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kevin6888ah, yes, ubuntu is a registered trademark of canonical02:01
kevin6888so i guess it owns the trademark, but not the people nhaines02:02
kevin6888now i'm inspired to install debian02:02
kevin6888Algo: yeah, cool stuff03:00
projectdpanyone use tmux?03:14
kevin6888i don't.  what is it projectdp ?03:29
kevin6888ah, a terminal multiplexer, like screen?03:36
The_Letter_MHello all03:36
The_Letter_MI HAVE RETURNED!!!... from away03:36
The_Letter_MAnyone familiar with Launchy?03:37
AlgoThe_Letter_M: Yes, they have a linux build now?03:50
The_Letter_MThey've had Launchy for Linux for a while03:50
The_Letter_MI believe03:51
The_Letter_MI think I used it for a while03:51
The_Letter_Mmaybe I'm thinking of Gnome Dp03:51
The_Letter_MYeah there's a Linux build: http://www.launchy.net/download.php03:52
AlgoThe_Letter_M: I've been a staunch Gnome-DO user for a few years but I got sick of the instability (random crashing) and its use of Mono. Check out http://kaizer.se/wiki/kupfer/03:53
The_Letter_MI was gonna ask if there's a feature in Unity that's just as useful03:53
The_Letter_Mjust as useful as Launchy03:53
crashsystemsI used Gnome-Do for a long time prior to Unity. Unity has replaced it for me.03:54
The_Letter_MI keep getting this error when installing packages not from repos "The package is of bad quality"03:57
The_Letter_MLike with Launchy and Wold of Goo03:57
The_Letter_MIt'll let me opt to install anyways03:58
The_Letter_Mbut I'm not sure if it's such a good idea03:58
* MarkDude has a terrible baseball swing >>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuheuEz8aMU20:04

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