holsteini think the 32bit is going to go through00:54
holsteinthe normal intall00:54
holsteinScottL: you there?02:09
holsteinailo: ?02:09
holsteini did the normal install02:09
holsteintask select worked02:09
holsteinbut the desktop was funky02:09
holsteinthe theme02:09
holsteinlet me reboot...02:09
ScottLholstein, sorry was out eating with family03:06
ScottLi should do an install later tonight after we settle down03:06
holsteinScottL: cool03:07
holsteinlet me know what you find03:07
holsteinim on the 2nd one03:07
holsteinthe LVM encrypted one03:07
ScottLholstein, ack, it's already almost 11:00 pm here, i'll start it first thing in the morning04:54
holsteinScottL: yeah, im calling it a day too04:57
holsteini got 2 cases done04:57
holsteinbut the theme-ing looks funny04:57
holsteinwe'll see what you find04:57
ScottLailo, do you remember the log you looked at when your install failed?15:12
ailoScottL, Yeah...15:13
ailoScottL, Did you install again?15:13
ScottLi did and it failed at installing software15:13
ScottLthis is bad, very bad15:13
ailo ubuntustudio-desktop: Depends on hal, but is not installable15:14
ailosomething like that15:14
ailoI wonder why holstein was able to install15:14
ailoScottL, Did you check the log? 15:15
ScottLailo, i can't remember the log location, that's what i'm asking about15:15
ailoScottL, /var/log/syslog15:15
ScottLailo, copy that, going upstair to check15:16
ailoYou'll probably find it at the bottom15:16
ailoThe error that is15:16
ScottLailo, i have multiple problems with labavcodec52 and libavcode-extra-52 and a few other av packages15:26
ScottLi didn't see any thing for hal, but i didn't look either15:27
ailoScottL, Ok. I never looked at the log for my machine install, only on Virtualbox, which would seem it wasn't about a bad burn at least15:28
ailoI didn't double check the image, though :P15:28
ScottLi'm going to download the latest daily image and test it as well15:29
ScottLif that fails as well then i will continue my freak out at that time15:29
ailoI will try too15:29
ScottLhi Kokito 17:09
ailoScottL, Seems to be installing this time. But, I didn't choose any tasksels in my first attempt like last time17:16
ailoSo, I'm going to try with a tasksel again, and see if that causes a problem17:17
Kokitohi ScottL  and ailo 17:17
ailoKokito, Hi17:18
ailoKokito, We're testing to install the beta 2 release17:18
Kokitocool ailo 17:19
ScottLhi falktx 17:44
ScottLailo, i'm about to start installing17:45
scott-upstairsailo, wierd thing, last image which was from the qa testing had the purple background you talked about17:47
scott-upstairsthe daily on i'm testing now has a medium blue17:47
scott-upstairsbut it looks better17:47
ailoscott-upstairs, That's strange. It was purple now during install for me17:49
ailoscott-upstairs, I was installing on Virtualbox and the theme fails on that. But, I'm pretty sure that it is related to Virtualbox. 17:51
ailoI've had that before17:51
scott-upstairsailo, this is where i got the image earlier today: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/daily/current/17:58
scott-upstairsi selected all software and it is installing17:58
scott-upstairsi might have to leave the house soon for an hour or so though17:58
ailoscott-upstairs, I see. Well, I'm still using the one you gave me before.17:59
ailoscott-upstairs, That would mean it's been fixed, then17:59
scott-upstairshmmmm, i made to configure real time priveliges for jackd which it didn't do before18:05
scott-upstairsi'm hoping this is good18:05
ailoscott-upstairs, Good thing you reminded me. Otherwise I would have forgotten to check that again 18:10
ailoscott-upstairs, Seems like the install is working. Just need to do it on my machine as well to check about the theme, then I'm satisfied.18:25
ailoscott-upstairs, Did you have theme problems?18:25
ailoscott-upstairs, Ok. The user is in audio group. Forget about what I said about new users also. Creating new users is a different thing anyway. They get no sudo privilege either, so that's the administrators duty to fix that18:48
ailoSo, what is missing is only a way to give users realtime privilege when installing from repo18:49
ScottLailo, i successfully installed with today's daily build19:43
ailoScottL, I had a succesful install with the image from the previous link, though I expect it was updated in between my downloads19:44
ailoScottL, Looking at the links now...19:45
ailoScottL, The one that failed was from 13th of April19:45
ailoThe one that succeded was from 14th of April19:45
ailoThe one I downloaded last was from a link /daily/current. The other two before that were /daily/<date>/, of which only 13th failed19:47
ailoSo, I haven't yet installed the latest, which is from current, but it would be safe to assume, that it will work from me as well19:47
ScottLyay!  that makes me feel much, much better19:54
ScottLrock on, going out again, i'll be back in later this afternoon19:54
ScottLafter i start some test for xubuntu and a dock, i want to start setting up for testing kernels19:55
ailoScottL, Yeah, take a break. You deserve one19:55
ScottLholstein, ailo : when you installed did you have a network icon on the top right?22:39
ScottLof the panel?22:40
ailoScottL, Let me check. I know there was a problem with icons22:40
ailoScottL, I need to install on a PC to see about that. The icons are messed up on Virtualbox together with the theme. So, I can't really tell. How is that on your install?22:44
* ailo is burning a DVD now..22:45
scott-upstairsailo, it looked "normal" to me23:02
scott-upstairsjust as it normally does, i'll do a screenshot in a minute with imagebin23:02
scott-upstairsthat's the same network icon that i've seen with ubuntu studio far as long as i can remember23:05
scott-upstairsthis is from a full dvd install23:05
ailoscott-upstairs, It was pretty funny looking at that pic. It started loading, but then it reset. Anyway, I got a look at it, and looks normal to me too.23:07
ailoscott-upstairs, Just installing myself now. hmmm...23:07
ailoGot stuck at the part where the partitioner is supposed to kick in23:07
ailoThink this has happened to me sometime before. Maybe on a Debian install23:08
ailoBUT, the background is blue :)23:12
holsteinScottL: that icon was bad23:15
holsteinand the panel was not right23:15
ailoholstein, Virtualbox?23:15
holsteinailo: i did one of each23:15
holsteinmetal and Vbox23:15
ailoholstein, And you had bad panel on metal too?23:15
ailoWhat graphic card with that?23:16
holsteinbut, i didnt try for 3d at all23:16
ailoCould you try installing drivers too see if that makes any difference23:16
ailoOn Virtualbox I think I get it everytime23:16
holsteinailo: i'll have to try again23:16
holsteinall around23:16
holsteinits gone now23:16
ailoAnd on VB there is a problem with drivers23:16
holsteinbut, i have one more case left23:16
holsteinailo: in the vbox one23:17
holsteini tried loging out and back in a few times23:17
holsteinand the metal23:17
holsteini just did it the one time23:17
holsteincould have just been a little glitch23:17
ailoWhat happens is that the gtk stuff fails for some reason, and falls back on the basic theme23:17
ailoDon't think that happens on Ubuntu no matter what23:18
ailoVanilla, that is23:18
ailoThe strange thing is that it only happens for the panel and the desktop23:20
ailoMy guess is that this is because of some Unity thing23:20
holsteinailo: did you get iso's booting?23:20
holsteinand installing?23:20
ailoI've managed to install on VB, using the 14th of April iso. 13th failed on both.23:21
ailoSo, now I'm installing the latest on metal23:21
holsteinailo: i DL'd from that link 23:22
holsteinbut the next day23:22
holsteinmaybe i got different iso's?23:22
ailoThey do change, but I find it confusing when. I DL'd from the first link twice.23:23
ailoAnd got the 13th and the 14th23:23
ailoNow I DL'd from current23:23
ailoLink is */daily/current/* instead of */daily/<date>/*23:24
ailoThe actual download link, that is23:24
ailoNot the link where you go to get the iso23:24
ailoholstein, This is the link I used now http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/daily/current/natty-alternate-i386.iso23:26
ailoholstein, I'm installing now, so if I get this problem, I can deal with trying to find out what it is23:40
ailoActually, should be doable from Virtual Box too :/23:41
ailoholstein, Mine looks normal.23:52
ailoScottL, The install extra drivers icon is missin, though23:53
ailo(it's a white square with an x in it)23:53

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