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BigWhaleanyone here that knows something about libdee and pythong bindings for that?07:43
hiatuswell, I kept using unity as suggested, I got used to a bit of it. There was a lot to relearn. One thing that continued to bother me though was that I didn't have separate tabs for running applications. It continually made switching from application to application a hassle08:11
hiatusthere are a lot of pretty ways to switch applications but when I'm doing projects that require more then one applications (such as digital painting and 3d stuff) the animations got more in the way then anything08:12
hiatusany suggestions or is there intentions of perhaps adds some sort of customization where I could have applications launch in separate labeled tabs08:14
hiatusand jumping from unity to nautilus looks annoyingly inconsistent but meh08:18
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evaluateIs the function 'app_indicator_new' supposed to work with absolute paths to an icon name or just with stock GTK icons?15:01
evaluateIf I'm calling it with an absolute path, it displays an 'unknown' icon...15:01
evaluateok, I found 'app_indicator_new_with_path', but it doesn't seem to work for me. I have copied an icon from /usr/share/pixmaps/, named 'apple-red.png' to /usr/local/share/pixmaps/clipit/apple-redd.png' and I'm calling this in my program: app_indicator_new_with_path("clipit", "apple-redd", APP_INDICATOR_CATEGORY_APPLICATION_STATUS, "/usr/local/share/pixmaps/clipit/");15:26
evaluateI still get the 'unknown' icon though...15:26
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andyrockif there is a bitesize bug but it is triaged, what i have to do?18:37
heiitxhi, when click the icon in the unity sidebar, the opening windows of the program will show, but when click the window why it doesn't jump to the workspace the window is in? How can i do some settings against this?21:08

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