pace_t_zulu_cyberanger: figuring out the nuances ... the nickname tab completion issue is a real pain though00:00
cyberangeris it a lack of tab complete00:00
cyberangerI can't visualize that issue00:01
pace_t_zulu_the input field loses focus when you try to tab complete a nick00:06
cyberangerah, ouch00:08
wrstpace_t_zulu_: the tab thing still an issue?01:04
cyberangersounds like it01:19
cyberangerreminds me of hitting tab on gmail login01:19
cyberangerconvinent there, here not so much01:20
pace_t_zulu_sup guys01:47
pace_t_zulu_who's around01:48
* cyberanger looks around, sees nobody else01:58
cyberangerI'm here pace_t_zulu_01:58
cyberangerjust re-rooting my phone01:58
cyberangerchris4585: how's cable treating you01:59
chris4585more than awesome, you don't know...01:59
cyberangerI do, I've dealt with both ends of hughesnet02:00
chris4585unfortunately yesterday while upgrading to 11.04 my computer seemed to have froze so I'll have to fix that02:00
cyberangerexcept billing that is02:00
chris4585so I'm going to say screw trying to recover my encrypted data02:00
cyberangeroh, I thought that was resolved02:01
pace_t_zulu_electricus ... that's a familiar handle...02:14
cyberangershould be ;-)02:14
cyberangerelectricus: how's cookeville today?02:14
chris4585cyberanger, nope...02:15
chris4585I'm just going to sit back and accept I wont be able to recover it02:15
cyberangeroh well02:16
chris4585I blame myself for blindly upgrading using beta software and not recovering before02:17
cyberangeror backing up even02:18
chris4585er thats what I meant02:20
cyberangerbeen trying a new(er) way to root my phone, without anything special installed on the computer, instead grabbing tools from the market and such02:24
cyberangerunfortunately it's not working as planned02:24
cyberangerso back to the simple enough but not as desired method02:26
chris4585hrm strange, trying to upgrade my ubuntu install and the terminal keeps giving me warnings... root:can't add x07:05
chris4585I hope this isn't vital07:05
chris4585the installer seems to have worked...07:20
chris4585lets see how this goes07:20
chris4585holy crap...07:22
chris4585I was hoping for this and I wasn't expecting it at all..07:23
chris4585but the installer somehow miraculously restored my borked ubuntu 10.10 install and decrypted the data!!!!07:23
chris4585I'm pretty happy07:23
* chris4585 pings cyberanger 07:29
pace_t_zulu_chris4585: i'm starting to like natty08:23
chris4585pace_t_zulu, thats good news08:27
chris4585I'm pretty pleased with it honestly08:27
chris4585I just got it installed or upgraded from my messed up system and restored my previously encrypted data which wasn't accessible08:29
cyberangerme finally sees chris4585's ping, sorry for the delay11:21
cyberangerchris4585: cool, but that sounds like week encryption then11:22
chris4585well I think all it needed was in a dir, and the upgrade was just completing what it failed to do before in its broken stage..14:14
chris4585I'm just surprised it worked, it was kind of my last resort if that didn't work then I was going to just delete that whole partition14:41
oriascongrats on getting it fixed :)15:03
chris4585orias, it was luck but I'm glad I tried that last thing before I gave up15:09
chris4585how are you orias?15:09
oriasjust starting my day :)15:14
chibihogoshinomy hd light is stuck on15:25
oriasmay i suggest tape?15:53
chris4585good good, today is a wonderful day15:53
pace_t_zulu_i like the work they've done to the theme in natty16:00
chris4585pace_t_zulu, radiance?16:06
pace_t_zulu_chris4585: ambience16:13
pace_t_zulu_radiance is a bit too bright for me16:13
chris4585oh right, yeah I get them mixed up16:13
chris4585radiance sounds cooler but ambiance is the one I like16:13
chris4585exactly I can't stand radiance16:13
chris4585I like the dark theme, it really works well and I like the fixes they finally! added for chrome16:14
pace_t_zulu_ambience sound cooler to me... just kind of in the background but creating a good vibe16:15
pace_t_zulu_wrst: ping16:15
pace_t_zulu_chris4585: yea, its about time they fixed chromium16:16
chris4585each to their own :) and yeah it was overdue...16:16
pace_t_zulu_i'll be honest, i prefer the ambience theme to aqua on mac os x16:18
pace_t_zulu_i now wish os x had a dark variant16:19
chris4585thats a little shocking pace_t_zulu lol, but yeah I think ubuntu's image is shaping up16:24
pace_t_zuluchris4585: thought you might like that16:25
pace_t_zului am serious though16:26
chris4585all we need now is true transparency with blur in gtk...16:29
pace_t_zulu_this looks like it could be cool http://design.canonical.com/2011/03/introducing-overlay-scrollbars-in-unity/16:29
chris4585pace_t_zulu, I didn't look over all that but the scrollbars in unity right now do look sleek16:31
chris4585I just wish they were supported in every app16:31
chris4585but right now I'm rocking natty on this computer...16:34
chris4585unity is solid for me16:34
pace_t_zulu_yea, it doesn't do well in a vm16:34
pace_t_zulu_so i'm rockin gnome 216:34
wrstpace_t_zulu_: pong17:11
robertzaccourhey yall18:09
robertzaccourwhen is the next team meeting?18:09
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