dmcgloneYay it's Friday, who's gonna party??? ;-)01:13
o0splitpaw0ofun fun fun..01:13
o0splitpaw0ostill figuring where to sit in the car though. It's just so hard!01:14
Unit193going to apraty? i'm jparty already01:15
dmcgloneYeah I know. I usually get beat down and tied to the hood ;:-/01:15
canthus13dmcglone: I used to get tied to the hood for fun! :)01:56
dmcglonelol canthus02:00
Unit193dmcglone: Goto #joomla02:01
dmcgloneah yeah, I didn't think about that Unit19302:05
dmcglonethanks buddy :-)02:05
BiosElementAnd Oracle tries to put the cat back in the bag: "Oracle Announces Its Intention to Move OpenOffice.org to a Community-Based Project"02:08
Unit193BiosElement: I did see that... I'm still sticking with LibreOffice...02:09
BiosElementThey're late by about 4 months02:09
canthus13BiosElement: Meh. Too late for 'em. they've already screwed MySQL, all the third-party Sun hardware maintenence companies, and spit in the face of IBM...02:11
BiosElementcanthus13: Hardly news, but I thought the fact they think they can save their investment to be amusing02:15
canthus13BiosElement: Just wait. they'll be acquired by whoever acquired SCO.. (WHo is apparently modelling itself after SCO....)02:17
canthus13UnXis apparenly thinks now that it owns SCO, it owns unix, despite all evidence to the contrary.02:18
BiosElementMeh, I really don't care that much. There are always trolls. SCO got it's ass kicked.02:25
Unit193The shell hosting I'm using is having real problems...03:12
popmanhey guys13:13
popmanI had windows update and restart thy computer two times in a row :D13:14
popmanhow do you mask your IP on freenode13:14
thafreakI've been meaning to read up on how to mask my ip on freenode actually15:15
thafreakcurrently, I just ssh to a remote server before joining :)15:15
thafreakcanthus13: i found out my upload bandwidth issues...15:16
thafreakI forgot I turned on the traffic shapper on my m0n0wall router to try and help some voip issues15:16
thafreakIt was configured a long time ago when my max up/down was way lower....figures15:17
thafreakTurn it off, and now I'm getting like double my max upload on the speed test sites...15:18
thafreakscp still starts out higher, then slowy goes down to my max...so it's obvious they try to cap me.15:18
thafreakStill, not bad for $40/mon I think...10mpbs down and 2mbps up15:19
canthus13thafreak: Heh.18:14
canthus13Nice. I've got 30 down, still only 2 up.  I can go up to 50/3 for another 15 a month.18:14
thafreakI'm considering switching to business to get 30/5....not that I need 30 really, but 5 up would be nice, and they don't block ports on the business plan19:16
thafreakbut it's like $50 more19:16
Unit193popman: You go in #freenode and ask for a cloak and dagger (http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks)19:19
Cheri703paultag: you've probably seen it: http://www.aa.com/viewPromotionDetails.do?fN=JFKBUD_0211.xml&_locale=en_US19:20
Cheri703wrong link19:20
Cheri703one sec19:20
Cheri703that one paultag19:20
paultagCheri703: heyya cheri :)19:21
paultagCheri703: oh noooo19:21
paultagCheri703: so grossssss!!!19:21
Cheri703on this keyboard, fn and ctrl are swapped from where they are on my netbook, it keeps screwing me up19:21
paultagCheri703: thanks :)19:21
Cheri703thought you'd like that one :)19:21
paultagCheri703: so, how's life?19:21
Cheri703eh, ok, need to get some more clients, need money. but getting ready for budapest trip19:21
paultagnice :D19:22
Cheri703it's a weird thing, being broke but planning an international trip19:22
paultagCheri703: yeah, for sure. Just camp out in the center all day19:22
Cheri703my mom is all excited and keeps buying things for me for the trip and mailing them to me19:22
Cheri703I'm getting pretty excited for the trip. netbook is off for fixing, passport is (in theory) in process, so...pretty much all that's left to do is figure out what sights to see and get packed when the time comes!19:23
* Cheri703 is super excited19:23
Cheri703I also need to be figuring out what I want on my website and how I want it laid out19:23
Cheri703I have no idea where to start on that19:24
Unit193You going to install a CMS?19:25
Cheri703uhm...dmcglone is going to help19:26
BiosElementkick me if you need any help Cheri70319:31
Cheri703ok, I'm just sort of at a "I have no idea what I want it to look like!" moment on it19:32
Cheri703have to ponder further19:32
BiosElementHah, it'll come together once you start.19:37
Unit193Hello dmcglone19:40
dmcglonewhats up Unit19319:40
Cheri703hi dmcglone19:41
Unit193Playing with Joomla and Wordpress19:42
BiosElementUnit193: Then I'm sorry for you. :)19:42
Unit193Eh, doesn't seem bad19:43
BiosElementBleh, I don't see why anyone would like joomla, besides for it's flashy interface19:44
dmcgloneBiosElement: joomla isn't all that bad19:44
* Unit193 just wants something where I get a WYSIWYG interface19:45
BiosElementheh, well having a cold isn't all that bad either, it doesn't mean I'll go outta my way to get one ;)19:45
dmcglonethe biggest difference between Drupal and Joomla is Drupal uses the SMARTY framework19:45
BiosElementUnit193: WYSIWYG is a pro of it, but then again, I want my CMS to go away when I'm working on fancy html19:45
dmcglonejoomla has the option to use different editors19:46
dmcglonedoesn't have to be wisiwyg19:46
BiosElementAnd does it have a "Piss off and put EXACTLY what I type here in the page" option? Last I checked it forced things through wysiwyg >.<19:46
dmcgloneI'm using TinyMCV19:46
dmcglonethats what I was working on last night, there is a way to allow HTML tags, but I don't know how yet19:47
dmcglonehopefully now that Unit193 is playing around with it, he can figure it out :-)19:48
dmcgloneMy whole purpose of playing around with it was to compare joomla to Drupal for an upcoming PHP meeting19:49
dmcgloneour next 4 meetings are going to focus on CMS's19:50
BiosElementHeh sounds like 'fun'19:50
dmcgloneit should be :-)19:50
dmcgloneI'm about to install drupal and see how easy it is to get it to allow html tags :-)19:52
Unit193If you set Joomla to no editor it's all html...19:53
* Unit193 just did it19:53
dmcglonehow did you do that?????19:54
dmcgloneUnit193: did you do it under the "plug-ins"?19:55
Unit193dmcglone: Global Config > Default Editor > Editor - None19:56
Unit193I would think you could change it in the article editor...19:59
dmcgloneI agree. but that still didn't solve my problem. it's still showing html as text and not executing it :-/20:01
Cheri703paultag: !! also happy birthday!20:03
* Cheri703 forgot to mention it20:03
Cheri703consider that pic your present ;)20:03
paultagCheri703: thanks!!!!20:04
Cheri703any exciting plans?20:04
paultagwatching star trek20:04
paultagit's awesome20:04
dmcgloneAh hah Unit193 I got an html dropdown menu to work, must have been a mistake in my javascript20:16
Unit193dmcglone: Do I get to see what you're working on?20:21
dmcglonesure, but all it is, is a basic joomla install and I'm comparing how easy it is to configure and use VS drupal from a non-programming perspective20:23
* Unit193 was thinking of testing Drupal too...20:23
dmcgloneof course I could dive in to the sourcecode and write me some code, but thats what I'm trying to avoid20:23
dmcgloneI gotta run to the store real quick I'll be back in a bit20:25
canthus13grr.. freaking xsane segfaulting like crazy. :(20:29
Unit193finch had a segfault too... now I can't get it back...20:32
canthus13Guess xsane doesn't like the HP deskjet 3050. I dusted off my old PSC 1510 and it worked fine.20:45
* dmcglone is back21:09
* Unit193 walks away21:11
dmcgloneah dang, wude... ;-)21:12
Unit193Tell/show me what you think of Drupal?21:17
dmcgloneOk hang on let me look at the link yous sent21:19
dmcglonehaha that was a good one21:20
dmcgloneUnit193:  I don't have much knowledge of Drupal, yet. I've played around with it in the past, but not for very long.21:22
BiosElementdmcglone: kick me if you have questions21:31
dmcglonekicks BiosElement I can't change permissions on one of my files as user nor root!!!! WTF????21:38
dmcglonehere lately I'm getting so pissed off at Ubuntu!!!21:39
dmcglonetoday I spent about 2 hours trying to figure out why DVD videos were all choppy playing with totem, but I installed VLC and they worked fine, but I don't like VLC I want to use totem.21:40
dmcgloneI'll be back, I'm gonna reboot and see if that will let me change permissions on the file21:41
* dmcglone is back. now let me try and change permissions21:44
dmcglonenope, nothing, zilch, zippo!!!!! Hmmm is this your doing BiosElement? :-)21:46
canthus13dmcglone: Boot with a lice VD and try it that way.21:48
canthus13...Live CD.21:48
dmcgloneI'm gonna boot Ubuntu so hard it'll knock it back to the future ;-)21:49
dmcglonethis crap worked fine yesterday...21:50
dmcgloneI can change the permissions  on other files though!21:51
dmcgloneI had to move the file to a different directory, change the permissions and then move it back :-/21:54
BiosElementAhh, the joys of shared hosting22:16
BiosElementdmcglone: Around?23:17
BiosElementYou'll probably find this useful: http://bioselement.com/2011/awesome-wordpress-theme-lists/23:17
BiosElementCheri703: You may want to check that out too, I think you said you were starting a WordPress powered blog.23:17
Cheri703well, I'm going to be working on a website, not sure if I'm going wordpress or not :)23:17
Cheri703but thanks :)23:17
Unit193I just stole the on canthus13 was using and got "Zombie Apocalypse" while I was at it23:19

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