infoturtlegood days work done,now times for sleeps00:52
infoturtlenite all00:52
BelseruskI have a video in 10 parts, it is in French. I have downloaded the English subtitles. How can I add it to VLC in a way that it covers all 10 parts (the subtitles have to be added for each part)? Or can I sue another video player?09:55
ebelyou /can/ join vidoes together09:57
BelseruskHi ebel. How?09:57
ebelthink it depends on video format09:58
ebeland depends sometimes on how much programming/video encoding you know/want to learn09:58
ebele.g. there's an avicat programme09:59
ebelfor concatinating .avi files09:59
ebelor this http://techtips.chanduonline.com/2006/08/15/how-to-join-multiple-avi-or-mpg-files/  or http://www.ffmpeg.org/faq.html#SEC27 or http://www.misterhowto.com/index.php?category=Computers&subcategory=Video&article=join_with_mencoder10:02
ebeldunno how easy all that is, and how well your video will look afterwards10:02
ebelyou might wind up with little jumps, gaps or skips in your video where it merges etc.10:04
Belseruskebel, Thanks for your help my old friend. I will check out links. I reckon it is true what you said about jumps/skips at join sections - that would probably ruin the subtitle syncing.10:08
ebelYou might find a GUI programme to do it.10:09
ebelAnother option: strip out the audio and video, then dump each video frame10:09
ebelthen rename the files so they all join up10:09
ebelthen convert the video frames to a final video10:09
Belseruskebel, Cheers10:22
ebelthat is more complicated, may be longer, and will use much much more disk space10:22
BelseruskBye ebel10:29
infoturtleI've to run to the booze shop, I'll be back in 10~ mins, if I'm not start the meeting without me and I'll catch up when I'm back19:50
airurandoanyone about?19:58
infoturtlehey airurando, just had to run to the offie before the meeting20:01
airurandoyou need drink for the meeting?20:01
airurandothats not good20:01
infoturtleha ha20:01
infoturtlena for later but didn't wana wait till it was dark20:01
infoturtlenot many abuot for the meeting?20:03
airurandojust us and the tumble weed so far.20:03
infoturtlestupid tumbel, never has any valid input!20:04
airurandoyeah and always goes with an alternative view to the consensus20:04
airurandowe'  give it till 10 past in the hope more show up.20:05
infoturtleha ha, what can we say, it's a renegade20:05
infoturtleya sure, I can wait a few20:05
airurandotdr112: ping20:08
airurandomoylan: ping20:09
infoturtleanyone: ping20:09
airurandoslashtom ping20:09
airurandoha ha20:09
moylanwhoops.   was busy there for a mo.  here now!20:10
airurandogreat stuff that makes 320:10
airurandowe'll start and hopefully others will join in as we go along.20:11
airurandoanyone want to chair?20:11
infoturtleI can't handle the presures of a chair20:11
* moylan hates responsibility20:11
airurandono bother.20:11
MootBotMeeting started at 14:12. The chair is airurando.20:12
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:12
airurandof you are here for the monthly meeting please say “PRESENT”20:12
airurandoThe wiki page, with the agenda,  for this meeting is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-03-1620:13
airurando[LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-03-1620:14
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-03-1620:14
airurandothe LoCo Dir Meeting link is here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/51/detail/20:15
airurando[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/51/detail/20:15
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/51/detail/20:15
airurandopresently we are duplicating meeting content in the wili and on the LoCo Dir.20:16
airurandoon the the topics20:16
airurando[TOPIC] Review of previous action items20:17
MootBotNew Topic:  Review of previous action items20:17
airurandofrom the march meeting we had a few action items20:17
airurando[TOPIC] airurando will report back next month on any feedback received from the natty distribution e-mail20:18
MootBotNew Topic:  airurando will report back next month on any feedback received from the natty distribution e-mail20:18
airurandoI did get a mail from imgarysmith requesting some CDs20:19
airurandoI also made contact with Nexus hackerspace in Cork20:19
infoturtleoh good20:20
airurandothey would like to receive some also20:20
airurandoyeah I was pleased20:20
infoturtleI might send details as 50 or so would be handy to bring to meetings and events down here20:20
airurandoinfoturtle 50 is substantial20:21
infoturtletoo many? maybe your right, 20 will do20:21
airurandoI'll divide them up as best I can20:21
airurandoebel has ordered them anyway.20:22
infoturtleno problem20:22
infoturtleman ebel20:22
airurandonothing further on this one20:22
airurandomoving on20:22
airurando[TOPIC] airurando to create UGJ events for the Irish LoCo when they are confirmed.20:23
MootBotNew Topic:  airurando to create UGJ events for the Irish LoCo when they are confirmed.20:23
* airurando and infoturtle did this for Dunlin and limerick20:23
airurandothe UGJs were small this time but productive20:24
infoturtleindeed, the Limerick was a lot of lerning for some of us20:24
airurandoit was great to have Limerick one joining in20:24
airurandosincere thanks to both hosts UL Comp Soc and TOG.20:25
infoturtleI was both glad one went ahead and I got to go to one20:25
airurandohopefully we can grow on this iteration to iteration20:25
airurandoeach one attended makes the next easier.20:26
infoturtleof course, the more we do the better they will in turn get20:26
airurando[TOPIC] airurando to mail list re release party. blogs to be used to ask for feedback20:27
MootBotNew Topic:  airurando to mail list re release party. blogs to be used to ask for feedback20:27
airurandounfortunately little response20:27
airurandowill be making the final decision about the release party later20:27
infoturtlea shame20:28
airurandomoving on to agenda items proper20:28
airurando[TOPIC] Natty Narwhal Release Party20:29
MootBotNew Topic:  Natty Narwhal Release Party20:29
airurandospeak of the devil20:29
infoturtleha ha20:29
airurandoI believe there were no objections to the evening of Thursday 28th (actual release day)20:30
airurandoJimmy Chungs for a bite to eat followed by some drinks in a pub20:30
infoturtlenope not at all, what time will the os actually be released?20:30
moylanwhich pub?20:30
airurandomoylan: are you familiar with Dublin drinking houses?20:30
moylani'm aware of their existence :-)20:31
airurandooh dear20:32
airurandono one about to advise on a pub after the food?20:32
airurandooh dear oh dear....20:32
moylani thought the usual pub for potd was the longstone.  the ubuntu hour pub is the trinity20:32
airurandoinfoturtle what say you?20:33
airurandoshall we leave the decision to the night?20:33
infoturtleI know of two pubs I've played gig's in and nither would be a nice place for drinks20:33
infoturtlewe could have a suggestion on the night of all that are there in case randomers show up with good ideas?20:34
infoturtleleaves planning a bit hit and miss tho20:34
airurandomaybe we'll go with either longstone or trinity?20:34
infoturtleairurando, wana flip a coin for it here and now?20:35
infoturtleheads trinity?20:35
airurandoI agree it would be better to set now so latecomers will know where to go.20:35
airurandowill we say Trinity Capitol?20:36
infoturtleheads it is!20:36
infoturtleI don'tmind where we go at all20:36
infoturtleit'll only be for a short time anyway20:36
moylantrinity on the 28th it is.20:36
airurando[AGREED] Natty release party to take place on 28th of April.  Food in Jimmy Chungs at 7pm followed by drinks in the Trinity Capitol at 9pm ish.20:38
MootBotAGREED received:  Natty release party to take place on 28th of April.  Food in Jimmy Chungs at 7pm followed by drinks in the Trinity Capitol at 9pm ish.20:38
airurandoinfoturtle: want to set the vents up yourself or shall I?20:39
infoturtleI can do it if you want, I'll make em on facebook twitter and idencia too20:40
airurando[ACTION] infoturtle to set up events on the wiki and LoCo Dir for the Natty Narwhal Release Party20:41
MootBotACTION received:  infoturtle to set up events on the wiki and LoCo Dir for the Natty Narwhal Release Party20:41
airurandogood stuff20:41
airurandonext up20:41
airurando[TOPIC] Preliminary discussion regarding the continuation of our Ubuntu Hours20:42
MootBotNew Topic:  Preliminary discussion regarding the continuation of our Ubuntu Hours20:42
airurandoThis is a difficult one20:43
infoturtlesure is20:43
moylanis the ubuntu hour not just a distraction from the potd?20:44
airurandothere is growing consensus that the Dublin UH isn't working as is.20:44
airurandomoylan: that is indeed one view.20:44
moylanso at the moment it means that linux nerds have 2 meetings a month to go to.  if they use ubuntu that is.20:45
airurandothe point of UH is to promote Ubuntu to the public20:45
airurandomoylan: not quite20:45
moylanmaybe a once every 2-3 months in a location other than a pub were they can see the system running?20:45
airurandopossibly moylan or alternatively change the venue and time20:46
airurandoperhaps a saturday morning in a coffee shop?20:46
moylanwith a laptop and wifi that could work20:46
airurandothis was suggested by someone and it is an idea thats growing on me.20:47
airurandonot sure if it was suggested in jest or not20:47
moylani can loan a mifi if that would add wifi to a location if necessary20:48
airurandobut if this change was to take place it would alleviate the contentious concern re PoTD vs UH.20:49
airurandoa concern that is not valid in my opinion as the two events have totally different purposes20:49
airurandoI just wanted to get us talking about this20:50
moylanor you could simply hold the UH on a weekend unlike the POTD.  might be more useful to those busy during the week.20:50
Andru__silly internet, got D/C20:50
airurandomoylan indeed20:50
airurandomoylan are you interested in this topic?20:51
airurandoAndru__ what are your feeling towards UH Limerick?20:51
Andru__no one goes to the UH other than myself and mike20:52
moylani just hate to see duplication of effort.  uh seems like another potd.  this splits the people who wish to attend either or both.  it needs to be different enough that it is not associated with potd to be successful.20:52
airurandomoylan yes it does split folks but it was not designed to do so.  UH is to promote Ubuntu and not really designed as a geek social20:53
airurandoalthough that is a nice side effect20:53
airurandoIf folks think there is real value in continuing UH under a different set of conditions such as the coffee shop then I think that is what we should do20:55
airurandoput on your thinking caps guys and we can trash this out further next month20:56
airurandohopefully we'll have more bodies then20:56
airurandoalthough ebel and slashtom will still be away20:56
Andru_sorry bout this guys, this is my poor ISP for ya20:57
airurandoall finished with that one?20:57
moylanthink so20:57
airurandoAndru_ not to worry20:57
airurandoOK so20:57
moylanpoor Andru__ up and down like the assyrian empire20:58
airurando[TOPIC] any other business20:58
MootBotNew Topic:  any other business20:58
Andru_one thing alright20:59
airurandoAndru_ has the floor20:59
Andru_myself and thethomaseffect have been working on installing drupal 7 on the blacknight servers on Sunday20:59
airurandooh yes20:59
airurandohow is it going21:00
Andru_and during the week I put it on my own site, so next time I see him around the two of us should be working on the next step21:00
airurandoto clarify this relates to the upgrade of our website i think21:00
airurando[TOPIC] Update on website upgrade21:01
MootBotNew Topic:  Update on website upgrade21:01
airurandobit slow with the topic there21:01
airurandoAndru_ that is great.21:02
airurandoThankd to you and thethomaseffect21:02
airurandois that everything21:02
airurando[TOPIC] Next meeting21:04
MootBotNew Topic:  Next meeting21:04
airurando3rd Wednesday in May21:05
airurandothat is 18 May 11.21:05
airurandois that all?21:05
airurandogoing once21:05
airurandogoing twice21:06
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:07.21:07
airurandothanks for attending guys21:07
moylanthanks for chairing the meeting!21:07
airurandothanks for joining moylan21:09
airurandousually many ore21:09
airurandousually many more here21:09
airurandomoylan: will you make it to the release party?21:09
moylanprobably at the pub.  on crutches at the mo so mobility limited.21:10
airurandooh bummer21:11
infoturtleagain sorry about that21:13
airurandono bother infoturtle21:14
infoturtlejust to finish the point, we will be installing druapl 7 and copying/pointing to the old content and then swtiching over to the new site soon :)21:15
airurandothat's great21:15
airurandosyngindub howdy21:18
airurandoyou caught the tail end of the quietest team meeting to date I think.21:19
VampiricPadraigis there a time and location for the launch party. If I can, I might try and get to it. But travel arrangements might affect it21:19
airurandoVampiricPadraig: fresh off the press21:20
airurandoJimmy Chungs at 7pm on the 28th for grub followed by drinks at the Trinity Capitol hotel at 9ish21:21
airurandoall are welcome at both or either21:21
VampiricPadraigI will have to have a bit of a think about it.21:22
airurandobad location?21:23
VampiricPadraigI am all the way in Monaghan and the bus would be the only mode of transportation for me21:24
airurando all i can say is that Jimmy Chungs is not to far from Busaras21:25
VampiricPadraigYeah, I am just looking at Google Maps atm21:25
airurandogo on go on go on go on go on21:28
airurandoya will ya will ya will21:28
airurandoVampiricPadraig: traditionally these have been fun events.21:29
airurandowe had a quiz at the last one21:29
airurandoIts nice to put faces to the nicks21:29
VampiricPadraigit would be fun :)21:30
airurandohave you met any of the guys before?21:31
VampiricPadraigNope. I have never been to a LUG before21:33
=== cypher is now known as czajkowski
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