fisch246alright... after party :D01:15
fisch246more details to come :D01:17
fisch246there's going to be an after party at starbucks :)02:23
fisch246tomorrow i'll be sending out an email about the details :)02:24
fisch246EDIT: party rename "Natty Release/Install Party"02:24
fisch246"Natty Metro Area Release/Install Party"02:25
FloatingGoatcool :D02:27
fisch246the email might be in the evening, gonna be busy in the afternoon02:31
FloatingGoatwhat the02:40
klynchHey all.02:55
klynchfreakin weather03:10
fisch246i'm so horrible at math v.v03:15
fisch246i understand it...03:16
fisch246but i can never do it right03:16
klynchwhich math?03:16
fisch246sounds easy in theory, but never in practice...03:16
fisch246algebra >.<03:16
fisch246i think i'm going to fail this course...03:16
fisch246i need a more dedicated teacher...03:17
klynchhave you looked at http://www.khanacademy.org/03:17
fisch246yea i have03:17
klynchI love math but had such a long rest from school it helped me thru calc03:17
fisch246but this class is teaching things that khan academy doesn't cover03:17
klynchCollege Alegebra?03:17
fisch246intermediate algebra03:17
klynchwhat kind of problems03:18
fisch246i think what i just learned is complete bull math...03:18
fisch246where you make the problem look like a quadratic equation, then solve for it03:19
fisch246it's mostly stupid mistakes that i keep repeating03:19
fisch246like not saying + or - the answer when taking a square root of x03:19
klynchoh I see.03:20
fisch246so like i said... i understand it03:20
fisch246just stupid mistakes all the time03:20
fisch246idk... i can't wait to be in a smaller school03:21
klynchremember roots always have two answers at least, (well mostly) but sometimes only one root will make sense in the problem context.03:21
fisch246yea i know03:21
fisch246normandale doesn't give a damn about you03:21
klynchmy roomie went there. he said the same thing. They put you in a Huge computer room?03:22
klyncha math gaggle of sorts03:22
fisch246not to be confused with "you're not a priority" i mean like, they really don't give a damn about you03:22
fisch246yea they do03:22
fisch246it sucks so badly03:22
fisch246then hand you a book, and let you learn it yourself03:22
fisch246i don't get how the math teacher has a job03:23
fisch246since he doesn't teach anything03:23
fisch246what sucks is i can't withdraw...03:24
fisch246so i have to just suck it up and do my best03:24
klynchwell i hope all goes well fisch24603:24
fisch246which i'm doing currently03:24
fisch246this dead pixel in the middle of my screen is really getting annoying...03:27
FloatingGoatgoat in the house03:43
klynchthere is something you don't hear everyday. Or may your do in #ubuntu-us-mn03:43
FloatingGoatmmmm hot cheetos and cola <303:46
FloatingGoatwhat area are you from?03:46
klynchSaint Paul03:49
klynchwelcome back fisch24603:54
FloatingGoatklynch dakota county03:55
fisch246o interesting03:55
fisch246and this is why the after party won't be here -__-03:56
klynchI will guess Rosemount03:57
fisch246but yea there's going to be an after party03:57
fisch246details will be in the email tomorrow night03:57
klynchThat was my next guess. I used to be a waiter in applevalley03:58
fisch246FloatingGoat: gonna try amnesia on windows04:02
fisch246since they only have a linux port, not a debian port >.<04:02
fisch246binary files = fail04:02
FloatingGoatill probably be apble to hear your screams of terror all the way from AV04:02
FloatingGoatI bet amnesia would run good in wine04:03
FloatingGoatsince its a linux compatible engine04:03
fisch246o never thought of that...04:03
fisch246although wine is slower than just running it in windows04:04
fisch246o wait...04:04
fisch246i have an nvidia driver on this comp..04:04
fisch246maybe it would work04:04
klynchwhat is amnesia04:05
fisch246survival horror game04:05
klynchoh yeah04:05
fisch246i hate this... single core on the comp with a video card... dual core on the comp that doesn't have a vid card >.<04:06
fisch246which i why i'm going to be building a comp when i get a job for this summer04:07
fisch246o god... i'm upgrading to Win7 SP104:08
fisch246o i just realized something04:09
fisch246if Steve Jobs retires this year... the next version of Mac OS after 10.7 will be 11 :O04:09
fisch246Max OS X was a vision of Steve Jobs... now that he'll be gone, it'll have a new vision, which means a whole new look... which means changes enough to be called 1104:10
fisch246Bill Gates leaves... and minimal Windows comes out...04:11
fisch246(hasn't come out yet btw)04:11
FloatingGoatwhat is minimal windows?04:11
fisch246like i said it's not out yet04:11
fisch246there... i'm now running win7 SP104:12
fisch246hopefully it'll be better than XP SP3 >.<04:12
fisch246are you following?04:13
fisch246SP = service pack04:13
FloatingGoatim running ubuntu 11.04 beta 2 :304:14
fisch246a concept of Win8 was released awhile ago, that showed a very minimal look04:14
fisch246yea i only use Ubuntu on my laptop04:14
fisch246i might put XP on it, if worse comes to worse...04:14
fisch246as in dual boot btw04:14
fisch246if i had more space i'd triple boot also with arch haha04:15
klynchFloatingGoat: how you liking beta 2?04:15
FloatingGoatklynch: only got it so I can use the latest version of unity 2D04:15
FloatingGoatklynch: and I like it04:15
fisch246ready for Unity 3D?04:16
FloatingGoatI'm waiting until 11.04 final so i can get all the good features :)04:16
FloatingGoatfisch246: cant use that04:16
fisch246FloatingGoat: how come? it comes out April 28th04:17
FloatingGoatdont got proprietary drivers :)04:17
fisch246neither do i04:17
fisch246but i don't have a vid card either04:17
fisch246can't i use 3D with a built in card?04:18
FloatingGoatif you have a proprietary driver04:20
FloatingGoatit has to be of some sort of open GL compatability04:20
FloatingGoathold on04:20
FloatingGoatprepare for herp, and some derp04:21
fisch246so i can only use 2D? D:04:21
FloatingGoatcompiz (unityshell) - Error: OpenGL 1.4+ not supported04:22
FloatingGoatim using a mixture of 2d and 3D right now04:23
fisch246i never had problems with the beta04:23
FloatingGoatI have the 3D window manager, but not the panel04:23
fisch246is there a link that shows the differences?04:23
FloatingGoatnot sure04:26
fisch246i could do everything seen in this vid04:27
FloatingGoatunity might be good for you then04:28
FloatingGoatit fails to start for me :)04:29
fisch246haha i never knew about the, drag to the side and it fills half the screen, function04:29
fisch246that's a win7 feature haha04:29
FloatingGoatyeah i have that on 2D right now, it's not there regularly though04:29
FloatingGoatit also has it if you drag to the corners ittl fill up a quarter of the screen04:30
FloatingGoatI think04:30
fisch246o cool i hope so04:30
fisch246o crap i didn't see if my download finished before i restarted...04:31
fisch246i wonder how it will work with my theme04:32
fisch246i might have to boot into gnome to change my theme04:32
fisch246i've restarted windows twice in the last half-hour -__-04:33
fisch246still haven't even gotten to the point of installing amnesia yet04:34
FloatingGoatI made my ex girlfriend install it04:36
FloatingGoatshe cant even run it though ; _ ;04:36
fisch246"Nah it's a gift from me to you. Totally not me trying to get back at you for dumping me"04:37
fisch246heh... apparently i have a SPDIF port XD04:39
fisch246it doesn't work very well on my comp05:30
fisch246i got the water part, and i could hardly tell what was going on...05:30
* Takyoji reads up05:31
TakyojiHeeeeh; I own and have completed all the games of Frictional Games (Penumbra series, and Amnesia)05:31
fisch246i can't get amnesia to work right on any of my machines :/05:32
FloatingGoatTakyoji: you are a real man my friend.05:33
* Takyoji wonders how many have seen that one gameplay video of Amnesia. :P05:33
TakyojiWhat part of it isn't working for you?05:33
TakyojiCrashing when you reach certain rooms, or?05:34
fisch246nah too slow05:34
TakyojiOr awkward graphics, or?05:34
fisch246doesn't work on Ubuntu at all05:34
TakyojiNo graphics acceleration or?05:34
fisch246idk i have a 660005:34
TakyojiNVidia GeForce 6600GF?05:34
TakyojiHave the proprietary driver installed?05:35
fisch246not that card05:36
fisch246just a simple 660005:36
fisch246is there a GF version?05:37
fisch246i was referring to GeForce05:37
fisch246ah no05:37
fisch246i tried the game on windows and ubuntu05:38
TakyojiVery low framerate, or stuttery, or?05:38
fisch246windows is too slow, and on Ubuntu i get audio issues, and the game crashing05:38
fisch246very low framreate05:38
TakyojiFor audio issues on Ubuntu, you must make sure you have your correct audio settings05:39
TakyojiIn Sound Preferences, on the Hardware dialog, select the sound card, and what it's outputs are.05:39
fisch246yea i only have 1 card selected05:39
fisch246the other one is turned off cause it was horrible05:40
TakyojiBut do you have the correct profile set for it?05:40
fisch246i think so?05:40
fisch246it works... it puts out sound05:40
TakyojiIf you have the wrong one, you'll have "buzzy" or "crackily" for anything that uses OpenAL or whichever it is05:40
fisch246but when i play the game the sound is cuts out every few seconds05:40
Takyojialso, have you turned down the game quality settings at all?05:41
fisch246well the only way to fix it now, is it change the audio settings manually through a config file05:41
fisch246and yea i did, to the point that i couldn't get into it at all05:41
Takyoji"to the point that I couldn't get into it at all" implying?05:41
fisch246every at the lowest setting05:42
Takyojiand still ran, but not as you expected it to?05:42
fisch246on windows... it ran...05:42
fisch246but very slowly05:42
fisch246no matter how low i set the settings05:42
fisch246on Ubuntu it had sound issues05:43
fisch246at this point it just crashes05:43
TakyojiJust crashes when you try opening it?05:43
fisch246i have to set the audio manually through a config file so it won't crash anymore05:43
fisch246however i gave up and tried windows instead...05:44
fisch246but it's too slow05:44
fisch246i really don't get why... the graphics are very dated...05:44
Takyojieven with the most up-to-date driver of it?05:44
fisch246no idea05:44
fisch246i have no idea how to use win7 >.>05:45
fisch246i think it's far more complicated than Arch and Ubuntu combined...05:45
fisch246for the sole reason that it holds my hand so much05:45
TakyojiBecause it says that graphics card series should be sufficient05:46
fisch246it does a lot for you, with out ever telling you what it's doing05:46
fisch246yea and i have a 3Ghz processor05:46
fisch246on the desktop at least05:46
fisch246o damn...05:47
fisch246there's the problem05:47
fisch246memory >.<05:47
fisch246shoot me...05:47
TakyojiHow much RAM do ye have? :P05:48
fisch2461GB >.<05:48
fisch246but guess what05:48
Takyojiall slots full, or?05:48
fisch2464GB, dual core processor on my laptop05:48
fisch246but no vid card05:48
fisch246on my desktop, 1GB ram, single core processor, with a GF660005:48
fisch246just enough to piss me off05:49
fisch246the game required 2GB of ram05:49
TakyojiI suppose they could have optimized it to use less. xP05:49
TakyojiI think some of the model or level files are in XML. xP05:50
fisch246i'd mention a certain saying that involves molestation of ones life... but i'm sure even the acronym might not be accepted here...05:51
TakyojiI might even go to the extent of buying the RAM for you. :P05:52
fisch246i don't know if this motherboard will allow more RAM05:52
TakyojiWhat is the model?05:53
fisch246i'll have to open it up, but it's quite old...05:53
fisch246i'm gonna use the case and build a machine from scratch05:53
TakyojiIs it a prebuilt desktop?05:53
fisch246no idea05:53
fisch246i got it from someone05:53
TakyojiSo it has no stickers then, or? :P05:53
fisch246my grandpa since my last comp died on me and he was giving it away05:53
fisch246yea no stickers, no business ident at all05:54
fisch246there is an intel sticker on the front05:54
fisch246could have been put on there though05:54
fisch2465 mins remaining till i close the facebook event05:55
TakyojiI usually, kindly, remove the "Made for Windows XP/Vista" labels. xP05:55
fisch246i did that on my laptop05:56
fisch246i'm replacing it with a "Powered by Linux" and a "Powered by Ubuntu" sticker :305:56
fisch246which i will be giving out at the party :)05:56
TakyojiFrom a different vendor than System76 I presume?05:57
fisch246when i get a job, and especially when i get a career... i'll for sure put more money into the parties...05:57
fisch246when i'm going to NHCC i'll try and get their support for 11.10 release05:58
Takyojior we could collectively fund them. :P05:58
fisch246yea true05:58
fisch246whatever people want to do to help05:58
fisch246kinda the point of this party... so everyone can meet each other, and so i can start getting this team off the ground :P05:58
fisch246a common misconception about nerds, is that they don't like to go out05:59
fisch246the truth is... they just don't relate to much of anything that's out there...05:59
fisch246so when a nerd hears about an event just for them... they jump at it06:00
fisch246i speak from experience06:00
fisch246though i'm a neckbeard... the nerd of the nerds06:00
fisch246party event is closed to further RSVP as of now06:01
fisch246if you still wish to have interest, talk to me now before i go to bed06:01
fisch246i'll also check my email before i order the stuff for the party06:02
fisch246email: paul@mcspadden.net06:02
fisch246jeff were you confirmed?06:05
fisch246FloatingGoat: cause i have you down as maybe :/06:09
TakyojiA total of 7 participants?06:20
fisch2469 or 1006:20
fisch246i need to update that list >.>06:21
* tonyyarusso is doing taxes06:27
* fisch246 pokes tonyyarusso06:29
fisch246gonna accept my friend request anytime soon?06:30
tonyyarussoOnce I stop swimming in IRS forms perhaps.06:30
fisch246fair enough06:31
fisch246ok i'll let you do taxes once i run some stuff about the party past you06:31
fisch246everyone is going to receive 2 stickers... one will say "Powered by Linux" and the other "Powered by Ubuntu"... there will be a drawing for a giant Tux plush toy... when we're done eating and talking we'll head to starbucks on the other side of highway 7 (optional for those wish to just head home) and have an install fest :)06:33
tonyyarussosounds good06:35
fisch246mmk :)06:36
FloatingGoatgot banned from the macosx channel06:42
fisch246were you confirmed jeff?06:42
FloatingGoatnot sure06:43
fisch246ah ok no prob06:43
fisch246just making sure06:43
fisch246well make sure to confirm by next saturday :)06:43
FloatingGoatwhat do I do?06:44
FloatingGoatsorry i've been talking about why I dont like macs in the mac channel06:44
FloatingGoatseeing as stating my polite opinion of why I think ubuntu is the superior choice for average users, is grounds for kicking.06:45
FloatingGoatand banning06:45
FloatingGoatunjust rule06:45
fisch246isn't it a support channel?06:45
fisch246and you realize you represent people who use Ubuntu as soon as you mention you support it right?06:46
fisch246i for one could care less how people view me >.> but it means less people will use Ubuntu, and less support for Ubuntu in the long run...06:46
FloatingGoatthey asked me why06:50
FloatingGoatthey asked me why06:50
FloatingGoatand then kicked me when I said it06:50
FloatingGoathold on06:50
fisch246was it #macosx ?06:51
FloatingGoatheres one, whats not the right choice for average users? osx or linux/windows?06:52
FloatingGoat"really? why do you say that?"06:52
tonyyarussoChannels can have whatever rules they want, and it doesn't matter if they're "fair" or not.06:53
fisch246FloatingGoat: i just went into #macosx and apologized for your actions06:55
FloatingGoatI can do that doo06:59
FloatingGoatI was looking at one today07:00
FloatingGoatbr tright back07:00
fisch246lulz i'm providing Ubuntu support on a mac channel07:04
FloatingGoatI find it interesting that they asked me to talk about it. Even though I said I'd get kicked. They said "oh you wont get kicked"07:10
FloatingGoatBut that's for appologizing07:10
FloatingGoatFor me07:11
FloatingGoatHow do I pm someone07:12
fisch246stop PMing them please...07:14
fisch246you rant on their channels...07:14
fisch246you get banned07:14
fisch246end of story07:14
FloatingGoatIll have a word with my half friend who is an opposite there. He told me I wouldn't get kicked.07:15
fisch246not sure what good it will do...07:16
fisch246you don't like mac, so why go into the channel?07:16
FloatingGoatI like it there07:16
FloatingGoatMost of the time I don't mention Linux at all until its brought up.07:17
FloatingGoatI know one time I was asking if there was a possibility of xfce on Mac. And then later on branes said something really profound against linux users that I dare not repeat.07:18
FloatingGoatI wouldn't have said anything's tonight if they wouldn't have told me to. I sometimes take thing07:23
FloatingGoatThings very literal and logical07:23
fisch246literal yes...07:25
fisch246logically no...07:25
FloatingGoatSome reason I cant pm. Oh well07:27
FloatingGoatYes you are right07:27
FloatingGoatWormy word choice07:27
FloatingGoatWrong *07:27
FloatingGoatMind you I am still in macosx07:32

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