imgarysmithandru, i miss the turtle tank on inforturtle, any chance of bringing it back haha19:27
infoturtleha, maybe, theres still features to be added to the site, I've a load on the go at the moment19:28
imgarysmithturtle tank needs to be top of the list :P19:28
infoturtlefraid not, writing programs to get me into UL is19:28
infoturtlethen the turtle tank19:29
infoturtlealtho the turtles will be quite hungry at that stage19:29
imgarysmithwhat course you going for in UL?19:29
infoturtleBoS in computer systems19:29
imgarysmithah cool19:30
infoturtlenot for 100% yet19:30
imgarysmithnah, you will get it, your talented19:30
infoturtledepends on the places vs how many more talented people there are19:30
imgarysmithsure they let me into computer science, so im sure you will be grand19:30
infoturtleYou got in on points didn't you?19:31
infoturtleI've a tournament starting soon that will make this meeting quite interesting!19:32
imgarysmithwhat sorta tournament?19:32
infoturtlestarts 7:4519:33
imgarysmithhaha, you winning much?19:33
infoturtleno actually, put a tenner in two weeks ago, got up to 50 but I'm down again19:34
imgarysmithah thats a pity19:36
infoturtlewell, you kinda understand the risks of poker before you sit at any table, if you win someone else must lose and vice vesa, so you can't expect to always win, would be great if you could tho!!19:37
imgarysmithquick question,you used to have an irc on infoturtle, did you run that locally?19:38
imgarysmithlocally as in onthe infoturtle server19:39
infoturtlejust open up a channel that dosen't exist and it creates one, I used to just stay in there in case anyone needed it19:39
infoturtleno not on the server19:39
imgarysmithdid you use freenode?19:40
infoturtleyep, think you can use any one you want19:40
ebelahoy all19:59
infoturtleebel! good to see your username again!19:59
imgarysmithheya ebel20:00
ebelIRC meeting starting in a bit20:03
ebelactually, starts at 8pm20:04
ebelwe'll wait a few mins to see if someone comes up20:04
ebelagenda here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-05-1820:05
ebelwe'll start the meeting20:06
MootBotMeeting started at 14:06. The chair is ebel.20:06
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]20:06
ebelif you're here please say PRESENT so we know who's here please20:06
ebel[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-05-1820:07
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-05-1820:07
ebelairundo can't be here, he has a family emergency20:07
infoturtleoh no :c20:08
infoturtlehope it's nothing serious20:08
ebelbut he gave me some notes for his topic items20:09
ebelhe said it wasn't that serious20:09
ebel[topic] Review of previous action items20:09
MootBotNew Topic:  Review of previous action items20:09
ebelfrom aiorando:20:11
ebelthere was only 1 action item last month.20:11
ebelApril was a quiet meeting20:11
ebelThe action was "infoturtle to set up events on the wiki and LoCo Dir for the Natty Narwhal Release Party"20:11
ebelThese events were created and on the website also :)20:11
ebelThe release party was a lot of fun.  Great chat.  Low turn out though.20:11
ebelAs a general idea, unless there are compelling reasons I don't think we should hold release parties on weekdays in the future.20:11
ebelThoughts anyone?20:11
infoturtlefri/sat night are more appealing20:11
moylanagree. however the notice for the event was a little confusing.  it said the trinity hotel in big letter at 8 and jimmy chungs buried in the text of the notice.20:12
moylanit was wort a try for the weekday though.20:12
ebellive and learn20:13
infoturtlemy fault I beleive, sorry about that20:13
ebelah well20:13
ebelnext section20:13
ebel[TOPIC] June Geeknic20:13
ebelWe agreed to have a geeknic both in June and August of thies year duriung our February meeting.20:13
ebelIn part, this was an attempt to get away from the cold, wet May and September geeknics of recent years.20:13
ebelI sent an e-mail to the mailing list about this at the end of April to get the ball rolloing.20:13
ebelThe idea of a 11 Jun 11 geeknic in Limerick in conjunction with the 3DCamp takling place at UL on that day has gained a lot of support.20:13
MootBotNew Topic:  June Geeknic20:13
ebelDoes anyone know if the 3DCamp guys are OK with this?20:13
ebelI proposed Limerick as the location for this geeknic on the mailing list and I received no negative feedback.20:13
ebelCan we agree on UL Limerick as the venue for a Geeknic on 11 jun 11?20:13
ebelInfoturtle, tdr112 can you guys liaise with UL to make sure all is OK for this?20:14
infoturtlewe have a meeting about it next week at the UH20:14
infoturtleit's going to leave things short but people aggreed on the date to be the 26th to talk about it20:14
infoturtleso for now nothing else can be said on the matter20:15
ebelwell keep us infomed :)20:15
infoturtlewill do!20:15
tdr112they fine with it20:16
tdr112but i think who ever is taking point on this should talk to them and keep them uyp to date20:17
tdr112and hammer out the details with them20:17
ebelinfoturtle: that would be you, right?20:17
infoturtlelike I said there's next weeks meeting and then I can let everone know when I come home from it20:18
ebelah yes20:18
infoturtlesorry if that sounded narky, didn't intend that20:18
* ebel is on a phone call aswell so not paying 100% attention! :P20:18
ebelanother one from airurando [TOPIC] Ubuntu Hours, Yes/No, if Yes then How?20:18
* infoturtle playing poker tournament20:18
ebel[TOPIC] Ubuntu Hours, Yes/No, if Yes then How?20:19
MootBotNew Topic:  Ubuntu Hours, Yes/No, if Yes then How?20:19
ebelI suppose there are 2 UHs is Ireland and they should be dealth with seperately.20:19
ebelThere has been a lot of discussion concerning the usefulness and continuation of UH Dublin over recent months.20:19
ebelSome hold the view that it is a similar event that clashes with the broader Linux PoTD event.20:19
ebelI don't agree fully with this, My understanding of UH it that should provide an open environment where anyone can come and chat/learn about Ubuntu.20:19
ebelI see PoTD as an opportunity for Geeks to Geek out.20:19
ebelHowever, I do acknowledge that, on the surface, holding UH Dublin on an evening in a pub is similar enough to PoTD to cause concern.20:19
ebelTo me, the more worrying concern about UH Dublin is that attendance has been poor and dropping off.20:19
ebelRarely have we seen new faces at the event over the last 6 months.20:19
ebelI am not sure why this is.20:19
ebelbad promotion?20:19
ebellack of public interest?20:19
ebelUH is not interesting enough?20:19
ebelwrong time and place?20:19
ebelloads of possibilities and probabilities.20:19
ebelDuring one of the many discussions about UH Dublin slashtom suggested we change from a pub to a coffee shop.20:19
ebelslashtom also suggested we change to a weekend morning/afternoon.20:19
ebelmoylan suggested that perhaps monthly is too frequently for us.20:19
ebelIf memory serves moylan thought sometime on a Sunday would be best.20:19
ebelmaybe we should hold it every 2 months or quarterly?20:19
ebelWhat do folks think?20:19
ebelDrop it or change format?20:19
ebelI like what slashtom and moylan had to say on this.20:19
ebelI suggest Saturday morning/early afternoon (11ish) in a big city centre coffee shop every second or third month.20:19
ebelIs there anyone here to discuss UH Limerick?20:19
ebelLimerick one is a separate discussion I reckon.20:19
ebel(all this is from airurando, not me :P )20:20
moylanairuando and i were talking about holding it more in a location were you can bring a laptop and try/show the os.20:20
ebeli like the idea of a saturday thing20:20
ebellet's try something new! lunchtime ubuntu hour!20:20
moylanjust need to find a quiet central location to do it.20:20
infoturtlethat sound fun!20:20
imgarysmithi agree with a satuday at lunch time, or even 3pm say20:20
ebelsome café?20:21
airurandohi everyone, sorry I'm late20:21
infoturtlenot to worry20:22
moylanall well?20:22
ebelhi airurando, no apology needed!20:22
tdr112i would like to drop it every month , i think we will leave it up to people to call one if they like to20:22
infoturtlejust discussing the UH's20:22
airurandomoylan thanks yeah20:22
airurandoah Uk20:22
tdr112ie i call one thins sunday at x time in someplace20:22
imgarysmithquarterly sounds good to me20:22
moylanmakes it more of an event20:23
ebelso 2 proposals: monthly lunchtime weekend, or ad-hoc...20:25
airurandothird quarterly weekend20:26
tdr112lets not set it in stone20:26
infoturtleI think that idea floats well but I don't attend these so....20:26
ebeli'd suggest ad-hoc at first to see what happens.20:27
airurandoI agree with trd112 but I don't want it to drift into oblivion20:27
ebelrequiring someone to 'call'/'organise' it might spur people20:27
ebel(which might increase participation)20:27
airurandosounds like a plan20:27
airurandovote or agree?20:28
* ebel is tempted to table this topic for the moment and move to the re-approval topic 20:28
ebelbefore we get all distracted and tired...20:28
* infoturtle quite distracted as it stands20:28
airurandoleave it as tdr112 suggested20:28
ebel(well to postpone this topic for the moment)20:29
ebel(we'll come back to it later)20:29
ebelLimerick one is a separate discussion I reckon.20:29
ebel[TOPIC] LoCo Reapproval20:29
ebelThis is closing in fast on us.  Need to get the reapproval page son up soon.20:29
ebelHas ebel gotten the e-mail yet?20:29
MootBotNew Topic:  LoCo Reapproval20:29
ebelyes I have got an email about reapproval20:29
ebelI've been subscribed to a private bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-locoteams/+bug/784671 about it20:30
lubotu3Error: Launchpad(https://launchpad.net) bug 784671 not found20:30
ebelthis is a message on the loco-contacts about re-approvals:20:30
ebel[link] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2011-May/005315.html20:30
MootBotLINK received:  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/loco-contacts/2011-May/005315.html20:30
ebel(there are a few relevant replies)20:30
ebelLooks like they really want team reports and we all owe thanks to tdr112 for looking after that!20:30
ebelgood man!20:31
infoturtlekoodoo's sir!20:31
airurandoyes indeed20:31
ebel[link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval20:31
MootBotLINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/LoCoTeamReApproval20:31
ebelthis is stuff we need to do20:31
tdr112well it my not big deal and a thanks should go out to airurando for doing it last month when i was busy20:31
airurandotwas nothing20:32
airurandojust filling a small gap20:32
ebelI started working on a reaproval page20:32
infoturtlewhat have we to do for reaprovial?20:33
ebel(however i have not yet fully read/digested that stuff from loco-council)20:33
ebel(as you know we get the CDs & Banner cause we're an approved loco, so we should keep this up)20:33
imgarysmithsorry guys, gtg for a few20:33
infoturtleI understand why, but whatmust we do to get it?20:34
infoturtlethe aproval20:34
czajkowskijust prove we';re active20:34
czajkowskido stuff20:34
czajkowskifor Ubuntu20:34
czajkowskinot a lug20:34
ebel'ello czajkowski20:34
czajkowskibut something that promotes Ubuntu like ubuntu hours, geeknicks, meetings20:34
czajkowskiactive community20:34
czajkowskiebel: aloha20:35
tdr112hey cztab20:35
airurandoour current method of CD distribution is a good plus I reckon.20:35
czajkowskiairurando: aye20:35
infoturtledropped some down to miLKlabs last night20:36
ebelczajkowski started of this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IrishTeamReApprovalApplication20:36
ebeland i added some stuff w.r.t. why we should get reapproved20:36
ebeltrying to point out things we said we'd do that we did do, and things we kept doing20:36
ebelwe shall have to look at this again in light of the guidelines from the loco-council20:37
ebelAFAIK there is no date for our reapproval meeting20:37
czajkowskithere is no date as such20:37
airurandoI think links to the events and meetings wiki pages are required20:37
ebelIt should be on european time, and would be helpful if we could get as many people there as possible20:37
czajkowskibut we'd love to get them in sooner20:37
czajkowskirather than in october20:37
ebelpartially to 'cheerlead' and also to prove that it's not just one person20:38
* airurando will be there20:38
czajkowskiI'll also be there to cheer lead on20:38
airurandowhenever it is20:38
czajkowskiand not voting as a member of the council20:38
infoturtleI can be there too20:39
ebelczajkowski: i shall order a fresh kitten to your house if we don't get it :P20:39
airurandofacts and figures would be good20:39
czajkowskibe nice20:39
infoturtleon the topic anyone want some kittens?#20:39
czajkowskiI'll also go over the application20:39
airurandoteam members then and now20:39
ebelwe should flesh out the reapproval application and add links for our events & things20:39
airurandomailing list subscribers then and not20:39
ebelcorrect me if i'm wrong czajkowski, but proof esp. photos helps our case a lot, right?20:40
ebeli.e. "Here's ubuntu-ie at this release party", "Here we are doing this". "This is the mailing list announcment for that bug jam", "here's a list of all our team reports" etc.20:40
czajkowskiebel: yes20:40
airurandoour participation in Global Jams20:40
airurando2 venues last time20:41
czajkowskiPHOTOS  make us happy20:41
czajkowskiteam reports which we;re damn good at20:41
airurandolinks to photos appear on the wiki events pages20:41
moylancentral location for those photos?  i have some from various events that could thrown up.20:41
airurandomoylan: pic.ie20:41
airurandoahhh pix.ie20:42
moylantickety boo.  i'll hunt them out and stick em up.20:42
infoturtlethere'll be a few at the Limerick UH next week, I'll exploit that for a few pics20:42
airurandomoylan I shall send you on the login details20:42
moylanangryearthling@gmail.com if you want email20:43
ebelso we all need to work at all the parts of it20:43
ebelfind/upload photos20:43
ebeledit that wiki page with links to stuff20:44
airurandoparticularly for events that have none yet.20:44
moylanmay take a while.  between computers at the mo so data is slightly scattered.20:44
czajkowskiwell when folks are happy mail me and I can go over it20:44
czajkowskior nab me here20:44
czajkowskiit wont take long20:44
czajkowskifew hours really20:44
czajkowskiand we can submit ours sooner rather than later20:45
airurandomoylan: see pm20:45
tdr112how about we have a meet up for it20:45
ebel[agreed] we will all try to help our reapproval for it20:45
MootBotAGREED received:  we will all try to help our reapproval for it20:45
tdr112this weekend ?20:45
tdr112anyone irc or in person20:46
ebeltdr112: like a hack-day?20:46
czajkowskiI am20:46
airurandotdr112 all going well at home I'm game20:46
tdr112yepto get all the info together we need20:46
czajkowskiall day saturday20:46
infoturtleI can do IRC but can't afford a trip to Dublin20:46
tdr112ok this weekend sat or sun20:46
* ebel agrees in principal, but doubts he'll be up for much at the weekend20:47
* ebel is knackered from trip away etc.20:47
moylanvoip for those who can't make a physical meeting?20:47
tdr112well if anyone wants to do it in person they can meet me in tog and the rest of you we can chat on irc20:47
tdr112moylan: dont know about voip ,20:48
moylannot really sure it works well.  i've tried rpg when my health is iffy but others may have had more success.20:48
tdr112how does Sat sound from say 2pm ?20:49
airurandosounds fine20:49
moylani'll try and make it to tog.20:50
tdr112ok i will be in tog for it and email the list with the details20:50
tdr112moylan: its been a while , come on down20:50
tdr112and open invite to anyone else20:51
tdr112can someone tell the bot that action20:51
ebel[action] tog, dublin meetup 2pm saturday for hackathon to work on reapproval page20:52
MootBotACTION received:  tog, dublin meetup 2pm saturday for hackathon to work on reapproval page20:52
ebel[topic] ubuntu cds from tdr11220:53
MootBotNew Topic:  ubuntu cds from tdr11220:53
tdr112airurando: can you give us a run down of the great work you did20:53
tdr112with thecds20:53
airurandoWith the end of the academic year looming speed of dispatch was critical.20:54
airurandoOnly NUIG kindly asked not to receive CDs because they did not feel it would be the best use of those CDs.20:54
airurandoUCD still haven't gotten back to me.20:54
airurandoAll else dispatched via post with a special hand delivery to infoturtle for distribution at Milklabs and the June Geeknic.20:54
airurando40 or so Desktop CDs remain with x Server and y Kubuntu.  I would reckon up to 20 for UCD20:54
tdr112airurando: i got the tog ones , opening them now20:55
tdr112so of these 40 left , what do we want to do with them20:55
tdr112or 20 left20:55
tdr112any ideas20:56
czajkowskithe limerick learning hub ?20:56
infoturtlea gaint disco ball is about the only thing I can think of other that UH and stuff20:56
infoturtleoh good idea!20:56
infoturtlecould walk over there soon20:56
czajkowskiI could also blog it20:57
czajkowskiif someone wants to send me details20:57
czajkowskiwill go on planet Ubuntu20:57
czajkowskiand will get word out to irish readers more...20:57
infoturtlewell what details are needed, just the number of cd's is it?20:58
czajkowskiwho to contact20:58
czajkowskiand how to get one off the team20:58
airurandoI'll e-mail czajkowski20:58
airurandoI've sent a few out to individuals as well20:58
airurandoand I'm sending a couple to a school tomorrow20:58
airurandoso I think a trickle for the remaining ones might be good.20:59
infoturtleturtle@infoturtle.ie if you want people to get in contact with me about some20:59
airurandoIndividual requests20:59
czajkowskikep some for the geeknic ?20:59
czajkowskifor 3dcamp20:59
infoturtlehave some here for it20:59
airurandohand delivered czajkowski20:59
infoturtlewell you used a car aswell...21:00
airurandosome for milklabs gone down also and nexus cork21:00
czajkowskimaybe mail ILUG and CLUG ?21:00
czajkowskinot sure21:00
czajkowskiup to ye21:00
airurandoI've used microblogging with some success21:01
czajkowskiairurando: good stuff21:01
czajkowskiwh=ich reminds me I've 2 AOBs :D21:01
airurandoWould ILUG be a good audience?21:01
infoturtleI've info send out too but with little intrest21:01
infoturtlewhat's an AOB?21:02
czajkowskimight be someone on there who might actually want a live cd21:02
airurandoany other business21:02
czajkowskito have to show to others?21:02
czajkowskiinfoturtle: any other business21:02
ebelok, we done with cds?21:02
airurandoI'll e-mail ILUG so21:02
ebel[topic] AOB?21:03
MootBotNew Topic:  AOB?21:03
tdr112i will do a post on the tog blog about getting them and link to the ubuntu-ie site21:03
tdr112so did i miss it or is someone taking point on the 3dcamp thing21:03
infoturtleI'll relay info from the meeting next week21:04
infoturtleon the matter21:04
tdr112ah ok good stuff21:04
czajkowski2 things21:04
czajkowski1) more ubuntu member - would love to see tdr112 and airurando go for it21:05
czajkowskimeans more blog posting21:05
infoturtleI was going to ask for links on how to go for it21:06
czajkowski2) if anyone wants info of events or about events blogged tell me I;ll do it on mine21:06
tdr112well i am going to get my wiki page in order next week and then apply21:07
ebelcool! good luck.21:07
* ebel shall have to write a testimonial21:07
* airurando is still shy but some day definitely21:07
infoturtlehow do you get set up for it?21:08
ebelinfoturtle: create a wikipage explaining why you should get it21:09
ebelthere's a list of meetings, then put your name down.21:09
ebeltwould be great to have more ubuntu members,.21:09
airurandoinfoturtle see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership21:09
infoturtlefantastic! thanks!21:09
ebelany other topics?21:10
airurandonext meeting21:10
airurando15 Jun 11.21:11
ebelsounds good21:11
tdr112sounds grand21:11
ebel[agreed] next irc meeting 15th june 201121:12
MootBotAGREED received:  next irc meeting 15th june 201121:12
airurandothats all from me21:12
moylanworks for me, great meeting!21:12
MootBotMeeting finished at 15:12.21:12
ebelthanks everyone21:12
airurandoyes excellent meeting21:12
airurandothanks ebel21:12
czajkowskiairurando: tdr112 I'm warning ye I'll come back there and throttle ye21:13
czajkowskiye do so much work21:13
ebelairurando: best of luck with the family!21:13
czajkowskiye are Ubuntu members21:13
* airurando is looking forward to Saturday21:13
tdr112czajkowski: i will hit you up on tuesday when i am making a start21:13
* ebel flees for dinner21:13
* airurando is glad czajkowski is in the UK21:13
moylansee you in tog.  my first time in that location.21:13
tdr112good stuff moylan and your old keys work on the new place too21:14
czajkowskitdr112: ok21:14
* moylan heads to kitchen for tea21:15
ShaneMmoylan: When you heading to tog?21:16
* tdr112 is in tog 21:16
ShaneMtdr112: Dun dun dunnnn :)21:16
ShaneMI have to make a visit out soon.21:16
moylansaturday, 2pm.  2 buses should leave me really close.21:17
ShaneMIs there an open day on or you gate crashing? :)21:17
airurandoShaneM: meeting to work on reapproval page21:17
moylanwith my lurching, gates will be crashed.21:17
ShaneM airurando Oh, what's that for? :)21:18
airurandoShaneM: The irish LoCo is up for reapproval.21:19
tdr112ShaneM: i have keys , i can come whenever , but yes there is a class on perl  in one room and i am in the other21:19
ShaneMtdr112: Ah ok :)21:19
airurandoneed to get the reapproval page and ancillary info in order21:19
ShaneMHaven't met any of the tog members, only know a few Nexus members.21:19
airurandoShaneM: Cathal Garvey intrigues me greatly.21:20
ShaneMyeah he's a very cool guy.21:20
airurandoI'm looking forward to meeting hime some day.21:20
infoturtleit says in the preparing your application guide to link to your launchpad profile, think you have to report of solve some bugs cos I've reported one and solved none21:21
czajkowskiinfoturtle: what do you mean21:21
ShaneMairurando: Make a trip to the Nexus ;)21:21
airurandoShaneM: he is spearheading stuff that I never thought would be DIY21:21
infoturtlelike why would they want your launchpad profile?21:22
ShaneMairurando: Yeah, I've talked to him a few times about it. I have no experience in that field so I can't really help much.21:22
infoturtleis it to see work you're putting in?21:22
czajkowskiinfoturtle: no21:22
airurandoShaneM: I'm oldschool with that stuff.21:22
czajkowskiinfoturtle: everyone operates via LP and wiki for Ububtu21:22
ShaneMairurando: His attitude to copyright, patients, etc is almost identical to mine, so we get along well in that respect.21:22
czajkowskiso your LP page is your contact info21:23
czajkowskiand also shows what teams you belong on21:23
czajkowskithe fact you MUST SIGN THE CODE OF CONDUCT21:23
infoturtleah, ok, got kinda scared there21:23
lubotu3The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .21:23
infoturtleI'll do that later so cheers!21:24
airurandoinfoturtle even I have one of those21:24
airurandoso no bother to you21:25
czajkowskiinfoturtle: an application will not be even looked at if that is not signed21:25
czajkowskiinfoturtle: I should point out I am on the EMEA board21:25
czajkowskiand also on the loco council21:25
infoturtleso be as nice as I can to you then?21:25
infoturtlegot it!21:25
czajkowskino more take my advice :)21:26
infoturtleI will, I'll sort the COC after some coffee and cream buns, thanks for the help too!21:27
czajkowskino worries21:27
czajkowskia clear wiki page then is your next port of call21:27
airurandothethomaseffect1: hallo to you to21:44
thethomaseffect1How's it going?21:44
airurandoOh plodding along21:44
airurandoand you21:44
thethomaseffect1Pretty good21:45
thethomaseffect1Two exams done21:45
thethomaseffect1home for the week21:45
airurandoexams over?21:45
thethomaseffect1two more next week and then free for summer!21:45
thethomaseffect1Ara yeah21:46
thethomaseffect1It's gonna be a good summer21:46
thethomaseffect1Working on Wordpress Mobile for Android21:46
thethomaseffect1Doing some competition to win an android tablet21:46
thethomaseffect1Learning so php and python21:47
thethomaseffect1fun times :)21:47
airurandosounds nice but its beyond me I'm afraid21:47
thethomaseffect1What do you mean?21:47
airurandocurious, any update on the ubuntu-ie website.21:48
airurandoI mean I ain't a developer.21:48
thethomaseffect1Was just about to get to that actually!21:48
infoturtlehey thethomaseffect1, gotta love php! one of my fav's!21:48
thethomaseffect1infoturtle:  <?ilikeittoo>21:49
thethomaseffect1I don't wanna commit to new website until domain is pointed to it21:49
thethomaseffect1CMS can go eaither way when url is changed21:49
infoturtle<?php echo 'it's a class one to know for server side things!'; ?>21:49
thethomaseffect1I'm probabely one of the worlds only people to discover the functionality of echo by accident when I was 721:51
infoturtleha ha21:51
infoturtlehow'd you do that?21:51
thethomaseffect1Was playing around with DOS and got bored and started typing in Tv shows21:52
thethomaseffect1one of them being echo island21:52
thethomaseffect1which blew my mind at the time21:52
infoturtleha! thats gas!21:52
thethomaseffect1I kept messing and eventually figured out what echo does21:52
thethomaseffect1Yeah I know :)21:52
thethomaseffect1Pretty sure Windows 3.1 crashed less than Windows 7 actually21:53
infoturtleI'd say it would have21:53
infoturtleI use xp mostly21:53
thethomaseffect1I hate21:53
thethomaseffect1bane of my existence21:54
thethomaseffect1so many friends who refuse to upgrade21:54
thethomaseffect1hunting round the internet for drivers21:54
infoturtleI do mods for unreal, program for xna, play games and 3d model and win7 is by no means better for those21:54
thethomaseffect1and the UI has aged so much21:54
thethomaseffect1infoturtle:  Yeah agreed21:55
thethomaseffect1but that's because windows 7 is awful21:55
thethomaseffect1but xp is dangerious21:55
infoturtletrue that!21:55
thethomaseffect1not maintained, obsolete21:55
infoturtlenot yet21:56
ShaneMWhat're you doing in XNA?21:56
thethomaseffect1I thought they stopped updates?21:56
infoturtlesaw something about a notice going to xp users21:56
infoturtlelearning c#, making little games for myself21:56
infoturtleworking on a poker odds calc at the moment21:56
ShaneMAh ok.21:56
ShaneMGood thing about XNA is all your code is completely broken every update.21:57
thethomaseffect1I'm going chugging away at a 2d oldschool rpg in xna soon enough acually21:57
thethomaseffect1ShaneM:  SOOOO TRUEEEEEEE21:57
infoturtleShaneM I hate that and it's true!21:57
infoturtlethethomaseffect1 xna is great to work in21:57
thethomaseffect1I like their guts though21:58
infoturtleone of the better ide's21:58
thethomaseffect1We acually wanna build something good21:58
thethomaseffect1So we're dropping legecy support21:58
thethomaseffect1and you might hate us21:58
thethomaseffect1but we're microsoft21:58
thethomaseffect1you ALREADY hate us21:58
thethomaseffect1so we have nothing to lose!21:58
thethomaseffect1infoturtle:  Visual Studio you mean?21:58
infoturtlethats the one!21:59
ShaneMThat's one of the reasons I stopped using it.21:59
ShaneM...that I didn't like it21:59
ShaneMAnd I don't have Windows XD21:59
thethomaseffect1infoturtle:  It's ok, some reasons I really dislike it, but it ain't bad21:59
thethomaseffect1there is a FANTASTIC GIT plugin for Visual Studio that's free22:00
thethomaseffect1GIt extensions22:00
thethomaseffect1look it up!22:00
thethomaseffect1GIT is easy to learn if ya don't use it, I was flying round it after 1 day22:00
infoturtlesorry, keep poping in an out cos I'm playing poker22:01
infoturtletrixy game this22:01
thethomaseffect1Ot but anyone have minecraft here btw?22:01
thethomaseffect1infoturtle:  Develop script to play for you22:01
thethomaseffect1infoturtle:  make profit22:01
infoturtlewouldn't trust it22:01
thethomaseffect1You're not cocky enough :)22:02
infoturtlethe game can't played just one way22:02
infoturtlethe games about finding weakness in someone and making them pay for it22:02
thethomaseffect1and an algorithm can do that22:03
infoturtlenot one I could write!22:03
thethomaseffect1Not easy but in making money nothing is!22:03
thethomaseffect1It would be a fun project though22:03
thethomaseffect1totally illegal however22:03
thethomaseffect1(i think)22:03
infoturtleoh ya?22:03
thethomaseffect1I'm not certain22:04
thethomaseffect1Constitutes cheating22:04
ShaneMthethomaseffect1: I have minecraft22:04
thethomaseffect1infoturtle, ShaneM: If you ever wanna play together (build a giant ubuntu logo? :P) I'm on a sweet server22:05
ShaneMHah I play on the Linux Outlaws server22:05
thethomaseffect1Has money and shops and things like party chat22:05
thethomaseffect1it's neat22:05
ShaneMHardly have time to play :)22:05
infoturtleha! if we did the ubuntu ireland logo they'd have to reaprove us as a loco!22:05
thethomaseffect1ShaneM:  Oh any good?22:05
ShaneMThere's our map22:05
thethomaseffect1We lost approval? :O22:06
infoturtleno you have to keep reappling22:06
ShaneMHave to reapply I think22:06
infoturtleso they know were still active22:06
thethomaseffect1ShaneM:  Is that a mod that generates that? wow22:07
thethomaseffect1Ah I see22:07
ShaneMthethomaseffect1: It's a map viewing mod I think22:07
thethomaseffect1ShaneM:  It's cool22:08
ShaneMYeah :D22:09
ShaneMThere's alot of cool things on the map22:11
lubotu3For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto22:30

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