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Rocket2DMnhey UndiFineD , you here?01:18
Rocket2DMnwhat is this page for - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/menu ?01:19
UndiFineDI was playing a bit01:19
UndiFineDI was thinking of some sotrt of menu for fast browsing01:19
Rocket2DMna year or two ago the index pages we rewritten using a "signpost" approach01:20
Rocket2DMnis the main page not adequate?01:21
UndiFineDhmmm, to me it does not seem the easiest way to get to documents01:21
UndiFineDand the search does not seem to be working at all01:21
Rocket2DMnwe use a topic based approach for cataloging the documentation rather than a table of contents or index approach01:22
Rocket2DMnwe can certainly expand the main page or its immediate subpages if material is missing01:22
UndiFineDyeah I noticed :) very gnomy01:22
Rocket2DMnit's just better to not maintain more than one indexing area01:22
Rocket2DMnhehe yeah, i know01:23
UndiFineDyou can removed it if you wish01:23
Rocket2DMnok, i'll do that01:23
Rocket2DMnif there is more material that you think shoiuld be more easily accessible, please bring it up on the mailing list01:24
UndiFineDok I will, I tend to stick the team to UDS plans too, meaning say what is need but as short as possible, and we should avoid redundancy01:25
UndiFineDI listened in on most of the doc sessions01:26
Rocket2DMnsounds good man01:26
Rocket2DMnman there is sooo much old material on the wiki :(01:30
UndiFineDI know, which is hy I thought lamp would be a good starting point01:31
Rocket2DMnyou like working on server documentaiton?01:31
UndiFineDI know most of it01:32
UndiFineDI had to design a full stack of anti spam for a mailserver and when employed I am mostly a php programmer01:33
UndiFineDoh and unity may not be flawless, but it is addictive01:35
UndiFineDfor fun I launched gnome-panel in unity, but I could not go back01:36
Rocket2DMni havent played around too much in unity01:38
Rocket2DMni need to take some time to learn more features to get better use out of it01:38
UndiFineDwell I waited to install it after UDS, so I am using it now for almost a week01:38
j1mci like unity. i've been fortunate enough to have a laptop that supports it well01:39
j1mci would like gnome shell more if it didn't have so much padding in the theme and if it had better fonts.01:39
UndiFineDonly my sound is broken01:39
UndiFineDbut that may be a kernel issue01:40
j1mcthe fonts on g-s are buggy. it isn't a rendering issue like it used to be - cantarel (sp?) is just a buggy font at this point.01:40
UndiFineDor pulse01:40
jbichacantarell hasn't been packaged for deb/ubuntu02:23
Captainkrtekhey jbicha04:00
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