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doctormoAnother positive blog post, this time ported packages for natty.00:38
nigelbduanedeisgn: 4207:26
czajkowskifun way to spend a saturday14:29
czajkowskidoing teams re approval14:29
czajkowskiI also need to file bugs/mails to the LD dev list14:30
czajkowskioh yeah14:35
czajkowskiI've some issues that are being a pain this week14:35
czajkowskisome fields are mandatory and need to be made more stringent but not sure how yet14:36
czajkowskicjohnston: an example is team contact14:36
czajkowskipeople leave it blank which means when I need to contact them I've to go to LP14:36
czajkowskior they put a team as a team contact14:36
czajkowskiwhich is a mailing list to a group of people14:36
cjohnstongot a team in specific?14:37
cjohnstonczajkowski: look at http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-eo14:38
cjohnstonteam contact on LD is not possible to be a team.. but I don't believe its imported from LD because the team admin may not be the team contact14:39
czajkowskithey are creating teams or admins14:40
czajkowskiso say if I want to mail someone they also hide their address from being public14:40
czajkowskiif you're a team contact14:40
czajkowskiyour email address should be public!14:40
cjohnstonthere is the contact me on the LP page..14:41
czajkowskiyeah I know14:42
czajkowskibut that's on LP then14:42
czajkowskitis annoying14:42
cjohnstonif you go to edit details they only have users.. and i believe that it was made to where teams are broken into people14:42
czajkowskicjohnston: doing one thing today14:42
czajkowskiand that's ireland team14:42
czajkowskiI'll do LD dev mails later14:42
cjohnstonthey are broken out of the team and into people14:42
nigelbczajkowski: I have a question for you.14:55
nigelbczajkowski: The loco council deals with the list of loco teams mentioned in your blog post for this cycle.  What happens if like a new loco wants to get approved?14:56
czajkowskithat's not a re approval is it :)14:57
czajkowskiso they go about as normal14:57
czajkowskiand just go to the meeting or mail us14:57
czajkowskithat mail is specifically RE APPROVAL14:57
nigelbdoh, I should read properly :)14:57
czajkowskino worries14:57
nigelbczajkowski: Thanks :)14:57
czajkowskiI'm so proud of my team14:57
czajkowskiwe're a small small community14:57
czajkowskibut bloody hell looking back we've done a lot14:58
czajkowskimakes me damn proud14:58
czajkowskiireland is small and oss is minute compared to other parts of EU and doesnt even get a blip on the USA scale14:58
czajkowskibut we do damn well14:58
czajkowskicjohnston: you finding loco.u.c SLOW15:02
czajkowskiI click on teams15:02
czajkowskiand slow to render15:02
cjohnstonit does seem so, however I'm on 3g, so I thought it was me15:02
czajkowskicjohnston: nope15:04
czajkowskitook nearly 1 min to render that page15:04
cjohnstonseeing if anyone is around to look at the server.. mhall119  you here?15:04
czajkowskicjohnston: it's no biggie15:05
czajkowskitis just crawling15:05
czajkowskiwondered where you breaking it15:05
cjohnstonNope.. Is summit slow for you too czajkowski ?15:05
nigelbhrm, fairly okay for me.15:05
czajkowskicjohnston: nope tis fine15:06
czajkowskijcastro: you about by any sweet love of god chance15:55
czajkowskioh nm used my brai15:55
mhall119czajkowski: cjohnston what's going on?21:38
cjohnstonPM mhall11921:39
cjohnstonpleia2: had another delerium tremins (sp) last night21:47
pleia2cjohnston: I'm in ur state, soakin up ur sun22:33
nigelbpleia2: on your phone? :)22:41
pleia2nigelb: nah, wifi here at the condo we're staying at22:42
nigelbpleia2: Strange, I've never seen you use 'ur' before ;)22:43
* nigelb yawns and heads to bed.22:43
nigelbTomorrow is going to be so bad :\22:44
nigelbpleia2: laters :)22:44
cjohnstonpleia2: where in fl23:01
mhall119cjohnston: miami23:35
topyliany staff to help with a cloak? we need an ubuntu/member cloak for UndiFineD23:50
Pendulumtopyli: have you checked in #ubuntu-irc?23:51
topyliPendulum: wrong channel, sorry :)23:52

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