slestakgood morning14:44
slestakanyone up yet?14:45
slestakis the usb-creator.exe on beta2 a known issue?14:50
slestaki can select the iso, and the usb stick, but the Make Startup Disk button is not selectable14:50
slestakgoing to try formatting the usb stick14:52
jjesseno idea14:53
jjessei actually burned a dvd this time14:53
jjessethink i'm going to reload my win7 to ubuntu14:53
slestaki know i can use unetbootin and whatnot.  trying to use purely what came from ubuntu and its docs14:53
slestakmy debmint crapped the bed today, so im trying beta214:54
slestakkernel panic14:54
jjessemy one tie up right now is gotomeeting14:54
slestakwill gtm work in a vm?14:55
jjesserebooting to begin the install and try it out14:57
snap-lGood morning15:17
slestakintresting experience with beta 2 install this am17:50
slestaki preserved my homedir (liek I do alot) and replaced debmint on anohter partition and the resulting natty isont functional17:51
slestakis not*17:51
slestakive booted back to the live media to see what i can salvage17:52
slestakgonna head to #ubuntu+117:52
brouschprobably a gnome settings issue17:52
slestaki bet17:53
slestaki think it might be perms17:53
slestaki dont know if I have write permisions to my homedir17:53
slestakit is listed at user 100017:53
slestakwhich according to the new /etc/passwd, the new user steve is also user 100017:54
slestakive backed everything up17:54
slestaki might delete every hidden folder in ~ and see if unity will recreate what it needs.17:54
slestakshould, based on teh fact you can create a new user at any moment that will have an empty homedir17:55
slestakgonna reboot, brb17:59
slestakhrm, no joy18:26
snap-lThat's very strange.18:27
greg-gif I accidentally drag a tab out of a gnome-terminal window and it creates a separate new window, how do I put it back in that original group of tabs?19:17
_stink_greg-g: i *think* you can create a new tab inthe window that was created when you dragged it off to show the tab bar19:18
_stink_then drag the tab you want back onto the original window's tab bar19:19
_stink_then close the spare tab in the new window19:19
greg-gmaybe! good idea19:19
greg-goh that _stink_, always with the good ideas (it worked)19:20
slestakgot a real problem this afternoon on my bigger inspiron19:20
slestakwith ubiquity19:20
_stink_greg-g: coolio19:20
slestakwas talking with lcb in #ubuntu+119:20
slestakI am on my 5 install today, the first did not exhibit this problem, all since then have so I wounder if there something cached in the usb persistent file sys19:21
greg-gslestak: I just read the scrollback of what is in here, sounds not fun. I haven't dealt with multi-linux-os installs on the same machine in a looong time so I don't have any crazy ideas for you :/19:21
slestakit is http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1453020 problem19:21
slestakthe fella i was talkign to was basically saying this is not a problem, that reinstalls are valid on empty media, I i called bunk.19:22
slestakif i have an empty partition or two, i should be able to install anywhere (within reason.)  10.04 was installed here, replaced by mint debian, now trying to put natty on here19:23
slestakwith 2 formatted partitions, the install should be cake19:23
slestakdoes anyone know how to wipe out the persistent seciotn of the usb install media?19:24
greg-gno clue, other than blowing the whole usb clean19:24
slestaksyslog is saying it cannot mount /target19:25
slestakit has something to  do with ubiquity and reinstalls19:27
jjesseafternoon :)19:29
greg-gslestak: can you try to see what the reproducible parts are and create a bug report?19:30
greg-gattaching all relevant logs, of course19:30
greg-gyou seem to know your way around at least part of the system, so someone with your knowledge is good for bug reports with these issues19:30
greg-gheya jjesse :)19:31
jjesseslestak:  still trying to use the usb creator19:34
jjessehello greg-g19:34
slestaki think i see what is occuring19:36
slestakI am using the 3rd option to choose my own partitons19:37
slestakjjesse: no, usbcreator never worked for me.  i had to use unetbottin19:37
slestakon reinstall, when using partman, after you choose Forward, it starts formatting and copy files while you are setting keyboard and timezone19:38
jjesseslestak:  ah bummer19:38
slestakafter choosing timezone, it DOES NOT have the last window we used to have to promtp for user name19:39
jjessereloaded my laptop got ready to build my vm of windows 7 and released i left my windows 7 iso at home19:39
jjesseyay for having a backup iso in the cloud19:39
slestakthen it fails with error 10, gived me the option to continue anyway and then is stuck in a modal error "The user you selected is invalid"19:39
slestakthat is the problem, when reinstalling using partman, it DOES NOT ask you to define your user.  On the first install it did19:40
slestaki need to run, got to get some stuff for my daughter.19:41
slestaki am hesitant to file a bug, when if comes from a mortal, it is one of thousands19:41
slestakwhen it comes from a loco leader, it moves :(19:42
slestaki will file it, but that is what i think will occur19:42
jjesseumm maybe subscrbe people or post here so we can +119:43
greg-gslestak: good bug reports move, no matter who they are from19:43
slestakgood points both19:43
slestakbbl, i am late19:43
greg-gpeople who see hundreds of bug a day are happy when they see one with good details/information so they can work on it19:43
greg-gsnap-l: I'm glad we think the same regarding sparkles and spandex :)20:38
jjesseif i need the java plugin in my browser (chrome) what package do i install?21:55
greg-gdoesn't chrome come bundled with binaries of everything?21:56
jjesseumm no idea need to use a website that requires java nad tells me the plugin is not installed21:57
jjesseinstalled icedtea-plugin21:57
jjesseor installing21:57
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
greg-gjjesse: did that work?22:32
jjessedon't know, getting a message that things were actively refused22:32
jjessethough not prompted for java22:33
jjessemight need a restart of chrome but don't want to kill my download22:33
jjesse@ in-laws and they are having problems w/ the intertubes22:35
jjesseyeah well at least they have internet, about a year ago they were still on dial-up22:40
slestakhola, back23:00
slestakdang walmart sucks the life outta me23:00
snap-lRecord Store Day = supported.23:13
slestakteam, my ubiquity issue is 76315523:39
slestakbug 76315523:39
slestakgreg-g: are you greg_g on lp?23:46
slestaksubbing you to my bug23:50
slestakim kinda stuck here now.  the install toasted my grub, so bleh23:51
slestaki feel my other partitions are ok, i just need to fix grub23:52
slestakcan I so an apt-get update and upgrade to see if ubiquity has been patched since beta223:53
greg-gruh roh: https://identi.ca/conversation/68886640 (see where they bring in Jane Silber and what she said at a GNOME advisory board meeting)23:56
snap-lHonestly, I think Harmony should just go away23:57
snap-lseriously, people are taking this stuff way too seriously23:57
greg-gwell, I may be biased (given my day job) but I think copyright issues are pretty serious23:59

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