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kingargonis there arm developement chan on freenode?01:26
prpplaguekingargon: literally hundreds01:28
prpplaguekingargon: but you generally need to know what you are wanting to develop on arm01:28
kingargonwell its the arm cortex m3 processor01:43
kingargonim just a beginner so i want to learn the basics01:43
prpplaguekingargon: thats more in the realm of microcontrollers01:44
prpplaguekingargon: there is a microcontroller channel as well as a number of support channels like #sparkfun01:45
kingargoncool, ill check out sparkfun i totally forgot they were on irc01:45
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cb88I am having trouble installing ubuntu on the pandaboard I have here. I am using a 16Gb card and also an 8 Gb card... it boots up fine initially and after the resize occurs it reboots and either hangs or dumps me to the intiramfs03:17
cb88I believe it only dumps me to initramfs if the ext3 filesystem isn't clean03:17
cb88I mounted the card and the logs in /var/log seem to indicate io errors03:18
cb88but there isn't acutally anything wrong with the card03:18
persiaogra_, So, I got a Dynabook AZ: Do we have a wiki page for putting Ubuntu on it?11:18
ogra_not yet11:18
ogra_its a bit scattered atm11:19
persiaWell, I don't mind fixing that: please point me at some good places.11:19
persiaI'll try for something like the Archos 10.1 or Nokia N900 pages.11:19
ogra_first of all its hard to get the flash tool, nvidia shot down their linux supoport11:20
* persia should probably do a page for the Netwalker, but keeps being discouraged by the impossible-to-upstream kernel11:20
persiaIs there a mirror somewhere?11:20
ogra_not that i know of, let me put it somewhere for you11:20
persiaIs it licensed in a way that it can be distributed (like stuck on people.ubuntu.com or something)?11:21
ogra_i dont think so :(11:22
ogra_i havent written an installer script yet or some such, so itzs a bit more complex than it should be11:23
ogra_removed :)11:24
ogra_natty images are at http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/tegra/2.6.37/11:24
ogra_pull the two img files and the non SD tarball11:24
persiaI want SD and non-SD image files?11:25
ogra_ah, well, just pull the SD one11:25
ogra_the first boot to copy over the rootfs to internal mmc needs to happen from SD11:26
persiaSo, SD image file, non-SD tarball?11:26
ogra_i plan to script all that11:26
ogra_persia, once you have the files, untar nvflash ... attach a mini usb cable to the dynabook, hold down ctrl+esc to get into flash mode11:33
ogra_(teh backlight stays off, power LED is on )11:33
ogra_go to the nvflash dir ...11:34
ogra_sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash --bl ./fastboot.bin --download 6 <path to SD img file>11:35
ogra_if you want to do backups before: sudo LD_LIBRARY_PATH=. ./nvflash --bl ./fastboot.bin --read 5 tegra_partition_6.bin --go11:36
ogra_that should be read 6 indeed11:36
persiaOK.  That will be a bit: I'm still doing the first-time-charge thing to train the battery (and expect to do that for at least a few hours)11:36
ogra_then i'll go back to gardening :)11:36
persiaOnce I replace partition 6, should it just boot?11:37
ogra_you need to change /boot/bootimg.cfg to the right root= and run sudo flash-kernel11:37
persiaNow I'm confused.11:37
ogra_you want to format mmcblk0p711:38
ogra_part 6 only contains kernel and initrd11:38
persiaSo, I have a never-booted device.  I replace the .img file with the one you distribute.11:38
persiaThen I boot into that initrd, and run flash-kernel?11:38
ogra_the SD image by default looks at the first part on an SD card11:38
ogra_you unpack the tarball to that sd ... copy the tarball into it too ... set a root pw or remove the passwd bit from /etc/shadow, boot into the SD and foarmat/untar the rootfs to mmcblk0p711:39
ogra_as i said, i plan to script all that in an initrd script11:39
ogra_currently its all manual11:40
persiaOK.  What filesystems do I want for the SD and mmcblk0p7>11:40
ogra_i would recommend ext4 btw11:40
ogra_snap :)11:40
ogra_SD doesnt matter, you throw it away once you have installed to mmc11:40
persiaSo, to recap:11:40
ogra_my scripted version will essentially do the same i will do for the build cluster11:41
persia1) nvflash partition 6 with the new kernel/initrd11:41
persia2) untar tarball onto SD and copy tarball into SD11:41
* ogra_ nods11:41
persia3) boot device holding Ctrl+Esc, which launches environment on SD.11:41
ogra_that would have been 011:42
persia4) In that environment, untar rootfs into mmcblk0p711:42
ogra_the device needs to be in flash mode before nvflash11:42
persiaAh, OK.11:42
persiaSo, 3) boot device normally, launching environment from SD.11:42
persia5) In that environment, run flash-kernel11:42
persia6) shut down, remove SD, reboot11:42
ogra_3) modify /etc/shadow on the SD, *then* boot device normally, launching environment from SD.11:43
ogra_there is no user :)11:43
ogra_so allow root to log in11:43
persiaOK.  And 4,5,6?11:45
ogra_4) In that environment, untar rootfs into mmcblk0p711:46
ogra_5) In that environment, run flash-kernel after modifying the cfg file11:46
ogra_reboot ...11:46
persiaWhat do you need to do to the cfg file?11:46
ogra_point root= to mmcblk0p711:47
ogra_oh, wait11:47
ogra_you dont :)11:47
ogra_thats only on the SD tarball11:47
ogra_your cfg should be fine OOTB11:47
ogra_so just flash-kernel11:48
persiaAh, good.  I'll let you know how it goes (and put up the wiki page).11:48
ogra_i'll have the script ready by beginning of the week11:48
ogra_then it should only be: flash part 6 ... copy tarball onto SD card ... boot11:49
persiaIn my ideal vision of the world, at that point you'd be in a ubiquity environment, with partman preseeded to use mmcblk0p7 for /11:50
ogra_that would mean live image11:50
ogra_so also 2min untarring vs cp / (surely about 30min)11:51
persiaIf there is that much time discrepancy, we're doing something wrong.11:52
persiaGiven a compressed archive of files, we should select the fastest way of delivering it to disk.11:52
ogra_well, ubiquity copies the uncompressed filesystem11:52
ogra_which by nature takes more time than just untarring11:52
persiaRight, which is naively correct, but may not actually be correct.11:52
persiaI've heard lots of complaints that ubiquity was slow: this may be part of the issue.11:53
ogra_well, invent squashcat11:53
ogra_squashcat <squashfs file> > <partition>11:53
persiaNo need: you've just invented it: the rest is an implementation detail.11:54
ogra_detail, right11:54
persiaDo you happen to know *why* cp is slower than tar?  Is it filesystem consistency checking?11:55
ogra_cp operates without compression11:55
ogra_it just copies from the loop mounted /11:56
ogra_anyway, let me go back to gardening ... i'll be back11:57
persiaNo worries.  It's just theory at this point anyway :)11:57
* persia adds to the list of things to do one day running time and strace (separately) on cp, tar, and rsync delivery of files11:58
persiaogra_, Obviously MMC performance changes things, but results for image-mount -> HD on amd64 for natty-desktop i386 squashfs supports your assertion: http://paste.ubuntu.com/611065/15:25
persiaI'm not sure what happened with "real" times: I suspect something took advantage of the "idle" state during the rsync run: prior attempts showed it to be more "real" similar to cp (although the other numbers don't seem to have been affected as much)15:26
persiaogra_, On another note, nvflash doesn't seem to work for me :)15:38
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