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benluoi read a lot of documents about audio production in ubuntu14:26
benluobut i did not make it clear14:26
benluoi have a native instruments AK1 now14:27
benluowhat's the first step i can do in gnome?14:27
benluocurrently i disable internal sound card14:27
benluois it right?14:27
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holsteinbenluo: hey16:15
holsteini would say the first step for pro audio in linux in general is learning to start and use JACK16:15
holsteinif you dont get anyone here, the guys over in #opensourcemusicians will help you get JACK started16:16
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frigOvuotO_qualcuno di voi รจ capace di configurare il pedale d'espressione per zoom g1??22:18
holsteinfrigOvuotO: hey23:17
holsteintry #musix23:17
holsteinis that spanish?23:18
ailoItalian, right?23:18
ailoSomething about configuring a zoom pedal?23:18
holsteinyeah, i thought it was spanish, and its not23:19

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