MadnessRedhi all00:18
MadnessRedhave you taken a look at the new-lang-system branch?00:19
MuscovyNot too recently.00:19
MuscovyWasn't it merged with the main branch?00:19
MadnessRedit was00:19
MadnessRedbut I have started using it again to implement the features we mentioned in the last meeting00:20
MadnessRedI have redone the tour.py file00:20
MuscovyOh, I'll take a look then.00:20
MadnessRedthere is only 1 tour and thats in miscellaneous00:21
MadnessRedthe others will need convert to gettext00:21
MadnessRedI'll commit a second page to it actually00:21
MuscovyWhat's the full path to the new-lang branch?00:23
MuscovyI'm running on a different partition so I can't just bzr pull.00:23
MadnessRedbzr branch lp:~ubuntu-tour/+junk/new-lang-system00:23
TourBotTitle: new-lang-system : Code : “Ubuntu-Tour Team” team (at code.launchpad.net)00:23
MuscovyI'd probably move that to lp:~ubuntu-tour/ubuntu-tour/new-lang-system if I was you, to make it show up on the code page.00:25
MuscovyThe +junk means it isn't "part of a project" as far as Launchpad knows.00:26
MadnessRedhow do I create a branch again?00:29
MadnessReddw found it00:29
MadnessRedanyway, did you get the new-lang-system?00:31
MuscovyStill getting.00:32
MuscovyI also had to install bzr. :|00:32
MadnessRedwe need to set some of the html designers on it,00:35
MuscovyThat looks cool.00:45
MuscovyGood work.00:45
MadnessRedit uses gettext for translations00:47
MadnessRedor it would if gettext was set up properly, need to find someone who knows gettext to look at that00:47
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MadnessRedhi all15:13
MadnessRedI have created a pot file so launchpad translations should be possible17:43
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