cc_hello everyone, is there anyone could help me, please?00:05
Unit193!ask | cc_00:05
ubot5cc_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:05
cc_ok, how can i upgrade my distro of lubuntu directly from a folder instead from a cd-unit? (i have a iso file)00:06
Unit193cc_: I don't understand what you're trying to do, can you change the wording?00:07
cc_certainly, i would like to pass from version lubuntu 10.10 to the one 11.04, and i have already downloaded the image file (*.iso), i would like to upgrade with the update manager, using a folder like a source, instead to redownloading from internet00:09
Unit193cc_: Do you have an alt CD?00:13
Unit193cc_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NattyUpgrades#Upgrading%20Using%20the%20Alternate%20CD/DVD00:14
cc_ok, i'll try, thank you00:16
Unit193cc_: Do you have the LiveCD or alternate cd?00:16
Unit193cc_: I don't think it works if it's not alternate00:26
cc_is there alternate cd for lubuntu?00:26
Unit193I don't think so...00:27
EagleScreenI dont know what is the problem, but my EeePC with Lubuntu cannot hibernate02:11
EagleScreenin the logout menu there isn't hibernate option, only suspend02:11
EagleScreenbut I have gnome-power-manager set to hibernate if shutdown button is pressed, and when I press it, then a window appears02:12
EagleScreenand it says Cannot hibernate02:12
poltakEagleScreen: recompile your kernel with ToI support02:24
EagleScreenwhat is Tol?02:24
szczurEagleScreen, sudo apt-get install acpid02:54
szczuri thionk it should do the work02:55
EagleScreenthanks szczur, i will check it02:56
szczurreboot after installation02:56
szczurand tell me if it works02:56
EagleScreeni will restart to test it02:58
EagleScreenwith acpid imnstalled I still cannot hibernate03:10
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bond`hi, i get a flickering screen when starting lubuntu in a virtual machine (kvm or virtualbox)07:39
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ct529hi! how do you change the keyboard layout from gb to de? I have googled and attempted all the possible suggestions but to no avail .... lubuntu 10.04 here09:34
head_victimct529: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1039107 seems to have a solution, you'll just need to work out what the keyboard code is09:43
head_victimct529: and a more complete thread is at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=150267909:45
Neosanohmmm, what about "autodetect subfolder" when right clicking archieves? :09:46
ct529head_victim: nope, already tried that09:48
head_victimct529: lxkeymap ?09:49
ct529head_victim: I have tried to find it .... where is it??09:53
ct529head_victim: mmmm .... apparently is only in 11.04, not in 10.1009:56
bioterrori cannot pgup, whats the problem?09:59
head_victimNo, it's in all Lubuntu, you might just need to install the PPA10:14
head_victimOh he's gone10:14
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saesnegcan someone help me out14:53
saesnegmy lxpanel is constantly freezing14:53
saesnegall buttons stop working, and all it will do is minimise and maximise all windows when i click on it14:53
saesneghas anyone heard of that before?14:54
ModrisHi, there. I have old pc - PIII with 378 RAM with lubuntu. I want learn litle bit about joomla. Is this computer can handle this or You recomended dont waste time and searc other pc?16:11
mikedep334Modris: that really is more of a Joomla question. I'm guessing you have about 200MB of RAM free, that may be enough for Joomla and its dependencies (PHP, MyQSL, APache)16:34
mikedep334or rather i'd say, 'likely' enough16:34
mikedep334for a basic Joomla site16:34
mikedep334just don't expect to do too much at the same time when Joomla is running16:34
Modrisok, i'm just finis lamp,16:35
mikedep334for starters, you should check how much RAM you have free with whatever it's called (system-monitor or whatever)16:35
Modrisit's only for local learning16:35
mikedep334Modris: yeah, good16:35
mikedep334I'm not on lubuntu ATM16:35
mikedep334my GNOME Ubuntu 11.04 server is right next to me though16:35
mikedep334it runs lighttpd, a lightweight replacement for apache16:36
mikedep334but it looks like joomla doesn't support it16:36
mikedep334looks like it should be possible to use lighttpd16:37
Modrisfor now mem total 369M, mem used 336M16:37
mikedep334but it will probably require lots of expert work16:37
mikedep334Modris: including caches/buffers>16:37
Modrisabout lighttpd - i'm bad in web tech, for now i want start with joomla, then see how all optimize16:38
mikedep334Modris: yeah16:38
mikedep334lightttpd is a replacement for apache16:38
mikedep334joomla would probably run on it with extra work16:38
mikedep334but like you said, stick with apache for now16:38
Modrisclear for now, thnk16:38
mikedep334I haven't setup Joomla before, I've only installed some competitors a few times.16:39
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jmarsdenModris: If you *really* need to maximize RAM for Joomla, you could install Ubuntu Server, not Lubuntu, on that PC.  So no GUI at all.  That is how "real" servers are set up... you would gain a litle more RAM that way.17:03
Modristhn. About GUI, RAM etc correlation  i understand. For now the main interest is joomla... after that i will tune other if this project site someday come out. thnk17:06
Modrissearch for manual how to correct create ftp user who will work with joomla web... vsftpd already install17:18
Modrisis this https://support.automatedresults.net/KB/a10/setup-user-for-ubuntu-vsftpd-and-web.aspx ok?17:19
jmarsdenModris: It is easier (and much more secure) to use ssh (scp or sftp) instead to transfer files.  Do you really need FTP?17:20
Modrishmm... idont know, im not wery good at apache and web file structure ... when i try install joomla with web interface, then on 5.step joomla priomise do all stuff for me. i just want use this.17:22
Modrisok, maybe You have good manual how to create ssh user for web management...17:23
Modriswill be good that user for web admin can do only web things,17:24
jmarsdenJust create a user and it has ssh capability by default.  If you need that user to be able to put files into special system places, create a group and make the directory concerned group writeable by that group.  There is nothing special about "web things", there is only basic normal Unix file permissions.17:26
jmarsdenif you need a user to be able to restart a web server, you can set up /etc/suoders to allow that user sudo use for exactly the command he needs and no others.17:27
jmarsdenBut if this is just an old PC of yours, why are you protecting it from yourself? :)17:28
bonnyhow do i move into my desktop on lx terminal17:50
bonnyand hwo do i opena zip file17:51
jmarsdenWow, he waited patiently for his answer...?!17:56
phillwjmarsden: I must alter the topic to 'please take numbered ticket... currently dealing with ###' :P18:00
jmarsdenphillw: More seriously, maybe an automated notice when you join the channel saying "If you ask an Lubuntu support question, please wait at least 10 minutes for an answer" would be worth trying?18:07
phillwI'll see about putting it into the announce via chanserv when they logon, although how many people ever read that I do not know.18:13
jmarsdenI don't know either, but perhaps more than read the /topic :)18:21
Modrisno very actual but - how to remove wallpaper in lubuntu?18:25
Modrisnot very actual but - how to remove wallpaper in lubuntu?18:25
Modrisand do You use more than one desktop (i mean virtual), and for what? when boss comming or something else.18:26
jmarsdenright click on desktop -> Desktop Preferences and set Wallpaper to none18:31
jmarsdenAnd Yes, I use multiple desktops, one for email, one for "work", sometimes one for web browser windows... it is a way to stay organized when you have 18 windows open :)18:32
jmarsdenRight now I have six virtual desktops, 5 of which have something on them :)18:33
jmarsden(And this is at home, so I *am* the boss :)18:34
bioterrorand ofcourse one desktop is full of terminals18:34
jmarsdenOf course :)18:34
jmarsdenRight now the 5 are chat, terminals, email, web, VMs18:35
jmarsdenThe work one is empty... it is a Saturday morning, so I'm officially off work, and my boss has not called me for some emergency or other (yet) :)18:37
bioterroryou have red phone?18:37
jmarsdenJust an Android cellphone that stays with me, turned on, unless I am swimming or in the shower, basically :)18:38
bioterrorjava phone :(18:39
bioterroryou didnt go with the N900?-)18:39
jmarsdenI just use what work gives me and pays for :)18:39
bioterrorim a weirdo for a linux user, i have two windows mobiles :D18:40
jmarsdenI think the N900 is more common in Europe than over here in the USA.18:40
bioterrorim waiting a meego device with full qwerty18:41
bioterrorphones are now ready for the core race ;)18:42
jmarsdenFor full qwerty, you can carry a bluetooth keyboard... just need a big pocket :)18:42
jmarsdenYes, I'm waiting to see the first "quad core" phone :) :)18:42
bioterrorlg has technology18:42
bioterrorquad core arm18:43
jmarsdenWith low enough power consumption for phone use?  Nice.18:43
bioterrori can dig url when i get to computer18:43
bioterroractually power consumption might get lower with more cores18:44
bioterroras they can share the load balance18:44
bioterrorbtw. sony ericsson has good qwerty keyboards :)18:45
Modrissorry for late, but "right click on desktop -> Desktop Preferences and set Wallpaper to none" for ubuntu it is ok, but it dont work for lubuntu18:46
Modrisabout console in all virtual desktop, why not use tabbed urxct ?18:47
bioterrorbecouse we dont want to configure your Xdefaults18:49
Modrisabout .Xdefaults it need to be in home, right? but ls -a can;t give me that. where i can find my xdefaults?18:54
bioterrorsome common sense now18:56
jmarsdenModris: I tried the right click... think in Lubuntu 11.04 before I wrote that answer for you :)18:56
jmarsdenIt works here.18:56
jmarsdenWhat exactly "dont work" about my approach, for you?18:58
Modrishmm. i try, but it dont work. hard explain. but right mouse on desktop -> desktop preferences18:58
Modriswhen i click on walpapper, i need choose file from filsystems, how to get none?18:59
jmarsdenOh.  Press Escape.19:00
Modris"please select an image file" and open or cancel...19:00
Modrisohh, that work19:00
Modrisand need restart x for apply?19:01
Modrisi go again in desktop preferences and get again wallpaper fill with file name...19:01
Modrisand walpaper dont disaper from my deskto bacground...19:02
jmarsdenHmmm.... OK, let me play a little here...19:02
Modrisi think i have 11.04, but how to check lubuntu version?19:02
jmarsdenlsb_release -d19:03
jmarsdenSame as in any Debian or Ubuntu flavour :)19:04
Modrisok i have 11.0419:04
jmarsdenyes... you are right, I saw the Wallpaper (none) but did not reboot to test it before...19:04
Modrisi can reboot for tests, if tjat need19:05
mysteriousdarrenso how far does lubuntu have to go before its an official release?19:05
jmarsdenIt has to wait for a hardware upgrade by Canonical for their ISO image servers, then migrate to using the Ubuntu build process...19:08
jmarsdenStay tuned.., right now the ball is in Canonical's court19:09
jmarsdenMark Shuttleworth brought this up at a recent Technical Board meeting... it's coming...19:09
mysteriousdarrengood, I switched all of my boxes over and would like to help if could be.19:09
jmarsdenDo you have packaging and ISO creation skills?19:10
jmarsdenRight now I think gilir would be happy for some help getting all our LXDE patches pushed upstream into the official LXDE sources... can you help out with that?19:11
jmarsdenmysteriousdarren: ^^19:12
mysteriousdarrennot packaging, but I can make ISOs and do graphic design work19:13
bioterrorthen you should contact rafael for graphical stuff19:14
mysteriousdarrenbioterror: hello I've not talked to you for a while. How are you anyway? do u have an email? or something similar?19:17
bioterrormysteriousdarren, im fine. waiting for sauna to warm up. you can find my email address from my wiki ;119:18
bioterrorfor this round lubuntu and xubuntu made work together for some icon stuff for example19:20
mysteriousdarrenic, I am looking19:20
mysteriousdarrenU on ubuntu forums?19:20
bioterrorthey noticed together that both favours are tweaking same icon set19:20
bioterroryes i am19:20
mysteriousdarrenbioterror: can u give me a link or give me a email in private chat?19:25
Modrisnot about lubuntu - just my joy of evening. for compaq evo n160 (old p3 laptop) sensor show 71degree celsius in indle, now i open, remove cpu fan (think about change cpu geal for better cooling) and surprize - there was not geal at all. i give litle bit of standart cpu heatsink geal.19:35
Modrisboot again and +37 - +51 by celsius :-)19:36
bioterrormight work better19:37
mysteriousdarrenbioterror: which rafael?19:38
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Modrisbioterror, how better? :-) it is enaught.I wonder how simple this old machine are made and how greate are they manuals, i cant see normal manual by repairing for todays laptops. and this fan of cpu (looks orginal) work great and silent. for today after 2 max 3 year all fans need change whithout questions.19:44
bioterrori dont sign that statement19:49
bioterrorbut laters19:50
bioterrorgood evening or night19:51
Modrisi have lubuntu 11.04 and nokia e52, is there guide how to connect together and use net by 3g operator?20:28
stlsaintModris: if there is documentation to use with ubuntu then it should also work with lubuntu20:28
Modristhnk stlsaint i found https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/net-mobile.html but start with only right mouse button on network icon and ... hwolaa, 10 second setup20:33
Modrisand i use net. Great functionality!20:33
Modrisnice click and go for end-user.20:34
stlsaintModris: great20:34
ModrisQ how to control update process from using 3g network, or just disable update and whatch own step?20:35
Modrisor maybe is there some network gui monitor? who may be in bacground20:36
stlsaintModris: im sorry i dont understand your question20:36
Modristo check when some traffice increase20:36
stlsaintModris: you want to update but not to update on the 3g network?20:36
stlsaintModris: you can switch network interfaces anytime, go wireless, ethernet or 3g20:37
Modrisi want minimize my traffice when i with mobile phone. when i use wired it is unlimited20:37
Modrishow to explain, excuse about my english.20:37
stlsaintModris: than only update your system when connected to wire20:38
Modrisfor example wit windows there are bacground download services (who do update automatic), is automatic update is only when check in update manager or run from console?20:39
Modrisok, maybe close this case ;-) thank stlsaint20:39
ModrisFor now searc for gui network monitor, permanent on desktop20:40
stlsaintModris: there is no automatic update unless you set it to20:40
Modrisok, i understand about update, thnk20:40
stlsaintModris: lubuntu will just let you know that you have updates available, oh ok20:40
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KM0201ok, here's my prob, two machines, running lubuntu 11.04   the person i'll be helping, is a bit on the brain dead side, and doesn't know how to open ports on her router... so i set up a "Reverse" remote connection.22:16
KM0201problem is, when she runs x11vnc -connect MYIP   it scrolls through a bunch of text, and goes back to a prompt, rather than showing me her desktop.22:17
KM0201everything on my end is fine.. as i was able to access an xfce laptop lke this no problem.22:17
stlsaintKM0201: what does the text say?22:21
Unit193KM0201: Just to cover it, you did open your port?22:22
KM0201Unit193: yes, i did.. and hang on, i'm trying to explan a pastebin to see the text.22:23
ubot5pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com22:23
stlsainthehe i wrote the wiki on the app :D22:23
Unit193Might be easier...22:23
Unit193stlsaint: It's a great one!22:24
stlsainti love it, use it all the time22:24
stlsaintpastebinit that is22:24
Unit193I want it in all default installs!22:24
Unit193I'm not sure I have seen the wiki (I may have)22:24
stlsaintneed to repackage so it only uses certain pastebin, i only like paste.debian  and paste.ubuntu :D22:24
stlsaintUnit193: its on help.ubuntu.com/pastebinit (iirc)22:25
Unit193I like that you CAN use others. By default it should use ubuntu22:25
KM0201man, wtf..22:31
KM0201Unit193: stlsaint sorry... http://pastebin.com/Sjgecx8J22:31
KM0201that one is right22:31
KM0201FWIW, i followed the "reverse" instructions here... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC22:33
KM0201port 5500 is open22:33
KM0201i see the problem22:34
KM0201i can't believe i did something that stupid.22:34
KM0201it's working... thanks for your assistance22:36
stlsaintKM0201: what was issue?22:37
KM0201i'm a retard22:37
KM0201i don't know how i done it, i guess i wasn't paying attention when i was setting up my port, and i forwarded the port to my zune, rather than my laptop22:38
stlsaintits the little things that get ya22:38
KM0201yah... the sad thing was, i checked my router settings twice22:38
KM0201i was sure it was on her end (and i'm not telling her different)22:38
stlsainthehe just say you found a workaround even though she still messed up22:39
KM0201yeah.., there you go.. :)22:39
KM0201stlsaint: any idea what you put in the digital clock settings, for AM/PM, as opposed to a 24hr clock22:46
KM0201Unit193: u got any clue on that one?22:47
Unit193KM0201: %r22:48
stlsaintsorry not on my lubuntu install atm22:48
Unit193Why wouldn't you want 24hr?22:49
KM0201i love 24hr22:49
KM0201she doesn't22:49
KM0201i donj't think she even knows it to be honest (i tried explaining it, w/o joy)22:50
stlsainti didnt get it till i joined army22:51
Modrishow about 24h time  format and secs, for pm/am (%r) sec is showing for 24h (%R) not. And from where come this input or where i can read more about it?23:24
KM0201Modris: what they said earlier worked fine23:25
KM0201is there a guide to editing the menu?... i've got an app that won't get out of there for some reason23:25
ModrisKM0201,  use 24h (%R) but dont see seconds, but want to :-)23:26
KM0201sorry, i dunno about that one23:27
KM0201Unit193: or stlsaint might know23:27
Unit193Modris: If you want info: man strftime23:29
Modrisok, i try read23:32
Unit193%l:%M:%S <-- that format?23:33
KM0201u know of any good read on editing the menu?.. i got a zombie app that won't go away23:33
Unit193~/.config/openbox/lubuntu-rc.xml (Not a manual)23:35
ModrisUnit193, thnk for time format that is what i ask23:35
Unit193Modris: Did you want month/others too?23:35
Unit193Modris: You should add %p on the end (or %P)23:37
Modrisno thnk, i Y want - give this info23:37
Modrisbut Q from where this info? i dont have man for strftime23:38
stlsaintgotta love manpages23:39
Unit193stlsaint: +1! Offline and online if need be23:40
Modrisfor now i install gkrellm for monitoring some resources, How to start it automatical? Something in init.d ?23:40
Unit193aautostart program?23:41
Modrisi search in console for man page for strftime, but nothing ...23:41
ModrisUnit193, yes23:41
Unit193Modris: The command is   man strftime23:42
Modrisnice, that is the right way about FAQ23:42
Modrisabout man strftime for me give no manual entry for strftime...23:43
stlsaintModris: you sure your running command correctly23:44
stlsaintif im not mistaken that is a default app23:44
Modrisi want try pastebinit, but "you are trying to send an empty document, exiting23:47
Modrisand about correct writing, i write "man strftime"23:47
jmarsdenModris: echo this is a test |pastebinit23:47
Unit193COMMAND | pastebinit ( so ls -a |pastebinit23:47
Unit193^^^ That may not be a good idea if you have private files in the current dir!23:48
Modrisi lost the route :-(23:49
Modris1) write in console "man strftime" and get no manual entry for strftime23:49
Modris2) i want send it to pastebin with "man strftime |pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com" and get "No manual entry for strftime"23:50
stlsainthrm need to find package that strftime is part of23:51
jmarsdenstlsaint: strftime is a library function, so it is a development man page.  sudo apt-get install manpages-dev23:52
stlsaintah didnt know that23:52
stlsaintModris: try: man top23:53
Modrisit start linux user manual23:53
stlsaintjmarsden: so strftime is partial to manpages-dev package?23:54
jmarsdenThe strtime man page is part of the manpages-dev package, as far as I know.23:54
jmarsdendpkg -S /usr/share/man/man3/strftime.3.gz23:54
jmarsdenTo confirm this.23:54
Modrisok, think i understan. i need install adiitional pack to get this man local23:55
jmarsdenModris: Just do    sudo apt-get install manpages-dev23:55
stlsaintjmarsden: confirmed23:55
Modrisok,that now is not for me, i fight with beginer problems :-) try understand .desktop files to start programms automaticaly ;-)23:56
Modrisback to FAQ23:56

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