_mup_ensemble/status-workflow-client r207 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:15
_mup_Set state in ZK for service units and relation service units00:15
_mup_ensemble/status-workflow-client r208 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com00:27
_mup_Handle case that relation service units do not exist and test codepath00:27
_mup_ensemble/unit-agent-formula-upgrade r232 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com00:41
_mup_a few additional tests, and fixes.00:41
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_mup_ensemble/yaml-state-node r187 committed by bcsaller@gmail.com19:56
_mup_YAMLState as a more complete proxy for dict.19:56
_mup_This version requires that you call sync prior to a first mutation of the dict.19:56
_mup_>>> node = YAMLState(client, path)19:56
_mup_>>> yield node.sync()19:56
_mup_>>> node["key"] = "value"19:56
_mup_>>> node.update(otherdict)19:56
_mup_>>> node["key"]19:56
_mup_>>> yield node.flush()19:56
_mup_ensemble/yaml-state-node r188 committed by bcsaller@gmail.com23:50
_mup_test multiple sync provide a consistent view of state23:50

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