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sebrockhey, I need to get some help with a certain package... is this the place to ask?10:46
sebrockI'm looking for a PPA channel or something10:47
sladensebrock: what package.  what PPA10:50
sebrocksladen: well netatalk10:50
sebrockthere is a 2.2-beta now that supports AFP 3.3 which I need for my Time Machine10:51
sebrockrunning 10.0410:51
sebrockso I remember getting help from someone building it for me but I cant remember now10:51
sladensebrock: the only PPA I can find with anything close to 2.2-beta  is  https://launchpad.net/~codebutler/+archive/ppa  perhaps it would be worth getting in contact with  https://launchpad.net/~codebutler  who might be able to assist11:09
sebrockok thanks sladen11:09
sebrockI was in a channel somewhere and got the help on the fly. Ie upon request someone built it for me11:10
sebrockI dont remember if it was here though11:10
jfiHello, if I have correctly understood, new packages from Debian (unstable/sid) are automaticaly imported into Ubuntu before the DebianImportFreeze. So I don't need to require it, right? Is the starting date of the import known for Oneiric, or it occurs package per package until the DIF?11:13
sladenjfi: release (2 weeks), compiler/toolchain updates to oneiric (2 weeks), oneiric open/import starts11:20
sladensebrock: that was very of them!  Was it #ubuntu, or #ubuntu-motu, or a more specific channel.  Perhaps your IRC client has logfiles or autocomplete entries which remind you who was able to help so effectively last time11:21
sebrocksladen: I checked.. it was some time ago so the logs are gone :P11:21
sebrockit was a specific channel... I do think it was here11:22
jfisladen, ok, so it will occur between middle may and middle june, thanks for the information! Is there a convenient way to track the import of a specific package?11:23
sladenjfi: rmadison -u ubuntu netatalk     rmadison -u debian netatalk11:28
jfisladen, Ho great! thanks!11:32
ScottKsebrock: PPA support is in #launchpad.  If you're looking for packaging help for a PPA package, I think #ubuntu-packaging is what you want.16:29
sebrockthanks ScottK18:17
fachGuys, I have a question about the repository.... I'm programmer and I'd like to create a text-based game (MUD style but single player).... Theres anyway to send the game (source code) to canonical and maybe put my program in the oficcial repository (if its enough good for it)???22:47
ScottKfach: Yes, but it's not necessarily anyone at Canonical that would do it.22:55
ScottK!REVU | fach22:57
ubottufach: REVU is a web-based tool to give people who have worked on Ubuntu packages a chance to "put their packages out there" for other people to look at and comment on in a structured manner. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Packages/REVU22:57
fachThank you guys.22:57

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