* nlsthzn waves05:45
superflymorning nlsthzn05:52
nlsthznGood morning superfly05:52
* nuvolari tips hat08:09
* nlsthzn gets annoyed at silly wiki page editing :/ Feels like hacking out html code back in 1998...08:16
hihanhoesjMorning all08:30
superflymorning hihanhoesj08:30
sakhimorning hihanhoesj 08:31
hihanhoesjand how are things on this side of the intertubes?08:32
superflytrying to get back into work, but not really feeling it08:38
hihanhoesjlol I know what you mean :(08:38
superflyhave you been away from work for 3 weeks?08:38
hihanhoesjhmm, cant say that I have08:40
hihanhoesjonly had the weekend08:40
inetprosuperfly: yikes, you back at the office? 09:46
inetprogood morning09:46
Kilosmorning superfly and others. can someone please enlighten me so i can help my boet09:52
Kiloshe is having probs with some mails getting to his mail09:53
Kilosi will copy what they say to him09:53
Kilos(10:49:33 AM) rob: one of the job sites sent me a message saying we have had 3 or 4 hard bounces when trying to send mails to my adress, please correct my mail problem09:54
Kiloshe is using win7 and yahoo which i know is not right for here. i hope someone knows what they mean09:55
Kiloshe says only bounces he knows is what a ball makes09:55
nlsthznI have known of a few cases where mail gets bounced, when the mail address is wrong and the server doesn't recognize it, when you have set your mail account to bounce mails back... but this may be some sort of routing issue...09:59
Kilosty nlsthzn 10:00
nlsthznAs I doubt your brother set his mails to bounce in Yahoo (if it is even possible) I would think there is a problem on the other end to be honest...10:00
Kilosyeah he has received thousands of mails without a prob10:04
superflyKilos: as nlsthzn said, a bounce is a server problem, so that usually means that you've given them the wrong e-mail address10:14
Kilosthanks guys10:25
magellanichoi hoi10:36
* Kilos goes to take visa application in11:57
Kiloslater all11:57
superflybye Kilos12:02
Kilostoods superfly its not passed  yet12:03
Kilosand for 3 months for now12:03
kbmonkeygood arvie 13:26
KilosMaaz, coffee on14:25
* Maaz puts the kettle on14:25
KilosMaaz, coffee for all14:26
MaazSure thing, Kilos. Hey guys, bring your own mugs! I'm tired of doing all the dishes on my own.14:26
Kilosnlsthzn, coffee time14:26
nlsthznMaaz: tea please14:26
MaazEverybody here drinks coffee or goes thirsty14:26
nlsthzncrap :p14:27
nlsthznMaaz: coffee please14:27
Maaznlsthzn: Alrighty14:27
kbmonkeyoh ha ha!14:27
* nlsthzn only drinks tea now... IRL that is... on IRC it is coffee all the way it seems :p14:27
Kilosbots dont make tea14:28
kbmonkeyMaaz, espresso please!14:28
Maazkbmonkey: Go get it yourself!14:28
kbmonkeybah humbug :/14:28
Kiloskbmonkey,  have some cyber coffee its not too bad14:29
kbmonkeyMaaz, coffee please14:29
Maazkbmonkey: Alrighty14:29
kbmonkeydon't mind if I do :)14:29
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos, nlsthzn and kbmonkey!14:29
KilosMaaz, rusks please14:30
MaazThere is a packet of Ouma's  on the top shelf14:30
KilosMaaz, ty14:30
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure14:30
kbmonkeyMaaz, ty14:30
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure14:30
nlsthznMaaz: thanks14:30
Maaznlsthzn: Okay :-)14:30
kbmonkeythis work is boring me to death, coffee sure is good!14:30
Kiloswhat you doing that its boring14:31
* nlsthzn is back to work tomorrow... 4 days week-ends are good (when you have them) :p14:31
Kiloskbmonkey,  i have no idea what that is even14:31
kbmonkeyfyi I will be leaving here in a few weeks, woohoo!14:31
Kiloswhere ya going14:32
nlsthzn... busy working through LPI 101 stuff... messing with my head :p14:32
kbmonkeybusiness systems for clothing and textiles Kilos, in microsoft languages :/14:32
Kilosthat sucks14:32
kbmonkeyI resigned last week, looking for new skills, new tasks, new environments :)14:32
Kilosyou shoulda first found a new place before resigning14:33
Kiloswas an add inna lists for an it guy a while ago14:34
kbmonkeyalso want to work through the LPI 10114:35
kbmonkeyyes I dont know what direction to go, I'd rather face the unknown than spend another year stuck here :)14:36
nlsthznkbmonkey: being a bit of a noob in linux I am finding only having a study guide tough... I think I have to invest in the book by sybex maybe14:36
kbmonkeynlsthzn, looked through it a bit, there's plenty redundant info (like all manuals)14:37
kbmonkeybut alltogether neccesary to understand where it all begins I guess14:37
nlsthznkbmonkey: redunted is better than lacking in my case... would rather hear the samething twice and know it then miss something14:37
* nlsthzn going to test hibernation on Kubuntu 11.04... so be back in a bit (hopefully not after restarting :p)14:38
kbmonkeyagreed! if you have any questions, I know a lot of the 1st 3 topics 14:38
nlsthznkbmonkey: sweet thanks...14:48
nlsthznhibernation worked like a charm14:50
nlsthznI am impressed14:50
kbmonkeyhow often do you study nlsthzn? daily? wonder if irc study sessions would work.14:51
nlsthznkbmonkey: I have started today to check it out... working shifts etc. I can't have dedicated time :/ which makes it difficult14:55
nlsthznnow to test sleep mode... should be ok14:55
nlsthznalso working fine :)14:56
nlsthznKubuntu FTW!14:56
kbmonkey+1 for that!15:00
kbmonkeyIm reminded how I haven't been plagued by any malware or such nasties for a long time. hooray ^_^15:02
nlsthznUsed my dektop (vista) for the first time in awhile... wanted to use IRC... XChat, used for more than 30-days, register... I was like stuff that... go for mIRC... have to register... #@@$#$%*%^ windows applications and registering... so annoying15:04
* Kilos hates windows15:07
Kilosonly good for games15:07
Kilosand then only sometimes15:07
Kilosbut boet reckons win7 better than vista15:08
kbmonkeyit may be, but choosing the lesser evil doesnt make it right ;P15:09
highvoltageKilos: hate leads to anger, anger leads to suffering15:09
Kilosah hello highvoltage hows ya15:09
Kiloslong time no see15:10
Kilosonly inna odd mail15:10
kbmonkeysounds like the windows recovery support group motto highvoltage!15:10
Kilosnormally the suffering with windows is the taking out of another $4915:11
highvoltageKilos: hey! good thanks and there?15:11
Kiloswell thanks15:11
highvoltagekbmonkey: heh15:11
nlsthznWell, Vista works perfectly on my desktop for gaming...15:13
kbmonkeythe one win game I play (Doom) runs in Dosbox he he15:14
* nlsthzn won't be making the IRC meeting tonight... day shift again tomorrow so IR needs the beauty rest :p16:01
inetproyikes, what time is the meeting?16:03
marcogmeeting? oshi16:09
marcogwe really need to /topic the meeting dates16:10
highvoltagemarcog: you should now be able to request ops and change the topic16:13
marcoghighvoltage: :)16:13
=== marcog changed the topic of #ubuntu-za to: IRC meeting 17:30 today: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/91/detail/ || Ubuntu South Africa LoCoTeam || Website: http://ubuntu-za.org/ || Forum: http://za.ubuntuforums.org/ || Join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za || Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za ||Events: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/events || Pastebin: paste.ubuntu.com or codepad.org ||
drubinPlease can some one ping me on gtalk/here before the meeting?16:30
superflyuh, that should be 19:30, not 17:3016:37
marcogsuperfly: oh, link says 17:30 will fix16:41
=== marcog changed the topic of #ubuntu-za to: IRC meeting 19:30 today: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/91/detail/ || Ubuntu South Africa LoCoTeam || Website: http://ubuntu-za.org/ || Forum: http://za.ubuntuforums.org/ || Join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za || Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za ||Events: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/events || Pastebin: paste.ubuntu.com or codepad.org ||
superflymarcog: yeah, I just checked as well... the link says 17:30 UTC :-)16:42
marcogoh right16:42
maiatodayyes the timezones are weird there, it is meant to be at 19h3016:43
Tonberryany nfs experts here?16:44
maiatodaythat's 19h30 UTC+216:44
Tonberrymy nfs server is thrashing like mad for no reason if i upload large files to it16:45
Tonberryand the throughput is terrible when it thrashes16:45
jpmmaiatoday: het jy al 'n repo mirror gekry of moet ek nog een vir jou maak16:45
jpmsorry ek het nie reageer op die mail nie16:46
jpmwas mal besig tot en met vandag gewees16:46
maiatodayjpm een of ander tyd, nie haastig nie, ek het intussen geupgrade maar daar is paar ander mense wat nog wil upgrade16:47
jpmlaat weet maar16:47
jpmin eksamentyd is dit gewoonlik rustig genoeg om sulke goed tussendeur te doen16:48
maiatodaywel kyk hoe jou dinge loop en ek sal die disk bring as jy reg is16:48
queerychat later16:48
maiatodayMaaz help with meeting16:51
Maazmaiatoday: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.16:51
maiatodayMaaz what can you do16:51
Maazmaiatoday: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.16:51
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.16:51
maiatodayMaaz help me with meeting16:51
Maazmaiatoday: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.16:51
maiatodayMaaz help me with monitoring things16:52
Maazmaiatoday: I use the following features for monitoring things: coffee, http, icecast, meeting and ping16:52
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.16:52
maiatodayMaaz how do I use meeting16:52
Maazmaiatoday: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:16:52
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]16:52
Maaz  I am <True Name>16:52
maiatodayMaaz how do I use action16:53
Maazmaiatoday: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.16:53
Kilosstubborn bot16:57
maiatodayhi Kilos16:57
Kiloshi maiatoday 16:57
maiatodayshe's always like that, picky about verbs and syntax16:57
Kilosits remembering things maiatoday 16:59
maiatodayMaaz help me with remembering things16:59
Maazmaiatoday: I use the following features for remembering things: factoid, karma, meeting, memo and seen17:00
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.17:00
maiatodayMaaz help me with decisions17:00
Maazmaiatoday: I use the following features for decisions: choose and poll17:00
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.17:00
maiatodayMaaz how do I use poll17:01
Maazmaiatoday: Does a quick poll of channel members. You can use it like this:17:01
Maaz  [secret] poll on <topic> [until <time>] vote <option> [or <option>]...17:01
Maaz  vote (<id> | <option>) [on <topic>]17:01
maiatodayMaaz how do I use choose17:01
Maazmaiatoday: Choose one of the given options. You can use it like this:17:01
Maaz  choose <choice> or <choice>...17:01
superflyTonberry: what are your NFS mount settings?17:01
Tonberryi think i found a solution17:01
Tonberryadded async to the export settings17:02
superflydid you find what the problem is though?17:02
Tonberryseems to have fixed it17:02
Tonberryafter a few gigabytes the throughput dropped to 5MB/s and the disk thrashed and made a lot of noise17:02
KilosMaaz, how do i use meeting17:03
MaazKilos: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:17:03
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]17:03
Maaz  I am <True Name>17:03
Tonberryjdb2 also seemed to use up most of the io time without actually writing anything17:03
Tonberryim at 20GB worth of zeros without any slowdowns so far17:03
Kilossorry superfly Tonberry 17:03
superflydoes the J in "jdb2" stand for Java, perhaps?17:03
Tonberryso it seems fixed17:03
superflyoh good17:04
Tonberryits the ext4 journal thingy17:04
superflyah, k17:05
Kilosmaiatoday, ^^17:07
nuvolariMaaz: i am not who you think i am18:16
Maaznuvolari: *blink*18:16
nuvolarigood, we understand each other18:16
nlsthznNight all18:17
nuvolarinight nlsthzn 18:18
nuvolarinlsthzn: are you not staying for the loco meeting?18:19
nuvolariwhere's that monkey?18:19
Morganvdhey hey folks18:19
Morganvdhows everyone doing18:19
nuvolarihey Morganvd 18:20
nuvolarigood and you?18:20
Kilosevening fellas18:21
Morganvdi tried gnome for a few days at work18:23
Morganvdbut i must say its diffrent 18:23
Morganvdi think i actualy migh tbe liking Unity more18:23
kbmonkeyjust made it18:24
nuvolarinaand oom Kilos 18:24
nuvolarilo kbmonkey 18:24
nuvolariwas just talking about you :P18:24
Morganvdhey Kilos 18:24
nuvolarikbmonkey: dunno if I asked you before, but where about in durban are you?18:25
queeryim here18:25
Kiloslo queery 18:26
queeryhas anyone pinged drubin yet?18:26
drubinI am semi here.. but I might have to leave :(18:26
kbmonkeywindemere area nuvolari :)18:26
maiatodayhello all18:26
maiatodayI'll give it a few more minutes and then we can get started18:27
kbmonkeythanks maiatoday :)18:27
nuvolarikbmonkey: i'm a bit lost. from ballito :P is windmere north or south?18:27
* kbmonkey eats more chow mein18:27
queeryhi drubin 18:27
nuvolarilo queery 18:27
nuvolarilo bytjie18:27
kbmonkeyerr, is ballito on the north coast?18:27
nuvolarilo jpm 18:27
nuvolarikbmonkey: ye, about 45k north of durbs18:28
queeryhi all18:28
nuvolarilo Kerbero 18:28
kbmonkeywell since windemere is inside durban I guess its south from ballito then?18:29
* nuvolari share his popcorn18:29
nuvolarilol kbmonkey 18:29
nuvolariI meant north or south durban18:29
kbmonkeysoz, Im not sure what you asking18:29
zs6jcemaps.googe. com18:30
drubin4 screens + 3 pcs + 3 different OS's + synergy == /me confused18:30
nuvolariI know where husgrave is, and I know where entambeni hospital is18:30
kbmonkeyoooh, mm I guess it's in between, leaning towards north18:30
Kerberocq zs6jce, de zs1jpm18:30
nuvolari:? r wi talkin s3cr!t c0ude?18:31
maiatodayshall I wait some more or shall we start?18:31
kbmonkeywe can get directions to you then :)18:31
queeryI think we can start18:31
drubinmaiatoday: give it a few mins.. it is only 19:3118:31
kbmonkeyKerbero is typing on a rot13 keyboard18:31
nuvolariye, really early18:31
queerywe still need to identify18:31
drubinunless my ntp is broken again18:31
nuvolariwine anyone?18:31
TonberryKerbero is showing off his callsign18:32
drubinnuvolari: pick me18:32
maiatodaycheers nuvolari 18:32
Kerberoek show my dvorak kb af18:32
Kerberoen ek praat HAM18:32
nuvolaricheers drubin, bytjie18:32
nuvolariKerbero: ek ook18:32
drubinnuvolari: dankie!18:32
maiatodayqueery: we can only see who we are after I start the meeting 18:32
queeryoh ok18:32
nuvolaribeen using dvorak for about 2 years now :D18:32
nuvolariplesier drubin 18:33
Kerberoalmost 2 i think18:33
nuvolarigeez, now I really feel like getting out a shiraz18:33
kbmonkeyjust did training, will fall over from wine ;P18:34
nuvolariKerbero: don't you love the confusion when people start to type at your desk/on your keyboard?18:34
Kerberoyes, bet i have stickers on mine18:34
nuvolarikbmonkey: we'll organise some company to get you home18:34
Banlamyes, so instead we spend 10min typing our names18:34
Kerberoso they quite fast realise they should look at the blue ones18:34
Kerberoand then they two-finger type18:34
queeryok before we begin18:34
queerymaaz, coffee on18:34
* Maaz starts grinding coffee18:34
Tonberryor figure out how to change it back to something sane18:34
Banlamoff the record!18:34
queerymaaz, coffee for all18:35
MaazSure thing, queery. Hey guys, bring your own mugs! I'm tired of doing all the dishes on my own.18:35
nuvolariKerbero: I want to get myself a clear keyboard18:35
nuvolariI think18:35
maiatodayok now can I start?18:35
MorganvdMaaz: coffee please18:35
MaazMorganvd: Yessir18:35
nuvolariKerbero: http://www.daskeyboard.com/model-s-ultimate/18:36
maiatodaydo you think Maaz can do two things at once? is she threaded?18:36
Kilosgo maiatoday put your foot down with a firm hand18:36
Tonberrymaaz is female?18:36
queeryI don't know18:36
maiatodayshe can be what she wants to be18:36
nuvolarimaaz doesn't sound feminine18:36
KilosMaaz, are you female18:36
MaazCome on, be realistic. I'm a Bot18:36
maiatodayanyway ...18:36
drubinmaiatoday: sure start ;-p18:36
nuvolariis she a tomboi?18:36
maiatodayMaaz: start meeting about ubuntu-za May 2011 monthly IRC meeting18:36
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles18:36
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman18:37
Maazsuperfly: Sure18:37
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt18:37
Maaznuvolari: Okay18:37
maiatodayMaaz: I am Maia Grotepass18:37
* drubin I am David Rubin18:37
Maazmaiatoday: Yessir18:37
queeryMaaz, i am Dewald Noeth18:37
Maazqueery: Righto18:37
BanlamMaaz: I am Gareth Cawood18:37
MaazBanlam: Done18:37
cortexuvulaMaaz: I am Andre Hugo18:37
Maazcortexuvula: Yessir18:37
kbmonkeyMaaz: I am Wesley Werner18:37
Maazkbmonkey: Okay18:37
KerberoMaaz: I am JP Meijers18:37
MaazKerbero: Alrighty18:37
KilosMaaz, I am Miles Sharpe18:37
MaazKilos: Alrighty18:37
jpmMaaz: I am also JP Meijers18:37
Maazjpm: Righto18:37
superflydrubin: You need to speak to Maaz ;-)18:38
drubinMaaz: I am David Rubin18:38
Maazdrubin: Yessir18:38
MorganvdMaaz: I am Morgan van Dyk18:38
MaazMorganvd: Righto18:38
drubinsuperfly: it has been a long time since I have used the bot :( a man forgets these things18:38
nuvolariattendance is good tonight!18:38
TonberryMaaz: I am Hendrik van Wyk18:38
MaazTonberry: Alrighty18:38
Kerberodaar is nog twee mense oppad 18:38
MaazCoffee's ready for queery and Morganvd!18:38
maiatodayMaaz: topic Review minutes of previous meeting18:39
MaazCurrent Topic: Review minutes of previous meeting18:39
Kerberohulle stel nog freenode op18:39
nuvolarithere is? who they be?18:39
queeryMaaz, ty18:39
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure18:39
drubinKerbero: English in the meeting ;-p 18:39
nuvolariKerbero: for the sake of everyone knowing it18:40
maiatodaydoes anyone have any comments on the minutes of the previous meeting besides that we missed some months?18:40
Tonberryfor the sake of other countries reading the log18:40
queerycause the durbin peeps don't understand afrikaans or klingon18:40
drubinqueery: ek verstaan!!18:40
Kerberotranslate.google.com verstaan afrikaans18:40
nuvolariqueery: drubin understands well enough18:40
queeryoops durban18:40
maiatodayWe had great release partys18:41
nuvolaridid anyone of you saw the realtime translate on google during GoogleIO?18:41
superflynuvolari: let's concentrate on the meeting, ok?18:41
maiatodayDid anyone get pic for the Pretoria release party?18:41
TonberryDid anyone take pics for Stellenbosch?18:42
queerymaiatoday, thank you for posting the pics of the WC release party18:42
Tonberryi take that as a yes18:42
Kerberoyes i saw a pic18:42
maiatodayyes there were a few, I posted them on my blog18:42
queeryyes I did and there are a few on facebook Tonberry 18:42
maiatodaydid anybody here go to the pretoria release party?18:42
maiatodayMaaz: agreed maiatoday will mail pretoria release party people and see if they have photos18:43
MaazAgreed: maiatoday will mail pretoria release party people and see if they have photos18:43
superflymaiatoday: regarding reviewing the last meeting's minutes, they look fine, but I can't remember actually discussing any of it! :-P18:43
maiatodayI have jumped to third item on previous minutes already :P superfly18:44
maiatodaythe third item on the previous minutes was loco-contact replacement18:44
nuvolarikbmonkey: we should organise something for 11.1018:44
maiatodayI don't think anything has happened with this18:44
superflymaiatoday: I know, just no one else said anything about them18:44
drubinmaiatoday: no nothing has happened with that.18:44
nuvolariwelcome ender18:45
maiatodaywhat should we do drubin?18:45
enderMaaz: i am Jedri Visser18:45
Maazender: Yessir18:45
drubinI did look at the date that I was 'voted in' and it was JUST under 2 years ago, September 200918:45
drubinSo I am going to email the list next week, saying I would like to step down but I think a sane thing would be to have some one join me before I step down.18:45
kbmonkeyyes I like that idea nuvolari!18:45
drubinso that I can help them and get them updated and stuff better not leave them in the dark.18:46
nuvolarihello koiosify 18:46
drubinexactly how we pick that person I am not sure... 18:46
koiosifymaaz: i am  Nicholas Thompson18:46
Maazkoiosify: Sure18:46
marcogMaaz: i am Marco Gallotta18:46
Maazmarcog: Sure18:46
maiatodaydrubin I looked at the Loco team how to and they don't really prescrbe how we should decide on who takes over from you18:46
queeryI guess we can do it here?18:47
maiatodayso I propose that we ask for volunteers18:47
maiatodayI also propose that we have more than one person so that is someone is busy the other one can help18:47
oogwayMaaz: I am Hilton Gibson18:47
Maazoogway: Okay18:47
marcogmaiatoday: are there any obvious candidates?18:47
maiatodayIs there anybody here who wants to be the loco contact person18:47
marcogi recall tumbleweed saying he was interested18:48
kbmonkeyI'd volunteer however feel I could've been more around and involved lately, so ja18:48
queerymaiatoday, i agree18:48
queeryI would if someone would help me out18:48
maiatodayI am super busy so if I take the job I don't want to do it alone18:48
marcogis it possible to do it from overseas? :P18:48
drubinmarcog:  no18:49
oogwayperhaps we should rotate by region ?18:49
marcogdrubin: awe18:49
drubinwe need one or 2 people18:49
drubinoogway:  no18:49
queeryI also don't agree oogway 18:49
kbmonkeywe could have a couple but one person still needs to be the official loco contact, correct? an ubuntu intermediary?18:49
drubinmost places have 1 person. some people have 218:50
Morganvdmaybe even look at people from each region18:50
marcogwe should really try get someone from outside of WC involved though18:50
drubinbut we can\t have more then that and we can't really rotate them18:50
marcog1 WC, 1 non-WC18:50
drubinthe Loco-Contact is some one for the Loco council to contact and for Canonical to be in contact with.... it isnt some one that is incharge of the loco :)18:50
maiatodayideally the loco should have lots of people involved and the contact is just the contact18:50
drubinmaiatoday: ^518:50
queeryi like18:51
kbmonkeyah okay!18:51
Morganvdi like maiatoday for this18:51
maiatodayso if it is just to be the contact ie read the mails and pass things on, I am happy to take that roll if I can have queery helping me18:51
Morganvdseems to be the best person to flow information18:51
queeryim in18:51
maiatodayis the group ok with the contact changing in this way, or are there other volunteers who want to step forward?18:52
BanlamI approve18:52
Kerberome too18:52
queeryany second's?18:52
* superfly doesn't have the time18:52
superflyI second it!18:52
kbmonkeyI approve too18:52
Kerberoi'll voluteer next week18:52
kbmonkeyI'll help out more though, deal18:52
queeryKerbero, you can still help out18:52
Kerberoas ek mag afrikaans praat18:53
queeryja maar nie in 'n meeting nie18:53
nuvolariI just feel that we are a bit disconnected in KZN and should do something about it :/18:53
drubinmaiatoday: VERY happy :)18:53
queerywhat about other areas18:53
Morganvdsame in johannesburf 18:53
maiatodayis there someone in KZN (or anywhere else for that matter) that wants to get involved on a more formal level18:53
kbmonkeywhat nuvolari said, we need to get together that might add some glue 18:53
nuvolarikbmonkey: were you at the ubuntu hour we had the start of the year?18:54
queerywho is we?18:54
nuvolarimaiatoday: I would18:54
kbmonkeyI can't recall nuvolari, I was absent during that time.18:54
marcoghow about setting up regional contacts?18:54
maiatodaygreat nuvolari that would be great18:55
nuvolarikbmonkey: we anly had 1, so you would have remembered :P18:55
maiatodayregional contact would be handy for getting the CDs to the regions18:55
superflymarcog: in terms of inter-region communication?18:55
queeryI like that nuvolari 18:55
marcogsuperfly: that, and also heading things in that province18:55
nuvolarii can get to durban at most once a month18:55
marcogsuperfly: i just fear we're too segmented18:55
kbmonkeyI'm open for being a KZN contact / CD distributor18:56
maiatodaydrubin marcog, I can make maaz agree that me and queery become contacts but I don't want to push the group into this if they feel more discussion ie ML is needed18:56
superflymarcog: absolutely18:56
marcogmaiatoday: i think we need a ML confirmation here18:56
nuvolarimarcog: ML?18:56
queerybut drubin needs to decide18:56
marcognuvolari: mailing list18:56
maiatodaydrubin can I task you to take this forward on the mailing list (ML)18:57
* highvoltage peeks in18:57
maiatodayhi highvoltage 18:57
nuvolario/ highvoltage 18:57
queeryclose the door behind you highvoltage 18:57
drubinqueery: no I don't :) I am just the contact not the boss18:57
drubinmaiatoday: yes please please do18:57
maiatodayMaaz: agreed drubin will contact the ML and discuss the follow up contact18:58
MaazAgreed: drubin will contact the ML and discuss the follow up contact18:58
drubinmaiatoday: I will help you and we can do coffee to help with the hand over proccesss but honestly you doing most of it any way18:58
maiatodayok on to the agend: look here http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/91/detail/18:58
* highvoltage closes door18:58
drubinmaiatoday: but it might only be Wednesday or next week ;/ 18:58
Banlamdrubin works too hard18:58
queeryamen Banlam 18:59
maiatodaythat's cool drubin, we can set a time later18:59
maiatodayMaaz: topic Discuss how to get the CDs to everybody18:59
MaazCurrent Topic: Discuss how to get the CDs to everybody18:59
highvoltagemaiatoday: nice job on keeping the team reports going. there was lots of discussion about team reports at UDS... and how the average team sucks at keeping them maintained :)18:59
maiatodayThey are in my car boot (does that sound familiar drubin?)18:59
maiatodaywe have been a bit lax in that department highvoltage 18:59
maiatodaybut we try18:59
drubinmaiatoday: it is the way of the loco-contact18:59
Kerberomaiatoday: when yo ubring me your HDD you can give me some cd's18:59
* nuvolari don't keep stuff in the boot anymore due to fear of waterdamage :P18:59
queeryhighvoltage, have you identified yet?19:00
drubinhighvoltage: Maia was a master at that! but then both me and Maia go really busy19:00
maiatodayI was thinking more along the line of is there anybody travelling to durban, pretoria, bloem etc who will take cds19:00
drubinKerbero: she has the printed cd's19:00
maiatodayalso do the people from UCT need cds19:00
Kerberodrubin: printed cd's?19:01
oogwayare there points of presence that we could use, for example public libraries ?19:01
highvoltagedrubin: yeah, but sometimes just the effort and trying is already a great start!19:01
nuvolariooh, think about it, the cd's are not free for ordering anymore, so it's like valuables :D19:01
maiatodayI have had some individual request for cds but I don't want to start mailing all over the country, I'd rather send a box to a LUG or other local contact and let them distribute19:01
drubinmaiatoday: yes that is the way to go.19:01
superflymaybe we should put out a request for "couriers" on the mailing list?19:02
kbmonkeyAny requests from KZN maiatoday ?19:02
* Kerbero requests a box for stellenbosch university19:02
queeryhow many lugs do we have?19:02
maiatodaysuperfly: I have sent a request out on the mailing list asking just that19:02
superflypeople who are going in those directions who can drop off CDs with the regional contact19:02
superflymaiatoday: oh, OK19:02
maiatodaykbmonkey: no only from pretoria19:02
* superfly has been out of the loop for the last 3 weeks19:02
maiatodayKerbero: I'll get some to you19:03
maiatodaymarcog do you need cds19:03
queerydrubin, how many LUG's do we have in SA do you know?19:03
drubinqueery: not a clue19:03
marcogmaiatoday: would be nice to have, but tbh uct students can always burn their own19:03
queeryok ill check on that19:03
queeryand we can contact them19:04
* Kerbero only knows of sulug.sun and leg.uct19:04
drubinmarcog: Kerbero : I requested they send another box I will email Canonical again tonight19:04
marcogcool beans19:04
drubin^^ please remind me in a little bit... My memory isn't what it used to be19:04
superflyGLUG, Durban was restarting their LUG recently19:04
maiatodayMaaz: agreed queery will make a list of LUGS so we can find out who to send the CDs to19:04
MaazAgreed: queery will make a list of LUGS so we can find out who to send the CDs to19:04
oogwayfor lug's check: http://www.ubuntu.sun.ac.za/wiki/index.php/Help19:04
queeryso can sun marcog, but it's nicer for official distrabution and getting new users19:04
drubinie 2-3 hours19:04
marcogthere's something else to consider, why not save the serious effort for LTS releases only?19:04
queerywill do thanx oogway 19:05
marcogqueery: yeah, but it's typically old users that grab them first19:05
maiatodayyeah sure marcog I agree19:05
marcogthe exception is o-week and other events19:05
maiatodaybut in the mean time the CDs are in my car and people could be using them19:05
drubinmarcog: I am fine with that.19:05
marcogmaiatoday: how many do you have?19:05
drubinmarcog: but at least with Stellies giving out the printed cd's has had huge success19:05
drubinmarcog: +- 250 cds are given19:06
marcogdrubin: how have you distributed?19:06
maiatodayMaaz: agreed maiatody will get CDs to stellenbosch19:06
MaazAgreed: maiatody will get CDs to stellenbosch19:06
nuvolariwow, that's a lot19:06
kbmonkeymaiatoday, I request CD's, I will coordinate with you to courrier them (i'll pay) if we cant find a running hand :)19:06
drubinMaaz: I have done nothing! :)19:06
Maazdrubin: I already know stuff about I19:06
drubinmarcog: I have done nothing... I have literally be wering around19:06
oogwaywhy no lug in KZN ?19:06
maiatodaycool kbmonkey that would be great19:07
queerylol at Maaz 19:07
marcogdrubin: cause seriously, unless someone makes an effort to distribute them they end up in the hands of people who mostly just want to hold onto the CD19:07
queeryand drubin 19:07
nuvolarioogway: we're a bit distributed :/19:07
drubinmarcog: Honestly you are speaking to the brick wall...19:07
drubinbecause currently I am less usefull then a brick wall.... at least that provides support19:07
maiatodaydo we need more discussion on this topic?19:07
queeryI think we can take it further on the list again19:08
* kbmonkey nods19:08
Kerberoi think: 19:08
maiatodayMaaz: topic Reminder of the things we try to do, e.g. irc meetings, monthly reports, any other?19:08
MaazCurrent Topic: Reminder of the things we try to do, e.g. irc meetings, monthly reports, any other19:08
Kerberouniversities are the best place19:08
drubinwe have +- 20mins left.. meetings over 1 hour become useless19:08
Kerberoto get new users19:08
maiatodayI just wanted to list again the things that I know of that we should do and ask if anyone wants to help19:08
oogwayKerbero: agreed !19:09
* inetpro stepping into the room... need to read all the discussions19:09
inetprosorry forbeing late19:09
maiatodaySo basically it's monthly reports and ubuntu hour and meetings and release parties19:09
kbmonkeyhi inetpro 19:09
queeryhi inetpro, remember to identify19:09
Kiloshi inetpro 19:09
maiatodayI seem to miss the meetings because I loose track so I would like someone to be the meeting prodder19:09
maiatodaysomeone who just reminds as and gets things going19:10
maiatodayis there someone who can take this task?19:10
marcogmaiatoday: what's the next would-be date?19:10
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer19:10
Maazinetpro: Alrighty19:10
queerythe google cal helps me but sometimes I forget too19:10
maiatodayit is suposed to be once a month and we have ical19:10
marcog13 june?19:10
drubinmarcog: june 20th19:10
drubinat least according to the google cal19:10
kbmonkeyfyi if you import the ical you can setup an email reminder. I forget everything unless there's a reminder attached.19:11
=== marcog changed the topic of #ubuntu-za to: IRC meeting 20 June 19:30: http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/team/91/detail/ || Ubuntu South Africa LoCoTeam || Website: http://ubuntu-za.org/ || Forum: http://za.ubuntuforums.org/ || Join: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za || Mailing list: http://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-za ||Events: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/events || Pastebin: paste.ubuntu.com or codepad.org
inetprounfortunately somebody else can not set your reminders for you19:11
inetproor fortunately19:12
maiatodayI am talking about setting up the agenda page and sending a reminder to the list19:12
marcogdrubin: where's the calendar?19:12
marcogmaiatoday: yeah, but topic at least might remind someone closer to the time19:12
maiatodayalso I really want to ask everybody to add things to the monthly report because I don't always know of things that are happening19:12
maiatodaythanks marcog19:13
maiatodayMaaz: agreed maiatoday will send reminder to the mailing list about tasks and volunteers19:13
MaazAgreed: maiatoday will send reminder to the mailing list about tasks and volunteers19:13
oogwayical is here: http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-za/ical19:13
inetprowe need to perhaps remember to alert/invite via twitter and or identica19:13
KerberoJust to add my exporience: the only reason i ever know about ubuntu hours and release party's is because it is also mailed te the Sulug mailing list19:13
marcogta oogway 19:13
nuvolari+1 for twitter19:13
Kerbero(just had the suggestion to use facebook events)19:14
cortexuvula+1 for identi.ca19:14
queeryKerbero, are you on the ubuntu-za mailing list?19:14
maiatodayok I'll talk to Kerbero inetpro about after the meeting about setting this up19:14
oogway+1 for facebook19:14
queery+1 for twitter19:14
marcogi've been trialing facebook pages which post to twitter and it's been working really great19:14
maiatodayI want to move on to the last item on the agend19:15
drubinmaiatoday: on the website19:15
Kerberona @ ubuntu-za mailing list - reason: too much spam19:15
nuvolariwhat spam?19:15
marcoghttps://www.facebook.com/algcircle pushes to https://twitter.com/#!/algcircle19:15
drubinubuntu-za is getting HUGE pickup/spam19:15
maiatodaysorry to move you along but19:15
marcogand the feedback from it has been really positive19:15
queeryok well I will repost event's to sulug if I remember19:15
drubinwe have had lots and lots of people unsubscribe :)19:15
maiatodayMaaz: topic LPI 101 Training Interest19:15
MaazCurrent Topic: LPI 101 Training Interest19:15
Kerberonuvolari: no idea, just heard rumours and i'm already on too many mailing lists19:15
nuvolari:? why do I miss the spam?19:15
maiatodaythis was wesleys topic19:16
oogwaywhere, with whom ?19:16
kbmonkeyyes, we had a sudden interest in the LPI exams, linux administration certification for those who missed it19:16
Banlamwhat exactly does the LPI entail?19:16
Kerberocan't me create a seperate mailing list that sends on the other only for events19:16
Banlamand why do they have pictures of soccer players on their website?19:17
Kerbero(damn dvorak typo's)19:17
maiatodaykbmonkey do you have a link19:17
nuvolariI'm itching so bad to do LPI but I don't have time to study19:17
* kbmonkey finding the link19:17
Banlamwww.lpi.org ?19:18
queeryalso want to but no time and no money19:18
kbmonkeythats the mailing list discussion, with links included19:18
oogwayan example: http://staff.lib.sun.ac.za/~hgibson/docs/cv/lpi-1.html19:18
nuvolarioogway: boetiful!19:19
kbmonkeyso we were talking about organizing study groups, to help another learn for the LPI 10119:19
Kerberonuvolari: nice dvorak typo there19:19
nuvolariKerbero: lol, not a typo19:20
kbmonkeyI guess they could be local meets, and IRC study groups could also work19:20
kbmonkeyI am pretty keen to do this cert, so count me in19:20
inetproIRC study groups sounds like a cool idea19:20
queerywhats the cost?19:20
kbmonkeyas long as we help each other with problems, and keep working through the material...19:20
nuvolari+1 for IRC study groups19:21
kbmonkeythere are training courses in Ct and JHB, but none here in KZN. 19:21
kbmonkeybut I am confident and happy to self-learn the 101, hence the study group idea coming in19:21
* inetpro has never seen the study material, how can we get it?19:21
queery<kbmonkey> https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-za/2011-May/007715.html19:22
oogwaythe lpi 101 gets you this: http://staff.lib.sun.ac.za/~hgibson/docs/cv/ubuntu.html19:22
oogwayi would like lpi 201 and 20219:22
nuvolarilo ghostknife 19:22
kbmonkeyfollow the first link in there inetpro, there are two book links, and one free CC pdf with material19:22
kbmonkeythx queery :)19:22
ghostknifenuvolari: pong19:22
inetprokbmonkey: of course, /me should have followed the link :-)19:23
maiatodaykbmonkey: do you want people to mail you/ chat after so you guys can organise this, I think we can move on with the meeting or is there a decision that needs to be taken?19:23
kbmonkeyagreed maiatoday19:24
Banlamthe peopel who manage the ICDL in south africa are apparently the people to conact for the IPL in SA, they do have KZN offices19:24
inetproMaaz: minutes so far19:24
kbmonkeyI suggest everyone interested join the ZA mailing list, we can start throwing ideas around there19:24
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-05-16-17-36-58.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-05-16-17-36-58.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-05-16-17-36-58.html19:24
nuvolariLPI1 sounds manageable19:24
oogwayBanlam: thx19:24
maiatodayokedoke I had a late entry agenda item from oogway, he wants to discuss the new unity interface19:24
Kerberounity is awesome19:25
maiatodayI think this is a very wide topic that we can't really make a decision on in this meeting19:25
* nuvolari steps out of unity discussion19:25
Kerberofew bugs, but i'm impressed19:25
* maiatoday also steps out of the unity discussion19:25
queeryoogway, anything specific?19:25
kbmonkeyhaven't used Unity yet19:25
oogwaywho uses it now ?19:25
superflyhuh? unity? I'm happy with my KDE 4.6 - it's awesome19:25
* Banlam still runs 10.1119:25
* Kerbero uses it on both his laptop and main pc now19:25
drubinBanlam: me too19:25
queerysame Banlam 19:25
drubinok.. think we really need to end the meeting.19:26
nuvolariG3 rocks19:26
maiatodayI use unity but you can poll me about it outside the meeing oogway19:26
oogwayhow does it work with touchscreen ?19:26
maiatodayMaaz: end meeting19:26
MaazMeeting Ended19:26
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-05-16-17-36-58.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-05-16-17-36-58.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-05-16-17-36-58.html19:26
* inetpro likes the fact that we have so many attendants this evening19:26
drubinmaiatoday: thanks for chairing19:26
Kerberoja nogals19:26
=== ender__ is now known as ender
kbmonkeybefore that topic gets out of control19:26
maiatodayoogway I haven't tried it with touchscreen19:26
Kilosmaiatoday, thank you for all the hard work19:26
* queery seconds drubin 19:26
kbmonkeythanks maiatoday !19:26
drubincheers guys... I need to get back to real work.19:26
drubinbye bye19:27
nuvolarithat was one of the most active meetings I've attended recently :P19:27
kbmonkeycheer drubin 19:27
Kiloscheers drubin 19:27
nuvolaricheers drubin 19:27
maiatodaythanks everybody for attending19:27
maiatodaycheers drubin19:27
inetpromaiatoday: thanks 19:27
nuvolariya thanks maiatoday  and drubin for your awesome work :>19:27
oogwaycheers: thx maiatoday19:28
Kiloscheers oogway 19:28
kbmonkeythat was nice19:29
maiatodayok people the minutes are up, look here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/Meetings/2011051619:29
kbmonkeyhow many KZN folk do we have here?19:31
Kilosisnt oogway also from durbs19:32
maiatodaykbmonkey: nuvolari: my sister is going to durban soonish19:32
ScorpKingI'm in Eshowe - KZN19:32
maiatodayshe may be able to take CDs19:32
maiatodaywould you be able to get them?19:32
queeryno Kilos 19:32
kbmonkeythat would be fantastic, maia!19:32
maiatodayor get someone to pick them up?19:32
kbmonkeyYes of course I would19:32
queeryhe is from stellebosch19:32
Kilosah ty queery  i mixed up with someone on the za list them19:33
nuvolaricool! she can join the KZN-loco :D19:33
Kilosthere are a few guys there but they never on here19:33
inetpromaiatoday: nice job19:33
Kiloslists only19:33
nuvolarioh, just visiting :P19:33
queerymaiatoday, moet ons nie die mailing list weer remind van die IRC group nie?19:34
kbmonkeyLet me know when closer to the time maiatoday, I can get around to collect :)19:34
maiatodayons kan maar die mailing list mense is nie altyd irc mense nie19:34
maiatodaykbmonkey I just spoke to her I'll pm you19:35
kbmonkeydankie maiatoday !19:35
queerymaiatoday, true19:35
kbmonkeydis waar queery, ek was nie altyd n IRC persoon nie ;P19:35
queerykbmonkey, maar jy is nou...19:36
kbmonkeyI am keen to meet the rest of the kzn peoples19:37
queerythen org a ubuntu hour kbmonkey 19:37
queeryor even better a geek dinner19:37
queeryit's in your hands19:37
maiatodaykbmonkey: if you have CDs people may make the effort to meet for an ubuntu hour19:38
Kilosgeeknic onna beach19:38
maiatodayyeah that sounds good Kilos 19:38
kbmonkeygood point maiatoday, didnt think of that19:38
queeryMaaz, announce kbmonkey will be organising a geek event in KZN19:38
MaazHear ye, hear ye! kbmonkey will be organising a geek event in KZN19:38
* kbmonkey netbook doesn't like sand between it's keys :(19:38
Kilosyay kbmonkey 19:38
queeryit official19:38
Kilosgo natal19:38
Kilosthere is that othjer guy in port shepstone as well19:39
Kilosdunno where he went this year19:40
Kilostakes me a week to member his nick everytime19:40
maiatodaythanks people, I gotta run we'll do this again :)19:41
Kilosthyanks maiatoday  go well19:41
kbmonkeyokay so meeting halfway, we could do some place in umhlanga, nuvolari? we can work out details this week. 19:42
kbmonkeyjust a quick body count...19:42
nuvolarikbmonkey: gateway?19:43
kbmonkeyyesh, how did I miss that one!19:43
queerymaaz, coffee on19:43
* Maaz starts grinding coffee19:43
queeryanyone else?19:43
Kiloskbmonkey,  beware of nuvolari . he still falls off bicycles19:43
kbmonkeyMaaz, black label please19:43
Maazkbmonkey: Go get it yourself!19:43
KilosMaaz, coffee please19:44
MaazKilos: Righto19:44
kbmonkeyarrr, just had to try ;P19:44
queeryyou tell him maaz19:44
nuvolarilol oom Kilos 19:44
Kilosskuus man19:44
kbmonkeyfalls off bicycles? _het daai grappie gemis_19:45
Kiloshehe vertel hom nuvolari 19:45
Kiloswe even saw picks19:45
nuvolarikbmonkey: I went for a mountainbike trip...19:46
nuvolariit turned out badly19:46
Kiloshe forgot when you fall you supposed to put hands out first not nose19:46
MaazCoffee's ready for queery and Kilos!19:47
KilosMaaz, ty19:47
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure19:47
queeryMaaz, ty19:47
MaazYou're Welcome I'm sure19:47
kbmonkeyis okay, I head-butt the floor too, sometimes =D19:48
Kilosi head but other things19:48
Kilosharder ones19:48
Kilosbut only once19:48
Kilosthats why i was rebooted19:49
Kiloskbmonkey, next time you bored go read my blog19:49
Kilosneed coupla hours19:49
kbmonkeyit's on ubuntu-za planet, Kilos ?19:51
Kilosonly the last few19:51
KilosMaaz, kilos.blog19:51
MaazKilos: kilos.blog is http://mileyssignificantblog.blogspot.com/19:51
kbmonkeywill do :)19:52
Kiloskoiosify, hi we never met before19:52
koiosifyhi, no my first time on ubuntu-sa19:53
Kiloskoiosify, welcome to ubuntu-za19:53
kbmonkeywelcome koiosify 19:54
nuvolarikoiosify: hope you enjoyed the meeting?19:54
queerywelcome koiosify 19:54
inetprorainking: wb19:54
queerymaaz, welcome koiosify 19:54
Maazqueery: Huh?19:54
queerythat bot sometimes19:54
koiosifythanx, jpm dragged me in here19:54
Kiloslol sill try fix19:55
kbmonkeymental note not to forget what I learned here tonight19:56
queerythanx oom Kilos 19:56
cocooncrashMaaz: greet koiosify 19:56
Maazcocooncrash: Sorry...19:56
queeryMaaz, say hello to koiosify 19:57
Maazhello to koiosify19:57
Kiloshmmm didnt work19:57
Kiloshe doesnt see $who before reply19:57
Kiloscocooncrash, can you help with that when you have time please19:58
queeryso koiosify how long have you been using ubuntu?19:59
koiosifywell um since first year at stellenbosch19:59
queeryoh its TnT19:59
Kiloslo |3o|3 19:59
|3o|3sup Kilos19:59
queerywelkom by die groter gemeenskap19:59
Kilosgood ty and you |3o|3 20:00
|3o|3lets not go there20:00
koiosifywou al gejoin het20:00
queeryeks bly jys hier20:00
queeryek moet gaan werk20:00
queeryl8er sc8ers20:00
koiosifymaar lyk my almal is oppad by hier by jpm se huis20:00
Kiloschow queery 20:00
Morganvdhey Kilos 20:02
Morganvdnice blog20:02
Kiloshey Morganvd 20:02
kbmonkeywell time for me to fix my PC now, on the netbook now. I completely borked my desktop yesterday O.o20:02
Kiloslol did you read all of it?20:02
kbmonkeyI will take some time to read Kilos!20:03
Morganvdnope im going through some of it20:03
Kilossorry to hear that kbmonkey 20:03
Kilosoh its kinda long20:03
Morganvdwhat are you running on the netbook20:03
kbmonkeywindows 7 *covers and runs*20:04
* Kilos throws stones20:04
kbmonkeyjoking! im only kidding! it runs crunchbang linux20:04
kbmonkeyit also has android, and meego - a tri-boot netbook20:04
Kiloswell maybe as you get older and wiser you will only have anything other than ubuntu for testing purposes only20:05
Morganvdkbmonkey: how is it20:05
kbmonkeyits for playing with new OS's thats why all the variants;)20:06
Morganvdim typing on my Dell netbook and i installed lubuntu on it 20:06
kbmonkey#! is debian based, just like ubuntu. 20:06
Morganvdmust say its very fast with lubuntu20:06
kbmonkeyit uses openbox instead of kde or gnome, so its very lightweight and fast :)20:06
Morganvdyeah lubuntu uses lxe its fast but plain20:07
Morganvdbeen wanting to try out #! on it20:07
Morganvdhows andriod 20:07
kbmonkeyI like lxe too!20:08
Morganvdi cant get my wifi to work20:08
Morganvdand it keeps complaining it cant read my sd card20:08
kbmonkeyme neither20:08
Morganvdwhat netbook do you have20:08
Morganvdi haev a dell mini 101820:08
kbmonkeymsi u100 plus - intel chipsets20:09
kbmonkeyit has a fn+F11 and the CPU overclocks to 2GHz, havent run speed tests against it though20:09
Morganvdmine has a atom i think 450 with 2gb ddr3 and 160hdd20:10
kbmonkeyyes mine has the same :)20:10
kbmonkeysoz the atom n280 20:11
Morganvdi like that crunchbang has the shortcuts20:11
kbmonkeyI even used it for live dj'ing using mixxx desk :) linux20:12
Morganvdi find lxe just a bit too plain for my liking20:12
Morganvdwonder how crashbang will run on it20:14
nuvolarinight all20:15
Morganvdnight nuvolari 20:16
Kilosnight nuvolari sleep tight20:16
Morganvdkbmonkey: does crunchbang come default with xchat?20:17
kbmonkeyhi sorry, im back20:27
kbmonkeynight nuvolari 20:27
kbmonkeyyes it does Morganvd, it also uses aptitude which we all love and know20:28
Morganvdyeah dont like xchat20:28
Morganvdbut ill just remove it20:28
Kilosxchat lekker20:28
Morganvdnah weechat better for me20:28
Morganvdi can chat dont need to click20:29
Symmetriasup all20:29
Kiloshow you switch channels Morganvd 20:29
Kiloshi Symmetria 20:29
Morganvdalt and the number20:29
kbmonkeyI don't click in xchat :p20:29
Morganvdif it was autoconnect20:29
Symmetriaheh, wow, I just finished writing a network config for one of our clients... *380 LINES* of router config!*20:29
Symmetriaabsolutely insane20:30
Kilosoh i used to use mouse for that if i member right20:30
MorganvdKilos: i alt and the left right arrow also changes to the next or prev channel20:30
Kerberohi Symmetria 20:30
kbmonkeyif you find lxde a bit plain Morganvd then openbox uber minimalistic. it doesnt even have a 'start button'20:31
Morganvdhey Symmetria that is alot20:31
kbmonkeyeverything is keyboard navigatable20:31
Morganvdi cant explain what i mean by plain20:31
Morganvdit reminds me of windows20:31
Morganvdim looking at crunchbang now20:32
Morganvdsteller looks nice20:32
Morganvdand i love commands line20:32
Morganvdso no start might work better for me20:32
Morganvdlxe is like kde meet windows xp20:35
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:42
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