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MosesMnewb question; I am trying to use rsync to back up /home/jeff onto an external HD, however external does not have enough space to back up "movies" directory - so I figure easiest route is to move "Movies" into /home/ then just rsync /home/jeff/01:24
MosesMit spits an error; is this because you cannot move things into /home/, or because I am doing something else wrong?01:25
MosesMnext easiest solution is to create a subdir in /jeff/ called My Documents, move everything other than "Movies" into there, then do rsync...but I figure it's better to learn the correct approach than juryrig :P01:26
holsteinMosesM: what cant you move /Movies?01:29
MosesMwell it's just too large, my external is 50 and /jeff/ is 90, of which 60 is in /movies/01:29
holsteinso you want to take /Movies01:29
holsteinand relocate them01:30
holsteinother than in your /home folder01:30
MosesMbut not to /home/ ?01:30
holsteinwell, thats what im asking01:30
holsteinwhats the error?01:30
MosesMError moving file: Permission denied01:31
holsteinyou're going for /home/Movies01:31
holsteinsomething like that01:31
holsteinsudo mv it01:31
holsteinnot sure what the deal is though01:31
MosesMcd to /jeff/, then sudo mv -r Movies /home01:32
holsteinsudo should do it01:32
holsteinIF thats what you want to end up with01:32
holsteinthen you can put them back i suppose01:32
MosesMI want to put Movies in some other folder than /jeff/ and not have to move it back, since I'd like to rsync every month or whatever01:33
holsteini would probably try for an rsync script that would just not do /home/you/Movies01:33
holsteinMosesM: but sudo mv will do what you are trying to do01:33
MosesMI'm terribly new here, so in terminal do I have to cd over to /you/ or to /movies/ or just to /home/ ?01:35
MosesMand then it's just "sudo mv Movies /home/" and password?01:36
holsteinMosesM: theres nothing wrong with just including the path01:36
holsteinthe complete path01:36
holsteinand using tab to auto-complete so you are sure you are getting what you want01:36
MosesMoh, awesome01:37
holsteinMosesM: and i think you need the -r flag like you had01:37
MosesMusing the whole path makes things easier, thanks01:37
holsteinMosesM: you can always test it out first too01:37
MosesM-r just basically means "and all subfolders and subfiles", right?01:38
holsteinmkdir /home/you/something01:38
MosesMone day I shall master this >.>01:38
holsteinmv -r /home/you/something /home01:38
holsteinthen sudo if you get the permissions error01:39
holsteinthen sudo rmdir /home/something01:39
MosesMyup, it worked, much thanks - it now shows up in /home/01:39
holsteinand do it on the real deal :)01:39
holsteinMosesM: cool01:39
MosesMthough oddly my /name/ file seems to have not changed in size o.O01:39
holsteinMosesM: hmmm01:39
holsteinwhere are you looking?01:40
MosesM/home/, rightclick name01:40
MosesMis there any way that if I view the size of A, B and C and it totals 20gig, that the folder containing only A, B and C would be 60gig?01:40
MosesMcan I view a list of the largest files or something? :\01:40
holsteintheres some GUI tool for that somewhere01:40
* holstein looking01:40
MosesMbecause it's basically jpgs, texts and pdfs, there is no way that - absent the movies folder - it can possibly be anywhere close to 60gig01:41
superproxycan anyone help me with proxy authentication problems?01:41
superproxyi'm running ubuntu 10.10 32 bit live cd01:41
holsteinMosesM: theres a disk useage analyzer01:41
holsteinin assecories01:41
holsteinat least in 10.0401:41
holsteinthey might have moved it01:42
holsteinor taken it out01:42
holsteinsuperproxy: problems trying to install?01:42
MosesMaha, found it01:42
* MosesM opens, thanks01:42
superproxyhosltein: yeah and problems connecting my programs to the internet01:43
holsteinsuperproxy: if you just type ho01:43
holsteinin here01:43
holsteinand then hit tab01:43
holsteinit'll auto complete my nick :)01:43
MosesMI must say, a month into using it (and once getting rid of the icky Netbook gnome that lacked any menus and instead had coloured blocks to click...), I *like* Ubuntu...I'm just no good at it; but it's entirely my fault, not it's :)01:44
* holstein looking01:44
superproxyhere, after i tried accessing gnome-do it doesn't work01:44
superproxyi tried sudo apt-get update01:44
holsteinMosesM: :)01:44
holsteinglad you are enjoying it01:44
holsteini think you are on the right track01:44
MosesMalso, appears it was either user-error, or just a caching issue, it now properly says 20g :)01:45
superproxythis happened http://pastebin.com/7BD0GiEN01:45
superproxyi can internet if firefox, the authentication pop-up pops up01:46
superproxybut it is limited to firefox only01:46
holsteinsuperproxy: this is old, but give it a look01:46
holsteinMosesM: i was going to say, give it a minute to catch up01:46
holsteinand report01:46
superproxyoh thanks01:47
MosesMand I already figured out grsync, w00t01:48
MosesMmuch thanks folks01:48
superproxyholstein: why doesn't the authentication feature in the network proxy work?01:51
holsteinsuperproxy: im not sure01:51
holsteini havent needed to set that up yet01:51
superproxyok thnx01:54
MK``How do I get nautilus to show the location bar by default?02:43
madsailorMK``, it's under the view menu02:44
MK``rather, the Go To thing that lets you type a location02:44
madsailorMK``, I don't know if you can set it to be open by default.  I always just click on the magnifying glass icon02:47
MK``I am referring to the function it does when you press ctrl+l02:47
MK``ctrl+L, that is02:47
madsailorok..gotcha now. I'm not sure offhand, however.02:49
MK``no problem02:51
Laggglets see some cool ubuntu themes!02:51
MK``Dealing with a more serious problem: I can't seem to connect to the windows network here anymore, it just happened out of the blue02:51
MK``When I clicked on network at first it didn't open the folder at all, then threw this error when I opened another location:  "Error: DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken. Please select another viewer and tr02:52
MK``y again."02:52
MK``Now, it opens the "Windows network" folder but does not show any networks02:52
holsteinwindows can connect to ssh shares02:52
holsteinwith sftp or whatever02:52
MK``The strange thing is that I know the network connection works because I am connected to a printer on that network02:52
holsteini stopped trying to make linux talk to windows, and things got a lot easier02:53
holsteinMK``: i would just logout02:53
holsteinsee if it comes back02:53
holstein"did you turn it off and back on again" ;)02:54
MK``I tried that :( nothing02:54
holsteinwell, assuming you restarted the windows boxes too02:54
MK``I also tried restarting nautilus while logged in, so that's not the problem02:54
holsteini would try pinging them02:54
holsteinand go from there02:54
MK``Well see, there is a printer connected to one of the windows boxes, and I can send print jobs to it. Yet it can't seem to see the box it is connected to.02:55
holsteinid say you got a good chance of sorting it out then02:56
holsteinif you got printer sharing going on02:56
MK``Additionally, if I use "Connect to server" and enter the IP of the box, it connects and allows me to read from the box fine, but not write to it02:56
holsteinsounds like permissions then02:57
madsailorMK``, I did a quck google search on your error and it returned this :http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1036024.html.  Seems purging and re-installing samba has helped for some02:58
holsteini found samba a bit fiddly02:58
madsailorso have I02:58
holsteinfrom OSX to windows too02:58
madsailorI've never had a mac, not not surprised.02:59
MK``un-and-reinstalling samba did not fix it :(03:02
coz_MK``,  not sure what the issue is  however.. with any application,, sometimes uninstalling it does nothing because the config files from previous install my still be on the system,, a reinstallation simply allows the application to pick up where it left off03:05
coz_MK``,  if you uninstall anything,, check the system for any indication of that applications including configuration files03:06
MK``I have no nautilus bookmarks aside from the default, and the share has no password03:06
coz_MK``,  not sure then,,, if no one here can help  you may want to try ##linux channel,,, they are generally helpful03:06
MK``hm, in ~/mnt/ there is a folder named after an older share and an old printer that was removed, would that be an issue?03:10
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MK``Damnit. I clicked "revert" on menu changes I made, and it reverted the structure but just deleted any things I had in custom folders I made... how do I restore them?07:23
MK``anyone here? :(07:27
bioterrorI am07:28
bioterrorand I dont know about menu changes and custom folders07:28
MK``I was editing the Applications menu to move stuff around when it lost focus and I accidentally deleted one of the root folders. I clicked "revert" on menu changes I made, and it reverted the structure but just deleted any things I had in custom folders I made... how do I restore them?07:29
bioterrorsounds like a Gnome-thingie07:29
PDSmediadoes anyone have experience with configutation of ubuntu server edition?07:30
bioterrorPDSmedia, what kind of experience07:32
PDSmediaconfiguration after new install07:32
bioterrorcan you be a little more specific07:33
bioterrorlike configuring what07:33
* nlsthzn-work waves at bioterror ... and also to everyone else too ...07:35
bioterrormorning nlsthzn-work07:36
bioterrorfew hours and I'm off to repair a dell r71007:36
bioterrormy first dell gig, I've only serviced sun microsystems servers :D07:36
PDSmediathe only reference I have is the PDF file found on the Ubuntu site.  It requires that you edit a lot of configuration files... but does not mention what commands allow u to do that07:36
nlsthzn-workcool... a step up? :p07:36
bioterrorPDSmedia, when you install server, you have a vision what's the purpose of that server07:37
bioterrornlsthzn-work, not exactly. I just got a dispatch call that help is needed and I get 200e for the dispatch call07:37
nlsthzn-workbioterror: euro?07:38
nlsthzn-workbioterror: holy #$%^... I am in the wrong profession QQ07:39
bioterrorI can change one system board for 200 euros + travel expences07:39
PDSmediaare u asking why am I setting up a server version?07:39
bioterrorPDSmedia, kinda07:39
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bioterrorPDSmedia, is it a file server, http server, what?!07:41
PDSmediamy purpose is to provide a test enviroment on my local network for testing PHP script and MySQL utilized by Drupal CMS sites I'm developing07:41
bioterrorsudo apt-get install php5 mysql07:41
bioterrorif I remember right07:41
PDSmediathere is a lot more to it than installing packages as ur suggesting07:42
PDSmediaI can't find the commands to edit configuration files07:42
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bioterrornanovi joe sed07:43
bioterrornano vi joe sed vim07:43
PDSmediaI don't even know what the directory structure is07:43
bioterrorchhose one07:43
PDSmediajoe? sed?  have no idea what ur asking07:44
bioterrorthose are editors07:45
bioterrortake nano07:45
bioterrornano /etc/something07:45
bioterrorbutn ow I'm off for breakfast, wife is yelling :D07:46
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beachbuddahhello ubuntu-beginners15:18
beachbuddahayone have a suggestion for a cd/dvd drive that is only recognized as a cd drive - and with limited burning capabilities at that?15:19
coz_beachbuddah,  mm  which manufacturer is this drive?15:20
beachbuddahit's only listed as generic - it's part of a gateway 7330 gz laptop15:21
coz_beachbuddah,  mm ,,, and what are the limited burning capabilities?15:22
beachbuddahit won't burn an .iso file15:22
beachbuddahit hangs and gives me an error msg (which of course I don't have to hand)15:22
coz_beachbuddah,  which application are you using to burn this .iso?15:22
coz_beachbuddah,  you are using a cd to burn the iso to?15:23
coz_beachbuddah,   ok  open a terminal   and install this     sudo apt-get install gnomebaker    <<  if you are on Gnome that is15:24
beachbuddahI am - will do15:24
coz_beachbuddah,  that will show up under the Sound and Video menu15:24
coz_beachbuddah,  let me know when you open it15:24
coz_beachbuddah,  ready?15:26
coz_beachbuddah,  ok  under the "Tools"  menu  you will see  Burn CD image or  DVD image15:26
coz_beachbuddah,  however15:27
coz_beachbuddah,   if you dont already have the cd in the burner  close gnomebaker,,15:27
coz_put in the cd  let it be recognized  then open gnomebaker,, this is the same on any OS  generally,, the cd burner with the cd has to be recongized before opening the application or it takes forever15:28
coz_beachbuddah, ok now under Tools   choose Burn cd image15:28
coz_beachbuddah,  locate it15:28
coz_beachbuddah,   set the speed to  1x15:29
coz_ mode  = Auto15:29
coz_eject disk checked15:29
coz_then click start15:29
coz_beachbuddah,   if the cd burner is not  querky and in good condition it should burn fine15:30
coz_2 minutes ,, be right back15:30
beachbuddahwe'll see whether I have the quirky drive in a minute15:30
coz_ok back15:33
coz_beachbuddah,  also when burning ISO images  always choose 1x speed,,, this will elimiate,, most of the burning errors that can occur at faster speeds15:33
coz_beachbuddah,  same holds true for burning  music files as well15:33
beachbuddahit is stuck at 50% preparing to burn15:33
beachbuddahit just ejected - burn failed15:34
coz_beachbuddah,  yep  gomebaker does that15:34
coz_ah oh15:34
coz_beachbuddah,  what is the error message15:34
* nlsthzn-work has found certain media that cannot be burnt at such low speeds...15:34
beachbuddah'burn failed'15:34
coz_beachbuddah,  there sould be a pull down for details15:34
beachbuddahwodim: CD/DVD-Recorder not ready.15:34
coz_nlsthzn-work,  oh?  wow15:34
coz_beachbuddah,  mmm.. is this a new system?15:35
beachbuddahoh no - 6-7 yrs old15:35
nlsthzn-workcoz_: the media will specify is is for 4X- 52X spead etc...15:35
coz_beachbuddah,  oo  ... you have had this since it was new15:35
beachbuddahthere is a very long list of wodim comments - want them?15:35
coz_nlsthzn-work,  that's odd  ,, I have not come acorss that yet15:35
beachbuddahyes - since 200x15:35
coz_beachbuddah,   list them on pastebin.com and give us the link15:36
beachbuddahalso I would wager I could write a pdf file to the drive15:36
coz_beachbuddah,   does anyone smoke around the computer?15:36
beachbuddahnot since 200715:36
coz_beachbuddah,   smoke can really damage the lazer lens in the cdrom... severely15:36
coz_beachbuddah,  my nephew smokes cigars... and I had gone through 6  cdburners  in 8 months15:37
coz_he no longer smokes here :)15:37
coz_beachbuddah,  do you have access to an other burner?15:38
beachbuddahunfortuantely no15:38
beachbuddahhere's the paste15:39
coz_beachbuddah,  which brand of  disk are you using?15:40
coz_beachbuddah,  for future reference   choose  either  sony or tdk,, maybe even verbatum over memorex15:41
beachbuddahok - teach me to pick em because they were a cool shade of orange15:42
* nlsthzn-work thinks it is more likely the hardware than the media...15:42
coz_beachbuddah,   also  check on your systems website ... some burners will not accept certain media... try to find out the actual manufacturer of that cd burner15:42
coz_beachbuddah,  but if it had been exposed to smoke for any length of time in the past ,,,  it could be a stained  lens15:43
coz_beachbuddah,  other than this , there is no real way of me troubleshooting this   without being there,, at least off the top of my head I cant think of another way15:43
beachbuddah - can't really check the website - the model is no longer supported - any documentaiton I find just says generic drive15:44
beachbuddahfair enough - I appreciate the effort15:44
coz_beachbuddah,  you could shutdown and take the drive out of the system to check for serial numbers and possible base manufacturer15:44
beachbuddahwould it be the lens though that causes the system to not recognize the dvd component?15:44
beachbuddahmaybe I could try that tomorrow15:45
coz_beachbuddah,  no not the system failing to recognize it,, that woulndt be stained lens...15:45
beachbuddahso maybe just an elderly drive then15:45
coz_beachbuddah,  which iso image is this out of curiosity15:46
beachbuddahI was trying 11.0415:46
coz_beachbuddah,  ah  ok15:46
coz_beachbuddah,   I have a mini.iso image for natty  ,, lets see if that burns hold on15:46
beachbuddahit was the first time since I installed Ubuntu in November that I tried to write anything (or watch a DVD)15:47
coz_beachbuddah,  can you watch a dvd from that drive?15:47
coz_beachbuddah,  and you have all of the codecs installed?15:48
nlsthzn-worksudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:48
nlsthzn-workcheers all... me going home now :)15:48
beachbuddahI went through all the forums and added the various recommended ppas15:49
coz_beachbuddah,  yes the restreicted extras but  you also need to run this command to play dvd's      sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh15:49
coz_beachbuddah,  you are on maverick  32 bit ?15:50
coz_beachbuddah,  ok go here   http://packages.medibuntu.org/maverick/index.html  ,, scroll to the bottom and click the  w32codecs  package  then install that15:50
coz_beachbuddah,  when that package is finished downloading just double click to install with gdebi15:51
beachbuddahI already had medibuntu installed so I just double clicked - software center indicates installed15:53
coz_oh ok cool15:54
coz_beachbuddah,  out of curiosity , open a terminal         cdrecord -scanbus15:54
beachbuddahany particular output?15:55
coz_beachbuddah,  it should list the cdburner15:55
beachbuddah'HL-DT-ST' 'DVD-RW GCA-4080N' '0G34' Removable CD-ROM15:55
coz_beachbuddah,  ok it is a  GCA-4080N15:56
beachbuddahon the outside of the drawer it does say 'DVD'15:56
coz_beachbuddah,   well apparenlty they didnt stamp the front correctly if it doesnt say    dvd -rw15:57
beachbuddahit once upon a time played dvds15:58
coz_beachbuddah,  is this a laptop?15:58
coz_ah ok I found many hits on ebay for this cdburner15:58
coz_beachbuddah,    http://shop.ebay.com/items/gca%204080n?_dmd=1&_sop=12&rvr_id=225429266829&MT_ID=69&crlp=4766159468_9405&tt_encode=raw&geo_id=1&keyword=gca+4080n&adgroup_id=171996780815:59
beachbuddah<$20  - it's probably worth it15:59
coz_beachbuddah,  there are a few less than that with free shipping as well16:00
beachbuddahsounds like the way to go16:00
coz_beachbuddah,  I would guess you could use several models as a replacement including a usb one16:00
beachbuddahgood enough16:00
coz_although   I dont know if the system can boot from usb cd  in the bios16:00
beachbuddahno it can't16:00
beachbuddahnot even this one thats installed now16:01
coz_beachbuddah,  according to the  cdrecord -scanbus   the system sees and recognizes the burner16:01
coz_beachbuddah,  from that,, I am "only" guessing,, that the burner itself is most likely  shot16:01
coz_beachbuddah,  however16:02
beachbuddahit plays music without a problem16:02
beachbuddahjust the burning and the dvd issues16:02
coz_beachbuddah,   here is a link for the 11.04  mini iso      http://dl.dropbox.com/u/132551/mini.iso16:02
beachbuddahwell thats two out of three - lol16:02
coz_beachbuddah,  this iso is about 19 megs16:02
beachbuddahgot it16:03
coz_beachbuddah,  it is NOT a live cd ,, it is text install..if it burns successfully  the install procedure is text based16:03
beachbuddah'text based'?16:03
coz_beachbuddah,  at one point you will be given a list of possible installs,,, choose  gnome desktop16:03
coz_beachbuddah,  to choose that use the "SPACE" bar to tick the box  and the arrows to scrool through the list16:03
beachbuddahoh ok16:03
coz_beachbuddah,  SPACE bar is the one to remember for ticking a box16:04
coz_beachbuddah,  otherwise you get no gui  but it can be installed later16:04
coz_beachbuddah,  this  iso  downloads current updates  from the internet ,,actually it downloads the en tire  system from the internet16:04
coz_that's why the iso is only 19 megs16:04
coz_beachbuddah,  I have NOT tested t his image16:04
coz_beachbuddah,  generally the mini.iso comes out after release16:05
coz_beachbuddah,  you say it is already downloaded?16:05
beachbuddahyes -= I am trying to burn it with gnomebaker as we speak16:05
coz_ok I am deleteing it from my dropbox16:05
coz_let me know if it burns16:06
beachbuddahit's still at that 5016:06
coz_right that's typical for gnomebaker16:06
coz_beachbuddah,  if it is the same cd you used before it may be  partially written to ,, so if t his fails,, try a new cd16:07
coz_ah damn16:09
coz_rather  "caca:16:09
beachbuddahlife in the fast lane16:10
coz_beachbuddah,  apparenlty the drive itself is a bit querky16:10
beachbuddahso be it - I'll order one from work later when I go in16:10
coz_beachbuddah,  good luck with this... or... maybe have someone burn the iso for you ?16:11
beachbuddahthanks for your efforts though coz, I really appreciate how you and others are here to give a hand to us less knowledgeable16:11
coz_the drive may be able to read16:11
beachbuddahI can find someone to do it for me, yes16:11
coz_beachbuddah,   let me know at some point what happens ,, I know this can be a pain16:11
beachbuddahI will16:12
beachbuddahthanks again16:12
coz_no problem16:12
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Bipuli have used this command apt-get --download-only install freesweep  to get freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb but i dont know whear it's location18:06
genupulasmay be18:07
MrChrisDruifNot in your home?18:08
MrChrisDruifThat's the location your in when you start the terminal18:08
Bipulnops there is no folder18:09
easwarI'm trying to untar a tarball onto an SD Card18:10
genupulasBipul:  whats the value of your cache18:10
Bipulroot@bipul-desktop:~# mv /var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb /tmp/evil18:10
Bipulmv: cannot stat `/var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb': No such file or directory18:10
Bipulvalue? of cache?18:11
genupulasBipul:  actually i read that in linux for you18:11
Bipulidk :(18:11
genupulasif cahe value =0 then all apt-get data will erasse18:11
genupulasreverse at canhe=118:12
genupulascache =118:12
MrChrisDruifFrom a old link: try in /var/cache/apt/archives Bipul18:12
genupulasthts it18:12
easwarand during the untar, the card errors out, and switches to a new /dev file18:12
easwarI would've mounted /dev/mmcblk0p2 at /media/Rootfs18:13
BipulMrChrisDruif, ?18:13
easwarand /dev/mmcblk0p1 at /media/Boot18:13
easwarbut after the I/O error, the device would change to /dev/mmcblk1 and partitions to /dev/mmcblk1p[1,2]18:14
MrChrisDruifYou should find it in that dir Bipul18:14
MrChrisDruifhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=445169 <= source18:14
BipulMrChrisDruif,  yes there is freesweep_0.90-2_i386.deb   in that directory18:14
easwarbut when I run fsck on the partitions, they come out clean18:14
easwarafter remounting /dev/mmcblk1p[1,2]18:15
easwarany ideas?18:15
BipulMrChrisDruif,  root@bipul-desktop:~# mv /var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb /tmp/evil18:15
Bipulmv: cannot stat `/var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb': No such file or directory18:15
Bipuli have made a dir as tmp18:15
Bipulin evil and i want to move it18:16
MrChrisDruifDon't you need root-rights for that dir?18:16
BipulMrChrisDruif, ?18:17
MrChrisDruifFor /var I mean18:17
Bipulbipul@bipul-desktop:/var/cache/apt/archives$ mv /var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb /tmp/evil18:18
Bipulmv: cannot stat `/var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb': No such file or directory18:18
Bipulin both condition i can not able to mv18:18
MrChrisDruifDoesn't it sometimes say it can't "find it" if it needs root rights? You could try sudo mv /var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb /tmp/evil18:21
easwarI'm trying to untar a tarball onto an SD Card18:39
easwarand during the untar, the card errors out, and switches to a new /dev file18:39
easwarfsck on the partitions comes out clean18:39
easwartried with ext3/418:39
easwarany ideas?18:40
squaregoldfisheaswar: Can you untar it on your HDD and copy it across to the card?18:41
easwarsquaregoldfish, Can't, it's meant for booting an embedded board18:42
easwarand according to the instructions, it's supposed to be untarred directly onto it18:42
squaregoldfisheaswar: Odd. If it's a plain tarball containing files, I don't see how untar direct vs copying on to the card would make any difference.18:43
easwarsquaregoldfish, not a plain tarball, it holds a rootfs18:44
easwarmistook Xchat for the terminal I was working on18:46
squaregoldfishAh. Dunno then.18:47
easwarsquaregoldfish, ok, thanks anyway :)18:47
Bipulcan any one help me18:49
Bipulhttp://www.securitytube.net/video/618 i am just going through this instruction18:49
Bipulbut i cant able to make a In the 'DEBIAN' directory, create a file named 'control'18:49
ereotavim running steam via wine it works great and runs portal fine but i installed a font into wine and now portal doesnt work. how can i undo what i did?19:58
ereotavi ran an exe in terminal19:58
ereotavto install19:58
iceflatlineHave you tried uninstalling the font?20:01
ereotavi cant find it in wine20:01
ereotavit was tahoma20:02
iceflatlineso it's not listed as an installed program?20:02
ereotavif i unistall wine then reinstall it and steam do you think it will be fixed?20:03
iceflatlineThat's what I would do.20:03
bioterrorcould be under .wine20:03
ereotavgot it20:04
MrChrisDruifAlso remove config files20:04
=== PabloRubianes_ is now known as PabloRubianes
Dyinglight1How come ubuntu does not boot off my flash drive with linux when i have set the boot prefrence to removable dev.20:30
Fvicwhy "pushd" command is used,can anyone help me ??21:07
Bipulhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/594959/ just tell me whats wrong with this21:27
MrChrisDruifBipul: Try it with sudo?21:28
Bipulroot@bipul-desktop:/var/cache/apt/archives# sudo mv /var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb /tmp/evil21:29
Bipulmv: cannot stat `/var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep_0.90-1_i386.deb': No such file or directory21:29
geirhaThere's a freesweep_0.90-2_i386.deb in there ... with a -2, not -121:54
geirhamv /var/cache/apt/archives/freesweep<tab>    Hitting tab there will autocomplete it22:00
geirhaOh, and you probably don't need sudo, not for moving something to /tmp, unless /tmp/evil is a directory not writable to you.22:03
MrChrisDruifgeirha: I thought you needed root for the /var22:11
MrChrisDruifBut anyway, I think it's solved for Bipul22:11
geirhaMrChrisDruif: Ah good point, you obviosly need read and execute permission to all the containing directories of the source file22:13
geirhaThough, at least on my system, all directories down to / is world readable22:14
MrChrisDruifTo all the directories you move it FROM and TO :)22:15
geirhaWell, sure, but /tmp is world readable, otherwise you'll have a lot of problems. :)22:16
geirhaerr, world writable I mean.22:17
spook1234my first time using IRC so I'm a little lost22:37
squaregoldfishspook1234: Just ask a question!22:37
spook1234awesome, that's the first other chat message i've seen22:38
spook1234I just wanted to make sure I was connected properly22:38
spook1234no ubuntu-specific questions atm thanks22:38
spook1234I might be able to answer some though if anybody has some22:38
squaregoldfishspook1234: Just hang around. If someone posts a question, answer it if you can!22:41
squaregoldfishspook1234: Oh, and welcome!22:41
MrChrisDruifIndeed, welcome spook123422:41
spook1234not I, no22:42
spook1234mind if I ask an IRC question?22:42
MrChrisDruifSure, no problem22:43
spook1234how many people in this channel?  how can I list them?22:43
spook1234I'm reading through the help but I don't see that one yet22:44
MrChrisDruifWhat are you using?22:47
MrChrisDruifIn my program I can clearly see how many are connected....but I'm using Pidgin, not a "real" IRC program to some :P22:47
spook1234are the commands different for different clients?  that would be unfortunate22:47
spook1234yeah, I'd like to use Adium but IRC's always been a mystery to me so I figured I'd go command line first to understand it22:48
MrChrisDruifBut I see 68 people in this room....some are bots, but that's because I know they are22:48
spook1234chatbots or spambots?22:48
MrChrisDruifchatbots :)22:49
MrChrisDruifWe don't take kindly to spambots :D22:49
spookwhat kind of bots?22:49
spookhey look at that I figured out adium22:50
MrChrisDruifAhh, spook as well? :)22:50
spookcommon handle in games22:51
spookactually I set out today to find a call of duty team to play on22:51
MrChrisDruifWell chatbots isn't the right term. More functional bots22:51
spookeventually got directed to an irc channel22:51
spookhelper bots?22:51
MrChrisDruifYeah, like ChanServ22:51
MrChrisDruifAnd ubot222:52
spookin Adium it automatically opened a tab for ChanServ22:52
MrChrisDruifHehe :)22:52
spookto join a channel, do I need to specify server and channel, or just channel?22:54
MrChrisDruifchannel, unless it's on an other network. E.g. you can join or team channel by issuing /join #ubuntu-beginners-team22:56
MrChrisDruifYour welcome :)23:01

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