triuneworks like a charm00:06
triunehave a nice weekend :)00:06
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elkyHi, I need a project renamed.01:12
wgrantelky: Could you ask at https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+addquestion?01:51
elkywgrant, https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/15840202:00
wgrantelky: Does anyone care about the old name? I can add a redirect.02:06
elkywgrant, don't think so, no02:07
elkywgrant, sweet, thanks02:08
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marvin24_DThi, I failed to delete the https://code.launchpad.net/~marvin24/ac100/chromeos-ac100-2.6.37 branch17:41
marvin24_DTI guess something is stuck ...17:41
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exarkunI accidentally linked https://launchpad.net/divmod.org/trunk to Oneiric python-axiom.  I can't find the UI to unlink it.  Can anyone direct me to it?21:07
maxbexarkun: Follow the "All packages" link21:54
exarkunAlso, the UI seems to imply that multiple packages can be linked to it?  Is that right?21:57
maxbOne per distroseries, I'd imagine22:01
maxboh, or maybe many22:01
maxbtry it and see?22:01
exarkunI tried a few and got errors on all of them, but it wasn't clear why the error occurred22:03
* exarkun tries some more22:03
exarkun"There is 1 error.", "Invalid value"22:03
exarkunOr "The source package is not published in [...]"22:04
exarkunMaybe it really isn't published, but I have it installed on my desktop so I wonder what that means.22:04
maxbgive me the name of another divmod source package?22:05
exarkunpython-epsilon, python-nevow22:06
maxbNeither of those exist22:07
exarkunI guess that's why it doesn't work, then.22:07
exarkunWhat does it mean that they don't exist?  I have both of them installed on my Karmic desktop machine.22:08
maxbAh, because the source packages are called "epsilon" and "nevow"22:09
maxbAlso, why do you have a Karmic machine any more? :-)22:09
exarkunThe answer to that question is best phrased as a series of bug reports :/22:10
exarkunThanks for the clarification about those package links.22:12

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