brycehwhat's the best way to tell if I'm running r600 vs. r600g?00:13
brycehah, glxinfo:  OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD RV77000:13
soreaubryceh: The g in r600g stands for Gallium00:20
brycehsoreau, yes I'm aware ;-)00:23
soreaubryceh: I misread your statement there00:24
brycehhumber:~$ grep r600 /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:24
bryceh[   236.995] (II) RADEON(0): [DRI2]   DRI driver: r60000:24
bryceh[   237.000] (II) AIGLX: Trying DRI driver /usr/lib/dri/r600_dri.so00:24
bryceh[   237.002] (II) AIGLX: Loaded and initialized r60000:24
brycehwas surprised I don't have the 'g' on those.  But "r600" == "r600g" here00:25
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soreauHey guys, Im looking in driconf and there are a lot of options missing18:17
soreaueven in expert mode18:18
soreauIs there some package missing?18:18
LLStarksbryceh, i'm about to buy a laptop with a 6770m. will i be able to patch fglrx whenever the xserver abi changes or will be stuck with radeon except for april and october?18:33
Sarvattno you cant patch fglrx for abi changes, we might not do 1.11 for 11.10, and it'll work fine with radeon since its a rebranded 5xxx series18:37
soreauSarvatt: Any idea about driconf?18:39
soreauIm pretty stumped on this one18:39
Sarvattsoreau: what about it?18:39
Sarvattsorry, missed those messages umm18:39
Sarvattwhat GPU is it?18:39
soreauSarvatt: It used to have a near plethora of options, now its next to nothing. rv350/r300g18:40
LLStarkssarvatt, oneiric will be 1.10.x?18:40
Sarvatti'm guessing you're talking about the options that were exposed with r300c instead of r300g18:40
soreauSarvatt: hmm.. maybe so but it doesnt make sense for gallium to expose less I would think18:41
Sarvattthe options were only there for the classic driver, its not based on the gpu it's based on what the dri driver exposes18:41
SarvattLLStarks: its possible, we're going to talk about it at UDS18:42
* soreau ppa-purges xorg-edgers to see18:43
Sarvattsoreau: LIBGL_DRIVER_PATH=/usr/lib/dri-alternates/ driconf should show the r300c ones to be sure18:44
soreauOh interesting18:44
Sarvattr300c is in there so it gets loaded when KMS isn't used automatically18:45
soreauSarvatt: Is that to say, you can run any app with the classic drivers by setting this path?18:45
soreauand these are updated classic drivers from xorg-edgers, not stock ubuntu18:45
Sarvattits the same in the archive18:45
soreauSarvatt: ok thanks for that information18:46
Sarvattlibgl1-mesa-dri installs both in both the ppa and natty18:46
Sarvattthe only major changes between the ppa and natty are that i have libtxc_dxtn in there, texture-float is enabled and the tls patches in edgers18:47
Sarvattoh and the whole libglapi-mesa package split18:48
Sarvatterr tls patches are disabled in edgers which breaks some obscure apps18:49
soreauSarvatt: s3tc??18:50
soreauHow does that work to enable/disable it?18:50
Sarvattthe lib should be pulled in automatically so its enabled18:50
soreauBut it causes problems for many apps that do not use this compression format..18:50
Sarvattmany being a few proprietary apps yeah18:51
Sarvattoh ya mean having it installed causes problems in some apps?18:51
Sarvattis that a radeon specific thing? what does the driconf option to enable it default to?18:52
soreauThere is no driconf option in gallium exposed apparently18:52
soreauThis was actually the problem I was referring to in the first place18:53
LLStarkssarvatt, what makes 1.11+ so prohibitive? i though randr and the rest of xinput2 were safe for later this year.18:53
Sarvattare you sure the problems were just with the screwed up release? I put the latest 1.0.0 in there18:53
Sarvattlibtxc_dxtn070518 had some nasty bugs in it18:55
* Sarvatt has to run, sorry18:56
Sarvattsoreau: oh you're on maverick? I haven't updated that in months in xorg-edgers, I've been talking about natty all this time sorry19:00
soreauSarvatt: Well the fact remains.. classic exposes many more options than gallium19:00
ScottKSarvatt or RAOF: Are you aware of this: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=27094223:41
ubot4KDE bug 270942 in compositing "Direct Rendering is wrongfully disabled on Intel graphics since mesa 7 10 1" [Normal,Unconfirmed]23:41

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