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apacheloggerlo Xand3r_00:40
rbelemapachelogger, ScottK, do you know if qt mobility 1.2 is packaged?01:13
ScottKrbelem: qtmobility | 1.1.0-0ubuntu4 | oneiric/universe | source02:30
ScottKActually Debian has it: qtmobility | 1.2.0~beta0+git3174-2 | sid    | source02:31
rbelemScottK, hum... but it still in beta. the final was released some days ago03:12
rbelemScottK, may i update this package?03:13
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bambeehi ! :)12:22
bambeeDarkwingDuck: Could you say me when you've done the oneiric banners ? I would be interested by a banner for my blog :)13:01
bambeehowever, take your time, there's no rush.13:03
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jefferaihey, can anyone tell me how I might fix this problem with fonts: http://www.fotoshack.us/foto.php?id=46057fonts.png17:32
jefferaiI only see this in the meego stuff, I don't see this in normal KDE programs17:33
debfx$ ls unstable/4.6.80/src | wc -l17:47
debfxso many tarballs ...17:47
apacheloggertime to revive the overlord scripts17:55
debfxwhat overlord scripts?17:56
yofelyep, 74, but a few empty tars in there17:59
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ScottKrbelem: Sure19:59
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sheytanapachelogger ping pong bang22:34
bambeesheytan: nice :)22:47
sheytanbambee thank you :)22:47
sheytantime to sleep, bye :)22:56
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