Guinness2702What's the easiest way to upgrade backend on a 10.04 server?  it supports protocol 56 (or something) but my desktop runs 11.04 and the frontend that installs with it supports protocol 63 - I don't want to do an OS upgrade on the server, just to get the right version :\01:20
Guinness2702I'm probably gonna install mythbuntu next week, which I guess will have the same problem01:21
tgm4883!repos | Guinness270201:47
tgm4883hmm, where is Zinn01:48
tgm4883Guinness2702, http://www.mythbuntu.org/repos01:48
Guinness2702Thanks!  I'll look at it :)02:28
dewmanthe end of the world is near!!! LOL.....Give me all your hard drives!02:38
tgm4883dewman, 23 hours 21 minutes on my clock02:39
dewmantgm4883, so have you given everything away?? hehehe02:39
tgm4883dewman, everything but this laptop02:40
tgm4883i'm currently naked because I gave my clothes away too02:40
dewmantgm4883, nice....so you must be sitting at starbucks02:40
tgm4883of course :)02:40
dewmanare they giving you doomsday coffee?02:41
dewmana vente cup to hide....err....never mind...02:42
dewmanok back to the bbq...02:42
mrz80Good [evening|morning|afternoon|whatever]04:31
=== qwebirc61260 is now known as Shadowex3
Shadowex3Anyone know what could cause mythbuntu to install successfully but then just stop forever at the "Mythbuntu ..." bootup screen?04:39
Shadowex3Trying this on a Q9450 (stock) with a gtx 260 core 216 and 4x1tb samsung HDDs in case there's any compatibility issues04:39
mrz80I hit that a time or two in my hit-your-head-against-the-desktop efforts to get my shiny hvr-2250 working.04:39
mrz80I'd install a mythbuntu distro, reboot, and hang city04:40
Shadowex3Yeha the aggravating thing is when i tap the power button to turn off again it suddenly starts the dots doing the loading animation04:40
mrz80In my particular case it turned out to be either a corrupt iso image or a flawed cd-r burn  (that'll teach me to check the md5 sum)04:40
Shadowex3Hmm... i could try reburning, I figured a flawed cd wouldnt install properly though.04:41
mrz80Then I started running into flakiness in 11.04 not recognizing/working with nvidia video.04:41
mrz80Finally I dl'ed a 10.04 image, installed that, then upgraded it up to 0.24.1.  That seems to be working fine.04:41
Shadowex3Well that's worth a shot, I remember ubuntu 11.04 drove me to debian so...04:42
mrz80Just finished installing the latest/greatest saa7164 drivers, and the durn thing now sees both analog and both digital tuners on the 2250 card.  Happiness is.04:42
Shadowex3Why 10.04 and not 10.10?04:43
mrz80I had to install 11.04 on my test machine at work because a user was complaining about vpn client issues.  Blech.  I"m sticking with 10.04 'til the support stops.04:43
mrz8010.10 uses a 2.6.35 kernel, under which you cannot compile the saa7164 drivers04:43
mrz80(at least, that's what I deduce from the reams of forum exchanges I waded through over the last three weeks!)04:44
mrz8010.04 uses 2.6.32.  The drivers compile fine under that kernel.  I look to be putting my myth box back into production by the end of the weekend, which will get me major Wife Points (tm) :)04:44
mrz80All RIGHT... card recognized, tuners configured, channelscans done, mythfilldatabase running.  YEAH05:22
Shadowex3Alright thats a wierd one, out of curiosity i tried ctrl+alt+del at the hung screen and got an instant response (reboot)05:24
mrz80That *is* odd.05:25
Shadowex3well i've had stranger before, lets give 10.04 a shot.05:28
HoochsterHello, I just installed Mythbuntu 11.04 on new hardware mind you, but am fighting getting audio to output via nvidia hdmi, which seems to be an issue from what I gather heh05:31
Shadowex3It's linux, anything too fancy can have problems >P05:32
Shadowex3oh this is a riot05:32
Shadowex3i can boot a liveCD just fine with no errors or issues but i cant install lol05:32
Hoochsterlmao, Linux is pretty friendly on hardware heh05:33
Hoochsterbut newest OS is usually a fun one05:33
Shadowex3yeah ubuntu 11.04 drove me to debian05:33
HoochsterI used to be Debian tried and true but just don't have the time anymore heh so I pretty much run Ubuntu on everything05:34
Shadowex3well for a while ubuntu was the It Just Works linux OS05:34
Hoochsterbut ya I really don't want to downgrade this heh but at least I haven't put a lot of work into the software yet05:34
mrz80It Just Works, unless you're doing music-related audio stuff.   Then it was It Just Doesn'tWork (courtesy PulseAudio :) )05:37
Shadowex3yeah you can thank Mark "My Way" for that05:37
mrz80Ok, time to shut down the myth box and crawl off in the general direction of bed.  l8r05:52
lwizardlI am looking for some help with setting up my system for mythbuntu on my display07:04
lwizardlwhat is the default resolution that the system uses for the installer ?07:10
rileypdoes jamu run automaticly in myth 0.24 or do i need to add a cron job?10:47
qwebirc61172hi chat19:27
qwebirc61172not found upgrade mythtv 0.24.1 in mythbuntu 10.10! Can you help me?19:28
tgm4883qwebirc61172, what version are you currently running?19:31
tgm4883can you run 'dpkg -l mythtv-frontend'19:32
qwebirc61172thank's tgm4883, one moment.....19:32
qwebirc61172tgm4883: 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110514.819:33
tgm4883qwebirc61172, ok so a little explaination19:34
tgm4883MythTV only has a single branch for 0.24 that they commit fixes to. 0.24.1 is just a bug fix release, so that means that 0.24.1 is just a snapshot in time of the 0.24 branch19:35
tgm4883The mythbuntu-repos provide daily builds when there are changes in that branch. since you are already using the 20110514 build, you are already using 0.24.119:36
tgm4883even though it says 0.24.019:36
tgm4883There aren't many fixes that get commited to 0.24 anymore, but when another one gets committed then we will have another build that day19:37
tgm4883and it will say 0.24.1. But just realize that 0.24.1 is a snapshot from the 0.24 branch, and if you are running mythbuntu-repos and getting 0.24 fixes, you already are getting snapshot builds from that branch19:38
qwebirc61172tgm4883: but in mythbuntu 10.04 my version is : 2:0.24.0+fixes.20110517.319:38
tgm4883qwebirc61172, hmm, just a sec19:38
qwebirc61172tgm4883: i watch "http://ppa.launchpad.net/mythbuntu/0.24/ubuntu/dists/maverick/". data set to 14 may, while for lucid is 17 may.....19:41
tgm4883qwebirc61172, your right, 20110517 is the latest build. Everything that I said above still applies, but it looks like there was an issue with the builds for maverick and oneric. I'll look into it. You are likely missing 2-3 commits19:41
tgm4883qwebirc61172, also, the date is less important. The more important part is the git commit19:42
tgm4883ie 347cd2419:42
tgm4883I'll see if I can fix these other two builds, they will have a newer date but will have the same git commit version19:43
qwebirc61172ok, still waiting. thank's for your time and your work!!!!!!!!!!!19:44
lwizardlok so I have a Kworld ATSC110 card that I am trying to get working for Cable tv and then OTA. anyone here use these cards before and would be able to help me out20:53
tgm4883lwizardl, I haven't used it, but does it work outside of MythTV?20:54
lwizardltgm4883, not yet system just got installed. and the last times I used this card there was problems needing a dvb driver/firmware file but all the links about it seem dead now20:55
tgm4883lwizardl, did you see http://linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/KWorld_ATSC_11021:10
lwizardlafter i do system system updates I think I will try them again21:18
lwizardlI had the system installed last night and it was finding no channels. so I reinstalled the system today, doing the updates, etc first then configuring the hardware in mythtv to see if that fixes my issue21:24
lwizardlif I can not get this card to work for my service. What would be a good and cheap card to get so that I could record HD and SD digital content from both my Comcast cable and OTA antenna21:25
tgm4883lwizardl, depending on your location, the comcast might give you some trouble21:26
lwizardlmy cable hd box is a pace rng11021:27
lwizardlbut i can easy get back a dct6200 motorolla21:27
lwizardland my firewire ports are enabled21:28
tgm4883lwizardl, it has more to do with how the local CC has flagged the channels21:29
tgm4883what is marked copy freely vs what isn't21:29
lwizardlyeah the 5c21:30
lwizardlok i did the dmesg like on the wiki page and it auto detected the cards just like on that page21:37
tgm4883lwizardl, did you load the firmware?21:44
lwizardli ran the command dmesg and it found the card21:45
lwizardlthat was all so far21:45
lwizardlbecause how it sounds was to only do the manual part if not autodetected21:46
tgm4883lwizardl, so it looks like you have the drivers, but I think you still need to have the firmware21:48
sailerboyi'm trying to install mythtv on an ATI graphics card21:54
sailerboyand when i start X, all i see is a pink bar at the top21:55
lwizardltgm4883, what setting should i use for the card. analog v4l ? or mjpeg card ?21:55
tgm4883lwizardl, probably analog v4l and dvb21:56
sailerboyi'm using the propietary graphics drivers21:57
sailerboyanyone have any ideas?21:57
sailerboyactually, i can't even start X21:57
sailerboyit just gets that way on the mythbuntu loading screen21:57
lwizardlok seems taking longer to scan21:59
lwizardlok no channels found again22:01
lwizardlwhere would i find the kernal source22:01
tgm4883IIRC, apt-get linux-source22:02
sailerboyok, i fixed it22:04
sailerboyhey, can anyone help me with database config?22:06
lwizardlok just did the apt-get install linux-source and waiting for that to finish22:06
lwizardlbecause i found the /usr/src/linux-headers-2..38-8Documentation/ but no directory called dvb inside22:07
lwizardlhopefully that works22:07
sailerboywhy doesn't my database set up automatically22:10
sailerboywhenever i first start mythtv frontend22:15
sailerboyit goes into database configuration?22:15
sailerboywhat settings do i use?22:15
tgm4883sailerboy, how did you install?22:18
tgm4883and what version22:18
tgm4883and what distro versin22:18
sailerboymythbuntu, 10.1022:18
tgm4883what features did you select when installing22:18
sailerboyfor everything22:19
sailerboyother than graphics card22:19
tgm4883there are no defaults, lets try this22:19
tgm4883what is the output of22:19
tgm4883dpkg -l mythtv-backend-master22:19
sailerboytgm4883, ^^22:21
sailerboyshould i reinstall it tgm4883 ?22:22
tgm4883did you go through mythtv-setup?22:22
sailerboyi think so22:22
sailerboythis is the first thing in mythtv-setup22:22
sailerboyi'll try again22:22
tgm4883did you run mythtv-setup22:22
sailerboyok, i just did22:23
sailerboyand on the mysql prompt, i see access denied22:23
sailerboyi tried to change the password after it didn't work to my username and password22:23
sailerboyi probably fucked something up right?22:23
sailerboyso reinstall?22:24
tgm4883sailerboy, OMG stop you don't need to reinstall22:26
tgm4883where are you getting a mysql prompt?22:27
sailerboyafter i run mythtv setup22:28
sailerboyit says unable to connect22:29
sailerboybut it's using the wrong username and password22:29
sailerboyi forget the right ones22:29
sailerboytgm4883, i've done so many things to fuck this up22:30
tgm4883it should be using the mythtv user and a generated password22:30
tgm4883which should be in /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt22:30
tgm4883if that doesn't work, we'll just reconfigure the mysql root pass, and reset the mythtv database22:31
sailerboythat doesn't work22:31
sailerboyhow do i reconfigure the mysql root pass?22:31
tgm4883dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server22:32
tgm4883it should prompt you for a new root password22:33
tgm4883ok try22:34
tgm4883dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.022:34
tgm4883yea 5.122:35
sailerboyok tgm4883, now waht22:36
tgm4883yay zinn is back22:36
tgm4883!mysql | sailerboy22:36
ZinnHi tgm4883, something I can help you with today?  I am a bot, use !help to see what I can do.22:36
Zinnsailerboy: If you are having problems connecting to your mysql database, perform the following to reconfigure it: [1] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.1 (pay attention to the root password you set, you will need it later)  [2] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database [3] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common22:36
tgm4883there we go22:37
ZinnIf you are having problems connecting to your mysql database, perform the following to reconfigure it: [1] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.1 (pay attention to the root password you set, you will need it later)  [2] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database [3] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common22:37
tgm4883sailerboy, so follow those last 2 steps22:37
sailerboytgm4883, so what should the database name be?22:38
sailerboycan i create any user?22:38
sailerboyor should i use root?22:38
sailerboytgm4883, ?22:39
tgm4883use mythtv22:40
sailerboytgm4883, i still get cannot login22:41
tgm4883you went through all three steps?22:41
tgm4883this is all on the same machine?22:42
tgm4883or is the frontend remote?22:42
sailerboysame machine22:42
sailerboywhat i just did22:42
sailerboyis i just left everything blank22:42
sailerboyand it went through without an error22:42
sailerboythat bad?22:42
tgm4883IDK, I've never tried that22:42
tgm4883id try putting in something22:43
tgm4883or seeing if you can login from the cmd line22:43
sailerboysays access denied22:45
sailerboywhen i try to login from command line22:45
sailerboyi used root22:46
sailerboyand my root password22:46
sailerboyand it worked22:46
sailerboythanks for your help tgm488322:47
tgm4883sailerboy, interesting22:47
tgm4883does the mythconverg db exist?22:47
tgm4883or the mythtv user in the db?22:47
sailerboyit works22:47
sailerboyi'm happy22:47
lwizardlanyone here use an kworld atsc110 card and have a working system22:52
sailerboytgm4883, heh, i have another problem22:54
tgm4883lwizardl, if you are just looking for the perl script you can get it here http://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/dvb/get_dvb_firmware22:54
sailerboyi was going through the setup, and now whenever i try to access a menu, it freezes22:54
sailerboytgm4883, how do i delete all the settings?22:55
tgm4883all what settings?22:56
sailerboytgm4883, all the settings in the setup tab?22:56
sailerboyi fucked something up there, and now it's not letting me get back to it22:56
tgm4883if you are in the page, you would hit d and I think you can delete all22:57
sailerboytgm4883, i'm not in the page22:57
sailerboyi'm just in the part where you can select general, appearance, etc22:58
sailerboyand i can't get any further22:58
tgm4883AFAIK, there isn't a way to reset those without resetting the whole DB22:58
sailerboyhow do i do that?22:58
tgm4883probably something like22:59
tgm4883apt-get purge mythtv-database22:59
tgm4883followed by a db install22:59
ZinnIf you are having problems connecting to your mysql database, perform the following to reconfigure it: [1] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mysql-server-5.1 (pay attention to the root password you set, you will need it later)  [2] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-database [3] sudo dpkg-reconfigure mythtv-common23:00
sailerboystill not working23:01
sailerboyi think i need to clear the mythconverg database23:01
sailerboyhere we go23:05
sailerboynow it's working23:05
sailerboytgm4883, what's us-cable vs hrc vs irc?23:06
Zinn[answers.yahoo.com] What does cable-std, cable-hrc, % cable -irc stand for? - Yahoo! Answers23:08
sailerboyi'll google next time23:08
sailerboytgm4883, i'm going through the setup guide23:21
sailerboyis schedule direct worth registering for?23:21
tgm4883are you in the US?23:21
tgm4883I use it, it is pretty good listings23:22
tgm4883and $20/year doesn't break the bank23:22
sailerboyi'm a student :(23:22
sailerboyi don't have 20 bucks a year to spare23:22
sailerboymaybe later, i can convince my parents to let me23:22
sailerboy(for them to pay for it)23:23
sailerboytgm4883, so i'm trying to do scan for channels23:26
sailerboybut it says "Failed to open card"23:26
sailerboyi changed the input from mpeg to v4l23:28
sailerboyand it works now23:28
sailerboytgm4883, what's the best file system to store recordings on?23:49
mrandsailerboy: ext4 and xfs are generally the most recommended one23:53

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