lcbhey.. i like this "- {Day changed to Sat May 21 00:00:00 2011}"00:00
SIR_TacoLinkmaster: yes.... and I believe that covers it does it not?00:00
LinkmasterEh, I hope. I'll try it00:00
SIR_Tacodid you just say "eh" because I'm Canadian? lol00:01
LinkmasterNo, I actually didn't know until now :o I say 'eh' quite a bit when I"m iffy about things00:01
SIR_Tacohaha ok00:02
SIR_Tacoin my repos I have two different "record my desktops"....  one is 3.8.1 and the other is 3.800:02
LinkmasterSIR_Taco: Yeah, it didn't work, I had tried it before. It was glitchy and no sound00:06
SIR_TacoLinkmaster: it's command line.... you need to specify the sound card through /dev/.... which can be a pain in the butt00:06
* Linkmaster is unsure of how to do it00:07
sithlord48but your sound card should be /dev/dsp or /dev/dsp000:07
Linkmasterespecially since I have one soundcard. I use a netbook that could fit in a school textbook with room to bounce around00:07
SIR_Tacosithlord48: .... have you checked your /dev/ lately?00:07
sithlord48what abotu using the qt-front end00:08
sithlord48um nm then no /dev/dsp here..00:08
SIR_Tacosithlord48: then you have a very nice and cooperative hardware sound card :)00:09
LinkmasterMine makes me rage :L00:09
sithlord48two if you count my HDMI pass thru ..00:09
* lcb just discovered how to turn FloodBotK1 into a canine pit bull when things gets bad - Just change the nick to FloodBotK900:10
sithlord48i has a /dev/snd/ with a bunch of stuff in it..00:10
SIR_Tacosithlord48: which is what I have... but damned if I know which would be the correct device00:10
sithlord48process of elemination....00:11
SIR_Tacowell yea00:11
sithlord48but the hwC0D0 looks good i would try that one (on my computer)00:11
sithlord48cause i haz a two of them and i know i have "two" sound cards as the computer sees it, or would i use control0 maybe if that didn't work :P00:12
SIR_Tacodidn't work for me00:12
sithlord48then i would try /dev/random when i got fustrated cause at least that might be fun00:13
SIR_Taconone of them work.... even random00:14
sithlord48oh well then thats not cool at all00:14
sithlord48i have a lot of tty devs... do i really need like 100 of them ?00:14
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=== FloodBotK9 is now known as MaximLevitsky
SIR_Tacook... I'm stumped00:20
SIR_Tacoit's quiet... too quiet00:35
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wn1zidits 5'0clock and Friday00:46
SIR_Tacown1zid: it's almost 800:47
apacheloggerit is almost 200:47
SIR_Tacoseems someone's wrong..... ;)00:48
SIR_Tacothe Linux kernel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoPplpBPQxQ&feature=BFa&list=FLkJ5uDxQPDwo&index=53 :)01:37
lcbwow, that's nice.01:39
lcbthere is no music in mine :(01:39
lcbin the kernel, i mean01:40
KerrMDSilly question folks. How does one change the icons for individual launcher shortcuts on the desktop in kde?01:40
KerrMDI know how to change it for file types, .exe for example but that's it.01:40
lcbKerrMD: properties | click on the icon then01:41
KerrMDLauncher properties?01:42
lcbKerrMD: default location for icons, in case you want more, /usr/share/icons01:42
lcbicon properties01:42
KerrMDThat is how I ended up changing the icon for all .exe files01:42
lcbicon settings01:43
SIR_Tacohere... we'll do my country some due: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGTm4u1UWvg&feature=BFa&list=FLkJ5uDxQPDwo&index=5401:43
lcbKerrMD: wait..01:43
lcbKerrMD: on a folder?01:44
KerrMDI was going to say that that is the way I changed the icon type for all .exe files01:44
KerrMDon a desktop icon. be it a shortcut to launch a prog under wine or whatever01:45
lcbKerrMD: yes, that's the way i wrote01:45
lcbproperties | click on the icon. but probably you did on a exe icon.. then changed everything01:46
KerrMDThat sounds like how it is done with GDM.01:46
lcbKerrMD: to correct that you might need to change the icon back to the defauld doing the same thing on another exe file01:47
KerrMDI hit the icon properties then a window opens to the General tab. The only things that can be done on that tab is Ok, Cancel, and a wrench after "Type: "DOS/Windows executable"01:47
lcbKerrMD: if you click on the icon, nothing happens?01:48
KerrMDI cannot cluck on the icon on the general tab, no01:48
KerrMDThe wrench yes, icon no01:48
lcbi have ImgBurn under Wine, for instance. if i right/click on it, then Properties, i get on the General tab an icon. if i click on it i get the icon selection options01:50
lcbKerrMD: but look.. i'm talking about the shortcuts on the Desktop, as you asked01:51
KerrMDOk, if it matters I got the shortcuts by simply dragging and dropping the .exe to the desktop.01:52
lcbKerrMD: where did you change, on the first place?01:53
KerrMDWhat was the screenshot drop url?01:54
KerrMDlcb: This screenshot shows where I made the change http://imgur.com/7iCsU01:59
SIR_Tacoooooh.... better Canadian song... for those that are interested lol01:59
lcbKerrMD: and if you do it again, back to the default?02:01
lcbKerrMD: the way you did it before...02:01
KerrMDlcb: Now, if I click the icon next to the "Filename Patterns" box in this screenshot I can change it for all of that type. http://imgur.com/TFObb02:01
KerrMDNot sure wha the default is02:01
KerrMDI "think" it's set back to default. A grey gear with DOS over it02:03
SIR_TacoKerrMD: so you want to set an Icon for a single .exe.... not all?02:04
lcbKerrMD: i don't know the icon's theme you are using. if you do the same as before select one icon for executables. it will change all again02:04
KerrMDyes, just a single shortcut not all of that type02:04
* Cibort a02:04
lcbKerrMD: didn't you say you mess with all .exe icons?02:05
KerrMDThe way I showed you did yes. It changes the default icon for all files of that type. Not for that specific file02:05
lcbso first thing is correcting that, the same way you did by changing that one02:05
KerrMDI did02:05
lcband reboot02:06
KerrMDrestartx or straight up reboot the pc?02:06
lcbor probably a logout/in would be enough, not sure. #wine might be the correct channel for that02:06
KerrMDThe changes have already propegated02:06
SIR_TacoKerrMD: you should be able to select: "properties" -> "General" -> and selecte a new Icon02:08
lcbKerrMD: if you have a shortcut (not an .exe) on the desktop, you only need to go to Properties | General | click on the icon, as said before02:08
KerrMDWhen I try to right click an icon on the desktop I get three choices. 1) icon settings 2) desktop options or 3)  remove this icon02:08
lcbSIR_Taco: sorry for the echo02:09
SIR_Tacolcb: not a problem02:09
lcbtime to sleep. wife is complaining she's missing my snoring . nite nite SIR_Taco, KerrMD and all :)02:12
SIR_Taconight lcb02:12
KerrMDAm I missing something or is it "Icon settings" that I am supposed to go to?02:13
lcbKerrMD, I forgot. if you need to change that particular icon, move the executable from desktop to /home/yourUserName, then create a shortcut to the desktop again and do the trick... properties | general | click on the icon02:15
lcb/home/yourUserName/.Apps for example02:16
SIR_TacoKerrMD: I haven't had to change an individual apps icon in a very long time02:16
KerrMDThis shortcut came from /home/username/.wine/yada/yada.yada02:16
KerrMDThese are wine does/win exe's02:17
lcbKerrMD: no... you moved it or copied it02:17
SIR_TacoKerrMD: but it's a Wine program?02:17
lcbshortcuts are not executables, in that sense02:17
KerrMDAH, ok. I just made that change in dolphin so time to do it again02:17
lcbKerrMD: worry up, she's yelling at me. i think the fire department is coming.02:18
KerrMDOy, off to bed with you man.02:18
lcbdo the shortcut thing as i told you and you'll be ok02:19
KerrMDodd, kde has a different idea of a desktop than I do02:21
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KerrMDOk, dolphin shows them on home/michael/Desktop and yet they are not any of my four desktops02:23
KerrMDI think it has to do with Plasma.... it likes to keep me from my actual desktop and throw widgets at me instead02:26
szalKerrMD: try the FolderView widget02:27
James147KerrMD: use the folder view widget or change to the folderview activity type02:27
szalKDE4 has abolished the traditional concept of desktop icons02:28
KerrMDthat is what is getting in my way. I have to figure out what they've done. Unfortunately the best way for me to do that is to muddle through or I retain nothing.02:29
KerrMDThanks for pointing me on the right track, everyone.02:29
* szal doesn't miss desktop icons02:29
szalnever really used any, neither on KDE3 nor on Windblows02:30
KerrMDI may or may not depending upon how this goes.02:30
szalthe few programs I regularly use I put in the panel for faster access02:31
szalif they didn't scrap that somewhere in the process, there's a kind of quick-launch widget to place in the panel..  back in the early days of KDE4 that was quite buggy, so I dropped it once I found out you can place program icons directly on the panel02:32
DragnslcrThe Quicklaunch widget works fine now02:38
DragnslcrI put one in an auto-hiding panel on the left edge of my desktop. It's a really nice setup02:38
KerrMDThe only issue I have with the folder view widget is the little + over the icon when I try to click it02:46
James147KerrMD: thats the selection button, click it to select the icon, click it again to unselect02:47
KerrMDSelection button? I just want to be able to single click to launch as if it were the desktop itself02:48
DragnslcrIs it a program or a document/image/etc.?02:49
KerrMDshortcut to a wine/win exe02:49
DragnslcrTry checking out the Quick Access widget instead of the Folder View02:50
DragnslcrI have a Quick Access widget, and it opens files with a single click02:51
James147KerrMD: you can also add launchers dirctly on the desktop as icon widgets (just drag and drop)02:51
DragnslcrYou could also use a Quicklaunch widget and create a .dekstop file02:51
KerrMDI tried that but it is not possible to change the indivitual icons that way. Only icons for file types.02:52
KerrMDWell, WoW worked fine. PWI took a fair bit of work to get going properly.03:13
KerrMDIn In fact I am still working on it03:14
KerrMDIt works great if I launch it from konsole or dolphin but via the folder view thing ... all bets are off03:15
James147KerrMD: the folder view isnt designed for launching applications, its best to drag the icons dircetly to the desktop or use somehting like the quick launch widget03:21
KerrMDNeither of which allow me to change the icon of a given file.03:21
Linkmasterspeaking of changing icons..I need help to change the skype icon in the systray. I hate the green color, since it doesn't fit with my desktop03:21
KerrMDWB Link.. it's icons all around tonight03:22
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=== su is now known as Linkmaster
James147KerrMD: are you sure? I can change the icon of desktop files i drag to the desktop03:23
* Linkmaster still is wondering how to change a systray icon03:24
James147Linkmaster: depends... some application build in the icon so cannot be change... others try the system icons first (located at ~/.local/share/icons/THEME/SIZE/CAT   ^^ if you can replace an icon thats where you would03:25
LinkmasterThank you for giving me the location! now all hell will break loose with this stupid skype icon..03:26
James147Linkmaster: system level icons should be at /usr/share/icons03:27
LinkmasterI don't even have an 'icons' folder in the .local/share path03:27
James147though if any application is going to have its icons inbuilt I would bet skype would be one of them :(03:27
LinkmasterI'll force it to change then03:28
James147Linkmaster: then that means you dont ahve any custom icons, you can create it with the same structure as the one in /usr/share/icons to override any there03:28
* Linkmaster has no clue what he's doing03:28
Linkmasterits called 'skype.png' can I simply modify the file and save it, and hopefully it'll work?03:29
James147Linkmaster: hopefully... though that might just change the desktop icons03:29
* Linkmaster doesn't use desktop icons03:30
Linkmastermost of whats in my icon folder is simply the cursor themes[which I always wanted to know how to get more of]03:31
Linkmasterfirst time trying Krita :P03:32
Linkmasterinternet issues. But I just finished wasting my time trying to edit the desktop icon-which I don't even use. I didn't think about it until I was halfway done. Anyone happen to know where that annoying green systray icon is located?03:49
Linkmastertoyla: whats your question?03:59
toylanew to irc, want to say hello:D04:00
James147toyla: then just say hello :)04:00
TweakedEhtoyla: hello04:00
toylaIt's 4 in the morning in london, thought noone would be here,lol04:00
LinkmasterNah, theres people here worldwide04:01
James147its not 4 everywhere :)04:01
TweakedEhI'm canadian, 8 PM here04:01
LinkmasterAmerican, 11PM04:02
toylaShouldn't be canada and USA in the same time zone?04:02
TweakedEhI'm west canada, Linkmaster is prob. east US04:03
LinkmasterYep :D04:03
toylaYou should learn from the chinese04:03
toylasame time zone across the whole country04:03
Linkmasterwait...what? how does that work out?04:04
toylaYou just get use to it04:05
toylasupper at 9PM, sleep in 2AM, this is the regular life in tibet04:06
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* mino stares04:33
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jagadeeshwhat is good vnc client05:00
jagadeesham looking for kde05:00
dan_lit's stock05:04
dan_ljagadeesh:  krdc05:04
jagadeeshdan_l: thanks05:05
solovoywhat is the best way to install ati drivers ?05:06
dan_lrestricted packagage thingy?05:10
dan_lI'm looking for you05:11
dan_lhang on05:11
solovoyi found this: http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Maverick_Installation_Guide#Installing_the_drivers_manually05:11
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:12
dan_llook for "additional drivers" under system settings05:12
dan_lit should detect and resolve05:12
solovoyok thanks, i'll try05:14
vbgunzI chose to encrypt my last installation. Now I would like to encrypt my backup disk and am stumped as to where to begin. I would like to copy the transparency of the encryption I have now which I believe was done with lvm. I'm stumped though on this topic. any help?05:49
vbgunzI think I might be looking for lvm pvcreate. it's the only thing making sense to me in the manual05:51
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ok_waithi all, quick question; is it possable for  2 seperate installs (kubuntu and ubuntu with gnome) to access the same game data if i install the same game on both?06:25
ok_waitwell i guess 2 seperate games on 2 seperate systems is what i mean06:25
ok_waitsame computer06:25
dan___ok_wait:  yes06:28
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ok_waitis that what unions are for?06:28
dan_lare you talking about just having both gnome and kde on the same system?06:29
dan_lor on seperate partitions?06:29
ok_waitseperate partitions06:29
tsimpsontheoretically, as long as you share the same /home partition the game data should persist06:30
dan_lmaybe you could mount the other parition ?06:30
tsimpsonbut the question is, why do you have 2 separate installs of ubuntu and kubuntu?06:30
ok_waitpinguy and kubuntu06:30
ok_waitit's nice06:31
tsimpsonanyway, most applications will store their data in $HOME somewhere, so sharing the same home should work06:31
tsimpsonthe only tricky part may be making sure you have the same username, UID and GID on both systems06:32
ok_waityea i was just thinking that06:32
ok_waitwell it's the same kernel so that shouldn't be a problem right?06:33
tsimpsonusernames, UIDs and GIDs have nothing to do with kernels06:33
tsimpsonit's just information stored on the system and in the filesystem itself06:34
tsimpsonmost systems (at least debian based) will start at UID/GID 1000, so just make sure you have the same username in that case06:34
ok_waitright on thanks man06:36
* mino stares07:01
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hybhi bot08:24
uuuserdo you know a way to restore deleted partition form hdd?08:50
uuuserany ideasa?08:52
uuuserplease help me08:52
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qua-nonAfter installing 11.04 (lvm2), I get a error while booting similar to this, cannot find module devicemapper ... could not mount root. how can I fix this ?09:22
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bishopI need help with nfs setting up. Were do I need askin' it?10:24
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.10:24
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.10:26
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qua-non_kubuntu 11.04 unable to boot on lvm2  can't find root, how do I fix this ?11:45
aliboHi, I updated to 11.04 as soon as it was available and since then there was not a single package updated. Did you experience the same? I just wonder, because before the update there were updates every two days or so.11:49
szalalibo: how do you update?11:58
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aliboszal: I go to software updates and klick on "Check for new Updates"12:00
szaltried on the terminal yet? -> "sudo apt-get update" followed by "sudo apt-get upgrade"12:02
aliboAlso nothing. I will now change my update mirror maybe this is the problem.12:06
szalyou might get some clues from the output of the 1st command12:08
aliboWow 131 updates after changing to the main server. My mirror simply did get the updates :-(12:13
afiefIs it possible to configure plasma to start the netbook shell on my laptop instead of the normal shell?12:13
Santa_Hey Everyone12:58
BluesKajHi folks12:59
szalmoin BluesKaj13:08
BluesKajhey szal13:08
szalhave some clue about PPAs?  ever since I installed Natty on my other machine (2 weeks or so ago), "http://ppa.launchpad.net natty/main Sources" and "natty/main i386 Packages" gives me a 404 on "aptitude update"..  was this particular source moved or removed?13:09
DoctorPepperhi guys!!!13:10
DoctorPepperis anyone  here using  bespin ?13:10
szalDoctorPepper: if you have a problem, describe the problem13:11
DoctorPeppermy problem is as follow  the panel header on amarok ,dolphin and kdevelop doesnt has a kind of gradiant that i am unable to remove13:14
szalhuh?  if it doesn't have a gradient, why would you want to remove one?13:15
szalother than that, what is a "panel header"?13:16
DoctorPeppersee by your self :  http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/viewimage.php?id=227713:18
szalDoctorPepper: please link to the image itself13:20
szalDoctorPepper: did I ask you to send me anything?13:22
DoctorPepperno but  i dont know  anyother site   where  to paste images  so  i though that sending to you  would be better13:24
szalDoctorPepper: for future reference -> http://imagepaste.nullnetwork.net/img/1305980286dolphin-bespin13.png13:27
szalDoctorPepper: and now where's the problem w/ that?  (other than a fugly font and non-existing colours ;))13:28
DoctorPeppersee the top of  of the playlist13:29
DoctorPepperthe header of the playlist13:29
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DoctorPepperthere is a sort of half circle with two colors13:32
szalDoctorPepper: my only guess is this -> http://www.abload.de/img/20110521_systemsettingdjvc.png13:43
DoctorPepperi already have this setup13:47
A_B_Hi, I can get kate to open and edit a file on a remote machine over ssh using "fish://". How do I get kate to open a system config file as root? I can open a file like /etc/fstab but I cannot save the changes.13:49
szalA_B_: Alt + F2 -> kdesu kate13:51
A_B_szal: I tried that but when I open fish://server it prompts me for a username and password. logginf with root doesn't work so I enter with a user that has root privileges, but now I only have read access13:58
ehsansystem tray can't display vlc ico on kde 4.613:59
dan__I just checked outside14:08
dan__rapture isn't here yet14:08
=== dan__ is now known as dan_l
szaldan_l: according to some dream vision the rapture is supposed to happen at around 9 am CE(S)T; it's already way later ;)14:10
dan_lIt's not off topic at all.  the rapture is relevant to all things!!!14:11
BluesKajdan_l, szal ..rapture 6pm edt14:13
szalBluesKaj: how do you know?14:13
dan_lBlueskaj:  wake me up when it happens:)14:13
BluesKajit was allover the tv last night ...14:14
BluesKajdan_l, sorry i'll be out jamming and having a few beers14:16
dan_lhas anyone successfully integrated gmail and kmail?14:21
DavidiusWTF up doesnt bring up my last messages, how gay is XChat14:28
DavidiusDoes anyone know if the Hibernation bug in Ubuntu has been solved yet?14:28
Davidiusnope no one?14:31
dan_lwhich bug?14:33
EagleScreenI am using Ubuntu wuth a KDE minimal installation (not kubuntu-desktop)14:35
EagleScreendo you know what package should I install to have the new samba-shares feature in Dolphin?14:36
dan_lI'm honestly not sure.14:39
dan_lyou mayy want to wait until the pros wake up.  srry.14:39
BluesKajEagleScreen, install smb-client and server...server might balready be installed by defaul14:41
wind-riderhello :) I was wondering whether anybody is packaging the first snapshot release of Calligra14:42
BluesKajlinux network fileshares , openssh is the way to go if you don't mind the cli14:42
EagleScreenyes, is kdenetwork-filesharing14:46
BluesKajeagles0513875, check out smb for gui or openssh for the terminal usage14:52
eagles0513875BluesKaj: did you mean eagleScreen14:52
BluesKajsorry eagles0513875 , that was meant for EagleScreen, but he left before I could hit enter14:53
eagles0513875ok lol14:53
BluesKajEagleScreen,, check out smb for gui or openssh for the terminal usage15:11
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mbscomp16hello everyone. i have a question about kubuntu 11.4 my second monitor will not show any frames of open appications. i have  nvidia drivers installed and both monitors work in gnome. and ideas or sites to check out?16:24
BluesKajmbscomp16,  kmenu/apps/systemsettings/display and monitor16:26
pastyhermitHow do I get the annoying KDE Wallet to go away!16:30
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stevendepphello everyone16:35
=== JasonO is now known as Rapture
DarthFrogpastyhermit: System Settings/Account Details/KDE Wallet is what you want.16:55
Hal-EmmerichHey guys. I'd like to start off by saying I just installed kubuntu for the first time and its absolutely beautiful. I love it more even my Mac OS. It looks so clean17:37
Hal-EmmerichI need help finding KwinRC though so I can disable the opengl safe check and get my desktop effects working. It isn't in the users home directory like everyone says it is17:38
DarthFrogHal-Emmerich: It's in your home directory: ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc17:39
Hal-EmmerichI know thats where everyone says it should be, but I can't actually see it there, and terminal tells me no such file17:39
Hal-EmmerichNever mind17:40
DarthFrogHal-Emmerich: Then do the following commands: "sudo updatedb && locate kwinrc".17:40
Hal-EmmerichYeah, I see it now. .kde is not a directory hence why it did not pop up17:40
Hal-Emmerichwhen I tried to go cd17:41
DarthFrog.kde certainly is a directory.  The leading "." means it's hidden, though.17:41
DarthFrogTry this:  "cd ~/.kde" and you'll be there.17:42
Hal-EmmerichRight. I'm a noob17:45
mrafcho001Has there been any development in a KDE ubuntu-one client other than apachelogger's PPA which is now 9 months old?18:02
Peace-mrafcho001: i use dropbox18:03
cuci_hi folks! How do I disable akonadi/18:03
SiegeLordIs there any way to stop dolphin from running executable text files on double click?18:04
Peace-cuci_: alt f218:04
Peace-cuci_: type akonadi18:04
Peace-cuci_: first link18:04
Peace-cuci_: http://wstaw.org/m/2011/05/21/plasma-desktopqG1580.jpg18:05
cuci_Peace-: there is only some config about it, nothing about start at boot18:05
Peace-cuci_: ok, wait with that , btw you shouild disable the database so all akonadi18:07
Peace-cuci_: anyway....18:07
Peace-this is my blog with some gif about akonadi and more , http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/configure-kubuntu-for-everyone/18:09
mrafcho001Peace-: what are the side effects of disabling Akonadi?18:13
DarthFrogmrafcho001: It doesn't get in your way then. :-)18:14
DarthFrogOr consume valuable system resources.18:14
Peace-mrafcho001: mmm mah nothing , maibe some little stuff with kmail18:14
cuci_mrafcho001: like DarthFrog said18:14
DarthFrogBut you will be disabling the capabilities of the semantic desktop.18:14
Peace-and of course i guess dolphin i guess18:14
apacheloggerkaddressbook will be completely unusable18:14
mrafcho001Peace-: I could live without KMail, but everything else should work?18:14
Peace-mrafcho001: try , i did that withtout problems18:14
Peace-if you get some strange stuff enable it again18:15
Peace-i didn't18:15
Peace-i use vlc dolphin amarok kdenlive without problems18:15
Peace-mrafcho001: you will not able to use advanced filtering on dolphin but who cares xD ?18:16
DarthFrogapachelogger: Kaddressbook depends upon Akonadi?  I didn't know that.  Mind you, I use Thunderbird anyway so it wouldn't affect me.18:16
lcbany graphical item to add contents to context menu on Kubuntu, by default or by installing any package from repos in order to do it?18:26
lcbkfind, for instance18:28
darthanubisqbittorent= awesome18:30
darthanubispurge ktorrent18:30
wind-riderHal-Emmerich: in dolphin, press alt+. to make invisible folders and files visible18:37
naftilos76hello, i am on Kubuntu 11.04 (natty) and knetworkmanager doesn't autostart. Is there a setting anywhere to do this?18:38
wind-ridernaftilos76: I think that if it is running when you logout, it will start again the next time you login18:38
wind-ridernaftilos76: knetworkmanager is replaced by the network management plasmoid I think18:39
naftilos76what is the related plasmoid pkg that must be installed?18:40
naftilos76so i don't get to see the usual network icon on the taskbar?18:41
wind-ridernaftilos76: depends on your distro, I think most of them already install them by default if you have kde18:41
yofeland that should be installed by default18:41
szalwind-rider: "distro" shouldn't be a question in this channel ;)18:41
yofelcheck your systray settings if the NM item is checked18:41
apacheloggerthere are distros built based on kubuntu18:41
wind-riderszal: ho, sorry :P you're right :P18:42
szalapachelogger: do we support these?18:42
naftilos76that is probably my problem18:42
naftilos76installing now...18:42
wind-riderdoes anybody know if the Calligra snapshot release is being packaged already?18:43
Peace-wind-rider: actually there are a script to compile calligra18:43
wind-ridermaybe in some experimental ppa?18:43
Peace-wind-rider: sudo apt-get build koffice18:43
Peace-wind-rider: then18:43
Peace-you have to use that18:44
Peace-script but it's not safe for noob users18:44
wind-riderPeace-: yes, thx :) I saw it before, but it would lower the treshold for people to test calligra18:44
wind-riderif they don't have to do the extra build effort18:44
wind-riderPeace-: just like the kde pim that could be tested from the kubuntu experimental ppa18:45
apacheloggerPeace-: that will build koffice not calligra18:45
wind-riderapachelogger: it will install the build dependencies18:45
wind-riderapachelogger: after that you will have to run the build script18:45
apacheloggerbuild-dep installs the build dependencies18:45
Peace-apachelogger: welll that will not install18:46
Peace-apachelogger: taht will install what you need to compile18:46
Peace-calligra it's the same of koffice18:46
Peace-i mean -devs18:46
apacheloggerno it is not18:46
apacheloggerthey are two completely different products18:46
apacheloggeronly that one is a fork of the other18:46
Peace-calligra it's just koffice renamed18:46
apacheloggerthat is like saying safari is like konqueror18:47
Peace-so , to build18:47
Peace-apachelogger: well i am on krita group18:47
wind-riderPeace-, apachelogger: but in #Calligra it was said that kubuntu would provide packages for calligra - it would save people a lot of time if not everybody has to compile it themselves18:47
wind-riderso I was wondering if there was any news about it :)18:47
Peace-wind-rider: i guess the best it's to compile them18:48
apacheloggerwind-rider: likely not going to happen before a stable release comes18:48
apacheloggerwind-rider: what you could do is ask the project neon team nicely whether they could provide calligra packages18:48
wind-rideringwa from #Calligra said yesterday that people from kubuntu would provide packages, so I think it is going to happen?18:50
Peace-apachelogger: krita it's the same on calligra and on koffice18:50
apacheloggerPeace-: so you sync krita into koffice?18:50
apacheloggerwind-rider: not unless they release something worth packaging18:51
Peace-sudo apt-get build-dep koffice = you have not to install by your hand all the freaking packages you need to compile calligra apachelogger18:51
apacheloggerkubuntu usually does not package snapshots for various reasons18:51
Peace-that's the point18:51
apacheloggerPeace-: I get that, saying that calligra and koffice are the same is still wrong though18:52
wind-riderapachelogger: ok. you say one thing, ingwa says the opposite. who to believe...?18:52
Peace-apachelogger: i have said the same , i mean -devs18:52
Peace-you should understand what does it means18:52
Peace-what means18:53
apacheloggerwind-rider: depends on who you like better ;)18:53
apacheloggerPeace-: yes, it means that you are saying that calligra's dependencies will not ever change in a way that they would diverge from koffice18:53
Peace-they are quite the same18:53
Peace-so to compile or18:53
Peace-you install one by one all the devs18:54
apachelogger*right now* they are18:54
Peace-or you do that command18:54
Peace-apachelogger: well i am not in the future ?18:54
Peace-or am i?18:54
Peace-waste of time18:54
floownI search a program with I can split my terminal control in 4 windows, konsole seams not to do that19:00
lcbfloown: you mean on the same console, divided in 4 panes?19:03
floownlcb: yes19:03
floown(sorry for my english ^^)19:03
floownmultitail !19:04
lcbfloown: it's ok. No, as far as i know you can't. But you could have as many as you want tabs and/or terminal windows.19:05
Hal-EmmerichOk, next question19:05
yofelwell, dvtm could do that, which is essentially a tiled window manager for a terminal19:05
Hal-EmmerichAnd thank you for your help on the previous one19:05
Hal-EmmerichI'm trying to use the login screen settings to enable auto login, but cliccking the 'Unlock' button does nothing19:06
Hal-EmmerichNo password prompt or anything19:06
Hal-EmmerichHas anyone ever heard of this? I notice there was a reported issue with 9.something19:07
lcbHal-Emmerich: do you have on that particular configuration dialog, at the top, "Configure the login manager (KDM)?19:08
Hal-EmmerichI do not. It just says 'Login Screen Settings: When the computer starts up:' is greyed out19:08
lcbHal-Emmerich: aren't you mixing environments on that Kubuntu?19:09
lcbHal-Emmerich: that might be the problem...19:09
Hal-EmmerichI don't believe so. It's a mythbuntu box with kubuntu on top19:09
Hal-Emmerichand I'm trying to strictly use KDE19:10
lcbHal-Emmerich: hold on...19:10
Hal-EmmerichI think I found it actually19:11
lcbwell, i didn't find what i want, but under System Settings19:12
Hal-EmmerichYeah. Theres a separate setting for it, I just noticed that19:12
lcbSystem Administration | Login Screen | Convenience19:12
* Hal-Emmerich nods19:14
lcb Hal-Emmerichon System Administration, when you need a special function, write it on the top right dialog and search it on the left options19:14
Hal-Emmerich.. ok. That is cool19:15
lcbHal-Emmerich: i'm curious... what app were you using to get that need of unlocking?19:15
Hal-EmmerichApplications > System > Login Screen19:16
lcbchecking... :)19:16
lcbyeap.. looks like you have remains or no default KDE apps in there19:17
Hal-EmmerichYeah. Thats quite possible. There was XFCE in behind this at one point19:17
Hal-EmmerichBut I thought Kubuntu would make a better looking HTPC19:17
Hal-EmmerichWhich.. it does. XFCE looked -boring-19:17
lcbKDE apps are very well integrated, indeed. no need of too much to accomplish what we need19:18
lcbHal-Emmerich: XFCE is another story... better for low RAMs systems19:18
Hal-EmmerichYeah. I'm noticing that. It's a refreshing change from the utilitarian I've seen from most desktop managers19:19
lcbit's good anyway, its own way19:19
Hal-EmmerichIt's like 'If I wanted bare bones, I'd just run the damn shell. Give me something pretty'19:19
Hal-EmmerichI did use XFCE at one point on an older HTPC setup, though. I was surprised with how well it performed19:20
lcbpretty fast19:20
Hal-EmmerichOn a P4, Geforce 6200, and only 512 megs of ram, I had it working quite well. But this is an AMD X2 with 4 gigs of ram and an ATI x1900.19:20
lcb«Sharing» To change the Context Menu on Desktop do the keyboard dcombo: Alt+D+S | select Mouse Actions | click on the third icon from the left to "Configure Contextual Menu Plugin". Not too much to do in there but useful, anyway.19:21
lcb... i need one to add kfind. that one seems not doing the job. but while digging and dismantle my system i discovered that one.19:22
lcb*to find files and folders19:23
Hal-EmmerichThats right. Everything in this is modular isn't it? I'm so used to Search just being there and not being able to say which program I want to search19:23
askilпривет всем=)19:42
humanI have a question to discuss19:58
humanWho can give me few minutes?19:58
Tm_Ttotally depends on what you have in mind: it's always best simply to state the problem and find out if someone can help20:00
Mauihi all, i've just re-installed natty and got this problem (http://imagebin.org/154391) with gtk apps: some buttons & menu are oversized! why? how to solve?20:06
jozefkI can't start chrome except if I run it from konsole20:41
jozefkmaybe I should add it to autostart :)20:43
divansantanaanyone know the current state of kolab with ubuntu server? There is a wiki page talking about it being included with 10.10 server, but not sure if it's working, don't see any release news?20:47
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jozefkso I did add it to autorun and that's it21:18
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin21:23
dan__for gigles, has anybody managed to get google voice to work with kopete?21:23
mime1111hello. i deleted ''wallpaperclock'', trough screenlet and plamoid, but i still see it running switching desktop effects, it runs 0.5 secs before config changes, any idea for purgeing it, thnx?21:24
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lifeless_hi all21:52
dan_lhiya lifeless21:52
lifeless_When from you&21:53
lifeless_I vtry bzd speak eng21:53
lifeless_i very bad speak eng21:53
djh2400I am in the process of switching from ubuntu to kubuntu; I have a question for which I cannot find the answer online... In ubuntu I could make a script utilizing gconftool-2 to change various settings in the OS.  This would set many things up the way I wanted after a new install.  Does kubuntu have a similar feature?  Where are the settings files stored (in ubuntu it was ~/.gconf)?  In summary, I21:57
djh2400oh, it cut off:  In summary, I would like to be able to modify things like "Desktop Effects", "Window Behavior", and the panels' settings via the terminal.21:58
Tm_Tdjh2400: the settings are located in ~/.kde/share/config/ and/or apps/22:02
Tm_Tdjh2400: and adjusting those settings via terminal, I'm not aware of any readymade tools for those, but the settings are in plaintext files which are read at startup22:03
dan_lis anybody running google talk over kopete?22:04
djh2400Tm_T: it appears that 'kwriteconfig' may be a cli tool to do the job.  i am having trouble locating the exact files, but i will look in those directories22:04
Tm_Tdjh2400: ah, yes, forgot that app22:05
jozefkdan_l: I tried google talk in kopete before, why?22:06
djh2400Tm_T: also, ubuntu came equipped with 'gconf-editor', which was a GUI to view all the settings.  does kubuntu have a similar program?  I can't find anything in the package kit.22:06
dan_lJozefk:  I"m trying to figure out if my kopete is screwed up.  Allegedly, if you open the program and check the properties of a gtalk account, it should give you some options pertaining to google voice.22:06
dan_lJozefk:  If you were to peek (if you can) and should you see said options (and I don't), I'll know that there's something wrong with kopete22:07
dan_l(assuming you're running natty)22:07
Tm_Tdjh2400: no, as every app keeps their own settings, KDE doesn't have centralised "registry" like GNOME22:07
djh2400Tm_T: I see.  I believe ~./kde/share/config/kwinrc may be one of the things I am looking for22:08
jozefkdan_l: it looks strange on this version of kopete/kubuntu. yes this is 11.04 but gtalk doesn't seems to have all the options I saw few days ago on another distro22:12
dan_lJozefk:  Want to earn a few bonus points?  see if kopete-gcall is installed?22:13
djh2400Tm_T: I know it sounds picky, but knowing it may help me figure things out: where would, say, the numlock-always-on setting be stored?  I set it in the GUI, but is it stored in a file somewhere, too?22:14
jozefkcan I see that in terminal?22:14
jozefkI don't know how to use apt-get to search for packages22:14
dan_lemmm----just go into kpackagkit22:15
dan_land search for it there.  It will show it to you as installed.  Or not.22:15
dan_l(I'm linux stupid, so I don't have an elegant way of doing it)22:15
jozefkit does not shows anything like kopete-gcall22:16
jozefkbut it does show some gtalk plugin for I don't know what :)22:17
jozefkthat's why I never liked those GUI package managers :)22:18
jozefkthey shows nothing :D22:18
dan_l     jozefk:  is it google-talkplugin?22:19
_r1_I have some trouble in my mic configuration through phonon. Actually, it's like booster is absent (natty). Any doc/usefull help around?22:19
jozefkno google-talkplugin also22:20
jozefkit must be some plugin you are right22:24
jozefkI got it working now. I logged in but no option for calls22:25
dan_lI will have to investigate22:25
dan_l(inevitably this will take like 9years)22:25
dan_lbut whatever22:25
_r1_is that preferable to deactivate pulseaudio?22:25
jozefkI like pulseaudio22:26
_r1_so you use phonon with pulseaudio then?22:26
_r1_Cause I really want to understand if my micro issue is a bug or a misconfiguration22:27
jozefkyes I have phonon and pulse22:28
djh2400Tm_T: I have found what I was looking for.  I'm so excited to use KDE instead of having the pestillence that are Unity or gnome-panels.  Thank you very much for helping my transition come more easily!22:28
_r1_jozefk: did you use a microphone?22:28
jozefknot yet I just installed kubuntu first time :)22:29
_r1_jozefk: ok...22:29
jozefkactually I don't see I have pulse22:30
jozefkmight be I don't even have it22:30
jozefkon live kubuntu it was there22:31
_r1_I'll try to uninstall it22:31
jozefknot I don't see it :(22:31
_r1_10)     kubuntu-desktop recommends pulseaudio22:31
jozefkI like pulse but I don't see it on my system now. I have sound that I know I have :)22:32
jozefkthat missing think in kopete is jingle22:45
jozefk"Kopete was not build with jingle enabled in ubuntu. You have to build it yourself."22:45
matthew_Let's do the time warp again!22:53
LinkmasterHey guys22:59
mime1111hello. i deleted ''wallpaperclock'', trough screenlet and plamoid, but i still see it running switching desktop effects, it runs 0.5 secs before config changes, any idea for purgeing it, thnx? i have like a double wallpaper23:00
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georgGuten Abend23:42
Unit193Guten tag!23:42
georg@Unit193 Kubuntu ist schon ne coole Sache. Ich suche noch eine Möglichkeit meine Nividia GT210 1 GB DDR2 voll auszunutzen.23:44
georgGibt es da nen Script oder developertools womit man es selbst erstellen kann?23:45
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.23:45
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* Linkmaster wishes he knew German23:51
* Unit193 Also wishes the same23:54

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