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zoobab_where can I report a bug?17:43
zoobab_the live LTSP feature does not work fine:17:44
highvoltagehi zoobab_17:47
highvoltagedo you have another dhcp server running?17:48
highvoltageyou got boot server ip:, but iirc ltsp live uses
highvoltagean you'd also get a prompt that says "Starting Edubuntu Live LTSP... Press F8 for boot menu.", so I'm pretty sure you got a dhcp response elsewhere than a live ltsp system17:52
zoobab_I did an ifconfig by hand because the server did not had any IP18:08
zoobab_trying again with 0.25418:08
highvoltageyou should restart the dhcp server too if you change the ip address (probably a good idea to just run ltsp-live again, that should do it too)18:17
highvoltagethere's a bug we didn't get to fix yet that if you start ltsp-live before network manager settles down, then it doesn't get set up properly. that's high on my fix-list for the next cycle18:18
zoobab_tried with 0.254, same failure18:22
zoobab_running ltsp-live again18:22
zoobab_have you tried tcos?18:23
zoobab_I am on their mailinglist, but it is very spanish centric18:23
zoobab_ah works now18:26
highvoltagewhat's tcos?18:30
zoobab_another ltsp solution18:30
highvoltage(I guess not The Canadian Orthoptic Society)18:30
highvoltageah got it18:31
zoobab_what is the default login?18:32
highvoltageah seems similar to ltsp 418:32
zoobab_I would like to shutdown this noisy harddisk with hdparm18:32
highvoltagefor ltsp live you should just be able to click on the guest login button18:32
zoobab_I have 4 laptops, 2 of them do not have onboard ethernet, only via a pcmcia card18:33
zoobab_any idea how to make a liveCD out for a client?18:33
zoobab_yes, but I want to have a console18:33
zoobab_and when I launch xterm, I am on the server18:34
zoobab_any idea how to get a local shell on the terminal?18:41
highvoltagezoobab_: you can put "SCREEN_02=shell" under the default section in the lts.conf file18:58
highvoltage(can be found at /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386)18:58
highvoltagegpxe might have pcmcia etherbet drivers, I'm not sure but it's worth a try: http://www.etherboot.org/wiki/howtos18:59
zoobab_I was thinking about using some kexec trick19:00
zoobab_how do I add hdparm to the image that is booted by the thinclient?19:26
highvoltageyou can chroot into /opt/ltsp/i386 and apt-get install it in there19:27
highvoltage(you can't do that on ltsp live though)19:27
zoobab_that's what I am using at the moment :)19:38
zoobab_I have the possibility to boot on an ISO file19:43
zoobab_is there any iso I could create for a client that cannot do PXE?19:44
highvoltageltsp live is useful for some demoing but unfortunately it's not as flexible as the installed version19:44
highvoltagehmm? that cannot do pxe?19:44
zoobab_but has a pcmcia ethernet card19:45
zoobab_or a wifi card19:45
zoobab_I was thinking about modifying kexec-loader distrib19:45
zoobab_and add some iwconfig/wicd-curses19:45
highvoltageyou could do that, but trying to pxe from an iso will be easiest: http://rom-o-matic.net/gpxe/gpxe-1.0.0/contrib/rom-o-matic/19:45
zoobab_so that at least a kexec enabled kernel can load something else19:46
zoobab_gpxe does not has support for pcmcia AFAIK19:47
zoobab_I am looking at pxe-kexec21:37
zoobab_there is also http://myllynen.fedorapeople.org/pxkxc-0.1.1.tar.gz21:45

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