airurandoevening all21:03
airurandoI hope your weekends are going well.21:04
infoturtlestupid over heating cpu :c21:46
airurandooh dear infoturtle21:47
infoturtleyep, the heat sync is full of hair and stuff and my friend was playin unreal and it just shutdown21:48
infoturtlehave to clean the out soon21:48
airurandowas just going to ask about the dust21:49
airurandocat hair in your case I suspect21:50
infoturtlewell. since I put the heat sync on it hasn't been cleaned so it's years of god knows what in there, cat hair most lilkly21:51
* airurando thinks all houses should have HEPA filters to protect the electronic stuff.21:56
infoturtlemight just start geling the cats hair into place, sounds cheaper in the short run21:58
airurandoha ha :)22:00
airurandoor quit playing games.22:00
infoturtleaw, turns out I might grab a HEPA filter so22:01
infoturtleoh ya, must look into booking a place for staying in Dublin for the release party, where might we be close to? not strayin too far from chungs I assume??22:04
airurandono idea really22:04
airurandoI'll be trekking up from athy22:05
airurandowon't be staying late either as I've work at 7am next day22:05
airurandoguys at the meeting will be better able to advise22:05
infoturtleugh, that sux, would it not suit tohave sugested Friday?22:06
infoturtleya ok, I'll ask then22:06
airurandothat weekend I'll be working Fri Sat and Sun starting at 7am each day and not finishing till 7pm so Thurs is the best of a bad lot.22:07
infoturtleoh man, thats harsh! disadvantages of getting more money than the dole!22:08
syngindubi need weed22:08
infoturtlebad place to be looking22:09
airurandoinfoturtle with 2 kids I'm happy to do it :)22:09
syngindubim not lookin22:10
airurandohi syngindub22:10
infoturtleairurando it's all ahead of me, for now I'll enjoy the freedom of being able to consider 10 x noodles a weekly shop22:10
airurandoinfoturtle that is exactly the right attitude22:11
syngindubhu airurando22:15
airurandosyngindub: read earlier you ain't happy with unity22:17
airurandocan't say I blame you22:18
airurandobut remember Ubuntu is for the masses22:18
syngindubyeah i commented yesterday on this22:19
syngindubthis masses don't interest me :)22:19
infoturtlethink it's the same as gnome vs kde vs xfce, have which ever one you like installed and use it, I love gnome but have friends who love xfce22:19
* airurando read the irc logs at work today22:19
airurandosyngindub fair point (speaking as a member of the masses) :)22:20
airurandobut the desktop environment can always be changed22:21
syngindubdecided to run mint for the time being until i decide what i'll do22:21
airurandoyeah, I saw that22:21
airurandoIt's funny really.22:21
airurandoin my house22:21
airurandomy daughter loves unity22:22
airurandoI'm not gone on it22:22
syngindubi'd say it will appeal to a lot of people alright22:22
infoturtlethink it suits netbooks down to the ground but for desktops not really22:22
syngindubnot at all22:22
airurandodaughter is 9 yr old22:22
* infoturtle expresses his view22:22
airurandoinfoturtle: I concur22:23
syngindubi have my daughter very comfotable using linux and windows L)22:23
airurandosyngindub: thats essential22:24
syngindubtrying to steer her clear of the latter though :)22:24
infoturtlewindows has it's features, still use it everyday22:25
syngindubyeah, well i support a windows env22:25
syngindubit ain't fun22:28
airurandosyngindub: standard mint or mint22:29
airurandosorry mind debian22:29
airurandooh dear22:29
syngindubstandard mint. might check out that the mint debian though22:31
airurandoI came from mint to ubuntu22:31
airurandoliked the community around ubuntu22:32
airurandoand the idea behind it22:32
syngindubi've been OS hopping for about 10 years but nearly always go back to ubuntu alright.22:32
syngindubjust not sure if i'll head in that direction when 11.04 is launched22:33
airurandoyeah it's a real concern22:34
infoturtleI had kubuntu first and hated the look of it, stoped using it after a week, came back one yeaar later when I left work and loved it22:35
airurandobut for me the driving principal behind ubuntu still excites me.22:35
infoturtleI love that it actually educates its users as they use (I may have spelled some things wrong there)22:39
syngindubhow so?22:41
* infoturtle gets drunker as time goes on22:41
infoturtleoff to play me some xbox22:41
infoturtlecya guys later!!22:41

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