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Captainkrtekquick question, today I was admitted to the BugSquad but It appears that I do not have the appropriate permissions to edit bugs. I can not triage bugs00:39
killownthis bug is very annoying https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/60756000:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 607560 in linux (Ubuntu) "jbd2 writing block every 5 - 10 seconds, preventing disk spin-down and making noise (affects: 54) (heat: 296)" [Undecided,Confirmed]00:40
jtaylorcan someone look bug 786032 and tell me if I (or dpkg) is going crazy or have forgotten some subtle differente between the two packages01:38
ubot4Launchpad bug 786032 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "dpkg treats two identical packages differently (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78603201:39
ohsixbrokem changelog format?02:23
charlie-tcajtaylor: where do the packages come from? Neither appears to be a natty package, but maybe I crossed something and that is wrong?02:39
charlie-tcaI think the reason the -4 package fails is because it requires something not there in natty. -3 is the oneiric package, and not necessarily backwards compatible to natty02:43
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BigWhalewhere would I find somebody that could help me with libdee?07:28
jtaylorohsix: the changelog is fine, also a broken changelog should not cause such an error10:48
jtaylorcharlie-tca: -3 is not from oneiric, is made in a chroot, and it has identical dependencies10:49
Luca1Hi! I'm trying to use Unity in dual screen but both screen result completely screwed up whatever I do. I've read many bugs but seems like I'm the only one experiencing this. Should I report this?10:54
BigWhaleLuca1, what graphics card and drivers?10:56
Luca1I'm using an ATI with opensource drivers. Gnome seems quite OK in dual screen (quite means sometimes it suddenly logs out, but no more than once a day).10:56
BigWhaleI had more luck with ATI and fglrx11:04
BigWhaleright now with HD685011:04
Luca1I tried to install fglrx but the installation failed. Didn't write down the error message. Anyway I can try again.11:05
BigWhaleFor me it worked with no problems. Natty has the latest drivers.11:10
Luca1Ok, I'm trying again. Thanks!11:11
Luca1I tried to install fglrx bug I got the error message. This is what I see in the log:11:24
Luca12011-05-21 12:21:26,077 ERROR: update-alternatives: warning: skip creation of /usr/lib32/libaticalcl.so because associated file /usr/lib32/fglrx/libaticalcl.so (of link group gl_conf) doesn't exist.11:24
Luca1update-alternatives: warning: skip creation of /usr/lib32/libaticalrt.so because associated file /usr/lib32/fglrx/libaticalrt.so (of link group gl_conf) doesn't exist.11:24
Luca1W: Possible missing firmware /lib/firmware/rtl_nic/rtl8105e-1.fw for module r816911:24
Luca12011-05-21 12:21:26,309 WARNING: modinfo for module fglrx failed: ERROR: modinfo: could not find module fglrx11:24
Luca12011-05-21 12:21:26,309 WARNING: /sys/module/fglrx/drivers does not exist, cannot rebind fglrx driver11:24
Luca12011-05-21 12:21:26,309 ERROR: XorgDriverHandler.enable(): package or module not installed, aborting11:24
Luca12011-05-21 12:21:47,879 DEBUG: XorgDriverHandler(%s, %s).enabled(): No X.org driver set, not checking11:24
Luca12011-05-21 12:21:47,897 DEBUG: XorgDriverHandler(%s, %s).enabled(): No X.org driver set, not checking11:24
Luca1If I'm restarting now I would get no graphics and I would have to switch to a VT to uninstall fglrx. At least this is what I had to do the last time.11:25
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trinikronohi i was looking at the debugging procedures page and i believe the wikipage for plymouth shld be included also, what is the best way to do this21:26
penguin42which page were you looking at?21:27
trinikronopenguin42: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingProcedures21:28
trinikronoi did not want to just go in and change things21:28
penguin42and which one are you suggesting including?21:28
trinikronopenguin42: well we dont use usplash anymore so plymouth :D https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Plymouth#Debugging21:29
trinikronoat least the link to the wikipage21:29
penguin42trinikrono: It's perhaps not as detailed as the other Debugging* pages linked off the DebuggingProcedures page21:30
trinikronowell that may be so, but it should be mentioned at least21:31
penguin42trinikrono: Those other pages have stuff about how to file the bug, particular tags to use, stock replies etc21:31
trinikronomaybe someone from the plymouth team can do it21:31
trinikronofile a bug?21:31
penguin42not sure who the best person to ask on that one is21:32
penguin42trinikrono: There is the template at the bottom of the Debugging* page21:34
trinikronopenguin42: i am going to look from someone from the plymouth team that can help me fill out the details21:39
trinikronopenguin42: are you still around22:26
trinikronook penguin i created a wikipage https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingPlymouth23:10
trinikronoi will look for someone that can put more details than me23:10
trinikronoumm penguin42 can i make a section named Boot in the debugging procedures23:11
trinikronoor put it in misc where the usplash was23:11
penguin42trinikrono: I think I'd put it in misc23:20
penguin42trinikrono: Once there are 2 or 3 boot related items then they can have a section23:20
trinikronowhat should be done with the usplash one penguin4223:21
trinikronoleft alone?23:21
penguin42not sure, I guess you could put 'obsolete' next to it23:22
trinikronookie i done as much as i can think off with plymouth :D23:44
trinikronoi asked https://launchpad.net/~vorlon if he can look at the page as he works on a lot of the bugs in plymouth23:45
trinikronoso later penguin42 im off now23:45

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