]13:30
bhaevshmy ubuntu crashed after I restored defaukts -__-13:30
timNecrosporus: unfortunately it hasn been worked on for almost 6 months :(13:30
bhaevshand now I dont have any bar13:30
bhaevshI am really really unhappy with unity13:31
ki9a_there are few people that actually like unity13:32
ki9a_except those that wrote it13:32
bhaevshwait a sec, there was something where I could set up the low medium and high settings.... where are they?13:33
bhaevshthe high added effects like swinging windows...13:34
bhaevshit was in appearence13:34
bhaevshnow it isnt...?13:34
Necrosporustim, have you tried the SVN version?13:34
timNecrosporus: svn of nouveau?13:34
NecrosporusBest solution, however, I suppose, is to by an ATI card and throw out nvidia13:34
NecrosporusOr sell13:35
timNecrosporus: frankly, i am getting too old for this!13:35
Necrosporustim, yep, svn of nouveau13:35
bhaevshubutnu should've supported nvidia..13:35
timNecrosporus: the binary nvidia driver did a hell of a job for the last two years ... i cannot say this for any ati card i ever had13:35
NecrosporusNatty seem working well with Radeon HD 547013:35
bhaevshalright i've decided to get GNOME313:35
bhaevshhow can I?13:35
bhaevshfrom 11.0413:35
bhaevshthere is no login screen btw13:36
ki9a_gnome3 under ubuntu 11.04 is so unstable its' not woth it13:36
ki9a_but gnome2 works fine13:36
Necrosporusnvidia should support free software by releasing specifications like AMD does13:36
ki9a_statements like that are completely useless if you already HAVE nvidia hardware13:37
Necrosporuski9a_, I had some nvidia card, but when I started to use GNU/Linux, I have replaced it with ATI card13:37
bhaevshki9a_ so if I get gnome2 now then can I upgrade to gnome3 lateR?13:37
ki9a_bhaevsh: once it becomes stable you can do aynthing you want really13:38
ki9a_there ARE packages btw13:38
ki9a_i tried them last week13:38
NecrosporusAnd now I can use 3D on my computer without breaking its security13:38
ki9a_crashes all around13:38
bhaevshis there any way to reduce the size of my unity's sidebar?13:38
ki9a_if you want that, there are guides on google, "ubuntu 11.04 gnome3"13:38
bhaevshwhen I click search button the black box appears over the whole screen13:38
timNecrosporus: i have been using ati, nvidia and intel cards. i cannot say that any of them worked perfectly13:38
ki9a_i have an iMac, with nvidia card13:39
ki9a_worked perfectly until beta213:39
yofelNecrosporus: still doesn't help if you have a notebook with an nvidia chip. And the driver works reasonably fine13:39
Silkerbhaevsh, try the opposite of this: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/03/quick-tip-enable-full-screen-dash-in-natty-desktop/13:39
timNecrosporus: however for the last 2 years i didn't have any issues with my nvidia card13:39
ki9a_i'm not going to blame nvidia for something ubuntu broke13:39
yofeland I'm *not* going to try svn/git snapshots of my graphics driver13:39
yofelif anything that's the distros job13:39
timNecrosporus: is there any packaged version of nouveau?13:40
bhaevshSilker: ty :)13:40
ki9a_interesting. the only reference to the XOrg.0.log error I get (NVIDIA(GPU-0): Failed detecting connected display devices) is the pastebin I did half an hour ago13:41
bhaevshwell so I cannot get swinging windows effect again?13:41
yofeltim: in xorg-edgers maybe13:41
bhaevshthat was in appearence set to very high?13:41
Necrosporusyofel, then you should not have bought such a notebook. If you can't buy another, you hovever, can use nouveau13:42
yofeltim: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa13:42
yofelNecrosporus: with nouveau I can't use any compositing or my GPU locks up as I said.13:42
timNecrosporus: unless you use xinerama and tk :(13:42
Necrosporustim, there is xorg-edgers PPA, it work fine with 10.10 and gives 3D on Radeon HD547013:43
NecrosporusWith 11.04 3D works by default13:44
timNecrosporus: i *am* on 11.04 ... 3d works, tk doesn't13:44
Necrosporustim, I suppose, it is fixable, however, I'd prefer to buy another videocard or laptop in such case13:45
yofelyou maybe, we others are going to stick to the nvidia driver13:45
NecrosporusAlso, if such a laptop comes with nvidia card, it is possibly replaceable13:46
ki9a_runlevel 3 it is13:46
ki9a_Ubuntu is broken and the suggestion here is to replace your graphics card13:46
Necrosporuski9a_, nvidia is broken13:46
Necrosporusit doesn't release specs13:47
ki9a_while for some that might be a sore issue13:47
timNecrosporus: 10.10 was not broken, 11.04 is broken13:47
ki9a_i really don't care about it if it was working earlier.13:47
Necrosporustim, than you may downgrade the driver, X or whole distro13:49
lcbhow about blaming Xorg... instead of mass criticizing 11.0413:49
bhaevshis gnome2 already installed in 11.04 but disabled?13:49
bhaevshI want gnome2 back13:50
bhaevshfrom unity13:50
NecrosporusI don't like Unity. Is it at least possible to bring main menus back under window title?13:50
arandbhaevsh: Login to ubuntu classic session13:50
Necrosporusbhaevsh, it is13:50
lcbNecrosporus, yes13:50
timNecrosporus: sure13:50
NecrosporusHow to?13:50
bhaevsharand: now whats a classic session?13:50
Necrosporusbhaevsh, gnome2 session13:51
bhaevsharand: I dont get any login screen btw13:51
arandlogout, click username, select ubuntu classic13:51
timNecrosporus: and i might have to, but introducing a regression and asking people to use the old version is not really user friendly13:51
Necrosporusbhaevsh, disable autologin. sudo gdmconfig13:51
arandWell if not, you've set it to autologin13:51
bhaevshyes I have set it to autologin13:51
Necrosporustim, only Slackware is user friendly enough, ubuntu is not13:51
bhaevshsudo gdmconfig not found x_x13:52
arandbhaevsh: I've told you how... And that is not what I said..13:52
Necrosporussudo gdmsetup13:52
timNecrosporus: thanks for the hint, i will switch13:52
Necrosporustim, wait for 13.37, it's coming soon. 13.1 is fairly old13:53
timNecrosporus: great, then it will probably still support the nvidia driver :P13:54
bhaevsharand: I cant even logout....13:54
Necrosporustim, do you really want to possess your system to great security risk?13:55
Necrosporusnoone can check what does binary-only software do, so it's extremely dangerous to use13:56
NecrosporusAnd if it work on kernel level it is several times more dangerous13:56
timNecrosporus: sure ... my nvidia card will transform into a monster and kill me, while i am sleeping13:57
timNecrosporus: this argument is the old FUD13:58
Necrosporusit's worse, it may compromise your private data without letting you know, or turn your computer into zombie13:58
Necrosporustim, it's not food, noone knows, what does that proprietary bits do13:59
timNecrosporus: i have head many people saying, that it kills the latency and possibly ruins your worst-case scheduling latency13:59
timNecrosporus: however i have been able to achieve worst-case scheduling latencies of approximately 10 microseconds13:59
timNecrosporus: to compare - enabling hyperthreading increases the scheduling latency to about 250 us.14:00
Necrosporustim, what are you talking about?14:04
timNecrosporus: the binary nvidia driver and how people spread FUD about it14:05
Necrosporustim, can you proof the driver is sane?14:06
NecrosporusEvery proprietary software is dangerous, not only nvidia driver14:06
DaekdroomIf people found out the nvidia binary driver was dangerous, they'd be fried, really.14:07
NecrosporusAdobe Flash for example is14:07
* tim doesn't have time for this discussion any more14:07
DaekdroomAnd it isn't much different from people who install opensource software without checking the source cod.e14:07
* tim would like to see a formal proof of correctness of the linux kernel14:08
NecrosporusAt least it is possible to check it. so it's just dangerous, but proprietary software is not, so it is _extremely_ dangerous14:08
timNecrosporus: have a nice afternoon14:08
lcbso being the main complaint about Natty the "missing" Gnome  menu let's try finding it...14:08
lcbGo to Applications | Themes & Tweaks | Startup Applications | Add -> Namme: Bottom Gnome Panel ; Command: gnome-panel ; Comment: This is my Gnome pacifier | (then) On the panel click Properties and besides 'Hide' arrange the menus in a way that do not overlap Natty's. From here you can play a lot with it.14:09
lcband voila... Necrosporus , try that14:09
lcbhi BUGabundo14:09
Necrosporuslcb, I'm talking about menu like file, edit...14:11
lcbi don't get it..14:12
NecrosporusWindow menu, not gnome menus14:12
NecrosporusCurrently it only appear on mouse hover upper panel14:12
NecrosporusHow to bring it back where it should be in normal gnome?14:13
lcbif you do what i wrote then, after adding the pannel you'll have the option to add items, including the "tree" menu14:13
Necrosporuslcb, are you talking about Application menu of default gnome 2?14:14
NecrosporusIt's not what I am talking about14:14
DaekdroomNecrosporus, as far as I know, you can't disable that.14:14
NecrosporusSo, natty is fail. MacOS style menus is ugly as mac os itself14:15
adrian_kxcan i ask questions about kubuntu here?14:15
lcbkubuntu natty14:15
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aguitelhow install gnome 3 in natty ?14:16
adrian_kxati package is still broken in beta2?14:16
adrian_kxjokey reports failed deps ia32 libs14:16
bhaevshI am installing GNOME3 on 11.04 hope all works good14:16
adrian_kxin plain ubuntu14:16
adrian_kxdidnt try kubuntu beta yet14:16
adrian_kxgnome3 its not safe14:17
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are _experimental_, _unstable_ and may break your system.14:17
adrian_kxand plus its faulty ugly touchscreen interface:)14:17
lcbas is not safe install whatever is not with natty by default, until final release14:17
bhaevshok I canceled it... gnome2 is ok for now14:17
bhaevshmy unitys sidebar looks ugly14:18
bhaevshits huge14:18
bhaevshreally huge14:18
adrian_kxi like natty classic desktop14:18
bhaevshwith gnome2 ?14:18
lcbbhaevsh,  do the failsafeX thing and select defaults14:18
adrian_kxits gnome 214:18
bhaevshwhats failsafeX?14:18
adrian_kxjust use ubuntu classic at login screen14:18
bhaevshI did the same14:19
bhaevshI like unity but it just has a huge sidebar..14:19
minashokryhello, I am trying to install ubuntu 11.04 on dell xps 15 but I get a kernel panic when boting the live CD14:19
bhaevshis failsafeX a command?14:19
aguiteladrian_kx, what is the difference between unity and gnome 3 ?14:19
=== cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline
adrian_kxthey are 2 different projects14:20
ubottuUnity is a shell for GNOME, but it is not GNOME-shell. See http://unity.ubuntu.com and http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/10/31/unity-some-further-clarification-points/ for more information. Have a question, check http://askubuntu.com/questions/tagged/unity14:20
adrian_kxnothing in common14:20
adrian_kxunity is base on old gnome214:20
lcbminashokry, do the checksum on the iso | try burning the iso at slow speed14:20
adrian_kxits based14:20
bhaevshomg gnome3 has more HUGE icons, fairly for touchscreens and not for desktops :(14:20
adrian_kxits fun tho:)14:21
adrian_kxto see how ppl try to inovate14:21
aguiteladrian_kx, when gnome 3 become in 11.10 it replace unity ?14:21
bhaevshyea... they shuold've kept netbook edidion seperate14:21
adrian_kx11.10 will have unity by default14:21
lcbin fack, Unity layout is a short way to go for touchscreens machines too14:22
adrian_kxsays mark14:22
aguitelunity is only in ubuntu distro14:22
bhaevshnope they will have gnome3..14:22
adrian_kxhavent tryied kde in ages:)14:22
minashokrylcb, I don't think this is the problem, I burnt the CD with a slower older machine, also when I changed hard drive from ahci to ata, it could pass the kernel panic but then gives a message that can't find a medium containing live file system14:22
aguitelfor example, fedora 15 will have gnome 314:22
lcb11.04 adrian_kx14:22
yofelcan we move this discussion to after UDS-O? Then we'll defenitely know what it'll have14:22
adrian_kxnow that gnome 3 and unity are aiming for desktop lots of ppl will experiment diferent spins of ubuntu:P14:23
yofelif you've got arguments to make you can surely participate over IRC again this time14:23
bhaevshthey should make games for ubuntu14:24
arandyofel: when's uds this time, july something?14:24
bazhang!ot | bhaevsh14:24
ubottubhaevsh: #ubuntu+1 handles support for the development version of Ubuntu.  Please join #ubuntu for all other Ubuntu support.  Chat in #ubuntu-offtopic.14:24
lcbminashokry, as far as i know, there is no issues like your. so .. that's why i think is an image issue14:24
yofelno, in may14:24
bhaevshok sorry14:24
ubottuThe Ubuntu Developer Summit will be held between May 9th - 13th in Budapest, Hungary - See http://uds.ubuntu.com/ for more details14:24
yofelpretty soon actually14:24
minashokrylcb, I did an error check from k3b after I burnt the image and it was ok14:25
minashokrylcb, may I have better luck if I tried to install it from a USB instead of a CD?14:25
lcbminashokry, then, probably, turn your bios to defaults.14:25
bhaevshwont I be able to use 3d cube or swinging effects in 11.04?14:26
adrian_kxu can14:26
bhaevshif I enable them I get errors, half screen goes blank..14:26
adrian_kxits the same as 10.10 if u stick to classic desktop14:26
arandCube won't work with unity though I think14:26
bhaevshit doesn't even work in gnome2..14:26
adrian_kxbeta2 has more breakeage than beta1 had14:26
lcbminashokry, you can try usb. i suggest unetbootin for that.14:26
adrian_kxlooks like many things are regressing14:27
minashokrylcb, I just received this new machine and changed nothing in bios, except what I said14:27
yofelfolks, if you have issues, please file bugs so you have a chance that the issue will be fixed14:27
lcbminashokry, ohh. ok. try "burning" an usb. with unetbootin14:27
bhaevshok im going to... there are a lot of them14:27
adrian_kxyofel i reported my bugs now i just have to wait to be fixed14:27
minashokrylcb, ok will try .... thanks14:28
adrian_kxstill 2 weeks till stable14:28
BluesKajHowdy folks14:28
arandAlterntively, fix them yourself ;)14:28
lcbor as a neighbor14:28
adrian_kxfor my dam thinkpad ede 13 amd based its a big improvement natty 11.0414:28
adrian_kxanyone managed to get videoaccelaration to work with ati blob on hd3200 igp?14:29
lcbsee..... a happy customer14:29
adrian_kxcatalyst +xvba using vlc works?14:30
adrian_kxif anyone knows paste me a link to a howto14:30
ki9a_how do I switch to default to runlevel 3?14:43
ki9a_or more exactly14:44
ki9a_I don't want to start X ?14:44
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode14:44
bazhangki9a_, ^14:44
ki9a_bazhang: thanks!14:46
slestakus the usb-creator.exe on beta2 a known issue?14:47
slestaki can select the iso, and the usb stick, but the Make Startup Disk button is not selectable14:48
ki9a_bazhang: that doesn't look up to date for 11.0414:49
ki9a_menu.lst doesn't exist for one14:49
bazhangki9a_, right, shift to get to grub2 menu14:50
eruditehermithey, can anyone help me get edge scrolling, middle mouse click and two finger scrolling working? They appear in mouse settings but when I try to use them, it doesn't work14:50
bazhangki9a_, at boot14:50
ki9a_bazhang: yeah but i want to change it permanently; X is broken atm and it freezes my screen14:52
bazhangki9a_, you mean you want a permanent cli environment?14:53
ki9a_until ubuntu is fixed yes; this imac has no switch for the screen, so I can't turn it off when the thing freezes14:53
bazhangaha right14:54
bazhangthen stop gdm I suppose14:54
ki9a_how can I do that?14:54
ki9a_I don't want to damage it permanently14:54
thewallHi all, just upgraded to natty, my SD card doesn't show up when I insert it, I have to reboot with the card in so as to see it on my desktop..should it not pick it up as soon as I plug it in?14:54
ki9a_i'm used to suse; where I could use chkconfig14:55
bazhangusing upstart?14:56
ki9a_update-rc.d gdm disable14:57
lcbthewall, hmm with the SD inserted update and upgrade your system. also run the 'Additional Drivers'14:58
thewallso thats sudo apt-get update?14:58
lcband sudo apt-get upgrade14:59
thewallok, I'll give it a whirl 'with' the sd card in the drive.14:59
lcbdo also sudo apt-get dist-upgrade . by that order15:00
thewallit says it is unable to lock the administration directory?15:01
thewallanother process might be using it?15:01
lcbthewall, close synaptic15:02
bullgard4Why does update-notifier need so much resident memory? (10,9 MiB)15:03
thewallit says 0  upgraded, 0 newly installed ?15:03
bullgard4!enter | thewall15:04
ubottuthewall: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:04
lcbthewall, then try rebooting... i don't know if that will load the necessary files. give it a try15:04
thewallwhat do u mean !enter?15:05
lcb:) nevermind15:06
lcbhe's talking with the bot15:06
lcb!you_can_leave bullgard415:07
lcbbullgard4, mine is at 2,7 MiBs15:10
bullgard4I consider 2,7 MiB also too much RAM consumption for this minor task.15:12
lcbubuntuone-syncdaemon 19,7 MiB . time to kill it´15:12
lcbmy chromium takes a lot. sot so much as firefox though15:13
lcbwhen final is out i might kill permanently those procs15:15
lcbupdate-n and ubuntu115:16
lcbthere is no reason indeed of having that constantly pulling recourses15:17
lcbresources too15:17
apersondoes the installer still leave /home/ mostly intact?15:25
lcball of it, not "mostly"15:28
lcbaperson, this is a beta release, so you should make a backup of everything15:28
lcbthat means, /home/ would be intact if the computer is not messed up, after upgrading15:29
apersonlcb↳ I have no plans on using betas, I'm only asking because I know the installer has changed since I last installed15:29
lcbdid it mess /home then?15:30
apersonno, but that was with the old installer15:30
lcbit's necessary to be careful with /home and /usr15:31
lcband /etc...15:31
apersonand I what I had meant by 'mostly' was that it *does* alter some configuration files (which is to be expected)15:31
apersonlcb↳ I'm aware15:31
apersonI don't need advice, I just wanted to know if the installer still behaves as it used to15:32
apersonanyways, thanks15:32
lcbaperson, no-one complained yet, i believe15:32
lcbonly interface complaints, mostly :)15:32
apersonI know this may not be the right place to ask for this one, but does kubuntu use the same installer? it's been a few releases since I've tried them15:33
thewallhi, me again, the SD card works from the desktop now..thnx; I was looking at my gnome version, it is 2.32, yet I am sure I saw a version 3, is this good for 11.04?15:34
lcbgreat, thewall15:34
bazhangfrom the ppa?15:34
thewallfrom gnome website I think15:35
bazhangthere's a ppa too15:35
thewallbut it's no good for natty yet?15:36
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.15:36
bazhangno PPA are good, this one especially15:36
thewallexcellent, I've not used ubuntu much, only installed it a week ago :(15:37
thewallbeen a disgruntled windoze user for many years now...I can imagine now why they think ubuntu (all linux operating systems) is a threat to they mega-monopoly15:38
lcbwindows is good too15:39
lcbwe can all live together15:39
KM0201thewall, the reality is, it's not... you still have to convince the masses, and honestly... Ubuntu still lacks some hardware support that even the average desktop user will require (printers mainly)15:40
=== cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk
KM0201if you can get them to try it... you're usually ok.. but getting them there is tough15:40
thewallone can imagine it is, I was a little confused at first as to the differences, such as the tar.gz's etc but it is a learning curve and the more subscribe to it the better it will become.15:41
AaronCampbellI have a Dell Laptop that I've been running 10.10 on for a awhile (it's an older laptop, a few years old).  I decided to upgrade to 11.04 since it's beta 2.15:41
BluesKajwell, maybe W7 is the besr so far , the networking is too W7 proprietary , even XP and vista machines have difficulty with the homegroup thing15:41
thewallfunny u should mention that, my windows 7 has problems connecting where upon ubuntu is there immediately15:42
KM0201thewall, it can be done, but these people who install linux on someones machine, and then say "it's easy, here you go"... they do more of a disservice than a service15:42
AaronCampbellUnfortunately, every time I log in to unity or even "classic" gnome it freezes.  The mouse still works and ctrl+alt+f1-7 work, but that's it15:43
AaronCampbellIf I log into the "safe mode" it seems that things work fine15:43
BluesKajKM0201, printes and wifi..think wifi has more probs in my experience15:43
KM0201BluesKaj, wifi has gotten infinitely better though...15:43
lcbAaronCampbell, did you install 'Additional Drivers'?15:43
KM0201i mean, *most* wifi devices, will work out of the box, or w/ very little trouble (I've got atheros devices, and they all work out of the box)15:44
thewallu would think more the wifi in my experience, printer is good for my epson but then again is ubuntu ;)15:44
cryptkmy typical route is to install it on their machine, set up grub to boot to windows by default... give them an hour or two primer and then tell them to go play!15:44
KM0201now when i first got my laptop about 5-6yrs ago, my wireless didn't work, then it worked, but required some driver patching, by 9.04, it was working out of the box (started w/ 8.04)15:44
cryptkthen they can use it whenever they want to, play around, try it out, if they break it, no big deal, just re-install (at first)15:44
cryptkthen later when they break it, teach them how to fix it15:44
BluesKajKM0201,  yeah thank the gods , because fooling with wpa_supplicant on my other desktop (belkin ralink usb ) for 4 hrs yesterday was a test of my patience15:45
AaronCampbelllcb: During the upgrade?  I don't think so.  With the original install?  I'm honestly not sure.  If I remember correctly everything pretty much "just worked" with the original 10.10 install15:45
thewallhehe..I installed on a friends computer and he is getting along so far, I run into problems but I like to try and find the answers, he sort of relies on me to help him out15:45
KM0201BluesKaj, ouch... which belkin? i've got a belkin USB, that is plug n play.... I plug it in, about 10sec later, I see networks and connect (to wpa, wep, wpa2, etc.)15:46
cryptkI have had about a 70% conversion rate with people that I show it to15:46
cryptkmost of them go dual boot with a windows primary for the first year or so15:46
thewallthat is excellent surely?15:46
KM0201cryptk, which is honestly pretty smart.15:46
lcbAaronCampbell, do this:  CTRL +ALT + F2 | sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get check && sudo reboot. WAIT15:47
KM0201taking someone off windows cold turkey, is a recipe for them to reinstalll windows 2hrs after you leave15:47
cryptkand they slowly start getting more and more angry at windows when they know they have something that works just as well (but actually better) that was free15:47
cryptkand yet they paid good money for blue screens15:47
thewallmine is dual boot at the mo but I am hoping to get rid soon, once I've got the basics out of the way that is15:47
cryptklcb, wouldn't going sudo -i be easier... lol15:47
BluesKajKM0201, I hate to admit it but the kde networkmanager doesn't do well with usb wifi and neither does wicd15:48
cryptkI am a professionally paid linux admin... I still dual boot15:48
KM0201BluesKaj, hmm, i don't use KDE, so i can't comment on that.15:48
AaronCampbelllcb: Would it be acceptable for me to do all but the reboot one at from the terminal to see what they do?15:48
cryptkgranted my linux install is definitely primary, but windows is there for things that just don't work well in wine15:48
thewallthat is the emulator right?15:48
cryptkAaronCampbell, yep, you can split them up at the &&'s, that is just a bunch of commands strung together15:49
KM0201thewall, i'd recommend at least 6mo... there's no hurry, keep windows as your "fall back" in case there's something you really need, and you just can't figure it out.  Windows allows you to do it, while you investigate how to get it working in linux15:49
AaronCampbellcryptk: I saw that, just making sure there wasn't a reason they all all needed to be run in immediate succession15:49
cryptknope, linux won't care one bit if you break them up15:49
thewallthnx, good advice, I don't want to drop myself into the fire just yet ;)15:50
KM0201i dual booted for a long time, then nuked all my pc's laptops to Linux, I have  a small Virtual XP, that I use to sync Ipods and Zunes (via shared folders that are hosted on my linux boxes)... and it honestly works great15:50
lcbAaronCampbell, then, when the machine is booting press SHIFT after the BIOS messages (before grub loads)) and select recovery. Wait a bit and you'll get a menu. select CLEAN, then, DPKG, then GRUB, then failsafeX. On failsafeX select the option to fix and then default. click CANCEL and then RESTART X. reboot again.15:50
KM0201i boot Virtual XP about 2-3x a month.15:50
BluesKajKM0201, what desktop do you recommend in Ubuntu 11.04 , nvidia 7600gt onboard so desktop effects etc isn't aprob for my older desktop15:50
KM0201BluesKaj, honestly, Unity is really growing on me.... i've always been a fan of Gnome Classic... but made an effort when I put 11.04 on my laptop, to try unity.. and i'm liking it.15:51
cryptkBluesKaj, matter of personal opinion15:51
lcbAaronCampbell, some of the commands and selections i wrote are abbreviated. but you'll see it when you get there.15:51
cryptksome people like unity, others KDE, I myself am liking Gnome315:51
KM0201BluesKaj, i have always, ALWAYS hated KDE.... i tried it yesterday on a live USB... and I still feel like i need some alcohol to get over it.15:51
AaronCampbelllcb: Thanks...trying now15:52
KM0201cryptk, gnome 3 trashed my laptop... ended up having to reinstall.. if that is the direction Gnome is going, I'll be switching to Xfce or Lxde15:52
bjsniderkde...driving people to drink for over 10 years15:52
cryptkKM0201, I think that is a PEBKAC issue15:52
ali12341do you want a desktop that's pretty but limited, or functional but ugly? choose your poison...15:52
arandKM0201: PPA?15:52
KM0201cryptk, negative.. kept locking up.15:52
KM0201arand, thats the only way to get it isn't it?15:52
cryptklocking up != trashed15:52
BluesKajKM0201, right , I looked at Unity ..nice "look" ...being an old windows guy I still like the kde "look" for my main computer ")\15:52
arandYes, but still...15:52
cryptkand locking up doesn't exclude PEBKAC15:52
KM0201cryptk, well, when i log in, and the machine just stops...lol (well except for once, but it froze as soon as i started the browser)... i'd say it excludes pebkac15:53
arandKM0201: It is likely down to crappy/complicated packaging. So I would not judge gnome3 on it15:53
KM0201arand, i'll give you that...15:53
AaronCampbelllcb: the net result for the first set of commands what 0 upgraded 0 installed 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded15:53
arandIf you run F15 or Osuse, then that's some basis for judgement I guess..15:54
cryptkyep, it isn't necessarially YOU who committed the PEBKAC... but gnome3 as a whole has been great to me, every issue I have had I have been able to directly attribute to the PPA15:54
delachey, how to make usb sticks automount? so that the show in launcher at insertion.15:54
lcbAaronCampbell, good. it's just to play on the safe side15:54
KM0201delac, they don't already?... i just plugged in my USB drive, and it done exactly that, auto mounted, and showed up in the launcher.15:55
delacKM0201: hmmmmm.....15:55
lcbAaronCampbell, if that doesn't work go to 'Additional Drivers' and remove the display ones, until 11.04 final release is out15:55
lcbAaronCampbell, and repeat the process, btw15:55
bjsniderdelac, check what dmesg says when you plug the jump drive in15:56
thewallI like the colourful bubbly look, so gnome for me ;)15:56
lcbtime for a coffee and some sun15:57
delacbjsnider: the stick will show in the nautilus menu, but it is not automatically mounted. the dmesg just states that15:57
AaronCampbelllcb: in the "failsafeX" you want me to choose "Reconfigure Graphics"?15:57
lcbAaronCampbell, yes, then select default configuration15:57
* cryptk loves his cloudkick15:58
lcbAaronCampbell, i have to leave. just follow my suggestions to see if works. don't forget the last one, .. removing the proprietary driver for graphivs in case still doesn't work15:59
delacok, should i enable /apps/nautilus/preferences/media_automount or /desktop/gnome/volume_manager/automount_media?15:59
AaronCampbelllcb: Thanks.  Not sure where to do that, but I'll find it if this first thing doesn't work15:59
lcbgraphivs = graphics (in TypEnglish)15:59
* cryptk loves this thing... https://www.cloudkick.com/viz/nasadmin/16:00
lcbAaronCampbell, on classic desktop, Preferences then Additional Drivers. On unity on Applicatios | Themes & Tweaks16:00
cryptkmost awesome server stat visualization ever16:01
AaronCampbelllcb: Thanks because it's still not working.  Still mouse and ctrl+alt+f_ works16:01
AaronCampbellOn Unity everything LOOKS like it should work, but nothing can be clicked, etc.  On Classic the bottom and top bars don't load but the desktop and icons do...nothing can be clicked.16:02
lcbAaronCampbell,  :( reboot after any changes, don't forget. keep trying. Xorg do not accept some old hardware, so i don't know if it's your case.16:02
delacI gues it is the nautilus one. what is this volume-manager anyway? there doesnt seem to be one in maveric.16:02
lcbAaronCampbell, change to another mouse. i had some issue where that worked16:03
AaronCampbelllcb: Laptop == built in trackpad16:03
lcbattach a mouse16:04
lcbhave to leave, cya16:04
BluesKajI don't understand what's so ugly about kde , I prefer an uncluttered desktop, http://imagebin.org/14854216:04
ceed^I have two laptops, on with nvidia graphics and one with intel. Why does the boot screens look much better on the Intel one than the nvidia one? The U logo never even shows on the nvidia one, it's just s serier of flashing screens with some dots on it.16:05
thewallv nice16:05
ceed^BluesKaj, I do not think KDE i ugly, but it always seems more unstable to me. I've tried all version and there's always something that not working right.16:06
eQualehello. pls where do i find and activate libreoffice quickstart? i have kubuntu natty installed out of the box, and 1. it works perfectly except 2. libreoffice, which starts agelong and 3. option to turn on quickstarter is not there in memory settings16:07
drcAaronCampbell: Are you trying to "click" by tapping the touchpad, if so check to see that "tapping" is enabled in your mouse configuration.16:07
bjsniderceed^, because the nvidia driver has no kms support. if you used the nouveau driver the boot screens would look the same16:07
eQualeBluesKaj: moin :)16:07
ceed^bjsnider, how does the nouveau driver compate to the non-free one?16:08
KM0201BluesKaj, i consider kde hideous16:08
BluesKajceed^, yeah, right now it's the network manager /wifi , altho i use ethernet , the kde wifi is not workable with chips other than atheros it seems16:08
ceed^BluesKaj, There was a time I liked to fix broken stuff, but now Linux is my work platform. It has to work, and it has to work right now. Gnome has been good in that way. We'll see how Unity fares in this regard! :)16:09
bjsniderceed^, it has no immediate or stable opengl support which means no compositing, no unity, no 3d etc. but you can add the libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental package to see if those features work on your hardware and don't lock it up16:10
cryptkBluesKaj, this is un-cluttered http://i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb50/crypt1029/Screenshot.png16:10
thewallthats weird, i've just put the ppa in my update manager but it isn't picking gnome3 up?16:10
cryptkthewall, did you reload packages?16:10
thewallyep sure did16:11
bjsniderthewall, if you're going to try gnome3, you'd better be aware that switching back to unity or classic gnome afterwards has proven to be unsuccessful for some16:11
ceed^bjsnider, guess I'll live with it then. I seem to remember there was a fix for tis for Linux mint using the framebuffer to render the boot screens. Wonder if there's such a solution for Ubuntu?16:11
bjsnideroh who cares about the boot screen?16:11
BluesKajceed^, kde has always been a challenge , I'm in a home environment so no pressure , but i understand your situation and the need for a workable setup16:11
bjsnideri mean really, it's over in a few seconds16:11
delacthewall: select only the gnome3 ppa. your indexer might not have done its job yet16:12
AaronCampbellThere was in fact an "Additional Driver" It's an NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver16:12
cryptkwait... there is a boot screen with a logo? lol16:12
cryptkI never see it16:12
thewallok, will deselect the rest and try that16:12
delacthewall: no16:12
delacthewall: did not mean that16:12
cryptkmy comp starts... BIOS... Raid Controller... Grub... Login window....16:12
delacthewall: I meant in synaptic16:12
cryptkI never get to see all the plymouth fanciness, lol16:13
thewallooer...opps my bad :(16:13
delacthewall: look packages that are in gnome3 ppa16:13
delacthewall: dont use  the search16:13
BluesKajcryptk, ok , not my taste , but I'll agree16:13
delacthewall: the quicksearch16:13
delacthewall: normal search should find the gnome316:13
bjsnidercryptk, some peopleonly want to see the boot screen. they don't care what happens afterwards i guess16:13
thewalloh right, I see, I did use quicksearch16:13
cryptkBluesKaj, that's stock Gnome3 and conky16:14
eQualefolks, could you pls advise me how to speed up the hangy start of libreoffice and/or enable the quickstarter?16:14
cryptkbjsnider, I never see it... mine go's from grub to login screen in about a second16:14
cryptkmeh, whatever16:14
thewallu have libreoffice in natty, working?16:14
eQualeyep, just starts for about a minute16:15
BluesKajcryptk, the desktop wallpaper was taken 15mi from my location.16:15
thewallI read that it was not ready for release in natty yet?16:15
delacI gues it's libreoffice. haven't looked at it much16:15
KM0201is anyone else having trouble out of ubuntus' imagebin?.. it shows the image for like 5sec, then it goes away16:16
eQualeand I cannot help it on my own, and I actually don't have the option to enable quickstarter16:16
delacthewall: they are libre16:16
BluesKajKM0201, if it was my url , the pic is 2mib , probly too large to load16:17
thewallI see, was a little concerned thats all16:17
eQualeany ideas?16:17
KM0201BluesKaj, well, mine is only 698k, and it's been doing that the last few days to me16:17
eQualewhat is the package for quickstarter?16:17
BluesKajKM0201, ok16:17
KM0201hmm, reloading the page seems to have fixed it.16:18
delacthewall: concerned about what?16:18
bjsniderconcerned about libreoffice16:18
thewallthat libre was supposed to be coming out in natty as oppsed to openoffice?16:19
thewallor I am wrong?16:19
bjsniderhis frantic probing makes it seem as if, to him, it's a life or death issue16:19
bjsniderlibreoffice is already in natty,, and it works16:19
cryptkyes, libre in natty16:19
cryptkit is in there, it runs, it works16:19
thewallthan why is mine openoffice?16:19
bjsnidercryptk, repeat it again16:19
cryptkit is in there, it runs, it works?16:20
BluesKajI wish ppl wouldn't use the flash based pastebin page cuz I can't read the fonts on my 42" monitor , they won't zoom16:20
delacthewall: ?16:20
BluesKajKM0201, nice desktop btw :)16:20
thewallI'm on natty but I have openoffice, I guess this is also libre?16:20
eQualevjsnider, cryptk > do you have quickstarter accessible?16:20
KM0201BluesKaj, pretty default, i've not messed w/ it to much..lol16:21
eQualewhere is it?16:21
cryptkI don't use it, but I can turn it on...16:21
cryptkit is in the options16:21
BluesKajKM0201, that's unity?16:21
delacthewall: all the icons should say libreoffice16:21
eQualecryptk: where exactly?16:21
cryptkTools > Options > Memory > checkbox at bottom16:21
delacthewall: and the themeing should be more "libre"16:21
cryptkI don't see the big deal about quickstarter...16:21
thewallsorry to disappoint but they are openoffice icons16:21
KM0201BluesKaj, affirmative16:22
eQualef**k, I have no such option16:22
delacthewall: did you do fresh install or upgrade?16:22
cryptkthewall, perhaps because your openoffice pachages were not marked as automatically isntalled16:22
eQualewhich package relates to it?16:22
delacthewall: well that might explain it16:22
cryptkopen up libre office writer16:23
thewallhehe...yer I guess :)16:23
cryptkthen go there in libre office writer16:23
AaronCampbellSo in order to get things working on my Dell Laptop I had to disable an "Additional Driver" called "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver".  Now I can use classic mode but not unity.  Is there an expectation that the driver will eventually work and I'll be able to use Unity?16:23
bjsniderAaronCampbell, it already does work16:23
AaronCampbellOr am I stuck with classic (which honestly doesn't bother me...I'm obviously used to it)16:23
bjsniderit has worked for several weeks and continues to work16:24
AaronCampbellbjsnider: I had it working with 10.10 but when I upgraded it made it so on Unity everything LOOKED like it should work, but nothing can be clicked, etc.  On Classic the bottom and top bars didn't load but the desktop and icons did...nothing could be clicked.16:25
AaronCampbellbjsnider: Removing that driver fixed the issues for me16:25
thewallwould I need to remove openoffice in order to install libre?16:25
bjsniderthat's a kick in the pants16:25
delacthewall: yes, the openoffice seems to be still in the repos, so upgraders will apparently keep it and fresh installs will get the libre16:25
AaronCampbellbjsnider: Should I try to re-install it?  Or is my slightly older Dell Laptop and edge case that it no longer supports16:25
eQualecryptk: no such option :-\16:26
delacthewall: not sure if you need to uninstall it though16:26
eQualeanybody knows which package installs quickstarter?16:26
thewallright, np.16:26
AaronCampbelldelac: When I upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 it removed open office and installed libre16:26
thewallreally? how interesting...16:27
delacAaronCampbell: oh, so it does it randomly then :)16:27
bjsniderAaronCampbell, did you try adding gallium to nouveau so you could test unity?16:27
itguruI have a dell inspiron duo - and when the screen is locked, if I remove the power, the system crashes. I'm running natty, and wondering how do I file a bug while something is still beta? I've been able to recreate it, and I'm on the verge of a reinstall to confirm that I havn't fubar'd something16:27
drcAaronCampbell: What is your nvidia card...the nvidia driver worked flawlessly on my nvidia 8400m gs16:27
AaronCampbellGeForce Go 740016:30
AaronCampbellbjsnider: Not sure I know what gallium or nouveau is, so no16:30
ceed^bjsnider, do you think this would work on Ubuntu (natty)? http://bit.ly/hjB9kv16:31
bjsniderAaronCampbell, you can install the libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental package, and reboot. that would give you the ability to do compositing and opengl with your current graphics driver. you could then test unity16:31
bjsniderhowever, it might not work, it might work for awhile and then lock up your gpu, or it might explode killing you and everyone you know16:32
KM0201woo hoo.. i finally replicated the walking window bug!.. i don't feel left out anymore16:32
AaronCampbellbjsnider: awesome.  Sounds like a blast16:32
bjsniderceed^, i do not care. i don't care.16:32
itguruAnyone have a dell inspiron duo running 11.04 - I would like to see if someone can replicate a crash I seem to be having?16:35
ceed^bjsnider, thanks anyway16:36
itguruBasically, if the screen is locked, and I remove the power cable, it crashes - I'd like someone to replicate it, so at least I can see that it's not me fubaring my install, and then I can report my first bug :)16:40
KM0201itguru, ok, so lock screen, and remove power?16:42
KM0201power cord, that is16:42
KM0201i'll try ti.16:42
itguruKM0201: yes :)16:43
KM0201itguru, worked fine for me16:43
KM0201unplugged, logged back in no problem16:43
* itguru thinks if KM0201: goes offline suddenly, then it's a bug!16:43
KM0201itguru, you're hit!16:43
itguruKM0201: thanks for the test. there must be something that's not stock on my install16:44
KM0201hardcold_, you're gonna get the same answer, you follow the same instructions to compile source code, whether you're using 11.04 or 10.1016:44
hardcold_I was just told to come ask here16:44
* BluesKaj forgets how many ppl are laptop users16:44
KM0201BluesKaj, you have to compile it from source.. that really doesn't matter which distro you're using16:45
KM0201hardcold_, see above16:45
KM0201the same rules apply16:45
KM0201the instructions on that site appear fairly clear, what is the problem?16:45
hardcold_the 2nd step doesn't work16:46
KM0201hardcold_, the cut/paste?16:47
KM0201most likely thats because those packages have different names in 11.04, you're goin to have to track them down... easiest way to do that, is search them in the package manager16:47
hardcold_says the guy who said it would be exactly the same in 11.0416:48
KM0201hardcold_, says the gy who can't listen.. the instructions are the same.. i can't predict package names changing...16:49
KM0201i can't help it if you'r enot smart enough to think "hey, those package names may not be in my distro, so i'll have to modify that"16:50
itguruKM0201: I'm going to try it again, this think has been locking up on me all week, and I thought I tracked it down!16:50
KM0201itguru, very strange.. it obviously wasn't an issue for me.16:50
coz_hardcold_,  this is a game?16:50
hardcold_It seems with all the people who have not heard of Marathon, and given how simple this is supposed to be to install, they would install it out of curiosity16:50
KM0201it behaved exactly as i suspected it would.16:50
hardcold_Yes, coz, it's a game.16:51
KM0201why would i install something out of "curiosity" that i hve no use for?16:51
ali12341what is marathon?16:51
coz_hardcold_,  this system isnt 11.04  but I can try to compile it..however I am compiling another application at the moment16:51
ali12341now i am curious16:51
KM0201remember:  Curiosity Broke the Linux Beta OS16:51
hardcold_maybe you like having fun sometimes?16:52
KM0201or something like that16:52
ali12341wait, are you talking about the crappy FPS made by the people who made halo?16:52
KM0201hardcold_, that has nothing to do w/ curiosity, and maybe your idea of fun, is not mine.. i have fun on my cojmputer, and never need "marathon".. whatever that is16:52
hardcold_never "need"?16:52
hardcold_So you are Asian16:52
KM0201oh geez16:52
KM0201i'm probably the whitest guy here16:53
hardcold_ah well16:53
KM0201, time to ignore,16:53
coz_hardcold_,  i am beginning the compile now16:53
KM0201it should compile fairly easy, if you ahve the proper packages to install16:53
itguruKM0201: Is it clean out the box for you? That is the touch screen and such, because then I may be working on a dodgy install trying to fix these things16:54
coz_hardcold_,  out of curiosity ,, what compile errors are you getting?16:54
KM0201itguru, i don't have a touch screen... so obviously, can't test that.. .but i've had this instlal about 4 days16:54
hardcold_I pasted them before16:54
hardcold_But, I can't get that far now16:54
KM0201coz_, he's not getting t the compile phase i don't think, he can't install that list of packages, if i understand him correctly16:55
hardcold_I've just been starting from scratch each time16:55
hardcold_to produce an error16:55
hardcold_and then get bounced around16:55
itguruKM0201: Do you have a dell inspiron duo, with the tablet flip screen?!16:55
coz_hardcold_,   in terminal  just run ,/configure  it should tell you what you need  ,, probably one at a time   ,,, one  is libsdl_net16:55
hardcold_,/configure says "no such file or directory"16:56
coz_actually libsdl-net1.2  but that vesion may be different on natty ,, just open synaptic and check16:56
coz_hardcold_,  oooo16:56
hardcold_Please understand, this is the first day I have used linux16:56
coz_hardcold_,  ah16:56
coz_hardcold_,  ok where is the folder you downloaded for this game located?16:57
hardcold_I've just been pulling my hair out for 7 hours trying to install ONE program16:57
KM0201itguru, negative, i have an old acer aspire laptop16:57
KM0201hardcold_, if you're new... you really shouldn't be trying to compile software16:57
SwedeMikehardcold_: it's ./configure , not ,/configure16:57
hardcold_I placed the scenerio and the tar on the deskptop as Caitify's tutorial said16:57
ali12341hardcold_: why don't you just install one of the (much superior) FPS games from the repositories?16:58
coz_hardcold_,  ok cd into the AlephOne   from the terminal ... then run ./configure16:58
coz_its compiling here17:01
hardcold_I "cd'ed"17:01
coz_ ok17:01
hardcold_whatever the heck that is17:01
coz_hardcold_,   cd =  change diretory17:02
hardcold_I know have a dollar sign after the folder17:02
coz_hardcold_,   now type ./configure17:02
ikoniahardcold_: what are you trying to install ?17:02
hardcold_oh baby she is singing!17:02
coz_hardcold_,  it will go through some strange stuff and most likely  spit out an error  or a needed package name17:02
hardcold_like magic!17:02
coz_wrefdsfds,  hey17:03
hardcold_It's a nergasm17:03
ikoniahardcold_: what is it you're actually trying to install17:03
hardcold_okay, now I have to be REALLY careful17:03
hardcold_it says "configuration done. Now type "make"17:03
coz_ikonia,  I believe it is a game nemed  AlephOne17:04
coz_hardcold_,  then type make17:04
ikoniahardcold_: really easy, just tell us the name of the product you want to install17:04
ikoniahardcold_: don't type make17:04
=== cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline
ikoniahardcold_: running ./configure blindly is a very very bad idea17:04
ali12341doing anything blindly is a bad idea17:04
ikoniahardcold_: the install instructions are on edule | Maverick/117:05
ikonia17:02 < hardcold_> I know have a dollar sign after the folder17:05
hardcold_HD is grinding nicely now17:05
penguin42does anyone else actually get an update notifier in unity?17:05
ikoniahardcold_: the install instructions are on http://marathon.sourceforge.net/ however I would strongly advice you not to run this on a ubuntu 11.04 install at this time17:05
ikoniahardcold_: because 11.04 is unstable and may change, which may cause problems for your softwre17:05
ali12341ikonia: the instructions you link to say to do exactly what he's doing (except the 11.04 part)17:06
hardcold_so I will need to recompile in the future17:06
ikoniaali12341: I appreciate that, I said stop before I'd managed to read them17:06
ikoniaI still say you should not be running "configure" blidnly17:06
ikoniaeg: where is the default --prefix path17:06
coz_hardcold_,  well yes if you are lucky ... as I said ,, this machine is not on natty at the moment17:06
hardcold_what machine?17:07
coz_hardcold_,  my machine   yes17:07
hardcold_Well, when you decide to give it a try, I am the #1 host17:07
itguruKM0201: I think it's Dell Duo specific bug - I replicated it again17:08
coz_ I am not much of a gamer however,  a good solitaire  ,, reversi ..or something similar is fine for me :)17:08
ikoniawhat ?17:08
ikoniayour the #1 host but you don't know how to build it ?17:08
hardcold_It was PORTED to Linux17:08
KM0201itguru, what bug is that?.. sorry been switching between channels.17:08
ikoniaso ?17:08
hardcold_I run it on a MBP17:08
hardcold_I bought this computer to try Ubuntu17:09
hardcold_and the linux version17:09
ikoniahardcold_: if this is meant as a "service" I'd suggest using ubuntu 10.0417:09
ikoniathe long term support/stability factor would be important17:09
hardcold_I wanted a small, lightweight, and cheap computer17:09
IdleOnehardcold_: if your current computer is dedicated to testing and you are comfortable with total data loss. go ahead and experiment.17:09
hardcold_this is for experimenting17:10
hardcold_and learning17:10
IdleOneok then, enjoy :)17:10
hardcold_10.7 scares me17:10
hardcold_so, I feel it is time to start getting acquainted with ubuntu17:10
KM0201lol, thats the mysterious ubuntu that was never released17:11
ikoniaah mac os17:11
hardcold_that's the next version of OSX, which comes out this summer17:11
=== Superstar_ is now known as Superstar
hardcold_In short, the "appstore" concept taken to the desktop has some frightening possibilities17:12
IdleOnehardcold_: keep in mind though that you still want to be careful with what code you compile17:12
ali12341hardcold_: well you won't like ubuntu then, they're going the same way17:12
hardcold_Well, this is giving the Zacate a good workout17:14
hardcold_I'm afraid if I open the system monitor it will crash17:14
ali12341i wouldn't17:14
ali12341system monitor is ironically one of the most resource intensive applications on the desktop17:14
hardcold_that stage is complete17:14
ali12341i doubt it will crash, it will double the compile time though17:15
ikoniaI'd be surprised if this took longer than 60 seconds to compile17:15
hardcold_the compile is done17:15
Dr_WillisNow run it and run away! :) wait for the Kaboom!17:15
hardcold_where is coz?17:16
ikoniacoz ?17:16
hardcold_I think there is another step17:16
KM0201ok, running to Wal Devil... talk to ya'll later17:16
hardcold_Yes, coz, the angel who answered my question and helped17:16
ikoniahardcold_: make install17:16
ikoniahardcold_: it's on the web page I gave you17:16
ikoniahardcold_: what's the question17:18
hardcold_coz_, you there?17:18
coz_hardcold_,  yes17:18
hardcold_the compile is done17:18
hardcold_should I just paste the last stage in?17:18
ikoniacoz_: whoaaa, sorry17:18
coz_hardcold_,   what?  l ast stage?17:18
coz_ikonia,  about what?17:19
ikoniahardcold_: I've told you what to do17:19
ikoniahardcold_: I've given you the link which has the 3 lines you need to type17:19
ikoniahardcold_: have you read the page ?17:19
ikoniacoz_: just kicked you by accident, my apologies17:19
coz_ikonia,  oh lol   been there  before :)17:19
ikoniacoz_: fully my fault17:19
hardcold_what's the paste ubuntu thing?17:19
ikoniahardcold_: are you looking at the web page I gave you17:20
hardcold_the last cd ~/Desktop thing in the post17:20
ikoniahardcold_: are you looking at the web page I gave you17:20
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.17:20
bjsniderikonia, are you frustrated by this yet or?17:20
ikoniapretty insulted17:20
hardcold_put it in the paste bin17:21
ikoniawhy ?17:21
hardcold_that is the last step listed coz_17:21
ikoniais there a reason you are not following the 3 lines you need to type on the web page with official install instructions17:22
coz_hardcold_,  did you follow ikonia 's  suggestions?17:22
hardcold_No, I have not talked to ikonia17:22
ali12341ikonia: probably because only 1/3 of them is an actual command that you can type17:22
ikoniaali12341: it does all 3 steps as 1 command....bonus17:22
ikoniaI find it pretty insulting to not even look at the webpage with the official install instructions on17:22
hardcold_He has been trying to screw me up the whole time17:22
coz_kicked myself that time17:23
ikoniahardcold_: no I have not,17:23
bjsniderikonia, why are you bothering17:23
coz_hardcold_,  I doubt he has been trying to screw things up ,,,honestly17:23
hardcold_just read back17:23
hardcold_and see what he did17:23
coz_hardcold_,  people here are serious about not only using and running linux but helping people17:23
ikoniapointing you at the OFFICIAL install insturctions17:23
ikoniahow is that trying to screw you up17:23
drcme has decided not to play any game that hardcold_ is the #1 server17:23
hardcold_most recently he keeps referring to the site I got the files from17:24
hardcold_where I started this whole thing17:24
ikoniahardcold_: it has the INSTALL instructions on the front page17:24
hardcold_by asking what to do with that text17:24
ikoniait's one line with 3 commands on it17:24
hardcold_Yes, Ikonia17:24
ikoniathat is "helping" you - giving you the correct install instructions17:24
ikonianot trying to screw you over17:24
hardcold_that is what I was asking an hour ago17:24
ikoniaso what is the problem using that 1 line17:24
ali12341ikonia: it fails because of missing dependencies17:25
ikoniaali12341: then, that's all that has to be said "it doesn't work"17:25
hardcold_do I enter the final chunk from the tutorial?17:25
ali12341ikonia: it was said several times before you even joined in this mess17:25
coz_ok the game is not working here  at all   even thought it compiled and installed correctly ,,,,  looking for way17:25
ikoniaali12341: then it wouldn't be a problem to just state that so I don't keep repeating the same advice17:25
hardcold_so I should just hold?17:26
ali12341hardcold_: you sure picked a good first project for linux17:26
ikoniait just compiled and run for me17:26
ikoniano problem,17:26
hardcold_stepping out for a smoke17:26
ikoniait starts a daemon server17:26
ali12341wait don;t you need the separate game data to run it?17:28
kevin__Has anyone sucessfully got the application dropbox to work in ubuntu 11.04 beta 2? It seems to have installed correctly but I can not acess from unity toolbar or system tray.17:28
ikoniaali12341: yes17:28
ikoniaali12341: it will complain no data files found without them17:28
coz_ah that's my problem..no game data files  duh17:28
eQualedammit, still no quickstarter17:28
ikoniawrefdsfds: ask a question,17:28
eQualeand actually, if I kill the splash screen, it starts within 20 seconds17:28
eQualebut still, anybody knows which package installs LO Quickstarter ?!17:29
hardcold_so, the app is compiled, my terminal is pointed at the alephone folder...17:32
reagledoes anyone know what package pmi (suspend) is in, that's what i used to use in my scripts to suspend17:32
kevin__I just wanted to say that my Ubuntu 11.04 has been working well with some minor bugs and thank you everyone for making a great release.17:33
reagleah powermanagement-interface17:33
hardcold_my eyes are burning17:33
hardcold_I've been up for 33 hours now17:34
krosonkevin__: enjoying unity? :)17:35
hardcold_okay, I am just going to past the last step then17:35
coz_hardcold_,  well... no sleep is not going to help the situation for sure,,,,17:35
coz_I have to break here ,,  lunch time17:35
roastedwhats up guys17:37
roastedjust installed 11.04... I'm running dual screen but it defaults my unity bar on the far left. However, I want it on my right (main) monitor. Is that possible?17:37
kevin__yes I am enjoying unity very much :)17:38
roastedare you dual screening?17:38
Dr_WillisIm not sure you can move the unity bar at all.17:39
roastedthats stupid17:40
carli2i have one thing to note at natty/ubuntu: when i click on a symbol, i dont see if i really clicked on it. so sometimes i start a program twice or dont know what happened. so please place there a visual signal when i clicked on a symbol17:40
roastedI hope it's available in the official release17:40
roastedbecause that's just... bad17:40
=== evilmist is now known as mrmist
eQualeDr_Willis: sir, do you eventually know, how can I have a LibreOfice Quickstart installed in Natty?17:42
hardcold_starts pretty quick for me17:43
roastedhaaa. I got a little curious and just disabled the unity plugin in compiz17:44
roasteddont do that ;)17:44
hardcold_there is no alephone in my local share17:46
hardcold_I can't manually create a folder there17:46
hardcold_because it says I don't have permission to17:46
hardcold_I suppose there is a way to log in as root17:46
roastedare they really keeping purple on the terminal window17:52
slestakanyone installed beta2 and preserved their ~ from another gnome distro?17:52
slestaki did that this am and the resulting natty is not functional17:52
hardcold_I just created the folder!17:55
hardcold_Ubuntu is my biXXX17:56
hardcold_Part of my interest in Ubuntu is forcing myself to gain a better understanding of the underpinnings of OSX17:56
roastedhaa, OSX17:57
roastedgotta say... I havent missed it since my macbook died17:57
hardcold_IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!18:01
bhaveshubuntu 11.04 beta boots up even slower18:01
bhaveshit booted in 29 seconds18:01
hardcold_I just forced the computer to create the folder, then pasted various chunks over and over18:02
hardcold_and it works18:02
bhaveshor 32 I guess, whats the reson behind this? becoz its a BETA?18:02
bhaveshor will it always boot this slower... forever?18:02
BUGabundothat's really fast18:04
bhaveshthere is no option to customize (reduce its size) the sidebar18:04
bhaveshno its not fast18:04
BUGabundoon HDD I used to have 1:4018:04
bhaveshubuntu 10.10 used to boot in 20 secs18:04
BUGabundoon SSD I went to 19 sec18:04
BUGabundothen it upped a bit18:04
bhaveshOo the photo is too small18:05
BUGabundoclick to zoom18:06
BUGabundothere's a full size on the right menu18:06
BUGabundorefresh to see of the newer18:07
BUGabundostill uploading18:07
bhaveshok well some guy said there is something terribly wrong with my partitions : http://paste.ubuntu.com/594737/18:08
BUGabundo24 sec here18:09
BUGabundoyou have paritions18:09
BUGabundothere's your problem :P18:09
bhaveshwell this is a place to discuss only 11.04 stuff18:09
bhaveshcoming back to the point18:09
IdleOnefor starters you don't need 4 swap partitions18:09
BUGabundowhy 4 swaps?18:09
bhaveshis there some way to customize 11.04 sidebar..?18:10
IdleOneonly need 118:10
BUGabundoI have ZERO18:10
bhaveshso I need to reduce my swap points18:10
bhaveshwont it be slow then?18:10
BUGabundoIdleOne: you "don't" need one18:10
IdleOneyou only need 1 if you want a swap18:10
BUGabundoI have 4GBs of RAM18:10
bhaveshwithout swap wont my linux be slow?18:10
BUGabundousually is enough18:10
IdleOnebut yeah you don't "need" swap18:10
bhaveshI have 218:10
BUGabundounless I have a mem leak18:10
BUGabundoor want to hibernate18:10
bhavesh2Gb of swap..18:10
bhavesh2GB of RAM*18:10
BUGabundoplus SWAP on SSD is a big no no18:11
BUGabundo2GB is starting to be little18:11
bhaveshill unswap it later..18:11
bhaveshI need to reduce the size of my sidebar.... any way?18:12
trismbhavesh: in ccsm you can shrink the icons a bit in the unity plugin (down to 32 px)18:13
bhaveshok ty18:13
IdleOnehardcold_: Please try and keep off topic comments out of #ubuntu and since you are using natty you should be talking in here as natty is still not officially supported in #ubuntu18:23
slestaki have a beta2 install that is not going well.18:26
slestaknot my first install, I am a long time user.18:27
itguruAny Dell Inspiron Duo users in here getting more love from Natty than I am?! :)18:28
slestaki think i need to check my install media.  I have formatted both partitions I want to use and I am getting an error at the same point repeatedly18:29
slestaki am checkign syslog to try to get the error message18:29
lcbthat's a good move18:29
slestakitguru: I am using an inspiron 1525, when you say Duo, do yu mean a Core 2 Duo?18:29
slestaklcb: i have seen the message 3-4 times in the last 15 minutes so I thought for sure I would remember it long enough to  get here :)18:30
lcbwhat type of error, slestak18:30
topaz1i am having random system freeze after upgrading to beta2 , total desltop freez18:32
slestakubiquity crash, gives me 3 options, to try again (with stern warning), continue, or abort.  I see a python traceback in syslog but it does not give much detail18:33
slestaktopaz1: i saw that also on my first beta2 install this am.  it has just gotten flakier since then when I tried to reinstall18:33
topaz1are u using a ati gpu hardware18:34
slestakno,l nvidia18:34
slestaklcb: i am going to do a cold reboot.  my last attempt was a warm reboot18:35
lcbslacker_nl, is that on a virtual machine?18:35
slestakwant me to pastebin this syslog output?18:35
slestakwith vm's at my ubuntu loco meeting, had to use 2d unity18:35
slestak3d accel unity was a nogo18:36
lcbslacker_nl,  there are several "bug" entries on launchpad regarding +/- that issue18:36
itguruslestak: No, i mean the awesome flip screen tablet :)18:37
topaz1unity/compiz is still flaky18:37
slestaklcb: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/372901/18:39
bhaveshI went to dinner and kept my ubuntu 11.04 on sleep when i returned I saw something is wrong with my sidebar and top bar http://i.imgur.com/7CVm2.png18:39
bhaveshthey both are swizzled18:39
bhaveshnothing can be seen on it..18:39
slestakat 13:25:18, its having trouble mounting /target18:39
bhaveshand its still this..18:39
lcb"WARNING: Unable to find users: no seat-id found", slestak ?18:40
slestakabove that18:40
bhaveshis it a bug? should I report it?18:40
slestakApr 16 13:25:18 ubuntu ubiquity: umount: /target: device is busy.18:40
lcbya, i see, but that one is not good18:40
bhaveshwhat happened?18:41
slestaki formatted the two partitions i want to use, because this is my 3rd install this am18:41
slestakso they should be empty and ready for use.18:41
lcbbug 71061218:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 710612 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Natty) "Kubuntu Desktop AMD64 - ubiquity kde_ui crash with File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/debconf.py", line 70, in command self.write.flush() IOError: [Errno 32] Broken pipe (dup-of: 710582)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71061218:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 710582 in Webkit "webkit crashes on amd64 architecture with SIGSEGV in WTF::OSAllocator::reserveAndCommit()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/71058218:42
slestaki am installing 32bit media18:43
lcbi see18:43
slestaki dont that is my issue.  i didnt get to Who Are You prompt.18:43
slestakat timestamp 149.917615 we canm see both ext4 fs are mounted ok18:44
slestaklcb: also, ty for discussing this w me.18:44
slestakubiquity: debconf: DbDriver "targetdb": could not open /target/var/cache/debconf/config.dat18:45
lcbslestak, i'm looking at the bug repp/s18:45
slestakme too18:45
topaz1also does any have this issue to when you logout and they to log in again you just get a blank desktop18:46
gorukahi guys, I installed beta, and when i try to login, no matter if it's "ubuntu" or "ubuntu classic" it just says "failed to login", and prompts me to log out18:49
gorukaany idea what can I do about it?18:49
slestakyou can choose recovery mode in grub18:49
bluefox83goruka: did you do an upgrade?18:49
slestakand get a root prompt, and reset the users password18:50
PauseBazingaXubuntu question: Xfce 4.8 is supposed to have support for dual monitors but all I can seem to get is clone/mirror behavior.  I don't see any options to change to span/extend, is it hiding somewhere that I'm not looking?18:50
gorukabluefox83: yes, upgraded to last18:52
bluefox83goruka: when's the last time you upgraded again?18:52
slestaklcb: mine might be 75772018:52
topaz1try sudo apt-get distupgrade18:52
gorukabluefox83: now18:52
gorukai just did upgrade, and this is how i ended up18:53
bluefox83goruka: sounds like you might have a partial upgrade...did everything completely install?18:53
gorukaslestak: I went to the shell and using irssi, but not sure what can i recover18:53
topaz1ctrl + alt + f118:53
topaz1s2witch to tty118:53
topaz1and then do sudo apt-get update18:53
gorukabluefox83: how do i check if anything failed to install?18:53
lcbslestak, is that the only OS in there? i wonder if is anything related to this (it's lucid, but... ) http://goo.gl/pxM0W18:53
topaz1and then upgrade18:54
gorukatopaz1: ok let me try that18:54
topaz1can u reach some form of UI18:54
bluefox83goruka: or you can so sudo apt-get -f install18:54
slestaki didnt see error 141, but i do have a pretty complicated partition table.  installing / on sda3 (a primary part) and /home on /sda518:54
bluefox83if anything failed to install, that will force it18:54
slestaklcb: i did have mint debian on here18:54
slestakand still have win7 on sda118:54
lcbso check that last one, slestak , might help18:55
topaz1yeah try that to good idea18:55
slestakthat is the error i am getting18:55
Zaheruxhow do I disable global menus?18:56
slestakso it appear the answer is to install grub in the mbr when dual or triple booting?18:56
trismZaherux: sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu; then log out/back in18:56
slestakI think that is where I installed it18:56
slestaklet me try again18:56
topaz1ok may the force be with u18:57
donniezazenDoes Unity show what workspace you are on?18:57
bluefox83donniezazen: nope :/18:58
gorukabluefox83: nothing to distupgrade, nothing to fix with apt-get -f install18:59
coz_donniezazen,  there is an experimental plugin for compiz named  "Workspacenames"  you may have to compile it but not sure how effective it is on Unity18:59
Zaheruxthey're still there :(18:59
gorukayet when i try to login, it says that it can't log in19:00
gorukaand logs me out19:00
bluefox83goruka: sorry, don't know what to tell you then :/19:00
topaz1so how do u log in?19:00
slestakno joy19:00
coz_goruka,  is this a clean install or an upgrade from 10.10  ?19:00
gorukait says "failed to load session ubuntu"19:00
gorukacoz_: upgrade from 10.1019:00
lcbslestak, sorry... "so it appear the answer is to install grub in the mbr when dual or triple booting?" yes19:00
gorukaalso says "failed to load session ubuntu classic"19:00
slestakthe mbr is where it was installed and where partman is selected to install it19:01
coz_goruka,   when you get to the login screen,, hit  ctrl+alt+F1   log in there   then sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade19:01
gorukatopaz1: i just login from (i think gdm?) neither ubuntu or ubuntu classic work, they say "failed to load session"19:01
trismZaherux: did you log out/back in? (just tested it again, working here)19:01
gorukacoz_: i did that, it says i'm at the latest version19:01
lcbslestak, but in meanwhile you repartitioned, wasn't?19:01
coz_goruka,  you did the  dist-upgrade?19:02
slestaki didnt repartition, i reformatted19:02
gorukacoz_: yeah, it says it's up to date19:02
slestaki have used this setup quite a while19:02
coz_goruka,    ok then from that same area do    sudo   restart gdm19:02
ZaheruxHmm, it asked me that some packages could be removed after it did it, but I said no. Might that have canceled the command?19:02
coz_goruka,  see if it describes the errors in more detail19:02
lcbslestak, the installation partition only, isn't?19:02
slestakyes, both sda3 and sda5 wee reformatted.  grub2 is installed on /dev/sda MBR19:03
trismZaherux: which packages did it want to remove? it should really only be removing indicator-appmenu (and yes saying no canceled it so indicator-appmenu is still installed)19:03
lcbslestak, i would run what you had before installing that natty.19:03
gorukacoz_: also i just noticed that gdm says my user is currently logged in (but i didn't log in)19:03
lcbslestak, and check filesystems etc19:03
Zaheruxquite a few19:03
topaz1how are u online?19:03
Zaheruxmainly libmenu stuff19:03
Zaheruxcan I have the command again sorry?19:03
slestakwhat is interesting, is install one did not exhibit this problem, just non-functioning desktop19:03
topaz1u must be logged in in some enivonment?19:04
trismZaherux: sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu;19:04
slestakit is only the reinstalls that are having this error19:04
guntbert!u | topaz119:04
ubottutopaz1: U is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.19:04
slestakmaybe something cached in usb persistant storage?19:04
coz_goruka,  mm  I have seen this on natty several times,  I am not sure what the issue is... I would suggest,, especially for pre release  is a clean install  or virtual install19:04
lcbslestak, that partition change, with multiple OSes should be done b4 installing another OS, so the previous grub put things in the right place19:04
gorukacoz_: it's like it thinks i'm already logged in, but i'm not (there's not any process i see running even that would evidence that i'm even running X)19:05
topaz1untiy compiz is gonna give a hard time to lotaa ppl once its out19:05
coz_goruka,   ok  hit ctrl+alt+F1  then type  startx19:05
Zaheruxohhh I see what it's done19:05
ZaheruxI didnt read it correctly19:06
slestakwhatever the case, with empty partitions, I should be able to install or reinstall at will19:06
Zaheruxit's just detailing packages that arne't needed19:06
Zaheruxokay it should be working now19:06
lcbslestak, whit completely empty storage media...19:06
slestaki disagree19:06
gorukacoz_: a huge gray dialog that says something has gone wrong appeared, and asks me to log out19:07
slestakif the installer gives you choices, then it should use the choices.19:07
lcbslestak, well, it looks like what you get is from those partitions changes while installing this new OS19:07
gorukacoz_: it takes up the whole screen and asks me to log out19:07
slestakisnt that why i am in the beta irc channel to report a problem installing +1?19:08
slestakthis is not my first install or distro.19:08
lcbslestak, you could report a bug19:08
coz_goruka,  mm  try  gnome-session-save --kill19:08
usumuhi guys, I have a wifi question: dose anyone of you experienced, after a reboot the wifi card can't find any networks for 10-15 minutes, then it works normally without doing anything to it...19:08
slestakthx.  need to run.  i'll touch base with loco later and file a bug19:08
slestakty for your help, :)19:09
=== Guest37767 is now known as MTughan
slestakusumu: daemon.log has all the logs for NetworkManager19:09
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots19:09
gorukacoz_: i don't seem to have gnome-session-save19:09
slestakyou will see what it was doing (or trying to do ) for thise 15 minutes19:09
coz_goruka,  did you download the iso for natty or just did the upgrade from terminal ?19:10
gorukacoz_: i just used update manager19:10
lcbslestak, good look buddy :)19:10
usumuiwlist scanning "uses" also network manager ?19:10
lcbslestak, i mean luck lol19:10
coz_goruka,   I may get slammed for this,,, however,, the most consistent element of upgradeing one version of ubuntu to another is that it is inconsistenet19:11
ubuntuguyHow do I install virtualbox 4.04?19:11
coz_goruka,   I always suggest a clean install... especially for pre release versions19:11
lcbubuntuguy, use synaptic, for example19:11
ubuntuguyCan you walk me through/19:11
coz_goruka,  do you have  things that must be backed up  on that system or can you clean install?19:11
lcbubuntuguy, maybe on #ubuntu19:12
ubuntuguyugh, they'll just tell me to come here19:12
guntbertubuntuguy: why do you need a walk through?19:12
lcbubuntuguy, that's because we love Ping Pong :p19:12
ubuntuguyWell, I don't really know package manager19:13
guntbertlcb: this is still a support channel, so pleae don't tease19:13
guntbertubuntuguy: well, 1 question remains: why do you use a beta OS?19:13
gorukacoz_: i'd really rather not clean install, can't i just erase away some config somewhere?19:14
ubuntuguyI know everything else, but package manager19:14
coz_goruka,   ooo,,, well... troubleshooting an upgrade is a real Pain... not sure which configs you might want to erase19:14
lcbubuntuguy, use synaptic as i said or type in a terminal '$ sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose' @ guntbert that was not teasing, in my line of education or IRC behaving19:15
gorukacoz_: heh, i just moved away all configs in home and it didn't work19:16
ubuntuguyI already tried that command line19:16
lcbubuntuguy, so what happened?19:16
coz_goruka,  yeah I suspected it wouldnt be that easy :)19:16
ubuntuguyI just didn't add ose to the end19:16
ubuntuguyseems to work now19:16
ubuntuguyWHat's ose?19:16
coz_ubuntuguy,  operating system embedded ?19:17
ubuntuguyCool, thanks19:17
lcbubuntuguy, that's the supported one from ubuntu. (in short words)19:17
ubuntuguyIt's the most recent verison right?19:18
ubuntuguyThanks for the help man!19:19
guntbertubuntuguy: if you need support for using virtual box: there is #vbox19:19
trismubuntuguy: I think it is actually open source edition19:19
ubuntuguyYeah, I just read on that19:20
KipMacyhow do i set my default web browser?19:20
PauseBazingaanswered the question I posted a minute ago, filing bug report.19:20
lcbKipMacy, 'Preferred Applications'19:21
KipMacyhow do i get to that?19:21
PauseBazingaanother question:  what package do I file a bug under if it's just a missing option on the "Display" gui that is available via command line?19:21
usumuhow can i check the version of the network-manager ?19:22
lcbKipMacy, it's under the 'Any Key' :p Applications | Themes & Tweaks | preferrd ...19:22
_|pegasus|_i love that good old AnyKey-joke19:23
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=== Lorthirk is now known as Lorthirk`ZNC
_|pegasus|_he couldn't find it? *lol*19:25
=== Lorthirk`ZNC is now known as Lorthirk
thevishyhow is natty ?19:26
_|pegasus|_Does anyone have an idea, why the launchbar won't keep the tvtime-icon in it? It keeps ebery icon, but the tvtime (while running - right-click - Keep in ...)19:26
lcbdoing fine, on a weekend now, to relax19:26
krosonthevishy: always improving xD19:26
thevishyany speed improvement over lucid19:27
_|pegasus|_And if it keeps it - it doesn't run...19:27
fatinoHello, How to enable overclocking of nvidia graphic cards?19:27
fatinoI know the Coolbits in xorg.conf method, but on natty there is no xorg.conf ^^19:27
_|pegasus|_fartino: Which game are you playing?19:28
lcb_|pegasus|_, do you get the icon on desktop?19:28
fatinoDoes it matter? CQB19:28
_|pegasus|_lcb: If i take the icon from the apps via drag and drop in it - its alright. Everything works. But then it has two icons from tvtime in it. I just wonder, cause that's not usual.19:29
lcb_|pegasus|_, search on the apps for tvtime, then drag it from there to the launchbar19:29
lcbyeap, that's one of the ways19:30
_|pegasus|_lcb: That's what i did - but have the whole time two icons of it.19:30
krosonthevishy: the speed improvements also depend on your hardware19:30
fatinoSo nobody knows how to overclock nvidia card on natty?19:31
_|pegasus|_lcb: Only wondering, cause it is the only app - and only since natty b219:31
lcbremove one of the icons then19:31
lcbthe one it's not working, as you said19:32
lcb_|pegasus|_,  if anything goes wrong you could $ unity --reset-icons19:32
_|pegasus|_lcb: That is, what i did. Now the following happens: The icon from the running tvtime - it blinks, but doesn't start.19:32
lcblook up !^19:33
_|pegasus|_lcb: hmmm... no.19:34
_|pegasus|_then i keep 2 icons19:34
lucas-argis anyone having problems with shutdown process?19:36
fatino_what kind of problems?19:36
=== fatino_ is now known as fatino
lucas-argwell my laptop doesnt shutdown at all19:37
lcb_|pegasus|_,  you are confusing me.. let me read again since you came hEre19:38
lcb_|pegasus|_,  type in terminal ' $ unity --reset-icons ' and do the drag thing once19:39
KM0201lucas-arg,  does sudo shutdown -h now   shut you down (note, make sure any progress is saved before running that)19:40
_|pegasus|_lcb: no, i don't. That resetting the whole day and always reconfiguring - it's enough after two weeks beta. I'll keep it as it is.19:40
lcb_|pegasus|_,  btw, how did you manage to having tvtime sound workin?19:41
_|pegasus|_lcb: alsamixer -c 0 :)19:41
lcbrephrasing .. how did you manage getting tvtime wor...19:41
lcb' tvtime -d /dev/video1 | arecord -D hw:1, 0 -r 32000 -c 2 -f S16_LE | aplay ' ??19:42
_|pegasus|_lcb: first created the /etc/modprobe.d/bttv19:42
_|pegasus|_lcb: told the kernel that it should load it on boot - that's it. works for me. I have an old TerraTV from '98 running. Still running ;)19:43
lcb_|pegasus|_,  i installed alsa and i run it with that command line19:43
_|pegasus|_lcb: in alsamixer i go to the port of the soundcard where the cable is plugged in19:44
_|pegasus|_unmute it and turn the volume up19:44
lcb_|pegasus|_, ack...  i get it from the embedded speakers this way19:45
_|pegasus|_but, as i mentioned: it has a cable from the card to the soundcard (realtek)19:45
lcbi wonder why there is no fix for tvtime yet19:45
_|pegasus|_lcb: which tv-card do you own?19:45
lcba pinneacle one, usb19:46
lcbpinnacle, i mean19:46
_|pegasus|_lcb: the worst thing is, that i found no way but alsamixer to get that "input-ports"19:46
lcb_|pegasus|_,  yes, on another pc with an old tv card i have to do the way you did19:47
_|pegasus|_lcb: the normal gui doesn't show me that. It thinks, my radeon 3870 has a soundcard (no joke)19:47
lcbit's working, that's what matters19:48
_|pegasus|_lcb: but there is one thing i canÄt figure out: Nor tvtime nor another prog do find one channel. that one is missed. and i really don't understand that. in win (RIP and leave me alone ;) it works.19:49
_|pegasus|_ok, neither + nor...19:50
lcb_|pegasus|_, well, on mine i even have channels signaled as russians and i'm far away from that19:51
_|pegasus|_lcb: as russians? how is that possible?19:51
lcb_|pegasus|_, don't know, i have the channels, that's what i want. but tvtime recognize them as that.19:53
_|pegasus|_lcb: i did a tvtime-scanner; before that i told tvtime to look for all frequencies (you know, that point, where it tells us to run tvtime-scanner after)19:53
lcbfor example, <station name="MCM Top"  ...       band="VHF Russia"   channel="SR17" ...  norm="PAL"  audio="auto"/>19:53
_|pegasus|_do they have vhf?19:54
fyksenHey! I just installed gnome 3 on my ubuntu 11.04 beta2 box. It workds great. The only problem I got is that the "theme" are ugly.. It can't be right? Check this image: http://tinyurl.com/4yyntrt19:54
lcb_|pegasus|_,  let's open #ubuntu+1 for ppl issues :)19:54
_|pegasus|_lcb: Why open it? we are here ;)19:55
lcb_|pegasus|_, i have no clue. i use PAL indeed, but far away from Russia :)19:55
lcb_|pegasus|_,  natty issues...19:56
_|pegasus|_lcb: PAL is my standard in germany too. But i don't get russian stuff19:56
_|pegasus|_lcb: offtopic...19:56
lcbya, that too. Dankeschön ;)19:57
_|pegasus|_Oh, you have a nice new char in that - looking strange ;)19:58
ub20öh ??19:58
ub20sweden use ö and pal as well19:59
th^^is there any way to make unitys application top many show always like in mac? it's kind of unusable and annoying when it's in hover only.19:59
_|pegasus|_Looks like a questionmark in a 45 degree turned quader19:59
lcb_|pegasus|_, isn't that the way of spelling it?19:59
_|pegasus|_lcb: there's a special letter in it - like i told you: it's a questionmark in the quarter.20:01
lcbSchönen Dank (Many thanks); Besten Dank Natty (Best of thanks to Natty)20:01
ub20my compiz sucks today, it use 100% cpu after last updates..20:01
th^^anyone? :/20:01
lcbth^^,  you mean windows being on top?20:02
mikebeechamhi guys...I see thas Beta 2 is released...is it worth upgrading now, or wait for public release?20:02
th^^no, i mean the file, edit, etc application menus in top. they show only when you hover the top bar, unlike in mac where they're always visible20:02
gorukacoz_: it seems at some point in the past (even before upgrading), some months ago i set a gnome3 ppa, but didn't install anything and forgot about it20:03
th^^i see no point in hiding them and it's annoying20:03
lcbth^^,  i see, as far as i know not yet20:03
gorukacoz_: for some reason, the upgrader installed it and it instead of removing it20:03
_|pegasus|_lcb: Please use that special charakter again -  i changed the encoder now. Maybe it works now20:03
coz_goruka, ooo gnome 3 might be an issue  yes20:03
lcb_|pegasus|_, ö20:04
gorukacoz_: i notieced that "gnome" was not installed and when i tried to install it, i discovered that somehow gnome 3 got installed from the ppa20:04
coz_goruka,  ok is itworking now ?20:04
_|pegasus|_lcb: Thanks, but doesn't work either.20:04
th^^alternatively.. is there any way to disable this top bar functionality and display menus inside apps like before?20:04
gorukacoz_ question is how did it manage to install itself during the upgrade? :(20:04
gorukacoz_: I'm installing gnome, and purged the ppa, so i hope this works20:05
coz_goruka,  that one I cant answer,, a glitch no doubt20:05
lcbth^^,  that's the way 11.04 is, for now. there are and there will be many tweaks20:07
th^^meh :/20:07
lcbth^^,  don't you get that in classic desktop?20:09
coz_goruka,  as long as its not gnome3  you should be fine however gnome should be in the repositories  not from a PPA20:10
gorukacoz_: seems to work well now!! I finally can see unity20:10
gorukacoz_, thanks a lot for your help!20:10
coz_goruka,  very cool :)20:10
th^^lcb: i dunno, i wanted to use unity but it seems still way unfinished/unconfigurable for daily usage20:10
RolaultenGood afternoon - I'm wondering if anyone here is knowledgeable about touchpad issues - I'm attempting to get a acer aspire one netbook up and running ubuntu and I've run into one problem which google seems to be no help for - about 30 seconds after login OR after the first instance of a window has been lunched the mouse (regardless of if its a touchpad or external USB) gets locked out and is unable to click anything20:11
lcbth^^, is not unfinished, everything is done (cosmetically). but for whoever don't like unity 3d there are options on login where the interfaces are and behave differently20:12
aguitellcb, when i boot with live cd it appears classic gnome desktop ,is this ok ?20:15
lcbaguitel, logout and try logging in to 'Ubuntu'20:15
aguitellcb, it ask for me wth username and passwoerd20:16
timmacHi there, can someone help with my install from usb? all goes fine booting from usb and then tells me it can't mound sys/mount/debug20:16
timmacand then a load of other stuff20:16
lcbaguitel, hit enter, unless you gave any user while loading, i don't know :)20:16
aguitellcb, password incorrect say20:17
lcbaguitel, i didn't try it from live cd, probably there is some trick to do that.20:18
PalinBachman2012setting hot corners to activate with the mouse button is broken right now in compiz, right?20:18
aguitellcb, you installed ?20:19
lcbaguitel, yes, several times/machines/ways. try ubuntu as username and hit enter20:20
TheBuntujust install ubuntu 11.02 beta2...how do i get gnome320:21
lcbTheBuntu, not supported, yet20:22
penguin42TheBuntu: You need to add a ppa https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3  but it's very volatile20:22
TheBuntureally none of 11.04 is suported yet20:23
ubottuGnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A PPA is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are _experimental_, _unstable_ and may break your system.20:25
aguitellcb, i logout and bootup with different ways but classic gnome appears20:30
timmaccan anyone help me with my intsall issue? installing from usb and its telling me it cannot mount stuff20:33
KM0201can't mount stuff?20:33
KM0201very technical explanation there20:33
timmacyeah, cant mount sys/mount/debug20:33
timmacto start, and then a bunch of other stuff once I press s20:34
arandPresumably cant mount install media, since it thinks there should be a CD somewhere..20:34
SMG1hello, can some one tell me how to play quicktime in firefox4 linux?20:34
KM0201timmac, what installation are you using?... Live CD or Alt. CD?20:34
arandtimmac: Is theis after or before installin it?20:34
KM0201cuz if you're trying the Alt. CD from the USB.. thats one reason to get that error.20:35
timmacarand, not sure what you mean about after or before, this is after the choose whether to install or boot from usb menu20:35
KM0201timmac, what ISO file did you put on the USB.. what as the name of it20:35
aguiteli am in live cd ,how i see unity ? coz classic gnome appears20:35
timmacKM0201, how can I tell if its alt or not? the iso is called ubuntu-11.04-beta1-desktop-i386.iso20:36
KM0201aguitel, if your pc doesn't support 3D out of the box, it defaults to Gnome Classic.20:36
KM0201timmac, ok, thats the live cd20:36
TheBuntuin jocky there is 2 nvidia drivers on 11.04...1 says recomended...the other says expirmental 3D suport or something in the area....whats the xpirmental  one20:36
timmacKM0201, so thats not the root of the problem?20:37
KM0201TheBuntu, i'm not sure, but i'd go w/ the recommended, unless you're prepared to trouble shoot problems20:37
aguitelKM0201, need to install privative drivers ?20:37
KM0201timmac, correct.. its not.20:37
krosonTheBuntu: im not sure, maybe nouveau with gallium3D?20:37
KM0201aguitel, yes.. which means most likely, its not gonna work on the live cd.. you'll have to install to try unity.20:37
aguitelKM0201, ok20:37
TheBuntui am on the normal one..i was just wondering20:37
arandtimmac: How did you create the usb, which tool?20:38
timmacarand, pendrivelinux.com one20:38
arandAnd maybe try another, and see if that works better20:38
timmacarand, was that directed at me? if so, another what?20:42
arandtimmac: There is the ubuntu usb disk createor, unetbootin..20:44
KM0201timmac, thats probably your problem, use ubuntu disk creator...20:45
timmacarand, will that take the ridiculously long time that the other one took?20:45
KM0201timmac, if you already have the ISO, all you need to download is the tool20:46
SMG1hello, how can I watch quicktime apple trailers in Firefox-4 (linux)?20:46
KM0201timmac, do you currently have windows installed?20:46
arandIf you have an incredibly slow usb stick, and that is the isse, yes.20:46
KM0201yeah, i doubt it's the thumb drive, unless its just archaic.20:46
timmacarand, could be the problem, my usb ports are kinda fudged, but the actual stick is fine20:47
arandPresumably though, if it does boot, from that point on the issues lie in the contents20:47
timmacwell, I'm going to try making a new usb... we'll see how that goes20:50
cbilljoneswould it be possible to have OS drop to unity 2D when a VNC connection is established? Compiz really kills vnc connections :(20:59
th^^lcb: well, using menu-heavy applications like gimp and inkscape in unity is just soo burdening due top menu hiding :/21:00
hardcoldhave an x120e with beta 2 that won't connect to wifi networks21:00
mongyanyone help me with mounting my usb stick.  in 10.10 its fine..  Its just a 32gig stick split up into 2 fat partitions and 1 encrypted partition made with disk utility..  in 10.10 it prompts me to input password for encrypted partition and mounts fine, but in 11.04 it doesnt do anything, not even mount the fat partitions.  here is paste from dmesg http://pastebin.com/nvCUDrSZ21:00
trismth^^: sudo apt-get remove indicator-appmenu; then log out/back in will disable the global menu21:01
th^^trism: ty, much better21:03
cbilljonesmongy gimp menus can be accessed by right clicking in window21:06
cbilljonesi mean th^^ ^^21:07
penguin42mongy: does it show up in /proc/partitions ?21:08
penguin42mongy: And are you using unity or classic?21:08
mongylet me see21:08
th^^cbilljones: i rather don't change the ways i've used the gimp for last 10 years :)21:08
penguin42mongy: I've not figured out where disc stuff is on Unity!   If I was on classic I'd run the gnome-disk mount app= and see if it'll let you mount it21:09
mongythey show up in nautilus and they mount when I click them..... asks for pass when I click the encrypted one..  just doesnt auto ask me21:10
mongyhmm ok not so bad then after all21:10
kingrayrayhey guys does gnome still use gnome-settings-daemon?21:12
penguin42kingrayray: Still seems to be running here21:13
kingrayraykk. i'm actually running e17, i'm just going to use it to let gnome handle gtk fonts and stuff. =)21:13
cyphasewow.. i turned off chromium, and a few seconds later my session crashed21:13
kingrayrayfigured i'd check before an install ;)21:13
cyphasemaybe that's what's been causing those few overnight session crashes i've had lately21:14
kingrayraynot having chromium open enough? lol21:14
cyphasechromium itself :)21:14
kingrayrayi just added an omnibar to firefox421:14
cyphasei mainly use firefox, i was just using chromium for a certain workspace21:15
kingrayrayyeah i really like chromium, it and chrome on windows have been my main browser since the first release21:15
kingrayraybut, new firefox. it deserves a chance :)21:15
kingrayraysry for OT chat :x lol21:16
cyphaseoh, woops21:16
cyphasei thought i was in #ubuntu-offtopic21:16
crazedpsycI just upgraded to natty, and Unity crashed (completely) every time I changed a setting in ccsm21:20
crazedpsycis this a known bug?21:20
arandIs it a specific setting?21:21
KM0201i don't think so.. unity/ccsm has worked rather swimmingly for me21:21
mongycompiz restarts itself everytime I do something in ccsm...21:21
crazedpsycnope, almost every single one21:21
mongyand I lose the files/folders dash and applications dash icons in launcher when it does21:22
crazedpsyc* well, it appears to have stopped crashing now21:22
mongystill very buggy, so close to release makes me wonder21:22
crazedpsycafter I pressed Control+Alt+F6 and ran killall5 several times (which foribly logs me out)21:23
crazedpsycit is better, but I had to disable window previews because they froze and crashed the launcher every time they appeared21:23
crazedpsycBut hey, it looks good!21:24
crazedpsycbtw, how do I adjust the transparency of the top panel?21:24
mongywindow previews dont show previews of apps on another desktop and dont always show the right app .. :(  but all in all, its a nice UI...21:25
trismcrazedpsyc: there is an option on the experimental tab of the unity plugin in ccsm21:25
crazedpsycOh, thanks21:25
crazedpsycI didn't see that tab21:25
crazedpsycIs there a way to move the win buttons back to the right in unity? I'm just about to get the new ubuntu tweak...21:27
KM0201why woud you want Ubuntu Tweak21:30
crazedpsycto tweak stuff ;)21:31
robin0800crazedpsyc, yes ubuntu-tweak can move those buttons21:32
crazedpsycrobin0800, Ok, thanks21:33
crazedpsyc ubuntu-tweak depends on python (<< 2.7); however:   Version of python on system is 2.7.1-0ubuntu521:36
crazedpsyccame up when installing UT21:36
crazedpsycoh, that wasn't the latest unstable version...21:39
crazedpsycI'm using the firefox Nightly build, can I get the globalmenu to work with this?21:41
M3l7D0wNjust installed natty beta2, and grub2 uses fedora15's kernel and init in the ubuntu menuentry...21:42
M3l7D0wNis it a known issue?21:43
crazedpsycDo you have fedora installed?21:44
arandM3l7D0wN: I would guess not, report bugs on launchpad.21:44
hardcoldwhere is launchpad?21:45
M3l7D0wNcrazedpsyc, yes21:45
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/21:45
timmacqueenHello, just installed natty on my computer connected to tv, which is 13X768 in resolution. This is whats showed in the monitor settings, but I'm still getting black bars on either side(not top and bottom) halp?21:45
crazedpsycHave you tried rebooting with the tv still connected21:47
hardcoldsimple question, how do I move a file into a protected folder? I've looked at commands, like sudo mv filename etc, but it won't work21:47
hardcoldWith OSX you can just assign yourself as root for a moment21:48
crazedpsychardcold, protected? run "lsattr [folder]"21:48
hardcoldCan I not do this with ubuntu so I can drag and drop the file?21:48
M3l7D0wNsudo works21:48
M3l7D0wNhardcold, no21:48
arandhardcold: "sudo mv file /location" should work.21:49
M3l7D0wNthe file folder doesn't integrate with sudo21:49
M3l7D0wNfile manager*21:49
hardcoldubuntu says the file doesn't exist, and the folder doesn't exist21:49
hardcoldbut I can create folders without issue in it21:49
arandhardcold: Then that is the case21:49
hardcoldbut it won't let me put a file in it21:49
guntbertM3l7D0wN: with nautilus always use gksudo, never just sudo21:49
arandhardcold: So where are you moving the file, what command are you using?21:50
M3l7D0wNguntbert, I said that if you try to copy a file into a protected folder, nautilus doesn't offer to use administrator privileges21:50
M3l7D0wNwhich is the case for osx and windows21:51
hardcoldsudo mv Paradise Lost XV.sceA /usr/local/shared/AlephOne/NetGames21:51
arandhardcold: sudo mv "Paradise Lost XV.sceA" /usr/local/shared/AlephOne/NetGames21:51
arandSpaces separate arguments in bash21:51
guntbertM3l7D0wN: of course it doesn't,21:51
arandalternatively escape the spaces:  Paradise\ Lost\ XV.sceA21:52
arandhardcold: If you use tab completion it will oftentimes do the space escaping for you21:53
bin_bashhey guise21:53
robin0800hardcold, you can always install nautilus=gksu21:53
bin_bashso guise i loaded up the livecd and it said no live desktop available what do21:54
timmacqueenshamelessly reposting problem- Hello, just installed natty on my computer connected to tv, which is 13X768 in resolution. This is whats showed in the monitor settings, but I'm still getting black bars on either side(not top and bottom)21:54
hardcoldI'm such an idiot21:56
hardcoldshare not shared21:56
hardcoldIt's shared in OSX21:56
hardcoldmy first day with ubuntu and with command line21:57
hardcoldlittle by little21:57
guntberthardcold: use <tab> complete for file names21:57
bin_bashHas anyone else not had the livecd load for them?21:58
bin_bashany suggestions?21:58
guntbert!md5sum | bin_bash did you check?21:58
ubottubin_bash did you check?: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows21:58
bin_bashI can't do that though21:59
bin_bashI'm using LOLOSX21:59
M3l7D0wNactually the correct ubuntu menuentry is placed by grub2 in "previous linux version"22:02
M3l7D0wNdon't know why22:02
crazedpsycwhy does the sound indicator keep blinking blue?22:05
crazedpsycI don't even have a music player open...?22:06
guntbertbin_bash: http://www.macappguide.com/2009/04/28/quick-tip-check-md5sum-in-os-x/22:06
jim__Hi all, I have a question about the Unity desktop22:07
jim__I'm running the second beta CD and Unity doesn't come up22:08
jim__instead I get the GNOME interface22:08
bin_bashguntbert:  I got this22:09
crazedpsycdo you have a newish computer?22:09
lcbcrazedpsyc, blinking or steady??22:09
guntbertbin_bash: compare it to the hash on the web site22:09
crazedpsycBlinking, but every minute or so, not often22:09
jim__My computer is two years old22:09
jim__I'm using a NVidia GeForce 8400 GS card22:10
guntbert!hashes | bin_bash22:10
ubottubin_bash: See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for the md5sums of Ubuntu discs.22:10
crazedpsycjim__, that should support it...22:10
bin_bashYeah it matches22:10
crazedpsycjim__, did you make sure "Ubuntu" was the chosen session in gdm (when you log in)22:10
lcbcrazedpsyc, try putting it on maximum output to check if you ear something22:11
jim__I'm running it in live mode I haven't installed it22:12
crazedpsyclcb, my speakers are pretty loud, and they were muted before, so i'll try it on medium volume first, but good idea22:12
crazedpsycjim__, then log out and pick "Ubuntu" at the bottom22:12
jim__does it give that option?22:12
lcbcrazedpsyc, also, on 'sound preferences' and input, check microphone22:12
crazedpsycjim__, it would give an error (i think) if your computer didn't support it22:12
jim__OK, I'll give it another shot and come back22:13
crazedpsycjim__, also, remember to log back it ;D22:13
ramzyjim__, i think that in live mode you are not using the nvidia driver...so unity wont apear22:13
jim__thanks for your help thus far22:14
crazedpsycfor me it auto-installed...22:14
jim__Is it possible to get the driver while in live mode?22:14
ramzyactivate it , then log out and in again22:14
crazedpsycjim__, search for nvidia in synaptic, or open system>admin>hardware drivers22:15
jim__OK thanks22:15
bin_bashSo... since the md5 matches then what am I supposed to do?22:15
crazedpsycanybody else finding it impossible to switch between windows with the unity launcher?22:15
lcbcrazedpsyc, ALT + TAB?22:16
lcbcrazedpsyc, the launcher... drag and drop. some are there for good (until you remove it)22:16
yofelunless crazedpsyc meens switching between open windows, which works fine by clicking on the other icon22:18
bin_bashHas anyone else had this desktop problemo?22:20
lcboops. he dragged and dropped the connection22:20
guntbertbin_bash: you did actually boot from the live CD?22:21
bin_bashguntbert:  as opposed to what?22:21
lcbbin_bash, let me scroll back and try to have my common sense  +  a bit of 11.04 usage help :)22:21
=== Lorthirk is now known as Lorthirk`ZNC
guntbertbin_bash: as opposed to try to start it from within your current OS22:22
bin_bashoh. No, I booted the CD22:23
lcbwhat's lolosx you are running, bin_bash ?22:25
guntbertbin_bash: and did you get the grub menu?22:25
crazedpsyclcb, thanks22:26
bin_bashi'm running 10.0622:26
bin_bashguntbert:  I got a cli22:26
lcbcrazedpsyc, did you drag and dropped the internet connection also? :o22:26
crazedpsycUnity crashed compiz again, this time it was when I was enabling the "Put" plugin22:26
crazedpsyclcb, I couldn't focus on the firefox window without a window mgr :p22:27
guntbertbin_bash: a CLI? the first thing should be two symbols (keyboard and ??) at the bottom22:27
bin_bashyeah that was the VERY first thing I got22:27
bin_bashthen it said ubuntu with the dots and tried to load22:27
bin_bashand then it said "no desktop available" or something of the sort22:27
lcbcrazedpsyc, check natty's help site for the shortcuts. (Put plugin allows you to put any active window on screen on any viewpoint, or any position by using keypad bindings)22:28
jozefkis there some way to put system monitor to the panel in unity, just like it was simple and easy to do in gnome?22:29
guntbertbin_bash: when that symbol appears press a key, you should get the old menu22:30
crazedpsyclcb, isn't Put also the one that nicely puts unexpected windows (eg, the update manager) next to the active window?22:30
minashokryhello, can't boot ubuntu on my new computer, I see error message can't open /dev/sr0 no medium found22:30
bin_bashokay i'll try that22:30
lcbcrazedpsyc, http://goo.gl/Pwxq122:30
yofeljozefk: you'll need an indicator for that from what I know, someone said once there was a PPA for it, but I don't know which one22:30
crazedpsyclcb, thanks for that :)22:31
sebsebsebWhat's Unity actsaully like, now that it's re done with Compiz?  Well I will find out soon anyway, but uhmm still the question22:31
jozefkcan I use gnome instead of unity in ubuntu 11.04?22:31
lcbcrazedpsyc, i don't know about yr last question. i don't use any plugins yet, until final release22:31
sebsebsebjozefk: there's a ppa for Gnome Shell for 11.04, but that will brake Unity22:31
crazedpsycthe hold super shortcut is awesome!22:31
penguin42jozefk: Old gnome just works22:31
sebsebsebjozefk: and then as far as I know, you can't just get Unity back either22:31
yofeljozefk: select ubuntu classic on login22:31
minashokrylcb, you still here? I am who was asking from few hours22:32
lcbcrazedpsyc, ya, gives you the lottery numbers22:32
sebsebsebjozefk: and if you mean Gnome 2, then yeah the  Ubuntu classic desktop22:32
yofelsebsebseb: both unity and gnome2 are installed by default22:32
jozefkok. i'll try ubuntu classic22:32
yofelah, you meant 322:32
lcbminashokry, ask what? :o22:32
sebsebsebyofel: yes I meant 3, but I think jozefk meant 222:32
jozefkI mean any gnome. gnome 2 or 3 I don't care. I liked gnome22:32
frithah setting unity's sidebar to 32x32px is so good on this netbook22:32
crazedpsyccan I get nautilus 3 beta on natty?22:33
jozefkor maybe i will try kde :))22:33
jozefkkde could work also22:33
minashokrylcb, I still can't boot ubuntu on my new computer. I get a message can't find medium with live file system and casper.log says cn't open /dev/sr0: no medium found22:34
KM0201woops, wrong X22:35
lcbminashokry, you need to instruct BIOS the medium order to boot, i believe22:35
sebsebsebyofel: anyway about to get the Beta 2 ISO, I want to be running Gnome Shell or  Unity on this computer now,  and so going to go for Unity for now,  try it out for about three or four weeks or something like that I guess,  maybe longer then that, but I know I would probably want to be running  Gnome Shell really in the long term22:35
minashokrylcb, I am booting from a live cd and from start up usb. both same result22:35
sebsebseblong term/run22:35
lcbminashokry, "new computer". you know 11.04 is still beta, don't you?22:35
minashokrylcb, yes ..... tried 10.10 gives same22:36
KM0201minashokry, whats wrong?22:36
yofelhm, which reminds me I need to see if gnome-shell starts again here22:36
KM0201sorry, was playing quadrapssel22:36
lcbminashokry, so.. again, i think it might be the booting setup in your bios.22:36
* sebsebseb will even do a clean install later on at some stage with the final, which would probably be a bit pointless, when starting with beta 2, but still.22:36
minashokrylcb, what order do you suggest?22:37
KM0201sebsebseb, i do the same thing22:37
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade22:37
ubottuIf you installed a Alpha/Beta/RC version of Natty Narwhal and have been keeping it up to date, then you are already running the latest version of Natty. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a console.22:37
bin_bashOkay I tried that22:37
sebsebsebKM0201: what the bot says, depending on how someone wants to look at it, isn't quite true, as I know from expereince of trying out other development versions22:37
sebsebsebKM0201: hence the clean install idea :)22:37
KM0201sebsebseb, i totally agree, been there done that got the t-shirt22:38
lcbminashokry, if you are booting from CD put it first, second usb third USB etc... it depends what type of machine is that22:38
sebsebsebwith  the final later on22:38
bin_bashAnd I was able to select "try without installing"22:38
lcb3rd, hard drive, i mean22:38
KM0201sebsebseb, no argument from me, i totally agree with you, and do the same thing22:38
minashokrylcb, dell xps 1522:38
guntbert!who | bin_bash22:38
ubottubin_bash: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)22:38
sebsebsebKM0201: yeah :)22:38
minashokrylcb, I am booting from usb start-up22:38
sebsebsebKM0201: shame I got to run Unity in Ubuntu at the moment, but it will come to other distro's later on anyway so :)22:38
bin_bashguntbert:  I was able to select English, and then Try Without Installing. After it started loading the Ubuntu Logo I got a cli with the error: "Unable to find a medium containing a live file system"22:39
lcbminashokry, on DELL, i think is DEL to enter the bios setup. don't play with it unless you are very sure what you are doing though. i have one dell too with windows but never went to bios22:39
KM0201minashokry, you might also see a message that says "Press Fxx for boot options"... and it will let you select your boot device for a one time boot, rather than making a permanent change in the bios.22:40
KM0201w/ my Acer, is F1222:40
lcbminashokry, you might have there startup priority, or order or something. put USB 1st, CD 2nd, HD 3rd22:41
KM0201lcb, whats his dell model again?22:41
lcbdell xps 1522:41
guntbertbin_bash: ah, that could mean that either the burning went wrong or the CD drive is ....., from the afore mentioned menu you should be able to select "check CD for defects" (or so) - please do that22:41
minashokrylcb, KM0201, it isn't boot order, ubuntu splash shows and starts then I stop at initramfs with the message I said22:41
KM0201oh ok.. sorry, i thought you were having trouble etting the device to boot.22:42
KM0201my bad22:42
lcbminashokry, but is looking for installing medium, isn't?22:42
lcbminashokry, burn the iso again. checksum it, use unetbootin for usb22:42
bin_bashguntbert:  verify burned data is selected22:42
minashokrylcb, I tired many ubuntu images22:43
minashokrylcb, all give the same message and stop in same point22:43
lcbminashokry, ur right, /dev/screen.... might be a corrupt image22:44
bin_bashminashokry: what message are you getting22:44
guntbertbin_bash: ok, but you still should check the running CD for errors22:44
minashokrybin_bash, "can't find a medium containing a llive file system"22:45
bin_bashThat's the exact error I'm getting22:45
HobartJust did the update to the beta, now X hangs on boot.  Alt+SysRq+R lets me switch to another virtual terminal though.22:45
HobartCan someone assist me with finding who I should inform? :-)22:45
bin_bashIt seems like minashokry and I are having the same problem22:45
penguin42This is from a usb thumb boot?22:45
bin_bashMine is from a CD22:46
yofelHobart: if it's X that doesn't start check /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:46
penguin42bin_bash: So what's the last thing you see on the screen?22:46
sebsebsebKM0201: going back to my comment about having to run Unity in Ubuntu at the moment,  well that's not quite true I guess,  I guess loads of distros based on it could run it at the moment really,  but anyway I am going to try out the Compiz version in 11.04 beta 2 like I said.22:47
Hobartyofel -> segfault.22:47
lcbminashokry, that /dev/sr0 means is not finding the CD. try burning the image again.22:47
penguin42lcb: Actually that's an unusual failed image error22:47
yofelHobart: file it against the driver I would say22:47
bin_bashthe ubuntu splash and then a cli "[initranfs] unable to find medium containing a live file system22:47
minashokrylcb, I tried booting from live cd and from start-up usb22:48
penguin42bin_bash: ok, I'm wondering if it's not finding your CD drive22:48
lcbpenguin42, but is happening often on this user22:48
Hobartyofel -> 'k... just go to ... launchpad I think ?22:48
Hobartyofel -> anything special I should do since this is a test of natty ?22:49
yofelHobart: run 'apport-cli <driver package>' (works over ssh too)22:49
penguin42bin_bash/minashorkry: Could you both from that initramfs prompt do an ls /sys/class/block   and see if there is an sr0 or sr1 or the like there?22:49
yofelHobart: what driver?22:49
Hobartyofel -> trying that, thank you very much22:49
penguin42bin_bash/minashorkry: Also what hardware are you guys using?22:49
minashokrypenguin42, I have sr0 but not sr1. I am using Dell xps 1522:50
penguin42minashokry: OK, that's good - now what error do you actually see?22:50
minashokrypenguin42, unable to find a medium containing live file system22:51
bin_bashpenguin42:  let me reboot again and try that22:51
lcb"ubuntu splash shows and starts then I stop at initramfs with the message  can't find medium""casper.log says cn't open /dev/sr0: no medium found"22:51
bin_bashor ls /sys/class/block22:52
penguin42minashokry/bin_bash: OK, when you guys do, also cat /proc/partitinos and see if that show sr0 and also do ls -l /dev/sr0 to see if it actually exists22:52
penguin42partitions even22:53
guntbertbin_bash: the latter22:53
bin_bashpartitinos or partitions?22:53
minashokrypenguin42, cat /proc/partitions shows 4 lines for sda, sda1, sda2,sda322:54
bin_bashok brb22:54
minashokrypenguin42 ls -l /dev/sr0 brw------- 1   11,    0 /dev/sr022:54
stravhe. Any one tested their favorite emacs config on ubuntu 11.04 beta2? (I'm getting lots of menu glitches)22:55
penguin42minashokry: OK, I just checked /proc/partitions doesn't show it anyway22:56
lcbpartitions, he corrected that :p22:56
minashokrypenguin42, yes22:57
lcboops, sorry. that was typed before, disregard22:57
nmpribeirohi there22:57
Hobartyofel -> Bug #763130 filed, anything else I can contribute to help ? :)22:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 763130 in fglrx-installer (Ubuntu) "X hangs at startup (segfault in fglrx?) after Natty beta upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76313022:58
lcbminashokry, you are not installing, isn't? you are only running live cd.22:59
nmpribeiroapt-get install (any deb package) Err http://archive.ubuntu.com/****:80 failed. Too many open files -> Never saw this one.... nor been able to google this problem. Anyone please? :)22:59
minashokrypenguin42, any suggestions/22:59
penguin42minashokry/bin_bash: Hmm not really - it's obviously finding your cd drive, otherwise there wouldn't be the /sys/class/block/sr0 and with /dev/sr0 existing that all looks good23:00
penguin42minashorkry: You could try from that prompt seeing if the iso is already mounted or try mounting it and see if there is an error23:01
* Arjen tips his hat. Hello there!23:02
lucas-argis there any way to show menus in Appmenu without having to place the mouse pointer in the bar?23:02
Hobartanyone know how I can reconfigure X to use vesa or something 'til fglrx or another driver work?23:03
ArjenI can't launch my Chrome from Unity. Does Chrome need a plugin for it?23:03
penguin42Hobart: Were you previously using fglrx?23:03
slestaki believe you can run xorg in a way to dump an xorg.conf to disk23:03
Hobartpenguin42 -> yes.23:03
slestakthen you can modify it and change the driver to vesa23:03
penguin42Hobart: Check if you have a /etc/X11/xorg.conf and if you do move it out of the way23:03
Hobartslestak -> OK. Is there a way to re-invoke the driver probe that takes place during initial install?23:04
slestakbrb, rebooting23:04
Hobartpenguin42 -> OK, trying. Thank you!23:04
slestaki dunno, so much of x is magic now23:04
slestakmost ppl dont have an xorg.conf i suspect23:04
bin_bashpenguin42:  I tried everything you suggested. I do not have sr023:05
penguin42bin_bash: Where? You don't have /dev/sr0 or you don't have /sys/class/block/sr0 ?23:05
bin_bashno /dev/sr023:05
bin_bashno such file or direcrtory23:05
penguin42bin_bash: OK, did you have /sys/class/block/sr0 ?23:06
penguin42bin_bash: OK, so your problem is the kernel isn't finding the CD drive at all23:06
bin_bashWehn I did ls23:06
bin_bashit showed cdrom23:06
bin_bashwhen I tried to mount it23:06
bin_bashjust ls23:06
penguin42without knowing which directory that was in it doesn't help much I'm afraid23:07
penguin42brb - going to get some food; back in 10min23:07
bin_bashthe initranfs23:07
stravstill no emacs users around?23:07
strav(got no feedback in #emacs)23:07
slestakmaybe do dmesg | grep cd23:08
slestakor dvd or sr23:08
orgyAnyone else having a minor issue with the background in unity when first logging in? IT looks like its set to 640x480 on my 1920x1080 monitor until i click the background once. Any insight?23:09
Edwisocai have a problem, i'm trying to install ubuntu on my hp dv5 2146la, core i5, 4 gb of ram, 500 hard drive, im trying with ubuntu 11.04 B2, im trying with wubi, installing ubuntu inside windows, but when i restart the computer i just get a blackscreen, i press the caps lock button and it works, but the system does not start, please help23:09
jim__Hi all, I solved my problem with Unity23:09
lcborgy, yes and might be resolved23:10
bluefox83Edwisoca: i've read some warnings saying not to install using wubi because there are some serious problems with the installer23:10
jim__crazedpsyc I installed the OS and after downloading the NVidia driver23:10
jim__everything worked fine23:11
lcborgy, it's the kind of issue that doesn't bother too much23:11
KM0201bluefox83, wubi, generally is not a good idea.23:11
lcbbluefox83, that's from what version/iso?23:12
bluefox83KM0201: i agree, cus it runs in windows, and windows is a bad idea all-around ;)23:12
sebsebsebbluefox83: use real partitions, Wubi can result in nasty issues23:12
bluefox83lcb: i don't know it was on the website :/23:12
orgyok cool, i was just curious its the last weird issue I have been dealing with on 11.04. Thanks23:12
bluefox83sebsebseb: i wouldn't ever use wubi...i wouldn't ever use windows ;)23:12
KM0201sebsebseb, exactly... you screw up in Ubuntu just good enough, you'll brick both OS's... in a normal dual boot system, most of the time, at least one OS will be safe ( as long as you're not being really wreckless)23:12
lcbohh. i think that wubi thing is corrected already23:12
Edwisocathanks bluefox83 but i also try installing with the ubuntu 10-04 cd i got from canonical but it also freeze the screen but the buttons still works,23:13
sebsebseblcb: no in geeneral, Wubi is known to get nasty issues at times23:13
lcbi never tried that. but looks a fun thing to do23:13
bluefox83Edwisoca: why the old cd and not the latest beta iso?23:14
Edwisocai try with both23:14
Edwisocaand nothing23:14
Edwisocai just get a black screen but the buttons still works23:14
sebsebsebEdwisoca: try a proper partitioned dual boot23:15
sebsebsebEdwisoca: no Wubi23:15
sebsebsebEdwisoca: or just wait untill the final for Ubuntu 11.04, I get the impression your new to this stuff really23:15
Edwisocawhy the 10.04 cd does not work?23:15
Edwisocai keep getting a black screen23:15
sebsebsebEdwisoca: ok wait untill the final, it comes out April 28th,  then download the ISO for 11.04,  md5sum check,  burn to CD, try it23:16
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows23:16
sebsebsebEdwisoca: what graphics card you got?  and stuff like that?23:16
sebsebsebwhich Windows is on your computer?23:17
Edwisocacore i5, 4 gb ram, intel hd graphics, 500 hd,23:17
Edwisocawindows 7,23:17
sebsebsebEdwisoca: core i5 ???23:17
sebsebsebis that, that new Intel graphics card I read about?23:17
bin_bashEdwisoca: Are you using a macbookpro23:17
Edwisocano, hp dv5 214623:17
bin_bashAre you new to ubuntu?23:18
sebsebsebEdwisoca: uhmm  there was some Intel graphcis card or whatever, that was really new, and well no Linux distro support for it yet23:18
sebsebsebEdwisoca: could be the one you have23:18
Edwisocathis is my pc http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/co/es/ho/WF06b/321957-321957-3329744-64354-64354-4210545-4311592.html?jumpid=reg_R1002_COES23:18
sebsebsebin general Linux distributions work or work best, with hardware that isn't to new, and that isn't to old, and is pretty standard23:18
slestaksebsebseb: i5 is the dual core optio now from intel23:18
slestaki3 == celeron23:18
slestaki5 == core2 duo23:19
sebsebsebslestak: hmm ok, but Ubuntu 10.04 won't have support for that?23:19
slestaki7 == quad core23:19
bin_bashsebsebseb:  no never23:19
sebsebsebslestak: ,but 11.04 might?23:19
bin_bashsebsebseb:  11.04 BARELY has support for it23:19
sebsebsebbin_bash: well there we go then, that's why Edwisoca is getting problems it seems then23:19
slestaki5 is not the video card, that is the cpu designation23:19
bin_bashThe GPU is the problem23:19
bin_bashthere's no support for it yet23:19
EdwisocaGráficosIntel® HD Graphics23:19
sebsebsebyes that's what I was on about whatever graphics card, they got, no support for it yet probably23:20
Edwisocaummmm, but i want to try ubuntu, what can i do?23:20
slestakdo an lspci and get us the chipset number23:20
bin_bashThere /are/ drivers but they're not really supported yet23:20
sebsebsebEdwisoca: if you have a to new graphics card, well Linux distro's won't have support yet,  or hardly have support23:20
bin_bashEdwisoca:  wait until the full release23:20
Edwisocaok, thanks23:20
sebsebsebEdwisoca: maybe you can do a virtual machine try inside Windows of Ubuntu23:20
sebsebsebbin_bash: final will have support?23:21
bin_bashsebsebseb:  it should. there's minimal support for it right now.23:21
bin_bashsebsebseb:  http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=intel_i32100_graphics&num=123:21
sebsebsebEdwisoca: good to try  a few distro's by the way :)  since well Desktop Linux and all it's various distro's makes it really great :) anyway have fun with that23:22
slestakhave we ascertained what chipset it is, nit by name but by number?23:22
Edwisoca8.15.10.2302 ?23:23
ArjenSince I was AFK for a while, I'll ask again and hope it's not rude. :)  - Anyone know why I can't launch Chrome from Unity? The open animation plays, but the browser never gets launched. :<23:23
lcbArjen, did you install it from ... where?23:25
Arjenlcb, The debian package from their site.23:25
lcbarand, what's the name of that package, can you get it?23:26
Arjen*giggles* That was almost typo'd Arend, which is also one of my names. Sec. I deleted the deb file already.23:26
lcbsudo apt-get --purge remove 'that_package_name' && sudo apt-get install chromium-browser23:27
ArjenOh. I should have gone with Chromium? D:23:27
* Arjen facepalms.23:27
ArjenI'm such a noob.23:27
lcbit works fine, i use it, besides flamesfox23:28
ArjenI stopped using FF... Not sure why. It started being so bloaty a while ago. xD23:28
ArjenBut -- ok. For future reference23:28
bin_bashArjen:  your personality is so.... bubbly.23:28
lcbArjen, it's good, i use both. chromiun is relatively new and missing some things we are used to have it on ff23:29
ArjenIt remembers the .deb filename of the installer, and removes the packages it installed?23:29
arandWell it is not particularly a matter of chrom/chromium, but rather that chromium is the version in the ubuntu repository.23:29
Arjenbin_bash, I'll take that as a compliment. :]23:29
ArjenI'm just excited my lady is visiting tomorrow. It's been a month. So I might be a bit... 'bubblier' than normal.23:29
ArjenShush! I got engaged, that stuff's supposed to make you bubbly! >.<23:30
lcbArjen, get a nice desktop background so she will be happy23:30
ArjenI went with the ragged looking sign. xD23:31
lcbcongrats Arjen23:31
bin_bashAll the emoting is making me twitch, quite honestly.23:31
bin_bashI also could have sworn you were a girl23:31
* penguin42 returns23:32
ArjenI'm sorry... (Not really.) I'll try to keep the emoting to myself.23:32
bin_bashWelcome back penguin42 :)23:32
lcbArjen, it's ok, as soon as her name isn't Natty23:32
ArjenLuckily it's not :P23:32
sianhulohow do i know if i have unity 3d¿?23:32
lcbArjen, i only hope you both would always have unity23:33
sebsebsebsianhulo: ok got 11.04 installed recently?23:33
macobin_bash: i see no denial of being a lady....23:33
bin_bashmaco:  LOL23:34
ArjenHahah, insert product placement icon <here>.23:34
sianhuloyes, just yesterday23:34
Arjenmaco, LOL, consider this your denial.23:34
sebsebsebsianhulo: ok and it looks like a previous version of Ubuntu right now, right?23:34
bin_bashpenguin42:  when I do ls in the initranfs I see cdrom23:34
bin_bashthen when I do mount cdrom it says can't read /etc/fstab no such file or directory23:34
sianhulowell it have a panel in the left side23:34
ArjenAlthough if I was a sexy engaged lesbian, I'm sure support offers would pop up like wildfires!23:34
sianhuloand the menu of aplication is inside upper panel23:35
* rww grabs the steering wheel and turns the channel back in the direction of 11.04 discussion and support23:35
sebsebsebsianhulo: ok if you got something that looks like a dock from Mac OS X, going down the left,  then sure you got Unity by the sounds of it23:35
penguin42bin_bash: OK, I'm not quite sure why that cdrom is there - mount cdrom wouldn't work automatically, and if you don't have a /dev/sr0 or /sys/class/block/sr0 I'm not too surprised23:35
maco*shrug* ok. just seemed like "is dating a female human" was not exactly something that gives away a person's gender23:35
sebsebsebsianhulo: and if you didn't get a message saying that you had to use the fall back before, because a graphics driver was missing,  then eyah23:35
penguin42bin_bash: can you boot into a different Linux - ideally an older Ubuntu?23:36
sianhuloi just remember a message about a crash of gsettings or something like that23:36
Arjenlcb, that didn't actually work... I tried the package name but it just failed. Heh23:36
bin_bashpenguin42:  I can boot into 10.04 but it doesn't work23:36
lcbpenguin42, i still believe both of them have "corrupted" images23:36
sebsebsebsianhulo: well sounds like you got Unity23:36
sianhulomy problem is tht i have an integrated video card(intel)i fear it wont compatible with unity 3d23:36
sebsebsebsianhulo: take a screenshot if you want, but it sounds like your already running Unity23:36
penguin42bin_bash: OK, well look it's worth as lcb trying another cd burn after redownloading - if that doesn't work I'd like to see a dmesg from a Linux that boots23:36
lcbArjen, try trough synaptic then23:37
ArjenThanks lcb.23:37
penguin42lcb: Yeh it's worth a try for a new image - although the lack of /sys/class/block/sr0 is surprising23:37
sianhulobut rher is not an unity 2d and a unity 3d?23:37
bin_bashpenguin42:  Alrigh I'll re-download and then re-burn and then I can boot into 10.04 (it boots but I have NO drivers) and I can try dmesg23:37
* sebsebseb has his beta 2 downloading a bit slow, but getting there23:37
penguin42bin_bash: What's your hardware?23:37
sebsebsebsianhulo: no Unity 2D in Ubuntu 11.04, unless people use an optional ppa23:38
lcbpenguin42, we didn't ask what image is that caming from.. who know for instance from daily were at some point damaged?!23:38
sebsebsebsianhulo: the fall back mode for Ubuntu 11.04 is Gnome 2 with the Ubuntu developer patches23:38
penguin42lcb: Oh good point23:38
sebsebsebsianhulo: for 11.10 it seems that Unity 2D will be the fall back instead23:38
sianhuloi heard that there is problem with gnome shell and unity, if i install gnome shell unity will crash?23:39
sebsebsebsianhulo: Ubuntu 11.04 hasn't been designed for people to have both without issues, as a result if you install Gnome Shell from the ppa,  Unity will stop working and well as far as I know you won't just be able to have Unity working again after either23:40
lcbi only install daily/s but i love to destroy and recovering systems :)23:40
bin_bashpenguin42:  MacBook Pro i5 San2.3 GHz i5, Intel HD MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-89823:40
sianhuloand if i install it and after quit it, unity will be still having problems?23:41
penguin42bin_bash: OK, give a new install a go - is taht the really recent sandy bridge mac?23:41
sebsebsebsianhulo: (also really Ubuntu 11.04 should be using Gnome Shell by default since that's from upsteram Gnome, but no Canonical have their own interface idea's hence Unity made for desktops as well starting with 11.04 not just netbooks like 10.10)23:41
bin_bashpenguin42:  yeah early 201123:41
sianhuloi dont like unity, it has a lot of problems :(23:42
bin_bashsianhulo:  use gnome 3 :D23:42
ArjenI'm curious about Gnome 323:42
penguin42bin_bash: OK, give a new image a go but I wouldn't be surprised if you're seeing a kernel bug not recognising the hard drive on there - I'd try a thumb drive install23:42
ArjenThen again I'm still curious about nearly anything since I'm so new to linux lol.23:42
lcbsianhulo, a short answer... just install it. you gonna have gnome and unity. but read a bit about 11.03, updated info on topic23:42
sebsebsebsianhulo: if you want to try out Gnome Shell as well, that's great :) you can get a Fedora or OpenSuse Live CD, for the proper expereince http://gnome3.org23:42
sianhuloi can't use alt + tab, and i dont know hot to switch between 2 windows(of the same progam)23:42
bin_bashpenguin42:  Yeah if only I could find my thumb drive!23:42
penguin42Arjen: I gave it a go - it seems different from Unity - it seems more stable and in some ways less drastic - but I don't like what they did to workspaces23:42
sebsebsebsianhulo: some distro's already using Gnome 3 and Gnome Shell by default, but yep Fedora 15 will when it's released.  loads of choice :)  ,but personally  I woudn't use Ubuntu for Gnome Shell.23:43
ArjenOh. What -did- they do? I was going to try it after tinkering with Unity23:43
Arjen(to workspaces that is, penguin42)23:43
sianhulowait, i'll comeback in a while23:43
Hobartyofel / penguin42 / slestak -> Okay, what worked was purging all 'fglrx' packages, then doing updatedb / locate fglrx , then doing "for foo in `locate fglrx`; dpkg-query -S $foo; done" , then renaming out every file on the filesystem that ...23:43
Edwisocathanks, im gonna wait for the final release, bye23:43
penguin42Arjen: They only have a vertical set of workspaces and a lot of the shortcuts about moving things between workspaces has gone - and I'm a strict 3x3 workspace guy23:43
Hobart... contained 'fglrx' except for the two that were part of packages (app-install-data and x11-common each own one).  *then* X worked.23:44
Arjen3x3! Oh my you're a multitasker. >.<23:44
Hobartcorrection, "do dpkg-query..."23:44
bin_bashpenguin42:  I found my pen drive I'll try doing that23:44
lcbbin_bash, i like using unetbootin for that, at times23:45
lcbgives you some more options23:45
bin_bashlcb:  what is unetbootin23:45
lcbto do your usb23:45
lcbapt-get install unetbootin23:45
bin_bashI can't cuz I'm usin lolosx23:46
lcbwhat the heck is that? i asked you before. sorry, i was born last century23:46
bin_bashoh it's mac os x23:46
KM0201lcb, the version in the repos never works for me.. i have no idea why...23:46
sianhuloi got back, well, i know that if i install gnome shell unity will die, but gnome shell will have problems?(yes, i konw tha i am an annoying)23:46
bin_bashI just say lolosx because it's a laughable system23:46
lcbahh ok.... bin_bash  :)23:46
KM0201bin_bash, no access to a windows or linux machine at all?23:47
penguin42bin_bash: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unetbootin/files/UNetbootin/549/unetbootin-mac-549.zip/download   for macos23:47
bin_bashKM0201:  Nupe23:47
lcbbin_bash, yes it is. look if unetbootin is available for that. i believe so23:47
bin_bashpenguin42:  thanks23:47
KM0201bin_bash, well.. well that sucks. that is one thing ive found, making a bootble USB in Mac, is tough23:47
lcbKM0201, i use it.. and works. FROM ISOs, not from the dropdown menu23:47
KM0201can't believe nobody has made a utility to do that yet23:47
penguin42unetbootin is available for everything23:47
KM0201penguin42, not for mac23:48
penguin42KM0201: I posted a link to it!23:48
bin_bashKM0201:  I'm DLing it now23:48
KM0201oh wow, i didn't know there was a mac version23:48
KM0201is that recent?23:48
aauthorOn natty I installed linux-generic-pae linux-headers-generic-pae, but my (32-bit) system is still showing only 3.2gb RAM.  Any ideas?23:48
lcb<penguin42> bin_bash: http://sourceforge.net/projects/unetbootin/files/UNetbootin/549/unetbootin-mac-549.zip/download   for macos23:49
KM0201well, unetbootin will certainly make it easy23:49
penguin42dunno - I just found it on their site23:49
lcbso there is one :P23:49
penguin42aauthor: Do you see more than 3.2GB of RAM in any other OS?23:49
KM0201lcb, it's gotta be fairly new.. it wasn't thre as of about 5 weeks ago, when i was helping a machead setup  aUSB23:49
aauthorYes, on my ubuntu 10.10.23:49
lcbKM0201, i used a mac machine about 20 yrs ago... never used one again23:49
penguin42aauthor: OK, can you post a dmesg from the system booted with the pxe kernel?23:49
bin_bashlcb:  yeah i got it23:50
penguin42lcb: They have almost nothing in common with old macs23:50
aauthorpenguin42: Sure thing, just a second.23:50
KM0201aauthor, you shouldn't have "install" the pae kernel... when the installer detects over 3gigs, it installs it automatically23:50
bin_bashpenguin42:  so I just select 11.04 Live_x6423:50
penguin42bin_bash: Can't remember but sounds promising!23:50
lcbpenguin42, i believe so. my idea is still that is the type of OS better for strong multimedia pulling apps23:50
KM0201bin_bash, if thats what you want... you could also download the ISO using a torrent then use the option to navigate to an ISO you've downloaded23:51
aauthorpenguin42: http://paste.ubuntu.com/594987/23:51
lcbbin_bash, why 64? is that really what you want?23:52
aauthorKM0201: When did Ubuntu start doing that?  I've always had to manually install the pae on my x32 versions of Ubuntu.23:52
bin_bashlcb:  why not 64?23:52
penguin42aauthor: Are you sure that's the PAE kernel - I'd expected it to say23:53
ArjenOh snap. That did not help me at all.23:53
ArjenI can't launch Chromium from the Unity bar either.23:53
lcbbin_bash, by the way, does that machine supports it, fully? (i mean about ram etc)23:53
aauthorpenguin42: ...?23:53
KM0201aauthor, to my knowledge, it has always done it.23:53
ArjenIt just blinks as if it's doing something, stays highlighted, and stops. No launching.23:53
bin_bashlcb:  yeah 4 gigs23:53
thiebaudethen 64bit makes sense then,lol23:54
lcbbin_bash, go for it then. download latest release23:54
penguin42aauthor: Doesn't look like that's the PAE kernel23:54
lcbArjen, that's weird. did you --purge remove previous one?23:55
lcbArjen, everything launches well?23:56
aauthorpenguin42: I ran "sudo apt-get install linux-generic-pae linux-headers-generic-pae" is there anything else that I need to do, so that I'll boot with the pae kernel?23:56
ArjenChromium works23:56
ArjenBut it won't launch from Unity - Same as Chrome23:56
bin_bashHey guise23:56
ArjenHowever if I do it via the Ubuntu icon, then "browse the web", it boots up <1sec23:56
bin_bashShould I try the Alternate Intstall?23:56
lcbArjen, can you elaborate a bit, pls23:56
ArjenI open Chrome(/ium)23:56
lcbArjen, what you mean "from unity'?23:56
ArjenI sticky it on Unity23:57
ArjenThe Unity bar. On the left.23:57
ArjenHow should I be calling it?23:57
penguin42aauthor: I think I'd expect that to work, you could try running update-grub from a command line and see what it says, and also just check at the grub menu what options you have23:57
bluefox83i'd really like to make chromium browser my default browser, but that doesn't seem to be working out for me...is there a config file i can edit someplace where i can set the default?23:57
lcbArjen, try, on CLI ' /usr/bin/chromium-browser %U '23:57
KM0201bin_bash, alternate install doesn't work from USB23:57
bin_bashKM0201:  okay forget that then23:58
lcbArjen, you can call it whatever you want, as long as google ppl don't get offended :)23:58
KM0201bluefox83, just set chromium as default under preferred applications23:58
KM0201problem solved23:58
ArjenKM0201, bluefox83, I just did the same thing - it is default but it says it's not.23:58
aauthorpenguin42: Thanks, I'm going to restart and see if the pae kernel pops up.  BRB23:59
orgyArjen, I have chromium on my unity bar and it works fine. Are you running chromium stable or a daily build?23:59
lcbbluefox83, did you try "Preferred Applications"?23:59
bluefox83thank you, preferred apps worked fine...lol23:59
bluefox83i can't believe that didn't occur to me D:23:59

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