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HK-TarzanHi there all - I have NEVER used IRC - just know what is stand for.....09:26
sakhiHK-Tarzan: you are using it now bro... have fun ;)09:27
HK-TarzanI am looking for help with software installation under ubuntu09:27
* nlsthzn-work sees activity... gets some popcorn and lurks09:31
HK-TarzanDoes any body have experience with installing and configuring ZoneMinder??09:36
nlsthzn-work:/ that wasn't much of a show 09:50
superflyzone-minder? that sounds like a windows firewall09:56
Owkkurisuperfly: that's zone-alarm :P10:02
* nlsthzn-work spies Uncle Kilos and waves12:00
Kiloslol. hiys nlsthzn-work 12:01
Kiloswatching bulls and reds12:01
nlsthzn-workKilos: I am reading it... it pains me greatly QQ12:01
Kiloswhy you reading it12:01
Kilosif data no prob you can stream it12:02
nlsthzn-workThe Bulls never really got going this year... and now it sounds like they are starting to really miss the plot :/ Oh well... Had to happen sooner or later...12:03
Kilosyeah kinda sad12:04
Kilos9 popints behind and 10 mins left12:05
Kilospoints too12:05
Kilosmethinks they make too much money12:06
Kilosshould be , no win , no pay12:06
nlsthzn-workouch... one team gets to eat, one doesn't... don't like that odds12:06
nlsthzn-workyou can do your best, but team doesn't perform and you loose out :/12:06
Kilosif there money at stake the game will change completely12:07
Kilosthey like govt. employees. so what, pay day comes anyway12:08
nlsthzn-workKilos: I don't agree it will neceserily be for the better...12:08
nlsthzn-workrate each player on merit maybe...12:08
Kilosthats just my opinion12:08
nlsthzn-worksure, mine too :p12:08
Kilosyeah pay according to work output12:08
Kilosand deductions for stupid mistakes12:09
nlsthzn-workKilos: that could work... :)12:10
Kilosmaybe a basic salary so they dont starve and then perks for good work12:10
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KilosMaaz, coffee on16:58
* Maaz puts the kettle on16:58
Kilosevening everyone16:58
Squirmevening Kilos 16:59
Kiloswhen you came back Squirm 16:59
Kiloseish am i mixed up16:59
Kiloswerent you in the uk17:00
Kiloslo nlsthzn you home i see17:00
nlsthznYup :)17:00
SquirmKilos: I got back just over 2 weeks ago17:01
Kilosmaybe you must try use a spare pc at work to stream and record games for you17:01
Squirmpretty much since I started joining here again17:01
Kilosso what you gonna do now Squirm 17:02
Kilosstudy more?17:02
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!17:02
KilosMaaz, ty17:02
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure17:02
KilosMaaz, rusks please17:02
MaazThere is a packet of Ouma's  on the top shelf17:02
* Kilos sits and junks cyber rusks in my cyber coffee17:03
Kilosdunks not junks17:03
Kilosnight all. sleep tight21:31

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