bastayahijo1just standard update/upgrade?00:00
MaRk-Ibastayahijo1: natty /join #ubuntu+100:00
bastidrazorbastayahijo1: yes, and that will also take you to the final once released00:00
pfifoMethedMan, it should work just fine for general sniffing00:00
bastayahijo1bastidrazor: nice, thanks00:00
Adis34in testdisk, what does "Repair MFT" do?00:01
bastayahijo1MaRk-I: thanks00:01
JuiceFacewell this sucks.  I have a wireless adapter cisco valet am10 that does not work :(00:02
balki_hi do somebody know to configure/setup a vpn-connection? i use on windows netscreen remote.00:03
pfifoJuiceFace, cisco is usually pretty good00:03
itachiHey Guys... Im kinda on a PPPOE connection that uses My Lan with a specific mac address that i have... Any advices at all?00:05
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MaRk-IJuiceFace: is that a USB adapter?00:08
T_N_Tcan anyone help me fix my issue, i enabled xinerama and now the ati control center wont work on 10.10 64 bit?00:09
mkf00i have set up sshd and it is running and all00:10
T_N_Tit says it can't initialize anymore00:10
mkf00but i simply cant ssh into my pc from my own network!00:10
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T_N_Twhat did I do wrong, I was having trouble with fullscreen videos on the second screen and thought xinerama would fix it but now it only clones00:11
pfifomkf00, what is the error?00:11
mkf00pfifo: connection timed out00:11
bastidrazormkf00: openssh-server is the package you need.00:11
mehlomkf00: it's a security feature :-)00:12
mkf00bastidrazor: i already installed it and it is running00:12
Asmodeus87Easy one: My computer hibernates when battery is criticaly low, which would be fine if it wasn't borked on my system. Anyways, the real problem is it thinks 70% is critically low.00:12
mkf00but i cant connect to it from my own network. any suggestions?00:12
pfifomkf00, you need to google about how to use /ett/hosts.allow00:12
mkf00portscannig myself shows port 22 runs shh and is open00:12
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mkf00but why then i can't connect?00:13
mkf00what needs to be enabled in order to run ssh on ubuntu?!!00:13
bastidrazormkf00: what is the exact command you are using to try and connecdt00:13
pfifomkf00, sshd respects entried in hosts.allow and hosts.deny00:13
mkf00ssh mkf00@
mkf00pfifo: and per default there is no allowed?00:14
JuiceFacedoes ubuntu 10.10 come standard with a "dock" on the bottom that resembles apple?00:14
Flannelmkf00, pfifo: no, defaults are fine.00:14
mehloAsmodeus87: try system settings - power management - advanced battery settings00:14
bazhangJuiceFace, not default00:14
T_N_Tjuiceface try cairo dock00:14
edbianJuiceFace, no but you can install and use one easily00:14
JuiceFaceI see.  thank you Bazhang00:14
SMGhello, im trying to build empahy 3 but i get this error "No package 'gcr-3' found", but i cant find that package enywhere, any ideas?00:14
JuiceFaceYes, I find the software center to be quite user friendly!00:15
bastidrazorJuiceFace: something like 'cairo-dock' could do this for you.00:15
geusmkf00, try ssh -v -v -v localhost should give you some more info00:15
edbianJuiceFace, :)00:15
mkf00geus -v -v -v ?00:15
mkf00from where? server or client?00:16
mkf00i guess from server00:16
bastidrazormkf00: from the server can you ssh localhost?00:16
mkf00yes bastidrazor it works00:16
bastidrazorerr.. i'm a bit slow00:16
mkf00as i said: it is up and running00:16
bastidrazormkf00: the IP is correct?00:16
Asmodeus87mehlo: In power management I have "On battery" tab but nothing for advanced battery00:16
mkf00i just can't entry it from another machine (but that is the meani9ng of ssh)00:16
mkf00bastidrazor dUDE .. the IP is right.. -_-00:17
geusport 22 opened up? no firewall running?00:17
JuiceFaceI have a strange question.  I recently installed ubuntu.  I took the default computer name.  Can I change my computer name after install? or am i Stuck with alex-fx4710-UB802A ? lol00:17
mkf00geus: as i said: nmaping myself shows port 22 is running ssh and open00:17
bastidrazormkf00: can you ssh from the server to the server's IP instead of using localhost?00:17
pfifoJuiceFace, you can use hostname to change it00:17
mkf00yes, works perfectly00:18
bastidrazor!hostname | JuiceFace00:18
ubottuJuiceFace: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly.00:18
mehloAsmodeus87: well, in my kubuntu it's in power management - general settings (not in advanced battery), there you can set the treshold for low and warning level00:18
SMGhello, im trying to build empahy 3 but i get this error "No package 'gcr-3' found", but i cant find that package enywhere, any ideas?00:18
mkf00from server: ssh mkf00@
mkf00works fine00:18
mkf00but not from where it is supposed to work..00:19
Asmodeus87mehlo: no such option under GNOME00:19
geusand client is on the same lan?00:19
mkf00geus yes00:20
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SMG1hello, im trying to build empahy 3 but i get this error "No package 'gcr-3' found", but i cant find that package enywhere, any ideas?00:21
mehloAsmodeus87: google ubuntuforums a bit, i think i've seen this somewhere00:21
kusznirHi all: I have a unbuntu 9.10 server.  Whenever any user (this is a large, multi-user server) ssh'es out to anywhere, there is a long delay (~30 seconds) before the password prompt is displayed.  SSHing out from other machines on the same network to the same destinations works as it should (near-instant).  Nothing is showing up in the logs.  No other systems are doing this.  Any ideas?  (Users are arming themselves with pitchforks and coming for00:21
kusznir me....)00:21
Focusynalguien que hable español?00:21
geususing verbose connecting from the client doesn't give u any more info?00:21
Asmodeus87mehlo: alright thanks00:22
bazhangFocusyn, en #ubuntu-es00:22
pfifomkf00, check in !/.ssh on the client for stale keys00:22
Focusyngracias bazhang00:22
kusznirgeus, How do I do that?00:22
mkf00pfifo how you mean?00:24
mkf00focusyn poco, que es el problema?00:24
bazhangmkf00, english here please00:24
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geusmkf00, http://linux.about.com/od/commands/l/blcmdl1_ssh.htm - search for verbose00:25
pfifomkf00, ls -a ~/.ssh00:25
Scowboy/w $me00:25
geusverbose logging should give info about wrong/missing keyfile00:26
mkf00geus the verbose output just tells me the same: connection timed out00:27
mkf00pfifo what am i supposed to see inside the /etc/ssh directory? ssh_config and sshd_config00:27
geusyou gave it multiple -v -v -v 's?00:27
mkf00no i gave it: ssh -v mkf00@
mkf00why multiple?00:28
geuswhat kind of subnet are you using for that ip by the way?00:29
mkf00it is a wlan net00:29
mkf00or what you mean00:29
pfifomkf00, i forget exactly as i havnt used ssh since a reinstall, but it will show the servers old keys, you can tell by the ip address in the files name, but like geus said, ssh should mention aa problem to you.00:29
qepzhi everyone, i need help, i d like to know if its possible to reflash an external dvd burner's firmware from ubuntu, is it?00:29
geussubnet mask, sorry00:29
pfifoqepz, yes00:30
qepzpfifo: how could i?00:30
qepzpfifo: i mean is there anything i should download?00:30
pfifoqepz, well its possible but i dont know how, you would probbally have to write your own program.00:31
qepzpfifo: O_O at this point i wonder, what if the burner is write protected lol00:32
pfifoqepz, which is a borderline no for most instances00:32
linuxrealmi tell yah,, this has been a long day trying to install a laptop with usb flash drive....00:32
pfifoqepz, its probbally safer to do it with the manufacturers provided tools00:33
qepzpfifo: sorry? dont get that statement, i have a bad english lol00:33
qepz", which is a borderline no for most instances"00:33
pfifoqepz, I mean that even if you can write your own program to flash your dvd burners firmware, it is not worth the effort so that means that it is not possible to do so in a practical manner00:34
qepzpfifo: yay!00:35
JuiceFacethank you i changed my computer name to something more respectable.  like graveyard00:35
weedeater64sudo apt-get install ratpoison00:35
weedeater64no ratpoison00:35
qepzpfifo : lol i been plugging it in some infected pc's and was worried of some hardware based crapware flashing it00:35
mkf00this is freaking me out00:35
mkf00i want to ssh into my pc!!00:35
qepzpfifo: but if you say no....if it cant be done from windows or linux i think only chuck norris can00:35
qepzpfifo: and he's not a friend of mines, sadly00:36
geusmkf00, sorry, no clue as port is reported open from Internet and verbose doesn't give you anything, weird... sshd_config was default?00:36
Ben64chuck norris sucks00:36
justyellowboyhttp://tldp.org/HOWTO/IO-Port-Programming-2.html Um, Ubuntu doesn't have #include <asm/io.h> where is it?00:36
weedeater64why is there no ratpoison at login ?00:36
qepzpfifo: this is a big off topic but its a samsung se-s084d, on their website there is no firmware do i have to suppose there will never be a way to flash the burner (neither good nor bad)?00:37
pfifoqepz, not really something a crapware provider is going todo, but if they were so incline to waste their tame and money, it is possible00:37
qepzpfifo: crapware = malware lol00:37
geusmkf00, did you check auth log on server?00:37
mkf00i did not change anything on sshd_config00:37
mkf00im about to make a user named "geus" with password geus00:38
mkf00just to make you try to connect00:38
JuiceFacewow installed cairo and its pretty slick!00:38
mkf00no didnt check aut log..00:38
bastidrazormkf00: you would need to port forward 2200:38
justyellowboyUm, I'm having trouble finding a C code header.00:38
pfifoqepz, normally they will only issue a firmware update if there is a bug, if something has malaciously changed the firm ware you may need to get it serviced00:38
geusmkf00,  tail /var/log/auth.log00:39
qepzpfifo: any idea of how i could notice? Disk manager states its the TS00 (factory one i must think)00:39
geusbastidrazor, not on local lan I'd think00:39
geusas the traffic is not routed then00:39
JuiceFacegood night.00:40
bastidrazorgeus: true. since you're not on his LAN though.00:40
geusah, then it would be necessary yes00:40
pfifoqepz, theres probbally no way to tell unless you have a very high quality virus scanner00:40
linuxrealmgadanya ;)00:40
qepzpfifo: clamwin on my windows pc lol, none on ubuntu00:41
linuxrealmi guess im getting somewhere, it says, its copying files...00:41
pfifoqepz, if its acting strangly, its more likely to be a hardware problem00:41
linuxrealmso what is this ubuntu one for? i mean, is that secure?00:41
qepzpfifo: in a paranoia world like mine, would you think its possible to do so without physically opening it?00:41
edbianlinuxrealm, It is very secure00:42
linuxrealmi spoke to soon, about 67% into the install of copying files, it rebooted....00:42
linuxrealmthrows hands up..... sighs..00:42
linuxrealmthats it, im low level formating this drive,,, bbiab00:42
PhoenixBurnz#join xxxpassword00:42
PhoenixBurnz#join #xxxpassword00:43
bastidrazorPhoenixBurnz: /join #channelName00:43
pfifoqepz, no00:43
qepzpfifo: woot00:43
leapy0yoi installed windows 7 and it has a system reserve of 100 mb. Is that what it boots from because I have a MBR from ubuntu now00:43
qepzpfifo: thank you sir! you made my day!00:43
qepzpfifo: in my devious mind i thought it was as easy as apple keyboards (they got hacked in a 1 2 3 from some guy lol)00:44
qepzpfifo: plus its samsung -_- not fortknowlike stuff00:44
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weedeater64what's wrong with ubuntu's login manager ?00:44
ahmedhelalhow much hdd space is enough for a developer's pc using ubuntu OS ?00:45
pfifoqepz, the likelyhood of a firmware virus is minute, its pretty safe to assume that everything is ok, but like every thing in coumpters you cant guarentee 100% secure00:46
dougalbhi, is it okay to ask a 11.04 beta 2 question?00:46
geusleapy0yo, it contains the bootmanager00:46
bazhangdougalb, in #ubuntu+1 please00:46
bastidrazordougalb: in #ubuntu+1, yes00:46
leapy0yohow do i update grub00:46
qepzpfifo: thank you . i feel much better ill keep crossing my fingers for a while then calm lol00:46
wn2zidsudo update-grub00:47
geusso windows 7 has to be added to grub before deleting it afaik00:47
ahmedhelal how much hdd space is enough for a developer's pc using ubuntu OS ?00:47
pfifoahmedhelal, i want atleast 4gb unless im not installing X aand a window manager00:47
weedeater64anyone know how to fix login window, ?? add ratpoison ??00:47
qepzweedeater64: what?00:48
ahmedhelalpfifo: hah, wat wondering should i go for 50gb or 100gb00:48
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions00:49
weedeater64qepz, I installed ratpoison, but when I restart it's not in the menu, just goes right to gnome.00:49
pfifoahmedhelal, you could install every version of gcc and several thousand libs with 100GB00:49
T_N_Tim trying to use mlbviewer gui but it keeps saying all version keep saying Dependency is not satisfiable: python2.5  what do I need to do?00:50
dougalbquick question about gnome keyring: i am unable to select unlock this keyring automatically when i log in. is this a known issue/easy fix?00:50
geusleapy0yo, afaik if you installed ubuntu after windows 7, grub 2 would already have a windows 7 entry. Otherwise Google for grub2 and windows 700:51
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test1234Hi, i have a question about a set of instructions i found on the ubuntuforums regarding how to ensure that pulseaudio is working correctly. Anyone feel like helping me decifer them?00:52
test1234edit: its a simple question really :)00:52
Ubuntu_Newbgod I switched over to ubuntu 5 days ago... I just started connecting to the internet 2 hours ago >.>00:54
pfifo!ask | test123400:54
ubottutest1234: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:54
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T_N_Tis there a way to watch mlb.tv on ubuntu without using a browser?00:55
geusdougalb, what version are you using?00:55
Ubuntu_NewbAlright, so I installed the proprietary drivers for my HP Dv700:55
test1234pfifo: since my question requires someone to view an external link i decided that even tho im asking to ask he/she might want to know what htey are getting into before asking.00:55
dougalbgues: i fixed it :-) just change reset login password using control centre00:55
KNUBBIGleapy0yo, if you still need some infos:00:55
mkf00geus, pfifo: fixed it - firewall was running -_-00:56
KNUBBIGleapy0yo, sorry, copy+paste http://www.terabyteunlimited.com/kb/article.php?id=40900:56
pfifomkf00, lol, i thought you said it wasnt00:56
pfifouser error00:56
geustold you so... cool :)00:56
Ben64test1234: if you never ask you will never get an answer00:56
SMG1hello, any ideas why i get this while on the "make" step of "gst-python" http://paste.ubuntu.com/594674/00:57
mkf00pfifo geus: i totaly forgett, cause for usual it configs itself right :)00:57
mkf00shit shit00:57
test1234Ben64: true story00:57
mkf00blame on me :)00:57
Ubuntu_NewbWith these drivers, the annoying screen flickers stop, but I find myself unable to open anything without the CPU usage spiking to 100% on both cores and freezing the display00:57
mkf00for most time, i dont even recognize that i have a running firewall00:57
MK``how do I remove a PPA software source?00:57
KNUBBIGMK``, just remove the ppa or also its software?00:58
mkf00at least "firestarter" secures my box :)00:58
Ben64MK``: Software Sources00:58
bazhangMK``, ppa-purge00:58
bastidrazorMK``: in 10.10 ppa-purge will do00:58
mkf00it is so secure not even i myself can log in :D00:58
MK``just the PPA, KNUBBIG00:58
KNUBBIGthen Ben64's answer is right, go to software sources and remove it00:59
linuxrealmlow leveling formating currently my 40 gig drive,,, ill let you know if that helped allow ubuntu 10.10 usb flash to load... bbiab00:59
rcconfok. brasero just ruined my first attemp to burtn a dvd+r dl00:59
rcconfgive my money back00:59
linuxrealmrcconf: brasero works for me...01:00
linuxrealmand cdcreator01:00
linuxrealmusually the media is the issue i believe01:00
rcconflinuxrealm: DVD-R DUAL LAYER?01:00
linuxrealmoh no,,, just plain 1 sided dvd01:00
MK``ok thank you01:00
rcconflinuxrealm: lol.01:00
rcconflinuxrealm: ofc dvd+r work fine01:00
rcconfsingle sided01:01
rcconfof course01:01
linuxrealmthere was a program called cdrecord and dvdrecord.01:01
linuxrealmthose worked sometimes01:01
rcconfi just search a bit and found many ppl with problems burning DL dvds01:01
linuxrealmcdparanoia is other01:01
rcconfin brasero01:01
KNUBBIGgood night to all01:01
pfiforcconf, we cant refund your money but we can give you an in store credit01:01
linuxrealmhmm i guess the devs should look into brasero for DL01:01
linuxrealmdoes the brasero site say it supports DL?01:02
rcconfdvd+r dl = 2,20€01:02
linuxrealmuh ok01:02
Ben64brasero is only a front end01:02
rcconfnot cheap01:02
rcconfI just bought one to try.. and unfortunately brasero sucked01:03
xphilosxI just smoked my /boot directory by accident, does anyone know where I can find vmlinuz-2.6.35-28-generic01:03
Ubuntu_Newbfrom an authorized vendor?01:03
Ben64xphilosx: reinstall the latest kernel01:04
pfifoxphilosx, linux-sources i beleive01:04
xphilosxmmk, ill try, but there's more to the story, ill report back in a minute01:04
pfifoxphilosx, i woudn't reboot if i were you01:04
rcconfif I knew I would burn it in winblowz01:04
Ben64xphilosx: why did you delete /boot?01:05
Ben64and when? might be recoverable01:05
xphilosxBen64, a really bad ls | grep | xargs command gone wrong01:05
xphilosxits gone, I rm -rf'd it01:05
Ben64doesn't matter01:05
Ben64as long as you didn't overwrite its still physically on the disk01:06
xphilosxsee, /boot was full so I thought I would be clever and design a command to get rid of anything that wasnt the latest image... well, i screwed myself01:06
Ben64but it might be easier to just re-install the kernel and grub01:06
test1234Hi, regarding pulseaudio, at this forum in part A it explains that a set of steps needs to be done in order to ensure that pulseaudio is working. Am i to carry out those 3 steps to make sure everything works? Link: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=78957801:06
rcconfBen64: do you know of a program to recover deleted files in Linux?01:06
xphilosxso aptitude thinks i still have vmlinuz-2.6.35-28-generic on my boot01:06
Ben64aron__: why do you keep saying B01:06
xphilosxanytime i try to use apt to reinstall it shits the bed looking for it01:07
Ben64rcconf: http://extundelete.sourceforge.net/01:07
xphilosxso basically I have a combination of a corrupted aptitude (which I was in the process of fixing) and then killed my boot01:07
Ben64xphilosx: 64 or 32?01:07
Olsonhello, please. I upgraded to 11.04 earlier and now I log in to old account and just get my old wallpaper with no desktop icons or toolbars, alt + f2 or nothing works, so I create new account to use this which is fine. I feel it might be settings or theme related so can I maybe remove or rename folder like ~/.gnome or so to get back original theme? Is there someway to reset defaults but keep my home directories and such intact, and how01:08
Olsonto do?01:08
Ben64xphilosx: which ubuntu version?01:08
pfifotest1234, it says part A is to be followed by all users01:08
aron__Sorry my mobile irc client is kinda lame01:08
xphilosxone sec, let me double check01:08
xangua!natty | Olson01:08
ubottuOlson: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.01:08
test1234pfifo: it just seemed quite strange so i wanted a second opinion. thanks mate01:09
Olsonxangua, some advice would be useful? perhaps you would be so kind01:09
rcconfburning stopped at 62.8%........01:09
rcconfi have the log01:09
iostreamOlson: "Help and support only in #ubuntu+1"01:10
xphilosxhere, can anyone find the screwup in this?01:10
xphilosxls * initrd.img-2.6.35-2* | grep -v initrd.img-2.6.35-27-generic | xargs rm -rf01:10
xphilosxits a subtle but really messed up one01:10
rcconfBrasero log after failing to burn dvd+r DL http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=2nPxvyMH01:10
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xphilosxwell, in case anyone actually cared, its the first * after ls01:11
xphilosxthats how I nuked boot01:11
xphilosxone typo :(01:11
rcconfMemorex DVD+R DL 8x01:11
rcconfburning at 3x01:11
rcconfmaybe it was too slow?01:11
rcconfI set maximum on Brasero... but it burned at 3x.01:11
pfiforcconf, adjust the darkness slider on your toaster to burn the disk 100%, make sure to have a fire extingusher handy.01:12
rcconfpfifo: wtf?01:12
Ben64xphilosx: which kernel you on?01:12
rcconf01:01:45 <pfifo> rcconf, we cant refund your money but we can give you an in store credit01:12
rcconfstop trolling01:13
Ben64rcconf: memorex dvd's are pretty bad01:13
rcconfBen64: no, they are not. dont blame the dvd.01:13
rcconfit's brasero bug.01:13
Ben64yes, they are. memorex have a reputation for coasters01:13
Ben64and brasero doesn't do the burning01:13
rcconfoh and burner is brand new.01:13
bkerensaBrasero for the win01:14
rcconfbut brasero has problems burning with dual layer = bugs01:14
rwwbrasero has a reputation for not working. and by "reputation for not working" i mean it constantly makes coasters for me.01:14
xphilosxBen64, one sec, I may have thought of a solution01:14
bkerensarww: Really? I have never had Brasero #failwhale on me01:14
pfiforcconf, i have to burn wii games on the slowest setting or i get problems01:14
magikidI'm running 64bit maverick and am trying to get e4rat working.  Is it safe to remove ureadahead?01:14
xphilosxBen64, 27-generic though to answer your question01:14
rcconfpfifo: dvd max is 8x brasero  burned at 3x01:14
rcconfis not a speed problem01:15
Ben64but brasero is just a front end01:15
Ben64don't blame the messenger01:15
rcconfanyone interested in error: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=2nPxvyMH01:15
bkerensarww: Next time it happens you should open a bug report and provide more details01:15
bkerensarcconf: have you filed a bug report?01:15
rcconfofc not01:15
rcconfnever did01:16
xphilosxBen64, but I need to update to 28-generic to fix my apt problems01:16
rcconfthey could pay me the cost of dvd and I would report the bug lolz01:16
bkerensarcconf: Would you be willing to do so we can have a look? https://bugs.launchpad.net01:16
xphilosxBen64, so im downloading linux-image-2.6.35-28-generic from the ubuntu repo's online, then I think ill try to dpkg -i --force-all it01:17
bkerensarcconf: Well if its a defect I'm sure we can get it addressed01:17
rwwbkerensa: I elected to switch to k3b instead of wasting my time on something that'll likely be ignored, but thanks.01:17
Ben64xphilosx: could work01:17
pfiforcconf, growisofs only creates an iso image, are you sure you have a coaster?01:17
Ben64xphilosx: but if you deleted grub stuff you'd need to fix that too01:17
Ben64pfifo: growisofs burns discs01:17
rcconfrww: I would try k3b now but I dont have more dvds dl01:18
bkerensarww: Well if you ever have further issues with an app file a report and shoot the ID to me and I can get it addressed01:18
xphilosxBen64, luckily I didn't do that01:18
xphilosxBen64, there was no recursion in the ls lookup01:18
rcconfI didnt want to waste 10€ on DVDs..01:18
Ben64xphilosx: make sure you have the initrd, kernel image, system map, etc :)01:18
pfifoBen64, i always used growisofs and then cdrecord01:18
bkerensaIm unsure why people burn anything these days anyways01:18
Ben64pfifo: back on rh9 i used growisofs only01:18
xphilosxso far so good01:20
xphilosxsweet, its giving me some images01:20
rcconfi did dmesg |grep growisofs and it says is 32 bit01:20
rcconfim using maverick 64bit01:20
rcconfis this a problem? lol.01:21
pfiforcconf, shouldn't be with multilib01:21
Ben64rcconf: have you tried burning in anything else01:21
xphilosxBen64, :) good to go01:21
HyperShockhi guys. anyone know why that with each success update of ubu 10.10 gnome, that video playback on the internet suffers more and more?01:21
[Soma]xphilosx, strange question, but are you 'straight edge'?01:21
rcconfBen64: I burned single sided dvds before01:22
rcconfonly 4 in total01:22
Ben64rcconf: i mean any other program01:22
rcconfand now i cant trty01:22
Ben64maybe you should01:22
Ben64why not01:22
xphilosx[Soma], not strange given my nick, but no, about 6 years ago in high school someone named me phil los, so on DALnet philos was already taken so I threw some "leet" x's around it01:22
xphilosx[Soma], I actually dislike the nick but its how most people know me01:23
bkerensaLaterz my laptop is overheating (damn CPU overclocking :P )01:23
pfiforcconf, did you do a simulate and write, or a write only?01:23
[Soma]That's cool. Just wondering because of the X's. Haven't seen anyone with those around their nick for... very long. :)01:23
rcconfpfifo: I just burned it........01:23
rcconfit was burning.01:23
[Soma]I have my leet square brackets...01:24
rcconfbut then stopped01:24
rcconfdont know why.01:24
FloodBot1rcconf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:24
xphilosx[Soma], yeah, I haven't actually been on IRC regularly for nearly a very long time01:24
rcconf!enter > rcconf01:24
ubotturcconf, please see my private message01:24
xphilosx*get rid of nearly01:24
HyperShockbe happy that didn't make his nick xXPh170x70zXx01:24
[Soma]I recently installed Ubuntu 10.10 and I don't really know my way around Linux much. I can only pick 1360x768 as highest resolution, although 1600x900 and 1920x1080 should be available (both of those work in Win). Any ideas?01:24
pfiforcconf, next time do a simulate, if its a problem with the libs or backend it will fail without destroying the disc01:24
xphilosxBen64, looks like everything is good, I satisfied my apt troubles with that image as well01:24
Ben64xphilosx: cool, gl :)01:25
xphilosxHyperShock, believe me.. unfortunately it probably crossed my mind01:25
xphilosxBen64, cheers, take care01:25
HyperShock[Soma]: is that the highest rez shown in the monitors applet?01:25
* HyperShock gives a scathing high five to xphilosx!01:25
[Soma]yeah, and the monitors applet also gives me this: http://i.imgur.com/WQ3Zy.png01:26
xphilosxHyperShock, back when DALnet was cool and mIRC scripting was awesome01:26
xphilosxHyperShock, (note, none of those things have ever been cool, I just thought they were)01:26
[Soma]My first nick on IRC was "Hempmaster" in like... 1995 or so. Good thing I didn't stick to that.01:27
HyperShock!ot | xphilosx & [Soma]01:27
ubottuxphilosx & [Soma]: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:27
[Soma]sorry :)01:28
HyperShockok, that is just weird, have you tried searching google yet for the name of your monitor (& model number) plus this "ubuntu 10.10"?01:28
rcconfnext time I wont use Ubuntu or other distro to burn the DL...01:28
rcconfwhy to risk01:28
sdrodgeDoes anyone know if there is a simple way to get the package manager to only upgrade a package if a newer version is available? (ie: an semi-hold) I'm asking because I've applied a patch to a package (256 colors for rxvt-unicode) and now the package manager keeps trying to replace my manually compiled version with the upstream copy of the same version.01:28
HyperShockrcconf: what is going on?01:29
pfiforcconf, i avoid basero always ;)01:29
Ben64rcconf: try k3b01:29
rcconfI had problems with k3b on this computer before01:29
[Soma]Yeah, I have spent quite some time googling it, but no success. Someone posted a thread on the ubuntuforums about a similar monitor (same model, different series), but he had an entirely different problem with it.01:29
rcconfit stopped burning.01:29
Ben64maybe you're computer is broken01:29
=== z is now known as Guest81337
pfiforcconf, nothing wrong with burning it on windows either... its made me plenty of coasters too01:30
[Soma]HyperShock, could it be my gfx chip (very mediocre Intel onboard gfx chip), or is the problem definitely my monitor?01:30
rcconfBen64: no, because I could burn in brasero01:30
Ben64[Soma]: i know a solution but it's not a happy one01:30
=== Guest81337 is now known as ZeroAlpha
rcconfsame images01:30
rcconfsame disk, same drive01:30
Ben64rcconf: dude you don't need to hit enter after every work01:30
HyperShock[Soma]: its a monitor definition,01:31
[Soma]Ben64, well I've tried previous Linux distributions but always ended up kinda missing Windows, but for the first time ever, I'm actually very happy with Linux and not at all tempted to switch back. So... seen as I'd like to stick with this, I'm happy dealing with the problem however difficult it is.01:31
rcconfBen64: the thing is that I transfered the iso to the laptop which has the dvd dl burner......01:31
HyperShockwho here knows how to change the monitor definations in Xorg using the new system?01:31
rcconfBen64: and I use Ubuntu on USB drive01:31
rcconfin there01:32
ScuniziHow do I change the defaults for Evince so the left thumbnail side bar doesn't open as default?01:32
pfifoHyperShock, its the same just the xorg.conf is now in /usr/lib/xorg.conf.d01:32
Ben64HyperShock: not me, i'd do a good ol' xorg.conf, which is the method i was hinting at to you [Soma]. what is the highest res the monitor supports? what model is it? make? dimensions?01:32
Ben64pfifo: ls: cannot access /usr/lib/xorg.conf.d: No such file or directory01:33
rcconfImgBurn in Wine should do it01:33
AkakumattAnyone here have knowledge with Razuna server with tomcat 601:33
Scunizi!xrandr | HyperShock - It says dual montitors but the docs will help01:33
ubottuHyperShock - It says dual montitors but the docs will help: XRandR 1.2 is the new method of running dual screens in !X.  Information/HowTo here: http://wiki.debian.org/XStrikeForce/HowToRandR1201:33
ubottuVNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:33
Scunizi!resolution | HyperShock - Here's another01:33
ubottuHyperShock - Here's another: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:33
[Soma]I checked for xorg.conf in /etc/X11, but it appears that 10.10 doesn't generate that anymore by default. The highest res should be 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz. And it's an LG Flatron E2350V.01:33
Scunizi[Soma]: see the 2 ubottu posts above01:34
rcconfwhich VNC server do you recommend?01:34
rcconfI dont want to use gnome's01:34
Ben64[Soma]: yeah thats what i mean, ubuntu doesn't make xorg.xonf anymore by default.01:34
pfifoBen64, could have sworn it was there, let me look01:35
Ben64[Soma]: actually those links that Scunizi gave seem like a better solution that what i would have done01:35
HyperShockpfifo: i personally don't have a directory or file of that name in the /usr/lib directory01:35
[Soma]Ben64, oh so you meant it's not a "happy solution" because I'd have to create the xorg.conf from scratch? Also, will anything in the xorg.conf "override" the default settings? With other words: If I create a xorg.conf and it doesn't work, I can just fix the problem by removing the file again?01:36
ZeroAlphai have an issue with compiz sometimes resetting itself when my screensaver activates. anyone know why?01:36
[Soma]Okay, thank you for the links, whoever is responsible for sending them my way.01:36
[Soma]I'll read my way through them right away.01:36
wolfy_hello, It is safe to install trinitydesktop and kubuntu as well?01:36
pfifoBen64, HyperShock I guess my technique is once again outdated this is going to suck next time i want to use the drawing tablet01:36
Ben64pfifo: i still use an xorg.conf on my system, i refuse to not have one01:36
Ben64<3 -rw-r--r-- 1 root 4.9K 2011-03-16 13:42 /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:37
* pfifo is making some coffee, anyone want some?01:37
Scunizi[Soma]: this will probably be a 2 step process.. first add the desired resolution to xrandr and then change the resolution to that value01:37
sm4n3tt0n3hello everybody01:37
HyperShock!ask | sm4n3tt0n301:38
ubottusm4n3tt0n3: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:38
rcconfso.. the best way to debug stuff is to open a program in terminal?01:38
HyperShocksilly me, i thought the best way was to use a hammer!01:39
HyperShockrcconf: yeah, and look at all your logs and stuff01:39
pfifoBen64, yeah, i have my eeepc's xorg.conf emailed to myself in gmail, been using the same one for severl ears oer 3 differnet versions of ubuntu and a few other ditros too01:39
pfifos/years over/01:39
rcconfpfifo: which programs brasero uses to burn01:39
rcconfand how can I check its logs01:40
pfiforcconf, apparently growisofs01:40
pfiforcconf, should be dmsg material there01:40
HyperShockanyone know the real reason ubu is using this new method of xorg and summarily grub management? It was imho easier the other way, considering the lack of documentation in this new endeavor01:40
Ben64less mucking around in config files?01:41
HyperShockrcconf: in term try 'dmesg | tail' or 'dmesg | less' .. you can see all your logs in /var/log/01:41
GANDBLASTERWas popping01:42
GANDBLASTERhi I am trying to join more chans but get error msg01:43
GANDBLASTERCannot join channel (+r) - you need to be identified with services01:43
* HyperShock feels confused by GANDBLASTER's statement!01:43
rcconf!register | GANDBLASTER01:43
ubottuGANDBLASTER: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode01:43
[Soma]pfifo / HyperShock, I don't have xorg.conf.d in that directory. I do have a xorg directory in /usr/lib though, but it's pretty much empty. it just contains protocol.txt and some another 3 empty subfolders.01:44
GANDBLASTERDon't be confused   urban dictonary to the rescue01:44
HyperShock[Soma]: yeah, we're ahead of you, after the info was bilged out, we found out things are even mistier than they at first appeared.01:45
* rcconf sues Brasero01:45
=== vampirekiller is now known as VampireKiller
pfifo[Soma], you should take Ben64's advice and write a /etc/X11/xorg.conf file01:45
=== Uncle|Sam is now known as uncle|sam
[Soma]hehe sorry, I'm having trouble keeping up. Also reading through the links I got from the bot.01:45
=== GANDBLASTER is now known as Gandblaster
rcconfdo you where ican complain about brasero?01:45
ZeroAlphai have an issue with compiz sometimes resetting itself when my screensaver activates.01:45
HyperShockGandblaster: heh, i hoped it was such, cause at first it sounded like a bathroom statement with a typo.01:46
pfiforcconf, surely they have a soruceforge or github account01:46
muellircconf: either launchpad or bugzilla.gnome.org I presume.01:46
GandblasterI lived in Neweark so had to get up on the local lingo01:46
rcconf"Join us at our IRC channel: #brasero at irc.gimp.org "01:47
GandblasterNewark NJ one of the many armpits of NJ...01:47
HyperShockwell, welcome to newearth, we hobbits, a gnome and this channel for the nation of Ubuntu! :D01:47
HyperShockwe have01:47
Gandblasterman I gotta learn Linux01:48
TheEvilPhoenix!ot | HyperShock01:48
ubottuHyperShock: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:48
jessicaBRsorry for asking this here. If you find a better place to make this question, pls link me to it. Is there a project or package belonging to gnome that handles socket programming?01:49
rcconfso I just connected ti irc.gimp.org and joined #brasero . channel is empty01:49
Gandblasteryo what happend to the Cisco chat?01:51
Gandblasterup in here?01:51
rcconftightvnc is good?01:51
[Soma]HyperShock / pfifo: So when I create the xorg.conf, should it still go in /etc/X11, or to /usr/lib?01:51
pfifojessicaBR, thats part of the POSIX standard, but i might be mis understanding you01:52
pfifojessicaBR, IE its part of the kernel01:53
pfifo[Soma], /etc/X11 completly disregard the /usr/lib  i mentioned01:53
[Soma]alrighty, thanks.01:54
Ben64hardest part of making a xorg.conf is getting the right sync numbers01:54
icathey, i'd like to install vlc-1.1.8 from the ludic01:55
icathey, i'd like to install vlc-1.1.8 from the ludid-bleed ppa01:55
jessicaBRpfifo, I'm looking for an abstraction layer in C++ that handles socket programming, and allows me to forget specific system function calls01:55
icatbut even though i've added the source01:55
icatubuntu still only offerst 1.1.4 from the stock repos01:56
icathow do i explicitly tell apt-get i want the ppa version?01:56
muelliicat: can you paste the output of apt-cache policy vlc?01:56
rcconfI want to setup a VNC server and connect to it without loging in (GDM). Which VNC server should I use?01:56
muelliicat: generally: apt-get install vlc=VERSION. So we need to find out the version that is available in the PPA. Hence the apt-cache policy command.01:56
pfifojessicaBR, nearly every mainstream scripting language has socket bindings, if you know perl or python then your in business, lua php and tcl also01:57
[Soma]Ben64, after reading through the urls posted to me earlier, I'm increasingly tempted to just wait another 12 days and hope that 11.04 fixes the problem for me :)01:57
KhisanthjessicaBR: glib has things like that01:57
pfifojessicaBR, or perhaps look into libcurl01:57
icatmuelli, sec01:57
=== derp is now known as Guest19490
Ben64[Soma]: unlikely, your video card is probably the problem, as its not detecting the monitor specs01:57
jessicaBRpfifo, I'd like to stick with C++ :) Khisanth going to read more about Glibmm then. pfifo I'm going to read about libcurl too, thanks!01:58
jessicaBRpfifo, libcurl is not gnome...01:59
icatmuelli, http://pastie.org/1799358 for the apt-cache policy01:59
=== root is now known as Guest27385
jessicaBRKhisanth, I believe this is it http://developer.gnome.org/glibmm/2.28/classGio_1_1Socket.html#_details , thanks02:00
pfifojessicaBR, what does that matter? libcurl is pretty universal most systems have it02:00
Guest27385alguien habla español02:00
jessicaBRpfifo, I'm a gnome enthusiast, if I can stick with gnome projects only, I will definitly do that02:01
rwwGuest27385: /join #ubuntu-es02:01
Guest27385hola rose02:01
AurigaDoes anyone have any thoughts on weather it's worth moving to Natty with Unity, or waiting for a Gnome 3 Mint instead?02:01
TaZeRhey guys02:02
rwwAuriga: try #ubuntu-offtopic02:02
pfifojessicaBR, gnome is a windows manager and has nothing todo with sockets,cone way or another your going to have to add a lower level library somewhere to get a connect called02:02
muelliicat: I'm afraid I can't browse the web atm.02:02
HTCPXis it possible to use the Windows xp boot manager to boot Linux without plop?02:02
Guest27385soy nuevo en esto02:02
soreau! es | Guest2738502:02
ubottuGuest27385: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.02:02
Aurigarww, That is where your opinion will be posted...?02:02
Guest27385ok gracias02:03
quatchim using dariks Nuke and Boot but its taking forever.  Is there a way to cancel it?02:03
rwwAuriga: No, that's a channel that's ontopic for that question. #ubuntu isn't.02:04
jessicaBRpfifo, around gnome windows manager there are a bunch of nice libs and apps that you would like to know, for sure02:04
icatmuelli, kk nevermind02:05
quatchif i turn the power off will it hurt the HD?02:05
icatmuelli, i'll ask again tomorrow, thx again02:05
muelliquatch: not physically. But your data might get corrupted, i.e. stuff you thought you'd written to disk might not yet have been written out.02:06
quatchyou mean it might not all get deleted?02:07
[Soma]Ben64, sorry to bother you so much, but quick question: I currently have a very mediocre onboard gfx chip. If I was to add a PCIe gfx card to my computer, would I have to disable to gfx chip somehow for it to recognise my new card?02:07
pfifojessicaBR, some of those package use libcurl, gimp for instance02:07
soreauHey guys, how can I remove all but the currently running kernel easily?02:07
sinistradquatch, Not so much for data either, as long as you are running a more recent file system, like ext3 or ext4. I believe those are journaled file systems. You might not lose anything02:07
Ben64[Soma]: it'd be best to disable it if you can, usually through bios02:07
HTCPXanyone know how to add ubuntu to Windows boot.uni02:07
jessicaBRpfifo, right, but I am using gnome only :)02:07
BlueBomber7Hey, all! When's 11.04 slated for release?02:07
quatchwell i mean im using the program to nuke the HD with PRNG stream so I can then install Ubuntu or Debian02:08
[Soma]Thank you, Ben64, I'll look into it.02:08
quatchSo im not to worried about losing data.  I want to lose data lol. i think...02:08
muellisoreau: funnily enough, I don't know about an existing solution to that obvious problem. If you find any, let me know. For now, you can do smth like "dpkg -l | grep linux-image" and apt-get purge the old ones.02:08
KM0201!natty | BlueBomber702:09
ubottuBlueBomber7: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.02:09
sinistradquatch, in that case you could just wipe the partitions and put on the linux partition of your choice.02:09
pfifojessicaBR, I dont know of any gnome libs that are specifically designed for working with sockets. to really answer your question.02:09
soreaumuelli: Yea, I'm kinda looking for a one-liner to automatically do it02:09
BlueBomber7Cheers, KM0201.02:09
Scunizisoreau: in gui?  use synaptic and search for linux .. then tag the "Installed" on the left and search for the kernels and headers02:09
soreauubuntu always just keeps installing new kernels but never uninstalls any old ones02:09
quatchis installing debian as easy as ubuntu?  my hardware should be supported if supported under ubuntu?02:09
soreauThen grub list gets out of control02:09
TaZeRhey can anyone help me to hack a nasa computer with linux and download some schematics for a classified space craft?02:10
soreauScunizi: No, I want a non-manual way of doing it02:10
muellisoreau: I'm very confident that you can cook up a clever line with dpkg and smth like uname. But I don't know of any. For now, I have to recommend doing it manually in two lines ;-)02:10
soreauLike CLI one-liner02:10
bazhangTaZeR, no02:10
aeon-ltdTaZeR: not allowed here.02:10
TaZeRbut i need them so i can build this ship and leave this stupid planet02:10
sinistradI smell troll02:10
bazhangquatch, try #debian02:10
quatchah thanks02:10
Scunizisoreau: yea.. that's a tough one02:10
pfifoTaZeR, EU has better schematics02:10
muelliTaZeR: haveyou sar02:11
bazhangTaZeR, #ubuntu-offtopic for chat02:11
TaZeRthese are the best in the world there very classified you wouldnt know about them02:11
ScuniziTaZeR: wait for the asteroid02:11
muelliTaZeR: have you search the pirate bay yet? ;-)02:11
TaZeRit has everything, sustainable air, water etc...02:11
TaZeRi can drift in space for the rest of my life and maybe if im lucky find a new planet to settle on02:12
bazhangTaZeR, thats enough02:12
quatchI would like to do that02:12
TaZeRif not ill be in deep space and future aliens will find me and revive me from my dna02:12
TaZeRwhile everyone on earth will probably die when it explodes02:13
soreaumuelli: Well you also want to remove other related packages for that kernel version02:13
soreausinistrad: I see what you're smelling :P02:13
sinistradYeah, I'm feeling a kickban02:13
muellisoreau: like? IIRC modules and headers and stuff get removed along with the image. But yeah, you're right. You do want to get rid of that as well.02:14
MystKidhello how can i reinstall grub from kubuntu live cd02:14
MystKidi jsut booted in it and tryed sudo grub02:14
MystKidbut it says there is no grub02:14
muelliMystKid: try grub-install02:14
pfifoMystKid, you shold be able to sudo apt-get install grub02:15
AkakumattAnyone have knowledge with FFMpeg? And Razuna?02:15
pfifo!ask | Akakumatt02:15
ubottuAkakumatt: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)02:15
sinistradAkakumatt, You can try #ffmpeg for the first. They are pretty good in there. I'm not familiar with Razuna, but if it's related to ffmpeg, they might be able to help there too.02:16
MystKidok i apt gto grub02:16
MystKidnow how i recover02:16
MystKidi mounted my dev/sda1 to /boot02:17
MaRk-I!grub2 | MystKid02:17
ubottuMystKid: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)02:17
MystKidi am on live cd tho02:18
pfifoMystKid, sudo grub-install --no-floppy --root-directory=/boot /dev/sda02:18
pfifoMystKid, im getting major dejavu here havent i taught you this before?02:20
MystKidi dnt even use ubuntu. i jsut need it for recovering my VM02:20
MystKidpfifo so now ill needa grub.cfg or a menu.lst?02:21
pfifon/m then, ive told this to like 50 people02:21
pfifoMystKid, you need a grub.cfg02:21
MystKidmenu-lst i guess02:21
pelmenHello, just installed Gnome3, gnome-shell on 11.04, and it keeps crashing on me on startup. Sysmes says gnome-shell segfault at c ip bla bla address error 4 in libGl.. anyone familiart ?02:22
MystKidcant it be autogenerated too02:22
wolfy_it is safe to use proposed and backports repros?02:22
hiexpo!11.04 | pelmen02:22
ubottupelmen: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.02:22
MystKidpfifo: ?02:22
pfifoMystKid, yes, but I dont know how, I have always written my own02:23
pelmenhiexpo: that was completely useless...02:23
muelliwolfy_: I haven't heard about any problem with those repos. Hence I'd say so. But you might still encounter weird things.02:23
pfifoMystKid, or more technically i am still using my old menu.lst from eons ago02:23
wolfy_pelmen, gnome3/11.04 is not stable02:23
pelmenwolfy_: so in other words, you are not familiar with the problem ?02:24
zvictorq loucura02:24
wolfy_muelli, uhm, okay.02:24
bazhangpelmen, natty support in #ubuntu+102:24
pelmenbazhang: thanks02:24
wolfy_pelmen, no, I tried this beta release in vm vare but it is not mature enough to use as workstation / daily02:25
=== XuMuK is now known as XuMuK|ZNC
wolfy_I see in ubuntu software center a lot of gui/font-end firewalls, witch one do you guys use?02:27
zorion2222我的xterm和 worker(文件管理)不能输入中文,打开worker时提示 Worker Warning: Cannot open input method02:27
atyoungpfifo: it's not dejavu.02:27
hiexpopelmen, sorry that is the support channel for 11.0402:27
rwwzorion2222: English here, please. #ubuntu-cn for Chinese.02:27
rwwwolfy_: gufw02:27
pfifoatyoung, i could have swore i told him this the other day02:28
pfifoatyoung, but ive told aloot of prople grub related stuff02:28
HTCPXwhat's the point of a firewall when most users connect through routers?02:28
=== derp is now known as derp|gone
MystKidfoa a /dev/vda i still need to put  (hd0,1) or it would be vd0,102:29
pfifoHTCPX, could protect you from wireless hackers02:29
rwwHTCPX: not much02:29
HTCPXpfifo lol02:29
wolfy_HTCPX, some user's play with laptops in the Mall on the wifi...02:29
zorion2222my english is poor ...02:29
pfifoMystKid, i think it is still hd, grub dosent care about the way linux names stuff02:29
atyoungpfifo: If I had a nickel for every time he asked the same questions repeatedly in various channels, I wouldn't have to work.02:29
=== derp|gone is now known as derp|HOTDATE
HTCPXwolfy_ oh yes I didn't think of that sorry02:30
KM0201atyoung, lol02:30
pfifoatyoung, maybe we should write him a script02:30
hiexpoHTCPX, no need for a stinkin firewall02:30
wolfy_I did noticed something wiked, when I connect the system directly to internet, no router I have additional traffic like I download something02:31
gimpy4685Ubuntu 10.04 here, I installed nvidia-current but I have no nvidia module, why?02:31
HTCPXmy friend says ubuntu is bloated, he uses mint. is there any truth in that?02:31
wolfy_and If I am behind the router, the traficc is cool again (zero)02:31
atyoungHTCPX: yes02:31
dtiguei upgraded to beta 2 and it seems to have changed my top status bar to a light grey theme and will not change back to a dark grey theme....anyone know how to fix this issue>02:31
wolfy_I don't think so02:31
wolfy_depends on how you put the problem02:32
pfifoHTCPX, imo ubuntu is very bloated and resource heavy for a linux distro02:32
wolfy_I know that suse is boated02:32
wolfy_pfifo, at least it work's02:32
MK``when I click Network from Places today, it shows that it is loading, then just closes silently. It wasn't doing this yesterday...02:33
MK``Is it crashing?02:33
atyoungdebain and it's children are bloated by nature, including mint.02:33
HTCPXatyoung pfifo, I guess that's what happens when you Target home users02:33
pfifowolfy_, i get better uptimes from redhat based distros02:33
HTCPXI prefer ubuntu to mint02:33
atyoungHTCPX: No doubt a contributing factor.02:33
wolfy_pfifo, I flash sucks on fedora 14 :(02:34
MK``Ok I just opened a normal folder and it sent me this error:02:34
MK``"Error: DBus error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.NoReply: Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken. Please select another viewer and try again."02:34
pfifoHTCPX, i honestly dont see any difference between ()ubuntu's their all debian to me02:34
MystKidok didnt work02:34
HTCPXdoes anyone do stripped down versions of ubuntu like some people did with tinyxp and tiny702:34
atyoungpfifo: ^^02:34
MystKidubuntu christian edition lmao02:35
wolfy_I am using as desktop, not server - that is a huge difference, for a server I would go with slack/sabayon or better freebsd. I don't know how arch it is but i guess it;s gooood02:35
pfifoHTCPX, lubuntu i think is in that direction02:35
MystKidgo with gentoo for a server02:35
=== mentaldevils_ is now known as mentaldevils
hiexpoHTCPX, i just down loadthe reg iso and strip it and put what i want on it02:35
dtiguegentoo sucks as a server02:35
atyoungMystKid: You don't know what you're talking about02:35
MystKidatyoung: i use gentoo02:36
atyoungMystKid: I call BS02:36
MystKidon a server02:36
HTCPXI'm probably what you call a noob02:36
pfifogentoo is too expermental for a stable server02:36
dtigueas a server it sucks...ive used it to but it is a horrible server02:36
MystKidits stable if you know how to set it up02:36
MystKidmy server has been running for over 3 years02:36
MystKidno issues02:36
dtiguei know how to set it up and it is horrible as a server02:36
MystKidalso my firewall-router has been up for 60 days now02:36
HTCPXim about to install natty, wish me luck02:37
atyoungMystKid: the kinds of stuff you ask there is no way you have a stable gentoo server running. No way.02:37
MystKidsure :)02:37
pfifoi agree02:37
MK``Please check my message I need help...02:37
dtigueyou have more resources going to compiling daily when you should have those resources for your servers02:37
vahnialsa on ubuntu. when playing an audio stream, after about a minute volume decreases within a few seconds to zero. what can be the reason? have played with alsamixer as well as the gnome mixer, tried all settings02:38
pfifovahni, a bad normalizinng algo, what player are you using or does it affect all of them02:39
pfifois mplayer's volume dewcreasing or is it in alsa?02:40
vahniaffect all of them, means all of which?02:40
ohsixsome players don't like what pulse does with volume controls too02:40
vahnipfifo neither nor. just the sound decreases02:40
quuxmanso there's this app called "Make USB Startup Disk" in the menus. What package is it in, and what's the command name?02:40
HTCPXok why the hell does ubuntu show 16:10 resolutions under 1920x1080?02:40
hiexpodtigue, there's no way he is running a gentoo server if he could compile and build a gentoo ubuntu would be a breeze02:40
pfifodoes vlc or gstreamer do the same if you have them, perhaps amarok?02:41
wolfy_do you guys use IDS/IDP?02:41
ohsixquuxman: usb-creator02:41
vahnipfifo will try out02:41
Khisanthyou can also try playing things with 'Normalize sound' disabled02:41
ohsixquuxman: you can grep /usr/share/applications and use dpkg -S to see what package it's in02:41
dtiguehiexpo, i thought so myself, unfortunately for me i feel like a noob today cause of this issue with the beta but i suppose its because it is a beta02:41
wolfy_ids/idp = intrusion prevenition system / hips etc02:42
iszakIs there anything like kdesudo in gnome?02:42
eviletherany ideas on how to override/change the supported formats list for portable players in rhythmbox?02:43
quuxmanohsix: yeah, dpkg -S is very useful. As well as apt-file search02:43
dtigueiszak, gksudo02:43
=== zorion2222 is now known as zorion
iszakdtigue, thanks02:43
zvictoris there any possibility of 11.04 be released before 28/4?02:43
dtigueiszak, or gksu02:43
IdleOnezvictor: no02:44
lucas_hi! \o02:44
lucas_05:00.0 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies Inc. VT1720/24 [Envy24PT/HT] PCI Multi-Channel Audio Controller (rev 01) --> I use this sound card. But when I open preferencies > sound, in hardware aba, it doesn't appear. What am I supose to do?02:46
lucas_I can't lissen any sound..02:47
hiexpohey ya IdleOne02:47
tmtc2hey to02:47
IdleOnehi hiexpo02:47
Carto_Hi all. I encouter kind of a little problem, can someone help me ? it'll be very quick02:49
optidudegoing to reboot and see if i can install ubuntu next to my vista install on my laptop...hehehehe02:50
Carto_i start dhcp server but "Can't open /root/lol.conf: Permission denied"02:50
Carto_But i chmod it 77702:50
Laggglets see some cool ubuntu themes!02:50
Carto_i'll love the guy who can give me the awnser02:50
quuxmanoh damn, I'm running Debian, not ubuntu02:51
LagggCarto_ use sudo?02:51
Carto_i'm already root02:51
lucas_05:00.0 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies Inc. VT1720/24 [Envy24PT/HT] PCI Multi-Channel Audio Controller (rev 01) --> I use this sound card. But when I open preferencies > sound, in hardware aba, it doesn't appear. What am I supose to do? Please, I need your help?02:51
smwCarto_, something is wrong with that you are trying to do.02:51
pfifoCarto_, i dont think dhcpd runs as root, try moving it out of /root and into /etc02:51
rwwCarto_: 1) you're going about this in an odd way, 2) check the permissions on /root/02:51
vahnipfifo ok. in rhythmbox the sound goes off as well. its not the player02:51
smwCarto_, I could tell you how to fix it, but it is more important that you figure out why you are doing this.02:51
Carto_i just launch as root the dhcpd with my own dhcp.conf02:52
Carto_i already check the permissions on /root/02:52
jeregonhello my key board isnt working in the ubuntu server after about 20 secs after boot help02:52
Carto_i chmod it 777 too02:52
Naynayupdated to latest kernel last night. My EeePC still occasionally hangs when it tries to sleep02:52
CrazyGirhello! I'm trying to mount a raw disk so I can edit the filesystem, and mount always seems to complain about the filesystem type. specifying the type doesn't seem to help either (though I'm not 100% sure of the filesystem type)02:52
CrazyGirsudo mount -o loop=/dev/loop0 clean_install.raw /mnt/tmp -t ext302:52
smwCarto_, in the config does it drop privileges?02:52
CrazyGirmount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0,02:52
vahniohsix what to do about pulse audio?02:52
Carto_yes ...02:52
CrazyGirwithout specifying -t, mount seems unable to work out the details02:53
Carto_i'm going to be crazy with this *** pbs02:53
jeregoncan any one help me?02:53
jeregonhello my key board isnt working in the ubuntu server after about 20 secs after boot help02:53
CrazyGirjeregon: ask again, only a minute has passed02:54
muellijeregon: how do you know "it's not working"?02:54
pfifovahni, can you manually turn the volume back up?02:54
vahnipfifo when i move the volume control around just a little bit, volume jumps up again02:55
jeregonmuelli: it doesnt type at all02:55
pfifovahni, is this only on a stream, or will movies and such do this too?02:55
muellijeregon: hm. can you enter commands in any way? I.e. via SSH?02:56
vahnipfifo trying out02:56
BluesKajCrazyGir, have considered using a partition manager on a livecd like gparted ?02:56
jeregonmuelli: it dive enof time to login and thats it02:56
jeregonmuelli: no02:56
jeregonmuelli: i dint set it up yet its a fresh install02:56
muellijeregon: that's a pity. Do you have a spare USB keyboard that you could plug in?02:56
jeregonmuelli: yes ill try that give me a sec ill be back im going to go get one02:57
CrazyGirBluesKaj: the file is a kvm disk image02:57
CrazyGircreated with ubuntu-vmbuilder02:57
CrazyGirso it is 'supposed' to 'just work'02:58
=== Zorro is now known as Tails_doll
=== Tails_doll is now known as Zorro
pfifoCrazyGir, are you sure you actually put a file system on it02:58
CrazyGirvmbuilder is a python script which gives you a fully installed VM02:59
vahnipfifo movies as well.02:59
=== Zorro is now known as Guest47194
pfifovahni, are you on a laptop?02:59
jeregonmuelli: ok i got one02:59
kaushalwhat is unity in 11.04 ? is it a desktop ?02:59
muellijeregon: I presume that works. No?02:59
vahnipfifo yes. netbook02:59
KM0201!natty | kaushal03:00
ubottukaushal: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.03:00
muellikaushal: well. Unless you define "desktop" it's hard to tell. It's at least a window manager. But you could argue it being a desktop.03:00
jeregonmuelli: no03:00
jeregonmuelli: what do i do now?03:00
pfifovahni, it might be turning off the sound to try to save power, look and see if you have a setting like that in power or sound settings03:00
kaushalmuelli: so gnome is removed in natty ?03:01
vahnipfifo i have reinstalled alsa-base, as i assume its alsa. maybe i should try to reinstall the other alsa packages as well03:01
vahnipfifo its definitely not a power saving thing03:01
muellijeregon: O_o That's very weird. I can't imagine good reasons for the USB Keyboard to fail. Unless the modules were not installed correctly. Can you get SSH access? It's a server after all...03:01
KM0201kaushal, no, its not.03:02
jeregonmuelli: how do i do that?03:02
muellikaushal: well. Yes and no. You will not have the GNOME3 experience with vanilla Ubuntu as they ship Unity and not GNOME Shell, which makes a lot of the new GNOME3  experience.03:02
ubottuFind your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freshmeat.net/browse/58/ - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy03:02
muellijeregon: hm. I presume you find the IP of your server and do "ssh user@$ip" from a different machine.03:02
pfifovahni, my microphone does something similiar, and I have to turn off auto management in skype. as for your problem im kinda stumped, it points to acpi doing wierd stuff, but it could really be anything03:02
KM0201muelli, installing gnome3 bricked my 11.04 install.. won't be messing w/ that again anytime soon03:03
jeregonmuelli: how do i find my servers ip?03:03
muellijeregon: well. That's a very individual problem. Are you on the same network as the server?03:04
muellijeregon: if you, you could nmap your subnet.03:04
jeregonmuelli: yes03:04
vahnipfifo that auto management stuff in skype has to do with power save?03:04
pfifovahni, no it tries to set my mic to what it thinks is an acceptable level but it is broken and just turns it all the way down03:05
jeregonmuelli: ok03:05
codex84how come remote desktop viewer doesn't connect to my window03:05
muellijeregon: but I'd double check that the keyboard you're trying to use actually works, i.e. by trying it on a PC that you know has working USB.03:05
_Tristanhey, how can I make my microphone always play to my speakers?03:05
pfifovahni, no related to power or your problem, but similiar none the less.03:05
HTCPXwho's on 100mbit internet?03:06
pfifovahni, what kind of sound card do you have?03:06
jeregonmuelli: im typing with it now :-)03:06
NaynayEeePC 1005HAE... not liking sleep mode sometimes. I leave the computer and when I come back, the screen is off and the system has hung03:06
jeregonmuelli: this is so anoying03:06
Naynaylatest 10.10 kernel03:07
pfifoNaynay, goto power settings and disable suspend/hibernate all together03:07
muellijeregon: have you tried different USB ports on the server?03:08
Naynaypfifo, they're already off03:08
Caboose885Hello all :)03:08
Naynaythe sleep settings are set to Never03:08
vahnipfifo  hda intel integrated03:08
pfifoNaynay, for both ac power and battery power? also check your screensaver settings03:08
jeregonmuelli: yes and i have tried safe mode too03:08
jeregonmuelli: it works on safe mode03:08
pfifovahni, i have that exact card03:08
pfifovahni, i dont get that problem at all so its nt a driver issue, have you been able to properly use alsa before03:09
=== root is now known as Guest97735
vahnipfifo ok. its not the player. suppose its not alsa. what else could it be?03:09
kaushalstill not clear03:10
kaushalis unity 2d a part of gnome ?03:10
kaushalplease help me understand03:10
Naynaypfifo, yep, the sleep mode is set to "Never" on both system and display03:10
HTCPXhow do I configure TCP settings?03:10
gimpy4682In 10.04, how do I get the boot process to display to the screen rather than the blinking curser I get now?  I removed 'quiet' from the options in /etc/default/grub but I still only get a blinking curser.03:10
KM0201kaushal, understand what?03:10
vahnipfifo it was working fine. until today. thats why i reinstalled alsa-base...03:10
kaushalKM0201: about Unity ?03:11
NaynayIn screensaver, the active when computer is idle is on, and well as enforcing a lock screen03:11
KM0201kaushal, what do you not understand?03:11
NaynayI figure the computer is crashing on the lock screen.... but it is a heisen bug.03:11
pfifohave you made any recent changes? like new packages or a ubgrade?03:11
kaushalKM0201: whats the default desktop in Ubuntu 11.04 ?03:11
NaynayI can't reliably repeat the crash03:11
Nach0zHey i've got a question for yall. i'm in ubuntu 10.04 and add-apt-repository is returning a bad URL or something for a ppa.launchpad.net file. Is there a file I can manaully add ppa entries to?03:12
pfifovahni, have you made any recent changes? like new packages or a ubgrade?03:12
Naynaypfifo, upgraded to latest 10.10 kernel and packages... but the last kernel had the same problem03:12
KM0201kaushal, default, is Unity.. however, ubuntu classic is also part of the default install.. if you have Natty questionjs, ask them in the natty channel.03:12
pfifoNaynay, sorry03:12
kaushalKM0201: natty channel ?03:12
madsailorKM0201, which channel is natty?03:12
rwwkaushal: #ubuntu+103:12
rwwmadsailor: ^03:12
KM0201!natty | kaushal03:12
ubottukaushal: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.03:12
jeregonmuelli: is it possible to change the keyboard map?03:12
pfifoNaynay, perhaps your screen saver is creating a heat protection shut down, those GL screensvaers are petty resource heavy03:13
pfifonaynay, try a blank screen03:14
vahnipfifo i was thinking about that too. and i dont know which could have affected sound03:14
pfifovahni, what exactly did you install?03:15
Caboose885anyone want to try and help me with getting multitouch to work on my Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit Dell Duo?03:16
Nach0zhuh. got it working... later all03:16
vahnipfifo today i tried gkrellm and conky. installing and purging them. i doubt they can affect sound :)03:17
pfifovahni, their deps could have.03:18
pfifovahni, did it change your kernel?03:18
Khisanthat least one of those also has plugins that deals with sound03:18
=== Odd-rationale_ is now known as Odd-rationale
vahnipfifo of course i did not change the kernel03:20
vahnipfifo gkrellm and conky dont have deps03:20
hiexpovahni, conky can mess your sound ifyou had wrong conkyrc03:20
=== jack is now known as Guest193
vahnihiexpo :( i purged the rc already03:20
pfifovahni, i get this 'conky conky-all gkrellm libimlib2 libntlm0'03:21
vahnipfifo these are your deps of conky?03:22
pfifovahni, yeah03:23
pfifovahni, try a reinstall of alsa-* and also you probbally have pulseaudio so reinstall that too03:23
DrMaxI just got a macbook pro 8.3 and the ATI driver displays a "unsupported hardware" overlay in the lower-right corner... How do I remove this sh*t ?03:24
Khisanth"libasound2 - shared library for ALSA applications" <- conky-all dep :)03:24
ndxtgwhen I run "svn checkout...." it creates the directory as "root" owner with 0700 mask, does anyone know how to set this ? (i.e. another under username with mask 0755)03:24
vahnihiexpo how can conky mess up my sound? i have installed it and there is no .conkyrc03:25
vahnipfifo yes, i will reinstall everything03:25
hiexpovahni, if you had a goofy conkyrcto do with sound it could03:26
pfifovahni, it could have messed with alsa configuration too03:27
vahnihiexpo after installation of conky there is a /etc/conky/conky.config but it does not contain any line about sound03:27
hiexpovahni, then you ok03:27
Caboose885DrMax: did you install the drivers?03:27
vahnipfifo i am quite sure that it has to do with alsa and alsa-mixer...03:28
Caboose885DrMax: here is community documentation on it https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro8-3/Maverick03:29
KM0201does anyone know where xchat-gnome stores its notification tone?03:30
jhouse5266534Just installed 11.04...  How do I customize stuff?  I can't seem to find many options for just about anything03:30
Caboose885DrMax: it says right on the wiki that it seems to be stuck in the corner03:30
DrMaxCaboose885 : and it says exactly nothing :p I'Ve checked03:30
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.03:31
pfifovahni, alsa is supposed to have an alsa.conf but in ubuntu spirit they have put it in a mysterious location.03:31
rwwjhouse5266534: please use #ubuntu+1 for natty discussion and support, as it isn't released yet03:31
=== Finalflash50 is now known as Silent
Caboose885DrMax: maybe this will help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=145725603:32
Caboose885DrMax: its a bit old but it just might work03:32
pfifovahni, can you pastebin /var/lib/alsa/asound.state03:32
codex84how u find your pc03:33
=== Silent is now known as Finalflash50
DrMaxlet's uninstall first03:33
sauloHello! My wireless stopped working at Ubuntu and I don't know how to identify the problem03:35
Caboose885DrMax: Ok03:36
wadHi folks. My grub2 menu has two old kernel version on it, that don't show up in the synaptic package manager. Is there a way to get rid of them? They are 2.6.32-21 and 2.6.32-23.03:37
lyte_hi, i'm getting "resume: Could not stat the resume device file '/dev/mapper/cryptswap1' Please type in the full path name to try again or press ENTER to boot the system:" but the prompt doesn't actually accept keyboard input at that point :/ ... I can boot the system by adding "noresume" to the kernel line via grub, any ideas how I can stop the system from trying to resume every time without modifying grub?03:37
vahnipfifo http://pastebin.com/gVxJCQ2A03:39
lockjawI have a question about remote desktop03:39
lockjawI'm trying to change the default listening port03:39
lockjawcan anyone help me?03:40
lyte_wad: tried "update-grub"? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:40
wadlyte_, I'll give it a shot, thanks.03:40
lockjawI can't believe they didn't include an option to change the listening port03:40
ZzBuntuHow can i start a daemon as another user?03:41
Caboose885lockjaw: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-26815.html perhaps that will be helpful?03:41
* Khisanth sees an option in the Advanced tab03:41
gaelfxhow can I figure out if apt-p2p is working properly?03:42
aaron_waynedoes anyone know any good links to a unity tutorial03:42
lockjaw@khisanth I'm using what came with 10.10, remote desktop03:42
lockjawI dont see an advanced tab03:42
=== saulo_ is now known as saulo
Khisanthhmm I guess they dropped it in newer versions03:43
lyte_iirc it runs vncserver, you could just run that directly if you want to do somethign weird.03:43
fr00gCan anyone tell me where the images controlling this are: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/7792/screenshot011h.png03:43
afirockshello~ i just downloaded ubuntu onto my usb drive and i downloaded the desktop version and it was intended for the netbook should i redownload that one?03:44
sauloMy wireless just stopped working and I don't know how identify the problem. KDE4 application do not connect anymore and iwconfig don't return errors. Somebody could help me to identify some error?03:44
lyte_afirocks: you can just "apt-get install ubuntu-netbook" if you want...03:44
slakcphillockjaw: you may like to try teamviewer it runs well on ubuntu03:44
lockjaw@lyte I'd do that, but I havent been able to find any configuration files03:45
lockjawteamviewer? ok, I'll give it a shot03:45
DrMaxCaboose885 : no effect. still same stupid watermark03:45
lyte_lockjaw: you could start it up, run "ps -ef" grab the command line and then run a new command with custom arguments03:45
slakcphillockjaw: yeah the .deb package installs without a hitch03:45
afirocks<~ pc dumby... im working from my lap top and my husbands pc needs operating system(netbook)03:45
RtAlguem do brasil ai?03:45
gaelfx!pt > Rt03:46
ubottuRt, please see my private message03:46
gbear14275hello, I seem to be having problems with my computer connecting to a particular site... I'm trying to troubleshoot and am trying to identify if its something on my end03:46
Caboose885DrMax: gay....Wonder if the beta version has this issue03:46
gbear14275is there such a thing as a local blacklist that might have been populated?03:47
soreaumuelli: Alright, you ready for this?03:47
rwwCaboose885: don't use "gay" as a pejorative, please.03:47
soreauimaging the odds03:47
gaelfxrww: thanks, you said that better than I could have03:47
DrMaxCaboose885 : I'm about to try it03:47
DrMaxfinished d/l it03:47
afirockslyte_ should i download the netbook version or would the desktop one work?03:47
rwwafirocks: either will work. The only difference is how they look.03:48
rwwsame underlying system03:48
Rthow i do it?03:48
afirocksthanks that all i wanted to  know :D03:48
lyte_afirocks: you can install either one over the top of the other with apt, it'll just use more space if you don't remove the useless packages03:48
gaelfxafirocks: the desktop should be ok, and you can install the netbook manager afterwards if you want03:48
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.03:48
rwwRt: type /join #ubuntu-br03:48
Rtthaks ^^03:49
afirocksok i havent downloaded either to the new hdd.. its just on my usb03:49
soreauScunizi: Alright, you want to see this mega one-liner?03:49
pfifovahni, i dont see any specific problem in the file, best i can say is reinstall libasound2 and if that doesnt work, then reinstall all of ubuntu, since we cant locate the exact cause03:49
DrMaxCaboose885 : it would be so bad if it went away after, say, a couple of seconds03:49
gaelfxhow can I figure out is apt-p2p is working properly or not?03:49
Rtthere's only me on #ubuntu-br hahahaha03:49
rwwRt: there are 61 people in #ubuntu-br ;P03:50
Rtwhy i can't see then?03:50
rwwmaybe they're not talking right now?03:50
gaelfxRt are you sure you're in the right room?03:50
_Neytiri_E: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)  E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?  i am getting this error every time i try to install something03:50
hiexpoyup 61 in there03:50
rwwRt: I don't see you in #ubuntu-br, so you're probably somewhere else ;P03:51
Tyronehi there need help here, i have my ubuntu box but when i connect the other computer i cant access the internet i can ping the ubuntubox ip and the eth1 of my proxy but no internet03:51
soreau_Neytiri_: You need to close all other running instances of package managers such as synaptic and apt-get03:51
Caboose885DrMax: that would make sense if it did! haha. If there was a way to just kill the watermark off that would be nice but since I don't have a system to test it on I can't be of much help03:51
gaelfx_Neytiri_: it sounds like you have a package manager open or running03:51
_Neytiri_theres noting running03:51
soreauRt: You aren't in #ubuntu-br on freenode03:51
gaelfx_Neytiri_: check in system monitor under processes03:51
Rt* Now talking on #ubuntu-br"03:51
soreauRt: You could be in a net split situation. Try reconnecting03:52
_Neytiri_i did03:52
Rt1 ops, 1 total...03:52
DrMaxCaboose885 : plus the "acceleration" is like VESA ...03:52
rwwsoreau: There are no netsplits on freenode right now.03:52
ZigueHello boys and girls03:52
soreaurww: ok03:53
gaelfx_Neytiri_: do you know how to use ps?03:53
soreauSomeone is going to kill me for this, but here is a one-liner I made to remove all but the currently running kernel image and headers03:53
_Neytiri_yes i do03:53
soreauDo NOT run this unless you know exactly what it does! current_version=$(uname -r); dpkg -l linux-image-[0-9]\* | egrep ^ii | while read status pkg cdr; do if [[ "$pkg" != *"${current_version%-generic}"* ]]; then sudo aptitude purge -y "$pkg"; fi; done && dpkg -l linux-headers-[0-9]\* | egrep ^ii |while read status pkg cdr; do if [[ "$pkg" != *"${current_version%-generic}"* ]]; then sudo aptitude purge -y "$pkg"; fi; done03:53
pfifoI got it03:54
rwwoh my.03:54
Ben64!danger | soreau03:54
ubottusoreau: DO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!03:54
pfifohe is in '#ubuntu-br"'03:54
soreaupfifo: Ah03:54
Ziguesomebody of Brazil this way?03:54
soreauRt: Try /j #ubuntu-br03:54
rwwZigue: /join #ubuntu-br03:54
soreauI didn't know you could have quotes in a channel03:55
soreauchannel name03:55
rwwsoreau: #" is a valid channel name ;)03:55
soreaurww: Yea I see now03:56
rwwand registered, in fact.03:56
[Soma]kinda lonely in there though.03:56
Caboose885DrMax: are you installing 11.04 yet?03:56
DrMaxCaboose885 : 11.04 seems to be supporting the wifi and the video correctly03:56
pfifobut your not allowed to have color control codes in channel names03:56
DrMaxwhen is the final due?03:56
soreau11.04 isn't supported here yet though03:57
soreau! 11.04 | DrMax03:57
ubottuDrMax: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.03:57
Caboose885DrMax: awesome03:57
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the fifteenth release of Ubuntu.  Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=64603:57
DrMaxI'm using the live version for now03:57
sauloLost my connection trying set wireless03:57
[TK]D-FenderIsse with 10.10 x64 audio recording.  I have an SB Audigy 1 and can't seem to record off either the mic or line in and could use a hand.  testing with Audaicty & the core Sound Recorder03:57
Caboose885even when you liveCD 10.10 it would do that watermark?03:57
soreausaulo: Are you having trouble with getting wireless to work?03:58
DrMaxI take back wireless03:58
DrMaxit doesn't work03:58
DrMaxand Unity is an abomination03:58
[Soma][TK]D-Fender: just to make sure, have you checked the alsamixer?03:58
saulosoreau: yes. I've installed now wicd package, but now I see "checking for access point association" and the connection fail.03:58
soreausaulo: What wifi chip is it?03:59
Caboose885DrMax: the "Classic" gnome is able to be switched to easily03:59
Caboose885just log out and select it for the session03:59
sauloYes. I'm was thinking was a hardware problem, but another system connect correctily :(03:59
sauloYes. Ah sorry! let me check!04:00
soreausaulo: It still could be that the wifi chip you have doesn't support the encryption type your access point has set04:00
clawsaulo run lspci in terminal04:00
clawcheck what chip it is04:00
DrMaxok, so let's wait a few weeks for the final 11.0404:01
[TK]D-Fender[Soma]: Just checked it... seeing progress....04:01
saulosoreau: ASUS EEE-PC 1005-HA. From lspci: 02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)04:01
Caboose885DrMax: Sounds good to me. No sense in rushing perfection :)04:01
Seven_Six_Twoodd...I had to bring my eth0 up and run dhclient manually just now...I just did an update too...04:01
[TK]D-Fender[Soma]: The stock GUI mixer kinda (really) sucks04:01
soreausaulo: Is it an HP laptop?04:01
sauloclaw: ASUS EEE-PC 1005-HA. From lspci: 02:00.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01)04:01
saulosoreau: Asus EEE-PC Netbook04:01
pfifosaulo, ubuntu hates asus04:01
galamarWould this be the best place to ask vnc questions?04:02
soreausaulo: Does iwconfig show a wlan0 interface?04:02
[Soma]well, [TK]D-Fender, I don't know that much about Linux. I only came to this channel to deal with my own problem, but I recently had issues with my mic in skype, and turning up the volume in alsamixer fixed it. Good luck to you...04:02
DrMaxCaboose885 : especially that RCs and Betas aren't perfection :p04:02
Seven_Six_Twoaccording to my /etc/network/interfaces, eth0 isn't auto. Is this syntactically correct? :       auto lo eth004:03
saulosoreau, claw, pfifo: This wireless worked for 3 months for me, and yesterday stopped. And I really don't know what could be :(04:03
soreausaulo: Was it after an update/upgrade?04:03
pfifosaulo, i ws just reading info cause i just put 10.10 on the 701 im on right now04:03
saulosoreau: I really don't remember about done this :(04:04
soreausaulo: Do you have a previous kernel in the grub list when you boot that you can try?04:04
saulosoreau: Yes04:04
galamarsoreau, yes iwconfig will show wlan004:04
[TK]D-Fender[Soma]: thanks... it recording, but got some recording rate issues... I think his should have something I can tweak real soon...04:04
oscargotis there a 10.04 version of netbook ubuntu? The download page oesn't seem to have it04:05
Seven_Six_Twosaulo, do you see the interface with   ifconfig -a04:05
soreausaulo: Does iwconfig show a wlan0 interface?04:05
saulosoreau: Yes, ans iwconfig shows info about wlan0 too04:05
pfifosaulo, i followed this guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC/Fixes#Ralink Card04:05
soreausaulo: Does 'sudo iwlist wlan0 scan|grep -i essid' show AP's?04:05
itiliousam i really putting my ubuntu computer at risk if i'm adding repositories from forums to get thunderbird update 3.1?04:07
Caboose885itilious: what forum?04:07
itiliousCaboose885, digitizor.com04:08
itiliousits ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa04:08
itiliousis that legit?04:08
saulosoreau: Yes, and my AP is here: ESSID:"dlink"04:08
pfifoitilious, install packages from untrusted sources can cause paroblems04:08
Caboose885itilious: https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/thunderbird-stable04:08
Caboose885itilious: official launchpad page04:08
soreausaulo: Ok that's good at least.. what encryption type do you have set for it?04:08
saulopfifo: I don't found info for 10.10, it works for this version?04:08
Caboose885itilious: thats legit but do you want to be running unstable software? I would add the stable repository04:09
itiliousso that ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa prob isnt good to use then Caboose885 ?04:09
itiliousi see04:09
pfifosaulo, according to it, you can just use that 8.10 package there, but mind you i have the ath5k so im not 100% sure04:09
itiliousthanks Caboose885, but how do i know whats stable and whats testing?04:09
saulosoreau: This AP has no security, I never have patience to reset it and put one to work xD04:09
Caboose885itilious: it generally says in the repository what type it is04:10
saulopfifo: ok!04:10
Caboose885like on the launchpad page it says its the stable repository, itilious04:10
MaRk-Ioscargot: http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04.2/   go down the page and select netbook04:11
soreausaulo: Alright, try this: sudo service network-manager stop && sudo killall nm-applet wicd; sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid dlink && sudo dhclient wlan004:11
SMG1hello, can anyone help me, "My Computer" does not open when clicked and no drives show up on the left pane of windows, but they show up in gparted and disk utility.04:11
soreausaulo: Also, is there any other AP named 'dlink' in your area?04:11
itiliousCaboose885, if i remove that ppa i added and then change it to the one you suggest, would that change the installed version?04:11
saulosoreau: Probabilly I will lost connection here, but I will back, ok?04:11
soreausaulo: ok04:12
SMGhello, can anyone help me, "My Computer" does not open when clicked and no drives show up on the left pane of windows, but they show up in gparted and disk utility.04:12
pfifohow are you losing connection if wireless isnt working?04:12
saulosoreau: about another ssid, I'm certainly has noone04:12
soreausaulo: ok04:12
oscargotMaRK-I: Thanks >: D, is there anything different in the netbook edition except for the different GUI, can I technially just sudo apt-get the desktop environment?04:12
Caboose885itilious: I believe so. You already upgraded to the daily version?04:13
soreaupfifo: I think he's connected with eth0 and he's trying to connect with wifi04:13
saulosoreau, pfifo: I'm connected with my PC RJ-45 cable (eth0 lan)04:13
MaRk-Ioscargot: in that case download the desktop edition04:13
itiliousCaboose885, yes i just did and now trying to figure out how to go back lol04:13
saulosoreau: :D yes!04:13
MaRk-Ioscargot: but yes you can install several DE04:13
Caboose885itilious: you could purge the entire program...04:13
pfifosaulo, you shouldnt disconnect from that by messing with the wireless tho04:13
Caboose885itilious: but any settings and emails will go away04:13
saulosoreau, pfifo: Going do the test04:13
Caboose885itilious: make backups04:13
oscargotMaRK-I: Okay thanks >:D!04:14
saulosoreau, pfifo: Ok, I will enter here from my normal PC to try test the wireless04:14
saulosoreau, pfifo: I back soon04:14
pfifosaulo, you can pop in and out all you want04:14
MaRk-Ioscargot: yw04:14
soreausaulo: If it says 'Renewal in so many seconds', that means it worked04:14
itiliousCaboose885, which directory is thunderbird located in? i'm a n00b looking for the 'prog files' folder lol04:15
pfifosoreau, type 'iwconfig' and see if its connected04:15
soreaupfifo: Yea that too04:15
Caboose885itilious: try home/.mozilla-thunderbird04:16
pfifosoreau, on mine the light comes on04:16
itiliousthats just the profile stuff04:16
soreaupfifo: LED's mean nothing04:16
itilious"app data" equiv to windows i guess04:16
Caboose885itilious: to uninstall it?04:16
pfifosoreau, my blue LED has been pretty faithful04:17
itiliousCaboose885, purge/uninstall yes04:17
Ben64itilious: you never do it manually, just use apt-get to do it04:17
Caboose885itilious: use Synaptic Package Manager (System-->Admin-->Synaptic)04:17
wutzishi everyone, i was looking for a netbook that would play nice with ubuntu (11.04 no idea if unity is a gpu/cpu killer) just to watch videos on youtube and megavideo (HD possibly) i found out a dell mini 1018 with "ATOM N455 , intel gma 3150, 1 gb ram" would it play nice?04:17
=== ash_ is now known as Ashkin
Caboose885itilious: in the quick search box type "thunderbird" then mark the packages for complete removal04:18
SMGhello, can anyone help me, "My Computer" does not open when clicked and no drives show up on the left pane of windows, but they show up in gparted and disk utility.04:18
Ben64wutzis: atom probably can't do HD04:18
rokniri want to try out unity and ubuntu 11.04 in virtualbox, but i'm not having much luck.  i have 3d acceleration turned on for the VM and i have all of the virtualbox-guest packages installed, but when i log into ubuntu, i just see the wallpaper and nothing more.  any ideas?04:18
wutzisBen64: odd, that kid in the commercial was watching a HD video lol04:18
Caboose885itilious: just make sure it doesn't try and remove ubuntu-desktop or a extremely important package04:18
Caboose885Ashkin: testing what? ;)04:18
soreauSMG: Does 'nautilus' from your terminal work?04:18
wutzisBen64: besides that? any issue i should know of?04:18
Ashkintesting me irc client :P04:18
Caboose885Ashkin: what client?04:18
MaRk-Iroknir: for natty ask in #ubuntu+104:18
Ben64wutzis: i did say probably :) and the only problems i've had with netbooks is that they are pretty slow (for me at least)04:19
Ashkinfirst time i've used a console irc client.04:19
Caboose885Ashkin: well bravo /handshake Ashkin04:19
Rap-SuckY̶̛ͩͬ̉̾̅̋̈҉̴̷̦̙̤e̞͔̗͖̬̱̓͐ͫͤ̌̔͐ͨ̐ͪ̑̓ͭ͂͊̇ͤ́͟͟͠s̶̨̞͎̞͉̹̟̹͖̻̙͚̖̞͇̭ͨ̍̏ͭ̎͂̚͘͟͞ ̧͈̭̖͖̮̳̰ͮͮ̌̄͊ͥ̆̒̉̒́̂ͦͥͫͬ͌̚͢͞i̖̭͉̖̱̗̣̭͇ͧ̒̍͊̎̍ͪ̍̈́̈́ͭ͒͑͢ͅ ̵̛̼̘̙̜͉̳̙͙͍͉͍̦̠̪̤̥͔̮̤ͦͦ̂ͮ͗̑͑̑͊ͬͮ͊̏ͭd̶̶̢̥̙̺͕͉̖̠̳̜͇̳̮͉͔ͫ́̆͜͞ỏ̰͙̳͕̰̞̘̤̮͍̱̟͎̦̍̄̉ͮ̋͛̿̓̍ͪͯͣ̍̒ͥ̀̀͢.͛̎̎͑ͮ04:19
Caboose885Ashkin: oops...whatever04:19
SMGhello, can anyone help me, "My Computer" does not open when clicked and no drives show up on the left pane of windows, but they show up in gparted and disk utility.04:19
Ben64Rap-Suck: quit it04:19
soreauRap-Suck: Do you have a question about ubuntu?04:19
soreauSMG: Does 'nautilus' from your terminal work?04:20
Caboose885soreau: I don't think he does..04:20
wutzisBen64: would it play at normal detail at least? i use vlc for megavideo i suppose youtube would be the same?04:20
Rap-SuckC̛̞͕̰̥̫̟̩̬͚̆ͧ̓̍͗͌̐ͭ̌̋ͣ͛̒̌̆̇͊͐ͅảͯ̑ͦͭ̔ͫͭ͌̿ͫ̍҉̷̘̘̖̰̕n̴̵͆̏͒͆̇̍̒ͧ̂ͣ̿͢҉̤͖̥̼̣̟ ͉̟͔̻̭͎̫̺̰̖̻̥̱͖̥͚̹͚̑̅ͪͭ̓̿ͩ̊̓ͬ̃̾ͤ̓̈̔͛͑͝i̴̶̧͉͖͈̠͚͇̩̣͕̞ͣ̇̒͗̀͋͗̄̊̎̋ͤ̒̿̎͗̅̅͢͠ ̧̾͊̄̍̍̓ͣ҉̺̠̞̙͚̩̰̟̟ṛ̻̣̫̼̰̮̬̹̙̗̻͎͍̼̱ͬ́́ͩ̈́̾̓͝u̴̧ͫ͋ͦ͆̉̐ͫ̌͊ͤ̄ͤ̂̔̍҉̶̣͇͕̝͈ͅň̴̾̇͑̽ͧ҉҉̀04:20
soreau! ops | Rap-Suck04:20
ubottuRap-Suck: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!04:20
rwwsoreau: What about them?04:20
AshkinAny veterans of getting Atheros wifi to work?04:20
Rap-SuckC̛̞͕̰̥̫̟̩̬͚̆ͧ̓̍͗͌̐ͭ̌̋ͣ͛̒̌̆̇͊͐ͅảͯ̑ͦͭ̔ͫͭ͌̿ͫ̍҉̷̘̘̖̰̕n̴̵͆̏͒͆̇̍̒ͧ̂ͣ̿͢҉̤͖̥̼̣̟ ͉̟͔̻̭͎̫̺̰̖̻̥̱͖̥͚̹͚̑̅ͪͭ̓̿ͩ̊̓ͬ̃̾ͤ̓̈̔͛͑͝i̴̶̧͉͖͈̠͚͇̩̣͕̞ͣ̇̒͗̀͋͗̄̊̎̋ͤ̒̿̎͗̅̅͢͠ ̧̾͊̄̍̍̓ͣ҉̺̠̞̙͚̩̰̟̟ṛ̻̣̫̼̰̮̬̹̙̗̻͎͍̼̱ͬ́́ͩ̈́̾̓͝u̴̧ͫ͋ͦ͆̉̐ͫ̌͊ͤ̄ͤ̂̔̍҉̶̣͇͕̝͈ͅň̴̾̇͑̽ͧ҉҉̀04:21
=== mike_ is now known as Guest17897
SMGsoreau: everything works except no drives and no trash can access, if click on trashcan, gdm resets04:21
soreaurww: ?04:21
roknirMaRk-I: thanks04:21
Ben64wutzis: not really sure04:21
soreauSmallR2002: Oh wow, that sounds really bad..04:21
MaRk-Iroknir: yw04:21
milliganAshkin, should be pretty much out of the box04:21
IdleOneRap-Suck: Please stop that04:21
pfifoDr willis isnt an op?04:21
soreauSMG: That sounds pretty broken.. did it used to work?04:21
wutzisBen64: argh! i dont want to spend much lol, what about realtek drivers you happen to know if they re installable with jockey?04:21
soreauFlannel: thanks04:21
rwwsoreau: ah, my client failed at encoding. I see now.04:21
[Crack3r]!ops | soreau is a gigantic faggot.04:21
ubottusoreau is a gigantic faggot.: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!04:21
soreaurww: Ah04:22
ubuxubuinstalled ubuntu, worked fine for a week, now get message failed to mount drive?04:22
Ashkinmilligan: aye, it should be, but it doesn't work.  shows up fine in lspci, but ... that's about as far as it goes.04:22
soreaurww: Should get a better one :)04:22
soreaurww: I have mine set to UTF-8 encoding type for the server setup04:22
Ashkinmilligan: hasn't worked since 9.x (and maybe earlier)04:22
Ben64wutzis: dunno what jockey is04:22
ubuxubuwhat is failed to moount drive mean?04:22
milliganAshkin, exactly what doesn't work mate?04:22
ubottuDCC SEND XPLOITXPLOITXPLOITXPLOITXPLOITXPLOITXPLOITXPLOITXPLOITXPLOIT: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!04:22
Caboose885itilious: get it working?04:22
rushone2009Hey where can I go for programming?04:22
FloodBot1NOTICE - The above was an exploit attempt that may have disconnected some users. Please ignore it, or type « /msg ubottu exploit » for more information.04:22
slyAnyone know why USB ports wouldn't be working on Natty? Inspiron 154604:22
wutzisBen64: proprietary driver frontend lol04:23
Ben64ubuxubu: if a drive can't be mounted you can't access information on it04:23
jeremybhehe, there's more than one floodbot04:23
SMGsoreau: yes it worked right before i installed empathy 3.0, which had to recompile dozen of apps just to install it, that might be the problem, but i uninstalled it and did not fix it04:23
Ben64wutzis: doesn't realtek have open source drivers?04:23
rushone2009so many bots04:23
ubottuHere I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to respond to factoid requests. Call that job satisfaction? Because I don't.04:23
soreauBen64: jockey is the gui for installing proprietary drivers in ubuntu ie. sys>prefs>additional drivers04:23
Ashkinmilligan: the aetheros card shows up in lspci, but nothing else.  i've fought with getting drivers to work for it for months.. just gave up and used wired.04:23
ubuxubu10-4 Ben64 but why would it say that when it has been working fine?04:23
GfoleyFour"FloodBot3 set a ban on *!*@ubuntu/bot/ubottu."04:23
pfifopoor ubottu04:23
soreauSMG: How did you install this empathy 3.0?04:23
wutzisBen64: im not too sure04:24
SMGsoreau: from source04:24
Ashkinthis client makes things -really- hard to follow. ugh.  i should just use colloquy on my phone :/04:24
soreauAshkin: Do you want to try to get it working?04:24
ubuxubuwhy would a computer that works fine suddenly say it failed to mount drive?04:24
itiliousCaboose885, yep worked flawlessly04:24
soreauAshkin: Is it an HP laptop by chance?04:24
Ashkinmost definitely.04:24
Ben64ubuxubu: whats the error message04:24
Caboose885itilious: np. You can always check Ubuntu Forums for help04:25
ubuxubufailed to mpount drive and tons of letters all over the screen Ben6404:25
Ben64ubuxubu: gonna need the whole thing04:25
slyAnyone know?04:25
jeremybubuxubu: dmesg | tail -n 30004:25
MaRk-Isly: for natty support #ubuntu+104:25
soreauSMG: Sounds like you overwrote a bunch of packages you shouldn't have. Typically you should install something like that to a nonstandard prefix but sounds like it's too late for that04:25
soreauSMG: So, you can try and reinstall all packages you installed from source and see if that fixes it or reinstall ubuntu04:26
ubuxubuBen64: it sill up the whole screen04:26
soreauSMG: Reinstall packages, with your package manager04:26
Ben64ubuxubu: use pastebin04:26
soreauAshkin: Is it an HP laptop by chance?04:26
wutzisBen64: well lets try and do some math, ill need your help here because i suck at this , if windows 7 starter works i  think ubuntu with unity (remember i have no idea of how much cpu it eats) should work at least fine right?04:26
ubuxubucant working remote04:26
SMGsoreau: yes that might be it, can i reinstall ubuntu without deleting what is on harddrive (overwrite everything)04:27
Ashkinsoreau: iie, it's a toshiba satellite04:27
Ben64wutzis: if it works on windows chances are it will in ubuntu04:27
soreauAshkin: Alright, does 'iwconfig' show a wlan0 interface?04:27
wutzisBen64: if it doesnt would it be good to throw as freesbie at my dog? LOL04:27
jeremybubuxubu: 16 03:25:26 < jeremyb> ubuxubu: dmesg | tail -n 30004:27
Ben64wutzis: no, the computer probably contains mercury, not safe for dogs04:28
Ashkinsoreau: nope.04:28
optidudehello all04:28
ubuxubujeremyb: wut does that mean?04:28
optidudefinally got Ubuntu installed on my laptop04:28
wutzisBen64: awww didnt they remove it? omg04:28
optidudeafter a series of errors04:28
Ashkinoptidude: grats ~04:28
soreauAshkin: What is the output of 'lspci|grep Network'?04:29
optidudeand alot of re-teaching my self....i have been using windows for 20 years...lol04:29
wutzisBen64: alright, they put mcafee with win 7 it will most definetly work with ubuntu! lolol unless video drivers mess up04:29
Ben64wutzis: not that i know of, at least the backlight has Hg i think04:29
ubuxubuBen64: pasten 2 whole pages of weird copes?04:29
Ben64ubuxubu: sure04:29
ubuxubuno way?04:29
wutzisBen64: i beg your pardon?04:29
Ben64ubuxubu: nobody can help you unless they can see the problem04:29
ubuxubuits all garbled nonsence hehe Ben6404:29
Ashkinthe card is an Atheros AR500104:29
Ashkin^ @ soreau04:29
jeremybit's unlikely to be nonsense04:30
Ben64wutzis: i think the backlight for the screen has Hg (mercury) in it04:30
ubuxubuBen64: some driver that mounts the drive at boot must of got broken somehow04:30
jeremybeven if you think it is04:30
wutzisBen64: oh great04:30
ubuxubuBen64: oh well ran great for a week04:30
soreauAshkin: Which version of ubuntu is it?04:30
jeremybubuxubu: open a shell or terminal. type "dmesg | tail -n 300" (no quotes). pastebin the output04:30
Ben64wutzis: don't worry, just don't eat it, or toss in trash, recycle!04:30
wutzisBen64: you know what? i gotta figure out what the heck blacklight is in my language :P anyways thank you very much for your answers, much appreciated04:30
wutzisBen64: yup i do recycle stuff safely :)04:30
Ben64backlight, not blacklight04:30
pfifoi have an Atheros AR5001 chip04:31
Ashkin10.10.  originally a 9.x, updated to 10.4, now to 10.10 earlier today04:31
soreauAshkin: Does 'lsmod|grep ath' show ath5k module is loaded?04:31
wutzisBen64: rofl that seemed rather odd, a blacklight >.<04:31
oscargothow DOES one dispose of an old computer safely?04:31
q0_0pubuxubu, what error are you getting when mounting drive04:31
Ashkinsoreau: nope04:31
soreauAshkin: Try loading the module with 'sudo modprobe ath5k' then check iwconfig for wlan0 interface04:31
ubuxubucant mopunt drive and a whole page and a half of bizarre nonsence codes q0_0p04:31
Ashkinsoreau: detects now ~04:32
Ben64ubuxubu: pastebin it......04:32
pfifooscargot, leave it in home depot's parking lot04:32
ubuxubuBen64: cant at the moment04:32
jeremybubuxubu: pastebin. yes, we're serious04:32
ubuxububut thanks anyway04:32
ubuxubui cant right now04:32
Ben64ubuxubu: why not?04:32
oscargotpfifo, lawl...04:32
q0_0pubuxubu,  have you tried the mount command04:32
ubuxubucos my buddy is off the phone04:32
soreauAshkin: Alright so it's not loading the module by default. To fix that, put 'ath5k' on a line by itself without tick marks in /etc/modules04:32
soreauAshkin: Check it's working and such after reboot04:33
ubuxubuits not my laptop04:33
ubuxububut ill have it here tomorrow04:33
Ashkinsoreau: actually, i think updating to 10.10 did it;  this is farther than i've gotten with hours of tedious fighting before04:33
pfifooscargot, contact you local EPA office and ask them where to dispose of it if it need special disposal, but in general, only the battery is hazardous04:33
bluethundr_hello I am on an ubuntu 8.04 laptop and I have full connectivity to the net, however for some reason this machine cannot update / install packages using apt04:35
Ashkinsoreau: actually, i think updating to 10.10 did it;  this is farther than i've gotten with hours of tedious fighting with drivers before04:35
soreauAshkin: Does it work now?04:36
xanguabluethundr_: probably already end of life¿04:36
pfifo!eol| bluethundr_04:36
ubottubluethundr_: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades04:36
pfifo3 years for desktop LTS right?04:37
Flannelpfifo: Yes04:37
bluethundr_xangua: pfifo: ok so EOL means no way to use apt repos at all? or am i misinterpreting what you are letting me know?04:37
Ashkinsoreau: looks like it does ^_^04:37
afirockshow long does it usually take to install ubuntu?  My cpu has been stuck on the preparing to install screen for over 30 min.  should i quit and start again or does is just take long?  Btw should there be a satus bar?04:37
soreauAshkin: Great!04:37
tor_How do we kill a prosess in ubuntu?04:38
hiexpotor_, killall04:38
Caboose885you can use the system manager if you wish04:38
Caboose885oops sorry about the break guys04:38
xanguabluethundr_: your paste says it's intrepid, not hardy and yes; it already is !eol04:38
jeremybor just kill04:38
soreauAshkin: For future reference, upgrades can be problematic. I always recommend a clean install after backing up04:38
bluethundr_tor_: ps -ef | grep what_you_look_for ; kill -15 pid_you_found04:38
bluethundr_or kill -904:38
Caboose885tor_: "System Monitor" my bad04:38
tor_Caboose885: Thank you04:40
pfifobluethundr_, you might be able to find a working mirror someone setup, but you should probbally upggrade to atleast 10.0404:40
=== michael is now known as Guest88229
jeremybhi Guest8822904:41
bluethundr_pfifo: ok I'll give it a shot tx04:42
kamranis there any official ubuntu resource that provides guidance on which distribution to use with respect to processor speed and ram size ?04:44
afirockshow long does it usually take to install ubuntu?  My cpu has been stuck on the preparing to install screen for over 30 min.  should i quit and start again or does is just take long?  Btw should there be a satus bar?04:44
kamranafirocks are u installing from a CD ?04:45
afirocksonto netbook04:45
pfifoafirocks, i THINK you can press alt+ctrl+F12 to get a log of the installer (and alt+ctrl+F7 to get back)04:46
rhizmoeafirocks: i just installed the other day and didn't have anything like that. i'd just start over.04:46
afirocksjumble #s?04:46
pfifokamran, no there isnt04:46
afirocks2nd time already starting04:47
AegNuddelI found a program I want to use but it says it depends on gdk-imlib11.  I tried to get this through apt-get, but it says it is only referred to by other packages and is not available04:47
Caboose885goodnight all. Its past my bedtime here and I don't see much activity where I can help. :)04:47
pfifoafirocks, you cold try leaving it over night if all else fails04:49
afirocksi suppose...04:50
pfifoor install via debootstrap/alternate iso04:50
Ashkinsoreau: back.  had to run for a few04:51
soreauAshkin: Did you need some more help?04:51
Ashkinas for problematic updates... after updating, i can no longer run gedit from the command line.  gives me a glib-gio error04:52
abhinav-hey guys, my Global menu bar (Applications, Places, System) have disappeared somehow in Maverick, see this screenshot http://img6.imagebanana.com/img/r3e2ixqf/Workspace1_016.png04:52
* pfifo hugs his glibc6-dbg04:52
Ashkini do have another question, but i don't think this is the right place to ask.04:53
pfifoabhinav-, maybey try changing you font settings?04:53
pfifoAshkin,  if its linux related, the channel is pretty dead04:54
MaRk-Iabhinav-: have you tried reseting the panels?04:54
abhinav-MaRk-I: no, how to do that ?04:54
afirocksjust starting it again.. lets see if that works...04:55
MaRk-I!panels | abhinav-04:55
ubottuabhinav-: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »04:55
AshkinYesterday, my Vista install died.  worked fine, then suddenly, HD access slowed to a crawl (on the order of up to 30 seconds per file) ; booting into Vista took 17 minutes.  however, this ubuntu install on the same hd works fine. now vista bluescreens on boot.  long story short, i need to repair the install (or do a scandisk on its partition) but i can't get into the os, and the recovery cd cannot find the install either.04:55
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!04:56
abhinav-MaRk-I: thanks. its restored now :)04:56
ubottuWow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!04:56
saulosoreau, pfifo: Hello! It's working! I'm at netbook now! Also created courage to put a password at AP! ^^04:56
ubottuChocolate! And Strawberries! And ICE CREAM! oOo! and 60 minutes +m!04:56
MaRk-Iabhinav-: yw04:56
soreausaulo: What did you have to do?04:56
StravHi. Anyone here have tried emacs23 on natty beta 2?04:57
xangua!natty | Strav04:57
ubottuStrav: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.04:57
rwwStrav: #ubuntu+1 for natty discussion; #ubuntu is for released versions of Ubuntu04:57
Stravxangua: thanks, I'm on my way.04:57
pfifoAshkin, I have heard alot of complaints about ubuntu destroying the ability to use a rescuecd/system restore04:57
Ashkinso um.  how do i manage to do a scandisk (or similar) on my (likely ntfs) vista partition?  friend recommended fsck, but he was plastered, so :/04:58
Ashkinpfito: yes.  the recovery cd can't find the vista install (thinking its because of grub)04:58
saulosoreau, pfifo: to be honest, I don't know really, but was'nt at wireless exactily, something was wrong about the routes and DNS. Wasn't applying. When I saw your command output, I saw the wireless connection was working, but nothing anymore. But "magically" all is working now, I restarted the PC and no more problems :-S04:59
soreauAshkin: You have to use windows utilities to check ntfs disks AFIAK04:59
soreausaulo: Hey, cool04:59
HyperShockaskin: the command in linux you are looking for is called 'ntfsfix'04:59
elb0w_Anyone get the issue where you just get a black screen with a crosshair mouse in ubuntu 11.04?04:59
pfifoAshkin, my 1 and only response to anything windows related is format and reinstall, most people can manage to find a windows 7 cd somewhere04:59
Ashkinsoreau: i can't get into windows.  the only thing i can think of is reinstalling it, and I dont' want to do that.04:59
xanguaelb0w_: #ubuntu+105:00
bob__can't you use e2fsck on an ntfs system?05:00
elb0w_yea i asked there no one replied05:00
Ashkinbob__: i haven't a clue.05:00
Ashkinbob__: no, this is for an ntfs partition05:01
saulosoreau, pfifo: really thanks for help05:01
Ashkinsoreau:  thank you <305:01
soreausaulo: No problem05:01
pfifosaulo, glad you got it working05:01
HyperShockAshkin: from linux side just do 'sudo ntfsfix /dev/<device>[partition#]'05:01
Ashkinhave a cookie, some strawberries, etc :P05:02
saulosoreau: You told about ntfs here. Then a question: what's the status of ntfsfix utility, what it can do for us?05:02
HyperShockif you don't know what partition it is, you can also do 'sudo fdisk -l | less' to see a list of partitions and their device names05:02
soreausaulo: I have no idea05:02
saulosoreau: lol, I found the answer :-S   http://linux.die.net/man/8/ntfsfix05:03
pfifodoes ubuntu have an official stance on deleting hidden recovery partitions or destroying rescue systems? asidde from the header of GNU GPL?05:04
sauloHyperShocK, Ashkin: Anyway, I think it's good take a look here about ntfsfix: http://linux.die.net/man/8/ntfsfix05:05
soreausaulo: FWIW, you can do 'man ntfsfix' or any other program, most have man pages05:05
Ashkinsaulo: thanks, I'll try that.05:07
Ashkinbsod on boot, though, so I have little faith ;x05:07
* Ashkin has a Guinness in Irish`s honor ~05:07
monkeyblahHey there, i got a kernel panic while installing packages (ran update-manager -d) on 10.10 upgrading to 11.04, now when i boot "The disk drive for / is not ready yet or not present" if i try to skip it says the same about /tmp and nothing happens05:08
pfifomonkeyblah, sounds like you loding modules for a different kernel version05:09
monkeyblahi tried going back a few kernels in grub but it made no difference, and in manual recover mode i can see my /home/user etc so it seems ok05:09
monkeyblahpfifo: probably05:09
quatchwhen i boot up it says verifying dmi pool data then hangs. i can boot to lie cd though.  how do i fix?05:09
monkeyblahpfifo: any links you can point me to to fix?05:10
pfifoi would boot a livecd, chroot and apt-get a linux-source05:10
Ashkinbrb, attempting to reboot into vista ~05:11
* Ashkin cringes.05:11
pfifoif you want to try it, the livecd customization guide has chroot instructions05:11
monkeyblahaight ill give that a go05:11
tor_Anyone have any idea why Adobe Flash Player won't work in Wine/Firefox?05:12
hrezaei1Hi people!05:13
tor_Need a flash player that works05:13
kbrosnantor_: did you install windows flash?05:13
tor_New to ubuntu/linux05:13
hrezaei1I've entere edit a text file in terminal using:05:13
hrezaei1$sudo   vi  /var/www/info.php05:13
pfifowhy not use native frefox/flash it worrks05:13
hrezaei1but dont know how to save and exit?05:14
tor_I have a portable FireFox I use....05:14
bob__tor: get the flash from the ubuntu software center05:14
monkeyblahtor_:  i think you can install it via software center?05:14
pfifohrezaei1, ESC COLON W Q05:14
tor_bob: ok05:14
monkeyblahportable (windows) firefox on ubuntu? sounds abit odd05:15
hrezaei1pfifo: Can you explain more?!05:15
tor_Have used FireFox Portable for a while..... So have all my stuff there.05:16
pfifopress the escape key then press colon to get to the metacommandline the wq to wqite and quit [esc][:][w][q][return]05:16
dd214Looking for a vSphere client05:16
dd214or do I have to virtualize a windows environment and run the client?05:17
tor_Is the program called Windows Flash?05:17
tor_Can't find it.05:18
=== tux is now known as Guest94288
Guest94288you talking abou usb drives05:18
bob__tor: let me check05:18
kbrosnantor_: Adobe Flash for Firefox (windows)05:18
kbrosnantor_: get it from adobe05:18
Guest94288look in the software center for that05:18
kbrosnannot the software center05:18
=== Guest94288 is now known as Tux91
Tux91what are yeal talking about then05:19
hrezaei1pfifo: I'm new to linux! I've pressed Esc,then pressed , w q and nothing happened!05:19
v_vhrezaei1: vim ? try ZZ05:19
Tux91what edition you have05:19
Successhi guys05:19
Successmy laptop 10.10 is being dumb about cd's05:19
pfifohrezaei1, vi is kinda complicated, you should probbally read a tutorial, they will explain it a bit better05:20
bob__tor: its under sound and video in the software center05:20
Successit says I have empty drive, so I insert disc, and the icon  dissapears05:20
Tux91what are you havig prblems with05:20
Tux91about the drive05:20
hiexpoTux91, you need help with something ?05:20
axxekorrHowdy does the latest ver run on a 2010 macbook air??05:20
Tux91no sire thanks though05:20
Successaxxekorr: who would do that?05:20
Successspend 2k on a computer with a 1k$ os just to replace it with a free one05:21
pfifohrezaei1, http://www.howtoforge.com/vim-basics05:21
visitor1anoyone knows a good tutorial for configuring a fujitsu 5600 9 button mouse under xubuntu 10.04?05:21
Successyour smart :)05:21
Successgood choice. id do the same lol05:21
axxekorrYes sir Linux since 1996:)05:22
quatchi had ubuntu 10.10 and windows 7 dual booting.  i used unetbotin netinstall of debian six and formated my hd then installed debian all in one partiton.  now when i boot up it says veifying pool data....and hangs.05:22
KINGOFSWORDShi any 1 know a good tutorial do dual boot windows after ubuntu 10.405:22
quatchcan anyone help me?05:23
hrezaei1pfifo: ok.thanks now I see: "/var/www/info.php" E212: Can't open file for writing05:23
hiexpoquatch, just ask you ?05:23
quatchi had ubuntu 10.10 and windows 7 dual booting.  i used unetbotin netinstall of debian six and formated my hd then installed debian all in one partiton.  now when i boot up it says veifying pool data....and hangs.05:24
xanguaquatch: /join #debian ¿05:24
quatchso how do i boot?05:24
quatchno one seems to know in debian05:24
pfifoquatch, reinstall from scratch, sounds like you messed it up05:24
quatchi tried twice05:24
xanguaKINGOFSWORDS: next time you do dualboot, install windows first; now you will fave to fix grub05:24
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before Karmic (9.10)05:24
pfifohrezaei1, np05:24
quatchi dont see what i could have messed up.  i think my mbr has had grub written to it to many times05:24
quatchor something05:24
quatchand its confused lol05:25
v_vquatch: what do you mean, format your hd. your ubuntu and windows are both ereased ?05:25
pfifoquatch, it sounds like you dont have grub at all, or its missing files05:25
quatchyeah i formated everything then tried to install debian05:25
tor_<bob__> Tried to look for it, but couldn't find. Also searched for "flash".05:25
quatchhm well i installed debian with usb netinstall but i have a ubuntu 9.10 live cd05:25
axxekorrHey man I just descovered aduinio man!!05:26
quatchcan i fix it from that somehow?05:26
KINGOFSWORDSxangu yeh thats y im looking for a tutorial..only installing win out of desparation05:26
hiexpoquatch, if you formated the whole drive it is gone05:26
v_vquatch: pfifo is write , try to install grub again05:26
hrezaei1pfifo: there is no info.php file there,I can not create it via graphical interface, but I use sudo running vi...05:26
quatchshouldnt it have installed during the debian install though?05:27
etienneany routing god over here?05:27
v_vquatch: sorry, right ~05:27
bob__tor: I saw it under sound and video - Adobe flash05:27
quatchif i run sudo grub-install from live it says error cannot find device for /05:27
slakcphiletienne: what's your question?05:27
v_vquatch: a simple way , chroot to you debian ,and dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc05:28
quatchno idea how to do that haha05:28
pfifohrezaei1, run this `gksudo gedit` to use gedit as root05:28
pfifohrezaei1, sounds like a graphical editor willl suit you better than vim05:29
quatchhmm maybe i should try supergrubdisc?05:29
etienneslakcphil: well I think it's very common. I have a sever with 2 ethernet adaptors05:29
tor_I think I'm pretty noob. Still looking for a Flash program to run in Wine/Firefox. The Adobe Flash I installed are stopping the prosess. (The prosess is freezing)05:29
etienneeth0 for the LAN05:30
etienneeth1 for direct access to internet05:30
xanguahow about using firefox for linux and adobe plugin for linux tor_05:30
pfifoiptable masqueradeing howto05:30
dd214whats the diff?  gksudo vs sudo?05:30
xangua!gksu | dd21405:30
ubottudd214: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)05:30
kbrosnantor_: open Windows Firefox, go to adobe's website download flash, install flash05:31
pfifogksudo is for gui apps, and pops up a password entry dialog05:31
optidudehey all05:31
etienneI want the server to access another machine on different subnet05:31
optidudegot me a problem05:31
hiexpodd214, gksudo is for graphical apps05:31
tor_I use Firefox for Wine because it is FireFox Portable, where I got all my old stuff. New to Ubuntu/Linux.05:31
optidudei put ubuntu on my laptop in the regular partition and now i cant log back into vista...LOL05:31
optidudecant seem to get back into windows05:31
optidudeis there a way to choose what os to load into?05:32
Tux91get the vista disk05:32
xanguaoptidude: maybe you delete it¿05:32
Tux91and got o repair05:32
dd214why is it for graphical apps?  I can still run a graphical app w/ sudo too.05:32
slakcphiletienne: are you using ufw?05:32
yulerI saved data to an ext4 partition, but when I mount it, it only shows lost+found folder with 2.7gb of 45gb used.  How do I retrieve or restore the data?05:32
xanguadd214: how about you read what the bot said05:32
tdelamhey guys, what's the preferred way to run Photoshop on Linux, is cxoffice still the recommended way05:32
optidudehey thanks tux9105:32
Tux91then its bootrec/ fixbootrec05:32
pfifodd214, yeah but you cant enter a password with sudo if you have no tty05:32
Tux91then bootrec / tix mbr05:33
tor_kbrosnan: I installed flash from Adobe's website, but that made Firefox Portable unstable/freeze. Thinking about installing another Flash program.05:33
xangua!appdb | tdelam05:33
xanguai would preffer gimp or krita05:33
ubottutdelam: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help05:33
etienneslakcphil: nope... I just set up ubuntu 10.10 server with the minimum05:33
tdelamwine, excellent05:33
pfifoetienne, i think you just need to add a second ip address to your internal interface to access the second subnet05:34
pfifoetienne, you only need to add routing info if your trying to go from client to client05:35
slakcphiletienne: yeah it ships with ufw05:35
etiennepfifo: yep that's whay I tried with a route add ...05:35
tdelamnext question, is it possible to install Ubuntu with a USB stick or do I need a DVD or CD to burn it onto and then install from there05:35
xanguawhatever you want to use tdelam05:36
pfifoetienne, my support stops there, i only use oldschool iptables, no idea about the front ends05:36
dd214thnx all, from what I've read, more secure to run gksudo for GUI apps b/c its secure...05:36
tdelamxangua: so it is possible to install from a usb?05:36
xanguayes tdelam05:36
etiennepfifo: hehehe no problem I'm only in command line05:36
tdelamxangua: Oh, how? simply drag the iso onto my usb and boot from USB or do i need to do something special?05:37
dd214running wireshark.. but could not detect any NICs, so this is how that came up05:37
etienneslakcphil: ufw to restrict incoming but I think my pb may be more from the routing part05:37
kbrosnantor_: then use Linux Firefox and Flash, it will likely work better05:37
etienneand I'm a lame about routing05:37
xanguatdelam: ubuntu.com05:37
xanguagood night05:37
IdleOne!usb | tdelam05:38
ubottutdelam: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent05:38
etiennepfifo: my eth0 is on and need to access a machine05:38
etiennedo I really need to add an IP on eth0 ?05:38
redenttdelam: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download look at step 205:38
pfifoyour eth0 should have an ip address for both subnets, yes05:39
hrezaei1pfifo: thanks it works. I've installed very things via internet on my ubuntu. vga drivers,mp3 plugins,lamp,and many others. Is there anyway avoiding re downloading them on another ubuntu?(else than aptoncd!)05:39
tdelamok thankjs05:40
hrezaei1pfifo: somthing like aptonUSB?!! aptonHard?!05:40
pfifohrezaei1, it stores the packages in /var/cache/apt/archives/ you could copy them to another machine of the same ubuntu version to save download time05:40
hrezaei1pfifo: is it enough to just copynig them ?05:41
pfifoetienne, if i was in you shoes, i would make the server the gateway for both subnets, give NAT to both of them to the inter net, and als NAT them to eachother05:42
pfifohrezaei1, yeah it will use them if they are there and the gpg sigs match05:43
hrezaei1pfifo: I can not pase there anything! how to config graphical interface to run all commands with sudo?!! is it possible?05:46
etiennearghh pfifo... that's a high science for me :)05:46
pfifoetienne, that sounds like lots of fun to me05:46
etiennepfifo: I understand05:47
etiennepfifo: and desperate by the way heheheheh05:47
sam_I have ubuntu 10.10 I am trying to get my old intel extreme 82845g card to run 3d etc...Can anyone help05:47
pfifohrezaei1, try `sudo -s` to get a root shell05:48
pfifohrezaei1, then you wont need sudo05:48
visitor1someybody know of irc client with spell checkingß05:49
pfifoetienne, and then install dhcpd and bind, add a wireless ap, and setup diskless nodes :D05:49
visitor1under windows i know it exits one05:49
sam_I have ubuntu 10.10 I am trying to get my old intel extreme 82845g card to run 3d etc...Can anyone help05:49
hrezaei1pfifo: I think it is for teminal. in terminal using sudo I can change permissions,copy files,rename,etc. but in desktop (gnome) I can not.05:50
hrezaei1pfifo: Is there anyway to give gnome the root access?05:51
pfifohrezaei1, normally anything you do as root needs to be done on the command line, root dosent usually want a GUI05:51
pfifo!root | hrezaei105:52
ubottuhrezaei1: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo05:52
shazzner_hey there, I've got a problem with my joystick/gamepad05:52
pfifono stupid bot that not wat i wanted05:52
shazzner_for some reason it's acting as a mouse05:52
seravitaehi there. i'm trying to find a file on my ubuntu 10.10 box. i know the file must exist as a program is failing on a particular line of the file, yet, i cannot find it in GUI search, or using 'locate'.05:52
seravitaeany ideas how i might more rigourously try to locate the file?05:52
MaRk-Ivisitor1: xchat does, dont know about other clients05:52
sam_I have ubuntu 10.10 I am trying to get my old intel extreme 82845g card to run 3d etc...Can anyone help05:52
shazzner_or I guess I should say, when I'm playing a game mouse events go on in the background05:53
shazzner_anyway to stop that?05:53
Simathseravitae: did you make sure to update the db for locate?05:53
pfifohrezaei1, you can sudo passwd and set a password for the root account, then login to gnome as root, but ubuntu generally dose not like that05:53
=== amir_ is now known as Guest26849
pfifohrezaei1, but thats honestly the first thing i do after i install05:54
MaRk-Isam_: have you tried System> Preferences > Appearance  enable effects?05:54
shazzner_actually I could probably figure it out on my own if I knew where the joystick was being configured05:54
shazzner_ie xorg.conf05:54
sam_Yes, it says something along the lines of 'can't enable effects'05:54
hrezaei1I dont like every time I want to chmod a file or folder,going to terminal,cd to there and run it. just right click and...05:54
hrezaei1ok, how to login gnome as root?05:54
etiennepfifo: when you you route... is that persistent?05:54
shazzner_but I have no idea where that is in maverick05:55
etienneor should I write the route somewhere ?05:55
pfifoetienne, ehh, well i write my own initscript to setup iptables, not really sure in your case05:55
seravitaeSimath - nope, ill try that05:55
sam_I have found this web site but am not sure what I need to download http://intellinuxgraphics.org/05:56
MK``When I try to install samba it says "The action would require the installation of packages from not authenticated sources.", yet it's from the software center05:56
seravitaeSimath - updatedb && locate hal_evergreen.c && locate * | grep hal_evergreen all return nothing05:56
hiexposam_, why you need driver?05:57
pfifohrezaei1, on the command line type `sudo -l` then `passwd` it will prompt you to enter a password twice, then log out of gnome as a normal uswe and relog in as "root" using the password you set05:57
sam_I have installed ubuntu 10.10, but i dont have 3d functions05:57
MaRk-Isam_: first you need to know which video card you have, and the problem on why compiz is not running05:57
etienneseems route makes persistent rules05:57
etienneThanks pfifo05:58
etiennethank you all05:58
pfifoetienne, good luck05:58
sam_MaRK-I, Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller05:58
KINGOFSWORDShow do i install windwos after ubuntu dual boot?05:59
axxekorrIm a conservative k why are you guys so liberal man??05:59
hiexposam_,  have you looked in /system/administration /hardware drivers05:59
KINGOFSWORDSi have gparted do i need 2 do anything first b4 i install windows05:59
pfifoKINGOFSWORDS, youll have to boot a livecd and rescue grub if you install windows AFTER installing ubuntu05:59
hiexpoKINGOFSWORDS, ya install windows first06:00
KINGOFSWORDSpfifo do i do that after ive instlled windows thou?06:00
sam_hiexpo, yes it says 'no propriety drivers are in use in this system'06:00
pfifoaxxekorr, im conservative, i got the 800watt PSU instead of the 1000w06:01
KINGOFSWORDSi have to use gparted to nfts sum space for windwos and copy the mbr 1st?06:01
hiexposam_, ok is there one in the list06:01
sam_hiexpo, no06:01
=== Kasjopaja23 is now known as Kasjopaja
axxekorrNice sir!!06:01
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest51330
buzzomatic_I've got gigabit lan setup at home between two machines, each is connected at 1000Mb/s.06:02
hiexposam_, bummer06:02
buzzomatic_But for some reason whenever I try and connect between these machines, using any protocol, the speed is terrible06:02
pfifoKINGOFSWORDS, i reccommend first installing windows, then ubuntu, windows install ashould handle formatting ntfs for you, and ubuntu will install grub to dual boot automatically06:02
sam_hiexpo, does that mean ubuntu does not support my graphics controller?06:02
buzzomatic_For example, I try to scp a 700MB file between them, and it maxes out at 2MB/s with frequent stalls06:03
KINGOFSWORDSbut its too late i already have ubuntu06:03
KINGOFSWORDSonly want 2 install windwos for a game06:03
buzzomatic_Last night I was getting 50MB/s just fine :S06:03
hiexposam_, on  sec what video card you have ?06:03
buzzomatic_All I've done in between is restart each machine06:03
sam_Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller06:03
hiexposam_, 1 minute06:04
pfifoKINGOFSWORDS, then you will have to reinstall grub afterwards from the livecd you dont need to do anything special before hand06:04
sam_hiexpo, ok and thanks06:04
buzzomatic_Can anyone help me figure out why the connection is so poor?06:04
=== Laggg is now known as LagggTrims
KINGOFSWORDScould i play game on virtual machine that doesnt play on wine?06:04
KINGOFSWORDSpfifo dnt i have 2 take a copy of the master boot record ?06:05
YankDownUnderKINGOFSWORDS, Virtually.06:05
pfifoKINGOFSWORDS, gaming in linux is crap, all the vm's and wine are all crap, you really want windows to play windows games06:05
conicalI'm getting a dependency error I don't understand06:05
YankDownUnderActually, I beg to differ - there is Playonlinux and Crossover Games for Linux...06:06
KINGOFSWORDSok so i just install windows and then follow guide to reinstall grub from livecd06:06
conicalwhen I try to install pokerth, ubuntu complains "Error: Dependency is not satisfiable: libboost-filesystem1.42.0 (>= 1.42.0-1)"06:06
pfifocapital C06:06
AegNuddelI too am having depencency problems06:06
KINGOFSWORDSwell does gta 4 work on playonlinuix?06:06
AegNuddelit tells me to install different things and conflicts06:07
IanWizard-MobileI can't get my system to read encrypted dvds now that I installed 11.04 beta.  I've installed all of the restricted extras.??06:07
YankDownUnderKINGOFSWORDS, I don't play that - so I don't know. However, I'm more than happy playing my HL2 on both Playonlinux and Crossover Games06:07
Tux91i think they got scripts for it06:07
hiexposam_, look at this http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/intel-82845g-graphics-controller-352262/06:07
KINGOFSWORDSyeh but half life is old...i have san andreas in wine and thats fine06:07
sam_hiexpo, thanks06:08
bullgard4buzzomatic_: use iotop for a start.06:08
hiexpoIanWizard-Mobile, libdvdread06:08
pfifoKINGOFSWORDS, i get a good 6 FPS in wine running MW2 at lowest settings, and I have an awesome GTS250 nvidia, get over 60FPS on windows06:08
KINGOFSWORDSon dual boot can i use files on both os or is the hdd space separated?06:08
lwizardlis there a good podcast & media subscription client similar to itunes but for us linux users06:08
bullgard4lwizardl: Banshee06:09
Tux91yea they have itunes06:09
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod06:09
KINGOFSWORDSor do i have to set aside some space for windows stuff06:09
IanWizard-Mobilehiexpo, I have it, still, nothing.  thoggen, k3b, totem, nothong works06:09
lwizardlbullgard4, I thought banshee was a media player not a content downloader06:09
pfifoKINGOFSWORDS, starcraft 2 is pretty slow too, WoW is fine, GTA4 didnt run at all06:10
IanWizard-Mobileoh wait, i remember a script that I had to run last time to actually download and install it.06:10
hiexpoIanWizard-Mobile, do you have the medibuntu repos installed06:10
bullgard4lwizardl: "       Banshee is an media management and playback application for the GNOME desktop, allowing users to import audio from CDs, search their library, create playlists of selections of their library, sync music to/from iPods and        other media devices, play and manage video files and burn selections to a CD."06:10
IanWizard-Mobilehiexpo, no, but I have all of the defaults enabled, multi/uni verse06:10
KINGOFSWORDShow much space should i partition in gparted for windows 7? i want14gb for gta 406:10
hiexpoIanWizard-Mobile, try adding the mediabuntu repos  > probally missing codecs06:11
pfifoKINGOFSWORDS, windows 7 wants 16gb and if your game needs 14gb then 30gb asll together, maybe a bit more for drivers and such06:12
lwizardlbullgard4,  ok then that program does not answer the question. since that is a player & not a subscription type service06:12
lwizardlI keep finding stuff like gpodder and juice but none of them seem to find many feeds/shows/etc06:12
KINGOFSWORDSgame is on ubuntu hdd already can i install it from that?06:12
pfifoKINGOFSWORDS, you can get ext2 file system drives for windows 7 and access you entire linux partiton, install games there and everything06:13
KINGOFSWORDSoh so i only need to partition 16gb for the windows install then?06:14
pfifoits upto you, but ext2 drivers are one of your options06:14
Tux91its ext 306:15
Tux91for mine06:15
AegNuddelI have a piece of software that ends up having more than one dependency but when I backtrack to them, it ends up with conflicting dependencies06:15
pfifomy windows drivers do both ext2 and 3 but not 406:15
KINGOFSWORDSdo i partion ext2 in gparted?06:16
pfifoKINGOFSWORDS, ubuntu is already installed do its too late to format, you probbally have ext306:17
KINGOFSWORDSi thought i needed fat or ntfs?06:17
=== LagggTrims is now known as LagggSmox
amybunnyNot a huge concern, but is there any way to have the "close/minimize/fullscreen" buttons on applications in Ubuntu show up on the right hand side instead of the left?06:17
pfifowindows needs ntfs, ubuntu needs ext2/3/4 or maybey a few others are ok too06:17
hiexpoamybunny, yes06:18
rww!controls | amybunny06:18
ubottuamybunny: In Lucid, the minimize, maximize, and close buttons have been moved to the left side. For more information, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-themes/+bug/532633/comments/56406:18
amybunnythanks for the link :)06:18
rww... huh, i swear there was another URL there.06:18
hiexpoamybunny, ok listen on desktop right click it06:18
conicaldoes someone in here know anything about libboost06:18
hiexpoamybunny, than change desktop back ground06:19
hiexpoamybunny, than theme and change your theme to one you like06:20
YankDownUnderChanging the WINDOWS CONTROLS POSITIONS: http://tombott.com/ubuntu_10.04_lucid_lynx_window_control_position06:20
KINGOFSWORDSi got no idea whats going on06:20
lariousDont have root access and need to install a php program on my server and vnc, is it possible and any slotion06:21
mordofon ubuntu 10.10.. watching a .mkv file (dual audio with subtitles), i'll get about 5 minutes (roughly, appears random) and the audio will cut out - but the video will continue playing. if i move the play progress at all, even backwards - it'll keep going for a bit until it cuts out again06:22
amybunnyThanks, another theme seems to do the job just right.06:22
mordofanyone got any ideas why, or any thoughts on troubleshooting this?06:22
lariousDont have root access and need to install a php program on my server and vnc, is it possible and any solution06:22
=== tux is now known as tux91
CooKieMonsteranyone can teach me how to use filezilla to transfer file thru sftp06:23
tux91i wounder what happend with the other guy went06:23
sandra2Bonjour ici06:23
CooKieMonsteri'm using ubuntun 8.0406:23
YankDownUnderlarious, If it's YOUR server, um, mate, why don't you have root access?06:23
pfifomordof, i use mplayer and it works fine06:23
tux91wow an old ver son06:23
mordofpfifo: yeah, just downloading that now to see if it's just a glitch with totem, or my OS06:23
CooKieMonsteranyone can teach me how to use filezilla to transfer file thru sftp06:24
pfifomordof, ubuntu-restricted-extras and mplayer are all i need, have had alot of luck with vlc too06:24
lariousYankDownUnder: honestly the server belong to my friend he gave me for renting it and he neva want to install the php tp help the situation06:24
YankDownUnderlarious, If he didn't give a root password, or sudo access, then you'll have to reset the root password (or create one)06:25
pfifowithout the root password its not really your server.06:26
mordofpfifo: never liked vlc when i was in windows06:26
mordofpfifo: though at that time media player classic was the better alternative06:26
SLruanenter F12 but can't find usb06:26
pfifomordof, its pretty much exactly the same in linux so you probbally still wont like it06:27
lariousYankDownUnder: how do i create one?06:27
YankDownUnderlarious, Can you use "sudo" on that machine?06:27
lariousdont think so06:27
lariouslet me check06:27
mordofpfifo: gnome mplayer seems to be working reliably..06:28
KINGOFSWORDSis there anyway to wipe ubuntu but keep media files for use in windows?06:29
lariousYankDownUnder: sudo what?06:29
YankDownUnderlarious, What you can do is: sudo passwd => enter new password for root06:29
jellywarejoin #computerbank06:30
mordofpfifo: yep, i guess it was just totem being stupid06:31
lariousYankDownUnder: user is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.06:31
axxekorrIs there a conservative chat room???06:31
pfifomordof, i dont really like totem or gstreamer, codec problems06:31
lariousYankDownUnder: user is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported.06:31
YankDownUnderlarious, Then you'll have to "recover" the root password with a liveCD06:32
Abhijithow to export files from labyrith mind mapping tool? or where does it stores files?06:32
axxekorrAnyone into nightwish?06:32
mordofaxxekorr: /06:32
axxekorrMe confoosed??06:33
mordofaxxekorr: that'd mean that i am, lol06:33
rannmannYankDownUnder: Can't you just drop into single user mode and fix it?06:34
=== kj is now known as Guest43936
YankDownUnderrannmann, Oh - yeah - roight....yeah...same diff06:35
rannmann(I'm a RedHat guy, so I'm honestly not sure)06:35
axxekorrWhat does everyone think of Pres. Obama??06:35
Abhijit!ot | axxekorr06:35
ubottuaxxekorr: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!06:35
YankDownUnderrannmann, Nah - that works - I'm just tired.06:35
Guest43936Is there a way to secure a Vino connection?06:35
HowardTheDuckhey can someone recommend a good NES emulator for Lubuntu w/ a GUI?06:36
YankDownUnderI just go to the vino store and make sure I have enough money - that generally secures it.06:36
Guest43936YankDownUnder: Oh, but of course, money makes the world go 'round, anyways06:37
Guest43936But I mean Vino, the VNC server >.>06:38
=== jackneill is now known as Jackneill
YankDownUnderI'd read the docs on the VNC homepage or the Vino Server docs06:38
Abhijitanyone hyere uses freemind, semantik?06:39
Guest43936Egh, docs..06:39
quatchI had Ubuntu 10.10 dual booting with windows 7. I reformated and used unetbootin to install debian 6 x64 all inside of one partiton. Now when I boot up it says Verifying DMI pool data....then just hangs. It will let me boot with a ubuntu 9.10 live cd, but I dont have a debian live cd.  If I run sudo grub-update from live it tells me error: could not find device path for /.  What to do?06:40
lifeformI have never used this thing before and came on jsut in case anyone knew how to make a web cam work with skype.  Please forgive me if I have the ettiquest wrong.  If there is a correct way to ask questions please could someone tell me.06:41
Flannellifeform: Yep, the best way to ask a question is to just ask :)06:41
ubuntuesHow do you edit a folder appearance, like how the downloads folder has the little icon?06:41
Guest43936quatch: Have you tried reinstalling debian onto that partition?06:41
lifeformThank you flannel06:42
quatchyes and when i boot it does the hang and wont boot up06:42
quatchi reformated installed debian and now it says veifying dmi pool data06:42
quatchive tried te06:42
keidoriquick question, do you feel that ubuntu runs well with ati or nvidia?06:42
HTCPXI'm at maverick installation screen where i have option to download updates while installing. is it better to tick this or update after installation?06:43
MaRk-IGuest43936: you mean secure as in asking for password or secure as in encrypting the connection?06:43
mordofkeidori: i prefer nvidia over ati for ubuntu06:43
lifeformTo Quatch, it could be the differant grub loaders that you need to look at between the versions you used grub changed from legasy to 206:43
ubuntuesHow do you edit your folders in ubuntu, like how your music foldr has a music icon?06:43
keidorimordof: and why is that?06:44
mordofkeidori: last time i tried ati - the drivers weren't really that good.. nvidia's drivers have been much better for me06:44
lifeformIt runs ok with nvidea06:44
pfifoquatch, i like debian and all, but its not quite as usr friendly as ubuntu, you should really consider ubuntu over debian until you got the hang of things.06:44
mordofkeidori: the nvidia driver GUI panel covered dual monitor config and whatnot perfectly06:44
mordofkeidori: though that may also be because my ati card was legacy06:44
keidorimordof: ahhh I see I hear that ati works better, but thats why I ask06:44
* mordof shrugs06:44
quatchso should i just try to install ubuntu?06:45
HTCPXshould I tick the option to update while installing or update after ubuntu installation?06:45
mordofkeidori: i'm having no problems at all with my card.06:45
quatchor am i gonna have the same problem with mbr?06:45
keidoriI'm running a ati 5770 and its ok, but Im having some issues with 1080p videos06:45
mordofkeidori: gtx 460 1gb, so i would hope not.. originally got it for gaming and then decided to ditch windows, lol06:45
keidoriand on a card like this I wouldn't think so06:45
mordofi don't have any 1080p videos to test i don't think *checks*06:45
pfifoquatch, you should install the cd you have for ubuntu to atleast get a working OS06:45
tomatobrosHTCPX:  do it later for fast installation06:46
keidorimordof: same thing, I was gaming but I got bored and switched to ubuntu06:46
lifeformYou could try running from the live cd then going to update drivers ( obviously you don't ) that would at least show if a driver is available.06:46
quatchif i install 9.10 wil lbe able to update to 10.10 without a dvd?06:46
pfifoquatch, you can06:46
optidudewhat is the easiest way to uninstall ubuntu and re-install in different partition  :-)06:47
quatchjust do it like normally updating?06:47
lifeformTechnically yes but on the forums the general thought are that a clean install is far better than an upgrade.06:47
Guest43936MaRk-I: I know Vino can be set up with a password, so yeah, I mean encrypting the connection06:47
quatchwell i dont have any blank dvds but i can install 10.10 with usb?06:47
optidudei cant get back into my vista install on my laptop...hehehe06:47
quatchidk how thats viewed compared to dvd install06:48
keidoriquatch: got any cd-r's?06:48
HTCPXthanks bro06:48
quatchno :[06:48
lifeformOr if you want to reduce fiddleing to a minimum you could go for 10.04lts.  Very stable.06:48
optidudeshould i put in my vista cd and reboot06:48
quatchwhats 10.04lts?06:48
keidoriquatch: awww $#%# well try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick06:48
MaRk-IGuest43936: through SSH  http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:All#Remote_Access06:48
KINGOFSWORDSwhats fstab?06:49
keidoriquatch: same as dvd or cd-r install06:49
keidoriquatch: np06:49
lifeformAlways be sure that windows is on first if you are intending to duel boot.06:49
tor_PEOPLE, I need help with Wine....... How do I find the "program files" folder?06:50
optidudelifeform....you mean install from inside windows?06:50
trecohey, may I obtain an unaffiliated cloak?06:50
lifeformGo to home, click show hidden files then look for .wine06:50
pfifo'duel boot06:50
mordofkeidori: found a short little clip in 1080p - downlaoding to test06:50
ubuntuesHow to add emblems to ubuntu ?06:51
mordof867MB for like... 6 minutes xD lol06:51
keidorimordof: cool, let me know06:51
mordofkeidori: well... ETA is 35min >.>; so it'lll be a bit06:51
tomatobrostor_:  open your home folder press ctrl+h there is a .wine folder your programfiles folder in there06:51
keidorithe whole ati vs nvidia thing is because im thinking about building a media center and there are a few nvidia ion boards and ati has this new fusion thing going on06:51
mordofkeidori: but if you're still here i will06:51
optidudeman ubuntu is waaaaayyy faster than windows...06:51
lifeformSo is this chat.06:51
keidorimordof: ill wait around\06:52
KM0201optidude, well duh.. :)06:52
MaRk-IGuest43936: another guide https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC06:52
keidoriI busted my foot so ive got nothing better to do06:52
mordofkeidori: k. my drivers are the ones simply suggested upon a scan for restricted closed source hardware06:52
hrezaei1pfifo: Another question! I've installed my vga driver (ATI 5670) after about 5 hours download! I didn't find any relating named pkg in  /var/cache/apt/archives/. is there it anywhere else? or they should be there with a unknown name? how to back it up for later use maybe on the next ubuntu installation?06:52
mordofkeidori: default ones, i did no extra work to install them06:52
AegNuddeldoes anyone know a good way to repair a broken cache error?06:52
oscargot 06:52
keidorimordof: same here (but with ati)06:53
mordofkeidori: i find it kinda interesting that my monitor resolution is 1920x1080, heh06:53
mordofmy main one, native... i mean06:53
lifeformThere is a program called aptoncd which can be used to back up programs for offline reinstallation.06:53
=== aaron is now known as Guest41205
tor_tomatbros: thanx..............06:53
keidorimordof: im stuck at 1440 X 900 with my 19" lcd :(06:53
trecoiai galera sou novo aqui  se tiver um brazuca ai06:53
treco pode me dar uma ajuda?06:54
mordofkeidori: ah06:54
mordofkeidori: http://www.bigbuckbunny.org/index.php/download/  using this (ogg format 1920x1080) for my example06:54
hrezaei1lifeform: I want an aptonUSB or aptonHard?06:54
pfifohrezaei1, there should be a package for it in the cache, maybe it auto deletes it after its done installing06:54
Starminn!portugese | treco06:54
keidorimordof: I used some random utube videos, but ill try that so we have a side by side06:54
pfifohrezaei1, its a binary driver so its a bit different, probbally best to just redownload it after a reinstall anyway06:55
lifeformYou can get it form the standard repositories, just bung it in in the useual way.06:55
Starminn!portuguese | treco06:55
ubottutreco: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.06:55
hrezaei1pfifo: Oh! no! how can I be sure of this?06:55
mordofkeidori: kk. this is a free video made with blender, heh.. open source - it's pretty cool06:55
mordofkeidori: hmm.. maybe not open source, but free at least06:55
lifeformElephants dream is a good example of what blender can do and that is public domain.06:56
keidorimordof: sweet06:56
lifeformBig Buck Bunny is pretty good too.06:56
pfifohrezaei1, xorg drivers are stored in /usr/lib/X11 i think. The video drivers are a bit complicated06:56
mordoflifeform: heh *nods*06:56
=== Speleo is now known as spel3o
keidorimordof: im a big fan of amd/ati due to the price and performance06:57
Guest43936MaRk-I: I just glanced at those pages, and like ahhhhh, I was hoping for a quick fix. I'm gonna bookmark those links though and look at the later. Really appreciate your help!06:57
spel3oHey all :) Doesn anyone know how to set up an ircd-irc2 server?06:57
keidoriplus they are the "underdogs"06:57
mordofkeidori: i have amd/nvidia. i don't care that they're not paired up that way.. before amd bought ati, neither were paired to begin with06:57
=== LagggSmox is now known as Laggg
mordofkeidori: but price for performance i think i got a pretty good deal.06:58
MaRk-IGuest43936: security takes time and yw06:58
keidorimordof: nice, are there pm's in irq?06:58
pfifo>implying nvidia is for intel06:58
mordofkeidori: yeah06:58
keidoripfifo: lol06:58
lifeformAnyone know how to make webcam work in skype, the cam is ok in cheese already.06:58
Starminnkeidori:  /msg User06:58
pfifowhat does via get?06:59
keidoristarminn: thanks06:59
spel3oMy ircd-irc2 sever is failing.. Can anyone help me please?06:59
mordofkeidori: sent you a message, don't know if it worked06:59
hrezaei1pfifo: what do you mean about "a bit complicated"? when I changed my vga from another to this, deleting xorg.conf and rebooting,made it regenerated and my ubuntu worked again.can we reason that its driver was there?!!07:00
hrezaei1pfifo: what is xorg.conf?07:01
fisixhrezaei1, send it to /dev/null before it attacks you07:02
Laggghow do i install this icon set?07:02
AegNuddelDoes anyone know where I can ger gdk-imlib11?07:02
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
spel3oDoes anyone know how to set up an irc server here?07:03
fisixLaggg, your link doesn't work07:03
fisixspel3o, i'd like to know too. you can prob google for that though07:03
pfifohrezaei1, if there isnt a package for the driver in your cache, you can always get the drive directly from ati website, installing it properly is a diferent story, alot of poeple have trouble getting it to work even installing it with the ubuntu package07:03
hrezaei1fisix: is it a terrorist?! is dev/null a prison?!07:03
Lagggfisix: http://bit.ly/fijj0Y07:03
optidudewow, just ran into a snag...cant watch some shows on xfinity with ubuntu...bummer  :-(07:03
Laggghow do i install this icon set? http://bit.ly/fijj0Y07:03
spel3ofisix, I've been looking around for a solution, none so far07:03
optidudehmmmm flash seems a little weird too07:03
optidudegot some artifacts in most vids07:04
fisixspel3o, lolwat https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IrcServer07:04
spel3owhere are the network logs stored on ubuntu?07:04
fisixhrezaei1, /dev/null/ is linux's blackhole07:05
hrezaei1pfifo: I don't know exactly what  should I  search in the archive?07:05
spel3ofisix, checked that one out, that's the one I've been going off of, still no avail, thanks though07:05
fisixhrezaei1, now featuring terrorists ^^07:05
fisixspel3o, lol what exactly is going wrong :S?07:05
pfifohrezaei1, it would be something like xorg-server-ati.deb or similiar07:06
spel3ofisix, haha, I'm trying to find out.. I need to find out where the logs are, and maybe uncomment some log options in the ircd conf file07:07
hrezaei1pfifo: no ati, no amd,no xorg liked pks is there!07:07
spel3oBut it was working PERFECTLY before, I did a restart without changing anything, and now the daemon won't start. So it had to be something that was modified on startup07:07
pfifohrezaei1, its not that big of a deal if its missing, the point of copying these files are to save time downloading on another machine, they have a shelf life and should not be kept around for more than a few weeks07:08
fisixspel3o, ahh good luck with that! :D07:08
spel3ofisix, time to go surf the log files upon log files.. lol. Or just use a new irc program07:10
PDSmediaI am looking for help with setting up Ubuntu server.  Am I on the right channel?07:11
spel3oSure, what do you need help with?07:11
hrezaei1pfifo: :-( Ok! I found installing drivers very difficult on ubuntu! :'(07:12
hrezaei1one of my main problems(caused it trouble!) is that I can not install my WiFi card of my laptop, and cannot connect it to internet!07:12
PDSmediathe only reference I have is the PDF file found on the Ubuntu site.  It requires that you edit a lot of configuration files... but dose not mention what commands allow u to do that07:13
PDSmediaand, I don't know the file structure/paths to anything07:13
spel3oPDSmedia, what type of server are you trying to set up?07:13
dshbusinessHello. Does somebody know how to use git?07:13
pfifohrezaei1, im not relly sure about  that maybe someone else can hep you with wifi and what not, anyway im heading to sleep07:14
PDSmediaUbuntu server verion 10.0407:14
freaky[t]hm, does anyone know of any alternative to google docs which i can host on my own server?07:14
PDSmedia32 bit07:14
spel3oPDSmedia, the os or a service?07:14
hrezaei1pfifo: thanks for your usefull helps.bye07:14
philipballewI have a question07:14
=== Laggg is now known as iamgay
philipballewi think my comp might be hacked. how can i tell07:15
PDSmediaI'm guess the OS because I installed on a PC myself from a CD07:15
disappearedngphilipballew: check under your computer, is there a hole?07:15
dshbusinessI have a question about git, but nowhere to ask. When I delete a file named e.c under branch exp, with rm command, then switch back to master, I cannot find e.c.07:16
philipballewhaha. yes, its about 6 inches wide07:16
hiexpophilipballew, why you think you got hacked?07:16
spel3oG'night all07:16
philipballewwell when i had twitter open a new tab opened with a search on twitter for hard napples appeared07:17
hiexpophilipballew, and you are running linux07:17
philipballewUbuntu 10.10 64 bit sir07:18
AegNuddelThere seems to be a programming error in aptdaemon, the software that allows you to install/remove software and to perform other package management related tasks. Please report this error at http://launchpad.net/aptdaemon/+filebug and retry.07:18
hiexpophilipballew, have you rebooted since than07:18
philipballewi have https enabled on twitter so its not that07:18
dustinhey  ubuntu family ,good do07:18
philipballewyes i have and its happened again. and i keep hearing soft music comming from my laptop speakers07:19
AegNuddeldarn it07:19
AegNuddelI wanted that software07:19
AegNuddeldumb thing07:19
hiexpophilipballew, have you cleared your cookies in firefox?07:20
dustindo you have all you system codexs ?07:20
philipballewim running chrome07:20
philipballewbut i can do it there as i have not07:20
PDSmediaAsking again... am I on the right channel for qustions about setting up Ubuntu server?07:20
hiexpophilipballew, ya clear the cookies and history probally all that is wrong07:21
philipballewalright. i jope that stops the sounds from comming through my speakers07:21
dustinanyone need help ?07:21
treebeenPDSmedia: i would say yes07:22
cakebot9000when I run aptitude search blah, I get a list of packages and there's a letter on the far left for each one. it's either an i for installed, a v for virtual, or a p or c07:22
hiexpodustin, ya got a c note you can spare  :007:22
MK``Damnit. I clicked "revert" on menu changes I made, and it reverted the structure but just deleted any things I had in custom folders I made... how do I restore them?07:22
cakebot9000what do the p and c mean?07:22
hrezaei1People! anyone to help me installing Wireless WLAN 1501 Half Mini-Card on dell N5010?07:22
hiexpocakebot9000, what you mean ?07:23
PDSmediathe only reference I have is the PDF file found on the Ubuntu site.  It requires that you edit a lot of configuration files... but does not mention what commands allow u to do that07:23
cakebot9000hiexpo: p   linux-image-2.6.35-25-virtual                      - Linux kernel image for version 2.6.35 on x86/x86_6407:23
cakebot9000^^ what does the p at the start mean?07:24
dustin do this everyone ,sudo wget --output-document=/etc/apt/sources.list.d/medibuntu.list http://www.medibuntu.org/sources.list.d/$(lsb_release -cs).list && sudo apt-get --quiet update && sudo apt-get --yes --quiet --allow-unauthenticated install medibuntu-keyring && sudo apt-get --quiet update07:24
cakebot9000ohh, finally found it in the manpage for aptitude07:24
cakebot9000p is no trace07:24
cakebot9000c is config files exist for it07:24
cakebot9000so it was uninstalled but not purged07:24
cakebot9000it's not in the manpage for apt-cache and google didn't help :/07:25
cakebot9000anyway, found the answer07:25
cakebot9000I'm off07:25
hrezaei1People! anyone to help me installing Wireless WLAN 1501 Half Mini-Card on dell N5010?:-(07:26
dustinfollow that command , for you playback issues07:26
dustinpm me07:26
MK``Damnit. I clicked "revert" on menu changes I made, and it reverted the structure but just deleted any things I had in custom folders I made... how do I restore them?07:27
dustinwhats the specs?07:27
AegNuddelthis make won't work like it says07:28
dustinhrezaei1,  whats the specs ?07:28
hiexpoAegNuddel, ?07:29
hrezaei1dustin: It was its full name. specs?!07:29
AegNuddelI downloaded a file07:30
SoftDroidAfter an update everytime I turn on the computer I see the Grub GNu menu, how can can switch it off?07:30
MK``I was editing the Applications menu to move stuff around when it lost focus and I accidentally deleted one of the root folders. I clicked "revert" on menu changes I made, and it reverted the structure but just deleted any things I had in custom folders I made... how do I restore them?07:30
AegNuddelhiexpo, I downloaded a file.  I try to un make as per the instrructions, and it gives me an error about a filr gnome generates not being there07:31
hiexpoMK``, i think your stuck07:31
hiexpoAegNuddel, it tells you what you need07:31
AegNuddelhiexpo, this precisely; configure: error: Could not find the gnomeConf.sh file that is generated by gnome-libs install07:32
MK``*sigh* I'll just uninstall and reinstall all those programs07:32
dustinhrezaei1,  heloo ?07:33
syrinx_MK``: how do you accidently delete the root folder? thats pretty impossible07:33
AegNuddelso hiexpo ... what's it mean?07:33
hiexpoAegNuddel, did you read the read me and install read mefilefirst07:33
gaelfxsyrinx_: there are many joke posts of commands that would do that07:33
gaelfxsyrinx_: never underestimate the power of stupidity07:33
hrezaei1dustin: what do you mean?!!07:33
MK``syrinx_:  I mean, I pressed delete on a folder, but for whatever reason, it moved up to its parent and deleted that. it wasn't the root menu for everything, just that group I was working on07:33
syrinx_gaelfx: sup dude, and yea but, thats still pretty impossible07:34
MK``I think Gnome is allergic to user friendliness07:34
keidorimk: gnome is my friend07:34
x3point14xi got a quick question in regards to shell scripts07:34
pankaj_sharmalol no07:34
syrinx_!ask | x3point14x07:34
ubottux3point14x: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:34
gaelfxMK``: if you're using ext4, it shouldn't be a problem to recover the space, there are tools out there freely available to recover those things07:35
x3point14xis there any equivalent of a goto command?07:35
syrinx_a goto command? in what?07:35
SoftDroidNo one?07:35
MK``It'll be easier for me to do this the hard way, it seems07:35
x3point14xin a .sh script07:35
tsimpsonx3point14x: you don't need goto, use functions instead07:35
x3point14xwell heres the scenario07:36
x3point14xi got a scipt that i want to run wait 5 minutes then run itself again07:36
x3point14xi was hoping to be able to run this inside of a screen07:36
x3point14xso i could check up on it07:36
syrinx_could set it up as a cronjob07:36
tsimpsonsounds more like you want to use cron07:36
x3point14xi tried cron bit for whatever reason it doesnt run properly07:37
x3point14xitll run fine a few times07:37
x3point14xthen just stop07:37
syrinx_probably wrote it wrong?07:37
syrinx_99% of the time, a problem is linux/unix is human error :)07:38
x3point14x*/5 * * * * /sync.sh07:38
x3point14xthe script works fine if i run it manualy07:39
zcat[1]I'd guess your paths in cron don't match your paths in the shell so the script isn't finding stuff..07:39
x3point14xhow would i fix that?07:39
x3point14xthe script is sitting in the root of the drive07:39
=== iamgay is now known as kush
=== kush is now known as blahblah
zcat[1]echo $PATH -- then at the top of your script PATH= whatever it told you in the shell07:40
=== blahblah is now known as Laggg
syrinx_/bin/ is usually a safe place to put cronjobs07:40
syrinx_or /usr/bin/07:41
crackguyat which path can i access my usb flash drive in linux terminal07:41
zcat[1]crackguy:  /media/something -- something will be the disk label if it has one or the filesystem UUID otherwise07:41
crackguythank you07:42
rannmann/etc/cron.d maybe?07:42
dustin hrezaei1, it means thatt ....what it says , whats your os  (someproblems are with suppport  of just that os like 9.04 and .9.10)   what is your computer running hardware like i got 2gig of ran and 2.1 and anthon 64  cpu ,, softeware  your running .... what you ask for i help "THATS HOW YOU ASK FOR HELP  SO I DONT BE ASKING FOR  20 min  just to find your os  is out of date , and not suporrted!!!!07:42
=== Laggg is now known as Phaggg
rannmannwas that... English?07:43
LewocoNautilus (and other GUI file browsers) automatically open files with the associated program when you double-click them. Is there a command line program I can run that can do the same thing?07:43
elricLcan anyone help me with http://askubuntu.com/questions/34997/disk-drive-not-ready-yet-or-not-available ??07:44
logladif I am operating xchat in irssi then how do i switch between multiple chat rooms that i am currently in07:44
MK``I reinstalled the programs but it did not re-create their icons in the menu now :| any idea why that would happen?07:44
LewocoFor example on windows, 'start foo.txt' will automatically open a program in notepad.07:44
syrinx_loglad: xchat in irssi??07:44
x3point14xis there a way to check that cronjobs are running?07:44
Lewocologlad, alt-num iirc?07:44
x3point14xdoes it log its actions anywhere?07:44
zcat[1]Lewoco:  there probably is but I don't know ;)07:44
tsimpsonLewoco: usually "xdg-open" will do the right thing07:45
syrinx_x3point14x: maybe in /log/07:45
syrinx_or /etc/log07:45
tsimpsonusually /var/log/syslog07:45
zcat[1]tsimpson:  cool, I just learned something new ;)07:45
logladthat does not make sense to me07:45
Lewocotsimpson, thanks07:46
zcat[1]x3point14x:  cron jobs mail theor output to whatever user is in MAILTO .. you can set that at the top of your crontab07:46
logladhow do i find new and interesting chat rooms07:47
AegNuddelhiexpo, I'm not finding anything in them that helps07:47
syrinx_look for them? loglad07:47
logladhow do i look for the,07:47
Lewocologlad, Sounds like you're new to IRC. You'd probably be much better off with xchat.07:47
zcat[1] /list I think?07:47
elricLcan anyone help me with http://askubuntu.com/questions/34997/disk-drive-not-ready-yet-or-not-available ??07:48
tsimpsonon freenode, you want to use alis, "/msg alis help list" for usage info07:48
syrinx_i still want to know how you "use xchat in irssi"07:48
syrinx_and why you would want to do it in the first place07:49
cgtdksyrinx_: o.o xhcat in irssi?07:49
tsimpsonsyrinx_: I presume s/xchat/IRC/07:49
syrinx_thats is what was said07:49
syrinx_02:43 < loglad> if I am operating xchat in irssi then how do i switch between multiple chat rooms that i am currently in07:49
MaRk-IelricL: that's natty, for natty support join #ubuntu+107:50
=== Phaggg is now known as Moar
syrinx_very interesting 0_o07:50
cgtdkHow do I change directory in DOS in FreeBSD while using OS X?07:50
dustinloglad, got to go to setting  and tell it to  the channel switcher  to make a  tree  and , extra tabs07:50
syrinx_cgtdk derped07:51
cgtdkdustin: loglad left07:51
dustinyou ppl are to danm impainet07:51
cgtdkThat's what she said07:51
dustin.... rrrr noobs07:52
bazhangcgtdk, thats enough07:52
cgtdkbazhang: :(07:52
bazhangdustin, dont use that here please07:52
oyouareatubeowhere di loglad?07:53
syrinx_we were all n**bs once07:53
cgtdksyrinx_: except for bazhang07:53
syrinx_EVEN bazhang07:54
cgtdkNO WAI!!!!07:54
cgtdkMIND == BLOWN07:54
syrinx_it was a brief period of prehistory, but yes07:54
bazhang!ot | syrinx_ cgtdk07:54
ubottusyrinx_ cgtdk: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:54
syrinx_bazhang: ok, ok...07:55
_sagion typing "git push origin master" on git repo07:55
_sagiI am getting an error :07:55
syrinx_cgtdk: see query07:55
_sagifatal: 'origin' does not appear to be a git repository07:55
_sagifatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly07:55
dustinbazhang, everyonewell .... its true "ms" has brain washed the noobes  to damnantion , with a few push bottom s and dont addtidue and bottom less impaintness07:55
_sagiCan anybody help ?07:55
bazhangdustin, lets take chit chat elsewhere please07:56
sam_what command do i type in to see the status of 3d07:56
dustinim on subject , just not a robot, someone   im trying help , not perfect07:59
syrinx_sam_: glxinfo | grep rendering08:00
freaky[t]hm, does anyone know of any alternative to google docs which i can host on my own server?08:00
ChronicSyncopei cant make my iphone charge08:03
ChronicSyncopeevery time i plug it in it says it's not compatible08:03
ChronicSyncopei installed a lot of the different iphone utilities, but no idce08:03
ChronicSyncopeit charges for a little while when i first plug it in, but after maybe a minute or two it goes to the "incompatible" yellow triangle08:04
ChronicSyncopeand then when i plug it back in it goes straight to the triangle08:04
ChronicSyncopei've tried different usb ports08:04
kaushalis gnome3 available in 11.04 ?08:04
bazhangkaushal, #ubuntu+1 for natty08:04
ChronicSyncopekaushal default is gnome2, idk if its available08:04
_sagidustin, "git push origin master" gives an error to me08:08
_sagifatal: 'origin' does not appear to be a git repository08:08
_sagifatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly08:08
_sagiWhat does that mean ?08:08
syrinx_wow, um08:13
pfifoi cant sleep08:13
syrinx_!enter | _sagi, ChronicSyncope08:13
ubottu_sagi, ChronicSyncope: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!08:13
boundermorning all08:14
syrinx_bounder: evening, mate.08:14
bounderwhatever lol08:15
ChronicSyncope_sagi, try #git08:16
bounderi keep on trying to change the color of my nick in text events but fail everytime?08:17
louigihey guys! firefox does not show up in sound preferences!08:17
ChronicSyncopeuse chrome08:17
ChronicSyncopeyou're right though.08:18
ChronicSyncopehowever the flash plugin container shows up08:18
ChronicSyncopeso if the sound playing is flash you can turn it down08:18
PipHello, after crash, my ubuntu couldn't enter X window automatically08:19
louigiChronicSyncope, nothing shows in sound prefs. It says - no applications currently playing audio08:19
Evanescencehow to use wicd-cli to connect wireless ?08:19
ChronicSyncopelouigi, while watching a video on youtube08:19
ChronicSyncopeit will08:19
louigiChronicSyncope, it does not. this is why I am searching for a solution08:19
louigiin fact, many other programms stopped showing08:19
louigivlc does08:20
louigiso I cannot switch firefox to my external card anymore08:20
Paspaatoday is my day i do a reinstall with ubuntu 11.04 beta 2 !!08:20
PipPaspaa, cheers08:20
PipPaspaa, but why do you use ubuntu ?08:21
Paspaabecause its good08:22
PipHow so ?08:22
Paspaavery good08:22
Pipwhat about my problem ?08:22
eureka_sayaI think so08:22
Pip<Pip> Hello, after crash, my ubuntu couldn't enter X window automatically08:22
Paspaabut 10.10 or 11.0408:22
Paspaanot sure08:22
PipWhat if you got that problem, what would you do ?08:22
PaspaaPip: whats your problem08:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:23
PipPaspaa, computer got electricity cut off suddenly and then .....08:24
Paspaayou said that before please dont repeat you08:24
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/08:24
PipPaspaa, So you have the ability to enjoy the system but couldn't fix it when you got a problem ?08:25
bounderbye folks08:25
PaspaaPip yes i have08:25
tor_I want to run Windows 7 in Ubuntu, how do I do that?08:25
Piptor_, seriously ?08:25
Paspaano problem tor_ you can do it08:25
Starminntor_: VirtualBox08:25
tor_Virtual Manager or something..08:25
Paspaaplease kick Pip08:25
mkquistPip: have you checked the logs? to see what the problem is?08:25
PipPaspaa, I wish you're not OP08:26
Pipmkquist, Should I check the log ?08:26
tor_Some programs soesn't work in Linux..08:26
Starminn!virtualbox | tor_08:26
ubottutor_: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from the package 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox08:26
mkquistPip: yes08:26
Starminntor_: have you tried them in Wine?08:26
tor_Ok, thanks..08:26
mkquistPip: of course08:26
tor_Yess, have tried in Wine..08:26
Piptor_, You tried Windows 7 with wine ?08:27
Starminntor_: Then yes, a virtual machine is the way to go. I have an XP virtual machine on my system, personally.08:27
mkquistPip: it might give you a hint08:27
StarminnPip: Doesn't work that way. Stop spouting rabble.08:27
PipStarminn, What doesn't work ?08:27
tor_Windows 7 in Wine?08:28
Piptor_, I don't think windows 7 works in wine08:28
mkquistPip: Windows 7 and wine works fine for me...08:28
perojoki'm doing "grep -E template < file" and got "Binary file (standard input) matches", whats wrong?08:28
tor_Trying Virtualbox08:29
PipI thought somebody wants to run windows 7 on wine08:29
tor_How do you run Win 7 in Wine?08:29
mkquistPip: sorry, vbox and win7 works fine...08:29
greppytor_: you can't08:29
Piptor_, I don't think you can08:29
Piptor_, wine is not a virtual machine08:30
mkquistPip: watch the updates though... they can break it, as far as windows geniune... lalala08:30
bounderain't gotta clue?08:30
perojoki fixed it!08:31
amybunnyanyone know a partition tool for winxp that I can run in winxp with full functionality for deleting partitions?08:32
Pipamybunny, Partition Magic08:32
KM0201Pip, thats not for Windows is it?08:32
PipIt IS08:32
PipWith Partition Magic, you can divide your C:\ into parts on the fly08:33
greppyamybunny: what are you trying to do?08:33
KM0201amybunny, google "Easus Partition Master"... it's a good windows tool08:34
Pipamybunny, You are on ubuntu, why can do anything on linux08:34
amybunnypartition magic demo tool would let me delete the partitions but not commit the changes08:34
Pipamybunny, Why did you use demo ?08:34
Pipamybunny, wait, what exactly do you want to do ?08:34
PipI said you can get anything done on Linux08:34
bounderlast attempt08:35
greppyamybunny: are you trying to delete a linux partition in windows?08:35
Pipgreppy, Oh, no :S08:35
amybunnypip: the system has 2 linux partitions on it currently. The Ubuntu installation disc's partition tool does not allow you to delete the partition and then install alongside an existing OS.08:35
PipI would assume she wants to extend linux world08:35
DirtyDawggparted is good too08:35
KM0201amybunny, sure it does, i do it all the time08:35
greppyPip: by assuming instead of asking what people are trying to accomplish, you'll end up making mistakes :)08:36
amybunnyok, lets give it a try, and I'll ask when it starts borking08:36
Pipamybunny, You can't delete a partition that is mounted08:36
PipI mean being mounted08:37
KM0201amybunny, get to the partition stage.. and i'll tell you how to do it... make sure all your partitions are unmounted, etc08:37
amybunnythis is straight off the installation disc, so it shouldn't be mounted?08:37
KM0201amybunny, ok.. as long as they aren't mounted08:38
Pipamybunny, there is a tool for linux which is almost as powerful as PM08:38
amybunnyim a bit more familiar with fdisk/cfdisk08:38
Pipamybunny, GParted is totally "what you see is what you will get"08:38
amybunnyah, that's the one with the moveable bar for partition size, right?08:39
amybunnyincluded with the Ubuntu installation disc08:39
quuxmanIs there a new system for starting and stopping services, that replaces sysvinit I think?08:39
KM0201pretty much, but if you want to delete an old ubuntu install, and install a new one, then you don't want to use the "auto" partition tool08:39
amybunnypsay yeah, that's what I need to do. delete an old/mistaken ubuntu install08:40
amybunnyi was a bit tired when doing the first installation and grabbed the desktop disc instead of the netbook disc.08:40
KM0201amybunny, ok.. thats really not difficult at all.08:40
gaelfxhm, I thought the partitioner in the install was gparted?08:40
Tyrnisplop all08:41
amybunnywithout deleting the whole drive (because of the windows OS that is installed that I want to keep installed alongside it)08:41
amybunnyIm helping my cousin get acquainted with linux, I thought Ubuntu would be a good first distro for him08:41
KM0201amybunny, right.. it really should be a piece of cake08:41
KM0201are you on the live cd now?08:41
amybunnythe install disk is booting up now, It should be pretty easy.08:42
Zpixhi all08:42
amybunnyhey zpix08:42
ZpixI compiled 2.6.38 kernel on ubuntu 10.10 but with this kernel i can't boot08:42
sburwood1I have a problem with /home/¬/ICEauthority.  Someone told me to get a recovery console during boot to do chown user.user /home/user/ICEauthority.  How do I get a recovery console?  My system doesn't give me a choice of kernels, recovery, etc08:42
Zpixamybunny: hi :)08:42
VIC-20Hello, I am trying to make a grub boot floppy with my current grub configuration and the instructions on the grub how-to are failing me08:42
quuxmanI installed mysql-server, and apt asked me to type "Yes, do as I say!" which I knew was a bad idea, but I did it anyway08:43
quuxmansurprise, now my system doesn't boot08:43
amybunnyok, so try or install08:43
quuxmanI remember it installing a package that conflicted with sysvinit, or something08:43
amybunnyi'll choose install, right?08:43
quuxmanbut I can't remember what it was called08:43
Pipamybunny, Install what ?08:43
quuxmannow that I'm chrooted in to the system, I can't figure out what to uninstall08:43
amybunnyUbuntu, from the booted Ubuntu disc I have in,08:43
KM0201amybunny, yes, choose install, answer the mickey mouse questions till you get to the partition stage, then lemme know when you're there08:44
Pipamybunny, You are on Live CD or something ?08:44
ZpixI compiled 2.6.38 kernel on ubuntu 10.10 but with this kernel i can't boot, any idea?08:44
icerootZpix: what about usefull infos?08:44
PipZpix, what do you mean by "can't boot" ?08:44
amybunnyI wonder if I can get my cousin using vim too :D08:44
KM0201amybunny, lol.. let him crawl before he starts training for a marathon08:45
ZpixPip: when I wanna boot with this kernel after 4 sec the computer will be shut down08:45
amybunnyOpenOffice -> or ...emacs?08:45
PipZpix, How did you compile the kernel ?08:45
KM0201Libre Office.. :)08:45
quuxmanAh yes! it was called upstart08:45
quuxmanupstart totally screwed my system08:46
aliveriusi mistakenly erased one partition of my raid 108:46
Pipamybunny, They are totally different two things08:46
aliveriusnow i am trying to use mdadm to correct this08:46
aliveriusis assemble the mode i need?08:46
aliveriuslike mdadm -A /dev/md0 /dev/sda3?08:46
aliveriusor create?08:46
FloodBot2aliverius: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:46
amybunnyok, so install alongside other OSes or specify partitions manually?08:46
KM0201amybunny, manually08:46
amybunnythen just highlight and delete the offending partitions?08:47
KM0201amybunny, well, what are your current partitions08:47
ChronicSyncopemy phone wont charge08:47
icerootChronicSyncope: #iphone08:47
ZpixPip: I downloaded latest kernel from kernel.org then I extracted the folder, first command was: sudo make bzimage then: make xconfig and then make moudles and moudles-instal and then make install08:47
amybunnysda1(winxp) sda5(ext4) sda6(swap)08:47
ChronicSyncopereally iceroot do you think they can help me with ubuntu08:47
ChronicSyncopethey're probably a bunch of macholes08:47
PipZpix, OMG :D08:48
KM0201ok... so really all you need to delete, is sda5.. .is its mount point   / ?08:48
VIC-20Hello, I am trying to make a grub boot floppy with my current grub configuration and the instructions on the grub how-to are failing me.08:48
greppy!ot | ChronicSyncope08:48
ubottuChronicSyncope: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:48
ZpixPip: what :D08:48
icerootChronicSyncope: i dont know, this is ubuntu support and not the support channel for a strange mobile phone from a very strange company08:48
ChronicSyncopelet me rephrase that then08:48
PipZpix, That's not how it's done08:48
amybunnyit showed no mount point.08:48
ChronicSyncopemy iphone wont charge IN UBUNTU08:48
dmancan anyone tell me where the channel on MUTE is08:48
KM0201well thats interesting.. and there wer no other partitions, just those 3?08:48
greppyChronicSyncope: does it charge if you boot another OS on the same PC?08:48
ZpixPip: oh! :D I found this from net08:48
PipZpix, You need to configure it before compilation really starts08:48
ChronicSyncopebut in ubuntu08:48
ChronicSyncopeit gives me the yellow triangle08:48
WaltherFIChronicSyncope: try unmounting it but keeping it in08:48
amybunnyyup, all were listed under /dev/sda08:49
ZpixPip: how?08:49
ChronicSyncopeWaltherFI,  good idea!08:49
ChronicSyncopei bet that will work08:49
WaltherFIChronicSyncope: that's what i do with my kindle 3g08:49
KM0201amybunny, ok.. how big is your swap08:49
PipZpix, Since you know almost nothing about this dirty job, why bother ?08:49
WaltherFIChronicSyncope: right click, eject08:49
ChronicSyncopeyeah it was working until i installed the iphone utils...08:49
amybunnyso, I'll select 'delete' for the two linux partitions and start fresh with 'free space'?08:49
ChronicSyncopeWaltherFI, thanks i can eject my devices xD08:49
PipZpix, Don't do it, just go with the stock kernel08:49
amybunnyabout 1.5Gb08:49
KM0201amybunny, if the swap space is an acceptable size, you really dn't hav to delete that08:49
KM0201amybunny, how much physical ram on that system?08:49
ZpixPip: hmmmmmmm so I can find DEB files for this08:49
WaltherFIChronicSyncope: just to make sure - better to be too helpful than not enough08:49
PipZpix, It will take a week to tell you how to compile a kernel correctly08:49
ChronicSyncopeWaltherFI, i just hadn't thought about that solution, but since it started happening after i tried installing some iphone utils08:50
ChronicSyncopethat will probably fix it08:50
ZpixPip: =))08:50
ZpixPip: so I prefer to go and search about it to know08:50
amybunnyok, after deleting the main partition,  "add" it from free space?08:50
PipZpix, Let me give you a hint if you are really addicted into this08:51
ZpixPip: :*08:51
PipZpix, there is a book called <Linux Kernel in Nutshell>08:51
KM0201amy.. this i what you want... "Primary"   "Beginning"  (max out the size), "ext4 journalizing filesystem"  and then mount point is "   /   "  and thats it.08:51
ZpixPip: oh good08:51
amybunnyKM0201, logical/38323mb/beginning/ext4//08:51
KM0201amybunny, see above.08:51
* amybunny nods08:51
KM0201ok.. logical works fine to.08:51
PipDon't be scared, it's a small book, easy to read Zpix08:51
KM0201now, click OK, and that should take you back to the main screen08:52
* KM0201 never uses logical partitions08:52
KM0201amybunny, back at the main screen after you've saved chose changes, click the "Format" button, and then click Install, and continue w/ the process08:52
ZpixPip: sorry say again08:53
PipZpix, The book is very think08:53
ZpixPip: please say the name again :P08:53
amybunnyat the main screen, there is no save, just quit, back, install now08:53
KM0201right, click install now08:53
greppyZpix: another option if you really want to learn more is: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/08:54
PipZpix, <Kernel In a Nutshell>08:54
bullgard4System > Preferences > Startup Applications shows 20 applications asserted. Why does ~/.config/autostart list only 7?08:54
aliveriusno wrong08:54
PipZpix, <Linux Kernel in a Nutshell>08:54
aliveriusis seems my /dev/sdb3 was the special grub boot partition08:54
PipZpix, You can download it from Internet08:54
aliveriusbut how do i restore it08:54
amybunnythanks, it's formatting now, I just wanted to make sure it didn't deep6 the winxp partition in the process.08:54
PipZpix, You can read it all within one day08:55
ZpixPip: thanks a lot08:55
KM0201amybunny, it shouldn't, as long as you didn't touch it08:55
amybunnyI was very careful not to :)08:55
numbertoI get  this  error when try to connect via ssh     "/etc/ssh/ssh_config: line 55: Bad configuration option: PermitRootLogin08:55
bounderoh well08:56
PipZpix, It's like you just bought a Ferrari, and wants to figure out the engine08:56
ZpixPip: :D08:56
ZpixPip: I will do that :P08:56
bounderyet another attempt08:57
MaRk-Inumberto: disable the root login in ssh config file08:58
boundergoes wanting08:58
KM0201what was bounder trying to do?08:58
yfkhow does X run w\o xorg.conf? If I have a xorg with only some of the sections, wil it act as if there wasn't a xorg regarding the sections that are not at xorg?l08:59
TexasSamIs there a Christian version of ubuntu? I would like to install a linux distro for my child, but I don't want any Muslim or Jewish influences in the OS. Thank you.08:59
ohsixwhy are you  on the internet08:59
TexasSamexcuse me?08:59
PipTexasSam, :D09:00
amybunnyKM0201, hmm, it asked me a few quick setup questions, which i answered but now it's loaded me into a somewhat unresponsive desktop (leftclick wireless icon+select ID= no result/connection)09:00
Pipohsix, Everybody can be here in the Matrix09:00
KM0201amybunny, that doesn't make any sense09:00
amybunnyyeah, i kind of agree.09:00
ZpixPip: thanks for the help mate09:01
dmananyone know the channel for transmission?09:01
PipZpix, You're welcome09:01
yfkTexasSam, there's probably a christian vesion. but It's probably not other religion free (or at least their infulences)09:01
TexasSamI was going to try Fedora but someone told me it was basically fully Islamic now09:01
Zpixbye all09:01
Pipdman, #transmission ?09:01
ohsixdman: #transmission but what would you like to know?09:01
KM0201!info transmission09:01
ubottutransmission (source: transmission): lightweight BitTorrent client. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.05-0ubuntu0.2 (maverick), package size 0 kB, installed size 20 kB09:01
dmanam researching about bit torrent anonyminity....I can't spell09:02
ohsixi see09:02
MaRk-ITexasSam: ubuntu-9.10-christian edition v6.0-i386 beta.iso  just look for "ubuntu christian edition" on your fav. search engine09:02
TexasSamyfk, hmm that is the problem. I do not wish my child to be tainted by those who reject swine eating.09:02
TexasSamMaRk-I, thank you so much09:02
ohsixdman: basically if you're in a cloud you're leaking some information; all you can really rely on is plausible deniability09:02
ohsixbut that isn't legal advice :]09:03
PipTexasSam, I am sure there is one09:03
yfkTexasSam, don't mix it with http://ubuntusatanic.org/09:03
amybunnyi have the feeling his cdrom drive may be somewhat shoddy.  So maybe a USB key boot may be the answer09:03
dmanthanks ohsix, do you know about MUTE. It looks interesting09:03
TexasSamMy second question; On Windows I have an application that burns a virtual Koran. Is there such an application for linux?09:03
DaPenguinyfk: ah, finally someone mentions my favorite distro :)09:04
Obituary37what is koran?09:04
PipTexasSam, Burns .... ?09:04
PipObituary37, it's the bible for Muslim09:04
WaltherFIObituary37: quaran, quran, etc.09:04
MaRk-ITexasSam: that's off topic you can ask in #ubuntu-offtopic09:04
TexasSamObituary37, a very objectionable collection of writings made by Muslims09:04
maxillusionisthas anyone tried network boot it is awesome09:04
WaltherFI!ot | TexasSam09:04
ubottuTexasSam: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:05
TexasSamMaRk-I, thank you again09:05
ohsixTexasSam: burn a real one, don't be a pussy, also trolling is offtopic for freenode09:05
Obituary37understood, thanks, i am from spain, sorry if sometimes i dont understand you,xd09:05
maxillusionisti installed linux on 10 pc LOL09:05
maxillusionistvia network boot09:05
Obituary37i have linux in 3 pcs09:05
Obituary37one of them is my notebook, i love it09:05
oCeanmaxillusionist: Obituary37 chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic09:05
Obituary37thanks ocean09:06
maxillusionisthey i am a kernel maintainer bluetooth support maintainer give some respect  LOL09:06
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic09:06
bullgard4System > Preferences > Startup Applications shows 20 applications asserted. Why does ~/.config/autostart list only 7?09:07
maxillusionistanybody  want to test on new hardwares can talk to me09:07
dustin if any see this name DO NOT   help him  he is  trying to do many illegal  things hrezaei109:07
ravenhow to install xserver to a text-system?09:07
Obituary37what is it for raven?09:08
oCeanmaxillusionist: please stop it09:08
maxillusionistfollow the bsd ports it is easy raven09:08
sam_how do you install kubuntu to run along side gnome?09:09
icerootsam_: sudo apt-get install kubntu-desktop09:09
maxillusionistinstall the gtk09:09
PipTexasSam, There ?09:10
maxillusionistice he is asking some thing different09:10
bullgard4raven: sudo apt-get install xorg09:10
TexasSampip hello?09:10
Obituary37and what is it for bull?09:10
maxillusionisthello there09:11
PipTexasSam, http://ubuntuce.com/download.htm09:11
ravenok tnx09:11
PipTexasSam, http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=ubuntuce09:11
TexasSamPip, thank you so much09:11
PipBut the development is not active09:12
PipSo make your choice09:12
TexasSamPip, as long as it has the Koran burning application I will be happy09:12
oCeanTexasSam: drop it.09:12
dmandoes anyone have any experience with ubuntu on ipod09:13
Starminndman: Ubuntu on iPod or iPod on Ubuntu?09:13
WaltherFIthank you.09:13
Starminndman: I don't have either, just making sure you're asking the right question so people can help properly.09:13
dmanipod on ubuntu?09:13
pooltablehelp how do i remove gnome 3 ?09:14
dmanokay cool09:14
bullgard4pooltable: What is your Ubuntu release?09:14
ex0ahow can i return the current video drive in use?09:14
DaPenguinpooltable: are you wanting to get rid of gnome altogether or go back to a previous version?09:14
ex0ai had some issues with fglrx and mv'd the xorg.conf file and restarted but it seems that it's not using fglrx anymore09:15
milen8204I have a problem whit my Brasero Disk Burner, Itburns disks for ages ... I tried to burn some pictures on one CD I have been waiting for 20-30 minutes to end the proces09:15
milen8204any ideas what can be wrong ?09:16
pooltabledapenguin rid of gnome altogether09:16
=== lkajsdf is now known as alanbgt
mah454Hello ...09:17
mah454How i can install gnome3 in ubuntu-10.10 ?09:17
jiltdili had created a physical volume  and after it i had created another physical volume my question is how to add the second physical volume in the first made volume group please help?09:18
bullgard4mah454: Set up a new partition and install Ubuntu 11.04 first.09:18
_sagidustin, please paste what you have told.09:18
_sagiIt went off the screen09:18
DaPenguinpooltable: my advice would be to do apt-get install whatever de you want to move over to, xubuntu-desktop is a good lightweight on, or kubuntu-desktop if you want kde, then remove ubuntu-desktop09:18
_sagiHow to check the complete log of xvhat09:18
_sagidustin, ^09:19
mah454bullgard4 what ? why i install 11.04 ? gnome3 do not install in 10.10 ?09:19
oCeanmah454: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu, not even on 11.0409:19
LorthirkDaPenguin: have you tried fglrxconfig?09:19
Starminnmah454: Yeah, you'll need 11.04 for install. the Gnome3 for 10.10 is one of the early builds09:19
mah454Ok ... tnx :)09:20
Starminnmah454: Your best bet to experiencing Gnome3 currently is through an OpenSUSE for Fedora 15 alpha LiveCD09:20
bullgard4mah454: This was and is my advice. --  You appear to be not advanced. GNOME 3 is a project in progress.09:20
ravenhow to get infos about the system09:20
pooltablehere is gnome 3 http://www.webupd8.org/2010/10/install-gnome-shell-from-git-in-ubuntu.html09:20
DaPenguinLorthirk: not really, the fglrx install seemed to do the trick just fine09:20
DaPenguinLorthirk: and how did you know i was running an ati card?09:20
LorthirkDaPenguin: you mentioned issues with fglrx :)09:21
ravenhow to get infos about the system09:21
Starminnraven: What info are you looking for?09:21
Seven_Six_Tworaven, what info?09:21
DaPenguinLorthirk: wow, that must have been a while ago, better memory than me lol09:21
Starminnraven: System->Administration->System Monitor->System shows a bit of info.09:21
pooltablewhere do i fine Fedora 15 alpha LiveCD09:21
bullgard4raven: System > Administration > System Monitor.09:22
Seven_Six_Tworaven, uname -a && lsmod -v && lsusb && lspci09:22
Starminnpooltable: Go to the Gnome3 site and go to "Try it" or whatever09:22
Lorthirksimply, I scrolled up a bit the window :P09:22
StarminnSeven_Six_Two: You forgot the kitchen sink.09:22
Seven_Six_TwoStarminn, I thought that was a usb device?  :/09:22
jiltdilis it possible to add two physical volume to a volume group if yes please help me09:22
StarminnSeven_Six_Two: :) You have to mount it first. All modern sinks have SATA connections, didn't you hear? ;)09:23
WaltherFIjiltdil: you mean RAID?09:23
jiltdilWaltherFI:no LVM09:24
pooltablestarminn got it thanks09:24
Seven_Six_TwoStarminn, I live in canada, so we haven't upgraded yet09:24
WaltherFIjiltdil: ooh, not done that sorry09:24
Starminnpooltable: Glad to hear it. Just try it live from the CD. You'll have ot use unetbootin to burn the .iso09:24
StarminnSeven_Six_Two: Ah. :D09:24
jiltdilWaltherFI:ok no prob thanx09:25
zhangchenghow  to install rpm package in Ubuntu10.10 Linux such as adobereader8_chs.rpm09:25
DaPenguinLorthirk: actually the way i fixed my issues was i skipped the fglrx in the repos and grabbed the one from the ati site09:25
Starminnzhangcheng: Have to use "alien"  I believe.09:25
Seven_Six_Twozhangcheng, you could try to convert it to a deb with alien09:25
ravenStarminn, Seven_Six_Two infos about cpu, system name ....09:26
Starminnzhangcheng: Post #2 here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=30433509:26
Seven_Six_Twozhangcheng, but there's a deb for reader, isn't there?09:26
bullgard4zhangcheng: I recommend that you install a Firefox plugin instead.09:26
Starminnraven: System->Administration->System Monitor tells you that09:26
Seven_Six_Tworaven, your cpu info is somewhere near..hmmm...  /proc/cpu I think09:26
Dr_Willis!info hwinfo09:27
ubottuhwinfo (source: hwinfo): Hardware identification system. In component universe, is optional. Version 16.0-2 (maverick), package size 45 kB, installed size 112 kB09:27
Seven_Six_Tworaven,    cat /proc/cpuinfo09:27
pooltable!info hwinfo09:27
oCeanraven: ^ that hwinfo, and try 'lshw' command09:27
pooltable!info lshw09:28
ubottulshw (source: lshw): information about hardware configuration. In component main, is standard. Version 02.14-1build1 (maverick), package size 268 kB, installed size 648 kB09:28
bullgard4System > Preferences > Startup Applications shows 20 applications asserted. Why does ~/.config/autostart list only 7?09:29
WaltherFIbullgard4: that's a good question. the startup apps work very weirdly09:29
ravenStarminn, Seven_Six_Two i need to find out why 10.10 is not able to run graphically on a specific system09:29
Pippooltable, what's the advantage of lshw over hwdetect or hwinfo ?09:30
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  some are from the system wide 'auto start' lists perhaps.09:30
Seven_Six_Tworaven, you have an ati card?09:30
bullgard4WaltherFI: Thank you for your sentiment.09:30
WaltherFIPip: lshw is installed by default09:30
ravenSeven_Six_Two, its a nettop system its onboard09:30
Seven_Six_Tworaven, what chipset?09:30
ravenSeven_Six_Two, but i do not know anything about the components09:30
Starminnraven: You could check for Graphics card compatibility. Try << lspci | grep VGA >> that shows your graphics card.09:30
Seven_Six_Tworaven, ok, can you pastebin the output of any of the commands mentioned for you?09:31
intickhi all09:31
bullgard4Dr_Willis: 'What do you mean by "system wide 'auto start' lists" precisely?09:31
WaltherFIbullgard4: i mean, there are some weird registry entries or smoething for the startup apps despite the .config; i've had problems with not getting autostart apps to stop autostarting09:31
Seven_Six_Tworaven, or better yet, all of them09:31
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.09:31
ravenSeven_Six_Two, just a moment09:31
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  default apps that are always autostarted - vs ones a 'user' has setup to auto start for them personally.09:31
Starminn!msgthebot | A_J09:31
ubottuA_J: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".09:31
bullgard4Dr_Willis: I do not understand what you are going to say. Say it in other words, please.09:32
A_Jwhats the name of ubuntu 11 ?09:32
jattwhat's arora?09:33
ravenSeven_Six_Two, VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 945GM/GMS, 943/940GML Express Integrated Graphics Controller09:33
StarminnA_J: Natty Narwhal is 11.0409:33
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  think in windows terms.. Your USER can have things in their 'auto run dir' then the SYSTEM can have things in its autorun dir. that get ran  for every user.09:33
A_Jty Starminn09:33
sam_ I just installed the ubuntu resitricted files, but when i play avi files its very lagged, any idea why?09:33
Dr_Willissam_:  depends on the video codec and player and your system specs.09:33
dustinwhat such fuss over gmone 3?09:33
StarminnA_J: :)09:33
inticklooking for a small script to resize my JPG image .. i've done a little loop but does not work ..    http://paste.ubuntu.com/594761/09:33
inticki want to resize my pic to 60% smaller09:34
PipWaltherFI, is lsfw GUI ?09:34
inticki've much pictures ..09:34
WaltherFIPip: nope. just a big list of everything on terminal09:34
Dr_Willisintick:  watch out for spaces in filenames..09:34
WaltherFIPip: it is easy however to search for stuff in there09:34
intickDr_Willis: no spaces in filenames09:35
WaltherFIPip: lshw |grep Realtek will show opnly realtek related hw09:35
oCeanPip: lshw -C network will only show network related components.. see 'man lshw'09:35
Dr_Willisintick:  i dont see what youy hope to gain by converting png to jpg either.09:35
intickDr_Willis: ah we can drop this part09:36
njeffersonintick:  have you every looked at Phatch? http://photobatch.stani.be/   -- not a script, but batch processes images09:36
minaI wanted to get some help on how to install virtual windows 7 on my linux?09:36
Seven_Six_Tworaven, so you're saying you don't have a gui at all?09:36
PipIt doesn't tell me what driver is for the device09:36
A_Jme too^09:36
WaltherFI!wine |mina09:36
ubottumina: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu09:36
ravenSeven_Six_Two, right09:36
dustinmina, yes?09:36
Seven_Six_Tworaven, the install went fine? do you get any errors?09:37
inticknjefferson: i'll atke a look at this but first i would like to realise my loop with sh09:37
minacan you help me?09:37
ravenSeven_Six_Two, no errors09:37
Dr_Willismina:  clarify exactly what you are wantign to do.09:37
minaI want to install a virtual windows 7 vua virtual box09:37
dustintell me what you trying to do and what for09:37
njeffersonintick:  no problem - I can't help with that, but I just started using Phatch and thought it might be an option - best of luck :)09:38
Dr_Willismina:  install virtual box. pop in your windows cd, or iso image. start up vbox, follow its wizard and boot the cd/iso. install the os..09:38
bullgard4Dr_Willis: '~$ find / -name 'auto run dir' 2>/dev/null' does not produce any output.09:38
Seven_Six_Tworaven, do you just get a basic text login screen?09:38
ravenSeven_Six_Two, i have no gui when i start the system on its own and also if i put in the start system from usb pen and select "try" - no gui09:38
Dr_Willismina:  virtualbox has a very good manual at its homepage09:38
ravenSeven_Six_Two, right09:38
minahow to get the iso image?09:38
greppymina: you may want to check in #vbox instead.09:38
SonysapienI need09:38
SonysapienA cuddle09:38
minathis is where am stuck09:38
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  thats not the exact name of the directory/location it uses.09:38
WaltherFI!ot | Sonysapien09:38
ubottuSonysapien: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:38
Starminnmina: You should probably ask in ##windows09:38
bongwhat's the prob09:38
Dr_Willismina:  You use your legally bought Windows DVD - is  the legal way.09:39
minathanks guys09:39
minaah ok09:39
intickDr_Willis: i'm having this error [: 9: JPG: unexpected operator        then 9: Image_resize: unexpected operator09:39
Seven_Six_Tworaven, can you pastebin the output from  cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log     and    dmesg    and   lsmod09:39
minathanks loads guys09:39
SonysapienSome miserable people in this world that are just too serious :-(09:39
bullgard4Dr_Willis: I need  the exact name of the directories/locations it uses.09:39
oCeanSonysapien: wrong channel, try #ubuntu-offtopic09:39
dustinits saying pick the source you trying to boot from ,  basically09:39
intickDr_Willis: tried  with caps it doesnt change anything ..09:40
inticknjefferson: thx anyway ;)09:40
minadustin, anything u can add on this before i go?09:40
StarminnSonysapien: They like cuddles in #ubuntu-offtopic. But only there.09:40
dustinyes lotss09:40
Lorthirkis there any widget engine available for ubuntu?09:40
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  ive no idea if its using a directory spefcially, or using the various .desktop files. I have exactly 1 item in my '.config/autorun' directory.09:40
Seven_Six_TwoLorthirk, GTK?09:40
StarminnLorthirk: Sure. Search "widget" in the Software Center?09:40
dustinmina, yes lots09:41
Dr_Willisbullgard4:  so bascally everything i got is getting ran by the systems autorun feature09:41
DaPenguinLorthirk: several actually, depends what de you're running09:41
minaplease dustin can you advise me09:41
intickDr_Willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/594765/09:41
minaam not very good in all this09:41
PipLorthirk, Yes, why don't you search with synaptic ?09:41
bullgard4Dr_Willis: Thank you.09:41
LorthirkPip: I will right now :09:41
ravenSeven_Six_Two, yes just a moment09:42
Seven_Six_Tworaven, take your time. I'm taking a quick breather09:42
Dr_Willisintick:  you do know that you can 'glob' filenames based on their extebnesions and so forth.09:42
Dr_Willisintick:  instead of  'for *' you could just do a 'for *.jpg' I think....09:43
DaPenguinLorthirk: http://www.instantfundas.com/2007/10/8-widget-engines-for-linux-platform.html. a bit dated but still a good list09:43
Lorthirkgreat, thanks!09:43
DaPenguin1+1=3 (for large values of 1)09:44
SonysapienThrows a shilling in the tip pot09:44
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:44
DaPenguinyeah, miss post, sorry09:44
ravenSeven_Six_Two, http://pastebin.com/rtBYDa7h09:44
tuhinhi all, i want the best tool which can let me throttle down cpu and gpu and run my laptop cool09:44
Piptuhin, laptop-mode09:45
SonysapienPower off09:45
zufansdove trovo files?09:45
zufanswere i ll found files?09:45
oCeanSonysapien: that is not helpful09:45
tuhinPip , that tool made suspend and hybernate disappear09:45
WaltherFItuhin: there is a widget you can add to your gnome-panel by right clicking09:45
tuhinCPU Frequency Scaling Monitor ?09:46
WaltherFItuhin: allows you to dynamically over- and underclock09:46
tuhinit lets me to set minimum 1Ghz (half of full 2ghz) cpu09:46
tuhinbut i have seen winxp go much less than 1Ghz09:46
WaltherFItuhin: you could try other kernels then09:47
WaltherFItuhin: also, BIOS/CMOS09:47
tuhinusing .35 kernel09:47
SonysapienIm not sure it lets you over09:47
Sonysapien clock09:47
tuhini want to downclock09:47
MaRk-Ituhin: cpufreq like Pip said09:48
jiltdil when i going to delete a logical volume it is saying that cannoy remove open logical  volume.help why it is happening?09:48
tuhin"notebook hardware control" in windows lets throttle down as less as 120 Mhz09:48
Dr_Willisjiltdil:  is that filesystem unmounted?09:48
WaltherFItuhin: i'm not sure if that is safe anymore09:48
WaltherFItuhin: also, might not go that down in reality09:49
SonysapienIts his lap top lol09:49
jiltdilDr_willis:sorry i have to unmount this09:49
Seven_Six_Tworaven, ok, can you pastebin your /etc/xorg.conf please09:49
Dr_Willisjiltdil:   i always do partioning tasks from a Live cd that has Gparted on it. Makes things easier09:49
tuhinwell i ran it down to 400mhz and worked fine with most things09:49
WaltherFISeven_Six_Two: Just the fact it is his laptop doesn't mean that i shouldn't warn about something potentially harmful.09:49
WaltherFISonysapien: ^09:50
SonysapienAye me09:50
tuhinthose who have windows, give "notebook hardware control" a try09:50
tuhinwhere does kernel developers frequent?09:50
=== _human_blip_ is now known as human_blip
tuhinthey need to see the features that software have09:50
aliveriuswhat does it mean when a dir appears as green on the terminal?09:51
tuhinso tat they can implement in linux09:51
Seven_Six_TwoWaltherFI, oh good. I thought I was very confused ;)09:51
Dr_WillisWindows does have the advantage of the HW makers actually writing drivers/support for their specific hardware :) vs. Linux reverse Devs having to reverse engineere everithing.09:51
tuhinintel have v good linux support i hear09:52
tuhinits speedstep tech09:52
SonysapienRE is better anyway. You get the full truth ;-)09:52
Dr_WillisIntel has had its issues in the past also. But they are all getting better..09:52
tuhinwhich lets set a much lower internal clock than external=saves power= cool09:52
intickDr_Willis: ok in fact working fine now !   for i in *.JPG; do  convert -resize 35% $i "converted_$i" done      but it s not case sensitive is there any parameter to add so the script handls JPGand jpg files ?09:53
tuhinDr_Willis: try that software i said , we need a GUI like that09:53
Dr_Willisintick:  Filenames in Linxu are case senestive.. so i would suggest converting all image files to a proper .jpg extension  not some .JpG or other weirdness09:53
Dr_Willisintick:  you could use regular expressions to glob them all.. somehow :)09:54
tuhini have cpufrequtils instaled09:54
oCeanintick: for blah in *.jpg *.JPG; do will work09:54
tuhinhow do i config it?09:54
MaRk-Ituhin: right-click the desired panel, select +Add to Panel look for "cpu frequency scaling monitor" click add09:55
tuhini already have CPU Frequency Scaling Monitor 2.30.0 added in my panel09:56
tuhinthe lowest it goes is 1Ghz09:56
tuhini have it set at powersave09:56
Hans_Henriki installed ubuntu 10.04.2 on my old PC, installed every update, cheked the hardware drivers thingy, it didnt find anything usefull related to my screendriver, installed Adobe's flash player, and youtube videos at 360 lag like F*. it used to be able to play them fullscreen without problem. how can i fix this on ubuntu? (, it used to have XP); i dont have time to check anything now, g2g, but i will read replys and continue later09:56
Dr_WillisI wondwer if 1ghz is the max or the min. it lets the cpu go to..09:57
minimectuhin: If you have some Linux experience you could have a look here. Undervolting helps me to save battery life and also keeps the fan more quiet. http://openmindedbrain.info/26/10/2010/undervolting-in-ubuntu-10-10-maverick/09:57
tuhinok , any util to throttle down ati gfx chip?09:58
tuhinthe gfx chip runs warmer than cpu09:58
StackUnderFlownew to ubuntu - how do I connect to a network share? I could just type the share under 'Win + R' under windows (of type \\abcd\xyz)09:58
StackUnderFlowI tried to do 'Places -> Connect to server', but it didnt work out :(09:59
CongnitiveMeHi everyone. If I install LVM on top of RAID, say level 1. Would failure of one mirror (2 drives) crash the entire LVM array?09:59
Dr_WillisStackUnderFlow:  smb://server/sharename  (or use ip#) should work also..  or check thenetwork location under the menus09:59
intickDr_Willis: it does not work .. how should i separate the extension ?  i did this for exemple and it does convert only JPG not the rest of extension09:59
intickDr_Willis: for i in *.JPG *.JPEG;09:59
Dr_WillisStackUnderFlow:  you may need to instll some samba psakcagea09:59
Dr_Willisintick:  'regular expressions' and bash file globbing. Check the Bash Scripting guide. Id have to go look it up to tell you. :)10:00
ubottuAdvanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/10:00
intickDr_Willis: ok thx a lot anyway i think this will be easy to solve ^^10:00
intickDr_Willis: have a good day mate10:01
Dr_Willisintick:  regular expressions make sch thing seasy to do.. once you understand them10:01
intickDr_Willis: yep i'll thx :)10:01
Dr_Willispersonally i would rename the files first...10:01
=== debd is now known as damno
Seven_Six_TwoI just had a cs exams with a lot of regex. They make my brain go crazy10:01
Dr_WillisSeven_Six_Two:  they can be so handy :)10:02
morganhey  guys - really need a lil help. My bios see's all 4 SATA HDD's, but Ubuntu doesn't see the 4th one. Any ideas?10:02
Seven_Six_Twoyeah. they're like that tool in the army knife that once you figure out what it's for, you use it all the time10:03
YankDownUndermorgan, What does the disk utility tell you? Or what does gParted tell you?10:03
damnowhat is chanserv ?10:04
Starminndamno: Ask in #freenode10:04
Dr_Willisdamno:  a irc freenode service bot.10:04
Seven_Six_Twodamno, the system that allows for channel maintenance by ops10:04
damnoDr_Willis: and what is ubbotu?10:05
damnoor ubottu?10:05
Seven_Six_Twodamno, an info bot for this channel10:05
bazhangdamno, its a bot10:05
oldtimeri using and old pc   with a p4  2.5         ddr1  192mb   has xp but its choking , need a bootable  harddrive os10:05
bazhangdamno, do you have any actual ubuntu support questions?10:05
agaronлюди помогите пожалуйста в строенном irc клиенте захожу в комнату убунту а там нет списка пользоватаелй будто ятам один10:06
oldtimerthat is his ? ,10:06
damnobazhang: not really10:06
Seven_Six_Twooldtimer, you could try xubuntu10:06
bazhangagaron, #ubuntu-ru please10:06
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  Huh? Lubuntu perhaps may ork well on that old a machine. but more ram would help a lot.10:06
bazhangdamno, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic please10:06
oldtimerim trying to sell it10:06
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  I hope you are not asking a lot for it..10:07
Seven_Six_Twooldtimer, puppy linux10:07
damnobazhang: that channel seems dead, mate10:07
tuhinoldtimer: u can gey TinyXP rev11 , it will work fine with192 MB ram10:07
bazhangdamno, you're not in it10:07
oldtimerjust tryin to pay bills10:07
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  Most people will proberly be wanting windows of some kind. Theres   other minimal linux disrots that can work.10:07
oldtimerTinyXP rev11? whats that ? ask bot too10:08
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  tinyxp is not exactly 'legal' or related to Ubuntu support. :)10:08
Dr_WillisSo i would say check it out on google.10:09
tuhinthats a tweaked winxp , boots with 80MB ram10:09
tuhini m owner of laptop which had winxp by maker, its legal for me to get winxp, same is the case for oldtimer10:09
boumacan anyone tell me why this computer's screen keeps flashing black, running ub10.04 uptodate with a radeon 9550, its some kind of software refresh. but it keeps happening. and i want to know if it can be fixed cause its fairly annoying, and shouldnt be happening so far as i understand.10:10
Seven_Six_Twopuppy linux is about 80mb too10:10
Dr_Willistuhin:  Microsoft's lwayers may disagree with that argument..  in any case. its not Ubuntu support related.10:10
burntotohi guys!10:11
oldtimerbut i need it to a main steam like suport  like ubuntu ,   this guy at bestbuy said exectly ubuntu core  of something  command line install  then install gui/ ice10:11
damnobazhang: but i have a question about mount points. I want all my partitions mounted at boot. what's the best way? editing fstab?10:11
greppydamno: yes10:11
burntotoi can t listen to my music on deezer: there s no sound. i use 64 bits, chromium or firefox, same problem: i have sound in the system,10:11
tuhinoldtimer: try Lubuntu or Debian LXDE 6.0110:12
bazhang!fstab > damno10:12
ubottudamno, please see my private message10:12
burntotocan play songs, videos, etc. but deezer has no sound...10:12
ravenSeven_Six_Two, sry i am back did you wrote anything?10:13
damnogreppy: how about the mount points?do i need to create separete dirs for that or will it be automatically created?10:14
Seven_Six_Twooldtimer, there are lighter versions of most programs using a vanilla ubuntu install. xfce, dillo etc10:14
oldtimerlubuntu frezzes10:14
Dr_Willisdamno:  in most cases you make them first10:14
greppydamno: you need to create the mount points.10:14
oldtimera what ?10:14
boumaanyone know why x11 flashes black like some kind of whole screen refresh, sometimes it pauses a good sec too, until the image returns. defo software not hw10:15
Seven_Six_Tworaven, I did, but I'm going to have to go to bed soon. Your system is complaining about not having a display to run on (xorg.conf issue)10:15
oldtimer vanilla ubuntu install. xfce ? is what ?10:15
damnogreppy: ok. thanks.10:15
boumaquite annoying, and the only prob im having with ub100410:15
tuhinoldtimer: try Linux Mint LXDE or Debian LXDE10:15
ejvyou guys see that slashdot article on unity... ouch!10:15
Seven_Six_Two!info xfce | oldtimer10:15
ubottuoldtimer: Package xfce does not exist in maverick10:15
greppy!ot > ejv10:16
ubottuejv, please see my private message10:16
ravenSeven_Six_Two, but there was a display connected at install and as i said also if i select try ubuntu with the startdisk it is not working with gui10:16
tuhinLXDE is lighter and faster than xfce10:16
Seven_Six_Tworaven, not a physical display. A setting for xorg.10:16
Seven_Six_Two!info xfce4 | oldtimer10:16
ubottuoldtimer: xfce4 (source: xfce4): Meta-package for the Xfce Lightweight Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.6.2 (maverick), package size 7 kB, installed size 40 kB10:16
ejvgreppy, im well aware, but thanks for being diligent ;)10:17
tuhinoldtimer: http://blog.linuxmint.com/?p=170510:17
Dr_WillisLubuntu has gotten quiet good over the  last year.10:17
oldtimerwow what overwhelming suporrt :)   this is the 4 time i have asked the question10:17
ejvyou got an answer10:18
=== administrator is now known as Guest77608
Dr_WillisGuest77608:  why what?10:18
Dr_WillisI cant read that language...10:19
oldtimerDr_Willis, doc you and you friend fixed this old timer up good , ill be back for a check up10:19
sebrockwhich channel is about private packaging?10:19
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  you dont have it working yet... :)10:19
greppy!cn | Guest7760810:20
ubottuGuest77608: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:20
YankDownUnder!cn | Guest7760810:20
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  Puppy Linux may be better for that low ram system. but they got their own channel.10:20
sebrockanyone is there a ubuntu ppa channel?10:20
Seven_Six_Tworaven, about the only thing I could suggest (that doesn't involve a lot of reading of your part) is backing up your xorg.conf and running    sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh10:20
burntotoi can t listen to my music on deezer: there s no sound. i use 64 bits, chromium or firefox, same problem: i have sound in the system,10:20
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道:打字 /join #ubuntu-cn 或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-tw  或者 打字 /join #ubuntu-hk10:21
Seven_Six_Tworaven, if that doesn't help at all, undo the changes (restore backed up config)10:21
Seven_Six_TwoYankDownUnder, I think that's korean, not chinese10:21
YankDownUnderSeven_Six_Two, I know Korean, that's Chinese.10:22
SmedlesTPHi all - is there a way in Ubuntu 10.10 to lock an application so that it always starts on a specific Workspace?10:22
=== Lorthirk is now known as Lorthirk`ZNC
Seven_Six_TwoYankDownUnder, oh yeah. I actually see some matching chars. I take it back.10:22
YankDownUnderSeven_Six_Two, Mate, here in Sydney, we're quite adept at picking literally every Asian language...well, most of us...10:23
pylixi wanna go to sydney10:24
jussiYankDownUnder: Seven_Six_Two, pylix, lets try keep on topic :)10:24
Seven_Six_TwoYankDownUnder, hey, in canada, we can defintely tell you that an asian language is asian. sometimes.. jussi of course10:24
jussiyou are free to use #ubuntu-offtopic if you would like to :)10:25
YankDownUnderSeven_Six_Two, :) (I was raised in Detroit)10:25
oldtimerbut remember i need something like sowhat of "ms"   jsut to do the teenage things  (USA)at most10:25
damnopylix: Seven_Six_Two  you bring this channel a little human touch :)10:25
Seven_Six_Twooldtimer, there are windows like themes10:25
YankDownUnderWe're not allowed to have humour or a human touch.10:25
damnootherwise it seems like all bots (:10:25
damnoYankDownUnder: you a bot too ? lol10:26
morganyankdownunder - the sata drive that's not recognised comes up as /dev/sdd: unrecognised disk lavel.10:26
YankDownUnderOh yeah - I'm a bot...or at least I wish I was sometimes...10:26
oldtimerim asian10:26
ravenSeven_Six_Two, does not help at all10:26
amybunnyok, got it installed alright. How do I make the netbook install look/operate like the desktop install?10:26
damnoYankDownUnder: poor wish. IE isnt there as yet of now.10:27
amybunnyrather than having a sidebar along the left side of the window, everytime i scroll over it, the screen flickers.10:27
YankDownUndermorgan, something you might try is installing gparted, and seeing if there's an issue (error) on the drive - which is generally easily enough repaired with gparted10:27
damnoYankDownUnder: op. its AI10:27
YankDownUnderdamno, :)10:27
Seven_Six_Tworaven, ok, this is the time that you should flip out and curse, getting quieted and kicked. I unfortunaltely can't help and further. Sorry!10:27
damnobye all.10:28
=== klaas_ is now known as klaas
Seven_Six_Tworaven, it's 5.30am and I can't see straight any more.10:28
morganyankdownunder - that report was from gparted - don't remember ever having trouble, prob NTFS formatted. Comes up as file system unallocated so I guess gparted isn't seeing it right and theres no error to fix. Would an incorrect unmount cause this prob?10:28
YankDownUndermorgan, Right click the drive/partition, "Check for Errors" => see if that fixes ya up.10:29
morganyankdownunder - greyed out10:29
Dr_Willisif its saying unallocated - then its not seeing any FS there to check..10:30
YankDownUndermorgan, You might have to choose "Unmount", then try again...??10:30
Dr_Williswhat FS was supposed tobe on the HD?10:30
sebrockanyone is there a ubuntu ppa channel?10:30
amybunnydo i need to update my video drivers, or something?10:31
YankDownUnderSometimes, with some SATA drives, if the disk label is toasted, the FS/partitions might appear unview-able...however, there are ways of fixing that issue. Mostly, this occurs with MS "Dynamic Disks" - disks/partitions created with XP and above10:31
ravenSeven_Six_Two, ok good n8 ;)10:31
Dr_Willissebrock:  ive never heard one mentioned. perhaps #ubuntu-ppa10:32
AbuBadrhi there10:33
AbuBadrcan you help me please?10:34
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:34
jussiamybunny: which video crd do you have?10:34
amybunnyIBM Thinkpad T42 oboard10:35
oldtimeri using and old pc   with a p4  2.5      ddr1  192mb   has xp but its choking , need a bootable  harddrive os but i need it to a main steam like suport  like ubuntu ,   this guy at bestbuy said exectly ubuntu core  of something( dont remember then name of website)  command line install  then install gui/ ice.     i need to get  it so i can sell as if to a teenager and his friends10:35
=== jackneill is now known as Jackneill
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  dident we cover this earlier? :) Lubuntu wouldbe the lightest full ubuntu you could install on a low end system.10:35
jussiamybunny: could you type: "lspci" (without ") into a terminal, and put the output to pastebin.ubuntu.com?10:35
KM0201oldtimer, w/ resources that low, i'd look at either Lubuntu or Crunchbang Linux10:36
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  otherwise you ar going to be doing a lot of tweaking byhand to get a working desktop10:36
YankDownUnderoldtimer, I'd chuck more RAM into the box, and then you'd be able to use a current version of Ubuntu mate. At least 512mb...10:36
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  Definatly find more ram from some junker/dead box.10:36
Dr_WillisThen you cold run normal Ubuntu10:36
Jackneillhow to take write acces to a file?10:36
Jackneilli cant write a file10:36
Dr_Willis!permissions | Jackneill10:36
ubottuJackneill: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions10:36
Jackneillin etc apache210:36
AbuBadris there a way to reduce the heat in my laptop?  i'm using easy peasy   i tried almost ALL linux distros  and all of them have the same problem10:37
Dr_WillisJackneill:  you may want to check into groups - if you want other users accessing the www-data files.10:37
Dr_WillisAbuBadr:   check the ubuntu forums for your exact make of laptop. and sdee if theres any  tweaks for power saveing for it.10:37
Dr_WillisAbuBadr:  i suggest using the latest ubuntu over easypeasy unless E.P has speffic special features for that thing. Or perhaps JoliOS.10:38
Dr_WillisIs Eayspeasy even still being supported/devloped?10:38
HRThi, I installed Kubuntu10.4, it worked fine, but when I activated the video driver, it downloaded and installed the necessary files, then it asked to reboot, I rebooted, then no more success to login to the system10:38
Dr_WillisHRT:  so what does it do at boot exactly? gets to the KDM login screen? dosent get that far? whats your video card/chipset.10:39
AbuBadrDr_Willis, i tried joliOS also     i think linux doesn't recognize my laptop fan!10:39
oldtimerthe part im look for is very hard to find or alot of money , which im tryin to make money10:40
amybunnyjussi, looks like an ATI Radeon Mobility M710:40
amybunnyjussi, looks like an ATI Radeon Mobility M7 LW10:40
Dr_WillisAbuBadr:  thats possible - if the hw makers did things oddly. I would check theUbuntu Forums for thta exact make/model of laptop10:40
jussiamybunny: ok, so you likely need to install drivers10:40
YankDownUnderoldtimer, Getting old RAM should be a cheap endeavour...it's cheap as chips here...10:40
jussi!ati | amybunny10:40
ubottuamybunny: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto10:40
YankDownUnderoldtimer, I have several machines that are P4's, low end to high end - working fabulously with Ubuntu 10.10...just have to have the RAM...and a vid card helps...10:41
AbuBadrDr_Willis, i'll check the forum right now    thanks10:41
oldtimerbut anyways thanks for all the suport ubuntu channel10:41
HRTwhen it asks for dual boot, I select Kubuntu, then screen goes black as the Kubuntu logo will appear, but it doesn't and the black screen freezes, my card is ATI HD540010:41
morganyankdownunder - the drive is a 1.5tb WD green from an external enclosure. Works fine in THAT enclosure, but not at all outside it. Is that normal??10:42
Dr_WillisHRT:  i dont use ati. could be some known issue  with the ati drivers. You could try booting to recovery/rescue mode and going back to the original drivers.10:43
HRTDr_Willis, then what to do after I recover my original drivers?10:44
YankDownUndermorgan, I've actually had this issue before - what I ended up doing was to get an update for the BIOS of the machine that the drive was put into - apparently, the drive - WHEN it was in the machine, was only reporting 32gb - ergo, BIOS update - then everything worked like a champ after that...and as well, the drive was a slave...so no issues since...(and it's in a server)10:44
Dr_WillisHRT:  use them and not the FGLRX drivers from ati.10:44
Dr_Willismorgan:  from what ive read a 'green' WD hd. is often just a slower RPM hd.. ive not heard anythign special about their enclosuers.10:45
HRTDr_Willis, i didn't get you10:45
Dr_Willismorgan:  it could be its power needs are differnt i guess.10:45
oldtimerYankDownUnder,  well not sddram1 which was win98 to win2000 and looks like came form a school ,10:45
Dr_WillisHRT:  dont run/use the drivers from the  addational drivers tool.10:45
Dr_WillisHRT:  ati is often problematic. If the default drivers work - use them10:45
morganyankdownunder - hmmm. The motherboard is brand new (but not necessarily latest bios granted) - but the disk size is correctly reported in gparted. Got me a bit thrown..10:46
HRTDr_Willis, then I should google for the drivers?10:46
Dr_WillisHRT:  use the DEFAULT drivers thta came with ubuntu - if they worked..10:46
HRTDr_Willis, they don't work10:46
YankDownUnderDr_Willis, morgan Those drives - WHEN they're in an external enclosure, do not depends on the BIOS of the machine to be read/recognised - however, when you put them INTO the box, the BIOS requires information from the CMOS on the PCB of the drive - the WD green drives have strange CMOS/BIOS on their PCB's - and if you don't have a current BIOS, you can't read the drive properly.10:46
Dr_WillisHRT:  you said it worked fine originally...10:46
HRTDr_Willis, they caused the damage occured10:47
morgancheers yankdownunder - appreciate the help, i'll look into it.10:47
YankDownUndermorgan, What you could do is to back up the drive, then, under linux (or with the liveCD), delete, recreate the partition, format it as you wish - then try again...I gave you the resolution I had to resort to - but hey, I've read many more different resolutions for this issue.10:47
Dr_WillisHRT:  that made no sence...10:47
Dr_WillisYankDownUnder:  good to know then. :)10:48
YankDownUnderDr_Willis, Yeah mate - especially if you're making money off the venture... :)10:48
Dr_WillisYankDownUnder:  i thought the whole 'green hd' thing was a gimmic really. Just marketing a slower RPM hd as being better.. :)10:49
YankDownUnderDr_Willis, It *is* a gimic...nothing more...10:49
Dr_WillisYankDownUnder:  a gimmic that requires new HW  to work normally even.. I will pass on them I think.10:49
HRTDr_Willis, here, I installed the system, then I went to hardware drivers, it prompted "searching for available drivers" it found it, I activated it, then asked to reboot, then nothing happened, just the black screen10:50
Dr_WillisHRT:  that installed the FGLRX drivers. which seem tobe the issue.10:50
YankDownUnderDr_Willis, When I deal with builds, I make sure it's stuff that's tried and true and tested, and that I'm not going to see for a very long time....VERY long time (fix it once - that's my motto)10:50
HRTthen what to do?10:50
Dr_WillisHRT:  you could try rescue/recovery mode and deactivate the drivers10:51
Dr_WillisIm not sure of the proper way to de-activate the ati drivers. For my Nvidia systems. I canjust rename the xorg.conf to be xorg.conf.BROKEN  :) or similer10:52
YankDownUnderHRT, You could always try getting to the console (ALT-F1) logon, then try: sudo dpkg --reconfigure xorg-server => choose a different driver for the card, reboot.10:53
pankaj_sharmahow can i repair (ubuntu 10.04) ext3 filesystem from window7?10:55
ClNateI am trying to get a video capture usb dongle to work. All the instructions on the net displays my webcam. Please help.10:55
YankDownUnderpankaj_sharma, You can't.10:56
pankaj_sharmaanyother solution.. i want to repair the filesystem10:56
ClNatepankaj_sharma, boot from ubuntu livecd instead.10:56
pankaj_sharmai dont live cd10:56
ClNatepankaj_sharma, get one using windows10:57
YankDownUnderpankaj_sharma, I'd advise you to get one. Else, you can hit ESC when booting the linux partition(s) and try to do the repair via the console.10:57
court_jesterI'm using kubuntu 11.04 and11:00
Dr_WillisClNate:  if they are using /dev/video0 your capture may be /dev/video1 or similer #11:01
Dr_WillisLive CD and a spare Live-Flash drive setup is always handy for fixing pc's11:01
rookshow to get list of all packages installed by me, the list of all apt-get install names i told system to install?11:02
court_jesterI'm using kubuntu 11.04 and when I click to shutdown the system I'm just back to the shell login. So I need to login and type sudo halt for shutdown my system. Reboot and Sleep is fine.11:02
ClNateDr_Willis, where in ex. vlc do I use /dev/video1?11:02
court_jesterhow to fix it?11:03
Pipamybunny, what's happening ?11:03
pankaj_sharmaok .. let me tell u the whole scenario... yesterday my ubuntu 10.04 system was working fine. but today its not.. i got this error .. on the boot screen http://paste.ubuntu.com/594782/11:05
pankaj_sharmaand when i try to boot fromthe live usb.. i got this error  mount /dev/sda1 not found11:06
pankaj_sharmai dont have a cd rom..thats why using live usb11:06
amybunnyPip, im installing the fglrx driver, despite xserver-xorg-video-radeon being installed in the hopes that it clears up video errors11:06
greppypankaj_sharma: sounds like your hard drive is having problems. Does it show up in bios?11:06
pankaj_sharmawin7 is workin perfectly11:06
greppyon the same disk?11:07
amybunnyPip, video errors: scrolling over the toolbar on the left hand side causes screen flicker, apps like terminal are so heavily tinted they're almost unreadable.11:07
pankaj_sharmaany help plz?11:08
samuel__Hey guys, i don't know what i have done, i might of pressed a keyboard shortcut, but im completely clueless what it is, ive managed to hide all the titlebars, with the close, maximise, etc... on all my windows, is it possible to get them back ? :)11:08
bhaveshok right so I installed ubuntu 11.04 and I messed up with compiz fusion manager I enabled desktop cube and it asked to disable some plugins when I did and now I dont have any bar11:08
bhaveshnot even the side bar or window top bar...11:08
Pipamybunny, Maybe you want to disable KMS11:08
samuel__Bhavesh, i also think that has happened to me11:08
bhaveshsanuel_: any solutions?11:09
samuel__not that i have worked out yet11:09
amybunnyPip, how do i do that?11:09
bhaveshdo u have ay bar11:09
bhaveshI think I should switch back to 10.1011:10
samuel__no, my window borders are gone, and the title bar on the top of my windows are also missing11:10
bhaveshsame with me11:10
bhaveshand I cant operate anything11:10
isoftI want to program with c\c++,what can I do?11:10
bhaveshwhat is the command to open compiz manager in terminal?11:11
Pipamybunny, https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/ATI#Kernel_mode-setting_.28KMS.2911:11
oldtimertinyxp rev11 , can i get this without getting illegal11:11
samuel__i still have it half worked out, just trying to find the option somewhere in the options11:11
Dr_Willisisoft:  start with helloworld  and work up11:11
bhaveshwhat did u do?11:11
* Pip giggles11:11
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  thats debateable..  if you owned a copy. some say 'yes' you can.. but that is not an offical 'legal' release of XP by MS..  so its up to you.11:11
bhaveshDr_Willis: do u have any idea about opening compiz manager in terminal?11:11
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  ccsm is ran by 'compiz-config-Somthing....'11:12
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz11:12
Dr_Williscomp<tab> :)11:12
thdesolatesoulhello people11:12
isoftDr_Willis: yes, I know "hello world", I write C code on windows two years ago, now I want to program on linux11:12
Dr_Willisisoft:  so.. you are expecting what sort of answer exactly?11:12
zeushow to add a Xubuntu 11.04 keyboard layout indicator?11:12
thdesolatesouli have a question regarding unetbootin...it cant see my other partitions..ayn ideas?11:13
Dr_Willisthdesolatesoul:  you man want to check out tools other then Unetbootin at the 'pendrivelinux' web site. Unetbootin has been problematic in some ways for me.11:13
isoftDr_Willis: wow11:13
bhaveshright I got my sidebar but the top bar is still missing11:13
thdesolatesoulthanks Dr...which tool has been the best for u?11:13
Pipamybunny, You can just put a line "options radeon modeset=0" in your modprobe.conf file11:14
Dr_Willis!resetpanel | bhavesh11:14
ubottubhavesh: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »11:14
Dr_Willisthdesolatesoul:  try them all. I just use their universal creator tool normally11:14
isoftDr_Willis: programming environment,11:14
bhaveshDr_Willis: i am using 11.0411:14
bhaveshDr_Willis: it has unity...!11:14
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  then you should be in #ubuntu+1 :)11:14
samuel__Bhavesh: how did you manage that ?11:14
bhaveshDr_Willis: no one is replying there11:15
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz11:15
Dr_Willisisoft:  you install the compiler and dev packages and start coding..11:15
bhaveshsamuel_ I just enabled Unity manager in Compiz11:15
Dr_Willisisoft:  start b installing 'build-essential'11:15
Dr_Willis!be | isoft11:15
Dr_Willis!b-e | isoft11:15
ubottuisoft: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)11:15
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  that reset panel command sould still work i imagine..11:15
oldtimerthe computer i have has xp on it , but i was think about a dual boot or something , and why is it it the gray area?11:16
bhaveshDr_Willis: lemme try11:16
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  downloading windows from a non-legal source.. is well.. not legal  and proberly better asked about in #windows not here.11:16
isoftDr_Willis: IDE, I have some difficult. I can't program without IDE, so... next step, I should...11:17
oldtimertheres a channel for it???????????11:17
thdesolatesoulthanks Dr11:17
Dr_Willisisoft:  i dont use IDE's theres dozens of them out there.11:17
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  i just said  #windows :) thats the channelname11:17
Dr_Willis!info geany | isoft11:17
=== Lorthirk`ZNC is now known as Lorthirk
ubottuisoft: geany (source: geany): A fast and lightweight IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.19.1-1 (maverick), package size 2731 kB, installed size 7244 kB11:17
isoftDr_Willis: you use vi?11:17
bhaveshDr_Willis: It says gnome-panel, no process found11:18
Dr_Willisbhavesh:  no idea then. could be its a dffernt name now.11:18
Dr_Willisisoft:  i have used vi and emacs for 15+ years.11:18
oldtimeris just just that (tinyxp rev11 )  or window actual support team , ooorrr bothe11:18
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  You will get NO official support from MS for tinyxp.. or even for XP any more i think..11:19
isoftDr_Willis: how old are you?11:19
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  tinyxp is a pirated/hacked version of XP.11:19
Dr_Willisisoft:  my first PC was a Timex SInclare. if thats a hint. :)11:19
idefixcan ne-one help me? I'm trying to get accents above my e's again, it doesn't work :(11:19
isoftDr_Willis: I should start with vi/emacs?11:19
Dr_Willisisoft:  learn vi.. its worth learning.11:20
Dr_Willisthen move on to bash.. and bash scripting11:20
greppywhat Dr_Willis said, vi is installed just about everywhere, emacs, not so much.11:20
Dr_Willisinstall the vi package on ubuntu. the default is a tiny-vi thtas lacking some features11:20
oldtimerwhy it only inviyton only ?11:21
Dr_Williseven busybox has a minimal-vi mode/feature :)11:21
Dr_Willisoldtimer:  its proberly regiestered nick only.11:21
Dr_Willis!register | oldtimer11:21
ubottuoldtimer: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode11:21
isoftDr_Willis: its worth learning? I dont understand. My English is poor.11:21
StarminnHow to record from the microphone input on Ubuntu Desktop 10.10? (Preferably in LMMS but anything will do.)11:21
Dr_Willisisoft:  is what worth learning?  I just said.. go learn vi.  go learn bash.. go learn bash scripting11:21
Dr_Willisthose 3 should take up a few weeks of time.11:22
rooksi like mcedit from mc package to do console editing, it works like norton commander editor from the good old days11:22
isoftDr_Willis: ok, I learn it11:23
Dr_Willisrooks:  yea. i use mcedit a lot also. I did see some console editor the other day that worked exactly like the old dos editor.. but forget its name11:23
Dr_Willisrooks:  but i can fly in vi  :) it depends on what i am doing tothe file.. as to what editor i use.11:23
Dr_Willisgeany has some very nice features i use a lot also.11:23
Dr_Willisand geany has a windows port also.11:23
=== tux is now known as Tux91
Tux91hey all11:23
Tux91hey mha11:24
Apoowmoo: os: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium - (6.1.7600) up: 3days 17hrs 47mins 55secs cpu: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU M 480 @ 2.67GHz (x64) at 2667MHz gfx: ATI Technologies Inc. ATI display adapter (0x68C1) 1.00GB res: 1600x900 32bit 60Hz ram: 1709/3950.1MB (43.26%) [||||------] hdd: C:\ 230.9GB/452.33GB D:\ 177.14GB/465.76GB O:\ 278.76GB/465.65GB Q:\ 0B/0B net: Marvell Yukon11:24
Apoow88E8059 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller - 1000MB/s 0B In 0B Out11:24
PipDr_Willis, You program on geany ?11:25
StarminnIt doesn't seem that my mic input is being recognized ni Ubuntu11:25
PipApoow, wth11:25
Dr_WillisPip:  i edit text files on geany. i rarely program anything these days11:25
Tux91do you have the beta11:25
PipStarminn, what kind of mic ?11:25
Tux91the new beta11:25
Dr_WillisTux91:  #ubuntu+1 for 11.04 support/chat11:26
StarminnPip: Just your standard desktop mic input thingy. I know it works as it goes fine in XP last I used it.11:26
m3asmipostfix/postfix-script: fatal: the Postfix mail system is not running11:26
=== Krabbe is now known as krabbe
PipStarminn, alsamixer11:26
mha_how can I remove the too many kernels?11:27
Dr_Willismha_:  uninstall the older kernels you dont need via the package manager tools. or ubuntu-tweak or.. Hmm not sure how else..11:27
YankDownUndermha_, Best way is to use the Synaptic Package Manager => look for "linux-image" -> choose the kernels that you don't want, click apply, s'all she wrote!11:27
Dr_Willisbe sure to leave the current kernel.. and i suggest at least 1 older kenel just in case.11:28
mha_YankDownUnder: a lot of "linux-image " packages! which one to remove?11:28
Dr_Willismha_:  it may be best if you just left them alone..11:28
YankDownUndermha_, The one's yer not using (you can check by opening a terminal, type: uname -a)11:28
Starminnmha_: Ubuntu Software Center and search "linux-header" just leave the current and you'll be fine11:28
YankDownUnderDepends - some folks use a single partition for the /boot => ergo, it gets kinda full up with cruft...(old kernel images)11:29
Dr_WillisI set my /boot/ to be 2gb :)11:30
Dr_Willisbut i keep spare ISO files there that grub can boot.11:30
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=== XuMuK|ZNC is now known as XuMuK
Tux91hey tl11:33
scoundrelIm running Ubuntu 10.10 x64bit machine, and was wondering, if I uninstalled open office and installed Libre, would it cause problems with upgrading to 11.04 when its available?11:33
Tux91anyone here going to talk today11:33
Dr_Willisscoundrel:  worse case. you uninstall libreoffice, an reinstall it perhaps.11:33
apt_is there any body who can help in kernel compilation???????????11:34
lahwranis there an interactive commandline find/replace tool?11:34
Dr_Willisscoundrel:  im not sure how it will upgrade from Openoffice to Libreoffice.11:34
Dr_Willis!kernel | apt_11:34
ubottuapt_: The core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)11:34
Dr_Willislahwran:  what are you wanting to do exactly?11:34
lahwranI'm looking for a sed that asks before making a change11:34
apt_Dr_willis:plz tell about the bzimage11:35
scoundrelDr_Willis: ok, thanks, I think I will go ahead and install it. I'll let you know. :)11:35
lahwranI want to script find/replaces but I want to be able to check them first11:35
Dr_Willisapt_:  i dont do kernels any more. all i know is at the URL's the bot gave11:35
apt_ubottu:hey wats the bzimage in kernel compilation11:35
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:35
apt_hey plz help anyone?11:36
Tux91what u need help with11:36
ubottuU is the 21st letter of the modern latin alphabet. Neither 'U' nor 'Ur' are words in the English language. Neither are 'R', 'Y', 'l8', 'Ne1' nor 'Bcuz'. Mangled English is hard for non-native English speakers. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/abbreviations/ for more information.11:36
StarminnStill no luck with recording from mic input. Any assistance?11:36
Dr_Willisapt_:  ubottu  is a bot.. she just spits out factoids and urls  you should read11:36
apt_tux91:wanna know about bzimage11:36
Tux91what about it11:36
Dr_Willisapt_:  unless you want to clarify what you wanna know about it...11:36
apt_Dr_Willis:actully during kernel compilation i hope so we have to copy it from the kernels directory to the /boot directory...so is it ryt????11:38
Dr_Willisapt_:  ages ago. i think there was some make install.. that copied it to the right places..  go read the URL the bot gave on kernel compiling..11:38
mike-wi've change my account name from mik to mike11:39
Dr_Willisapt_:  theres more to the kernel thtan that one file.11:39
mike-wbut there is stil only one mik folder in /home11:39
Dr_Willismike-w:  you just changed the name. you did not make a new user.11:40
mike-whow can i change it to mike11:40
Dr_Willisthe users /home/ is set in  some file in /etc/ or you couldjust make a link from /home/mike to /home/mik11:40
milen8204where in x-chat settings can make auto-join in chanels11:40
mike-wi change the user name in system>administrtion>users and groups11:40
Dr_Willismilen8204:  xchat or xchat-gnome ?11:40
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Dr_Willismike-w:  and the name is differnt then their home dir setting.11:41
milen8204 xchat-gnome i think11:41
apt_Tux91:wher to copy the bzimage during compilation11:41
Dr_Willismilen8204:  most people perfer xchat over xchat-gnome11:41
mike-wthen what should i do11:41
mike-wi've got no idea..11:41
milen8204Dr_Willis,  i just typed Xchat in synaptic11:41
vividmilen8204, you cant right click a channel youve joined and select auto join channel11:41
Dr_Willismilen8204:  thers 2 versions of xchat.. the dumbed down xchat-gnome and the normal xchat11:42
milen8204vivid, thanks11:42
Dr_Willismilen8204:  i cant stand xchat-gnome11:42
mike-wif i change the name via mv /home/mik /home/mike,then when i use cd,there is sth wrong11:42
milen8204Dr_Willis,  i will try xchat11:42
vividdont sell him which client to use, just answer his question11:42
mike-wit said folder does not exist11:43
Dr_Willismike-w:  thers a file/setting in /etc/ that defines what users use what home dirs.. your user name is just set as the default when youmake a user.11:43
mike-wi will try that11:43
Dr_Willismike-w:  easy way to 'fix' it would be to make a link from mike to mik11:43
Dr_Willisthats easier/safer then trying to edit /etc/ files :)11:43
Dr_Willisi think theres some 'changeuser' command also. but ive not used it  in yers11:44
milen8204vivid, in my version is add to favorite i think it is the same right ?11:44
milen8204Dr_Willis, i think i am on xchat XChat 2.8.811:45
=== sogi-ubuntu_ is now known as sogi-ubuntu_2
=== tux is now known as tux91
vividmilen8204, dont know, i use xchat-gnome, right click says "Auto-join on connect"11:45
vividcheck it or uncheck it to join after connecting to the server11:45
Dr_WillisI perfer WeeChat these days. :)11:45
tux91hey all11:45
milen8204vivid, thanks11:46
oCeanrecordmydesktop fails to record the playing music. See http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/594796/ well, at least there is no sound when I play the test.ogv or test1.avi11:47
Dr_WillisoCean:  ive seen others havfe issues with getting recordmydesktop to record system sounds. aparently you somehow tell it to use the 'pulse' device.11:48
tawanRe.Firefox: does anyone find the ScollBar hard to see in Firefox and have they found a userChrome to fix it?11:49
oCeanDr_Willis: oh, the pulse device? From the documentation I read I should specify the alsa device, and from the output it *seems* to record audio11:49
tux91well peaple i am goignt o bed have a great night  + day11:49
brontosaurusrexany decent, fast mass image resizer with the ability to burn in user selected parts of exif data?11:49
Dr_WillisoCean:   i looked into this once a few months back. never did get it working11:49
ShapeShifter499can someone explain why a 120 gig drive is seemingly dead?11:50
milen8204Dr_Willis,  how I can automatically type text on start in freenode ?11:50
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  not with out more details.11:50
oCeanDr_Willis: meh, I might as well skip the sound, it has nothing to with what I try to show :)11:50
Dr_Willismilen8204:  check the xchat progrmas docs - i know the normal xchat has onconnect and onjoin settings you can put commands in.11:50
Dr_Willismilen8204:  i dont use xchat-gnome.11:50
tux91just go to the software center11:51
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis, was a working drive then suddenly nothing, and its not vibrating while its it connected, but the indicator light flicks a few times11:51
milen8204Dr_Willis,  me neither :D i thing I use xchat11:51
tux91and type in xchat gnome11:51
ShapeShifter499it had a bunch of my stuff on there11:51
tux91or update your center11:51
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis, its currently hooked into a external drive enclosure11:52
brontosaurusrexany decent, fast mass image resizer with the ability to burn in user selected parts of exif data? < specifically lens factor as if shot at 3511:53
tawanbrontosaurusrex: imagemagik? maybe11:53
jootShapeshifter: run the disc utility app and see the result11:53
ShapeShifter499it doesn't show up11:54
brontosaurusrextawan, sure, but i'd prefer something guieish for this project11:54
Dr_WillisShapeShifter499:  could be its dead. check dmesg output, try to mount it by hand.11:54
LjLbrontosaurusrex: the description of "phatch" seems to fit your need, but i haven't actually tried it11:54
brontosaurusrexi found 'phatch'11:54
Dr_Willis!info phatch11:54
ubottuphatch (source: phatch): simple to use Photo Batch Processor - GUI. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.7-2 (maverick), package size 217 kB, installed size 812 kB11:54
brontosaurusrexLjL, thats what iam testing right now, have some problems thought11:54
=== ndan is now known as nadan
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis, this is interesting...  http://paste.org/pastebin/view/3182511:56
scoundrelDr_Willis: just installed Libre office, and it seems to work.11:56
brontosaurusrexok, it did it correctly this time, resizing seems fine11:56
Dr_Willisscoundrel:  i use abiword for my needs. :) which are minimal.11:56
ShapeShifter499Dr_Willis, seems it "sees" it but something is wrong11:56
jootShapeshifter499: looks a bit sad to me11:57
Ben64yeah looks dead-ish11:57
scoundreldont know what abiword is, might look out for that, thanks.11:57
Dr_Willisscoundrel:  a minimal word processor11:58
ShapeShifter499joot, Ben64, idk if I loose data... but any chances at recovery11:58
Ben64depends what fdisk/parted say about it11:58
jootShapeshifter499: If it won't read you may be screwed11:59
scoundrelDr_Willis: I think I will take a look at that, it might be more suited to me as well. Thanks.11:59
Dr_Willisdd the drive to a image file. and try to recovery data from it.12:00
jootShapeshifter499: I have managed to get some data off faulty hd's by shifting there position of the drive12:00
ShapeShifter499joot, shifting the position?12:01
ShapeShifter499joot, how so?12:01
Dr_WillisPuttung them in the freezer for a few hrs wrapped in plastic... trying to 'spin' them up by jerking them around.. dozens of things :)12:01
Dr_Willisturnign them upside down.. and replugging them back in..12:01
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Dr_Willissacraficing a copy of zork 1.....12:02
brontosaurusrexcow with exif : http://imagebin.org/148518 (done with phatch), happy camper12:02
jootShapeshifter499: actually change its orientation to the side or upside what will get the thing to go again12:02
jootShapeshifter499: and what Dr Willis said12:03
yudi1does all three linux-headers-foo, linux-headers-foo-generic, and linux-headers-generic needed? confused as to what the difference is? Can someone explain?12:03
=== ubuntu_ is now known as bilal03
Ben64anyone know of a k10temp module that actually reports the correct temperature?12:04
mike-whow to change my account name?12:05
ShapeShifter499joot, Dr_Willis, hmm.. I thought those things would hurt more than help a drive12:05
CodeGnome2mike-w: You just want to change the name of your user account?12:05
jootShapeshifter499: Not reccomended for a healthy drive but what do you have to lose?12:06
mike-wwhen i created the account,i made a type mistake12:06
CodeGnome2mike-w: man usermod12:06
CodeGnome2mike-w: Actually, you'll need to edit it manually.12:07
CodeGnome2mike-w: sudo vipw; sudo vipw -s; sudo vigr; sudo vigr -s12:07
mike-wbut it responded that the old user is logged in12:08
CodeGnome2You'll need to hand-edit the name you want to fix. Don't hose it. :)12:08
CodeGnome2Then you may need to drop to single-user first: telinit 112:08
HTCPXwhich file contains TCP receive settings?12:08
KnuckleheadTreehi folks I got a little issue with my asus 1005ha eee pc can somebody help me?12:09
CodeGnome2KnuckleheadTree: What's your issue?12:09
joot! help12:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:09
van7huhello, does anyone know a proxy for all protocol?12:10
rcconfhello. x11vnc is not starting at GDM.12:11
rcconfsometimes it cant open :O display12:11
CodeGnome2rcconf: Might be because it's already started?12:11
rcconfCodeGnome2: it didnt12:11
KnuckleheadTreeok, i used to have windows xp and ubuntu 10.4 on my pc and everything was fine but then i decided to change completely to linux and i installed linux 10.4 , but after a few days the pc didn't boot any longer so i re-installed everything but after few days it's the same thing: The boot console says that linux can't mount  my hard drive12:11
=== krabbe is now known as Krabbe
rcconfKnuckleheadTree: fix grub.12:12
KnuckleheadTreeok but how12:12
rcconfKnuckleheadTree: you should install windows BEFORE linux12:12
KnuckleheadTreeis it possible that my hard drive is damaged'?12:12
HTCPXso I guess you're all on dial up?12:12
rcconfKnuckleheadTree: i dont think so. boot from livecd and access the partition12:12
KnuckleheadTreei installed win xp one time but it said that it couldnt red the hard drive12:12
CodeGnome2KnuckleheadTree: You might have a bad HD. I'd try running diagnostics with systemrescuecd or Knoppix.12:13
rcconfKnuckleheadTree: just follow this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#METHOD%203%20-%20CHROOT12:13
KnuckleheadTreemy problem is that i dont have a optical drive12:13
van7huhello, does anyone know a proxy for all protocol?12:13
CodeGnome2KnuckleheadTree: If you can't boot, and you don't have an external drive, you're jammed.12:13
KnuckleheadTreemy main problem is that nothing wants to boot anylonger from my usb drive12:13
KnuckleheadTreeeverytime the ubuntu screen is loading and loading12:14
CodeGnome2Your system is probably dying, then. Sadness.12:14
KnuckleheadTreeshall i send it back to repair?12:14
KnuckleheadTreewarranty and stuff?...12:14
rcconfCodeGnome2: x11vnc -usepw -auth /lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -display :0 -forever -noipv612:14
rcconfsometimes it starts sometimes it wont12:14
rcconfI have no idea why.12:15
CodeGnome2rcconf: Not sure. Have you tried turning off x11vnc and using gnome's sharing instead?12:17
peethi everyone12:17
CodeGnome2rcconf: Usually a sign of a flakey drive or power supply.12:17
CodeGnome2rcconf: Never mind the last. Wrong window.12:17
peeti got something error showing this messege : symbol lookup error: /usr/lib32/libphonon.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN9QMetaType15registerTypedefEPKci12:18
peetany help?12:18
ShishKababI'm using a laptop connected with a VGA cable to my LCD monitor. It works fine on a 1024x768 resolution, but when I try to switch to 1280x1024 through System Settings in KDE, the image is crooked, duplicated and flickers. Do I have to change some other setting? Sorry for asking a half KDE question here, but #kubuntu is kind of quiet.12:19
LjLbad refresh rate? i dunno12:20
iocorare there any command line applications to take a picture from a webcam?12:21
ShishKababLjL: I've already tried setting the refresh rate to 75.0, which I believe is standard for 1280x1024.12:21
CodeGnome2iocor: aptitude search webcam12:22
LjL!info vgrabbj | iocor12:22
ubottuiocor: vgrabbj (source: vgrabbj): grabs a image from a camera and puts it in jpg/png format. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.6-3.2 (maverick), package size 50 kB, installed size 156 kB12:22
LjLShishKabab: i don't know, i think LCD monitors tend to use 60Hz always12:22
LjLCodeGnome2: that's honestly not very useful, shows lots of stuff...12:22
ShishKababLjL: Yes, you're right. Thank you!12:23
CodeGnome2LjL: It will show all the webcam apps, if there are any.12:24
bullgard4'~$ apt-cache show update-notifier'12:25
bullgard4'~$ apt-cache show update-notifier; ...; Task: ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-uec-live; ...' What does »Task« mean here?12:26
HTCPXwhat are the TCP settings for 100mbit connection?12:27
clmnt-jrGood morning, someone got use the ubuntu natty beta 2 with mobile broadband?12:28
Creepersis there a specific place that i have to install java for firefox to see it? :x12:28
jrib!java | Creepers12:29
ubottuCreepers: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.12:29
atlef!natty | clmnt-jr12:29
ubottuclmnt-jr: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.12:29
bullgard4HTCPX: see ifconfig12:29
bilal03i've got problem with my dpkg12:30
bilal03anybuddy for help?12:30
=== ade is now known as Guest21567
bullgard4!ask | bila0312:30
ubottubila03: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)12:30
De|tamorning everyone. anyone give me some help installing 10.10 server from a usb stick. I keep getting integerity errors when the installer tries to read from the 'CD'. Using the pendrivelinux.com util to create the install, and my source ISO is MD5 verified12:31
De|tatried different media, and it stops at the same point every time12:31
bullgard4De|ta: What is the precise error message?12:32
De|tait's a failed to read, as if the disk was dirty.12:32
bilal03ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install filezilla12:32
bilal03E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.12:32
bilal03ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a12:32
bilal03dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0023' near line 0:12:32
bilal03 field name `' must be followed by colon12:32
FloodBot1bilal03: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:32
De|taI can get the exact if you want, but will need to swap monitors over12:32
jrib!install | De|ta12:32
ubottuDe|ta: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate12:32
DaLynXand "help !"12:33
KindOneDe|ta: did you download it via torrent ?12:33
De|tano KindOne I did not12:33
De|tait came from; http://www.ubuntu.com/business/get-ubuntu/download12:34
peethi every one i got some error with there message : symbol lookup error: /usr/lib32/libphonon.so.4: undefined symbol: _ZN9QMetaType15registerTypedefEPKci12:34
DaLynXI'm having trouble installing ubuntu 10.10 on my desktop computer (5 or 6 years old). After several days of struggle, I finally have X starting for the install. (Thanks to nomodeset and xforcevesa.) But now, the installer freezes after little time. (Approx 1 min.)12:35
bilal03ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install filezilla12:35
bilal03E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.12:35
bilal03ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a12:35
bilal03dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0023' near line 0:12:35
bilal03 field name `' must be followed by colon12:35
FloodBot1bilal03: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:35
=== yoda is now known as Guest46624
LjLbilal03: stop doing that. use the pastebin12:35
bilal03ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install filezilla12:37
bilal03E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.12:37
De|tareading through the common install issues, nothing jumps out as a solution.. other than maybe disabling ACPI12:37
bilal03ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ sudo dpkg --configure -a12:37
bilal03dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0023' near line 0: field name `' must be followed by colon12:37
atlef!paste | bilal0312:38
ubottubilal03: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:38
nrabetthello, I am having horrible problems with my three year old Lenovo laptop. It started yesterday, with light screen flicker. Soon, it became worse - the screen gradually turned white and black again. An attempt to reinstall ubuntu was successful, but it did nothing against the flickering. Today, the machine is not usable because of screen flicker, and it refuses to boot from a Windows DVD. How can I find out if this is a driver issue, or a 12:38
mah454Hello ...12:39
jribDe|ta: why don't you try the methods given there for installing from a pen drive?12:39
yoghurtmy eee pc has ubuntu but if it wants to boot the message goes: unable to open "/dev/sda/12:39
mah454I have probem with ubuntu-10.10 . when i click on place ; ubuntu opening vlc !12:40
anirudhrHow do I find out which version of TCP my Ubuntu Lucid is using?12:40
Guest21567is there any place where I could ask for tweaking help?12:40
De|tajrib, they seem to document how to install a live cd to a pendrive - which isn't what i'm aiming for?12:40
icerootanirudhr: the protocoll tcp?12:40
DaLynXI'm having trouble installing ubuntu 10.10 on my desktop computer (5 or 6 years old). After several days of struggle, I finally have X starting for the install. (Thanks to nomodeset and xforcevesa.) But now, the installer freezes after little time. (Approx 1 min.)12:41
anirudhriceroot: Yeah. Westwood, SACK, etc.12:41
mah454Place on taskbar ...12:41
yoghurtmy eee pc has ubuntu but if it wants to boot the message goes: unable to open "/dev/sda/12:41
jribDe|ta: no, there should be instructions on installing from a pen drive12:41
De|taunless, actually - is there any fundamental difference between a 'live' install and a normal one? I could do a live install to the pendrive and then leave that in there as my boot drive?12:41
nrabettmah454, you have messed up the actions Ubuntu peforms when asked to open a folder. Right click on a folder, choose properties and deselect VLC as default.12:42
anirudhryoghurt: Check your grub settings.12:42
jribDe|ta: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation "Installation without a CD"12:42
yoghurthow? grub aint working no more12:42
yoghurtif i want to boot from a pen drive i can see the error message12:42
bilal03hello, anybody for help?? i got problem with dpkg http://paste.ubuntu.com/594806/12:43
bullgard4'~$ apt-cache show update-notifier; ...; Task: ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-uec-live; ...' What does »Task« mean here?12:43
anirudhriceroot: Any idea?12:43
anirudhryoghurt: Boot from live media and check the /etc/grub* files.12:43
=== AMaio is now known as Maio_
erUSULbullgard4: task is the "things" ( package "bundles" ) you can install with tasksel such as "mail server" "lamp server" etc12:44
De|tajrib, I have already tried https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStickQuick and that is what is failing. I'll give the next one down a go12:44
DaLynXany hint about the installer randomly hanging12:44
Creepersis there a webbrowser with native support for java? :x12:44
=== Maio_ is now known as AMaio
De|tabut it strikes me that if the first method is failing, there must be a good reason for it12:44
anirudhryoghurt: Oh wait, sorry. Boot from live media, mount your drives, compare mount -l against your setup's (not the live OS') /etc/fstab12:44
yoghurtthats my problem the live iso isnt booting any more, there is the screen with the logo and when i press escape i can see the console with the error message12:44
SyriaHello, Please help me with installing the driver for this wireless adapter, it is supported by Linux http://www.edimax.com/en/produce_detail.php?pd_id=341&pl1_id=1&pl2_id=4412:44
Creepersnow my firebox craxshes trying to load java12:44
halehi/ i have a file: file.gz. i need to extract it. i use gunzip but gunzip removed my file.gz.12:45
erUSULCreepers: native? all browsers in all OS's use the java plugin12:45
=== ade is now known as Guest73667
halei nedd to file.gz and extracted it.12:45
anirudhryoghurt: You face the same problem with live as well as installed?12:45
erUSULhale: it works that way12:45
halehow ungiz it wiyhout remove file.gz12:45
anirudhrGuys, any help? How do I find out which version of TCP my Ubuntu Lucid is using?12:45
erUSULhale: make a copy first;12:45
yoghurti have gnome but im trying with kde12:45
haleis it any way to extract it without backup?12:46
CreeperserUSUL: as in support it without me downloading it12:46
thewalln00b here, is agnubis available does anyone know?12:46
anirudhryoghurt: Have you made any modifications to your hard drives / partitions?12:46
yoghurtno i am using the whole drive with ubuntu 10.10 gnome12:47
rookshow to get list of all packages installed by me, the list of all apt-get install names i told system to install?12:47
anirudhryoghurt: Is your hard disk being detected by your bios?12:47
anirudhrrooks: dpkg -l12:47
yoghurthow can i check that?12:48
rooksanirudhr, read my question again please12:48
nrabetthello, I am having horrible problems with my three year old Lenovo laptop. It started yesterday, with light screen flicker. Soon, it became worse - the screen gradually turned white and black again. An attempt to reinstall ubuntu was successful, but it did nothing against the flickering. Today, the machine is not usable because of screen flicker, and it refuses to boot from a Windows DVD. How can I find out if this is a driver issue, or a 12:48
anirudhryoghurt: Depends on your BIOS version. Get into your BIOS menu and check if you see your hard disk being detected.12:48
anirudhrnrabett: Your LCD is dead.12:48
anirudhrrooks: Yes. Try the command.12:49
yoghurtyes it is detected by my bios12:49
anirudhryoghurt: Are you able to reach GRUB? Is it GRUB 1 xor 2?12:49
rooksanirudhr, you know it shows list of all installed packages, why do you think it shows all package installs issued by me?12:49
yoghurti think grub 2 because i have the latest version of ubuntu and i can't reach grub in any way12:50
anirudhrrooks: You should grep through your .bash_history, then. I don't see any other way of determining your apt-get install history12:50
CodeGnome2yoghurt: Yeah...they hosed the default settings for grub...there's no timeout for it, it just boots.12:50
CodeGnome2Someone should file a bug about the grub settings.,12:51
icerootCodeGnome2: do it yourself12:51
iceroot!bug | CodeGnome212:51
ubottuCodeGnome2: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:51
anirudhryoghurt: When you boot, you must be reaching GRUB, otherwise it would not attempt to check if .dev.sda was there.12:51
yoghurtand what am i supposed to do now?12:52
rooksanirudhr, well.. if you dont know you shouldnt contribute to the noise you know... my history is short, i did try it myself12:52
CodeGnome2yoghurt: If you can't boot, try a rescue disk to see if you can repair grub.12:53
yoghurti dont have a optical device i can only use flash drive12:53
anirudhrrooks: As far as I know, you should get help repairing your GRUB settings and having GRUB re-detecting your partitions. Unlike what rooks thinks, I believe that whatever help I can give is better than silence.12:54
anirudhryoghurt: As far as I know, you should get help repairing your GRUB settings and having GRUB re-detecting your partitions. Unlike what rooks thinks, I believe that whatever help I can give is better than silence.12:55
neolivehi all..12:55
neoliveneolivewondering if anyone knows how to configure a QoS on billion router12:55
neoliveneoliveIm sitting in hotspot and people are maxing out the bandwidth with downloads12:55
neoliveneolivewondering if there's some way to throttle them since the router seems to be open12:55
neoliveneoliveSomething more equal?12:55
FloodBot1neolive: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:55
neoliveneoliveit sucks when downloads are running at 6kbps12:55
rooksanirudhr, ignoring what i ask for and forcing your vision of what i need is ok? please...12:55
Romeo_ Hi guys have a quick question regarding linux/ubuntu, is it true that your isp cant be tracked? what im asking is can my isp see what im doing? i dont have nothing to hide but i dont like the idea of being tracked, i know they can track you with windows but someone told me that you cant get tracked on linux not sure if its true12:55
ikonianeolive: we donp't do router support here12:55
ikoniaRomeo_: that's nothing to do with linux - talk to your isp12:55
neoliveikonia: where to?12:55
BlouBlouRomeo_: You can block ICMP packages and Pings, so your PC will be invisible12:56
yoghurtbut how do i repair grub?12:56
ikonianeolive: don't know12:56
ikoniaBlouBlou: that's nonsense12:56
CodeGnome2Romeo_: Your ISP can always see your IP traffic, unless it's encrypted. That's the nature of IP routing.12:56
anirudhrrooks: I tried helping as best as I could. This being a free service, I believe that it does not entitle you to insult me when I try to help you. If you want better help, go search the web, there is this company called Google that will help you there.12:56
ikoniaRomeo_: talk to your ISP, it's not an ubuntu or a Linux question12:56
rooksanirudhr, have it your way...12:56
erUSULCreepers: "sudo apt-get install sun-java6-plugin" is not hard12:56
erUSUL!java | Creepers12:56
ubottuCreepers: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04 LTS and newer, see http://tinyurl.com/2ffg7cc -  For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.12:56
erUSUL!partner | Creepers12:57
ubottuCreepers: Canonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »12:57
BlouBlouikonia: I mean invisible under atacks with no 'defined IP', if someone tries to check if my PC is connected or not, they won't know. Meh, I read something like that, sorry if I am wrong12:57
ikoniaBlouBlou: you are wrong12:57
anirudhryoghurt: I forgot how to, but you should get into a grub shell while you are booting up and then have grub find your boot partition. You should be able to find an online tutorial there.12:57
Romeo_just dont like the idea of my isp seeing what im doing thats privacy12:58
ikoniaRomeo_: then talk to THEM12:58
BlouBlouRomeo_: Then use Tor12:58
Romeo_not that i can do much but thats not the point12:58
ikoniaRomeo_: then why are you moaning about it in here12:59
BlouBlouRomeo_: Read this -> https://www.torproject.org/12:59
=== mwg is now known as kopfkrank
Romeo_whos moaning??? im asking a question12:59
greppyRomeo_: check the privacy policy of your ISP, as someone that works for an ISP, I know that I have far better things to do than to look at a random persons network traffic.12:59
ikoniaRomeo_: you're asking questions about YOUR ISP - this is an ubuntu support channel12:59
yoghurtok thank you12:59
Romeo_im asking BECAUSE someone told me you cant track isp on ubuntu,ive never heard that before so i was enquiring since i use ubuntu13:00
ikoniaRomeo_: they can track your ISP on ANY OS13:00
greppyRomeo_: they were mistaken.13:01
Dr_Willisim not even sure what 'track your isp' means...13:01
ikoniaDr_Willis: he means monitor your traffic13:01
saimanojcan anyone please help me regarding the gpg13:01
erUSULsaimanoj: ask you question13:01
Dr_Willisthe isp's can monitor what they want.. reguardless of OS basically. :)13:02
CodeGnome2saimanoj: What's the question?13:02
saimanojwhile using gpg --send-keys i used the key ID of the private key13:03
saimanojso i think i sent the private key to the keyserver13:04
bullgard4erUSUL: '~$ sudo tasksel' does not list ubuntu-uec-live but '~$ apt-cache show update-notifier; ...; Task: ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-uec-live;' Can you explain.13:04
erUSULbullgard4: no, sorry13:04
ikoniaBlouBlou: ubuntu-uec-live is not a "task"13:04
zetsubooousooo, is there a channel for asking for tweaking tips and stuff? so I wouldn't have to ask tiny pointless questions here?13:04
erUSULsaimanoj: no; that wont happen13:04
BlouBlouikonia: mmh?13:04
CodeGnome2saimanoj: Probably not...by default send-keys won't do that. But if you're worried about it, fetch the key from the server to check it manually.13:05
Dr_Williszetsubooou:  as long as its ubuntu related. here is fine.13:05
ikoniasorry, that was for bullgard413:05
BlouBlouoh, okay13:05
erUSULsaimanoj: gpg knows the correspondng public key and sends that13:05
saimanojhow to fetch it13:05
bullgard4haha. '~$ apt-cache show update-notifier; ...; Task: ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-uec-live;'13:05
CodeGnome2gpg --recv-keys <id>13:05
MK``Is anyone here strongly familiar with keyboards and xmodmap?13:05
saimanojhow to learn basics about gpg13:05
ubottugpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts13:05
CodeGnome2Start with the man page: man gpg13:05
ikoniasaimanoj: read the docuentation13:06
saimanojthe man is very large13:06
craigbass1976Maybe I'm googling wrong...  I've got a few sites hosted on an ubuntu box.  They're all in /var/www/   There's also /var/www/logs/ and in there is a directory for each of the sites.  How do I rotate those logs?13:06
saimanojand all the options are not used regularly13:06
ikoniasaimanoj: that's how you learn13:06
saimanojand i dont know what are those needed usually13:06
DaLynXubuntu installer randomly hangs, any hint ?13:06
CodeGnome2craigbass1976: Unless you did something wacky, logrotate will take care of it for you.13:07
craigbass1976DaLynX, bunk cd?13:07
DaLynXbunk ?13:07
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  check dmesg output.13:07
craigbass1976DaLynX, bad.  Sorry13:07
DaLynXDr_Willis: how do you check anything when the system is frozen ?13:07
DaLynXcraigbass1976: I checked the md5 of the image, it's fine13:07
saimanojthe man page is very large13:07
saimanojto read13:07
DaLynXand then the check for errors in boot menu says fine too13:07
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  have it running in a terminal as you run installer. or install ssh server and ssh in and watch it13:07
ikoniasaimanoj: then take time reading it13:07
Dr_Willissaimanoj:  so? :)13:07
erUSULsaimanoj: what are you going to use gpg for?13:07
saimanoji want to contribute for ubuntu13:08
craigbass1976CodeGnome2, /etc/logrotate.d/apache2?13:08
DaLynXDr_Willis: how do I do that ? how am I going to install anything before installing the os ?13:08
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  you mah have better luck instlling from a bootable flash drive also13:08
damno I cant save my acc settings in finch ; it's reset every time I close it tho I select the 'save' buton while editing the acc. any idea?13:08
ikoniasaimanoj: then you need to be able to read documentation13:08
DaLynXI'm installing from my usb key13:08
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  i instll stuff on a live cd all the time. it goes to 'ram'13:08
CodeGnome2craigbass1976: Most likely. :)13:08
DaLynX(well ,trying to install)13:08
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  Unles you got a peristant save file setup .13:09
DaLynXI don't13:09
craigbass1976CodeGnome2, that's only looking in /var/log/apache2/*.log13:09
saimanojikonia: Yes you are right. Thanks for your reply.13:09
DaLynXso I should run as a "live" system, then try to install from there13:09
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  thtas how i normally do it. that way i can irc as i am installing . :)13:10
DaLynXI have 2 computers so IRC's  not an issue13:10
midhunohi sometimes my dvd player not detecting dvds13:10
CodeGnome2craigbass1976: Then tweak the logrotate files, add your own, or do a manual cron job. If you put stuff in non-standard places, then you have to build a non-standard log-rotation.13:10
midhunohelp me13:10
DaLynXbut the fact I have already spent 3 days trying to install that crap is.13:10
up23four**  FOMA F905i **13:11
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up23four** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 0.0KB/s, Record: 53.6KB/s13:11
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FloodBot1up23four: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:11
CodeGnome2midhuno: You might just have a bad DVD, or bad media. If Linux sees the drive, then the problem isn't Linux.13:11
saimanojcan i ask any question about ubuntu?13:12
ikoniasaimanoj: yes13:12
DaLynXokay, Dr_Willis, live system hangs too13:12
DaLynXafter approx 45 secs13:12
ikoniaDaLynX: hardware problem13:12
Karen_mI have a ubuntu machine, where my WDTV *cannot* see the videos.  It says "no media in folder".  Yet I can see the windows 7 shares without fail, anyone know what I am doing wrong?13:12
DaLynXikonia: it runs Windows perfectly13:12
midhuno<CodeGnome2>i hav a dual boot....windows detects the same dvd on same drive13:12
ikoniaDaLynX: doesn't mean not a hardware problem13:12
saimanojIn which language is Wubi implemented13:13
DaLynXit at least means ubuntu is crap if it can't handle what winXP can13:13
ikoniasaimanoj: you can chose what langauge you want13:13
ikoniaDaLynX: please don't say things you don't understand13:13
ikoniaDaLynX: best you don't talk if you're going to make silly comments like that13:13
wanakahalugihi all, anyone can help to use lightuning fingerprint to work with lucid ?13:13
MK``Is anyone here strongly familiar with keyboards and xmodmap?13:13
saimanojIn which Programming language is Wubi implemented?13:14
DaLynXikonia: I'm trying to find help here13:14
CodeGnome2midhuno: Is it a region-encoded DVD?13:14
ikoniaDaLynX: Linux has different ways and capabilities of using hardware,13:14
jribMK``: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)13:14
ikoniaDaLynX: so making silly commentes won't help that13:14
ikoniaDaLynX: have you looked at your hardware list to check for linux compatability13:14
CodeGnome2saimanoj: Why not look up the project's home page to learn more about it?13:14
MK``when I use xmodmap -pk, it shows 6 entries for most keys; the first 2 are normal, normal+Shift, and the 5th and 6th are AltGr, AltGr+shift. The middle set is identical to the first set of 2, is this for some compatibility reason? by AltGr I mean ISO_Level3_Shift13:14
DaLynXno I did not13:14
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  thats  a bad sign. you did double check the md5 of the cd, and iso files?13:14
ikoniaDaLynX: have you ran memtest on your PC to check your ram is "ok"13:14
midhuno<CodeGnome2> what that means??13:14
DaLynXDr_Willis: I double checked the image MD513:14
s33krhi all13:14
ikoniaDaLynX: right, so "Linux isn't crap" you're "slopppy" in that you didn't look if your hardware is supported13:14
DaLynXand the usb using "Check disk for defects"13:14
ikoniaDaLynX: checking that is a good start13:14
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  whats your video chipset?13:14
DaLynXATI Radeon 9800 Pro13:15
ikoniaDaLynX: I'd also suggest using memtest for a good period as a basic step13:15
CodeGnome2midhuno:  Lots of DVDs have DRM. That means you're out of luck, generally.13:15
saimanojcna you give the proj. home page. please13:15
midhuno<CodeGnome2> then what i do to open the dvd??13:15
DaLynXI had to use xforcevesa and nomodeset in order to avoid crashing at a lower stage13:16
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Dr_WillisI tend to use handbreak or k9copy to backup my dvd's  midhuno .13:16
CodeGnome2midhuno: If that's your problem, you can check out the debian multimedia archive. It has some DeCSS-enabled codecs.13:16
ikoniasaimanoj: use google, there is quite a lot of information on it, included the hope screen13:16
LjL!ops | up23four13:16
ubottuup23four: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, bilalakhtar, Jordan_U, or rww!13:16
CodeGnome2midhuno: Not sure what else to tell you.13:16
Dr_Willismidhuno:  theres the decess stuff you need to install to watch dvd videos normally.13:16
ubottuUbuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats13:16
DaLynXikonia: any place I could find a list of supported hardware ?13:16
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:16
DaLynXI mean it's weird, my computer's a classic desktop config13:16
ikoniaDaLynX: why is taht weird ?13:17
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  could be some flakey ram, or some other hard to track down issue.13:17
DaLynXwouldn't have thought some things would go wrong13:17
Dr_WillisDaLynX:  try some other disrtos, try that flash on other pc's13:17
wanakahalugihi all13:18
DaLynXpeople have always been telling me oh linux's so great, and it's very simple to install and everything. I like using it when it's already installed myself, but when it comes to making a fresh install I always loose feet.13:18
Dr_WillisDaLynX:   thers always the text based installer you could try on the alternative cd.13:18
midhuno<Dr_Willis>the dvd player not detecting blank dvds also13:18
Dr_Willismidhuno:  that sounds like a deeper issue. or a missibng /dev/XXX link13:19
s33kri really don't get the whole linux is better than windows thing13:19
DaLynXokay maybe I'll try that. Thanks13:19
DaLynXlunch time, i'll be back later13:19
s33kri get that linux doesn't get viruses but better? how?13:19
ikoniasaimanoj: different security and execution model13:19
Dr_Williss33kr:   it saves me $$$13:19
Dr_Williss33kr:  and saves me time.13:20
ikoniaoops s33kr  ^13:20
saimanojikonia: i did not get you.13:20
midhuno<Dr_Willis> help me i am new 2 ubuntu/linux....13:20
BlouBlous33kr: linux doesn't exec files just because they are .exe, you need to give it privileges to run13:20
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FloodBot1up23four: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:21
s33krDr_Willis: I get that its more secure and its open source, but I always hear its better, but I have yet to find something it can do that windows cant13:21
=== david is now known as davidex87
Dr_Williss33kr:  its all about your needs.13:21
Dr_WillisI can install it on 100000 machines for little cost.. thats somthing it can do that windows cant..13:21
BlouBlous33kr: you can switch on your computer today, and tomorrow will continue working without failing. Windows can't13:22
s33krhahahaha true on that13:22
Dr_Williscomputers are tools.. use them as such.. if the tool suites you good.. if not change.13:22
midhuno<Dr_Willis> help me i am new 2 ubuntu/linux....13:22
Dr_Willismidhuno:  help you with what?13:23
QuiSEwhy is #aircrack-ng so mean?13:23
wanakahalugianyone can help we with lightuning fingerprint ?13:23
Dr_WillisQuiSE:  because they get a lot of people asking questions that are answered in the docs/faq?13:23
s33krQuiSE: because people r mean13:23
midhuno<Dr_Willis> my dvd player not detecting even blank dvds13:23
QuiSEDr_Willis: Non in my case13:24
Dr_Willismidhuno:  no idea.  i would check th forums to see if others have had similer issues.13:24
s33krQuiSE: do u need help wit something? i got it to gather packets b4 in backtrack13:24
Dr_Willismidhuno:  every so often i see it asked in here about not seieng blank disks.. never saw a quick/exact fix.13:24
QuiSEDr_Willis: I have 2 laptops, one I could catch a handshake with, and the other didnt get the handshake13:24
shazzrI have a desktop machine with a wired network card. Can I put a network cable between this machine and my laptop, and get internet access on the desktop via the laptops WIFI ?13:24
Dr_WillisQuiSE:  means little to me.. i dont use aircrack13:24
QuiSEand I asked what could be the problem, if I needed to upg my wifi drivers13:24
Dr_Willisshazzr:  with the right cable/cards yes.13:25
Dr_Willis!ics | shazzr13:25
ubottushazzr: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetConnectionSharing - You may also use !firestarter: http://www.fs-security.com/docs/connection-sharing.php13:25
QuiSEthey started harassing, and I told them I leave and let them harass someone else. and got banned :)13:25
shazzrDr_Willis: what your saying is that I need a crossed cable?13:25
QuiSEthats good customerservice imo13:25
midhuno<Dr_Willis> then what i do????13:25
s33krany1 knor if there's an IRC server for casual chatting?13:25
BlouBlous33kr: #defocus on this network.13:26
greppys33kr: there are lots of them, DALnet, Undernet, EFnet13:26
QuiSEDr_Willis: you good with update wifi drivers perhaps?13:27
midhunoplsss help me my dvd player not detecting any dvds13:29
craigbass1976shazzr, if you've got an end and a crimper, I think there's only a couple of wires that are crossed.  http://www.littlewhitedog.com/content-8.html13:29
Dr_Willismidhuno:  i would check the forums for similer problems people have had.13:29
Dr_Willismidhuno:  and pop in a data disk and see if you can mount it by hand13:30
Dr_WillisQuiSE:  i rarely have to mess with wifi drivers these days13:30
midhuno<Dr_Willis> i dont understand...13:31
QuiSEDr_Willis: I found this last night: http://nanonanonano.net/linux/debian/iwlwifi13:31
sor4youhello is this really ubuntu?13:31
QuiSEDr_Willis: but there is things I cant grasp in that guide13:31
mahound_i have maverick with the latest updates installed, and an intel gigabit 82577LM ethernet controller. if i ifconfig, there is no eth0 device, nothing. no errors in dmesg, nothing.13:32
phoenixsampraswhen the next release of Ubuntu will be ready??13:32
mahound_any suggestion?13:32
sor4youHello room I dont know if anyone is bored enough to talk to me I am interested in learning linux13:32
CodeGnome2mahound_: Did you check to see if you need any special firmware for that device?13:32
tawanmahound_: it is listed as about the 25th i think13:33
sor4youI know everyone is busy13:33
sor4youbut any help you can offer me will be greatly appreciated13:33
ex0ahow can i set the default (preferred) resolution for a specific display with the fglrx driver? it seems that xrandr causes the catalyst software to confuse settings13:33
mahound_tawan, sorry? i don't get it13:33
ex0aand i'm unable to remove unwanted modes13:33
mahound_CodeGnome2, i googled it, but found nothing13:33
amybunnysor4you, I think it's worth giving a try. You can opt to start with a small dual-boot, and then convert to pure linux later if you like.13:34
phoenixsampraswhen the next release of Ubuntu will be ready?? !!!13:34
FishFacephoenixsampras: I think on the 28th of this month13:34
sor4youso i have done that with the ubuntu remix and i want the real thing13:34
sor4youi have a netbook right now13:34
sor4youbut will have a laptop soon13:34
sor4youso as far as the fullblown ubuntu i should just download the desktop version for my laptop right13:35
tawanmahound_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule13:35
CodeGnome2mahound_: I don't know anything about that particular chipset. Sorrt.13:35
QuiSEIm looking for some assistens in update my WIFI-DRIVERS. (got the drivers and a guide already)13:35
sor4youthat way i can do stuff like compiz fusion and all those cool features13:35
mahound_tawan, i think you are confusing me with someone else :)13:35
CodeGnome2sor4you: The netbook and desktop editions are the same now.13:36
sor4youok well here is my question if you dont mind amybunny13:36
mahound_CodeGnome2, ok, thanks anyway13:36
tawanphoenixsampras: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NattyReleaseSchedule13:36
tawanye sorry mahound_13:36
sor4youi want to run compiz fusion and ubuntu and the latest linux what kind of specs should i have13:36
phoenixsamprasWill all Bugs involded Hibernation and Suspend, will be fixed??13:36
amybunnyIm not sure if it's actually possible to run the 'desktop' release on a netbook.  If you already have the netbook release installed, that should be perfectly fine. As for Compiz fusion, I know nothing about that application.13:37
sor4youoh ok13:37
sor4youwell the netbook edition looks nothing like what i have seen on youtube videos13:38
sor4youinstances of ubuntu running at incredible speeds13:38
sor4youonce again there is no laptop/notebook version of ubuntu?13:39
CodeGnome2sor4you: I think 10.10 has a netbook edition. 11.04 won't.13:39
midhunoanother problem in my smplayer xv video output is not working so i have 2 use x11(slow)output.....y?13:39
sor4youso what ubuntu do i install on my new laptop13:39
Karen_mI have a ubuntu machine, where my WDTV *cannot* see the videos.  It says "no media in folder".  Yet I can see the windows 7 shares without fail, anyone know what I am doing wrong?13:40
kushal3sor4you: what kind of graphics card do you have?13:41
sor4youor is there some better distro i can run on my laptop?13:41
CodeGnome2midhuno: Have you checked to see if your graphics card is fully supported?13:41
tawansor4you: 11.04 will be like netbook by default, it will be awesome on your netbook13:41
CodeGnome2sor4you: Install 10.10...whatever edition suits yuou best.13:41
sor4youwhat is the last stable edition they put out?13:42
ajinhey, guys13:42
FishFacephoenixsampras: You could always try the Beta version if you want. That might help you.13:42
midhuno<CodeGnome2>ther is no driver installed...my graphic card is SIS M67213:42
BlouBlousor4you: maverick, but natty will be released in 12 days13:42
sor4youand you run maverick?13:42
CodeGnome2Karen_m: How are you sharing the folder?13:42
* tawan points sor4you to the ubuntu website where all of these answers are in plain sight13:42
BlouBlou!download | sor4you13:43
ubottusor4you: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Maverick, and help keeping the servers' load low!13:43
ajinwell, good evening~13:43
kushal3good evening to you too13:43
QuiSEIm looking for some assistens in update my WIFI-DRIVERS. (got the drivers and a guide already)13:43
ghustafhello, how can i save files from a damage hard disk with their original names ans location?13:44
CodeGnome2midhuno: SIS is an on-chip GPU. Doesn't do accelerated anything, generally. It may simply not support the features you want. Check the xorg and smplayer web sites to see whether your chipset can do anything better with alternative settings.13:44
BlouBloughustaf: Copy&Paste?13:45
CodeGnome2ghustaf: You probably can't, but try mounting your drive read-only and using ddrescue to salvage whatever you can.13:45
QuiSEis there a permanent solution for the "left mouse button problem" in ubuntu 10.10 yet? I tried a couple and they aint working for me13:45
ghustafi can't mount the hard disk. i created an image with dd_rescue but can't mount it either13:45
Karen_mCodeGnome2, I setup samba, all computers can load it, but not WDTV13:46
Karen_mbut WDTV can load the win7 shares, so i don't know if there is a compatibility flag somewhere or something?13:46
brontosaurusrexQuiSE, what problem?13:46
midhuno <CodeGnome2>i installed a driver when i was using ubuntu 10.10...that works great for me...but now i am using 11.04 in which that driver not works13:47
CodeGnome2Karen_m: Have you looked at your samba logs? If everything else can access it, it sounds like a permissions problem.13:47
QuiSEbrontosaurusrex: Mouse buttons stop working but you can move the mouse, working inside X13:47
Karen_mI will have to try the samba logs, it just sucks cause everyhting else works..13:47
CodeGnome2ghustaf: You may just be out of luck. I've lost a few drives that way over the years, too. Check out the Coroner's Toolkit. There may be something there that can help you extract from an invalid filesystem.13:48
sor4youdoes anyone know about compiz on here?13:48
tawansor4you: like what about it?13:48
ghustafok, i'll try13:49
sor4youtawan: are you running compiz on your system/13:49
CodeGnome2Karen_m: I imagine. But if the Windows systems see the share, then it's probably something specific to do with whatever your WDTV is doing.13:49
DaLynXikonia: the hardware support list only lists complete computers. I would need a per-item list, is there such a thing ?13:49
patterni'm trying to stop the sshd running on my machine, so i tried typing (as root) "/etc/init.d/sshd stop" which reports "* Stopping OpenBSD Secure Shell server sshd   [ OK ]"13:49
patternbut sshd is still running13:49
Karen_mi will find out where samba logs and try debugging it, thank you13:49
tawansor4you: yes13:49
patternerr.. i meant "/etc/init.d/ssh stop"13:49
sor4youtawan: are you running a desktop or a laptop?13:50
tawansor4you: old laptop13:50
tawansor4you: and my wife has it on an eee13:50
CodeGnome2pattern: There may still be some ocnnected sessions. Try 'sudo pkill sshd' instead.13:50
sor4youtawan: and you are able to do like the cube and the sphere of windows on that old laptop?13:51
patternCodeGnome2: if i do that sshd just respawns13:51
sor4youtawan: and is your system response fast and reliable, stable and efficient?13:51
tawansor4you: no problems, I think if you can run XP then Linux with Compiz will run nicer and quicker on the same machine13:51
CodeGnome2pattern: You aren't doing something normal, then. Is ssh running from init?13:52
sor4youtawan: as far as learning source code do you know how and where did you learn?13:52
pokoko222guys i have a c++ program in netbeans and when i run it, it gives me permission errors, it cant access the  project folder13:52
ajinxp is a wonderful OS, but growing too old13:52
pokoko222how can i fix this13:52
patternCodeGnome2: how can i check?13:52
CodeGnome2pokoko222: What are the permissions on the folder? ls -lad <folder>13:53
tawansor4you: find something easy and interesting and look at it. If you have the aptitude for it then you'll learn.13:53
CodeGnome2pattern: fgrep ssh /etc/inittab13:53
pokoko222CodeGnome2 the wierd thing is i cant change the file permissions with right click and permissions13:53
pokoko222i change it but then it goes back to none13:53
patternCodeGnome2: i don't have an /etc/inittab, but i notice that /etc/init/ssh.conf has "respawn" in it13:54
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
CodeGnome2pokoko222: Try from the command line.13:55
pokoko222CodeGnome2 and when i copy to desktop then i can13:55
CodeGnome2pattern: You aren't running ubuntu, are you? None of what you just said sounds like ubuntu.13:55
pokoko222does this mean my d: parition is corrupted or something13:55
CodeGnome2pokoko222: Run the ls command in a shell.13:55
patternCodeGnome2: Linux foobar 2.6.32-305-ec2 #9-Ubuntu SMP Thu Apr 15 08:05:38 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:56
patternUbuntu 10.04.2 LTS13:56
brontosaurusrexKaren_m, http://wdtvhd.com/index.php?showtopic=7323&st=0&p=10545&#entry1054513:56
CodeGnome2pattern: No inittab? Conf files in your init.d?13:57
midhunowhat 2 do to play .mp4 videos in smplayer???13:57
CodeGnome2pattern: You may have to ask someone else, then.13:57
Karen_mbrontosaurusrex, thank you!  I will disable the password savings and try that!13:57
patternCodeGnome2: the ssh.conf is in /etc/init, not /etc/init.d13:57
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, nothing, it should work13:58
pokoko222CodeGnome2 ls in what directory13:59
xanguamidhuno: it does with sinlge mplayer¿13:59
CodeGnome2pokoko222: Where is your folder?13:59
midhuno<xangua> no it is not working13:59
brontosaurusrexKaren_m, also http://www.drron.com.au/2010/01/16/a-note-about-wdtv-live-and-samba-shares/14:00
midhuno<brontosaurusrex> no it is not workng14:00
NyberMi1My suspend isn't working. Suspends fine but when i try to wake up the machine again the sceens remain black and i have to hard-reset. This is a problem i have in both ubuntu and debian, any ideas?14:00
CodeGnome2pattern: That doesn't match my system. I can't help you.14:00
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, from command line if you type: mplayer file.mp4 what does it say?14:00
pooltablehi hw to fix pcsx final fantasy 8 is skipping ?14:00
CodeGnome2NyberMi1: Is your swap encrypted?14:00
pokoko222CodeGnome2 i did ls and it marks my folder as green, wierd14:00
patternCodeGnome2: thanks anyway14:01
NyberMi1CodeGnome2: not that i know of, no14:01
CodeGnome2pokoko222: What are the permissions, though?14:01
pokoko222CodeGnome2 drwxrwxrwx 5 stefan stefan 4096 2011-04-16 14:3714:02
NyberMi1CodeGnome2: someone said my swap might be too small so im now running a 20gb swap for the fun of it, the system sports 6gb of ram14:02
Karen_mbrontosaurusrex, many thanks! I think it will work now.. yay!!!14:02
NyberMi1same problem persists14:02
midhuno<brontosaurusrex>it is playing but when opening in smplayer only audio is playing14:02
ikoniaNyberMi1: 20GB of swap is silly14:02
NyberMi1ikonia: im aware of that14:03
ikoniaNyberMi1: then why are you doing it ? it's not going to do anything positive14:03
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, so 'mplayer file.mp4' is working as expected, but only audio in smplayer?14:03
NyberMi1ikonia: having 3tb to play around with, i thought it wouldn't really matter14:03
CodeGnome2pokoko222: This is where? Your home directory?14:03
QuiSEI could use some assistance in upgrading my WIFI-DRIVERS (Already have the drivers downloaded)14:03
ikoniaNyberMi1: clealy it will14:03
PikosI've got a problem, I cannot figure how to connect both wireless and ethernet interfaces at the same time14:04
CodeGnome2NyberMi1: I have a new i7 laptop that won't suspend or hibernate, either. It might be a hardware issue.14:04
pokoko222CodeGnome2 the project folder is on desktop, yeah in my home i am the only user14:04
NyberMi1CodeGnome2: my desktop has a i7 cpu14:04
Pikoswhen I connect one, it deconnects the other one14:04
NyberMi1this i5 laptop that im currently using suspends fine though14:04
pokoko222CodeGnome2 this is the error in Netbeans: exec: 7: /home/stefan/Desktop/Missionaries_Canibals/dist/Debug/GNU-Linux-x86/missionaries_canibals: Permission denied14:04
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, ok, then i would try to change the video output settings in smplayer, also anything that is vdpau related maybe14:05
CodeGnome2pokoko222: ls -l /home/stefan/Desktop/Missionaries_Canibals/dist/Debug/GNU-Linux-x86/missionaries_canibals14:05
NyberMi1ikonia: silly or not, i can't see how it matters since the earlier "non-silly" amount of swap had the same effect of suspend not working. i just thought id go high while partitioning to make sure the system had enough space there14:06
patternhow can i configure which services from /etc/init.d to start upon boot?14:06
ikoniaNyberMi1: depends how that silly decision will effect the rest of your system14:06
midhuno<brontosaurusrex>vdpau is also not workin....i tried it now14:07
pokoko222CodeGnome2 -rwx--xrwx 1 stefan stefan 50590 2011-04-16 14:42 /home/stefan/Desktop/Missionaries_Canibals/dist/Debug/GNU-Linux-x86/missionaries_canibals14:07
minashokryI am trying to install ubuntu 11.04 on dell xps 15 but the live cd doesn't start and a kernel panic happens14:07
xangua!natty | minashokry14:08
ubottuminashokry: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.14:08
CodeGnome2pokoko222: I don't know about about your app, but there are no group read permissions on that folder.14:08
minashokryxangua, yes14:08
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, when running mplayer from cli, note what video output drivers is using and put that into smplayer config14:08
NyberMi1ikonia: im not turning down tips and welcome any feedback, but can you think of any reason why the larger amount would be a problem?14:08
ikoniaNyberMi1: miss-representation of ram,14:09
CodeGnome2pokoko222: You could try adding them: chmod g+rwx <folder>14:09
pokoko222CodeGnome2 yeah the wierd thing is i cant change it from gui, so i moved now the folder from D partition to desktop and now i can everythig fine14:09
pokoko222does that mean something wrong with my d partition14:09
adrian_kxwhy after in update to kernel 2.6.38 from mavrick ppa my battery doesnt indicate estimated time to charge or discharge14:09
ikoniaNyberMi1: a lot of suspend / hibernation problems are down to the video card chipset, I'd look in that area14:09
ikoniaadrian_kx: you're on an unsupported kernel, contact the support group for that PPA14:09
NyberMi1ikonia: im receiving similar suggestions from debian.fi channel atm14:09
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, on the long run, learn how to use mplayer, its really faster and more usefull than any GUI if you know some basics14:09
xanguaadrian_kx: you use ppa's under your own risk14:10
adrian_kxwell on other distros if u update kernel doesnt mess up with ur indicators14:10
adrian_kxso i`m bound to dam stock kernel?14:10
volvehey all, I'm trying to get the a minimal set of X packages installed on my headless Jaunty server so I can run gui apps over ssh. Are there any specialized packages for that? When I try to install the standard Xorg packages it wants to pull down loads and loads of video drivers, which obviously I don't need as the server is going to be headless. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks. :)14:10
ikoniaadrian_kx: it would if you use an unsupported kernel14:10
CodeGnome2pokoko222: No,m it means you have a permissions problem.14:10
adrian_kxwhat if i compile it myself?14:10
ikoniaadrian_kx: then support it yourself14:10
evelyettehi, I've got problem with chroot... I get: chroot: failed to run command `/bin/bash': No such file or directory14:10
xanguaadrian_kx: or use the one provided by ubuntu's repositories14:10
adrian_kxits from ubuntus repositories::P14:10
ikoniaadrian_kx: no, it's from a PPA14:11
evelyetteI've created all the necessary directories, bin, lib, dev, home ... with the binaries and libraries ..14:11
evelyetteanyi ideas ?14:11
NyberMi1ikonia: any log file regarding resuming from suspend i could eye over ?14:11
adrian_kxplain and simple i thought someone has an ideea what bindings are broken14:11
ikoniaadrian_kx: the people who maintain that PPA will14:11
ikoniaNyberMi1: syslog is a good start14:11
adrian_kxthey are not at home:(((14:11
CodeGnome2pokoko222: Awesome.14:11
NyberMi1ikonia: thank you!14:12
minashokryhello, the live cd can't boot and makes a kernel panic on dell xps 15, anyone can help?14:12
bazhangminashokry, #ubuntu+1 for natty14:12
CodeGnome2minashokry: Are you sure you have the right architecture, e.g. i386 vs amd64?14:13
pokoko222CodeGnome2 but it is kidna wierd i am loged in as admin, and i cant change permissions on my d partition and i can on files on desktop :D14:13
midhunobrontosaurusrex>i can't understand any vdo output name from the terminal window...do u help me??14:13
adrian_kxi`ll try to see if it happends the same on debian using liquirix kernels14:13
CodeGnome2pokoko222: Linux doesn't have d partitions. So, you're either trying to change an NTFS partition, or you've done something else unusual.14:13
minashokryCodeGnome2, yes, I am using 64 bits and the cpu is 64, it has 8GB of ram and I have to use 64 bits edition14:14
adrian_kxif same result than compiling own kernel from source might leave my personal setting intact14:14
bazhangminashokry, this is not 11.04 support channel, #ubuntu+1 please14:14
CodeGnome2minashokry: A kernel panic is a sign that something isn't matching up.14:14
pokoko222CodeGnome2 yeah that partition is ntfs14:15
p3ix3boa noite14:15
QuiSEI could use some assistance in upgrading my WIFI-DRIVERS (Already have the drivers downloaded)14:15
LjL!br | p3ix314:15
ubottup3ix3: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.14:15
Dr_Willispokoko222:  you dont chown or chmod files on a NTFS or vfat partition.14:15
pokoko222wow that is bad news :D14:15
Dr_Willispokoko222:  you set the proper options to select what permissions./onership you want at mount time14:15
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minashokryCodeGnome2, I changed hard drive from AHCI to ATA, now no kernel panic but I get a message that "can not find medium containing live file system"14:16
midhunobrontosaurusrex>i can't understand any vdo output name from the terminal window...do u help me??14:16
Dr_Willispokoko222:  not weird at all...14:16
pokoko222you would expect lunux to adapt to such a thing14:16
bazhangminashokry, what version? 11.04?14:16
Dr_Willispokoko222:  its a feature MISSING in ntfs... not a linux issue at all14:16
childhoodHi.  how do i get all the options with mouse on ubuntu that i had on windows with kvirc program ?14:16
pokoko222Dr_Willis so once you screw up permissions setting in mount time no going back?14:16
minashokrybazhang, yes14:16
midhunobrontosaurusrex>i can't understand any vdo output name from the terminal window...do u help me??14:16
bazhangminashokry, then #ubuntu+1 as you've been told many times NOT here14:16
Dr_Willispokoko222:  You remount the drive with proper options14:16
CodeGnome2minashokry: Your file device probably changed. You probably need to fix grub.14:17
Dr_Willis!ntfs-3g | pokoko22214:17
ubottupokoko222: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions14:17
pokoko222Dr_Willis i should just unmount and then ? i wont lose files?14:17
hamedhey guys  how can i enable desktop effects on intel atom?14:17
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, can you paste to pastebin what happens when you mplayer file.mp4?14:17
Dr_Willispokoko222:  if course you wont loose files.. You are MOUNTING it with diffent options.. not touching the ntfs data at all14:17
ajinbazhang: sorry, are you from asia?14:17
minashokryCodeGnome2, the machine is new and I am inserting ubuntu cd for the first time14:17
brontosaurusrexhamed, i'd guess thats more gpu related14:17
NyberMi1Hamed: i would imagine thats more dependant on your graphics cihp14:17
bazhangminashokry, are you seeing my messages?14:18
hudnixso....why did my firefox-4.0 suddenly change to nightly 6.0?14:18
minashokrybazhang, yes "can't find a medium containing live cd file system"14:18
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bazhangminashokry, this is not the channel for that14:18
bazhang!natty | minashokry14:18
ubottuminashokry: Natty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04, due April 28 2011. Help and support (only) in #ubuntu+1. Natty is beta and is not currently intended for production systems.14:18
hamedno i use to have desktop effects but when i go on unity and after i got dislike unity returned to Gnome now i dont have any effects14:19
CodeGnome2hamed: You might need to install various compiz packages.14:19
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, try -x11 as your output video drivers in smplayer14:21
hudnixafter updates, firefox-4.0 is no longer on my system, but  a new "nightly 6.0" is, with no working extentions.14:21
hamedi install compiz config manager14:21
midhuno<brontosaurusrex>no it is not playing .mp4 files....but plays all others14:21
hudnixsynaptic says firefox-4 is still installed though.14:22
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, oh god, and your mentioning that now ? :)14:22
midhuno<brontosaurusrex>what happened???14:22
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Vadimercan anyone help me14:25
bittinmaybe, ask the question?14:25
midhuno<brontosaurusrex> is der any problem???how can i solve the mp4 problem??14:25
Vadimer? im having a issue with the tab places when i go to documents under it it wont load up but if i go to computer documents and that sort is fine.14:25
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, so mplayer cli is playing those fine, right?14:27
BluesKajHowdy folks14:28
trijntjewrefdsfds, ask away14:28
wrefdsfdsi ordered two CDs14:28
wrefdsfdsone Kubuntu, one Ubuntu, 32 bit14:29
wrefdsfdstoday they recieved14:29
brontosaurusrexmidhuno, ok, a shot in the dark: if you go into cli and type 'which mplayer' it should give you something like /usr/bin/mplayer right?14:29