rmg51morning JonathanD12:33
jedijf@later tell Mutantturkey PACS today !!13:49
PennBotjedijf: The operation succeeded.13:49
teddy-dbearI here already :-D13:50
sor4youhello does anyone know compiz on here?14:09
sor4youi am new to linux and want to learn14:09
jedijfsor4you: what's up...compiz settings14:12
sor4youdude i just want to know what it is14:12
sor4youi am new to linux14:12
sor4youwhat type of laptop should i have to run compiz smoothly14:13
sor4youive seen it but i dont know if it comes with ubuntu or its a program or what14:13
sor4youi assume you are running ubuntu14:13
sor4youwhat edition?14:14
jedijfsor4you: i recommend just get started!!! best way to learn...use whatever you currently have, dl latest ubuntu LIVE cd and get busy14:15
jedijfthey way to see if your hardware can handle desktop effects is to go to System-Preferences-Appearance-Visual Effects and see how 'deep' your hardware can go14:16
sor4youso compiz is part of ubuntu?14:17
sor4youwhere is it located14:17
jedijfare you in ubuntu now14:17
sor4youdo u dual boot?14:18
jedijfno...lol. i /only/ boot Ubuntu14:18
sor4youdo you do virtualbox?14:18
jedijfi do lots of thing14:19
jedijfvirtualbox is no good for14:19
sor4youcan i run every program on my windows in virtualbox?14:19
sor4youlike im a musician and use finale can i run that in virtualbox?14:20
jedijfif you want to play with linux and are a little timid at this point, dl livecd..14:20
sor4youare u running a desktop or laptop14:20
jedijfput it in cd player while in windows14:20
jedijfand choose 'install inside windows'14:20
jedijfi run it on everything......14:20
jedijfnetbook, laptop,desktops,little im devices14:21
sor4youin order for me to run at top speed on a laptop what kind of system should i have14:21
sor4youi5 i714:21
sor4you6 gb 8 gb14:21
jedijfdoesn't matter14:21
sor4youwhat about wine?14:22
jedijfrun it on whatever you have and play with it, this is starting to get circular, NIKE - just do it14:22
sor4youyou know how to run fame in wine?14:22
jedijfi don't play games14:22
sor4youoh does anyone on here play games in linux?14:22
sor4youshould i be looking at a different distro?14:23
sor4youone more thing how would i learn code?14:23
andurilsor4you pick up a book and start playing14:23
sor4youwhat book?14:24
andurildepends on what language you want to learn14:24
sor4youits all different?14:24
andurilreally doesnt matter you just have to get comfortable with the syntax and usage of the language then you start trying to scratch an itch for a program you want or a bug you find14:24
sor4youso debian isnt different in running a search on your system than say ubuntu14:25
andurilubuntu is built off of debian but its going depend upon how you want to search. run find or locate from terminal? same thing. using a GUI search could use tracker or beagle and be completely different14:25
sor4youwhats GUI?14:26
andurilthe visual interface14:26
sor4youon u have gui on every linux?14:26
sor4youevery distro i mean14:27
andurilyes and no. install gentoo or arch and you wont have a GUI at the start :) otherwise most people use a GUI except on servers14:27
sor4youoh its at the start14:27
sor4youwhat would you call a gui in windows?14:28
andurilYou can install a Windows 2k8 server without a GUI but its not that fun14:28
sor4youyeah it would be like running DOS14:28
JonathanDNot quite.14:29
JonathanDit'll still launch gui apps.14:29
sor4youi saw there is a page that tells you how compatible your system is to linux14:29
PennBotTitle: live.linux-gamers.net (at live.linux-gamers.net)14:30
sor4youcan you tell me the best way to open windows on linux14:31
sor4youvmware or wine or virtualbox14:32
JonathanDwine if it works.14:32
sor4youim  musician running finale14:32
JonathanDvmware or virtualbox if not.14:32
andurilwine will run games and some apps but its not running windows. vmware or vb will both work14:32
sor4youok well i will need programs like finale to run on linux14:32
andurilyou can check compatability with windows programs look on winehq.com14:33
sor4younow everytime i close vmware will my windows files erase?14:33
sor4youwhich do you recommend dual boot or virtualization?14:33
andurildepends on the situation14:33
sor4youdo you dual boot at all?14:33
andurilI used to. now I have a seperate machine running linux and my main machine runs Win714:34
sor4youdo you recommend having two machines?14:35
teddy-dbearthe only way to go :-[14:36
sor4youso whats the point of having linux then if you are always going to have to depend on windows>?14:37
andurilyou dont14:38
andurildepends on what you want to do14:38
sor4youhow do you justify having two machines then14:38
andurilI love blinky lights14:38
sor4youdo you think it will be faster to have two machines instead of dual boot?14:38
anduriltry it for yourself and see what you prefer14:39
andurilLinux is like a pair of shoes. You have to try them to see how they work and some will suck and some will be awesome but too expensive (time consuming) just play around, learn and find out14:40
sor4youwill dual boot run my system slower14:40
andurilit wont make a difference in day to day speed outside of rebooting14:41
sor4youwhat if my some of my hardware isnt recognized?14:43
andurilthen you either spend the time to get it to work or stick with windows until you get a machine better supported14:43
JonathanDI've been playing with andlinux on win7.14:45
JonathanDwhich is reasonably decent.14:46
ChinnoDogsor4you: what version of finale do you run?14:48
sor4youwhy you want it?14:50
ChinnoDogI was checking the compatibility reports on the codeweavers site. They are the publishers of Crossover Office, a managed build of wine14:51
ChinnoDogOften times things work on Crossover before they work on the open source version of WINE14:52
ChinnoDog(Though it isn't hard to get a free Crossover license if you want it)14:52
ChinnoDogThe newest one they have a compatibility report for is 2008. That doesn't mean 2010 doesn't work, just that no one has reported if it does14:52
sor4youoh well im still on windows chinodog but thank you so much for doing that14:52
sor4youman well i should have done that14:53
sor4youbut now i know14:53
sor4youim gonna go study this linux bible and try to educate myself some more before i pester yall anymore i appreciate the help though thank you14:53
ChinnoDogI can help answer another question you had14:54
ChinnoDogYou want to run compiz. Do you know what type of video card you have in your computer?14:54
ChinnoDoga recent model?14:54
ChinnoDogThat will run compiz just fine14:55
ChinnoDogATI is fine as long as it isn't from.. 1995?  haha14:55
ChinnoDogDual boot is best if you want to run Ubuntu natively14:56
sor4youwhat about having a seperate machine14:56
sor4youwould that optimally run best14:56
ChinnoDogSecond best is.. now I forget what it is called.  It creates a file in the Windows file system and uses it as a hard drive, but it isn't a virtual machine14:56
sor4youon a seperate machine?14:56
ChinnoDogYes, if you don't want to use your main computer14:57
sor4youwell i want it run as fast as possible14:57
ChinnoDogYou will get the best video support with an nvidia or ati card14:57
sor4youif i can do so with a dual boot then fine14:57
ChinnoDogUsing dual boot won't make it run any slower, it will just prevent you from running Windows and Ubuntu at the same time14:58
sor4youwhat is gui?14:58
PennBothmm... gui is a river in china, sor4you14:58
sor4youpreciate it14:58
ChinnoDogthanks teddy-dbear. wubi lets you install into a file in the Windows file system.14:59
ChinnoDogsor4you: GUI is a graphical user interface, like Windows Explorer14:59
ChinnoDog(NOT Internet Explorer)14:59
sor4youno i know14:59
sor4youthe window14:59
sor4youthat opens14:59
sor4youhey chinodog can i find you on here often in case i need some help later on15:00
ChinnoDogIn linux the GUI is a separate program, in Windows it is part of the operating system15:00
ChinnoDogI live here.15:00
sor4youin this chat room? ha! thats funny15:01
ChinnoDogYup. Most of us are always here because we run irssi on a server or on a workstation that never gets disconnected from the internet.15:01
sor4youah interesting15:02
sor4youwell hey one more thing this mirc im using is gonna expire15:02
ChinnoDoghaha.  mIRC...15:02
sor4youhow do i keep from getting expired?15:02
sor4youis there a crack or something15:02
andurilbuy it15:02
ChinnoDogPay for it?  Or, use a different IRC client.  ChatZilla is nice in Windows.15:02
sor4youi see, is chatzilla free?15:03
ChinnoDogOr set up ubuntu on another computer and use irssi15:03
sor4youwhere is irssi in my ubuntu desktop?15:03
ChinnoDogirssi is a terminal application you can use by connecting to it from your windows computer15:03
ChinnoDogIt might be too advanced for you though, sor4you15:04
PennBotIt has been said that irssi is what I used to use... before I tried WeeChat, sor4you15:04
ChinnoDogChatzilla is free.  It is a FireFox plugin but there is a way to run it without FireFox on Windows i think15:04
sor4youweechat is free?15:04
sor4youdont they all lead you to here though15:05
ChinnoDogyes, irssi. To use irssi you need to know some command line basics and using the interface involves hotkeys and commands15:05
sor4youi dont see how they are different15:05
ChinnoDogirssi, pidgin, and mIRC are all IRC clients. Their features differ.15:06
andurilxchat is comparable to mIRC on *nix15:07
sor4youi got one thanks guys15:10
sor4youu are all male i assume15:10
ChinnoDogI am, but it is bad to assume15:11
sor4youwell im just saying the hottest girl on the internet runs linux www.nixiepixel.com and she has a crusade with ubuntu15:12
sor4youok ill see yall real soon enjoy nixie she is scorching cute and smart!15:13
andurilso how old do you think sor4you was?15:19
ChinnoDogwe should take bets15:20
ChinnoDoganduril: How old do you think? It is a hard call.15:46
andurilI'd say 13 or 1415:46
ChinnoDogHe knows too much about things I wouldn't expect someone that young to know about15:47
ChinnoDogI'm going to guess 18.15:47
andurilI dunno, he knew about programs that are pretty commonly talked about but didnt know what a GUI was or how to learn to "code"15:52
andurilor how to crack mIRC which was pretty easily done...14yrs ago? :)15:52
ChinnoDogtrue, but he is a musician15:55
andurillies. Artistic people only use macs15:55
ChinnoDogMaybe he is a poor musician that can't afford a mac15:56
andurilYou made that no fun15:56
ChinnoDogBut then enters another problem. He seemed to indicate a couple times he could just make hardware appear.15:56
ChinnoDogsorry. lol15:56
ChinnoDogIf you can just make hardware appear then you are either old enough to have resources or young enough to expect someone else to provide everything15:57
ChinnoDogidk where idiolizing women in Ubuntu falls15:59
ChinnoDogpleia2: do you have any insight?16:01
IdleOnedepends what you mean by idolizing16:05
IdleOneI look it up to several of the women in the Ubuntu community16:05
IdleOneI look up yo*16:05
ChinnoDog10:13  sor4you well im just saying the hottest girl on  the internet runs linux www.nixiepixel.com and  she has a crusade with ubuntu16:06
ChinnoDogDo you ever say things like that?16:06
IdleOneI don't16:06
IdleOnemost women would rather be idolized for their accomplishments and not looks16:07
ChinnoDogHe either doesn't know that or does not care about being PC16:07
IdleOneit's not like we go around saying oh look at jono he is so hot and he works for Canonical16:07
IdleOneChinnoDog: I think the best thing is that if he comes back and makes comments like that we can point him to the !guidelines and !codeofconduct and maybe #ubuntu-women if he needs more explaining16:11
ChinnoDoghaha. #ubuntu-women? What is going to happen if he starts saying things like that in there?16:12
IdleOnehe will be directed to some links about women in computing and respect16:12
IdleOnethe people there are not crazy fanatical types.16:13
IdleOneboils down to being respectful towards everybody not because we say so but because it's the right thing to do.16:14
ChinnoDogI wasn't trying to say anything about its appropriateness, just that he said it and that it is a factor in calculating his age16:16
IdleOnehow so?16:16
IdleOneI don't sexism and ignorance have an age limit16:17
IdleOneI don't think*16:17
ChinnoDogWell, imho it makes him either too young to know better or old enough to know better but not care. That means he probably isn't in the middle where he knows better but does not have the guts to challenge etiquete16:18
ChinnoDog.. just a guess16:18
IdleOneI suppose you can tell a persons age by the language used and typing style16:19
ChinnoDogThere are algorithms out there that do that. We need a plugin for PennBot so we can ask him how old people are.16:19
IdleOnePennBot: wake up16:21
PennBotNo idea, IdleOne.16:21
IdleOnedidn't think so16:21
ChinnoDogPennBot: IdleOne?16:44
PennBotRumor has it IdleOne is awesomeness wrapped in bacon and deep fried in a gallon of lard or a three-decker sauerkraut and toadstool sandwich - with arsenic SAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCEEEEEEEEE, ChinnoDog16:44
TheEvilPhoenixPennBot: lol?16:52
IdleOnePennBot: ChinnoDog ?16:57
PennBotIt has been said that ChinnoDog is trying to install my company's product in cxoffice again. This will never work. hehe or is, and has always been, 3 days late or someone who doesn't care much about the less fortunate or "I think I have a plan for a workaround." or a Windows expert, IdleOne16:57
IdleOnePennBot: pleia2 ?17:00
PennBotpleia2 is never coming home or an intarwebz celebrity or a boozer or an old lady or OOOLLLDDDD or a l33t h4x0r d00d or a fat dude in a wifebeater that the real pleia2 pays to go on the internet for her or a pepperoni vegetarian, IdleOne17:00
teddy-dbearhi jon19:40
JonathanDHi teddy-dbear19:40
teddy-dbeartab fail19:41
teddy-dbeartime to go home20:04
InHisNamewow all that long talking was during pacs and stopped just as we ended.22:46
InHisNameWhew! after 23 reboots and attempts, I finally got the CD to boot up.   Still don't know what I did or what was wrong.22:47
InHisNameInstalling now.22:48
InHisNameWell, I've booted into new linux server system.23:24
InHisNameSelected to install DNS & SSH,  I guess they're working OK, don't see any errors on screen at present.23:25

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