YoBoYgood morning locoteams :)07:53
IshwonGood morning YoBoy!08:05
YoBoYbonjour Ishwon 08:05
IshwonAh... Oui! Bonjour YoBoy!08:06
IshwonU're from where dude?08:06
YoBoYFrance, near Paris08:06
YoBoYit's why yesterday I told you, you can request French ressources too if you need, like French LiveCD (not free, but cheap)08:08
IshwonWell... Getting the LiveCD in French isn't a problem. We can select the Language from the boot menu, anyway.08:33
IshwonI've a question though, does Ubuntu provide distribution of free CDs to locoteams when they organise events. That'll be a great help.08:34
YoBoYIshwon: Canonical provide free CDs to approved LocoTeams now. But I think you can always request a conference pack https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAtConferences08:55
YoBoYSince the change with the distribution of free CD with shipit, I don't know if the Pack B is still provided08:56
ubot4lococouncil is The Loco Council is itnet7, czajkowski, paultag, huats, leogg, popey - they are there to help, just ask! :) You can send them an email at loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com08:56
YoBoYonly them can know about that.08:56
IshwonIs it the loco-council to approve locoteams as well?09:31
YoBoYbut you are strating, don't ask for approval now :)09:32
Ishwonalrite, I'll get my members to join the team i created on launchpad first...09:32
YoBoYstart doing events like Ubuntu Hours, pic nic, holding both, making install fests09:33
YoBoYIf you can, start a team blog, and post on all your activities, with pictures (they like pictures)09:34
Ishwoni'll inform them about the Linux Workshop though...09:35
czajkowskimorning 09:35
YoBoYhi czajkowski :)09:35
Ishwonok, that sounds cool. hmm... do i hve rights to register something like ubuntu-mu.org or i need approval from their side?09:35
czajkowskiIshwon: what team is this, start of slowly document your work and if you need help or guidance please just ask us for some help ok. 09:36
czajkowskiIshwon: that will be requested via canonical 09:36
czajkowskiIshwon: start off wit wiki page and launchpad ac 09:36
czajkowskiand work from there09:36
IshwonMauritius Ubuntu LoCo Team09:36
czajkowskiwebsites can come once the other things re done first ok09:36
Ishwonhmm...ok, gona document a few things to post on the wiki.09:37
Ishwonthanks for the tips YoBoy & czajkowski.09:37
czajkowskiIshwon: and as YoBoY pointed out asking the loco council for help or ideas is a good thing09:37
czajkowskiwe're here to help in any way we can 09:38
YoBoYczajkowski: the  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAtConferences is still valid ? what about the pack B for not yet approved teams ?09:39
Ishwoni'm hving trouble signing the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.09:40
Ishwonit says : (7, 9, u'No public key')09:40
IshwonYeah, i'll start with a Pack B.09:40
czajkowskiIshwon: I'm not sure conference pack b  is an option now 09:42
czajkowskiI will have to find out09:42
czajkowskibut you'd need to be some sort of an active loco before you request stuff09:43
Ishwonyeah, i registered the team on launchpad. will inform my members to join in, in the coming days.09:43
Ishwoncan you help with the signature prob i'm getting?09:44
Ishwonthe key seems valid. it's working to decrypt the mail launchpad sent.09:45
czajkowskiIshwon: I'm actualy just heading out, but there should be some tutorials on how to sign the CoC online 09:46
czajkowskiif something is not working right, it may mean you've missed a step somewhere. 09:46
YoBoYIshwon: have you published your key ?09:47
Ishwonyeah...that was done.09:48
YoBoYthe doc says : It can take up to thirty minutes before your key is available to Launchpad. After that time, you're ready to import key into into Launchpad.09:48
YoBoYthe howto : https://help.launchpad.net/YourAccount/ImportingYourPGPKey09:49
IshwonI've imported the key to launchpad. can see it there.09:58
Ishwonit's only when signing that it says, error. and displays (7, 9, u'No public key').09:59
Ishwonwhen i try signing again it says "It appears you have already done this. The key 0BEC7FD0 is registered on your account. You can skip to the next step if you are not intending on signing with a different key" now.10:00
Ishwonbut on my main page, it shows 'No' under "Signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct".10:01
IshwonMaybe it's not yet updated.10:01
Ishwonnope, i made a mistake, it said ive already done this for 'registering openpgpkey' and not for signing the Coc.10:05
undifhttp://www.livestream.com/ubuntufryslan jam17:24
undifdutch python course 10 at 19.3017:25
RawChidNice. 17:32
RawChidToday we had a great Ubuntu Jam here in Nijmegen (.nl) 17:33
AlanBellall set for our LoCo quiz night in a few hours18:07
AlanBellif anyone wants to observe/laugh then it will be in #ubuntu-trivia and audio on mumble at mumble.libertus.co.uk18:07
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