Nivexxubuntu-desktop seems to recommend an awful lot of gnome-* packages16:28
holsteinuses the gnome network manager16:29
holsteinlots of gnome tools acutally16:29
holsteinits GTK too right?16:29
Nivexyes xfce is gtk based16:29
holsteinwe are entertaining moving ubuntustudio to XFCE16:30
holsteini think its going to happen16:30
holsteini like the idea actually16:30
holsteinbut it does seem like a step backwards kinda16:30
holsteinas far as feeling modern16:30
Nivexxfce 4.8 has made some strides forward16:32
Nivexone thing I don't like about greybird (xubuntu default theme): It's not readily apparent which window has focus17:05
Nivexnice, you can change the window manager appearance without having to change the rest of the theme17:08
Nivex(since the rest of greybird is growing on me)17:08

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