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jtaylorok this is driving me insane, I have to packages which are friggin! identical and on upgrades the other does not01:13
jtaylorthe only difference is the changelog!01:14
micahgjtaylor: I'll be back in about 27 hours01:14
jtaylorubuntu, now with dpkg replaced by /dev/urandom01:18
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jtaylorbug 786032, I have probably missed something embarassingly obvious, but to me these two packages ought not to behave differently -.-01:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 786032 in dpkg (Ubuntu) "dpkg treats two identical packages differently" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/78603201:46
jbichajtaylor: are you still around?03:41
jbichayou're diffing deb's instead of diffing the source, foolscap -3 has an extra breaks line in debian/control03:45
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duanedeisgnmorninal all09:38
jtaylorjbicha: the attached -3 has no extra breaks line10:49
Ghmmm, is it me or is there no ability to pass '-sa' to bzr-buildpackage?11:02
RAOFG: It's just you (although it's not obvious) - due to the vagaries of bzr's paramater handling, you need to do “bzr bd $STUFF -- -sa”.  ie: separate it with --.11:34
GRAOF: ah ha! massive thanks!11:35
GRAOF: entering it into my file of things I really should know right now :)11:36
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bdrung_tumbleweed: around?16:46
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tumbleweedbdrung_: I am now21:59
bdrung_tumbleweed: i am waiting for "[stefanor] Ask derivatives front desk for distro-info naming help"22:24
bdrung_tumbleweed: i am currently moving scripts around and want to put distro-info back into a separate package, but i need the final name for it22:25
tumbleweedah, right22:44
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