micahgfta: I'm going offline in a few minutes, so memosrv or e-mail or bug comment if there's something for me sat night00:42
micahgfta: have a great weekend!00:42
ftamicahg, i'm done with natty, uploaded00:42
ftabut with the freeze, i'm doomed00:43
micahgfta: no, they'll let it through unless it's on an image00:43
ftait's in the queue waiting for approval00:43
micahgyep, just needs an AA to notice it00:43
ftabug 76227500:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 762275 in chromium-browser "10.0.648.204 -> 10.0.648.205" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/76227500:44
micahgfta: so, for lucid/maverick, please use -v from the .133 versions or collapse the changelog00:44
micahgfta: we don't need to wait on natty for lucid/maverick00:45
ftamicahg, i sincerely want to give up maintenance of those, the workflow doesn't suit me00:45
micahgfta: is there something I can do to make it easier?00:46
micahgfta: do you want me to take those over and you'll do the dev release?00:47
ftamaybe that's the solution, i need to think about it00:48
micahgfta: ok, so, what are we doing for this round though00:48
ftai don't know, it's 2am, i need sleep00:50
micahgfta: ok, I'll be back around 2-3AM UTC on Sunday, feel free to leave me a message on what to do00:51
micahgfta: FYI, slangasek just accepted chromium, sleep well00:52
ftamicahg, thanks, enjoy your w-e00:53
micahgfta: you too00:56
jcastrofta: I'm afraid I'm blocked on trevino finishing his exams. :-/01:19

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