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Piromania666so i installed ubuntu-server for learning purposes, and one thing i can't figure out is after installing sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop and trying to startx, i get a screenInit failed for driver05:47
Piromania666any ideas?05:47
sor4youoh wow is this like to learn ubuntu?13:58
sor4youhas anyone here heard of nixie13:59
sor4youthe linux girl13:59
serfussor4you, this is a classroom13:59
serfussor4you, read more at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Classroom14:00
sor4youso what are we doing in class today?14:00
Pendulumsor4you: there are no classes today, you can see the schedule on the link serfus provided14:01
sor4youcan i pick ur brain pendulum?14:05
sor4youcan we chat?14:05
sor4youwould anyone like to chat with me?14:05
serfussor4you, people are up for a chat in #ubuntu-offtopic14:06
sor4youthank you14:06
Pendulumalso, if there's a loco channel for the loco near you, it would be another place for a chat14:06
oopsshow to set gnome3 in ubuntu 10.04?14:39
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