head_victimAnyone with any suggestions for an RSS reader?02:46
gorillahead_victim: firefox :-)03:08
head_victimSee I'm new to all this stuff, is it worth just setting it up with my gmail account?03:12
head_victimI'm so far behind the curve with all this web stuff it's not funny03:12
head_victimNext thing you know I'll have a social media account or something03:12
valorinhead_victim, I use Feedly as an RSS reader. It uses Google Reader to do the actual RSS collection, but they have an extension for Firefox (and others, including android and iPhone) for displaying and browsing the feeds. http://www.feedly.com/03:51
valorinIf you consume lots of feeds daily, which I do, then something like Feedly is the way to go.03:52
valorinThere are plenty around, so it really depends what sort of interface you find useful. There are desktop application readers too, but if you use multiple machines, these aren't great.03:53
head_victimI would like it to work on my android as well so I'll look in to that one03:54
head_victimAlthough it's saying it can't find it in the markety03:55
valorinlet me check here03:55
valorinIf you've got your account setup, you can install directly from there03:56
head_victimhmm I open it with the market and it's not found, use the browser and it lets me03:58
valorinThat is weird03:59
valorinWho is your phone with?03:59
head_victimTelstra, motorola defy04:00
valorinI believe some carriers have restrictions, although I don't know why it would reject feedly04:00
valorinMaybe it's android version support?04:00
valorincos I'm a Telstra Desire04:00
head_victimStock 2.104:01
valorinAh, it requires Android 2.204:01
head_victimThat'd do it, apparently July is when I can expect that04:02
valorinAh ok. You could try the dedicated Google Reader application and not use Feedly. I've heard good things about it too, although I've never used it.04:03
valorinI used Google Reader many years ago, it was good then, but I have no clue what it's like now04:03
head_victimCool I was going to try a few things here and there just trying to get some feedback to steer me in the right direction04:04
valorinWell, good luck in your search :)04:05
head_victimCheers for the pointers.04:13
head_victimWhat I'm finding that most people go "oh you really need 2.2 for x feature" motorola have already backported anyway04:14
head_victimLoving swype.04:14
valorinSwype? *goes to look for it*04:15
valorinYeah, the waiting-for-upgrades really sucks04:15
head_victimIt's a keyboard text prediction I guess.  You never take your finger off the keyboard you just move it around.04:15
valorinNow I can't find it in my the market04:16
head_victimI thought it was gimicky at first but can't live without it now, my fingers are too fat to use anything else.04:16
valorinAh cool, I think I remember hearing about that a while ago.04:17
valorinI just found their website, and am signing up for the beta :D04:17
head_victimHah came standard on my phone. It's a must for big fingered oafs like me04:18
valorinah, lol04:19
head_victimI was truly worried about my typing on the on screen keyboard04:19
valorinMy wife hates using my phone, cos of her fingernails, so it might work for her too04:19
valorinI came from many years of using PalmOS with a stylus, so having to use fingers directly on the screen was really hard to learn04:20
head_victimI just upgraded from a nokia e51 - 12 button standard phone04:21
valorinah the good ol' days of phones which only had one main function04:22
head_victimThe only thing it didn't do for me well was web browsing. It did all my contact and calendar stuff well, sync'd via bluetooth to the PC (even on Ubuntu!)04:23
head_victimIn that regard it's better than this android.04:24
head_victimI'm having to use ical and vcards as a backup solution instead04:24
valorinI use google apps, so it's always synced for me :) but yeah, that's one of the downsides of android and the "cloud"04:26
valorinfor the record, I hate the term "cloud"... so stupid04:27
head_victimYeah, not a fan of the "cloud" for personal stuff. Most of my emails are publically logged anyway so I don't care about that but the names, addresses, appointments, etc I do still seem to care about04:27
head_victimWell I haven't slept in 24 hours so I might go for a nap so I make a tiny bit of sense tonight for the meeting04:27
valorinOk. I've got band, as usual, so I won't be there tonight.04:28
head_victimNo worries, feel free to check out the agenda though and contribute via the mailing list, it's just a valid a way to communicate as the meeting04:29
valorinYep, will do04:29
head_victimCheerio, I'll be back in time for the meeting :)04:30
head_victimEvening Octatron 08:56
OctatronSalutations head_victim how goes it this chilly evening?08:58
head_victimStill getting over the flu but have had some sleep so feeling half human.08:58
Octatronsleep helps, I've just sussed out something interesting on usb modems08:59
Octatronon two different models of modem you can put in the correct settings and they will refuse to connect.. until you move them to another usb slot.. then they work werid huh?09:00
Octatronhow much sleep are you getting a night?09:01
head_victimAdd the info to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/WirelessBroadbandInformation if it helps someone09:01
head_victimI'm a shiftworker, it varies.09:01
Octatronan adult can get by on an average of 6 hours a night .. 8 hours is recommended and 4 hours can be ok but only if it's done once a week09:02
head_victimYep, some nights it's 0 other nights it's 14.09:02
Octatronlack of sleep can effect your emotions and fitness as well apparently, we burn more fat asleep then awake doing nothing.  I'll pop that little tip up 09:04
head_victimHah yeah I've noticed09:06
OctatronWhen is this irc meeting to start?09:09
Octatroncool I'll bring jacket and hot cocoa :P09:12
Octatronum how does one submit stuff to the wirelessbroadband wiki?09:14
head_victimDo you have a launchpad login?09:17
head_victimIf so https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Projects/WikiHowTo has a couple of pointers09:17
Octatronrightio I'll check it out thanks09:23
head_victimNo worries, let me know if anything isn't clear (I wrote the howto page ;) )09:24
Octatronrolled your own.. it's the linux way.. :)09:26
head_victimYeah there were heaps of guides out there but none that actually got down as far as "press the edit button" which to me if someone hasn't used it before isn't always as obvious as you think it might be09:27
head_victimWikis are the one thing I feel kinda comfortable using09:29
OctatronI've never actually used them before, I'm use to trawling the interweb for answers for hours on end 09:33
head_victimHah how do you think I learnt how to wiki :) 09:34
head_victimI cut my teeth reorganising the ubuntu-au space09:35
Octatronahh cool well it's needed isps have all the documentation in the world for mac and windoze and nothing on linux09:35
head_victimYeah it was a common question in here at the time so I just started that one up and got everyone else to add the content ;)09:36
Octatroncheck out this little tit bit I found for telstra http://bigpond.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1714309:38
gorillaevening all.09:39
head_victimYeah the hardest thing I've had to set up has been a home network gateway from telstra, needed to plug it into a windows computer to activate it (could have called them up instead but I was lazy and the wife's laptop was just there)09:39
head_victimEvening gorilla 09:39
Octatronyeah I've noticed you need to activate on a windows pc first, which is what leads me to the next gripe.. virtualbox 4 usb no longer works to allow me to use it to activate wireless modems 09:42
Octatronhi gorilla09:43
Octatronwell I've logged into launchpad what next?09:43
head_victimOctatron: you using the personal use "free" version of the open source one?09:45
Octatronnot sure but I'm on your wiki page and my username is at the top 09:46
head_victimOctatron: Oh I meant for VB sorry :P09:47
head_victimSo yeah for the wiki stuff that means you're logged in to just go through and follow up the instructions to edit the page09:47
head_victimgorilla: virtualbox09:47
Octatronyeah its the "free" version it had usb support before I upgraded it09:49
gorillahead_victim: Oh.. I initially though Visual Basic.09:49
Octatroncool I'll try it09:49
head_victimOctatron: ah k, I use the personal use free one, not the open source one. But I haven't fixed it since I wiped my hdd with installs on it09:49
Octatronthats the one .. I don't think the open source one offers usb support09:53
Octatronthe new interface is nice shame it's not as functional09:54
head_victimHmmm odd I hadn't heard that about it (loosing some USB functions) before09:56
Octatronyou have to install an addional file from the site as well for usb 2.0 support and guest additions have to be installed in safe mode for direct 3d support .. all that done and the usb devices appears greyed out on the virtualbox interface when running the OS10:02
head_victimOdd, filed a bug?10:04
sagacioh, meeting tonight10:10
sagaciwhenzit on10:10
sagacikk, half an hour to get home and set up10:10
OctatronWell I havn't because I thought I've done something wrong .. or havn't done something.. I have to be sure first10:12
head_victimOctatron: no worries, I'm far from expert on such topics I'm afraid10:13
OctatronI'm part of the vboxusers group as well so this has me stumped10:25
OctatronIt's either a permissions issue with usb or some werid issue between modeswitch used to change the usb modems modes and virtualbox10:29
Octatronlong story short I cheated and found a pc windows installed on it and activated the usb modems that way10:31
head_victimSo who's starting to gather for the meeting?10:53
head_victimEvening sagaci 10:58
head_victimWell I think I'll get started with the roll call while people mosey on in.10:59
MootBotMeeting started at 04:59. The chair is head_victim.10:59
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]10:59
head_victimSo if anyone present for the meeting wants to acknowledge their attendance please speak up now10:59
head_victim[LINK] http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/65/detail/ meeting details and agenda11:00
MootBotLINK received:  http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/65/detail/ meeting details and agenda 11:00
sagacihey yall11:00
head_victimWell that's one, is dns53  a second?11:01
head_victimOctatron & gorilla you guys still around?11:02
dns53a second of what?11:02
head_victimPerson at the meeting, so far it's sagaci and I.11:02
head_victimWell third then.11:02
* dns53 goes to check the agenda11:03
head_victimI would have expected Boden here at some stage11:03
head_victimMight be a quick meeting.11:03
head_victimWell with this sort of turnout I would have expected some others to throw some ideas around on the mailing list a bit.11:05
sagacia quiet one11:06
head_victimWell I'll run through the agenda while we're here, won't be much but at least it will be recorded for others to read over later.11:06
head_victim[TOPIC] Update on RTs11:06
MootBotNew Topic:  Update on RTs 11:06
head_victimWell I haven't heard much back yet and I was going to do a follow up email but then I realised there was a certain something called the UDS happening soon (right now in fact) so I thought I'd leave it another week or so11:07
head_victimThis is to do with updating the website drupal installion so we can update the theme easily.11:07
head_victimSo once I send for an update I'll forward the response to the mailing list.11:08
head_victimsagaci: shall we skip to your topic or did you want to postpone until we have more attend or some discussion on the list?11:08
sagacipostpone i guess11:09
head_victimAny luck with looking into the Chromium thing?11:09
sagacinot really, have to get my head around what's required, and then i'll go through with whatever needs to be done11:10
head_victimFair enough, maybe email the ubuntu enAU team for support?11:10
dns53what are you trying to do?11:11
sagaciisn't the enAU team, essentially, us?11:11
head_victimStart a launchpad enAU translation team as opposed to a Ubuntu enAU team11:11
head_victimsagaci: nah there are quite a few others regularly contributing11:12
head_victimhttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-en-au is the home team and I run across a few of them when translating11:12
head_victimWe need to make an enAU launchpad team as well if  we want to translate other packages on launchpad (such as chromium) that are in Ubuntu11:13
head_victimWell other than that the only thing I can really add is a roundup of the release parties, who went to them? Any of them get much in the way of attendence?11:15
dns53 there where 4 of us in adelaide11:16
head_victim6 made it to the Brisbane one11:17
sagaciclick - https://launchpad.net/~en-au11:18
sagacinot sure if I did it right11:18
head_victimsagaci: I'll have a look after the meeting if you like.11:19
head_victimOk well I guess unless anyone has anything to bring up?11:19
OctatronIm back sorry11:20
sagacidon't have anything11:20
dns53i don't have anything either11:21
head_victimOctatron: welcome back we're just deciding if to close it up really.11:21
Octatronclose up what sorry?11:22
head_victimI have a goal in the next week if I'm feeling better to try and do up a contact page like blahdeblah suggested for the website with links to who runs what part of the team (all the social groups, etc)11:22
head_victimThe meeting, only sagaci, dns53 and yourself have shown up11:22
tom_a_sparksi'm really late11:22
head_victimEvenign tom_a_sparks late is better than never11:22
head_victimOctatron or tom_a_sparks did either of you have anything you wanted to discuss at al?11:23
OctatronIs everyone using the .ical calendar to find out about our meetings?11:23
head_victimI'm adding it to my phone like I always have.11:23
OctatronIs communication of meetings the problem with low turnouts?11:23
tom_a_sparksI just keep forgetting11:23
head_victimI'm not sure, I was going to send something to the list asking about what we can do to improve attendance but feel free to send something yourself to start the conversation11:24
head_victimI'm open to all ideas.11:24
dns53the ical works in gmail11:24
head_victimdns53: cool11:24
Octatronwe need to make it easy for people to add the ubuntu calendar to google calendars for smart phones and the like maybe?11:24
sagaciI've got to head off for a while, I guess I'll post my item til next meeting11:24
head_victimOctatron: dns53 just said it worked11:24
head_victimsagaci: sorry mate11:24
sagaciI'll be online later but not within meeting time11:25
dns53yeah it works fine for my android phone, and a work around might be to feed it to gmail then pull from that for other applications11:25
head_victimI'm open to change the timing, the format anything, just need some ideas.11:26
head_victimWhatever it takes to get more people showing up11:26
Octatronwell I know I had to really look for it before I found it myself maybe it needs to be in big text here is the link to add to your calendar so you can hook up and have a paaarrrtay!11:26
Octatronwell could it be put on the front of the ubuntu-au website as the first item in big text here's what to use on your iphone, android of mobile to keep in touch with event etc..11:27
head_victimOk well if anyone thinks of anything please email the list, we need to try and get som emore people attending11:27
head_victimOctatron: good idea, I'm hoping in the update to the website we can just have a link to "calendar" which goes to a wiki page explaining how to add the loco.u.c calendar to various devices and calendaring software11:28
Octatrongoogle publish public calendars too I think could we do that?11:28
dns53google can give you a url that does not require authentication11:29
head_victimI'm trying to simplify the calendaring stuff at the moment, up until last month I had to update 3 places for each meeting.11:29
head_victimCan this be set up to get the feed off the loco.u.c site without having to manually inputting each item again?11:29
OctatronThis is what you said before.. we need to make it obvious to people on one type of notification software not have to update several mediums 11:31
head_victimI don't mind if it can feed off the one source but I'm really anti setting up things we're going to have to manually update each time11:32
Octatronexactly so if you only have to update one calendar and everyone gets it automatically that'd be cool11:32
head_victimWell that's why I'm trying to use loco.u.c as the source so we have one place to keep up to date.11:33
Octatronto do this they have to know not to download the ical file but to copy the link into their google calendar to work properly11:33
Octatronif everyone uses it this way once a change is made to the orginal ical file everyone gets it.. you might even be able to set the alerts for meetings to 1 day instead of 10 minutes11:34
head_victimOctatron: sounds good11:34
Octatronthen direct everyone on mailist to the ubuntu-au main page and have the instructions on the front in font 30 :P 11:36
head_victimOk well I guess that's about all we have? Octatron or dns53 anything else?11:36
head_victimtom_a_sparks: you have anything to add?11:36
dns53nope nothing to add, back to minecraft11:37
head_victim[IDEA] email list to see how we can improve attendance11:37
MootBotIDEA received:  email list to see how we can improve attendance 11:37
Octatronmaybe add screen dumps?11:37
head_victimOctatron: yep if it's going to help 11:37
head_victim[IDEA] postpone translation and maintaining social pages until next meeting11:38
MootBotIDEA received:  postpone translation and maintaining social pages until next meeting 11:38
Octatronwho doesn't love screen dumps .. I could make it for google at least dunno about yahoo or msn11:38
MootBotMeeting finished at 05:39.11:39
head_victimOctatron: if you want to learn wiki creating a how to add the ical feed might be a good topic for the wiki11:40
Octatronwell I'd like to learn howto get into your wiki for the wireless stuff and then I could contrib a google howto perhaps?11:41
head_victimIt's really pretty easy, did you have a read over the page I linked?11:44
Octatronyes it looks very well laid out I just can't find the front door.. do I have to email submissions too you or something? or am I pending approval to be added to the team?11:46
head_victimyou just have to click "edit"11:46
Octatronok where is the edit link11:46
head_victimIn the top bar to the left of your username11:47
Octatronahhhh wow this is different11:48
Octatronok leave it with me this might take a little bit to learn11:50
head_victimSing out if you have any issues :)11:50
Octatronthanks mate :)11:50
head_victimI'm trying to work out how to get the ical feed into my phone without google11:51
head_victimI can get the file there but not the link11:51
Octatroncan you add the ical web address to funambol first then your phone should pick it up11:51
Octatronsomething under shared calendars?11:52
head_victimTrying to avoid cloud services here, my personal preference is to keep my appointments off other people's servers11:52
head_victimOne day I'll set up my own personal funambol server until then I'm pottering away with ical importers11:53
OctatronI know, you need to see if funambol has a function to add external public calendars on your own server11:53
Octatronwhat if you made up a dummy google account just to add the ubuntu ical address to it to link to your phone? that way it's nothing personal?11:54
head_victimOctatron: sounding like the only way11:57
Octatronit'd be nice if people could "google" ubuntu calendar australia and get our ical feed11:57
OctatronI know if you do that you could even add a little picture of the ubuntu calendar on the ubuntu-au website if you wanted too12:02
Octatronyou know those bits of html they give you to allow people to see your schedule on a website?12:03
OctatronWhy is no one else talking?12:07
head_victimAll just lurking, connected but not at their keyboards12:10
* gorilla is lurking...12:14
gorilladoh.. not now I'm not.12:14
Octatronzombies hey? :P I'm googling the android / ical issue atm12:16
* gorilla has an Android tablet.. what's the issue?12:16
Octatronwe can't seem to find an app for android that allows you to just add an ical web feed to the calendar12:22
Octatronso far all I could find is an app called "the missing sync" and "fliq" might so it but you've gotta pay for the first one12:32
Octatronbrb eating cake12:32
head_victimI'm trying to work out how to use more than one google calendar12:36
Octatronshare one google account to another.. have one as the "main" google calendar12:38
head_victimOctatron: but can you then sync only one of these?12:38
head_victimI'm being too odd with my personal stuff I guess. It's making quite the hassle out of a lot of things12:39
sagacihow'd the meeting go12:41
head_victimA little too underpopulated to achieve much I think12:44
sagaciso postponed?12:44
head_victimWe mentioned a few things, I sent an email to the list to try and work out what we can do about it12:45
OctatronI think so, atm I have two calendars with google, one business one personal i share the business to the personal and then sync the personal account to android along with the ubuntu ical feed and they all show up on my phone13:01
head_victimApparently it might be an issue with the fact I use 2.113:03
jaddi27head_victim, sorry for not being at the meeting13:03
head_victimjaddi27: it's ok, I'm just trying to suss out what we can do to get more people along. If we're having less than 5 - 10 people regularly I don't think we're getting the most out of it13:04
jaddi27Yes, I can understand that. Uni is quite busy for me at the moment, so I didn't even turn my computer on until 10pm13:05
sagacihead_victim, have you watched mark's keynote?13:05
head_victimsagaci: I haven't had time13:05
sagacimaybe a different day will be better13:06
head_victimsagaci: if that would help I'm more than willing to give it a try13:06
head_victimThe problem is no day suits everyone all the time so it's a matter of finding the one that suits the most the most of the time13:06
sagacisunday evening :)13:07
head_victimSuggest it on the list :)13:07
head_victimor maybe we should start a doodle poll again :/13:07
sagaciyeah I'll send an email soon13:07
jaddi27Either method would be fine I think13:07
head_victimI wonder if people even want meetings and to contribute13:07
jaddi27How would we actually find out what people want though? Previous threads on the mailing list have been very inconclusive...13:08
head_victimIf 5 - 10 is all that want to be involved then that's fine we'll keep going as we are13:08
head_victimI just worry we're not getting enough of the people who want to be involved.13:08
jaddi27I think the email should hopefully get some responses.13:10
sagacii hope thunderbird is placed as the default email client in 11.1013:11
jaddi27Thunderbird is promoted on the Ubuntu.com front page at the moment, as one of people's 'favourite apps'13:12
jaddi27along with Firefox, Chrome and Skype13:13
head_victimI'm going to stop playing with the calendars on my phone, just broke what I had setup because of a sync wipes all the locally created data. I'll go back to editing it manually as required ;)13:13
sagacijaddi27, good point. Evolution looks so outdated13:13
jaddi27sagaci, Yes, I agree. It is a good client, but Thunderbird is a lot easier to use now I think.13:14
sagacihead_victim, I just don't understand why we have to create a new team to translate chromium. surely I can't just ride on the en-AU ubuntu team13:14
sagaciand the whole firefox-thunderbird relationship thing13:15
sagacieven though I don't use firefox13:15
head_victimsagaci: because it's a Ubuntu team, not a launchpad team. You need to make a launchpad translation team for things that are specifically ubuntu13:15
sagacihead_victim, so did I set up that team incorrectly?13:18
head_victimNot sure, about to go check13:18
head_victimI'm still debating if I'm an idiot for not wanting to use google's sync services for privacy reasons :/13:19
* head_victim goes to check the launchpad team13:19
jaddi27Would there be any more privacy concerns for Google Sync vs using Google Mail, Calendar, etc?13:20
OctatronI think people also would be able to come if they have at least 1 weeks warning of events they can then plan other stuff around the meetings13:20
head_victimjaddi27: that's the thing, I don't use any of the other stuff, I've only ever had control over all my data myself (other than email 90% of which is publically logged anyway so not really caring for that)13:21
jaddi27head_victim, I see why you would be concerned now. I decided I would just use them for my main calendar and mail, so the sync service is not really adding any further privacy concerns for me13:22
OctatronYou're right head_victim to not trust google or any big company with our data.. I too want to run my own web, calendar and file server from ubuntu and keep my own data secure 13:22
head_victimYeah I can't seem to get a "local" calendar though on my phone.13:23
head_victimSo I have to use a google one that isn't synced. But then I can't seem to add more than one calendar account either13:23
Octatronthis is why I added all the calendar through the google account first and synced that one calendar.. just use this setup until you have funambol up and running13:25
jaddi27I am not really sure about that - I don't have any Android devices at all13:25
head_victimsagaci: I think the team needs to be called lp-l10n-en-au13:26
head_victimnot just en-au13:26
head_victimOctatron: funambol still stores your data though13:26
Octatronyes but funambol stores it on your machine locally13:27
head_victimIf you have a funambol server13:27
head_victimSorry I thought you meant their online service13:27
Octatronno way! whats the point of that?13:27
head_victimThat's what I wasn't getting13:28
sagacihead_victim, https://launchpad.net/~lp-l10n-en-au :313:28
head_victimsagaci: looking good, needs a welcome note, communication method (hosted mailing list on launchpad?) and guidelines (I'd suggest the default)13:30
Octatronthat sogo thing that has funambol built in I've downloaded it and played with it before it's not too bad13:30
head_victimYeah I jsut don't have a web facing server13:31
Octatronrun it in virtual box 13:31
Octatronit wouldn't need much ram or space13:32
head_victimNope, just the time to set it up properly13:32
head_victimWhich for me is a lot of time as I have to learn as I go13:32
dns53do you want a web facing server?13:36
Octatronthe real problem is android needs to be able to add ical feeds along with your existing calendar13:37
head_victimdns53: eventually, yes.13:38
dns53you can if you use google or exchange13:38
Octatronand not have to run it through google like I do sacrificing privacy13:38
head_victimdns53: the idea here is privacy, if you're putting it through a third party then that is all gone. The other option is one that only updates on a lan so it's local though13:39
sagaciused google docs for the first time, can't believe how much of a replacement for libreoffice it actually it13:39
head_victimsagaci: I've not used it yet, never had a need but it does look interesting13:39
dns53head_victim sure is, but atleast the apps for domain policy is better than the normal users13:40
Octatrongoogles motto is "do no evil" but I don't think I believe that entirely13:40
sagacineither did I but I was on google yesterday and docs came up and i just saw the main interface... looks much better than oo.org/lo13:40
head_victimI trust them with the data but I don't trust others not to try and get it from them13:41
OctatronI see.. well I see this like a bank situation.. how do you trust your money with a bank.. or google to secure your data?13:41
head_victimWho says I trust a bank, I check it all regularly and catch them when someone tries to do something wrong13:42
dns53there is always bitcoin ...13:42
OctatronIt's the same reason people are trusted on ebay to do the right thing..13:42
head_victimBUt yes, they do have a set amount of my "money" but you can't get around that13:42
Octatronit's because with all these things it's in their best interest to secure you data/money because if word got out that someone got in.. they'd lose ALOT of customers so it's in their best interest not too 13:43
head_victimI just found out my ical export fails13:44
Octatronhow so?13:45
head_victimIt misses events randomly, unless that's evolution playing up13:45
head_victimI'm going to suss it in thunderbird and see if it's evolution or not13:46
Octatronhave you looked at zimbra?13:46
dns53ical is a standard that no one follows consistently, they a bit of variation in how they handle dates13:47
head_victimdns53: I'm finding that out :/13:48
dns53explicitly adding a timezone offset seems to help13:48
sagacihead_victim, how would I go writing a welcome. The normal ubuntu is like "hey guys, looking to translate ubuntu into enAU, come help us". What's the launchpad one doing. "Hey guys, looking to translate launchpad into enAU" - or am I looking at this wrongly13:49
head_victimsagaci: look around at some of https://translations.launchpad.net/+groups/launchpad-translators/ the other teams is all I can suggest, borrow what you need13:50
sagacihead_victim, https://launchpad.net/~lp-l10n-en-au - what else, you were saying something about guidelines, what guidelines?13:55
Octatronwell as we speak I'm downloading Sogo virtualbox edition to see if I can get my head around the calendar server, webserver etc anyone played with this stuff before?13:56
head_victimsagaci: Guidelines. The team should have a set of translation guidelines. This can be arranged after the team has been accepted, but it is a requirement.14:03
head_victim    *14:03
head_victim      You can use the general Launchpad localization guidelines or adapt them for your language/team.14:03
head_victim    *14:03
head_victim      Let Launchpad know about your translation guidelines. 14:03
sagaciah righteo14:03
sagaciguess I'll send an email to the list inviting for the interested to join14:05
head_victimOr see if they want to subscribe the whole team14:05
head_victimsagaci: link to the team perhaps?14:10
sagacihead_victim, where's your sense of hide and seek14:10
head_victimHah just saying ;)14:11
head_victimNice work with it btw14:11
head_victimJust need to submit the application for it to be designated as a proper team now :)14:11
sagacihead_victim,  doesn't sound too bad? (part of draft email?) http://paste.ubuntu.com/60570614:15
head_victimYou would need the owner of the other group to add "their" team to yours14:16
sagacii figured that14:16
head_victimBut yeah looks good14:17
sagacimeh, doesn't matter if the whole team can't be copy-pasted14:17
head_victimNot really, just makes it seem to flow better14:18
sagaciyou're admin of the other team, yeah?14:19
sagacilol maybe not14:19
sagacisorry, I should have just searched14:19
head_victimHah that's ok14:21
sagaciisopogon - goneskies?14:22
head_victimProbably still around somewhere14:22
head_victimOh have you been sending it to ubuntu-au ?14:23
head_victimShouldn't you be hitting the "contact this team" link on the launchpad for the enAU translators?14:24
head_victimAs that's actually the team we want not all of U-AU14:24
sagaciyeah, thats what i'm saying14:25
sagacihttps://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-l10n-en-au - we're on the same page?14:25
sagacio i c14:25
sagaciL o L14:25
head_victimYeah hit "contact this team's members" sorry thought that's what you were doing to start with14:26
sagacisagaci - spamming the main ubuntu-au list since 05/1114:26
head_victimHah I've been doing it for ages now so don't feel too bad14:26
sagacioh well, look at the bright side.. all these whingers of my spam will reply so we'll get a good number of how many are actually on the list14:27
sagacialso means I can send a pristine email - WITH LINK - that looks semi-professional to where it's meant to go14:29
head_victimHah yeah, UAU just got the draft ;)14:31
head_victimdns53: how is vcard as a standard?14:32
sagacihead_victim, did you get the revised email via ubuntu en-AU?14:47
head_victimYep, can't reply to all though ;)14:47
head_victimUnless I go to launchpad and hit "contact everyone"14:47
Octatronnot the RED BUTTON!!14:49
sagaciI just find it annoying that there's a package on lp that I want to help translate, yet you have to go through all this rigmarole to get to a 4000-string package14:51
head_victimsagaci: not just a 4k string package, but every package on lp that assignes to enAU now14:54
sagacihead_victim, just think of all those new strings, ready to be translated14:58
* head_victim hopes he didn't open a big can of worms14:59
sagaci~360,000 strings in about ~1300 source packages. How many source packages in ubuntu? 15,000 maybe?15:01
head_victimHeh well just make sure you submit the application so it becomes official from LP15:01
head_victimOtherwise there won't be anything to translate15:01
dns53head_victim vcard is verry universal for most attributes and you can add your own attributes15:03
head_victimdns53: nice to know, that's the part I really need to rely on more, my calendar is easy to set up my contacts would be a pain to loose15:03
head_victimThe Defy has a nice built in web access to export/import built into the phone so I can just do it over the air semi regularly to back up15:04
sagaciis the defy on froyo?15:05
head_victimGetting 2.2 in July according to Telstra, some other carriers are already trialling 2.2 OTA15:06
sagacihappy with it?15:06
head_victimVery actually. I was a bit so so but now I'm pretty much sold.15:07
head_victimThis contact/calendar thing is the only thing my old nokia did better for my needs15:07
Octatronjust downloaded sogo server into virtualbox.. the web based calendar/email.... niiiiiice15:08
head_victimAnd I'm still looking for a great irc client, yaaic sort of works but needs a whole lot more scrollback15:09
head_victimOctatron: is it the sort of thing I could set up on a lan and never have it pointed at the internet?15:09
Octatron:D just successfully pulled in the ubuntu ical feed to appear on a virtual calendar running in virtualbox 15:21
head_victimOctatron: I might need to look in to it15:22
head_victimI more want the redundancy of it as opposed to the "has to be up to date 24/7", I don't want to loose my phone and therefore loose all my contacts/appointments15:24
Octatronso is this more about backup15:26
sagacispeaking of backup, deja dup might be in 11.10 as default backup15:28
Octatronthis guy seems to use ssh and rsync on android to backup to his ubuntu pc http://www.huanix.com/2010/12/10/how-to-use-rsync-backup-for-android-to-make-incremental-backups-of-your-android-phone/15:33
head_victimOctatron: nice link I'll look into that15:48
head_victimsagaci: I just rysnc /home /etc /usr and hope for the best. That's my backup plan usually ;)15:48
Octatrongoogle the new bible :P15:50
head_victimInteresting to see if it backs up the internals of the phone though not just the SD Card15:51
Octatronyes well only one way to find out..15:53
OctatronI think I'm off to bed.. night lads15:53
head_victimWhat the? I just spend over an hour on a wiki project and now I have no idea where it's gone17:11
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