doctormoNic work greg-g00:38
greg-gdoctormo: thanks! :)03:31
* nigelb yawns05:31
nigelbmhall119: Thank you,Thank you, Thank you :-)05:48
nigelbmhall119: I owe you big time :-)05:48
nigelbOMG,Its paultag's birthday!05:54
paultagnigelb: ja :_07:38
paultagnigelb: I'm going to be honest, I'm really really drunk07:38
paultagthis amazing girl took me out :)07:38
paultagnigelb: but thanks :)07:38
duanedesignmorning all09:37
nigelbhey duanedesign11:40
nigelbduanedesign: we missed you last night ;)11:40
kim0nice, just noticed on the network-managre indicator, clicking on "Enable wireless" to uncheck it and disable wireless, doesn't really do anything. Can anyone confirm12:13
jussiHello all!14:14
Pendulumhi jussi :)14:15
jussianyone know what software canonical uses for shop.ubuntu.com ?14:15
jussio/ Pendulum14:15
popeyits a 3rd party site isnt it jussi ?14:17
popeyalways was run by merchandise mania14:17
jussiit does say the stuff is made by merchandise mania, but Im not sure about the site...14:17
jussi The promotional products on this store are provided by Merchandise Mania Limited.14:18
popeydoesnt look like its hosted by them14:18
* popey notes not one but two google tracking urchins on that page14:18
jussiI looked at the page source there, but found no clues...14:19
popeyzen cart14:21
jussiok, thanks :)14:22
Pendulumhiya czajkowski14:31
nigelbhello hello14:32
czajkowskiPendulum: howdy14:32
jussiczajkowski: hows the back?14:37
czajkowskiso so14:50
czajkowskicant take any of the strong meds I usually take14:50
czajkowskiso in a bit of a catch 22 atm14:50
nigelbnice video http://www.ted.com/talks/dave_meslin_the_antidote_to_apathy.html14:54
vishjcastro: Bug #762455 something to think about for future?15:23
ubot2Launchpad bug 762455 in example-content "Add a video tutorial for Unity instead of the default examples video and audio" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76245515:23
jcastrobut people have been talking about video intros since 4.1015:23
vishjcastro: maybe worth assigning to some design team folk to get it done Unity-classy ;)15:24
mhall119happy birthday paultag!15:24
jussiczajkowski: *hugs*15:25
paultagmhall119: thanks!15:26
paultagrecoving from a bit of a hangover right now15:26
Pendulumpaultag: happy birthday!15:26
nigelbpaultag: Happy Birthday again now that you're less drunk :P15:26
paultagthanks, Pendulum :)15:26
paultagnigelb: aye! :)15:26
nigelbim sad that there is no ascii art in the channel ;p15:28
paultagoh, nigelb, did you see I got +w on git.fluxbox?15:30
paultagit's awesome15:30
jussipaultag: have a mellow birthday :)15:31
paultagjussi: dude, I tried so effing hard to do that15:31
paultagjussi: but my friends are making a bit deal out of this15:31
paultagI honestly hate birthdays so much15:32
* jussi passes paultag some nice mellow music :)15:32
paultagthanks :)15:32
mhall119paultag: but you went out drinking with an amazing girl15:32
nigelbpaultag: oh, wait. you got +w only now? :-P15:32
nigelbmhall119: (we did see that invite in his mailbox :p)15:32
paultagoh jeez, I need to read scrollback15:33
paultagI was not on IRC, was I?15:33
nigelbyes you were15:33
* paultag facepalms15:33
mhall119ha ha ha15:33
paultagsorry everyone, just /clear that off15:33
nigelbwe're going to submit that and this together to bash.org15:33
nigelbmhall119: ^^ thoughts?15:33
paultagnoooooo wayyyyyyy15:33
mhall119give the guy a break, it was his birthday15:34
nigelbok ok :p15:34
paultagI was blasted-d-d-d15:34
nigelbmhall119: Thanks again for taking over last night15:34
mhall119if that doesn't entitle him to drunken IRC'ing, I don't know what does15:34
mhall119nigelb: no problem, it went pretty well15:34
nigelbmhall119: \o/15:35
nigelbmhall119: I suppose we should do this every time :)15:35
nigelbmhall119: for UOW though, maybe we could have people talk about their contribution to ubuntu from different teams (though that might sound like ads), you'd be advertising your team to the community...15:35
mhall119by "this" you mean "lightinging talks" not "Agreeing to host a lightning talk without doing the UTC conversion then trying to find someone else who can do it" right?15:36
nigelbyes :p15:36
nigelbmhall119: I did do the utc conversion, but I'm getting far too little sleep these days15:36
mhall119just switch to US timezone sleep patterns15:37
nigelbI wish my work would accept that :p15:37
mhall119your work is in US timezone isn't it?15:37
duanedesignnigelb: I am sooooo sorry I missed the lightning talk.16:22
duanedesigni feel really awful letting everyone down.16:24
* nigelb hugs duanedesign 17:16
nigelbduanedesign: I missed them too :p17:16
AlanBellall set for our LoCo quiz night in a few hours17:31
AlanBellif anyone wants to observe/laugh then it will be in #ubuntu-trivia and audio on mumble at mumble.libertus.co.uk17:32
cjohnstonThe ubuntu community rocks23:19
cjohnstonI'm talking to people in Croatia who are helping with planning our trip!23:19

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