Tyronehi guys03:49
Tyronei have internet now04:30
Tyronebut the problem is when i connect to proxy settings i cant access it04:31
Tyronezack you therE?05:32
Tyrone_Knightlust: 06:30
Tyrone_zakame: 06:30
Tyrone_you there06:30
Tyrone_ping zakame 06:31
Tyrone_tao po07:03
Tyronetao po09:54
Tyroneany admin?10:59
TyroneTerminus-: 11:26
Terminus-hello Tyrone 11:32
Tyroneyou familiar with ubuntu squid proxy?11:34
Terminus-it's been a long time since i configured squid. i just read the manual then forget everything when i'm done.11:40
Tyronei have this problim now i cant use the proxy server..11:47
Tyronebut when i use the ubuntu box it can use the proxy11:48
Tyronelike my laptop connected to the ubuntu box with proxy, when i use the proxy to firefox i cant access11:48
Tyronebut when i dont use proxy server on firefox i have internet11:48
Tyronei just wonder why it happen11:48
Terminus-Tyrone: is the proxy transparent or not? is squid listening on the proper port? are your clients on the squid acl? squid acls are strict by default IIRC.11:49
Tyronehow do i know if the proxy is transparent?11:50
Tyronewhere i look?11:50
Tyroneby the way if i use the ubuntu box firefox and use the proxy there its connected... and i can have access11:50
Tyronebut why in my laptop i cant use proxy11:51
Terminus-if you don't know if it's transparent or not, then it's probably not transparent.11:51
Tyroneis there any command to look if its transparent?11:51
Terminus-Tyrone: probably the acls then. check your configuration.11:51
Tyronethe ubuntu ip is
Tyronethe the lan is
Tyronein my laptop i put the ip of lan to proxy but no luck11:52
Tyronethen i put the ip of the ubuntu box still no luck11:52
Terminus-i'd still look at acls first.12:01
* Terminus- ponders installing max payne or dragon age12:02
Terminus-or just playing batman. XD12:02
TyroneTerminus-:  is there any way that i can make the squid conf turn to default?12:10
Tyroneso that all i type there will be gone and it will be its new default?12:10
Terminus-Tyrone: aptitude purge squid # not sure if the package is named squid or whatever12:12
Terminus-then make sure all of the squid config files in /etc are gone, then install squid again.12:12
TyroneTerminus-:  it says sudo: aptitude: command not found12:25
Terminus-Tyrone: it may not be in your path. sudo /usr/bin/aptitude purge $whatever.12:27
TyroneTerminus-:  it says sudo: /user/bin/aptitude: command not found12:28
Tyronenow i know12:30
Tyroneits sudo apt-get --purge remove squid12:31
Terminus-huh? what version of ubuntu are you using that doesn't have aptitude? O_o12:35
* Terminus- stopped using apt-get 8 years ago12:35
Terminus-although devs are now saying that the situation has been reversed and apt-get > aptitude now12:37
Tyroneubuntu 10.10 desktop edi13:12
TyroneTerminus-:  its ubuntu 10.10 desktop13:13
Terminus-oh well. guess they changed stuff. i'm still using 10.04. i don't plan to upgrade until the next LTS.13:17
Terminus-anyway, i'm gonna go play batman now. good luck with the proxy. =)13:17
Terminus-Tyrone: have you tried asking in #ubuntu? there are way more people there.16:29
Tyronehard for me to speak english :)16:29
Tyronei have only 1 problim now16:29
Tyroneonly the proxy16:29
Tyronethat's all16:29
Terminus-i see.16:29

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