Fudgehi guys whats the easiest way to install 4.8 into maverick or lucid? i dont think its in backports yet00:26
charlie-tcaOfficially, it is not supported at all00:27
Fudge:( im trying to debug thunar with orca to see why its not talking and was suggested to build it from git which ive done but i just get error server already running00:28
charlie-tcaWe can't add it in backports until Xubuntu 11.04 releases, since backports is things in the stable release, being added to previous releases00:28
charlie-tcaThere is a ppa, but I don't think it was kept up to date00:29
charlie-tcaWhat server is orca looking at? Is that the sound server, by chance?00:30
Fudgeno orca isnt a factor yet, its when i run startx -- :1 vt1200:33
Fudge/usr/local/bin/startxfce4: X server already running on display :100:33
charlie-tcaah, I see00:34
Fudgeeverything built right that i grabbed from git and i also have xfce 4.6.2 installed, should i remove that?00:34
charlie-tcaI don't think there is any way to put xfce4.8 into lucid and maverick yet without compiling it00:34
charlie-tcaI don't honestly know.00:35
* Fudge nods, i have cmpiled it from git00:36
drchttp://www.webupd8.org/2011/01/xfce-48-ubuntu-1004-and-1010-ppas.html was this ppa you were taling about?00:36
drcIf so, it worked as of a month ago.00:36
charlie-tcaas far as I know, they were not kept up to day. They are Xfce 4.8.000:37
Fudgeto current release?00:37
charlie-tcaThere were both created by non-xubuntu, non-xfce folks for 4.8 in maverick and lucid00:38
Fudgei grabbed the source00:44
Fudgewell i think i did, xfce-4.8.tar.bz200:45
charlie-tcaFudge: you probably know better than I do, but do you have to rm the old session in ~/.config/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml ?00:46
charlie-tcaWon't that let the server start?00:46
Fudgeno idea mate, i dont know better than you :D00:46
charlie-tcaThat looks right to me for the source00:46
charlie-tcaI am not sure, but I think you can remove xfwm4-session.xml there to start the server again.00:47
charlie-tcaGot to go eat now. Good luck00:48
Fudgethanx dude00:50
charlie-tcaWish I could help more with that error. When I got that, I deleted the whole ~/.config and ~/.cache to clear it. Then a reboot worked.01:33
charlie-tcaFudge: check ~/.dmrc and make sure it is owned by you, not root01:34
charlie-tcahm, I done something wrong with xchat and lost the menu01:38
charlie-tcadidn't bring it back01:40
drcctrl f9 ?01:41
charlie-tcawindows key+F901:41
charlie-tcagot me in the right direction anyway01:42
charlie-tcaNow I am going away for a night01:42
drcfunny the menu says ctrl + f9, but only f9 works for me01:42
charlie-tcaonly one that works here is left-window+F901:42
drcAnyway, have a nice night01:43
charlie-tcaOkay, take it back. Now F9 is working too01:43
charlie-tcaanyway, good night01:43
ubuxubuwhat does failed to mount drivemean?04:23
metroid1anybody using 11.04 with a nvidia card?07:39
Sysitry #ubuntu+107:40
keblol dont tell me there are problems with old nvidia again07:40
metroid1keb, i think there may be but i would like to see if anyone else is experiencing it07:42
buff27my wireless on my netbook doesn't autoconnect to my home network until I select it, how do i make it connect automatically on bootup?10:24
TheSheepbuff27: check the 'connect automatically' checkbox in the 'edit connections' dialog10:29
buff27is that in Xubuntu?10:34
Sysiyes, right click on the panel applet → edit connections10:35
buff27oh! I was trying to right click the wifi SSID10:37
buff27arrr look at that... I love xubuntu10:38
buff27don't like the direction on ubuntu and gnome/unity10:39
buff27thanks TheSheep and Sysi10:40
zeushi all, народ тут нужна ваша помощь немогу найти индикатор расскладки, точнее его нет. помогите кто сталкивался (xubuntu 11.04)10:44
knome!ru | zeus10:44
ubottuzeus: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke10:44
jussiknome: ping11:17
=== thermi is now known as Thermi
bilal03i got problem with my dpkg see at http://paste.ubuntu.com/594806/12:47
bilal03anybody for help?? plzZz12:47
Sysido what it says12:48
bilal03http://paste.ubuntu.com/594806/ look here12:49
Sysithere i got "it"12:49
Sysi"you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem"12:50
bilal03i run it12:50
bilal03and results are also there12:50
Sysi(i'm blind)12:51
bilal03how can i fix it??12:51
bilal03any idea??12:53
bilal03<Sysi> ???????12:53
Sysiidk, seems pretty broken12:54
Sysiinstalling still gives same error?12:54
amybunnymorning, folks.13:22
amybunnywhat does LTS stand for?13:37
ArjenTMLong Term Support13:41
Ploxguys, any of you awake?18:00
ThinkT510i am18:00
drcnope, after story time is naptime18:00
PloxI just installed Xubuntu 11.04 beta 218:00
Ploxand deja dup18:00
Ploxbut apparantly, it doesn't save my settings18:00
PloxGLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications.18:00
Ploxmost likely due to this, but I don't quite get how to fix it18:01
PloxI've been googling some, but without many helpfull results18:01
drc10.10 or 11.04b?18:04
Ploxlike I said, 11.04b18:05
drcYeah, my bad, I was googling instead of reading :)18:05
drcand I assume the version of deja dup is 18.1.1-0ubuntu1?18:06
drcPlox: My google-fu is weak today also :(18:11
Ploxgood it's not just me being a giant retard then :D18:11
drcAnd I've tried several search criteria...18:13
drcThe closest I've come is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glib2.0/+bug/75786618:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 757866 in glib2.0 (Ubuntu) "gsettings uses the 'memory' GSettings backend / settings do not stick?!" [Undecided,New]18:13
Ploxyeah, I saw that one to18:14
* drc hates having done a google search of <anything> and having links from 2006 show up as the number one match :(18:18
PauseBazingaRunning live Xubuntu 11.04 b2 on a dual monitor desktop.  Feels great, but I can't find the option to span/entend the desktop across both monitors instead of clone/mirror them.  Any suggestions?18:35
PauseBazingawhat's that sheep?18:37
PauseBazinganot dual?18:37
TheSheep!dual monitors18:37
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama18:37
PauseBazingaexcept...i already have them?18:37
TheSheepthat page has some information about different possible setups18:37
PauseBazingathe documentation for Xfce claims that there is an option in the Display dialog18:38
PauseBazingaok, checking the link18:38
PauseBazingaMr. Bot ftw18:38
TheSheepfirst time I hear about such an option18:38
TheSheepmaybe in the new soon-t-be-released one18:38
PauseBazingait's for the recently released 4.8 version of Xfce18:39
drcQuestion on partitions and reinstalls:  If one has a separate / and /home partitions, and does a fresh reinstall (formating / but without formating /home), does the re-install install new configurations in ~, overwriting any changes you made (for example, but not limited to: ~/.config/Thunar/thunarrc) ?18:41
TheSheepPauseBazinga: next xubuntu will have it, in a month18:46
TheSheepdrc: the installer shouldn't touch /home18:46
TheSheepdrc: but the newly installed thunar might when it is first started18:47
PauseBazingaright, I'm using the most recent (beta 2) and was hoping they'd implemented it already.  I guess there's still some trouble getting it ready, I'll see what happens with the final release.  Thanks for looking it up for me.18:47
drcTheSheep: Thank you18:47
ubottuNatty Narwhal is the codename for Ubuntu 11.04 - Natty is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+118:47
TheSheepPauseBazinga: they might know there18:48
PauseBazingaoh nice, I didn't realize there was a separate unstable channel18:48
PauseBazingathanks again18:48
PauseBazingaTheSheep:  in case you care, I found a work-around on a RandR 1.2 wiki.  It's easily done, but only via the command line.  This command worked flawlessly to span the desktop across two 20" monitors:  xrandr --output DVI-1 --auto --right-of DVI-019:14
dannydhi all, can someone please tell me if i can open a new tab using thunar?19:20
drcdannyd: I can't find a way, and a quick perusal of google doesn't find one.19:25
TheSheepdannyd: you can't, thunar doesn't have tabs, you can open a new window19:25
TheSheepdannyd: you might try pcman if you really absolutely need tabs19:26
dannydTheSheep: ok thanks, i think im going to try pcman,,19:28
dannydi like tabs :)19:29
Unit193Do you mean pcmanfm?19:29
dannydyes, having just started using linux i am used to nautilus, and was quite happy with xfce, until i found out thunar had no tabs :(19:32
Ploxthis deja dup bug is annoying me :/19:34
dannydapt-get purge thunar\n apt-get autoremove\n <--- will that completely get rid of thunar?19:35
Ploxdoes anyone know why this19:36
PloxGLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend.  Your settings will not be saved or shared with other applications.19:36
Ploxshows up when Is tart deja dup, and it doesn't save any settings so I can't set up automated backups?19:37
Ploxdeja dup 18.1.119:37
Ploxand xubuntu 11.04b19:37
dannydhow do i configure pcmanfm to be the default using xfce-settings?19:40
dannydI just made a change to the menu.xml file, is there some command i can use to restart the service?19:57
dannydwithout having to restart my computer?, can i just log out and log back in?20:00
bouseems i've lost the menu on the top of desktop20:11
bouinstalled last December on an HP computer20:11
bouonly way to access the programs is with the right button20:12
boufound it press Alt+F2 .. and in the box that appears type xfce4-panel20:15
inaetyHi all.  I know I can switch among workspaces using ctrl+FN but does anyone know how I can change that?20:26
drcinaety: Change it how?  BTW, CTRL+ALT+right/left arrow also works (and wraps around to boot :)20:37
inaetydrc, i actually cant get it to wrap20:37
inaetybut i figured it out Settings > window manager > keyboard > change desktop.  my stupid laptop makes me use an Fn key to access the F keys. so I made it Super>N. works so well20:38
drcinaety: Insert the standard response...works here.20:38
inaetydrc, haha its not something im gonna worry over20:39
drcinaety: Also see Window Manager> Advanced> Wrap Workspaces20:40
inaetydrc, nothing20:41
drc10.10 or 11.04b2?  May be different, dunno (xfce 4.6 vs 4.8)20:42
inaety10.10 but unofficially updated to 4.820:43
drcI'm running 11.04b2...the xfce 4.8 should be the same (?)20:44
inaetymy guess is that that its something with ubuntu20:45
inaetynot xfce20:45
inaetywhat are you options under Wrap Workspaces20:45
drcbith unchecked20:45
drcboth, that is20:46
inaetyi dunno, im way satisfied with super>N20:46
inaetyyou should try it if youre not on a mac20:47
drcCheck Window Manager Tweaks> workspaces ?20:47
drcI'm satisfied with a mouse click or CA-rt/lft arrow20:48
inaetywhere is Window Manager Tweaks20:48
drcSettings Manager, between Window Manager and Workspaces20:49
inaetynice find@20:51
inaetyWrap workspaces when the firstr or last workspace is reached20:51
drcinaety: I have broken this box so many times and in so many ways (and gotten help here) that I know where lots of things are (using them correctly is another matter)20:52
inaetydrc, haha man be careful20:53
drcCareful? Moi?20:53
drcEverything in excess...moderation is for monks!20:54
inaetycan't argue with that20:55
drcyou can, but I'll put you on /ignore20:55
drcask my wife20:55
knomeam i sensing an offtopic discussion? while random chatter is very much encouraged, we have #xubuntu-offtopic for that :)20:56
* drc is properly chastised...20:57
rklappI'm trying to work around the Too Many Connections bug when I activate the nvidia drivers.21:02
rklappI've been told to backup my xorg.conf file, activate the driver, then revert to backup.21:03
rklappWhen I look for the file in X11 folder, it's not there until after I activate.21:03
rklappAny suggestions? TIA21:03
Unit193It may be in your /home/you/xorg.conf.new21:03
rklappNo, didn't see it there.21:04
Unit193Sorry, wrong answer21:04
Unit193You must first do: sudo X -configure   if you want an xorg.conf21:05
rklappI tried sudo nvidia-settings but got a command not found error.21:06
rklappshould I try sudo nvidia-configure instead?21:06
Unit193nvidia-settings is supposed to come with the nvidia drivers (not nvidia-configure)21:11
rklappi'm in W7 now so I'm going to switch over and try it.21:11
rklappThe sudo nvidia-configure didn't work either21:19
metroid1is there an app for controlling fan speed/temp?23:24
istokmetroid1, try; sudo apt-cache search fan | egrep 'speed|temp'23:33

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