kaushalwhat is unity in 11.04 ? is it a desktop ?02:59
iflemagood question.... i think really its another move towards the future. Itll all pay off soon!! *cough* LTS *cough* kaushal there is an ubuntu channel on freenode      #ubuntu+1     its the channel for the development version of ubuntu - they may throw answers at you......03:23
kaushaliflema: Thanks03:23
kaushalDoes this Video Card http://www.dell.com/in/business/p/vostro-3500/pd supports 3D ?03:23
nisshhkaushal, that vidcard is nearly 2 years old, it can easily to 3D but it isnt very powerful, since its at the low end of the 300 series06:08
nisshhkaushal, also, Unity is like GNOME shell, same concept, different implementation06:08
nisshhthey are both desktop shells06:08
nisshhthey both use GNOME underneath06:08
kaushalnisshh: ok07:49
kaushaldesktop shell ?07:50
kaushalwhat does that mean ?07:50
redvilanybody here  knows how to fix missing plugin for chromium?08:30
redvilim trying to watch movie trailers at apple.com but the player just displays 'Missing Plugin'..08:31
somethinginteresG'Day all how can I replace the flash player installed through 11.04's software centre with the 10.3 beta "libflashplayer.so"? I run both Chromium and Firefox and only see the file located in the following areas, not in any browser specific location in Chromium's case: http://paste.ubuntu.com/594760/09:40
somethingintereswent ahead and removed the software centre version and just did a manual "cp" to the right location :) 10:08

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