truepurpledistracted by tech support00:05
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truepurplehead_victim: Are you still there? I still can't get sound to work00:23
head_victimtruepurple: do both devices show up in the sound preferences?00:23
truepurpleWhat do you mean "both devices"?00:24
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head_victimYou have 2 audio devices, one onboard the other in your video card to provide hdmi audio00:26
truepurpleyeah I got both00:27
truepurpleAnd I seem to have sound now, not sure what I did00:27
truepurpleJust happened out of the blue00:27
head_victimOk, maybe you switched defaults or something00:28
truepurplebut I am still having video card problems00:28
head_victimOk have you worked through that link I gave earlier? Because it's much more informative than I can be unfortunately. I have never used ATI cards so I don't really know where else to go. So I'd try that link I gave, if not maybe there is someone else in here that has an ATI card and can help? Anyone?00:29
truepurplehead_victim: When it says "$ cd ~/; mkdir catalyst11.5; cd catalyst11.5/00:34
truepurple$ wget http://www2.ati.com/drivers/linux/ati-driver-installer-11-5-x86.x86_64.run00:34
truepurple$ chmod +x ati-driver-installer-11-5-x86.x86_64.run"00:34
truepurpleAre we suppose to put those dollar signs in as part of the commands?00:34
head_victimNo, that just shows it is at a prompt00:34
head_victimAnd doesn't require sudo00:35
truepurpleSo just copy and paste the lines one by one minus command prompts?00:35
head_victimThat shold work00:35
head_victimHold up00:35
head_victimUpdating Catalyst/fglrx00:35
head_victimDO NOT try to install a new version over an old one. Follow the 'Removing the Driver' section below to remove your existing driver, and then you can start at 'Downloading the latest Catalyst' to install the new one.00:35
head_victimMaybe they should put that section BEFORE the install instructions rather than after ;)00:36
truepurpleDoes that include what is installed automatically by addition drivers?00:36
truepurpleCreate .deb packages-> that applies to me?00:37
truepurpleSo I am suppose to download it via additional drivers, uninstall that part of it, then reinstall it with this command? Other people who have said they have gone through this didn't mention anything this convoluted00:37
head_victimI would follow the "removing catalyst/fglrx" section then start at the top and work down to and including the "just in case" section00:38
truepurpleBut first I have to install via additional drivers, right?00:39
head_victimNo, you said you already have done that and it didn't work.00:39
head_victimThe removal instructions makes sure you don't have anything lingering around that could cause problems and then the installation will install newer drivers than what are currently available in the "additional drivers" in Ubuntu by default00:40
truepurpleSo will this install get autoupdated as though I got it from additional drivers?00:41
head_victimProbably not.00:43
head_victimBut this is meant to be a much newer version00:44
head_victimThe only other option is to see if there is a PPA you can use to get the latest version00:44
truepurpleAFK for shower, its downloading and installing something anyway. What is PPA BTW?00:45
ubot2A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk.00:45
UndiFineDusing ppa can be dangerously unstable00:46
head_victimtruepurple: I have to head off for a bit myself to get some shopping done. Hopefully that link works out for you, if not hopefully someone else here can pick up with helping you.00:47
truepurpleSo should I use a PPA or not, and how come other people can just install through additional drivers?00:48
UndiFineDyes that should be the way, but I dont have ATI myself, so it is hard for me to help you here00:49
truepurpleWhy though can someone else with the exact same video card and monitor just do it through additional drivers though?00:50
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Proz01di'm running ubuntu server 10.04 and i want to restore my default firewall settings.. i did back them up but when i went to restore the file was size 003:16
holsteinProz01d: hello03:20
holsteincheck out https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/firewall.html03:20
* holstein is browsing it03:21
Proz01dyeah i did03:22
Proz01di had to disable everything to get my vpn tunnelling working03:22
Proz01dbut wanted to restore some settings to make sure it's still secure03:23
holsteinProz01d: you have it out in the DMZ ?03:25
holstein*of your router?03:25
truepurpleIt seems ubuntu sleep mode that automatically triggers when I am not at the keys, even with a active download, can screw up my internet connection, at least I think that is the cause03:29
truepurpleHow do I stop this?03:29
holsteintruepurple: im not sure where the settings are in unity, but you are looking for power management03:31
truepurpleBut how do I get it so it does suspend, but ongoing download or install does not count as inactivity to the system?03:32
holsteinhmmm, not sure about that03:33
holsteini just dont have my computer do things on its own03:33
truepurpleInstead you sit and stare at a install or download screen when you have other things you need to do?03:34
holsteinthey'll always be some kind of internet traffic03:34
holsteintruepurple: ?03:34
holsteini just download things03:34
holsteinand leave the computer running03:34
Proz01dhow do i update ubuntu from the command line?03:44
Proz01di did sudo apt-get update03:44
holsteinProz01d: sudo apt-get update03:44
holsteinthen sudo apt-get upgrade03:44
Proz01dis that it?03:44
holsteinProz01d: i think, if you have that box outside in the DMZ, you might want to think about shorewall03:45
holsteinthe few server guys ive talked to really like it03:46
Proz01di need to keep things lightweight as i don't have very much cpu / ram03:46
Proz01dso the fewer programs the better03:46
holsteinim thinking it might be as simple as resetting the iptables info03:47
holstein*to default03:47
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Proz01dholstein: how do you do that?04:06
holsteinProz01d: im just googling around, so you should ask someone else first maybe04:07
holsteinbut, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=21708504:07
Proz01dholstein thanks i'll take a look05:04
holsteinProz01d: sure05:04
Proz01di think i'll just boot my vm and check ...05:06
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duanedeisgnit was once termed black wakk street abd tgeb burned the ground while national guard heklpicoters and state opolice improsioned all the Frican Naricans in the PVILLIONsomeone  having ati gra[hics porblrms?07:06
duanedeisgnigeore that \07:07
duanedeisgntryinti watv=ch family guy at the szme tume07:08
duanedeisgntryinti watv=ch family guy at the szme tume/507:08
s7nfguys, is it possible to have both gnome and unity dektops? So i can change between them on the fly07:09
head_victims7nf: the closest you will get is having them both installed and having to log out of one and back into another07:12
head_victimI'm not sure if that's "on the fly" enough or not though07:13
s7nfok, that's enough. So what do I do? Can I have unity on my ubuntu 10.10?07:14
head_victims7nf: I've done some research, it should be as simple as "sudo apt-get install unity" or just looking for the unity package in your favourite gui installation program07:26
head_victimThe only thing is it might be the netbook version which I'm not 100% is the same or not07:27
s7nfhead_victim, seems so, but i've also found this http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/05/unity-2d-ppa-for-ubuntu-10-10-users/ which says that you need a port to maverick, the unity 2D07:30
head_victims7nf: seems like you may be right, that points to http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2010/11/unity-compiz-wont-be-backported-to-maverick/ so that unity package is probably the netbook one07:32
s7nfhead_victim, thx for your helps, I think I'll just wait for a bit more07:33
head_victimOr try upgrading to 11.04 :)07:33
s7nfhead_victim, is it stable enough?07:38
head_victims7nf: I've not tried it personally haven't had the time to upgrade on this machine and my other machine runs lts's07:43
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KinkyPinkiehey again! i'm trying to mount my ios4 to 10.10 and following http://www.webupd8.org/2010/12/get-ios4-mountsync-working-in-ubuntu.html. it tells me to do sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, and I read somewhere that it will upgrade my installation to narwhal :/10:12
KinkyPinkieis it safe without getting 11.04?10:12
KinkyPinkienvm acctually. it didnt do much.  cant seem to mount still though10:32
coalwaterKinkyPinkie, you don't need to upgrade if you don't want to, a lot of people are still using 10.1011:23
KinkyPinkieyea, it was allright :) thanks11:24
KinkyPinkiestlsaint: ?12:02
stlsaintKinkyPinkie: yes?12:03
KinkyPinkieinterresting what?12:03
stlsaintKinkyPinkie: care to share where you are from?12:03
KinkyPinkiei'm from norway. my classmates started cailling me that when I dyed my hair pink again12:04
stlsaintoh ok12:04
* philinux likes pink12:04
* stlsaint is going to walk away safely.....12:06
stlsaintmaybe ill just stick to nina :D12:07
KinkyPinkiehehe, call me what you like, hilight is nice tho:p12:07
stlsaintcall you hilight?12:09
KinkyPinkiethe irssi hilight:P12:09
stlsaintah you use irssi?12:10
stlsaintbioterror: man i try so hard to understand what you talk about on facebook but ima need more english outta you o_O12:10
bioterrorstlsaint, hahaha :)12:11
stlsaintbioterror: lol i had to have the same convo with pablorubianes !!12:11
stlsaintKinkyPinkie: what brings ya to the BT? friend, forums, ?12:12
stlsaintTheDaniel0108: poke12:12
stlsaintMaratich: hello12:13
TheDaniel0108stlsaint: hi12:13
bioterrorstlsaint, she heard that we have here one matthew!12:13
stlsaintbioterror: thats good enough reason for me12:13
stlsaintTheDaniel0108: hey, i dont think we have ever spoken and i have a few quiet minutes here so saying hello to all the folks i dont know12:14
stlsaintMaratich: ^^12:14
bioterrorstlsaint, rich oil sheikh ;)12:14
TheDaniel0108stlsaint: I'm Daniel0108 :P12:14
KinkyPinkiestlsaint: I just didnt know people who could help me with linux problems i had, and google didnt quite help me out much rather than showing me ubuntu beginners. didnt know it was like a club or something :p12:15
Maratichстранно, ну ладно...12:15
stlsaintbioterror: HA (its funny cause i dont know what sheikh means)12:15
stlsaintKinkyPinkie: no club in this channel, just love :D12:15
KinkyPinkiewee love<312:15
stlsaintima get a script that turns all non-english lettering into emoticons12:16
TheDaniel0108this is not an off-topic channel, lol12:16
TheDaniel0108#ubuntu-beginners-team is off-topic ;)12:16
KinkyPinkiewohoo even better! troll-playground12:16
bioterrorstlsaint, it's a guy with funny towel around his head and they throw money :D http://termite.apcdn.com/full/40736.gif12:16
* KinkyPinkie is quite the troll12:16
stlsaintKinkyPinkie: we use the ban hammer on trolls :P12:17
* KinkyPinkie will behave :) got enough tards to troll in other channels anyway :p12:17
bioterrorstlsaint, that gif rules :D12:17
stlsaintbioterror: LOL whoa12:17
stlsaintso suttle12:17
* stlsaint is going to migrate before TheDaniel0108 writes a letter to council on me :P12:18
Sidewinder1!gr > Maratich12:18
ubot2Maratich, please see my private message12:18
stlsaintKinkyPinkie: that means moving in the off topic channel12:18
KinkyPinkieso where are you from, stlsaint ?:)12:19
ubot2Maratich, please see my private message12:19
stlsaintMaratich: just gonna message yourself ay?12:19
Maratichno, i'm Russian12:19
Maratichnot greek12:19
* stlsaint *whispers* ssshhhhhhh we cant talk here, must go to #ubuntu-beginners-team12:20
Maratichand nothing new ubot2 talks12:20
Maratich!ban Maratich12:20
ubot2Factoid 'ban Maratich' not found12:20
Sidewinder1Maratich, Sorry, I always have trouble differentiating between Cyrillic and Greek; maybe it's my fonts...12:23
Sidewinder1Or my eyes...12:23
Maratich:) dont worry12:23
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farrinuxHello all15:15
JackyAlcineAfternoon farrinux15:26
farrinuxActually it's 9:31 am for me15:31
newbuntujust checking out these channels for the first time16:31
newbuntukinda quiet out here16:32
philinuxnewbuntu: try joining #ubuntu16:32
philinuxnewbuntu: it's crazy mind lol16:33
holsteinnewbuntu: #ubuntu-beginners-team is the OT, more social channel :)16:34
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beachbuddahHi all - reinstalled 10.10 on the wrong drive.  Now it says I don't have permission to remove the files.19:14
bioterroruse sudo19:15
beachbuddahAdditionally, can I retrieve any of the overwritten data from the disk from before it was formatted?19:15
beachbuddahI don't know what to say in the terminal19:15
sattu94beachbuddah: uh, b4 you overwrote, it said you wont be able to recover because you OVERWROTE it! :|19:19
sattu94beachbuddah: AFAIK theres no way u can recover the overwritten data!19:20
beachbuddahok - figured I would ask19:20
bioterrorphotorec can dig something19:21
beachbuddahphotorec a command or a program?19:22
bioterrorsomething between19:22
beachbuddahk  - I'm at their website now19:23
beachbuddahthanks for the suggestion bioterror - I'll give it a try19:24
sattu94i gues it'll be able to recover only those parts that were not overwritten, but were just marked for overwriting in the future(therefore qualifying as free space)..19:24
beachbuddahright - I'm new and don't know the parameters of an Ubuntu format19:24
beachbuddahwell - if it's like windows, then you can definitely recover formatted drives19:25
beachbuddahI wasn't sure if the formatting was more extensive in Ubuntu19:26
sattu94beachbuddah: tahts only true if u quick formatted it, it just marks everything as free space19:26
sattu94and overwrites later on when u want to use it.19:26
sattu94but in normal formatting it physically removes everything and then writes.19:27
beachbuddahthen who knows - maybe everything I want back will be recoverable19:27
sattu94i dont think so. some part of that marked data will probably have been overwritten, other unoverwritten data will probably be in NTFS format,19:27
sattu94i.e. if you used windows earlier19:28
sattu94and since u r using ubuntu, that tool MIGHT not be able to recover NTFS19:28
beachbuddahhmmm - now that could be a problem19:28
sattu94however best of luck, may you get what you deserve..:D19:29
beachbuddahlol - thanks19:29
bioterrornext time: double check19:31
beachbuddahbioterror - you're right - I was tired and impatient19:40
Error404NotFoundyou alive bioterror?23:02
Captainkrtekhey Error404NotFound23:03
Error404NotFoundi need yer flash thingy again23:03
Error404NotFoundthat was you yes?23:04
Captainkrteklet me find it23:07
Error404NotFoundi have another issue also23:07
Error404NotFounddocky says it needs composting enabled23:07
Error404NotFoundno idea what that is23:07
CaptainkrtekError404NotFound, slashdev.org/flash.sh23:08
CaptainkrtekError404NotFound, Ill look into that for you as well23:09
CaptainkrtekError404NotFound, try this: gconftool-2 -s --type bool /apps/metacity/general/compositing_manager true23:09
Captainkrtekthen restart docky23:09
Error404NotFoundooh that worked23:10
CaptainkrtekError404NotFound, great :-)23:14
Error404NotFoundand flash works yay23:16
Error404NotFoundyou are genetically superior23:17
* Error404NotFound is in the proccess of transfering music from windows partition to linux23:21
Error404NotFoundthen i delete winders23:21
Captainkrtekvery cool :)23:23
Error404NotFoundon my laptop that is23:23
Error404NotFoundnot ready to eliminate windows from my desktop quite yet23:24
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