mangojamboHi there!01:14
mangojamboI'm starting to use bazaar at OSX. On Ubuntu it makes an shortcut for bzr explore on the Ubuntu menu and there is no such option for OSX. SO, how can I create an icon / app launcher for Bazaar, so I don't need to open terminal to launch it everytime.01:17
dcolesmangojambo: I'm not familiar with how OSX aliases work, but you want to create a shortcut to "bzr explorer". For most programs I think you can just locate the binary and do 'make alias' action, but it's harder since bzr explorer is launched from the bazaar binary.01:34
dcolesThe only way around it I can think of is using a shell script what just runs those commands.01:42
dcolesWould be a useful feature to be included in the OSX package.01:44
bignoseevidently I've been bouncing in and out of the server, so sorry for the duplicate:01:52
bignoseif I have done ‘bzr shelve’ and the shelf is now created, can I apply a message to it post-hoc?01:52
bignoseso that the message shows up in ‘bzr shelve --list’.01:52
dcolesbignose: Best option I've found is shelve current changes, unshelve the one you want to name by ID, reshelve with a message and then unshelve your workspace02:08
dcolesBit of a nightmare when you get 4 or 5 unnamed shelves and all you can do is unshelve --preview to see what they are.02:08
bignosedcoles: so that's a “no, one can't apply a message to an existing shelf”?02:33
dcolesNot as far as I'm aware (not a dev)02:36
bignosedcoles: thanks for your answer02:38
bignoseI hope a dev can notice and suggest a more elegant solution02:38
dcolesbignose: Sounds like it'd be a handy feature. Something like `unshelve --rename SHELVE-ID`02:40
dcolesIt would be a good feature request. I'd use it.02:41
bignosedcoles: I think it would better fit on the ‘shelve’ command (which is already the one used for, e.g. , listing existing shelves)02:41
bignosealthough, hmm, this is modifying a shelf. I dunno :-)02:42
dcolesHm. Well the shelves are stored in .bzr/checkout/shelf, so in theory you could just edit the shelf format by hand...02:55
dcolesThe right way would be to it with shelf.py from bzrlib.02:55
bignosedcoles: it's not an easily edited format.02:55
bignosesure. but that's not something I can expect to work on any arbitrary Bazaar installation :-)02:55
dcolesMight take a look at it tonight and propose a patch. Shouldn't be too hard.02:58
dcolesAnyway. 7pm on a Friday. Pub-wards!02:59
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mgzhow, after a week of nothing but bzr, do I have 96 bzr related emails from launchpad to catch up on...18:04
fullermdMaybe you wasted that whole 8th day in the week.18:04
jammgz: because everyone else had nothing-but-bzr for the same week18:21
* mgz wonders what jam normally works on :)18:27
jammgz: :). Even so, we don't usually have that many submissions, even when we're all working on it18:53
jamsprinting just makes you more productive18:53
mgzand woho, fourth time lucky for the unicode conflicts branch18:53
jammgz: I *think* 4 times is less than my update-basis-by-delta patch18:58
mgzand I think we were both beated by one of the ~jr branches were he was trying to get pqm to accept his credentials :)19:00
jelmerheh :)19:04
jammgz: true, but at least ours had real problems19:05
LarstiQjam: the mini tutorial looks weird, "We'll make a a *repository directory*, which means that the" is truncated like that21:03
dandaman1how do i commit in command line and tell it to ignore a specific file?21:30
mgz`bzr commit -x path/to/file/to/exclude`21:34
LarstiQusertest needs some fixes22:40

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