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xircon1Morning all07:28
Tm_Txircon... I'm suddenly filled with memories from distant past07:57
xircon1Yes, remember it well, but has nothing to do with my username :)  My username was made up when signing up to freeserve in the late 90's08:22
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fujisanso this is a gateway ?17:29
fujisana gateway into the conversion of the club to one day be forgiven and be allowed into the ubuntu namespace as a born again ubuntu member :)17:30
fujisani surely hope so17:31
fujisanbu bye :) and thanks17:31
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UndiFineDhello people, I would like to request my membership cloak23:45
rwwUndiFineD: link to your Launchpad profile, please23:45
rwwtopyli: ^^23:46
topyliUndiFineD: you should identify before being cloaked23:48
rwwtopyli: they are23:48
UndiFineDI do, automatically23:48
topylioh yes. sorry23:49
topylithere we go :)23:54
UndiFineDok, so restart my chat client now ?23:56
topylino, you're ok23:56
rwwnope, it's been applied already. you just didn't see it.23:56
UndiFineDah ok23:56
UndiFineDstill seeing my ipv6 ;)23:56
rww(everyone else saw you /quit with the message "Changing host", then rejoin with an ubuntu/member/undefined hostname)23:56
rww(freenode is odd)23:57
topyliUndiFineD: /whois yourself and see23:58
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UndiFineDthanks rww and topyli23:59
LjLcongrats UndiFineD23:59
topylino trouble at all23:59

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