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sagacihead_victim: ping14:35
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head_victimsagaci: pong here for a couple of minutes14:51
gorillavery.. very annoying when you try to identify to nickserv on another irc server :-/14:52
sagacinot sure if I've shed light on this before... but good old hindsight 2.0 tells me that I shouldn't have really worried about creating the launchpad group as of yet, due to lubuntu becoming official and hence chromium-browser will be integrated anyway into the mainline translation set14:53
head_victimsagaci: can't hurt though really, have you heard back from the powers that be about it being set as a proper translation group?14:53
sagacinah, the past few weeks have been hectic as hectic can be... I've done a bit of translation work but haven't been able to grasp who and what I need to write to them14:55
sagacitoday is my first day "off"14:55
sagacii'll do it in the next week though14:56
head_victimThat's ok mate, no dramas.14:56
gorillasagaci: too bad if today was the end of the world.14:56
sagacifour minutes til may 2214:57
sagacias long as the sun comes up tomorrow >>>> :)14:57
head_victimWell I have to head to bed, need to be awake in 4 hours. If either of you 2 use social media please have a think about the topic added by Joel Addison. I've gone and created accounts on them all so I can help out but I really don't know the best way to set it up, either as a group or as an individual account. 14:58
gorillawhat's happening with social media?15:06

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